Young tscha and her twin sister,

We lived in a three-room apartment Tiffany, Olga Nikolaevna, the differences were not special. Of course, it's not all like that, and as I do, and it is sometimes expressed their grievances, but I, being a fair trouble maker, did not pay much attention to it, nodding and agreeing, did not care for her. Olga was only thirty-seven years old and she looked great. A beautiful woman was, all at her feet, and not from the ears, of course, but the long and the eye-catching men, soft and elastic hemisphere over the legs, back, and hips, moderately broad, that's it. Thin waist and chest pass, and not pay attention to them, it was simply impossible. The person I would not call beautiful, no, it was comely and pleasant, but the eyes, it was something. But at her daughter, my wife, my eyes were exactly the same, and more, when meeting, fascinated me. My Elena was lovely, and the proposal I made to her, already the third week of love, not even having been in her bed. Perhaps this gave me the opportunity to acquire a family, Lena suitors enough without me. We got married, and she, along with the mother-in Olga, invited me to live with them.

I worked in a company engaged in construction of residential houses and served as an engineer designer, had a good salary, one-room apartment almost in the center of the city and the prospect of career growth. Deciding to try life with a mother-in apartment, his studio, I did not sell, leaving her behind. My Lovely Elena, as I called her, worked in the business, learning, also in absentia in Moscow University. I was twenty-seven, she was twenty-one. She, like me, have already experienced married life, having been married to a businessman, went, realizing that not very much need each other in a year. I was her second husband, and she was my third wife, and if the documents, then the second, she thought so.

It was the end of May and Lena met in Moscow for a session in the university. I was a bit annoyed and excited that I have to leave your business to a stranger. I flatly refused to go into it with a business problem, which is not a damn sense. Twenty-ninth of May she flew to Moscow, where he rented a small room on the session. I was left alone with the "favorite" mother-in. The first week went well, and the sixth of June, at Olga's birthday. ... She turns eighteen years, plus ten and ten more, does not count.

The fact that she has a sister - twins, I do not know. Therefore, coming home from work, called, though my key I was wanting from the doorway to congratulate the wife's mother and give her a huge bouquet of flowers, which I picked up in the market girl saleswoman.

- Dear Olga! I warmly congratulate you on your Angel, Happy Birthday! - I Said I opened the door and standing in bewilderment with a view to Olga, as I thought. But she stood and would not let me and it started to get on my nerves.

- Young man. You to whom? I do not know you.

- Wow, tscha in-law, with whom lives in the same apartment, did not recognize. May miss me, all the same, Olga?

- I do not Olga, I Natalia. Who are you, young man. Olga comes in about twenty minutes. So who are you?

- Oleg Zemtsov Ignatievich, the daughter of the husband of Olga Nikolaevna, Helena. So you are my sister, mother in law? And I do not know about you. You look so much like her that I oboznalsya.

- Now everything is clear. Come on, Oleg, Olga told me about you. This is her bouquet? I have, incidentally, is also a birthday today. We are twins with Olga.

- Then my congratulations to you, Natalia. If I had known of your arrival, you are sure to come with two bouquets. Happiness to you, Natalia. Guests are expected? How to celebrate want?

I went to him, removed the boring day suit and changed into an easy and convenient "Adidasovsky" sports. I came out of our room with Lena in general, where he was forced to move apart, and snacks and drinks table. Natalya fussed, running, cooking and arranging all this. I offered my services and it pleased, instructing me to engage in serving the table, preparing and giving me food. We have to cut this quickly and she sighed with relief, and I repeated the question of the party.

- I do not know exactly, but Olga said, about two couples from work and two or three women, her friends, and of course you.

- And why are you alone, Natalia? Without family you come from? Where are you, anyway?

- I live in Omsk, one. She was married, but, like Olga, unsuccessfully. It has been five years since dispersed. No children, he did not want them to start. She came, she decided with her sister to celebrate tridtsativosmiletie.

- Clear. And you Natalia ...

- Simple, Natalia, even better, Natasha. And come on, Oleg, not "you". I want to feel younger. Himself how many?

- At ten, with a small, years younger than you, Natasha. Twenty seven.

- That's better. I like the way you say my name, Oleg. Something Oli long there, said no more than half an hour delayed, an hour has passed. Okay, let's wait.

They were very similar, faces, figures and everything else, and of course those eyes. Natasha I really liked, it was easier to handle, without affectations, do not try to stand out as a sister to all. While waiting for mother in law, we had fun talking about everything a little, and I felt that she also liked. Half an hour later came to Olga, and with it all of the guests. The apartment immediately became noisy and fun. I was approached, got to know, and when, after the greetings, and drank well, the men, there were three, already, in my own way clapped me on the shoulders and back. Time flew by quickly. It was Friday, and to work tomorrow I would not have to go, so I kissed the good, I liked brandy and fun and trouble-maker from the heart, cheerful society. Even my mother-liked jokes and tricks, and Natalia just did not leave me all evening. But everything comes to an end. I finished so well conducted birthday two sisters - bliznyazhek.

At eleven in the evening, the guests had left and we were three of us. Olga, vypivshaya pretty, sleepy, and said Natasha, which showcases her, went to her room and sniffed soon asleep. I was more alert and Natasha helped clean up. We cleaned up the room, then jokes and teasing of change all the dishes and clean the kitchen. Natasha sighed with relief, sitting down next to me on the kitchen.

- Olga was lucky with his son. Oh, I would have such a funny guy and a good find. Tired already one all the time. No talk there is nobody or nobody to cuddle. Do you want to drink more, Oleg? Come on, little by little. You also like my brandy, own cooking?

- Natasha, are you doing this very yummy?

- Sam, Oleg. This ordinary wheat brew, infused with our Siberian herbs. However, well-turned out? For cognac passed.

- Well, you're done, Natasha! Pour on ryumashki. Sit still.

She stood up and took out a flat bottle of brandy, grinned and poured two glasses. Putting bytylochku back in the refrigerator, he staggered and landed on my lap. She wanted to change seats, but I did not give, hugging her with one hand and gave her a second glass. Natasha laughed softly, but did not resist and remained on my knees. We had a drink, put the glasses on the table. I turned her to face him and kissed her gently. She closed her eyes and kissed him.

- Olga will not forgive me, Oleg, if he finds out. And, damn it, you, too, I like you and I want you. You're so tenderly kissing. I have not been kissed like that.

I picked her up and carried her to her room. There we undressed and went to bed.

- ABOUT! My God! What are you doing with me, Oleg? It's impossible, but I'm happy again. How long I do not do this. Oh! Cute! Stronger! Sharper! I've got it! Ah-ah-ah-ah!

I ... with the force slammed into her hot vagina, feeling under a springy chest and tummy swells when pushing into it. Her magical eyes were closed eyelids, but I kissed them and her neck at every opportunity. Already three felt it ends, hoarse and panting and clinging to me all the more. Her body and thighs were stretched and went under me oncoming traffic. But her powers were not unlimited and Natasha, once again bent the arc, again greatly strained, and then out of it, though, let off steam, she suddenly went limp all over, exhausted and only rapid breathing showed that she was still alive, and she is well. I have finished with it, and throwing it in his seed, too relaxed, I was just great. I'm blissed out with her, glaring at her sweet lips and stroking lying beneath me gorgeous body of a woman.

- - ------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------

- You're a real man, Oleg! As much of the time, I had not yet finished, nor by whom. I envy Helen, what are you her husband. Happy girl she was. I am very happy with you, Oleg.

- You came a long time, Natasha?

- On vacation I. I wanted to stay a week, may be longer if it is not necessary here to everyone.

- Live, my dear! Lenka was not until the twentieth of June. I'm also good with you, Natasha

- I'm afraid, Olga suspects something. You have not slept with her yet? She loves this business. Today, it can be easily seduced. She, too, for a long time without a man lives. You can go, fuck it? Now I have enough, I pretend to be asleep, or maybe sleep.

- Interesting thought you betrayed, Natasha. Then it will be possible to you, confusing you, so similar. Go, and may succeed.

We got up, went into the shower, then went to Natasha spread out sofa in the family room, and I mentally crossed himself in a bedroom mother-in. The curtains are not in the bedroom and have been omitted was light from the street lamps. Olga lay on his right side, slightly stretched, completely naked. I rarely saw her nightie in the morning when getting up early, but never bare, and, of course, appreciated her beautiful figure with all the thrilling twists and bumps. However, Natalia had a copy, though I had no time to examine it.

Having admired its beauty and naked pubis, I lay down next to deciding where to start. Back the way I have not seen for yourself, time resolved, so little deploying Olga that she was on her back, she spreads her legs firmly, lay down on her and immediately went into her vagina. Olga moaned in pain, but after a couple of pushes the grease appeared and I began to fuck her sharply and strongly without worrying already about to wake up or not.

Olga woke up, get a second treat. She hugged me and give in, podmahivala, not realizing more with someone fucks. Then he realized all the same, has stood below me, but attempts to escape do not, and after a pause, a moment, the start podmahivat more furiously, covering my back and glaring at her sharp nails With its new, third orgasm, is dead in it, and I . He took her face in his hands and, in spite of the weak resistance, dug a kiss on her lips. After a few seconds felt like she responded to the kiss and began to caress her body, hips, buttocks. To break away from her lips, mouth and sucked the nipple of her right breast, then left.

- Fuck, then mother in law, zyatk? So how is it? Liked? Why is it useful to me, not to Natalia? We are the same, and she would not mind, as I said.

- I do not know, Olga. He wanted only to you, though, if the truth is the first day you would like as soon as I saw. Now I understand, what are you passionate and sexy woman. Again, I want to. So it would not get down with you today.

- And where Natalia?

- Sleeping on the couch. Very tired, he says the trip, and with drinking. You're gone, she tidied up and fell asleep as soon as beds. And I to you dare.

- Come on, if you do not want to get off me, fuck. Now, I do not change anything. I've been under the man was not the most desirable. Fuck zyatk mother in law, wanton.

- What do you minx, Olga, has long been the same one you live. I really like you.

I say starting a new movement in it. This time, it showed that it is really needed. She podmahivala, snake writhing beneath me, moaning and screaming, scratching my back to the blood. Long time I could not finish, affected drunk, and I have twice finished before that. How many times she came, I do not know, but many strong and when I spilled out into her vagina, she did not have the strength, and wandered on the face beatific smile of pleasure derived. I, too, was good and I had a long caressed and kissed her, lying side by side and she gladly accepted the caresses and answered them with his own.

- Thank you, Olezhek. You're a real man, not only to Lenk found out about it. Go now to myself, I definitely have enough for today. Maybe again, is the daughter was not at home.

I have a favor to ask, Oleg. To do?

- I'll try, and that the request?

- I am at work leave, asked me, you fuck my little sister, Natasha. I feel sorry for her. Too long time without a man lives. Sumeesh?

- I do not know, Olga, but I'll try, since you ask about it. I would have you enough to Lenkina absence. And it will not raise the noise?

- I think no. What does she make a noise when a man wants it. She was glad to be in my. However, he see for your business. Now go, I need to sleep before work.

I, too, is enough and I am pleased with this outcome, kissing Olga left.

Olga went to work at nine o'clock in the morning. I was awake and heard how she was going, whispering to her sister, then softly front door slam. A few seconds later, he heard light steps of bare feet and in my room there was smiling Natasha. Seeing an answering smile, she went to my bed and snuggled.

- I know that you have all turned out. Olga also take care of me, as I understand. Advised not to break too, if you want. Well, maybe I'll break down in front of such a man? And, Oleg? Welcome given, and you can fuck. As you want?

- So far, only the top, my dear! I have not sated your bulges front. Then you can mash your back and buttocks buns, they are also very good. You hotish otherwise?

