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This story took place ten years ago. I was at that time twenty-six, twenty-wife - a slender young girl. She loved to wear mini skirts and go without a bra in tight beacons. Legs slender, breast stands, look defiant. I fucked her then every free minute. On the street go for it guys look, turn around, stripped eyes - and I like dick gets. Let us feel alone in the house - put her cancer, her skirt lifted up, I remove her panties to the side, shove dick in pussy and start to fuck.

Pussy wet, I ask why? He says he is very excited when guys look at her legs, boobs, in the bus, "by chance" to touch or nestle on the ass or frankly Fingered and generally likes hard sex with the element of surprise. She gasps, yells with one hand holding on to something, and the other fingering clit - we finish quickly.

It should be noted that I love whores, group sex and all sorts of orgies. I like whores just as damn - this is a woman who loves men, fuck with pleasure, from the heart, and wants almost always. Dashing nineties exactly what took place: prostitutes, saunas, a whore. When he realized that the other kind of sex little interest to me, I decided to get married and settle down. Then I turned up and Natasha, in a mini skirt with big tits and big eyes. Word for word - slept, turned eighteen - were married. But.

But the "rest" does not work. Engage in regular sex was becoming not interesting and not interesting, like habitual debauchery. Fuck my wife and see how she sucks at this point someone or just fuck with another man, and I look. And the woman of this kind of experiments and did not want to hear even about sex with another man, even with Brad Pitt. "Are you crazy?" - She wondered. They are all on the youth, found her and the more she does not need anything. But the makings she still had. I decided not to rush things, the more cases of any accumulated a lot.

We called the army friends, they live in another city and has long established business and called me to him as a reliable and. We will, without hesitation, together, boarded the train and went. They met us, was taken to a removable flat and left to settle until the evening. In the evening, we stopped and taken to the restaurant - to celebrate the meeting. Friends have two Dennis and Roma. Denis is married with a son. Roma also married his daughter, but his wife and daughter at the time left to the parents to help Ukraine in the public - that matters. So in the restaurant we had five adults and son Denis. We drank, talked toast, told about themselves, generally having a good time.

My company is so pleased that she reproachfully asked me: "Why are we not moved before?". And we began to live: work, sometimes gatherings in a cafe, restaurant or at home Denis. One day, sitting in the office drinking viskar, discuss the case and spoke of life. The boys said they had to serve for two years shortly after the army. I did not know and just afigel by this news. Caught on some garbage, while Gorbachev started the fight unearned income, and they have taken and in its wake. After drinking the second, they came rushing memories, they open up and began to talk about the prison, then homosexuals, as they had to fuck them because there are no women. Then he called a taxi and went home.

After some time, I drew attention to the relationship Denis and Natasha, or rather their warm tone. In our general meetings, they often danced slow dances, looked at each other with smiles and voobshe ... Yes, damn it, I think, damn yourself. About group sex with a friend and my wife, I somehow never occurred. Friends of friends, and family life separate. And you never know, it may be the same, and his wife and a friend to lose if it does not work out. And then the dance, duckies, coo in your ear to each other. I looked at his wife Nadia Dan, sitting quietly pulls himself with Romka about children's school. Looked at me: "Shall we dance?".

We went on a little patch of dance, stood next to ours. Nadia immediately clung to me with your whole body and become mene something to tell. From this contact, I felt some embarrassment, dick began to move, but I soon came to himself and looked at ours. They also were stuck into each other and talking. Nadia, meanwhile clung tightly and rubbed on my dick gets up while talking on a completely abstract themes. Having danced sat at the table and I freewheeling two full wine glasses viskarya flown from me dashing thoughts. Then came the wife and Dan, I freewheeling more, then another, and everything.

I woke up when his wife with Dennom dragged me home on the stairs to the second floor. Fun laughing, they dragged me into the apartment and put on the bed. I think I'm fine, but the body does not obey, the language does not turn, did not open his mouth. "Mother, how are you?" - Natasha said, I have something to say, but only grunted in response. It amused them even more, and they began to undress me. At the same time, all the Den touched my wife, held her hands over her back, touching different parts of her body and ass as well. Wife carefully noticed nothing and continued to undress me. On it, as usual, it has a mini skirt.

At some point, Denis took a chair and sat back, watched silently, his legs crossed. Judging by the oily eyes and a satisfied grin, his wife this situation really liked her. A couple of times my wife had to lean heavily to pull off my clothes. Looking in the mirror shifonernoe, I understood why he sat there. Almost in front of his nose was my wife's ass in little white panties. He silently contemplated her, fingering his chin. Leaving me in shorts and having covered bed sheet, his wife went into the bathroom, and Dennis remained seated. The sink water rustled, and Dan said, "Oh Sergei, you have a good wife!" I have no signs of life, while Dennis got up and went to the bathroom.

From there came the sounds of conversation, the water ceased to make noise and could hear only the voice of his wife's pleading: "Do not be Denis Do not ...!!!" She spoke in a low voice, probably trying not to disturb me. "Suffered" - I thought and tried to move: Nichrome failed. And the events in the bathroom continued to develop. His wife stopped talking, just sobbing and moaning softly. "He's her fuck" - exploded in my head, dick stood like a log and I finally sobered up. One thing to look like a hooker fuck at a time or to fuck her together with someone realties, but quite another thing - when I fuck your wife, your loved one, your soul mate.

It's one thing to dream about it, another - when it happens in real life, in your face, and you can still see and hear! The storm of feelings and emotions washed over me. Breathing stopped altogether unthinkable excitement, jealousy and a bunch of hell-knows-what, pulse batters in the head, some incredible sweetness and languor spilled all over his body. Hearing I heard longed to see, and I have collected will in a fist, turned his head to place the legs and lay on its side. From here I opened a charming picture: Denis with one hand holding the hand of his wife behind her back, her right leg set aside, the left bent at the knee, standing on the edge of the bath, ass put her in the sink skirt Zadran on his stomach, panties pushed aside and dick Denis fuck pussy my wife's.

Planting her full depth as the last whore. His pants fell to the feet, the second hand he embraced and supported his wife's back. Natasha poskulivat and crying tears with makeup black rivulets streaming down her cheeks. Sometimes she would say: "Denis is not necessary not necessary!" And Denis went on to rape my wife in our bathroom, not paying any attention to her pleas. Somehow, she was afraid to make a fuss and call for help, and I know everything will collapse and already established company, and we have to leave. But soon, his wife went limp, Dennis let go of her hand, and she put them on his shoulders to stop crying. Dan grabbed her hips and continued to fuck.

Now it was the usual Fucking consensual. The tears on her cheeks dry, leaving only the black stains. Wife moaning, sighed, gasped and noisy breathing. "I will soon be over" - I thought. Indeed, Natasha podmahivat start, twitched convulsively, heard a muffled groan, and she froze. Denis took the dick out Natashkiny pussy, spread her cancer, lowered his pants to mid-thigh, introduced in her own dick and continued to fuck. I could see everything to the smallest detail: the wet dick Dennis comes in and out, pussy lips swollen from his embrace and not turning out when removing. "Then grease the sea" I thought. Lubricants really had a lot of it glistened on her hips, dribbling on the inside, and Denis dick glistened selections.

My wife grabbed the shell and is placed on the dick of my friend, uttering at the same muffled growl. "Right now over." She arched like a cat, intermittently grasping for breath, came to a standstill. After a moment snatched Denis dick, he turned to the bathroom and there sdrochil sperm. My wife took off her panties and began to wash the face. Then they hugged and kissed passionately. Meanwhile, I went back to the starting position. They went back into the room, talking listlessly. My wife carefully adjusted on a sheet and I went to see off Denis. She closed the door behind him and lay side by side, recovering from the incident. I waited a couple of minutes and pounced on it like a hungry jackal. "Can not you sleep?" She asked anxiously. "No, you woke me up!" I said with fervor, sticking his dick in pussy just otbannuyu his wife.

She stiffened, probably in her brain has started the complex process of awareness, and that something is not tied in any way. Still, the first time it otimel a foreign man, you might say - raped, and even in the presence of her husband. But this stupor passed and she began to get out from under me. "What ?!" she blurted out. This concludes our conversation ended, I finished and went to sleep.