- No. I am very pleased to feel the weight of your, my good. Come to me!

She held out her arms to me, throwing aside their stunning legs and I lay down on it. Morning sex was passionate and invigorates. I liked it, springy beneath me, chest, passionate embraces, kisses and frantic presses when moving

pubis, with soft reddish hairs. Her vagina has twice gently tight on my cock while getting her pleasure and, although it has often hoarse breathing, but did not stop podmahivat, trying to make, and I got the pleasure of her, with her. We really came together for her third time, and relax, enjoying. I was still in it, and she gripped my thighs with their feet, trying not to let the charming from its captivity, and I did not want to get rid of him. It was very good.

- Lie down on me, Oleg. It's great to feel the your body. I at night, sometimes dreamed of it and I wanted it. I did not come across to you guys, under which so pleasant to lie, getting more than enough, at a time. Most was different, he naspuskaet in you lies, baldeet, only whetted. Few of these men we have left. More and more alcoholics, or preoccupied with their problems. So Olga, too, toils, could not find a suitable Statement. She was, in my opinion, is very pleased to be under you. Glad it was in the morning, and the oily eyes, satisfied. And most, like you? I liked to mother-in?

- Wow! As well as you! You really twins, all have the same, body, face, and in bed you are so passionate that leave you unsatisfied, a crime, a fact. I could not leave you or Olga, distracting me. I just fell in love with you both, and Lena is very similar to you in bed. With it, I also kayfovo. Oh, if we could, all live as one family. This, however, in the harem looks like, but I want it to be so. sex as something to be shared, and I would be happy to have with you, the three children to the girls were like you and me boys. I'm a dreamer, perhaps, with distortions, it seems, but this is really there.

- Do not rush, to call himself a pervert. We, then, with Olga, who then? I suggested you to fuck her, and she, in my opinion, offered the same thing to you with me. It is so?

- So, Natasha, so. And, though it, too, she asked me to fuck you because you're a long time without a man. You are very still, like and try to take care of each friend. And this is understandable, the twins you and them remains in all.

- You know, Oleg, and I was able to come here and live with you. The thing for Olga and, most importantly, for the Lena. It is, all the same, your wife. Olga, I think, would not refuse from such an option if it has, until now, no one in mind. Yes-ah! Dream ?!

- Dreams - dreams, and again I want to fuck you, Natasha. You do not have hard under me? Maybe upstairs perebershsya? Come on, darling! Take a ride on top of me.

- Well, Oleg, though, so I just tried three times, in the years of the student body more. That was a long time ago. And a member who was then at me, I almost did not feel, he was too small at the boy, but I liked it so differently, could not finish it. Your also filled me all at once. Oh, good! Go!

And jump-start, which brought us both a lot of fun. Everything was just great, I managed to finish in Natasha, in this position, I have never turned to the others. Then we showered in the shower and rest, dressed in the kitchen and brought back to her drinking moonshine - cognac, laughing, joking, but the bed is no longer went, though I would like it, and Natasha, too.

In the evening I went, I walked to the familiar, leaving two twins. When I returned, they both looked at me mysteriously, during dinner and afterwards.

To sleep we went to three of them, spread out on the sofa in the hall. I had, pretty, work hard to bring the joy of the two sister, but I was happy, fucking them.

they caress me together, naked, and I was confused to be called by their names, much to laugh either. I fell asleep from exhaustion, and I was up all night hugging two favorite women.

Lost bracelet

And I pulled the child for herself again. He resisted, whimpered and pulls his hand. As a result of this fuss at me with his hands slipped off the road bracelet (a gift from my husband) and fell in, as an evil, an open hatch well. I was at this moment ready to kill his baby, but he looked at me plaintively that I kept emotions and we continued our way:
On the way from kindergarten to the subway, I again passed near this unfortunate hatch. I'm very sorry about your loss, so I decided to look back and, about happiness, my bracelet hung there, caught in the pipe, and gleamed in the sun. Get it was quite easy, you only need to go down the hatch to the ladder of the tube, but it was so dirty that I hesitated. I looked around and my eyes appeared deserted backyard, which was very familiar to me and did not seem fraught with no surprises. Delay was impossible and I decided: handbag laying on the ground, I slipped off her sundress my jewelery, so as not to stain it down into the well. Hesitated another second, I furtively looking around, she took off her bra and pulled off her panties and left in some sandals.

Two Turk and I

The story really happened when I was vacationing at a resort in Hungary. On Lake Balaton. every evening we went to the disco with her friends. I spent there 10 days and on the last night when we went again, and everything started to happen. the club was great for three dance floors. I must say that I very quickly lost. together we danced for an hour, and suddenly you-all dispersed club. I was like, nobody looked for all. then I spat and decided that it is necessary to have fun. and girlfriends do exist, more hotels will not go in the end.
I went to dance on the dance floor, and it must be said that all Russian there are very greedy. and this drove me two Turks, one of whom was simpotichny but both are not to my taste, and even to the same bit shorter than me. Let's dance the next and then began to show a gesture -zasunuli finger in his fist, and so a questioning look at me. I certainly twirled his finger around his temple, and turned away, but they still had not appeased otshit!
So I danced one more hour on with sadness went to the bar asked for something to their taste ... I drink a little, and besides, I do not understand in beverages. the bartender said "Rashn vodka good" .i really poured me a glass of vodka with sugar, ice and lime ... it was disgusting but I must say I drank, or omitted from the greed of the money paid, felts really thirsty.
Girls appeared on the horizon and I went to our hotel and just walked out of the club like me drove those two Turks, come again and show gestures tashit somewhere ... I certainly began to rise kipish and the club we went to the police ... and here I made a mistake. when he asked whether all I said, and I know that these are my friends, we joke in order and I know these people. I realized that I do not something, but there was another side to the coin. time was 00.00 and I stank of vodka, and everyone who was returning after 00.00 and drank more and simply deported, but the day-the last was necessary to spit on it, and all the police say, and I lied, had quietly obey these two smiling Turks who took me under the arms and quietly went to the other side of my hotel.
They led me to the house, which was filmed on holiday. the second immediately locked the door - I clearly understood that seems to go nowhere ... I have a bad reputation abroad Russian, still say that I am guilty and still earn a whore come.
So I put up with all the advance that it will be possible, and told them that I was a virgin at my 19 years.
They were surprised at first, but then I realized they were not something that did not stop and even happy.
Then I told them one more thing, that if they make me a Turkish child 19 years I definitely will not be silent and tell everything to the police. They poshushukalis and one of them went out of the house. The second took me by the hand and led upstairs. I think that less could be heard if I start to cry.
While I was still in a bit trembled because I'm going to a stranger and do not know what will happen now ... I started to paint a scene distortion and they spake against mnoy.Mne seemed that the door at the top of whips, they bind me and start vervki.Sechas fuck both at once, and then another, and will be like in the movies show. and I must say that the effect was strange - I was only a start. Swim pomokreli.
Upstairs bedroom really was. this moron put me on the bed and asked me my name. I remembered how I was in the ICQ Dolby any lumps and immediately called Natasha, I was somehow so funny, and I took lyapnula- "Natasha", although my real name Vika. He smiled and shook his head. Apparently he did and waited. We communicated in broken English, but now he took off his shirt and muttering something to me in Turkish.
At the bottom of the lock clicked. my called "Rizo?". below came the "Omar ..." and again the Turkish language.
Togo that was in simpotichnyh, dark-haired and above named Rizzo, he's back.
I ran into the room, was longest in the hands of a pack of prezervativov.Ya honestly glad, because a lot of reading after the rape of children were born, no one needs and not estestvenno.On Zhdanov also began to take off a T-shirt quickly. Omar jabbed his finger at me and stretched "Nataaasha!"
While they stared back at me and said something, I realized that, in principle, the situation is not so terrible and the only thing I need to do is get them to duck to go to the dush.oni Both came to me began to remove them, I lyamochki sarafanchika.Tut I blurted out that their nation is considered dirty and they do not clean up in Russia.
Omar got angry and started yelling probably some profanity, but Rizzo reassured him, and took me by the hand the three of us went into the shower. They in turn got into the shower and washed and then they stuck to me, after an angry Omar roughly pulled off me, my poor sundress, smelting and threw it all in the corridor. While I washed, Omar released steam and Rizo all the time looked as if appreciating and holding back on me.
Finally we returned to the room. I just wanted to think about that now everything will start, but did not have time. They both lay me on the bed and began to kiss me, suck my breasts. I felt that their members stood up and rub against my legs. Omar was a very sharp, probably hurt for a "dirty nation" not proshla.A here Rizo was gentler, he came down and spread my legs and slowly began to enter his dark finger at me, and Omar, meanwhile, all the time thrust his fingers in my mouth for some reason. He liked them so I sucked. Rizo was moving ... and now had two fingers in me, then three, and then he did lay down, and began to enter into my language, I realized that he was preparing me for the loss of virginity. and partly it was grateful that he does it gently.
Omar became softer when replaced his fingers in his mouth on his penis. He was small, but about the fact that this was the first time I somehow awkwardly and sucked it all the time im.Omar choked again began to swear.
A few minutes later Rizo unpacked condoms inside all again szhalos.on put a condom on the penis. Omar pulled out a member of my mouth and turned her back to me, he was sitting on horseback and I did not see anything. Omar spread my labia and Rizo began to push dick in my vagina. I was bolnovato, I was frightened and began to whine. Both did not pay attention to me. Rizzo has become more assertive, but the member did not went. Then Omar stood with me, and Rizzo, leaning on the bed with both hands with a member of the force pushed forward and I cried. Rizo rather uncomfortably with me, it was painful, I started to cry. And this fool just said "Natasha, Natasha" .Omar stood by, watching us and masturbating at the same time.
Rizzo increased the pace, and I was getting sicker and sicker. I cried out loud. Rizzo shouted something to Omar and he went down. and he started to kiss me and sentence "Natasha, Natasha" .and then he himself began to lift up his head up and moan faster and faster. Two recent shock was the strongest and most glubokie- he finished. Rizzo got up and went to the bathroom. At this point, I back Omar, was holding a bottle of liquor. Apparently in their concept it was obezbolivayuschee.On poured from the bottle to me a few mouthfuls, I started to cough, because more ikala sobs.
To my surprise, the blood on the bed was not. When I later told my friend about it, she said that it happens in some cases. Rizo was satisfied and began to smoke near the window.
Omar began to shake in front of me as a member and muttering. He pulled me out of bed, put on his knees and put his penis in her mouth. hair I have dissolved, he took them with one hand, and the other input member in my mouth.
Rizo continued to look and was finishing a cigarette. Omar began to do everything faster, head of the penis become increasingly get to the throat, causing a disgusting gag reflex.
And when I thought that now I will inevitably result in the mouth of the sperm Turk, Rizzo stopped him. But as it turned out, not because he was my zhalko.On put another condom and took me up on the bed on all fours and stood behind, and Omar stood at the edge of the bed. First, Omar again shoved me all his cock in her mouth, and Rizzo has placed my feet schire and immediately entered into the vagina behind .Pochuvstvovalas pain again, but I was able to cry, because Omar firmly held my head so that my nose rested against him in the crotch. Once again, I was only able to publish some aching groans. Omar hand started to drive member back and forth.
All of their movement all grew and grew, Rizo began shouting something in his debility Turkish and spank me. But when the pace became faster, Rizo clung to me, felt my clit, and began to pull at his right hand. First time for all this time, I felt something pleasant. Of course sex though I did not have, but I indulged in masturbation. So I knew that I could finish by such manipulations.
A few minutes later I was not wielding a start to ask "More ..bystree" .Rizo did not understand me, but he did everything right. Own pleasure relaxed my body and member pushes back were not so painful. A minute later, Rizo finished, but he did not come from me and continued in the same position to massage my clitoris. Then I began to loudly and openly moaning that Omar also could not stand, and this time I did not escape his sperm. My body was twitching from the orgasm, Omar finally pulled his cock out of my mouth, swallow it, I could not cum. All spat on the carpet. He did not care. I was very tired, and had fallen on the bed .Rizo second time went to the bathroom to throw away the condom. He came in five minutes. He gave me a glass of juice. I was surprised that he was not such a freak until the end. A glass of juice I drank in one gulp. In the mouth, it became more enjoyable.
I looked out the window, it was dark. On the wall was a plate with a clock. It turns out that I fucked in two hours. And it seemed to me that soon the morning. They were both lying on the bed forgetting about me. I silently into the hall wore pants and sundress and tried as quickly as possible to go down the stairs, but his legs were not going to the same I felt the tense muscles of the perineum. I reached the door but it was closed with a key. Now I understand why they are not in a hurry. They are both measured down and looked at me. I stood pressed against the front door. No crying or yelling sovershenno.Omar not want to say something Rizo.Tot shook plechami.Po view I guess that probably two goblin want esch.k Besides Rizzo was in me twice, and I just otsasala Omar.
They came up to me, Rizo stroked my hair. Then he took her elbow and potoschil to the sofa to the right. sofa stood in the middle of the room opposite the windows, and a TV. Rizo disappoint me to the back of the sofa tale in English do not be afraid, it's nice and kissed me passionately. Once again, I began to come to their senses and realized that probably the worst to come. He exchanged with Omar. Omar raised my sundress and panties down to the floor, then turned his back to me and showed me that I leaned back in his hands divana.Rizo stood up on the sofa and pulled my mouth was back schki.Vo chln.a's lobster behind parted my ass and I pochuvsvovala it with a force pushing member is not in the vagina and the anus. I was very afraid of anal sex and always considered it nonsense. The first time that night I began to openly resist and jerk, I tried to scream, I was afraid that the Turks will tear me there's nibud.Krichat did not go Rizo tightly clamped my mouth member and confidently held his rukami.Omar became very rude and hard to beat in me a member. But he did not go. He said something to Rizzo. Rizo replied. Omar went up and almost immediately felt the vernulsya.ya it lubricates my ass something, then maybe he smeared sebya.On pushed once, the second and the third bastard still prodknul my zad.Tut I realized what true bol.Bylo disgusting tears flowed a stream. Everything went quickly, but I found these moments vechnostyu.ya sat on the sofa and began plakat.Rizo who felt great sympathy towards me and sat beside obnyal.Ya perceived it as a cynical shag.No now I run out of power precisely to escape or give him Fortunately mordu.K in strength and desire to run out and Omar nih.V hands flashed key he opened the door and threw the key on the left naverh.Ya pol.potom silence came not oborachivayas.Vdrug Rizo ran after me, everything went cold inside. Oh, well, what more do you want, I thought.
Rizo took my hand and put it to some -That bumazhki.Otvernulsya and left seemed obratno.Eto 1.5 pieces evro.Ya almost threw them in anger, I'm a whore?
But then the calculation prevailed and I decided that this is compensation for all my tears and bol.K way parents gave me a total of 400 suicide.
I reached the hotel, the time was half past three. The door to the hotel and there is not a clear one could see our guards. And the granddaddy of Hungary, who gave the keys at the reception was dozing peacefully. I'm very quiet proskreblas to him and knocked. Sleepy little girl opened her eyes and made a round where I I certainly did not they rasskayvat that ripped me hard. I had to lie that I met a man drop dead and we walked and kissing on the beach.
In short all believed. The history of this I told only close podruge.seychas I have 21 and I zamuzhem.I can read here your stories, I wrote a little embellished, but the way it bylo.A girl, I beg you, be careful at the resorts zagarnitsey !!!! I consider myself fortunate that it was not crazy perverts, I just arrogant guys that have simmered shtanah.psanalnym sex do not do until now.

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Short stories of his wife. The story of the fifth.

Walking past the shop my friend has decided to slightly tease ego.Zashla to him and considered prilavki.On as always pestering me and molested, hugging and wiping his chlenom.Mne liked it, was once he fucked me, and now I have not given davno.On hugged me and hugged wiping chlenom.Tut went two muzhchiny.Ya wanted otolknutsya but he pressed harder, and to welcome the man, and told me that it was his druzya.Ya wanted to be released but he held me by force .a men approached and started chatting with mne.Oni asked him about who I am, he replied that I was a little slut and I do not want to give me all emu.U peremeshalos.ya wanted to fuck me and tutzhe get away from them.
One of the men grabbed me by my pussy and said, I have plump pizda.Ya wanted to escape but the man told the seller that he kept me krepche.Tot squeezed me so that I have the spirit of a man perehvatilo.A brazenly reached under her skirt and I began to knead my pussy, with, saying something loudly smeyas.U sv my head went around, I did not understand anything and I delayu.Menya dragged into some political room and pushed to stolu.Ya wanted to run away, but I caught a strong hand and pressed so hard that I could barely dyshala.Drugie hands me prudently pulled up her skirt and pulled her panties ripped breaking ih.Zatem hand pulled by the hair, and someone has stabbed another member in my talkative her mouth turned brackish taste and considerable size chlen.A with rump and fucked me in my current and insatiable pussy. And so it began, I was cancer and I fucked in two holes, I was already do not care how I was and how much lizhby fucked ... But then they let me go and I looked at the two muzhchin.Oni peredomnoy standing with his pants down and laughing said prodavtsu.- Well? And you govorish does not, but she did not eat the bitch, which we currently call ublazhit.Davay brother, tell him that we have a bitch.
I stood there and did not understand what they say yes, and honestly speaking I was not up to it, I have wanted me to be fucked and fucked that filled my greedy holes spermoy.Tut one asked me.
-Well, let's first, we love you as you otrahaem and then we want to, get up in your favorite pose.
I mechanically, not realizing what I was doing leaned on the desk and bared ass exposing them to show my charms.
-Here is a bitch! I'm back -heard admirable men-What a beautiful plump zad.-hand and touched popki.Ya shaking with desire and then he drove me in his head clouding chlen.V, the desire to be fucked prevailed, thoughts left me and left only feelings for pleasure. The longer he fucked me, so he became grubey.Ya standing legs apart and moaning naslazhdeniy.On tensed and froze, but abruptly pulled out my dick and ass hot drops fell spermy.Ya panting cancer was lying on the table.
-Now it's your turn to enjoy this small-shlyushkoy. And I heard the loud laughter of men, but I'm even zavelo.I my hands on farming took my ass and then a member of the move mne.On fucked rough and lightly whipped for it popke.No bystr.Konchil was fast and also to lay popku.Ya cancer on the table, and they were laughing and discussing my prelesti.Ya wanted to get up and go home, but one, ordered to lie more nemnogo.Ya feel relaxed here in ozhidanii.I heard new voices .I wanted to get up but peredomnoy was a young guy and grabbed for volosa.-bitch! You what? You want me to fuck you dirty ass, quickly take off the skirt and wipes zhopu.-He strongly pulled my hair and let ih.Ya wanted to run, but got slapped tutzhe and dimmed in the head, someone dragged me by the hair and said loudly that but I have dimmed, and I do not ponimala.Potom abdominal pain, and again blow to golove.Ya kudato swam, and when it came to the room one nebylo, I lay on the floor, his stomach and his head barely rose only boleli.Ya I opened the door like someone grabbed me by the hair and pushed again into force komnatu.Ya fell to the floor.
-Get up blyadina! -ktoto Rudely shouted.
I barely got up, everything ached, his head was of one mind, to quickly get rid of them, were all peredomnoy tezhe full of young men and paren.V my head slightly turned.
-If you want to get out of here, then bring yourself in order, dirty shlyuha.-guy said, and again hit poschchinu.Ya fell from a vyrubilas.Priydya I lingered through the pain as it could lead himself up and walked out of komnaty.Muzhiki sat and drank vodka .Odin handed me a glass and ordered vypit.Kak ponyu I drank not, but immediately hit on the head alkogol.Paren who beat, came up to me and gave me a cucumber.
-Up Your pussy and go into the street, stand at the door, now I chase you home.
I had a hard stuffed cucumber and myself went to the door ulitsu.Stoya me a goat, that everyone is looking at me like I'm a dirty slut and laughs nadomnoy.Ya wanted to run away glyadyat.Paren eyes came out and told me to go home, and he Shoal it was not convenient to a couple of meters from the rear menya.Idti and I burned with shame, everything ached and my head is spinning thinking that will dalshe.Doroga was not long, before reaching home I ostanovilas.Paren ordered to lift her skirt and rakom.Ya be unaware, what to do on the street to do what he wants, and neighbors? He repeated and zamahnulsya.Ya mechanically lifted her skirt became rakom.On have sharply pulled the cucumber shoots at me on the ass.
-Pussy home and offer large, do not change her husband popodshsya me again, I do not do it.
I ran home and did not even remember what was in the shower and then in the evening woke posteli.Uzhe muzh.Ya originally woke up and when she saw her husband, sighed with oblegcheniem.I for a moment that it was a dream, but the head and belly sick and ass burned like it obozhgli.Dve weeks I did not undress in front of her husband and was not involved seksom.Poka not passed a bruise to the pope.

Slaves for captivity

She - my age, twenty blonde of medium height with curly hair, big beautiful eyes, plump lips sexy, gorgeous breasts third the size of that day for the first time gave me a blow job in a gift to the Valentine day. It was the first experience of oral sex for both of us, but it seemed to me, she liked it or slightly smaller than me. I stood and embraced Eugene, tenderly stroking denim pants on her elastic ass. Suddenly the elevator stood on the spot. Not giving it much attention, I repeatedly pressed the right button, when a man, who was traveling with us clamped feet. My hand reached for the keyboard, but at that moment I saw the barrel of a gun aimed directly at me. I was terrified and in my head flashed the thought that you have to give all our money to the robber, and I with him was about five thousand. He brought the gun to his wife and said that if we ever uttered a sound, it will smear our brains for the elevator. I shook his head, making it clear that we will fulfill all its requirements.

In the eyes of Eugene happened something strange, they were frozen in one place, she did not look away from ttshnika in the hands of men, it seemed she wanted to cry, but did not, she was shocked. Fear paralyzed her actions. Elevator was broken again and we stayed on the top floor. He nodded pistol toward the exit and ordered to put his hands behind his back. On the landing he put us face to the wall and opened the front door to the apartment. We went, he slammed the door, locked it several castles and stood in front of us:
- On your knees - and we both simultaneously, very slowly knelt and stood so close to each other. He took from the shelf a pair of handcuffs with pink fur from a sex shop and fastened them on our wrists.

After trying in some way to steal them from the hands, I came to the conclusion that it is impossible. His hands were cuffed behind her back safely. This was followed by a monologue that horrified me, to say nothing of Eugene:
- Starting from this moment, you - my servant, and I - your Master. You will do everything that I'll have you. Any disobedience is punishable by severe penalties. Now, both of you - my stuff, and I have the right to dispose of you as I please. You have no rights, you are now one. To finish the sentence, he squeezed his chest Eugene, so she screamed. I could not stand, and I blurted out: Get your hands off her! He grinned looked at me, pulled out his muffler, fastened it to the gun and opening his my teeth stuck the barrel deep into his mouth: - Now you just zasunesh in your mouth all you to put and will suck up until not removed. And if you suddenly zacheshatsya teeth, I cut off bitch nipples and clitoris. Do you understand me, scumbag?
I was on the edge, I was tearing anger and fear.
- You understood me?
I nodded, he pulled out a gun and told to repeat. My throat was dry and I muttered with difficulty - Yes, Sir.
- Louder!
- Yes, Sir, I'll do anything you say.