In the morning we talked frankly with Natasha. I explained to her as to the kind of life reached and decided that if I was asleep, did not see anything - I know nothing. At work, Denis was cheerful and behaved as if nothing had happened. "How are you?" he asked, looking at me closely. I pretended that everything is in order, but I do not remember anything, and it's all arranged.

It happened in the country of my parents

A little reading, I turned out the light, took off his clothes remnants, to twist the mirror and pleased by what he saw yawned and fell into restful sleep.
I woke up from strange noises and sounds drifting somewhere nearby.
After listening, I began to clearly distinguish between walking and talking some people at the bottom.

I was horrified at ease, but I did not dare utter a word not to betray their presence. In a voice I realized that it was the three men, they always something overturned and dropped there. Unexpectedly, I distinctly heard footsteps.
Someone climbed up the stairs. Not having time to figure out, I saw the door opened and a figure frozen in the doorway.

"Hey, Nick! There is someone "-Suitable to my bed this guy yelled.
Not knowing what to do in such a situation, I stared at the stranger.
Less than a minute later, two more figures obsmatrivali sending me their flashlights.
Apparently my presence embarrassed them a little, but quickly adapting one of them apparently a senior told me, "What do you lie, come help!"
And turning to his partner sdobavil "help him to come."
I'm shocked I could not move, and came to his senses when one of them pulled off my blanket and all the loud neighing.

I realized that their so funny, because I was completely naked, and this fact has strengthened my stiffness even more.
- Guys, you need to - I said barely holding back tears.
- Now we do not know - said one of them.
- She just wanted to eat, and now wanted to get some sleep - said another man, laughing
-Okay, kid, jokes aside, if all you do as we say, it will remain alive - Kolyan said and slapped me on the cheek.
- I'll go see what there is to eat and you talk to them yet, said Kohl and retired.

- Arise and walk through the room - he told me one of the other, as I understood it was called Dima.
- I slowly got up from the sofa and turned to face him
- Turn booty - said another, and sent to the underbelly of the flashlight
I obeyed.
- Walk back and forth - barked Dima
- Beautiful boy in the figure, butt and legs just mortality, that's because the youth tell Sanya!
- Yes, with our razebannymi whores do not compare - waved second head

- Get on your knees! - Sasha said
- Guys, I do not want to, please - I squeezed out of myself
- Get up fool if you do not want violence - said Dima, and kicked me under the knee
The leg buckled, but I resisted and then he grabbed me by the neck and forcefully thrown on the sofa

Another not giving me time to recover his big hands pulled me to the sofa
In the following moment, I felt like something scorching sharply penetrated my ass
and there also came.
- You see, even it does not smell - Dima said, sniffing her finger
- Here you guessed - said Sasha - even spit or something, for lubrication, palchischi out what are, this is for you not to drive your Lyuska bottle.

- You're a couple of hours it will look, and you can bet that the bottle and then here fit
- Do not talk here, and the little finger climbs with difficulty, look at a pink glazochek, I can not even imagine.
OK let's see. Kolyano will wait or go through Razka?
I already smokes! - Dima said.

Dima put his calloused hand on my ass and started stroking it.
I could not say a word, just sobbed and clasped his hands holding me to breathe a little easier
- Well Th lad! Come to your senses or not! Sanya priotpusti his malyas and then strangled. We will play - not appeased Dima.
I cried from helplessness and closed his ass handed.
- Got it, well, then I'm sorry - he stood up, and I heard blurted plaque belt and unzipped.

- Sanya hands get him not to interfere!
Sasha pushed me even harder and my hands stretched themselves to the neck to a little free.
The next moment I felt something wet and warm between my buttocks.
I realized that this language. Dima spread his hands hurt my ass and began to bite and to join me with his tongue.
This lasted a short time, the language was connected finger he made a couple of unpleasant frictions in my anus.

When he stopped to tear his hands my buttocks, I thought that you can rest a bit.
But suddenly something warm and a great spread my glutes and boils down to the anus.
I tensed. Pressure is growing rapidly. Probably because my whole ass and the hole itself was in Dima's saliva, I felt that his penis begins to penetrate me despite my tremendous effort.
I kid because you tear a fool - Dima mumbled and I felt a growing pain and a burning sensation while stretching my anus.
I groaned and clutched his hands in the back of the couch.

The pain was growing and deepened, and at the same time a great thing to force stormed into the anus, and I felt like Dima pressed the mass of my body in the bed.
He bit my neck and whispered: "Well, my suchenok how you as a girl? Wait soon you will not be so hard to resist. "
He sat up a little, and again plunged into me.
I felt his cock that tore my hole in all directions, when he fell from power on me then slapped his belly and I chustvoval pain not only on stretching, but also by penetration is somewhere inside.

He fucked me with an animal frenzy, biting my neck, and kept pushing my buttocks.
When he left, I felt an incredible relief. It lasted not for a long time.
He slipped me a pillow under the belly and my buttocks almost ceased to interfere with its powerful invasion.
His knees he raspnul my feet and going in and out of me, probably the entire length of his penis so fast that it seemed to me that I was hammering some unfeeling machine, the pain dulled and has evolved from cutting into the constant nagging.

- Just do not end it - Sasha said I do not want to mess around in your semen.
- Can cum in his mouth if the teeth vybesh - he growled and laughed.
- If he does not take my cock in your mouth, I will break it all, not only the teeth - said

With these words, he abruptly pulled out of the priests lacerated his penis and held it to my face.
- Come and play with his ass while I'll take care of your teeth and lips - sarcastically said Dima.
He took me by the neck and told him to open his mouth.
After this anal torture, I could no longer resist and sank his cock into my open mouth.

I felt like a member of Sasha's poked into my crotch and find a hole has developed actively immersed in it.
Dima held my neck with both hands and sit down my head on its end so that I sometimes could not breathe and I felt sick.
My drool started to flow from his mouth and finally a powerful jet hit my throat so that I once inadvertently swallowed it all, choking and taking new frictions and sperm flows in his mouth.
Sasha lifted and put me on all fours tore me from different angles apparently choosing the most comfortable position.

After a while he groaned and I felt out of my priests start something slowly leak and flow down the thighs.
Sasha pulled out his limp dick out of my already red from the blows and slaps priests.
All mouth and ass I've had in the semen.
In the air was the smell of stale sweat, semen, saliva and some probably anal secretions.

Only now, relax a bit and regained consciousness, I saw a man sitting close to Nicholas, who watched the scene and stroking his penis.
- Well, our girl you not tired yet? - Mockingly he asked.
- Come to Daddy, he'll otshlepaet.- these words all the neighing and Sasha with force pushed me off the couch.
- Suck bitch - Kohl snapped and picked me pulled my head to the penis.

I obeyed and took in his mouth quite smelly and swollen member.
After taking a comfortable position, clasped his feet and knelt I began to suck hard, without waiting for any help.
Member Coley became very hard and filled my whole mouth, I had a very hard time to immerse yourself in it.
Suddenly I felt something cold and hard around my wet and sticky anus.

Not having time to figure out what it is, I stopped sucking and closed his eyes in pain.
Nick grabbed my hand and pulled zalomal them for my back legs holding her head.
-Well, someone lose a bet? - Dima's voice.
- Someone said that only razebannye whore and then to the cinema is capable of.

- You see a part, like clockwork - Dima went - well, maybe a little bit of blood after that, but it is possible to fuck then calmly, already tested in two terms.
- And the main thing that both boys and girls have the sweet holes.
- Only boys easier to negotiate - Kohl added, and laughed.
Sasha was probably very surprised, but Dima continued to fuck me an empty bottle.

I felt like my pelvis expand and neck hurt my insides bursting with every movement.
-Okay, let's continue - said Kohl.
Not removing the bottle, he pulled me to the sofa, than gave me quite a lot of pain. Then she rattled them I squeezed out, and then my anus remained open.

Nick put me on the stomach and easily entered into me.
It made me stretch my ass every frictions to muscle more tightly squeezed his cock and I felt like a force makes hard and my pisyun. Kohl's seen it noticed and turned me on my side began to fuck with even greater force. The rest saw my erection and neighing.

- Hey, Nick, I think our slut kicks, Nuka move over a bit.
Dima took my penis in his hand the other began to touch my anus and thrust with a member of their fingers at me.
Then he pritisnulsya close to me, Kohl at that time stood up slightly and Dima lifted my hips and buttocks slightly apart with the force pushed the his penis into my already filled by another member of the hole.

My erection disappeared immediately and the execution continued.

Anal submission

Without releasing the hand from her mouth, he pushed her up the stairs, brought to one of the apartments and knocked softly. Footsteps and the door opened. After it was dark.

It was pushed into the darkened room, smelling of alcohol, cigarettes and male sweat.
The front door slammed shut behind her and she heard as the iron key in the lock. She was shaking.
Two men talking in the hallway.
- As like, young and kind of cute. And I did not resist. Look what an ass, followed her to the floor and I was already up.
- Yes, let's drag her into the room, looking more closely, - smiled the other.

In the darkened hallway it was brought to the door to the room from which you could see the light. All three entered the lighted room, where, as it turned out, there was another man. He sat in a chair in shorts, lounging and watching the big TV. Her insides went cold. On the big screen, some guy just inserted in the ass girl resisting his huge dick. She struggled and it was evident that this is not a professional video and amateur photography.
- Like? - I asked the man sitting, noticing the direction of her gaze - Do you want the same right?

It's in a grimace of horror looked at him and could not speak. He was young and handsome enough. But it was in his eyes something fierce.
Two rear croaking and she involuntarily looked around. They were all about the same age. Healthy guys. No chance to escape. She decided not to resist and hope for the promise to leave it intact.
Seeing her indecision, the main (sitting in a chair she seemed mostly) decided to proceed to action.

- Let's undress, slut. I see that you already want you also planted in your dirty ass.
Hands behind the guys grabbed her and began pulling off a T-shirt over his head.
- Leave her, let her undress. So fun.
She hesitantly looked at him and those who stood behind and pulled up the shirt itself. Then he undid her bra and was left standing in a skirt with all this in his hands, covering his bare chest.
- Take your hands and take off your skirt.

She obeyed, and threw all the clothes shot somewhere to the side. And now she stands in front of three men in the same thong. They sat next to the leader on the couch and gazed at what is happening, grinning and stroking his fly, in anticipation of pleasure.
- Well turn your ass, bitch. Put the legs wide and bend over forward.
She obediently turned and carried out the order. Her cheeks burned with shame. The three men staring at her almost bare ass.
- Look into my eyes, you understand? Do not look away. I want to see your eyes.
She turned her head and looked at them between their legs. Main already removed his pants and between his legs sticking out a member of the huge size. He was almost to her wrist thick and long. She had not seen these before.

- Slowly pulls together briefs, without a break. Legs can hardly move.
She blushed and pulled the pants down. Gaze of men appeared flushed her crotch and curled ring anus. It fell short pants to the floor and took them off.
- Bony bitch. And let popyatsya back a bit. We are hard to see your hole here.
She slowly began to back away, afraid to stumble and came very close to the guys. She could feel their smell. It was the smell of an excited male flesh, mixed with alcohol.

- Yes, you are right, - said one of them - in her ass that is necessary, really want to embed it in the hollow of the most eggs.
- Come on, bitch, legs bend a bit to your holes are closer to us, while we sit.
It is a little bent at the knees. View at it now looked as if she was about to sit down to take a shit, but something stopped her. Her crotch stopped a foot from the leader of the party.
- Say you excited when guys look at your ass, bitch? C'mon, speak.

The paint is poured over her face, but she had no choice but to repeat what he asked
- I'm excited when men look at my ass.
- Do not change a word, bitch. And call me Boss.
- I'm excited when guys look at my ass, Master.
- Say that you love to push the ass in front of the men.
- I love to push the ass in front of the men, the Master, - her voice was barely audible.

- Louder, and that my friends did not hear what you're a whore.
- I love to push the ass in front of the men, the Master, - she said louder.
- Tell me that you love when you fuck in the ass
- I love when I fuck in the ass, owner
- Spreads Well, what are you waiting. Let's work with his hands.
She hesitantly took hold of the buttocks and gently tugged.
- Look, bitch, if you hesitate and do not follow orders, he paid. Lets go faster. Otherwise, I'll push and not so gently.
It is like a drowning man clutching his fingers in the ass and pulled to the side
- Shire come on, I do not see anything.

Guys near croaking.
She tried to push back as much as possible, clutching fingers closer to the anus. He even slightly parted from her efforts.
- Well done. What's your tight hole, I see. It will be good to plant in it. I do not know shit, bitch?
- I do not remember - she blushed.
- We will see. If for a long time, she will clean up everything.
He took a chair some bottle, forced himself on her finger a little bit of the gel, held it to her ass. She felt the cold gel.

- Come paste itself finger his ass, - he said, holding the hands of her buttocks and spreading them apart even more.
She started a hand behind his back and put his middle finger into his anus.
- Completely insert the go ahead, tuck the whole. And they move fast.
She obeyed.
- Let us also poke - intervened guys off the couch.
- Well, let's think this bitch like she has won all flows.
They croaking again and approached her from both sides.

- You do not stop, fuck his finger in the ass, bitch. And let's add a second, the two already fucked.
She slipped two fingers.
Men on both sides first paw her breasts, one tried to bite his nipple. Then they poked their hands closer to her anus. She went obediently to fuck himself with two fingers. One of them tried to stick in your next one hand, did not happen. Then he smeared it better and pushed harder. Now she was in the pope three fingers. Another did not delay to do the same with the other hand. She groaned in pain from the fracture.

- Suffer, bitch. This is just the beginning - the leader shouted at her and began to thrust his finger into it, - do not remove your fingers.
Now in her ass had five fingers and toes in size men greatly exceeded its thin fingers.
- Okay, you can remove their own, better pull your ass in hand for us.
She sighed with relief when the pope left three fingers and pulled the buttocks with force wider, because it was easier to carry these feelings.
- Good pull, slut.

They are already struggling to fuck her every finger in his ass. Each strove to add another finger. But the hole was not yet sufficiently stretched and let only one finger. They began to pull it each to his own. Fingers leader climbed all the deeper.
- Yes, I feel like shit inside her fingers rest on it. Nothing push.
-Let me also climb, - said the other
The leader pulled his fingers. One guy went to fuck her with one finger, and the other hand to masturbate his standing member. The other guy has got two fingers deep in the ass.

- Oh, I felt now'll get bit.
He put his fingers as he could deeply moved them inside and pulled out along with a piece of shit.
- Fu, a smelly, like a long time it is not shit.
- Well let prosun head closer to us - Chief ordered.
She was standing knees bent his back to him, with wide spread buttocks. Legs spread slightly wider, she stuck her head between them.

- Open your mouth, - she obeyed, and immediately saw the face of the hand of one of the boys. Two fingers were smeared in shit, and it smelled disgusting. Without asking her, he quickly slipped two fingers into her mouth. She winced frightened by the horrible taste and shame.
- Suck, suck come on, your shit is laundered.
- I want to insert this bitch in the ass, - said the head - open your ass and hold it so that it was not closed.

He stood up, rubbing his hand gel lubricated huge cock. The two men stood on each side and told them to masturbate with both hands. She picked up their members. Meanwhile, they strongly hands spread her buttocks apart so that the anus is opened nearly the diameter of the member, who was supposed to come in, because he was already developed their fingers. Chief could only bring his gun to the hole and insert it. He inserted immediately, fast as it seemed the entire length, so that she cried out.

- Shut up, bitch. More sound and I'll shove a hand there.
He held a little member suddenly and abruptly began to thrust further, it turned out that this was not all.
- I ran into her shit, I feel it. Now propihnu it away - with these words he began to slowly push the cock deeper and deeper. She stiffened, it was huge. When his balls rested against her crotch, she almost could not breathe from the pain. He waited a few seconds without moving, enjoying the situation, and suddenly began to rapidly remove it almost all the din and then insert. He did it quickly and sharply, she bit her lip to keep from screaming, but moans escaped from her anyway.

When she thought that no longer stand, he suddenly pulled out a member of her nose, and she hit the smell of her bowel movements.
- That dirty bitch, look how much shit was in it. Come on, get up on his knees, trash and turns to me.
She let the cock and finally relief knelt before him. He sat in a chair, a member of his standing as a club and all was smeared by shit.
- You guys take her until the hole to keep it tightened again, and she told me a member of the wash, - he said, and took her by the hair and pulled to her.