Apparently my words Zhenya completely distraught and fainted. Mr. went into the bath for a bucket of ice water poured over her and Zhenya. She came to his senses. We were ordered to go into the room. I wanted to get up but was immediately shot down by a kick to the leg:
- The slaves are only on his knees in the presence of the Lord.
- Yes, Sir, - I said, is almost an afterthought.

We crept into a small room that was more like the studio. In the corners there were three professional cameras designed so that 99% of the rented floor space. To the left was a cage in the middle of the sofa, a crucifix, a machine for tying people and other props sado mazo games. We were kneeling in the middle of the torture chamber.
- Well, you are going to dedicate to vaflery - laughed out loud Sir, unbuttoned his pants and walked over to me.
- Next act itself.
I was very scared. I really wanted to live. And I realized that it would be better to be a good boy and just the evening he played enough with us and go home. I slowly pulled teeth Mister Pants. Then I decided to take the initiative and several times gently bit his teeth through his cock boxers. I felt his dick began to stiffen. Gently teeth lowered panties. For the first time in front of my face was a member of the first time I saw him so close. Mr. poked them on my face, hinting that it is not necessary to brake. I sucked his cock in her mouth. It felt a salty taste in the mouth, apparently he had recently urinated. I began to suck his dick. It finally became swollen and about 20 cm long. He fucked me in the mouth for about five minutes, then pulled out his beast, and turned to his wife, who had been watching me suck her master, her eyes streaming tears:
- Now look at what you can do, whore. I sucked ever?
- Yes, sobbing squeaked it, - at this point he swung and gave her a resounding slap in the face - yes, who?
- Yes, Sir, - is much louder and more confident she said. Apparently the slap in the face strongly acted on it.
- If you, bitch, do something wrong, I'll cut your nipples, clitoris and your dick pidarka, shove it all into your pussy, sew and thread zalyu superglue, truncated?
This alternative Zhenyu immediately resulted in myself and she said, nodding her head:
- Yes, my Lord, I will do all that you order only please: do not kill us.

Not having time to finish the last word, Mr sharply, with the strength and loud sound flew into her mouth so deeply that Zhenya's eyes from sparks flew. He was holding a bunch of her hair, and every time he inserted member almost to the end, his testicles each time fought on Zhenya's chin. It was evident that she did not have enough air, but I could not do anything. I was on his knees with his hands shackled behind his back, and looked like a maniac is almost my wife in the mouth. Probably want diversity, he switched back to me. And in a moment I felt that he ends up right in my mouth.

I wanted to push his penis out of his mouth, but he held me by the neck and told to swallow everything up to the last drop. I had no choice. I ate the whole sticky tasteless liquid, which he vomited in my mouth. I licked the head of his cock and Mr. approvingly patted me on the head. At that moment I thought that the more we please him, the sooner he let us go, so I decided to play along with him in every way. My life and the life of Eugene excited me much more than the reputation. He put on his pants and started to search my pockets. From my jeans, he pulled out a bag of white powder, disapprovingly shook his head, and the exact same bag pulled out jeans Genis:
- So tak..Posmotrim ... Heroin ?! Yes you do drug dealers! - He took a red crust and spread them in front of my face.

It was a certificate of the employee of department on struggle against drugs. At that moment I realized that we stay here for a long time. Naturally he placed a package to us, nothing serious I have not tried marijuana, and Eugene occasionally drank alcoholic beverages. He threw the bags aside and said:
- Well, now you have me linger for a long time, the rat. I hope no one has to explain how long is shining for a weight ??! Now I will free your hands, but if suddenly someone thinks of naughty, I will fulfill all these promises before. He took the key and rastegnul handcuffs. We opterli numb hands and continued to kneel.
- To strip to their underwear.

We got up in a hurry and began to take off her clothes. I stayed in tight shorts with hearts, donated by Eugene on holiday one year ago. Jack stood in a black lace bra and black thong.
- So, it is necessary to carry out a medical examination, - He sat on a chair and called Eugene. He began to knead her breasts softly, turned, felt her ass, rastegnul bra and then put the person in front of him. Then he took off his pants slowly. Zhenya's pubic hair was covered, I'm always excited, and she knew it, rarely shaved hair in intimate places. So her pubis, vagina and ass were completely covered with hair.
- Fucked in the mouth, this is what a thicket ??? You're not ashamed of itself?
He turned her back to him and ordered to bend down. Then put your finger in her womb, then two and three.
- Fuck you fucked?
- No, Sir.
- So much so ... - he had to apply a force to thrust his middle finger in her anus. I tried to do with her anal sex, but she always told me that it is not ready for this. She groaned, but did not dare to stir and meekly accept whatever it does Lord. He pushed her and left in the same position, Zhenya's ass was sticking up. He called me, took off my pants and yanked me by the testicles. It was very painful and I did not try, I cry of his mouth. Mr. juicy spat in my face for it, then ordered to open his mouth and spat in his mouth. Then he started stroking my dick, dick slowly rose. Mr. examined him again pulled my testicles and bent cancer as well as Eugene.
- Fuck I gave?
- No, Sir.
- Okay, go to the water procedures. - With these words he took out 2 anal pump 10 cm, smeared with grease and put out of their ass and my wife. We were back at the knees, but naked and gags in the ass. Mr. went into another room and returned a few minutes later in tight pants and latex in the same mask covering
his eyes:
- This room is equipped with three cameras that will broadcast everything that happens here 24 hours a day on the Internet. For 2000 euros a month, anyone can buy access and watch you, and at an additional charge and order you to do all sorts of things. You are not allowed to leave the room. This is your bedroom, street, kitchen and toilet.

Again he went into another room and after a few seconds, the cameras caught fire angered bulbs.
- Well that's all we live. - He laughed - now give you the order and on the water treatment. He gave us a razor and cream scoop with water. - After 2 hours, both of you should not have any hairs from the neck down. Every minute of delay - a fine.
After these words, he went into another room. We must not lose time. I offered to shave each other to save time. Jack sat on the couch and put his hands behind his head, so I shaved her armpits. There and it was not the hair, but we were all completely shaved. Jack slowly began to recover, it was clear from her face. I shaved a few hairs on her nipples, light goddamned track and got to the pubis. There has been a lot of work.

Putting her cancer, I am completely shaved her ass and ended up with his legs. Now it was my turn. Zhenya shaved me completely, and we have kept within the allotted time. Hearing footsteps in the corridor, we rushed to his knees and met our Lord completely shaved. He looked at us and nodded.
- Your and my toilet - it's you. You will be a chamber pot. All of their bowel movements you have to eat. - I submitted it and I felt dizzy ... - The only case to use a normal toilet - it's an enema. What we will do now.

We went into the bath and made us Mr. Zhenya 5 enemas, until one of us is not flowed clean water lapped. And after each enema we had to wait for 10 minutes with the pumps in the ass. Periodically, I thought enema began to go out of his mouth. After washing we got back to our room.

To be continued...
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Road adventure or fuck hitchhiking

The girl walked along the old, long Lata road. There was not a single living soul. Only sometimes wiped out time and hundreds of thousands of rubber tires asphalt was rolled next rattletrap, laden tired vacationers and uncomplicated field equipment. A little noisy in the side under the hot breath of wind sprawling copse gradually eat up the remains of an abandoned park.

On the surface of lakes littered with waste management ripples, momentarily blurring the oblong gap-toothed reflection of the month that huge bitten apple hanging over the darkening horizon. Irina was the name of our heroine, slowly plodded on, dotted with cracks and potholes, once paved path, with his tanned shoulder on a small ladies' backpack. Slightly bowed her head, she, with a strange, almost childlike amazement at the faces viewed roadside landscape, to give a clear post-industrial flavor. I considered so keen not to notice how near her car stopped. It was not one of those rattletrap that darted here every half hour. Near Irene stopped not cheap inomarochka with obvious of being a sports car. The driver was a neat-looking young man. Clean-shaven face was smiling more hischnovato. Perhaps this expression gave him a little skrivlenny nose. From under the smooth dark eyebrows at Irina appraising glances couple playful gray eye. In addition, the smile still showed two rows of perfect white teeth and terribly cute little dimples in her cheeks thin. She simply could not keep himself from answering smile.

"Bored?" - The stranger's voice sounded in unison with the early twilight fills the silence, the rustle of leaves in the roadside copse.
"Imagine - No!" - Irishka again, cocked her head and smiled playfully guy.
"Well, how? You're all alone. Here, not a living soul, only of local drunks, and so ... And I'm pretty sure ... and what's your name? "
"Iirina" - handed the girl still smiling.
"So, Irina, I am absolutely, one can say, I'm sure that we are with you along the way. Do you mind if I'll drop you? "

Ira paused in thought. Expensive car, an unknown man - the plot is standard to a disgrace. Half of all the newspaper tales about rape on the roads start with something like this. And each of them is not completely clear about what still thinks the victim, sitting in a random ride to. About what? Yes, about the same thing, think about what our heroine, approaching helpfully open the door and sat down on the expensive leather seats. Or not? Well, we'll see.

The machine gracefully lavrirovala between potholes, making his way to the highway. Nikita did not stop even for a second, entertaining companion funny stories from the life of his many friends, stories about funny incidents at work, or simply fresh anecdotes. Irina laughed heartily, the guy started to like her.
"By the way" - said Nikita, removing on highway - "Here, on the way there is a wonderful cafe. Best barbecue in the area. We can, as they say, noting our casual acquaintance - I'm buying. "

Ira did not mind treats and reckoned a few kilometers on the highway, Nikita famously turned down podzarosshuyu betonku weeds. A few minutes later they entered the forest. The road came to an end. Nikita stopped the car and switched off the engine.
He furtively looked at Irina. Face Man Show all the same hischnovatuyu smile.

"In the words of one of my partner," - he said, answering the unspoken question, frozen at the girl's face - "I would like to receive more tangible guarantees". Nikita slowly and surely put his hand on his knee to Irina. Not finding explicit resistance, he ran his hand up the leg of a girl lifting up the fabric of the skirt. Seen somewhat surprised Nikita. As it turned out, the girl was not wearing underwear. Lifted her up to the hips, a dark blue cloth skirt opened his eyes naked crotch and neatly shaved pubis. Subsequent events surprised Nikita, as their awareness, more and more. The belief that it was he who controls the situation suddenly shaken by a strong blow to the jaw. Catching aggressor surprise, Irina struck again and again. The final blow after Knocked Man and he fell helplessly into the driver's seat.

When he awoke, Nikita felt in his neck buried something cold and sharp. Opening his eyes, he realized that it was a fine sharpened knitting needle. He himself was in the cabin of their own car. His hands were bound with something behind his back. Nikita lying along the front row seats, so that his head was resting on his knees, Irina, and his legs and lower torso are located on the driver's seat. Irina needle removed from the Man of the neck, but Nikita immediately felt with horror as it slowly comes into his left ear. When the point has reached the eardrum, his head pierced a sharp pain. He screamed.

"Quiet. Do not rock the boat, asshole "- Ira led spoke from the ear to the centimeter.
"Ssuka ..." - I breathed a guy and then crouched by a new "attack".
"Relax a freak. Today I'm buying "- with these words Ira threw his right leg on the dashboard, and lifting his head Nikita hair, he poked his face right between her legs -" Lick thing but do not dare to boil the pot, and that the spoke will sit. "

Nikita realized the hopelessness of his situation, he began to work diligently language Irkin caressing the clitoris. A few minutes later she richly finished him in the face. Wiping liquid residues of his hair, she pulled the needle out of the ear, and climbed into the driver's seat. Nikita started to move, but she sat down on his feet and ran his hands in his pants trousers. Moments later she, feeling his penis, squeezed head. Nikita howled in pain, but that did not stop Irene. She pulled off his pants and pulled out a member of the Man born. After working for a time by hand, until a member has not acquired the maximum size, she began poking needle into the opened urethra. Nikita noisily protested.