The boys happily fell in behind. One immediately put his cock in her ass, and the other made by hand to masturbate his penis while he lay under her and began to lick her clit.
- Come on, suck it, bitch, your shit. Faster.
She grimaced. He did not hesitate to put her mouth on his penis and began to stick, fucking mouth, as just fucked in the ass.
She frantically gasped, choked by his own saliva and by shit, thinking that it was about to throw up. And he pushed the dirty dick straight into her throat.

- She is such a good govnoedka may be ashamed that she had something to eat?
- Good idea, I'm just going to move to the toilet. We make a toilet out of it. Come lie down on his back.
It's awful, she thought, but she could not resist and fell on his back. He had just fucked her in the ass, he came over and immediately put it into his mouth member. He, too, all soiled. He just stood over her and shoved it into his mouth as he could deeply. She sucked faster, swallowing chunks of stinking shit, but it would all soon come to an end.
The leader at that time fell in between her legs and lifted them high and spread to the sides. Reveal both holes, he chose the ass and began to peck her quick movements.

When she sucked shit with a member at the guy, he got off her and put her hand on his penis, forced to masturbate and the other immediately loomed over her face back to his.
- Lick my ass - he ordered - yes poking tongue deeper.
She began to lick disgust. He smelled of urine and sweat. I tried to push through the language, from the first time did not work. It is inhabited by more, almost crushing her with his butt. She carefully put her tongue in his hole, he had probably not washed for a long time. The language she felt for something hard inside.

- Come on. Sui deeper language, I want to shit. - She did so.
Suddenly he stood up and spread his hands over her ass.
- Open your mouth, bitch, and do not close until it is permitted.
He looked at her, taking aim, and began straining. At first, her face broke terrible bunch and everyone else croaking.
- We have to see how she would eat shit - and both of them, leaving his studies, moved closer to her face - Open your eyes, bitch and do not you dare close.

She looked at in disgust as the ass hanging over her Man climbs a big brown turd. He stopped to push, turd stuck out his backside as another huge brown cock. He just sat down, thrusting it into her mouth as if fucking her this turd. Her eyes welled with tears. He started to push harder and turd began to fill her mouth, on and on. Here it stops, but still climbed out of his ass and began to overwhelm her chin. Finally, she got out and hung all over her face.

- Let's take it and start a fuck her mouth. Do not break only.
She barely forced myself to take a shit in his hand and began hesitantly, making it a reciprocating motion in his mouth.
- Go faster and stronger
I had to do it faster. Hands and mouth immediately soiled.
- Puts it as a member of the deep, I saw what you deep throat.
She frantically start to shove a piece of shit down his throat, imagining that this member.
- Well, you can eat today. Imagine now that it bolshoooy banana - he said, and they all laughed. - Lick it, nibble by nibble and swallow.

She obeyed. She no longer thought of what she was doing, just doing their bidding.
- Wait, do not eat everything. Leave a bit in hand. And we are with you Posse, otmoem at the same time, something you some dirty.
They hung three of her face and almost simultaneously started up the jet into her mouth.
- Swallow, swallow. Washed down with a "banana" - they cackled.

Her mouth was filled with urine, it flowed onto the floor, something she swallowed.
- Come on, get up on his knees again. And Spreads ass. So. Guys, Come Extend her, and then her shit in his hands.
The guys are happy to have rushed to pull her buttocks apart.
- And now you tuck this shit in your ass. Yes, a little deeper, I'll check.
She began to push the remnants of shit in my stretched hole, thrusting his fingers as far as possible, that it is all gone. The leader put his finger in her three and propihnul it away. She licked his fingers.

- And now let us sit down and extradite him, and his might, too, at the same time.
She never went to the toilet in front of a large someone. But to lose it there was nothing. She sat on his haunches, spread her buttocks apart as an ordered and began to push. All she stuffed, beginning slowly come out of it. Send your then. One of the guys took off all on video.
Come back to get up and move apart, will wash your ass is now as it should.

She obeyed, and already accustomed to kneeling spread her buttocks a little wider so that ass is opened and you could see her insides.
They stood around her in their sights and the members began to urinate directly into. The guys finished piss and ringleader, still, stuck his dick inside and Ssali right into her, burning her insides hot urine. After graduating, he started again very quickly torn to fuck her ass, she just squelched filled with urine.

How do I become a slave

How I got my master. The history of life.

Part 1.

Up to 22 years, I have lived the life of an ordinary student. Sessions, disco, friends, rented apartment, like all other normal students. But only for one thing: to meet with the Boss, I remained a virgin. Friends said that I excrete - price currently stuffed. In fact, I was just waiting for someone who can put me down. Boss. A man with a capital letter.

I've always had a hard character, parents with me struggling to cope and alloys me to another city to study, relieved. Shy stunted boys trembling ruchenkami always made me just an annoyance, such as:

My childhood friend was the slave of her husband

Where is my husband now, I did not know he could enter the room at any moment. Although it is possible that he was not home, and he will return home in the evening or even tomorrow. I had time to stand up and to remember his life and remember how it all began and how I, an intelligent girl was in such a bad state.

Not so long ago, my husband and our sex life is nothing particularly noteworthy not so different. We were not particularly constrained in bed and a few years of marriage, tried almost everything starting from the missionary position with the lights off in the bedroom under the covers, ending with anal sex in the evening to the sound of the surf on the beach.

Thoughts on how to invite a third person in bed with us too, but we could not agree, I would like a man, and my husband, of course, a woman. In general, we have not been able to reach a consensus on this issue and decided to postpone the decision of this problem until better times. My husband has always been in bed affectionate and gentle, never raised his voice at me and very carefully watching my reaction, if it seemed to him that I do not like something, he immediately stopped doing it. He never resorted to any violence and I was very afraid cause any pain.

Once in our family life turned out to be quite a long time when I was unemployed, I was sitting at home and terribly missed. I strongly was nothing to do. From boredom I began to climb on every internet site and accidentally came across a page of a certain gentleman who vividly described the variety of sex scenes with flogging and other forms of punishment. After reading his stories, I began to visit all sorts of sexual fantasies, where I was in the role of submissive girls, slave, which is in complete subjection to his master.

Intellectually I knew that imagination is great, but most likely this role actually I do not like. But the thought of

Spying under skirt in the business center

Andrew worked as an electrician in a small business center. His appearance was not particularly noticeable, why he was not popular among women, whom in his business center was more than enough. In the majority of girls and young women were slim and beautiful. But when Andrew be interested in some sort of liked him special is he there also sewn last. He is angry, offended and insulted at the same time. He certainly wanted to avenge this stupid the women, but instead plans to bloody revenge, he's coming home that hour was given a violent masturbation, remembering the legs and buttocks of his collaborators of the business center ...

Being a smart guy, Andrew still figured out what to do. And without the "blood" and with the maximum benefit for themselves. He earned Andrei is not very much, but still managed to carve out a certain budget to buy ..... miniature spy camera. Yes, yes, he decided to spy on such a haughty aunts, who did not want to give him their preferences. But where to install it? It would be great if, in their business center would be the shower. But her most unfortunately it was not a Man. The toilet was too scary to install video bug. And suddenly notice! Andrew decided to start the implementation of its plan from the very simple ...

Between the second and third floors of the business center was a platform on which employees were allowed to smoke. A lot of girls just the same smoked like a locomotive. This place Andrew took a fancy to the floor because some contraption resembling a ventilation vent was made. Quite a small square with reshetochki trampled. Rent this reshetochki mount and formed in the compartment hidden camera was not working. This is Andrew and did come to work half an hour earlier ...

"Oh, tonight I will see all of your truselya" - admiring its creativity, thought Andrew ...
And he was really lucky. In the hot summer day, the majority of employees come in skirts and light dresses. Andrew barely dosidel until evening. Waited until all go home and a business center is empty, he pulled out the camera and rushed home to wild anticipation ...

Arriving home, Andrew did not even eat. He instantly connect the camera to a laptop. On the player screen, first appeared the ceiling and some distant shadow. This went on for ten minutes. And finally, the first victim! It was a young woman of thirty years. She worked as a manager in the tourist company. Andrew often seen her. She even once smiled sweetly at him. Andrey each time watched her go on her long, shapely legs. And here it is right in front of the camera! Still a little more to the right, and Andrew saw her lovely legs all the way! Turned leg and thighs were delicious elastic enchanting! But what were her beautiful little white panties, clogged in a white full ass! The woman was not the slightest hint of cellulite. She smoked and shifted from foot to foot, making her ass swaying languidly and exciting. Andrew pulled excited member, and began to gently masturbate. He wanted to see more and more employees ...

Here is his first victim and tsokaya finished his heels, went to his office. The next victim was not necessary to wait long. But Andrew is not particularly impressed. It was thin fool of the pawnshop, which somehow Naham Andrew. He could not stand it. And now, looking at her thin legs, which she flaunted from under a short skirt, Andrew felt his excitement dropped markedly. Fortunately foolish stupid skinny in red thong smoked quickly and dashed off to her ... After an employee of the pawnshop aunt pushed the crowds! There just has not seen enough cowards our hero. He has already finished once. But now he was waiting for the one in which he was secretly in love with. It was a saleswoman from the gift shop. In appearance she was about twenty-five - thirty. Andrew liked it madly. She wore a long black hair tied in a thick tail. She had a very narrow waist, but it was impossible not to mention her big ass and long slender legs. Andrew knew that her name is Christine ... wait for it had to be long enough. She did not smoke, so appeared on the site, coming back for the company with his smoking companion. Here she came to the sacred chamber and, on request stood directly over her. "No, it can not be", - Andrei shouted aloud. Christine was not cowards! About such luck Andrew could not even dream of! After all, he often masturbate, representing Kristina naked, but here it is "alive" sees her crotch. For all the sophistication girl, her vagina was the opposite of that. It was like shouting "stick fast in me!" Plump folds of the labia were densely covered with jet black curls of hair hard. Here Christina rocked slightly and spread her legs a little wider, making her vagina, too little was revealed and looked out from under the hair inner lips. Andrew felt that inner lips were wet. The girl something animatedly told his girlfriend and at one point, apparently depicting shaking in transport, shook her body several times. From this energetic movements of her inner lips trembled, too, revealing for an instant a deep hole. Andrew rewind this passage twenty times! And it cost him to catch his breath from the orgasm, as he once again wanted to finish this beautiful girl is not wearing underwear ... "Tomorrow necessarily go up to her and try to talk," - Andrei thought ... Now, I will not describe what happened to our the hero of the day. After all, it will be another story.

Supervised practice

So, I was the last day of the date debts and fix semiannual assessments. For this day, I spoiled the order of blood to all those who did not take me seriously, and took a kickback and sent a few half-mad moms have to ask for my frostbitten children, in general, work productively and tired of the order. I was sent home last students and sat in the office finishing magazine layout, where the office of a knock, looked up I saw the door one of the students, the class in which I worked.
- Hello Valery Konstantinovich - she said.
- Well, hello - I replied.
- What has come.
The girl, whom I had seen before that a couple of times, and then briefly, went into the office and immediately became the excuse to ask me not to put her to deuce in the first half. When I said it was too late, she began to beg me to come into her position and make an exception. She said that she had family problems and that if it will bring the two, it will be punished severely. She spoke so convincingly and pathetically, I looked up from the magazine and looked at her, in order to assess whether she was lying. What I saw was for me very surprising, a few inches away from me stood a tall, slender girl with stunningly expressive green eyes and neat features, her jet black long hair fell on the small shoulders and on to the breast, which boldly clung white knitted blouse, it was obvious that she was the only thing that lies between the body and these amazing hair. This is not too long jacket and jeans Strenci opened my view perfectly flat stomach, where it was a birthmark in the form of stars or snowflakes. Then my mind set off down her hips and legs that are perfectly complementary to the whole picture. I do not know how much time I looked at this picture, coming to his senses, I looked more closely and looked into her eyes, they were barely noticeable wet, lush not painted lips trembling slightly, waiting for my response. After thinking a bit, and decided that she was not lying, I said - okay, let's see what we have here - and reached for the magazine.
- Surname - I asked the girl.
- BOBCHINSKI Olga - she replied timidly.
Looking magazine I saw that she missed more than a third in the first half and lessons from evaluations it has only two deuces. After showing her the magazine, I asked - well, how do you propose to correct the situation?
In a trembling voice, Olga said that he would do what I say, because it is ready to do anything. I seemed strange her tone and words, but I do not attach much importance to them automatically asked what she wants to say it, waiting to hear the answer, that it can respond to me for evaluation. Looking into her eyes, I saw in them a strange expression. Quite unexpectedly for me, she raised her hands, before lying at the seams, and began to unbutton his knitted cardigans, before I knew it, all the buttons were undone sweaters floors and open. My eyes appeared slightly covered with black hair, a medium-sized, but the dazzling form with a slightly upturned up pink nipples elastic girl's chest. I seemed stuck, such a development I do not like not expecting a minute and a half I sat in a stupor, staring
on Olga. The first thing I thought when this ability returned to me, is not there waiting for her boyfriend at the door with the camera, or even worse with the police administration. But that thought quickly ran to the other, it is really going to work out the assessment limber, take a chance and try to fuck a girl like me, of course, I would like, but the risk was great though time and evening school for many more people, even if someone will go right now then I'm not big trouble. But the temptation was great, I'm not saying a word, he took the keys from the table and threw them Ola, waiting for her reaction. Olya caught the keys, while her breasts swayed gracefully, ran Porozov, pants became much more closely on my skin. Meanwhile, Olga came to the door and closed the it from within, leaving the keys in the keyhole. Having closed the door she walked slowly back to me, taking off her jacket. Returning to the place of Olga threw a jacket on the desk and slightly trembling lips said - these sessions is enough for an assessment of the first half?
- It depends on how you will work Olya - with great difficulty, I said.
After my words Olga silently came to me in a tight and slowly squatted down between my legs began to unbutton his fly of my pants, it did not take her long and the next second it handle penetrated my pants. I felt her fingers on his penis, from this sense of my friend just popped out of cowards. Taking my cock in his hand Olga pulled the foreskin down revealing a head. Then he wiped away my friend is not clear where the undertaken her sanitary napkin, and stooping below it touched his cheek. God, it was a feeling of, I do not when life was not so excited, I was ready to cum right now, but just pulled myself together. I took a deep breath and leaned back in his chair, and after a moment felt moisture on his penis female lips, looked down I saw that my penis wrapped around beautiful lips, another second, and my cock in his mouth fully Olga. Holding the mouth Olga few seconds my cock began to make reciprocating motion of each of which ran through my body heat wave. Oh my god it was for a blow job, working jaws and tongue she gave me indescribable pleasure. For 17 year-old girl she had a good technique. She continued to work for several minutes, then felt that I will soon be over she looked up from his work, he looked up and asked if she continued. Unable to speak, I pointed eyes on the desk, she realized what I want. After rising from his squatting position Olya shot jeans and ran her fingers under the elastic of his underpants. I stopped her gesture and stood up walked over to her. Quickly freed from clothes, shoulders turned back the girl to him and put him on the desk. A sudden movement I pulled her panties to her knees, running her hand between her legs, I felt the warmth and moisture of her womb - it just flowed. Member put his head to her lips sex several times I had up and down and then force member introduced into the vagina, her bosom tightly around me, Olga screamed and began to breathe like after a marathon. Not wasting a moment, I began to fuck her all strengthening and quickening thrusts. Olga moaned, her breathing became more and more frequently. My feelings are hard to describe, I forgot everything, for me there were only moving back and forth. Surprisingly, at this moment I remembered that I fuck her without a condom, and before you finish, I took out a member of Oli and poured the hot jet of sperm on her ass and back. Few came to himself and looked at lying on the desk without moving and panting girl, I realized that she was not finished. Slipping his hand between her legs, I began to caress her clitoris and the perineum, she again began to breathe faster and more deeply, in the meantime my fighter is white again ready took Olga's shoulders, I turned her to face him, her face was red in his eyes burned unsatisfied desire. Sat her down on the edge of the desk so that it is leaning on his hands, he leaned back a little, I spread her legs a little wider, and went back into her pussy. This time I was moving rhythmically and slowly, over and over again will drive his cock in the heat and humidity of her body. Olga was breathing deeper and the cup and at the moment when I stopped for a moment blurted - Stop Tomorrow month - but then I resumed the movement before she finished the sentence. At the time when I was already close to orgasm Olya suddenly trembled all over and took a deep breath, squeezed my legs and fell on the desk, in seconds 15 I came into her vagina, in this moment of her breasts escaped a shrill cry of pleasure throughout the body sweat, paint faces and slept with Olya sat on the desk hugged me and kissed me on the lips. Embraced we fell onto the desk without power. After lying so with half an hour we came to their senses.
Once dressed, I said that it will go to the meeting and put in half three. Olga said thanks, then handed me a piece of paper with his phone and added and assessment too.