"Are you going to twitch, you bastard?" The boy shook his head. His eyes filled with tears. "That molodchinka" - Ira led spoke of the member and, turning a guy on his stomach, his bared almost nude pale pink ass. After releasing a couple of resounding slaps, she pulled out from the back seat and a backpack had broken a good five minutes, took out a medium-sized pink falloimmitator. Just a couple of minutes it took to enter it into the anus Nikita. The guy is not twitching, as promised, but the anus it seems for the first time subjected to such a serious attack. After entering in the end the way the phallus, Irina began rhythmically move them back and forth, while masturbating with his left hand. The cabin filled with the sound of her ragged breathing loud in half with a quiet grunt of Nikita. Ira finished right on the leather driver's seat, then she pulled out falloimmitator Nikitin anus and put him back in the driver's seat, she moved to her. I really wanted to smoke. She pulled out of the backpack pack of cigarettes, a lighter but gone. She decided to look in the glove compartment. Opened and ...

Among raznosortnyh detail in a large glove box compartment was black blued stalyukoy sung crime reports "teteshnik". Nearby lay a full clip to it. Charge it, Irina weighed in his hand "discovery" and then effortlessly placed the muzzle to the protruding member of Nikita. The boy cringed. Ira laughed and leaned back. Then she noticed that the glove box open, scattered among the junk out there, something flashed. Digging, Ira took out a gold wedding ring. Nikita, seeing the ring, silently looked away.
"About how! Yes, we are married! Congratulations!"

She zipped the backpack and jumped into the back seat. From there she cut the tape, is contracted by Nikita hands and allowed him to put on pants. This gun-il took off guard and is located behind the driver's seat, put her trunk in the back seat.

"Well, the hero-lover, and now have gone." - He said Irina laughing
"Where?" - Grimly muttered Nikita.
"How much?!?! Home! To my wife! "

Ride to work

Three days lived with distant relatives, then they asked us nicely, offering to rent an apartment away from them. The apartment we rented one-room, only paid for one month, hoping for a miracle. My husband found a job for a week, I ran in search of a decent and affordable rooms. Private apartment was for us can not afford, the more that we need it only had to spend the night. I read a bunch of ads, go on all sorts of offices, but it was very expensive.

And here, stumbled on one tempting ads on the subway, I went for the coveted address. Although the apartment was on the edge, I was primarily interested in price. Having called several times on the door, I was about to leave, when suddenly the door still open and on the threshold appeared sleepy, apparently, with a hangover, strong man. I imagine that came on your ad, and would like to see the room. The man perked up a little, that I was already a little bit happy, and I went into the apartment.

I immediately drew attention to the immorality of the host, as the apartment was very dusty here and there littered cigarette butts, but I still went into the room, he showed me, and carefully examined everything. I asked if there was maybe a little to delay the first payment, referring to the difficult financial situation for the man even more curiously looked at me and without any deceit said: "For a girl like you, I can make a discount, you're right like, she can see that there is need women's hands. "

He looked at the stained floor, then at me, and all the time about something to ask. I just smiled sweetly and struggled to inspire confidence in him, fearing that he might change his mind.
"What's your name-it, honey?"
"Lucy" - I replied modestly.
"What is a good name, and my name is Uncle Jora, you can call me Jora. You as the eighteen-year secondary have? "
"What are you, Uncle Jora, twenty, I was already married, and my husband is."

"And where is your husband probably is sitting?"
"No, it works."
"So, then you are going to live with her husband?"
"Well, of course".
Uncle Jora somehow changed a bit, and directly issued:
"I thought that you alone at all, so young, that maybe a night or two together so povorkuem drink."

I pretended to be a fool, he immediately found that he had to answer: "You do not worry, I have a quiet husband, not hurt a fly, and I kind and wash my in your room, and the'll clean up and talk if bored."
He perked up again, so that it became apparent how tense the veins in his sinewy arms. "Look, but do not fool, and, after all, I'm just so you will not regret."

In this and left. I am pleased with the discovery, joyfully I told her husband about it. The next day we drove to his uncle Zhora. It seemed to me, my husband really liked his uncle Zhora, maybe because of the introduction in the late evening they drank a bottle of vodka for two.

Early morning I-farming accompanied her husband to work, he had not yet awoke, but he warned me that the owner of drink, like elk, and that I have with this bull was more cautious. I decided to lie down, because the street was still quite dark. I heard that Uncle Zhora was already up and somewhere to go. After checking, I forgot to lock the door, quietly she fell asleep. I even slept for three hours. Woke me some noise from the neighbors, I, like a scalded with boiling water I jumped up and immediately began to search for a useful occupation.

I remember only too well that Uncle Zhora promised to make cleaning as last night was not up to it. I realized that he had not yet had breakfast, as though waiting for me, sitting in the kitchen in a t-shirt with a cigarette. I found the strength to greet the host, waiting for him the same thing, and to somehow keep the conversation asked him what was left of her husband cooked for breakfast. He seemed to agree, and I set the table, he immediately sat down opposite. Grinned from ear to ear, Uncle Zhora became happy there, glancing askance at me. I felt that he had to speak quickly, and a little afraid of it.

"Well, how do you sleep - spend the night in a new place? Good? Comfortably? "
"Well, Uncle Jora, only in the apartment a little, it seems to me, is cool."
"No, the temperature in the apartment is just right, not because you were cold, because my room is just next to your bed."
I was surprised to look at him.
"Why are you looking at me like, a bed beneath you, and just squeaked something, when we went to ... .. You like? At different beds inhabited? "
I looked at him again, but not so strictly, so as not to offend.
"I have tenants used to practicing on the night, there is not only a bed, a wall shaking went."

I have quite a bad mood, but it was impossible to stop.
"You hint to him, if he does not want to deal with his duty, then, they say, always ready Uncle Jora, only beckoned." His last words he painted so that I did not have in this respect no doubt.
All that day I spent in search of work, only time to hurry the evening something to cook, how come her husband, completely without sentiment, something went wrong in his work, we do not have time or even what to talk about.

The next morning, my husband, maybe out of pity, but maybe did not want to wake me up, went to work without breakfast so I did not even notice he was going. He even turned off the alarm clock, so I slept a little longer.

I woke up on what someone patted me gently. I did not immediately understand in the dark, who is lying next to me. Instinctively, I tried to pull up his hands lifted her shirt, but hairy strong men's hands was not given to her even reach. I held my breath when I realized that it was Uncle Jora, in the buff. He was nailed to the bed my feet with her and constantly repeated: "You will like it, give me just a little soak, and then everything goes well, you'll be pleased."

I fought as best I could, he's nothing hurts me not to, squeezed my breasts and strove to put me down low. It seemed to me that he even amused by this situation, when I actively resisted his onslaught.

"A little bit broken, broken, goat, still Pardaugava, but already then I will not regret my fault you will."
Momentarily releasing the hand, I stumbled on his hefty eldu.
"What, I scared? According to an agreement, I would quietly pushed you, and will torment, as long as you do not understand that Uncle Zhora must be respected. "
Imagine that in this apartment besides us there is no one, and the door to the safe shut, hoping for some sort of trick, I did not actively break out of his hands, he understood it and hug in a businesslike way with one hand me another became insert his eldu between my legs.

"I'm told you that the consent of the best, is not it will hurt" - and he spent all his shovel in my most secret places.
"Can you still virgin, though married, this also happens?"
I shook my head in fright, only to stop its insidious inquiry. He's sloppy grabbed something from the nightstand and next to standing up straight at me, squeezed into his palm-shovel. I watched as he struggled with his hand clasping his goodness, it was the spread some cream. I am exhausted from such a thorough preparation he turned away, not to see this, what immediately heard:
"Fearfully? Do not worry, we'll do everything on wheels "- and his hand is already firmly walked back between my legs.

"You say you do not play the virgin, and now we will check your baby, with whom she spent the night."
He again put his own to his eldu pubis and lifting me over, got up almost to his knees.
"Do not squeeze, that is what your lye to please the man will soon get used to my elde."
Now I realized that I was completely in his power, and only depends on him, what happens to me.
"Uncle Zhora, Zhora Uncle" - I almost groaned, - "Please, not much, I'm afraid of him."

"Yet no woman of my horse did not die and you will not die, only the buzz word da ass will turn less, I'm you now, read it, every day I will spend too much time."
It seemed to me that I raspolovinivayut, and I almost cried.

"Look how tightly planted, now you I can not escape it, even if very much want. .... Without lubrication, I for the first time not bothering anyone, and that you regretted, but you did not feel sorry, I love you yesterday wanted to press when you're my breakfast served, "and then added, -" I am a hostess first wanted to bend so Provocation, and only then it was possible to feed. " He growled, painfully squeezed my breasts and knowing that it hurts me, asked point-blank:
"Before the wedding, with the men often tumbled?"

I shook my head, and he added: "It is clear that it is not experienced, the other would immediately saw through me, but it's good, I'll teach you how to behave in a soft little bed. ... .. Now be patient, I will clothe its fullest. "

As soon as he began to drive on to me his horse, I threw her arms around his neck in pain and terror.
"Well you feel it? ... Uncle Zhora you can break into two halves. ... I told you that it was necessary to settle amicably. "
I nodded, confirming the agreement. He seemed to reluctantly put me under him, grabbed big hands behind his back and began to gently and then all pushy eldoy rubbing my crotch.

"Now you're on a fun instantly poplyvsh. You feel like he kisses your baby? ... Almost passionately. "
After such words and efforts of powerful shocks the first time I felt that same bliss, of which only heard. And in gratitude for his "kindness" I again threw her arms around his thick neck, so that my breasts were so tightly pressed against his hairy chest that he was grinning, almost forced a:
"That fellow, that man has learned to love and tits substitute, as it should." - And he raised himself slightly, he became his hard nipples cling to mine. "Well, how? Pops? "- And, not waiting for an answer, they both have their hooked claws. "Just the size and keep you more comfortable."

I felt some sort of re-taken by their rudeness and wanted to somehow get rid of what immediately got It failed:
"You can not be scared of my paws no trace remains, pomoesh, cream smazhesh will be like new." And then he continued: "Do you think that old wives' breasts only on holidays kiss?"

I've tried about anything not to think only squeezed tighter legs in time to stop the penetration without pain. Remembering how my husband and I were very cautious in this month, so as not to get pregnant, I tried to ask about it now, but immediately felt a sharp increase in pressure and commanding voice:
"The first night honey Baba to drop supposed to take. And if you capture my heart of oak, so it's a good thing - so hot love was. "

He did not speak, and seemed drove me these words, accompanying light postanyvaniya and experiencing the pleasure of my submission.
"Well, a girl-woman, to expose the basket, stop hunting" - he squeezed so hard all of me, that I not only move, could not move. His hefty muzzle he stared at the pillow and with a wild rattle, an animal, became freed from seed. It seemed to me that I will lose mind. Now I'm not thinking about anything other than what filled my body.

A little enlightened on this score, I think that now, will be held one more minute, I'll get up and immediately run to the bathroom to get rid of it. However, such a minute did not come, because Uncle Zhora was full full, almost asleep, and the only thing he allowed himself, so it slip away from me, immediately perverted by alien influences me with his hands and feet. Choking with a strong smell of male sweat, I too fell asleep, not knowing how much slept. I woke up from what he gently hugged me and patted his chest.