In the hands of the fans

It was disappointingly simple and ordinary: a fight with the "horses" near Puddle, because we did not make it to the match, the broken lamp on the escalator in the subway car full of fans chanting Spartak chants at full throat. Ordinary passengers sought first of all go to the nearest station, but some were not so easy to do it.
- Guys, let me pass! - Strictly refer to our Trinity (I, Max and Lech) woman of 35 with bags, sandwiched in a corner.
- Yeah, like, I wonder? On the walls we chtol smear? - Unleashed replied Max, he was older and bolder us (he was then 16, I - 15, and Lech - 14).
- But I have to go now! - Not appeased our involuntary fellow traveler.
- But we do not! - Lech debility whinnied in response to her request.
- Yes, let the same to the door, assholes! - Snapped the woman.
Hearing insulting word, Max abruptly grabbed her by the throat:
- Well ka repeat, suchara! Who are we?
The woman's eyes widened in fright and dropped from the hands of the bag, which I had to pick up instinctively. Her legs buckled and Max gently pulled her car to the wall.
-And the aunt - nishtyak! - Whispered to me, Lech, staring at her tight skirt covered hips and neckline blouse on her chest
- Boys, please let me through to the output. - She asked plaintively, his breath.
- But let us go together, I know there's a place close to ... - Max said, and pulled her into the only open the doors.
We jumped at the Park of Culture and went on to transplant. Max confidently led the bewildered woman, hugging her waist. Lech poking into the crowd around them, and then grabbing the buttocks of a lady, and I trailed behind with the bags full of products. "How are they only such severity through Moscow rod?" - I thought. I then remembered that my mother also carries the same bags, riding the subway, and suddenly that's just something ... I do not know why, but the member, I suddenly began to rise.
In principle, it could and get away from us and call the cops for help, who stood near, but neither one nor the other for some reason that did not happen, and here we are already at the October, out of the subway and get on the trolley going by Lenin. The rear area is empty, except for us there is no one, I get up at the rail, and the rest sit on the seat: Max Lech and on the sides, and the woman in the middle.
- Where are we? I should be home ... - a trembling voice she said.
- We you for a long time will not keep - smiling maliciously Max tells her, hugging her shoulders.
Woman puts afraid to look at the man sitting on the other side of Lech, which lustfully clings to her, putting his hand on bare knee and taking it up, lifting up her skirt and demonstrating the whiteness of her legs. Woman startled thigh squeezes, not letting Lehinu sweaty palm on.
- Wait a minute! - Besieged impatient friend Max.
Then I suddenly realized that Max was not joking, and wants to see it through. Easy chill ran through my body and I felt like my pants for some reason began to subside.
Out on one of the stops, we went deep into Neskushnogo garden and found themselves at some glade, surrounded on all sides by bushes. She stood in front of us, covering themselves for some reason hands, although she was still dressed.
- The boys, but you do not like ... - she tried uveschivat us, seeing what slopes thing - you are normal guys, I have the most two sons grow up ... you would be pleased, if your mother .. . it happened!
These words of lightning hit me below the belt, I dropped the bags and involuntarily reached for his standing full member. I remembered a couple of years ago, my mother tried to rob a homeless in the stairwell, and may not rob (it so I'm told) ... her clothes were torn, at least ...
- What's your name then at least, mama? - Max asked, having moved slowly toward her.
- ... Vera Vera. - I backed it back.
- A husband is? - Max continued questioning frightened woman.
- There is...
- And often he'll Faith is?
- Do not you dare, do you hear! - Retorted the lady, and even tried to hit Max, but that first caught her in his arms and kissed her passionately. This went on for several minutes. When Max let her go, the woman wept and did not resist. Her legs buckled and if Max is not leaned it against a tree, then it probably would have collapsed to the ground.
- Well, tell me, I suppose your man you rarely perdolit, - Max said, unbuttoning her blouse - but what are you silent? Once a week? Less?
She was whimpering, nodded in confirmation mark is likely only to stop unpleasant for her questions.
- Well, and then the opportunity presented itself, such eagles, yes, boys? - He winked at us already undoing the zipper on her skirt.
When the woman remained in his underwear, Max moved from her back to admire. And we admire. She stood, leaning his back against a tree and having rested his hands on his knees. Staring down, her cheeks were flushed. Maybe it was certainly not the most beautiful woman on earth, but it is for us at that time was the most desirable. We of Lekha (unlike Max) still have never had a chance to try the female body, especially adult women, so do not waste time, we also began to undress ...
The first course was Max. He fucked her standing right next to a tree. As she was not trying to hide his eyes at that moment, she still occasionally askance at the handsome body of a young man and touch him (after all, it was necessary to her for something to hold on). Max knew how to deal with women, and in the process of fondling and kissing it lost the final details of clothing, but to us her body was closed back Max. We saw only her hands, hugging the young rapist and legs, for variably terevshiesya on his buttocks ... and heard her moaning. Well naked ass Max twitched and he sighed with relief ...
The woman slowly slipped on the grass, while remaining sitting flashing their nakedness and intermittent breathing with eyes closed. She opened them only when caught nervous sniff podpolzshego her Lehi.
- No! Mommy! Not this! - I screamed the woman, trying to jump aside. It is understandable, one case of sex with a handsome Maksikom, and another - a pimply ghoul Lehoy. But debility giggling teenager stuck behind her when she got on all fours, and it is not kicked, stabbed all the same to her own flushed process. The woman sprawled on the grass, and Lech began to move her hips slightly raised above it and almost immediately ended. Then the fun began.
- Oh! Wait ... - she suddenly screamed and turned to the already raised Lehi mouth grabbed his cock, standing in front of him on his knees. Max whistled when he saw it coming.
- Aunts, what are you doing? Let me go! - Lech agitated, trying to escape, but the woman hugged his legs.
- Do not twitch! And that bite! - I shouted laughing Max.
Lech stood with a silly expression on his face, unusual even for his face, and a woman working full-lipped. And Lech swam. It was evident he rolled his eyes and half-open mouth. The lady stopped sucking his already swollen by a new member, and lay down in front of him, pulling his hand over ...
They rolled on the grass fifteen minutes. After the woman had finished, she still did not want to let go of Lech pretty sweaty from his embrace and pressed his bony body with all it to their lush breasts.
- Let go, strangle same! - Lech escaping protested and managed to rise slightly above it, but his dick out of her womb, he did not take out, looking like she fidgets pelvis still trying to spread on it a little deeper.
- Look what he's doing and the boys! - Lech nod in our direction. - In boobs stick out like!
Having said that, Lech pinched her nipple, she was got from it by a new one.
- Leh, when you decide to stop, you shove it deeper - egg newfound lover Max, - you see, become a father ...
- Do not! - Suddenly she came to her senses the woman, but grabbed her Lech began to pump her his semen buttocks furiously, painfully biting nipples
- Why are you doing this to me? - Reproachfully asked his woman when Lech fell prostrate at her.
Lech suddenly jumped up with a skewed anger face and shouted at her:
- What for?! Oh, you bitch! So fuck with me, you can, but do not want to fly, but what I'm your guy is worse? From him, and she gave birth to me to give birth.
Lech gave her a resounding slap in the face and went to get dressed, and I was next ...
Woman lying on the ground with his face in his hands, when I came up to her. The only piece of jewelry that she wore - a wedding ring. I silently took her hand and pulled it from his finger. She looked at me in amazement, probably thinking that I want to rob her, but I threw the ring away in the grass. The woman shuddered and parted in front of me hip ...
I often engaged in masturbation, so did not finish immediately. While fucking her, I thought of my mother, whether she was raped while homeless? Whatever it was, my sestruha born just nine months after the event. Most of masturbation I imagined how my mother naked sitting on the railing of the stairs at the entrance, and it pyalit pimply, skinny young man, patting her full thighs lying on his shoulders. His friend is holding my mother's throat, squeezing the arm at the elbow so that it does not rock the boat, and the other hand grinning squeezed her big tits. Mother shakes from regular jolts and starts to moan softly, and then his lips enough to keep her lips and starts sucking teenager with him. At this point, the other pulls it ... Then I also let the sperm and stretched to his full height, feeling under the skin a smooth and soft body of my partner.
After all, we certainly helped this woman to get dressed and carried her home.
- Mark, thank you, then I myself, - she told us near the entrance.
We looked at each other.
- heavy bags let you carry to the door, - I find - what's wrong with that?
- Well ... - thoughtfully woman agreed.
We went into a dark staircase and began to climb the stairs, suddenly somewhere on the floor nearby he heard the creak of a door opening and we are keenly hidden in a niche with a garbage disposal. He heard the boy's voice, and the door slammed shut.
- This is my school back, - the woman said - Here I am at home.
We are still standing around her are not budging. She just looked at us and began to undress.