"As we're povorkovali? Do not hurt? "- And he pridvinuv me even more to her, I touched my crotch.
I know that he can not object to anything, just sat up and felt under a humidity of the sheets, turned. In light sheets in several places we could see the blood stains. I was gripped by fear, I looked between her legs and could not understand anything. Uncle Jora quietly touched his thumb between my legs and asked:
"You told me that is not virgin? Now you know who your first man? "

I suddenly burst into tears now no one and do not hesitate to nothing. He pulled me to him with renewed vigor and capturing my lips with his mouth seemed to be trying to swallow. When he let go of my lips and wanted to overthrow again for themselves, I, too, had kissed his cheek tough, he twittered:
"Give me a little rest ... .. I am so hungry!"

It just somehow went limp, and sensing his advantage, but warned: "After that, once in bed, and without quirks."
This cooking I had never been. While I was cooking, several times he stopped me in the kitchen, lapaya all places, then ate cooked omelette I, boulder towering over the table, staring into the cut of my coat, and under the table, squeezed my legs hurt her. In my face it was obvious that I did not know how to continue to behave and what to say to her husband.

Uncle Jora, reading my thoughts, reassured:
"You're the guy a pity its not, will he really demure village. If he realizes that you become different, so well done. And if you do not understand - it means a complete ignoramus. And we're slowly going to practice, as it is today. "
To which I could only answer: "We are all stained mattress probably does not wash off."
He whinnied like a stallion, "You flip it to the other side - there is a whole bunch of people like you."

I again tried to somehow show his character, pouted because comparing me with "some" and went to his room. He followed me.
"Now together and see" - and his hands were tight ring settled around me.

In the evening, my husband and I pretended to be sick almost did not get up from bed. Uncle Jora, drinking more than a bottle of vodka, so snoring in his room that staggered wall. Her husband, tired of heavy physical work, he immediately turned away and began to snore too. I cried all night, not knowing how to live, afraid to even hint to her husband about what had happened in my life and his.

In the morning I asked my husband to close the door with a key and only then went to sleep. I am a long time no one bothered, then I heard some voices, someone entered and left. I heard that Uncle Zhora before someone was justified and asked for something, but it did not seem to pay attention. With difficulty I began to understand what I mean when Jora uncle begged to give him time till evening.

"You assured me that sailed away for a month, and less than two weeks, you have drawn, so I let the girl at the time."
Immediately followed by a bounce, "Twigs your noggin, we are to your girls like to one place. Take her to him and dismissed the hut, you see we are not alone. "

Uncle Jora, apparently quite distraught by vodka and so came unexpectedly from the guests, began to knock on my door. I quickly began to dress and just in case to collect their belongings. Turning the key in the door, I saw two young Caucasians flushed, which immediately cooled down a bit and asked for an apology for two hours to release the room. In the corner, huddled together, were two very young girls, one in a bright causing clothes, and the other - more modest, frightened to death in a short overcoat. One of Caucasians, evil flashing in their eyes aside, ordered:
"Come on, girl, do not hesitate." Another - silently took my suitcase and carried into the room Uncle Jora.

In his room, I fell on the first comer chair and could not imagine what I would say to her husband when he returns from work. At first I thought that I needed to go, but where - around the city of any native soul, except for relatives who are so happy to get rid of us.
Brave uncle Zhora there was only one right -, partition walls purely conventional shared our room with its bathroom, and it was too good to hear behind the wall first ringing glasses, men talking in an incomprehensible language, then one of the girls cried out, but she, apparently they gagged and creaked in unison the two beds.

I knew that one of the girls was far from being a pro, but I had no strength to even think about it. I heard the excited, noisy boys went up the stairs to smoke, they agreed together to treat a young girl. She screamed again, asking for help, but her screams were covered with more than cackling and moans satisfied with their lives than males. Then the girls hurriedly dressed, shoved money, expelled, and the guys in turn went to the bathroom and splashed a long time there.

I sat in the room, afraid to move. Uncle Jora, drunk, slept in the kitchen right on the table. Two hours brave Caucasians turned into four, but no one is going to leave. An unexpected knock at the door brought me out of torpor. At the door, there was one of them with a satisfied shaved face.

"Girl, we'll leave right now, quietly live, and if we need to - you know - we tell you, or call you."
I'm out of gratitude even got up from his chair, and, probably, he read on my face for some satisfaction, that right there, looking back, I turned back.
"Girl, you're married?"
"Yes" - I replied.
"This is bad, I would have married you. Where's your husband? "
"He is at work."
"It's good when my husband works. And you all day alone, perhaps, miss? "
"No, you are, I have a job"
"So you'll go to work soon, but not yet found. Maybe together we look for, in my car. "
"No, really, thank you, this is my problem, do not, do not worry."

"To help a good girl - and this is my problem. You're probably afraid that your husband finds out, but we will look for a job without it. I tomorrow morning pick you up, and we are quickly eaten all those who should. "
"No, do not worry."
"Do not be afraid, nor will not know a soul, I'll call you from the bottom" - and it is, in a sign of friendship and agreement, such as in particular he offered me his hand and briefly held it in his.

This morning I got up early, washed up on tiptoe, led myself up. Exactly at the appointed time cell phone rang.
"This is Timur. Good morning. You see, I, as the Kremlin clock. my car number 065 "

Silently, I closed the door. His car was parked not far from the entrance, not out of the car, he opened the door for the front seat beside the driver. I did not resist and sat next to him. With a genuine smile, as yesterday, in a good leather jacket, he carefully examined me from head to foot and, shaking his head, squeezed:
"How can such a beautiful girl not to take the job, I would place the slow-witted hosts took you even admire you all day."

I was confused by such a compliment, but I could not say anything. Sitting next to him, I felt some sort of extraordinary confidence, and by visiting the first company in which I was, because of its onslaught, offered a choice of just two works, I began to respect him even more. I've wanted to stay at the same time, however, he received a serious suggestion, gladly agreed to continue the search.

"One should look for, where better .... . As a man and a woman, always looking to someone better who is better ... "He clearly looked at me and said," I told you a little bit like me? "
I looked down, feeling grateful to him for the selfless help, and only carefully odrnula Show me your coat is very short.

After a pause, he continued: "So, like me, you're just shy. I like you, too, like yesterday, I almost fell in love. "
I looked at him as if recalling who they tumbled yesterday.
"You mean prostitutes do not think so, pull the pairs"
"I thought that one was a very little girl."
"This girl is on a good grandmother pecked, she thought that it would only kiss, and we are not greedy people."

In other companies, the situation is repeated everywhere Timur followed me as security, and if necessary, ask questions that lozhili spot any of the meticulous official.
"Now you can choose the best option, but I think the last place you will approach the best" And then thought, he added: "I have a brother here just living, we will see more of" - and his face broke into a satisfied smile. "Maybe it'll pick? There we were fed, his wife cooks - Yum. "

He dialed the number, and after greeting, immediately blurted out: "Look, Dean, I'm here not far from you, not one with a nice, clever girl, you will feed us?" Unconditional acceptance was made in the tube.
"You see, we are waiting."
We are really waiting for - a pleasant woman greeted us, kissed both, offered to settle down comfortably. I had an unusual guest to feel, so I could hardly restrain my emotions as I could, keep calm and businesslike. However, my suggestion is to help in the kitchen had absolutely by the way, that Dean noticed:
"I like the choice of Timur. You, apparently, not spoiled. "

I just nodded, without discussing its findings, silently carried out of the fridge all I was served. The table has turned plenty. Timur poured three glasses of red wine. Only after the third glass I realized that alcohol drinking and Timur. Hospitable hostess she answered my question:
"It is still a bit of a rest and a drink," and she imperceptibly retired.
Timur turned toward me: "Did you hear what we said?" I'm pleading eyes staring at him.
"We have suggested some rest .... And then we'll go again. " There was a silence, which he also violated.
"You're how old married? One? Two? Three years?"
"One month".

"Oh, so you have not had a chance to compare something. You heard yesterday, we young prostitutes Spahr? They definitely enjoyed it. "
To which I replied: "The girl cried very much."
"What she did not scream, if the hymen break, you are also the first time, probably it bleeds. A girl in two hours received five hundred bucks and forgot about it. Well, how to sleep in an adult, pomiluemsya, nobody will not know. You will not be hurt. "

He enjoyed a long drag on his cigarette.
"For me the wine acted excitingly, see" - he pointed to his pants, lifted all 20 centimeters.
I hardly assessing the situation, but at the same time, realizing that he did not take me in his car on some waste ground, and brought into pure solid apartment, she decided to politely refer to the staleness of his clothes, but immediately received a decision:
"You go to the bathroom, where everything can be found, but I do not understand, when you lie down to rest with her husband, then her panties and bra not shoot? ... You have to understand that we will have a rest really, I want to get to know you a little bit, and a half a day just looked at your profile .... You still did not give birth? "

"I like these girls, they have everything in its original form as if only they themselves were born."
I did not understand, but no longer thinking about what happened yesterday in my Uncle Zhora, he asked:
"I will answer your question, when you take off your panties. Come on, I'll show you where the bathroom. "

Legs did not obey me so that I hardly got a soft comfortable chair. I was tormented by only one thing - to whom I turn over these last two days? Why I turned out to be so affordable? I tried to find an excuse, but I could not, but somewhere in the depths of there was some resentment at her husband, his indifference to me on our first difficulties of life, for the rest of this wild venture to go to the capital.
And in the bathroom I have been waiting for two greedy healthy hand to offer assistance in undressing.

"Now we swill together. Someday washed more than one? "
"You have a lot of what not to do in your life now will try."
I felt like he was in a hurry to release me from her bra and grabbed his chest.
"Now we can really talk," - he gasped, catching both of my breasts - "Look over there."
I looked ahead and saw that the tub is surrounded on three sides by mirrors, and I'm in the hands of Timur was like a frog in the clutches of a boa constrictor.
"Get in the bath, I'll wash my my mother in my childhood ... .. What? Mom did everything carefully, took care for me? ... I also do carefully, the main thing - that we place him there. "

I saw in the mirror that he has prepared for me, and I realized that that girl-prostitute did not have to be a pristine girl to scream and beg for help.
"You're afraid that you and I do not fit in this bathroom? Yes here for four people at the same time rested. " He forced himself into the hands of tight gel and slightly bent, slowly began first on my stomach, and then above, smear it, turning in an easy foam. When his hands got to my chest, I cringed and shook the whole, or humiliation, or pleasure.

"You're talking a lot, how beautiful you are or not?" - He stared at me, stroking one or the other breast, it is easy to slip out of his hand, to which I, not coming up, said nothing:
"I was always embarrassed, since high school, they are so big." Timur it acted like a drug, and he grunted:
"Do not you have not been at school this boyfriend like me?"

"I would not give you hesitate, you then only gave me and no one else, and every bastard would have stuck his tongue in one place ... you would not go near me, you'd be my pleasure flying."
He turned the shower handle, and poured warm, fresh water. I turned away from him, just pulled her panties and immediately got him a bottle of gel.
"Wash it, do not be shy."

I'm still confused, shyly he squeezed the bottle and began to lather thoroughly.
"Take off your pants, we have long time to ho-ro-sho meet" - and he ran his fingers through to help me get rid of them.
Sitting on the edge of the tub, he pulled me to him and sat on his lap top.
"On horseback riding?"
"No never".

"Now ride" - and, firmly pinning me to the hairy leg, he began to walk to the beat of a horse to carry me back and forth, gently touching his flesh rearing. I could not look at him all the time turning away, but he caught her lips and my nipples, hold briefly, again let them go free. I have all this time, resting in his breasts with his hands, trying to create at least some semblance of not depending on him, but after that meeting with Uncle Zhora I seemed to become a little more to understand what I need, therefore, heated by a funny jump I began to hang everything on it more and more.

He noticed this and raised higher, carefully examined my interesting place, then touched two fingers, patted his hand and said: "You have a place too beautiful. Who told you the last time putting in? "
I shook my head.
"Do not remember? So long ago it was! That's good ... ..with she is looking forward to his friend, look how swollen. "
He obviously liked my plump lips tightly concealing everything that was inside, and his lustful eyes confirmed:
"Without this plump hem was to be so tightly compressed; without pain there is no joy, get used to - just as quickly somlela ".

He threw me Terry sheets, and raising as a feather, carried her into the bedroom on the wide bed, carefully spread out, for sure, Dina.
At first, looking at the mirrored ceiling, I did not recognize myself next to that husky, like a child, if not excited, like two large tomatoes, chest. Then the image on the ceiling has disappeared because it tightly covered me with his powerful body. Feeling wild pain of his penetration, I did not even scream, but only moaned softly to the beat of his sweeping motions. Then there was more, again and again. I have absolutely no control over time.

When I sat on the front seat of a car, a heavy hand Timur densely lay down on my knees. A little patting them, he said hoarsely:
"Now you took it lawfully front seat, and the fat-turkey, to which tomorrow you will come to the office, say - if it touches to you, I'll cut off his balls, fry and eat will make."
His car rolled quietly at, friend to both of us.
Then began my new adult life.

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Alnkina coat ..

Recently Alyonka 16 years old, and parents gave her a long mink coat with a hood and a belt .. Alenka was just delighted with the gift! All friends simply envious of her present! Yes, she herself was a smart girl: brunette, long hair, firm breasts 3 sizes ... As it Alenka friend invited me to visit. The girl woke up, pulled back the covers and pulled a T-shirt ... slipped, revealing a chest .. she got up and went into the shower, where a pleasure to splash in the bathroom ... wrapped in a fluffy, green bathrobe, she sat down to the mirror and began to direct a makeover. After removing the gown, she wore a pink thong on a string and bra, on thin bretelkah.prozrachnye pantyhose, white blouse and short flared velvet skirt .. In the hallway pulled long boots and wore a fur coat on the street ... she smiled almost all men. And she felt like a queen ... The ride had to the other end of the city, though the day was a holiday, and Alenka to get to a friend pretty quickly! All day they were chatting with a friend and have fun. When Alenka zasobiralas home, the street was dark ... Alenka came to a stop and then the bus came .. Alenka sat on the seat in front of her sat tutzhe man, age 40. He reviewed with interest a girl. Floors coat all the time slipped, revealing man's long legs in nylon and skirt. Looking men and strove to get under her skirt. The girl shyly squeezed legs and zapahnala coat. She came to a stop, and Metro had to walk 500 meters more through the dark yard. People were not very many, and she tried itdi them. She was almost out of the darkness, she heard rapid footsteps behind and at the same moment it wrapped around the back, and closed her mouth a hand .. She moaned and tried to pull away, but she held fast .. Its a little bit dragged off the path, to the concrete slabs. . The man laid it on the stove, leaning on .. He untied the belt and unbuttoned the bottom hooks, opening the floor coat ... from fighting short skirt hemmed zadralas.On pretty, broke through in the crotch nylon and moved towards the strip panties .. The girl resisted from last effort, but the forces were unequal. She felt in her crotch rests on something hard and hot .... His head barely held in virgin pussy, but he jerked and his cock fully immersed in Pretty Woman ... chuckle, and breaking the resistance of the girl, he began move rhythmically ... Alenka limp plakala.Uvidev that it no longer resists, rapist undid the remaining hooks and opened coat ... lifted her blouse, he pulled her bra and hungrily crushed chest .. it is hard nozzles, moving in a young baby, it aroused this kind of schoolgirls in a luxurious fur coat ... very close walking passers-by, unaware that a few meters away, a man raped a schoolgirl ... completely torn tights, skirt got lost on his stomach, he suddenly began to accelerate down all squished, and she felt as tense and pulsed cock inside her .. She again began to struggle, feeling that he starts to cum ... Aon did not think out of the girl, on the contrary, he still glubsche drove his penis and then to the young girl struck by a thick, sticky jet of sperm, filling the vagina ... sperm were many, and Alyonka felt sick at the thought that it will fly from this dork ... Member since squelch came out of the pussy ... He kissed her, got up and walked away ... Alena barely risen, the whole skirt was in the semen and blood, ripped nylon absorbed the consequent sperm .....

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Payment for small business

And it is literally on the second day I was approached by a man 35 years old, he liked one of these phones, and he offered the excuse that he had forgotten the money in the car, make a deal in the car. The car he was solid, at that moment I thought, and why such a wealthy person to buy supported tube.

We got in the car and I was ready to get the money, but in place of the documents found on the phone. I tried to like it justified, but I heard from him: "Shut up and listen to me." He gave me the address and said that I had come there tonight, if you do not want problems with the law, well, since I did not want to have problems with the law, then he nodded his head. Coming out of the car first thought was that I was in the evening to present a tidy sum, which I'll return, but in the evening to meet than if it was possible to say now, in general, a lot of what I was thinking at that moment.

In the evening I went to the designated address, which led me to one of the prestigious areas. I was very afraid, but tried not to let on. I rang the doorbell and I discovered a familiar man, the house is not who did not except us. I stood in the middle of the room, and he sat in a chair in the corner of the room briefly, legally explained to me what I had done and what can me after this happened, and including its connection, my problems are doubled. I of course was scared, but I knew that he did not call me here for that, which I announced. I asked him what I should do, that would settle all that he told me that "I should not do," and I will always do as he pleases, at that moment I felt even worse, but I do not even know, what awaits me.

He picked up the remote control and satellite TV. He switched channels, the pack did not go to a series of channels for adults. There were porn channels for every taste, despite this I did a little excited, but still did not understand what he is doing. But here again he pressed the switch and I saw the whole screen in close-up of young guy is very tough in the mouth fucked bully, I waited to see what he is now to change the channel, but the channel he has not switched, and then I began to realize that they want from me. Immediately I heard the phrase "be my bitch and challenges you will not." Here I'm just stunned and completely ceased to think, and to myself, I came when I heard, "Come to me." I obediently walked over, his hand landed on my shoulder and pulled me down, so I found myself at the level of the groin. He quickly pulled his pants and the face I turned poluvozbuzhdenny member, I looked at his dignity and did not know what to do.

He told me to open my mouth, and added to it so I kept the teeth away. He took the cock in her hand and began to drive them on my face, I abruptly pulled his head, but immediately received strong Bonk, the more I it did not interfere. After he placed in his chair, but for me, no matter how nasty it was, nothing to do but suck it like a process. I suck cock and was afraid to look him in the face, but still could not resist and threw a glance at the top. Looking at the top, I saw the face of the very mobile, and more specifically a video camera that filmed sucking blowjob in my performance. Seeing that I look into the camera, he said, "now you're caught, you'll do whatever I say, not what your friends will see your acting skills." Then I realized that he was in very real slavery and that a member who was in my mouth, having been there many times. I was ashamed to look into the camera and I looked down, continuing to suck dick. I was, you might say, accustomed to the movement of my mouth and it was not so disgusted in the beginning, but then I felt like my mouth cavity filled with sperm beginning, I tried to pull away from the penis and being pulled out of his mouth. I saw a red head of his cock from which even squirted sperm, but admire her, I had not for a long time, as he took me by the head and thrust his cock back force. After its eruption, he slumped back into his chair and began to browse, just shot, home video. I had remained sitting on the floor, because I did not know what to do next. After viewing the video, he showed me. It was disgusting to look at it, but it was quite a surprise, then, that I felt the excitement of video.

"Okay, you can go home today, and now you will call me master, and mind you what I did to you today is a trifle, all jaunty yet to come, get out, I'll call you when it will be necessary" - I heard from him. I thought that our meeting will be a maximum of once a week, but in practice it turned out that we met him 3-4 times a week. The first course of the meeting were terrible, especially the first experience with anal sex, for disobedience could and got out, he was not interested in me or not convenient, he just used me like a rubber doll. But the more we meet, the more I learned. And a couple of weeks I went back to normal life, and calmly walked to his home as a job. I already know what he likes and so our meetings were more relaxed than the first, more like rape. I have and I could deal with the sperm easily swallowed his cock in full growth, without difficulty. I knew it was not a warm-up anal sex is not, therefore, pre-prepared his hole, but I was lucky in this regard, he could not boast of a large diameter. In bed I behaved relaxed and all my actions were women, his factory when I behaved like depraved Devchenka. So I began to live as before, only sometimes turned into affordable girlfriend.

And sitting one Saturday, at home my phone rang, I saw on the screen the host number. I expected to hear about the meeting tonight, so basically what happened, but the amendment. He knew that I could easily take time off for the night and asked me to come to him. I did so, and asked to go home at night and in the evening came to him. Entering the apartment, I saw that he was instead of getting dressed undress. He quickly explained it to me, today he is with friends going out of town to the cottage in the sauna, well, I'm going to the same as entertainment. He told me that I had behaved just like him, ie The girl behaved like, and to be fully accessible. I am of course this news is not pleased, I only used one, so this is different. But do not do what he could not, because the object owner I did not want.

We went downstairs, where we were already waiting stained Jeep. The owner sat down in front and I settled back with a strange man. We went, I felt eyes on the men against and then he said to me: "Well, he was ready for tonight," I smiled and nodded. Immediately followed by a second question: "suck well?" I did not have time to answer, for me, the owner said: "nice, I'll show you on the tube show". In general, they have long talked about tonight, but from the conversation I realized that I'm not the only one who will pull today.
Finally we arrived at the house. We went into the room where the sauna, there was a large table filled with snack and strong drinks, followed by another 3 man sitting in the bath robes, was located next to a pool table, where she was placed on a sauna and minipool. I stripped to the goal and wanted to sit down, but the owner told me that I can not go there and told me to sit on the bench, standing in a corner. I glanced at the shop and saw two boys about my age. I sat down next to him, one had traces of semen on her face, and the other is not yet such was involved. chatted with them, I realized that one of the guys got to know one of the people sitting at the table a man on an Internet and is here of their own accord, but the second, with the sperm on the face than it looks like me, too, on what is caught, only the difference was that he now will be almost not the first experience.

After a while we all went to the sauna, and from there to the pool, and so the circle. I was beginning to wonder, as we all fucking going, but I'm in enough nasidevshis in the sauna went out from there and wanted to jump into the pool, but I saw a picture of how near the edge of the man pool that was here at the behest of his name was Max, sucking my the owner, was standing next to another man, and when he saw me winked at me, I knew what to do, and here I was on his heels and felt a new member in his mouth. Once caught up the rest and I ocheredke delivered to all pleasure. But one thing scared me, one of them was a big fat cock in his mouth, I barely stuffed, but could not imagine what would happen to my ass, because a member of the host in comparison does not go with him. After a light blow job, we all went to the billiard room, and then I saw how Max has rested in a pool table and leaned over and he's about to shove. I really did not want to start with the right size, so I flew up to one of the men who sat on the bench, licking a couple of times and leading member of alert I framed his ass. The man was delighted that "that slut, ass member wants?" I started to sit down on, at a time when an inexperienced guy tore ass. It was not bad, but then Max got a call on the tube, there had something happened, in general he had to leave, as well as the second man after the first lesson of anal sex have been weak, and almost useless, the 6 men stayed one myself.