On a rest

and go only male team special intuziazma nebylo, and this is something I have even nepomnyu who suggested preglasit devchnonok from the second year, which for their stedenchestvo More neuspeli work up and we thought we neotkazhut and we neoshiblis but them with us I went to my best friend Natasha. And the long-awaited day of departure, we all gathered at the railway station, 6 boys and 5 common potential preklyucheny (sophomore) Natasha okotoroy nobody even nemechtal. So we stand waiting for the train, in backpacks shaft alcohol and snacks. Our train arrived, we kompeniey noisy and mood was excellent, piled into a crowded car and settled down in the vestibule near the window decided it was time to have a drink

You're in the army now!

The meeting came to an end. I sat there and thought, who needs them, these meetings? Hurry it would come to an end ... but it turned out that our political officer wants to tell our parents something else about our lives. Though he now renamed "the deputy commander for educational work", it is all the old jokes about political officer fit for him. We'll have more patience.

It was the middle of July, and the street was unbearably hot.

It was the end of my first year of service in the army. Like all men of my calling. Command decided to arrange part about this "open day" - to invite relatives to visit the soldiers and show them how we serve here. The idea was just remarkable. Relatives were sent official invitations to have been a reason to take a vacation. Those who traveled from afar, provided in the hotel at the part. They organized all sorts of activities and excursions. Only here the political officer with his speeches bored.

However, on reflection, I realized that it was me zampolit bored and tired mainly because I and so every day I hear his voice. But mom sits and listens attentively to him. Still, the political officer knows his business. No, of course, from my point of view, basically nonsense carries. But this stuff has a clear direction - to show families that their children - the grandchildren - favorite here in great conditions, it is better here than in the civilian world, and not at all in danger. My mother, listening to it, will probably be less worry for me. Still, the political officer knows his business.

But at last the meeting was over. And we all let go for a walk - and relatives, and soldiers. Political officer said, "You are granted a dismissal, but only if the part behind the fence does not go..." Cunning. Currently dismissal under the statute, they could release only a third of us. And so - all. Well, okay, that when part of. We take a walk with my mother, to show her how we live.

And we went for a walk.

- Well, tell me how you're here. - Mom said.

- And what to tell ... political officer already told all. In the barracks you were, in the dining room, too.

- Yes, in your barracks this order! You always like this? Or is it you are doing spring cleaning for our arrival?

General cleaning, of course, was. But, in my opinion, the differences in the state of the barracks before it and after civilian were imperceptible to humans.

- Always so! This is not a citizen. We outfit each day, twice the entire barracks washes.

- Well, you're done! You'll get used to order here. - Mom smiled.

I smiled, too, remembering how, standing on duty at night, cursing those who came up with outfits.

- A feed you too always so?

No, of course, our kormzhka not was similar to the gala dinner, which staged today. But why my mother know about this? Will worry. On our grub can live - yet no one had been poisoned.

- Yes, and fed well. So if again you will go to me - with them nothing brings.

- What do you do here?

- On tanks ride, shoot from automatic, charters and military equipment to study, drill preparation takes, direct the order in dresses and guards go ... well, have fun as we can. Affairs are many - do not give to get bored here.

For some time we walked in silence. Then my mother asked me, probably the most agitated her question:

- And you do not have bullying?

Of course, we had a hazing. How to do without it. Commanders knew about it, but turned a blind eye to hazing - so they were easier to control us. But I was also lucky in this regard. Our grandfathers, even though we were forced to do any work, not much blaming. Maybe because we've got such good grandparents, or maybe because everyone knew - if the grandparents to overreact and flee rookie officers to complain, no one for it on the head do not pat. But I do not remember that it came to this. Grandparents sometimes even helped us. Recently, I was on duty on the table, and we broke the machine for cleaning potatoes. The task was assigned to clean the potatoes Two "ovoscherezov", one of which was me. Everyone understood that ovoscherezy not cope for the night with ten sacks of potatoes without a car. And then three grandparents who stood with us in the attire, drove to the aid of more whole platoon. Moreover, more and helped themselves. We managed for some couple of hours. I smiled:

- No, Mom, that you have no hazing. Political officer told - a relic of the past. Our chiefs are strictly monitored, and if someone who gave the teeth - once a day on vacation is cut and that and the other. So we all quietly.

I saw that my answer reassured her mother. For some time we walked in silence again. Then I began to tell her all sorts of funny incidents from his life. She told me at home business. So we walked, probably a couple of hours. Then mom suggested:

- Let's go to my dorm room, sit there? And something I was tired, and hot.

We went to the hostel. only a bed and a table was in the room. Gender of painted boards was closed shabby carpet. We sat on the bed, and my mother began to treat me with all sorts of delicious things brought from home. But I do not want to after a celebratory dinner, and said that he will take everything with them and eat later.

The windows of my mother's room looked out on the sunny side, and in spite of the open windows, it was even hotter than outside. Mom unzipped a thin shirt, beneath which was only a bra:

- The heat today is just awful!

I glanced at my mother's beautiful breasts, and felt my erection begins ...

Long before that, I was drafted into the army, I realized that I wanted my mother. Catching masturbation, imagining it. Very rarely is any classmate or teacher took my mother's place in my sexual fantasies, but only for a very short time. Then again I dreamed about sex with his own mother.

In the army, it was more difficult to masturbate - I always was afraid that colleagues will notice and will laugh. We had to be satisfied with less, and impressions from this were even brighter. At night, under the covers slowly passing his hand over the penis, I saw in front of my mother, as a living. Actually, sitting on itself. And yet rather galloping on my cock.

During the meeting, I did not think about sex. I did not think, even when left alone with his mother in the room. But when she unbuttoned her shirt - I could not think about anything else.

Mom looked great. She was always very nice. High, even a little taller than me. Curly red hair to his shoulders. Mischievous green eyes. Mom's figure was just perfect. Mom was not exactly thin, but the more it was not exactly thick - no one place my mother's body was not even a hint for a single gram of excess weight. Her breasts were small, but perfectly formed. Once again, I ran across her eyes, then another ... then shifted on the bed, trying to hide an erection.

- As long as we go, all sweaty. I thought the room cooler - and now even hotter.

Mom took off his shirt at all. She was wearing that same shirt, black skirt above the knees, and sandals. In these clothes she looked very sexy.
- You, too, undressed - I see you're all wet. - She said to me.

I'm not in a hurry, as my tunic hebeshki wonderful concealed standing member.

- Take off your clothes, take off your clothes! - Mom smiled and she undid the buttons on his tunic. Fearing that now my mother still see and understand, I fell into a stupor and did not have time to figure out what it might be objected. And my mom pulled me from the tunic. I slightly bent and hands tucked in his pocket, turned the cock, pinning him to the stomach. Mom did not notice anything.

- What is muscular became! - She said, looking at me with admiration.