We took a break and went back to the sauna, and then into the pool. In the pool I was approached by the owner and with the phrase "for a long time wanted to try with you underwater blowjob" put me under the water. It was terribly uncomfortable and I always choked. After a short blowjob host pulled me to the side and holding on the water, I began to have me. It is pleasant to others and in this position I stayed for about 10 minutes, until one popihal me. When I got out of the pool, my legs gave way already, and for a long time I did not have to go, one of them put me on my knees and not a lot of patting member pulled on my face, and then a long time member of fumbling over my face. One of them proposed to continue on a billiard table. I climbed on the billiard table, and there was the cancer waiting dick in her ass, but instead felt a cue.

Few mock at me, they continued until one became a member of the pop me in the ass and the other in front shoved in my mouth, after a while they took turns. After around 20 minutes, I could not stand on her knees, and just lay on her stomach, feeling a little like walking a member in my ass, I suck too, could not, I only wanted to open his mouth. My face and ass were covered with sperm jets. And at the end, I heard the saving "Well, it's time to gather" The time was already 4 am. How could I washed, dressed, and we went back to the same composition. I drove up to the house, I got out of the car and heard from the host, which could meet tonight he ...

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Error secretary

- Well, what do we do, Victoria Pavlovna? - Tired yelling boss looked at me.
Almost crying, I bleated:
- I will write a letter of resignation, Alexander V., today.
Chef only grunted.
- Do you think it will help me?

His eyes suddenly became thoughtful, and slid over me. I was sweating even under that penetrates through clothes appraising look. I was wearing a light transparent blouse, through which shone lace bra, and short little tight skirt, tight hips like a second skin. Complete the outfit sandals with high heels, literally consisting of a pair of straps tonyusenkoy.
- Well, that, you will work out your mistake? Mind you, I do not leave the ladies. Shalt deliver application - get ready for payment. So come over here, baby.

I almost fell off my heels of such a transition. Feverish thoughts ran through my head, and chief expectantly stared at me. As if in a dream, I went around the table and stood a step away from the chief of the chair. Wasting no time, he pulled me by the arm, and I was on his lap. The chief immediately put his hand under my shirt, feeling my breasts through the lace bra. His fingers, not soft, not at all hosted under the clothes, and I could not recover. From unreality in my head was spinning.
- How well do you smell - I heard as if through a veil, and felt that I entered under the skirt. Overbearing invaded hand between her thighs, and I had a little bit behind the onslaught spread her legs. Briefs from the finest fabric could not serve at least some barrier, and my lips were attacked hard fingers. Poterzav between my legs, the boss decided that this is not enough.
- Well, - he said. - Now go out to the middle of the office and take off your clothes.

Like a sleepwalker, I came out from behind the table and squeezed his eyes shut his eyes, began to undress. Blouse, fixed buttons of just one on the chest, and the skirt does not cause me particular difficulties. However, before you remove the bra, I hesitated.
- Well?
Chef's voice spurred me, and, having got his hands behind his back, I undid the clasp. My breasts jumped out of a little cramped captivity.
- OU! - Again I heard the chief. - I believe the bra you to anything, Victoria. Why are you hiding such beauty?

Considering the rhetorical question, I started the panties, if you can call the scrap of fabric that was covering my crotch. Slipping his thumbs under thin I tesemochki, swinging her hips as seen in some erotic film, I was the panties down to her knees. When the pants fell to my feet, I heard the voice of Chef, which was heard in the approval:
- You completely shaved. I like it ... Well, now open your eyes.
Opening my eyes, I saw that the boss had already left the chair and now sat on the edge of the table just three steps away from me. The chief only took off his jacket, remained fully clothed, even the tie is not weakened. And I stood in front of him on wobbly legs completely naked, not daring to cover himself with his hands. But the feeling of shame made me tense. Chef pants was undone, and there sticking out in all its terrible magnificence huge cock. Eagerly looking at my body, boss leisurely stroking his gun hand. I quickly looked away from this procedure, realizing with horror, as the abdomen is filled with the sweet languor. Having had time to catch my opinion, the chief grinned
- He is asking for you in the mouth, serve-ka baby.

Approaching, I bent down, and my nostrils felt faint scent of the male organ. In the splendor he surged in front of me, trembling as if in anticipation. Slightly open mouth, I gently grabbed her lips most pommel member. Chief sighed loudly and I felt a strong hand on my head. The pressure was so strong that I barely had time to open his mouth wider, as a huge cock was immediately hammered deep into my throat.
- Suck, suck this well.

Carrying instructions chief, I began to serve his hard cock. Rhythm, he asked himself, clutching my hair and pulling my head like a puppet. Obeying, I swallowing dick so deep that brought tears to his eyes, and his breath knocks, floor head, choked in my throat. Finally the boss let go of my hair, and then I felt his hand on my high upturned ass. Cuddle the buttocks, chef, slightly bent forward, reached for my crotch. Stroked frightened shrunk under this caress the anus, his hand moved to the vagina.
- You're already all wet

Alas, it had to admit. Rejoicing respite, I released a member of his mouth. However, the boss does not feel the lack of attention to his great "baby", but what good will again have to swallow it too deeply. My tongue fluttered along the swollen purple head, in addition, I grabbed the trunk of her fingers and began to masturbate vigorously. Meanwhile, the chief of the fingers, without encountering obstacles, vengeance tormented my vagina. None now do not change, and I patiently endured such cavalier treatment.

Finally the boss felt that I was quite prepared for his huge cock, which he did not fail to let me know. Do not delay the case indefinitely, he imperiously turned me around and sat on the edge of the table. Instinctively, I pressed her thigh. But it was not there. Chef grabbed my leg and put it on his shoulder and the other pulled so that the bent knee touched the surface of the table, while I had to lean back and lie down on the table. I almost howled, stretched to the limit in the crotch. vaginal sponges, appear to be too wide, because the boss, go through it with your fingers, he grunted. Then he took hold of his penis and put it to my wet and disclosed before him shamelessly vagina, abruptly entered into me. And suddenly froze, moaning:
- What you are close ...

Rather, it is very large penis. Aloud, I did not say it, feeling impalement, so tightly covered my stretched vagina hard, like a wooden penis. After a moment, the chief began steadily to drive it into me. At first, who walked with difficulty in me gave me the plunger only pain. But the young body gradually took its toll and now my muffled moans growl woven into the processing man to me.

Under the blows of a powerful member of my ass crawl on the edge of the table. The blade dug something sharp, the crotch was still stretched so that it seemed a little more and I break. But I did not pay attention to it, leaving his body at the disposal of the boss to fuck me. And a few powerful movement of the piston in me I squirmed frantically on the table and roughly finished. My moans and vaginal cuts caused a backlash. Chief pulled out a member and growl sent me hot thick jets. Cum hit in my lips, and I am still shaken by the ongoing orgasm felt like she fills my shaved pubis.

Arriving a few moments to myself, I felt uncomfortable. Chef breathing heavily leaned over me, his hands resting on the table. I lay before him in brazen posture, all bathed in between the legs of pungent-smelling sperm. In general, the usual secretarial polozhenitse. Then the chief stood up and, as if nothing had happened, put the drooping member, buttoned his pants and said:
- Go into the shower, bring myself up, I pomoyus after.

I gathered the things scattered on the floor, blushing under the gaze sassy smiling boss. He did not miss a moment of the play, well, that was not enough clothing. Probably interesting to see how well-built blonde now and then leans shining intimate places, and her thighs flows to the elegant feet thick sperm. He himself fully dressed, a reptile, even tie is not lost. But the mockery of me did not end when I walked past a pile of things that pressed against his chest, he gave me a ringing slap backside ...
Before the end of the day, I heard over the intercom:
- Victoria, come to me ...

His voice was hoarse, and I hopelessly dragged into the office. Chef sitting in a half-turn to the table. When I appeared, he turned his head in my direction and smiled broadly:
- Well, that will continue?

Rounding the table, I saw that his pants and underpants lowered chief, and his hand again moves on hard dick. Understanding what is waiting for me chief, I went down to her knees. The head has habitually slipped into my mouth, and my lips, feeling every vein, began to slide down the barrel. With one hand I clutched at the base member, helping to appease his lips. A second claws ruffled furry growth on the testicles.
easier at this time. The chief gave the initiative completely my mouth and hands, without trying to control the process. He condescendingly watched my actions, and only occasionally pretty moaned. This went on for quite a long time, and I was even a little bit upset, thinking that I was called only for a blowjob. However, the boss is likely to feel something, suddenly ordered:
- Stand up.

I dutifully pulled out of his mouth swollen cock and stood up. Chief, without changing posture relaxed, put his hand under my skirt. And of course found a soaked through her panties. The body has betrayed me, it wanted to feel inside this huge instrument. I cursed myself last words, and I bit my lip and moaned, arching towards the tormented me fingers.
- Very well, - the chief nodded.

Zadran hinders his thigh skirt, he turned me back to him, and then forced to step back. I had to hang over the boss, his legs wide apart. Member, still shamelessly sticking out, rested on a wet spot on her panties. Already knowing what I sought from the boss, I'm sliding panties to the side, the index and middle fingers opened her lips. Other hand, I sent an impatient trembling a member. Huge dick slid easily into my moistened pretty deep. Breath, I began to move her hips. Sometimes I sit up, exposing a member almost to the head, and then again sit down on him, feeling as he pulls me almost to the heart. After some time, I realized that the current required rate of juices vagina increase. Leaning with his hands on his knees boss, I strongly pushes ass. How long this race, I could not stand it. Writhing on the penis, and I cried, and orgasm pierced me.

From sweet semiconsciousness I pulled a light slap on the buttocks.
- You're not there to sleep? Rounding-ka work. Mouth.
Squeak something unconvincing in response, I got off the member, and again dropping to slightly trembling knees, took it into his mouth. A member was covered in my own juices and grease, and my hand slipped easily over it, feeling an incredible hardness and strength. In addition, I tightly wrapped around his lips and pushes his head quickly, and my tongue began to explore all the folds.

For a long time the chief did not last. A thick flow of sperm gushed into my mouth the substituted helpfully. I do not have time to swallow it, and sperm flowed to me on the chin, dripping on her blouse. When the stream dried up, I had some time sucked and licked the remnants of sperm myagcheyuschy reluctant member.
On his own initiative picked up a few drops of the tongue stuck in the thick undergrowth groin, I did not dare raise his eyes, paused in front of the chief.
- Well, well, Victoria, if our cooperation will continue to be so fruitful, - the chief took off my chin drop of sperm and made me lick his finger - I'm afraid I'll have to forget about your error. Moreover, I think that your wages will increase in two or even three times ... Until the end of the working time is short, so bring myself up and can go home.

My God ... Now I paid whore! .. Shame I even for a moment closed her eyes. I stood up and walked into the dressing room, not daring to look at the smiling chef or pull up her skirt, no panties tangled correct.

EPILOGUE. I can not believe that it happened to me. But this was not enough, and that day gave me another surprise. Nadia of the sales team, driving me home, secretly informed that the party confused me interested. Moreover, the company was to receive three percent more revenue than planned! And we know it was in the morning! I barely resisted the rush to immediately jump out of the car and back to the office to break the chef with his own hands. He could not know that when forced me! All tomorrow I write a letter of resignation!

The next day I was still angry, had expected the appearance of the chief, wasted no time to slip behind him and throw a statement on the table. Leaf with this statement has already been prepared and laid before me. But ... But when there was a chef and, smiling broadly, shook hands with me, I stuck to the chair. A few minutes later I heard his voice over the intercom, which clearly traced hoarse notes:
- Victoria, come to me. Coffee welded later.
I felt the sweet throb between her legs, and crumpled statement flew in the basket ...

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