- We have physical training every day.

Mom put her hand on my shoulders, arms.

- Great! Just like any movie character.

I smiled.

- A wet-then the whole! - Mom looked at her hand, too, became wet with sweat. - And why do you not want to undress? I've removed the shirt, but still hot unbearable ... perhaps, take off the skirt, too, if you do not mind.

Naturally, I did not mind. Mom got up, took off her skirt and hung it on the back of the bed, staying in shorts and bra. For her, this was not unusual - at home she always went well in the hot days. And on the beach, I also often saw her in that dress. But now it is even more heightened my excitement. Member of the hill he turned and stood in the pants. I bent down to my mother did not notice it. She began to worry:

- Do not you have the stomach sick? I see you've become some kind of stressful.

Mom took me gently by the shoulders and straightened. I blushed. My mother's eyes, before reaching my stomach and stopped on a huge dais in my pants. Mom said:

- And, that's it ...

And he turned away. Her cheeks flushed, too filled. I was afraid that she would be offended, and made a clumsy attempt to comfort her:

- Mom, please do not be offended! Just ... with sex we have a problem here ...

- But I'm not offended. - I Said my mother hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. - I understand.

I hugged her. For a while we sat in silence. My fear has passed, and it became even more excitement.

And at this time I suddenly heard a soft rhythmic creaking of the springs in the next room! At first I thought that it seems to me with excitement. But the creaking did not pass - on the contrary, grew louder and more frequent. I remembered that in the next room came one of my colleagues who came with his girlfriend to visit.

Plywood walls hostel great sound passed. Soon, because of the wall there was a low moan girls ...

- Someone of your luck. - Mom said.

- This is to Ilyukha Zaitsev girlfriend arrived. - I replied.

We're also sat embracing.

Stone repeated. Then again. Excitation supplanted in my mind all my fears. I asked quietly:

- Mom, can I poglazhu your breasts?

Mom leaned her head sideways looking at me and smiling, asked in a whisper:

- Want pobyla today I your girlfriend?

- Really want to, Mom!

- Good...

I put my hands on her mother's chest and began gently stroking and kneading them through her bra. Mom did not mind. I'm not ashamed of erection. Mom stroked through the pants member.

- Yes, do not you have a little.

Then she started a hand behind his back, undid her bra and took it off. She got out of bed, went to the door and locked it. whispered:

- Take off your pants.

I took off my boots, then pants. In shorts I sat on the bed. Lightning flashed the thought is now fulfilled all my dreams, now I'll have sex with own mother.

Mom sat on my lap. She hugs me. We kissed. She stroked my shoulders, hair, hands. I also began to fondle my mother. He stroked her back, her thighs. Then he put his hands on her chest, felt his hands under the small, hard nipples. My mother pressed me to her, and we kissed again. Mamin walked tongue in my mouth. Through the two thin layers of fabric, I felt like my penis rests on the mother's schelochku. And still I feel that it is wet. The kiss lasted a long time. Looking up from my lips, my mother whispered:

- I like to be your girlfriend.

Porzala on my lap, moving pussy for cock.

- You have such a hard cock ... I want it to myself ...

Mom's hand slipped into my pants, my mother began to gently caress my cock. I shoved his hand into her panties. She sat up a little, letting me into his secret. Mom's pussy was very wet. Looking into each other's eyes while we caressed each other in the most intimate places.

Last night I had a long masturbate dreaming, today I see my mom. Yes, even this morning, repeated it, locked in the toilet. And now I enjoyed without fear of too fast finish.

Mom squeezed my cock, stroking it tenderly stroking the scrotum. I'm the one hand caressing her nipples and my second hand and remained under her panties. At first I was stroking my mother's lips, and then found the tubercle of the clitoris and the fingertip gently stroked it. Mom quietly gasped and arched her back. I felt her hole and slowly introduced a finger into her mother.

- Mischief-maker - she giggled - are you home mom to orgasm dovedesh. I want at this moment your cock was inside of me ...

I began to pull off her panties mom. It was uncomfortable, as she sat on my lap. Mom stood up and took off her panties and left in front of me in some sandals. I also removed the panties.

- Come on the floor ... - my mother said softly. - And then the bed will creak.

- Come on, Mom! - Seemed to be mouthed, I said.

Mama lay on the carpet. She turned on her side, curled her legs. he whispered:

- You do not mind putting up behind me? If you're on top, I too quickly finish ... and I want a little longer.

- I do not mind, Mom, - I replied, lying down beside him and hugging her from behind.

Mom with her hand sent a member of her vagina. I just pushed and felt my mother's lips slowly diverge, letting me inside ... gently put my mother to stop. He began to move slowly, fucking her. Then slightly accelerated motion. Mom start podmahivat me. One hand I stuck my mother between her legs and began to stroke her wet pussy, feeling like going in and out of my cock. Mom her hand covered mine. Second hand I clutched my mother's right breast.

- Fuck me all you want ... - whispered my mother. - I'll try not to moan.

I kissed her.

- Faster! Deeper! - She whispered to me.

I started to fuck her sharply. He warned her:

- Mom, I can not stand long.

- Stop me, not to think. - Mom said.
Biting her lip, she was very quiet, but still moaning. I sharply and strongly drives the penis into the vagina mother. Mom shuddered from each of my thrust. I fuck my mother for another five minutes. She finished first. Feeling the mother's vagina shrinking, squeezing my cock, I, too, could not hold back, and my mother's bosom sperm watered hot fountain ...

For a while we were just hugging. Then my mother freed herself from my arms. Member slipped out of her. She took a handkerchief from her purse and wiped her running down the sperm. She sat on the bed. I sat down next to her, hugged her, kissed her. We kissed for a long time again. I stood up again. Mom noticed it.

- Wow! How quickly do you want again!

- Mom, can I ... more?

- Of course it is possible. But let's first take rest, eat.

I agreed. We never sat at the table, without dressing. Mother regaled me pies, stews and other tasty things prepared at home. After sex, I would have, but even more like once again to have sex with his mother. I did not have much.

- I had enough? - Mom said, patting me on the head.

- Yes. - I replied.

And then she sat on the floor next to me and took my cock in her mouth. Now I stroked her mother's hair while she sucked me. Gently squeezing member of the lips, tongue drove through it, slightly biting ... then caressed one head, then sank a member of his mouth at the very foundation ... it looked like it went on forever. I also wanted to make it so. I said:

- Mama...

She released the cock and turned to me:

- Yes Dear?

- Lie down on the floor, on the back.

- Good.

Mama lay on the carpet, bent her knees and spread them. I lay down on it. She thought that I want to fuck her, and handed over to a member of a rule. I moved her hips, and slid easily into my mother. I move it. Mom hugged me tightly hugged her and began podmahivat me. I kissed her without stopping to fuck. And then I came out of it.

- What are you doing? - She asked.

- Nothing. I just want to cuddle you just like you did.

I kissed my mother's nipples - first one, then another. Kissing my mother's belly, down below. I took my mother's legs, threw them wider and put them on his shoulders. Mom looked at me, smiled and put her hand under his head. I began to caress the language of her mother's pussy. Licking her lips, tongue drove around the clitoris, banged on it, insert the language as I could in my mother's hole, feeling the taste of his sperm. My mother was panting, again stroking my head and gently pressed her to him. Soon, her lips broke moan, and my mother whispered:

- Enter me! I can not take it anymore...

I lay down on her, found her hole and drove all the way to my mother. She hugged me, crossed her legs behind me. First I fucked my mother slowly and gently, then faster and sharper. Mom's vagina squelched when my movements. Mom struggled pressed me to her, whispered:

- Kiss Me! I can not moan!

Feeling like she comes, I covered her mouth with a kiss. Then I fucked my mother a few minutes - and then refilled it with his sperm.

I was still lying on my mother, and my dick was inside her when she looked at her watch and said:

- Already half past five. You've got to get ready.

- Mom, when I get home, you'll be my girlfriend?

- I will. - Mom smiled.

* * *

Open day was over, and my mother went home. I still long nights masturbate, imagining this day. Sometimes I finished several times during the night. Most of all afraid that I will be deprived of leave for any offense. But I am not deprived of vacation. Even contrast, exemplary service added for two days. And at the end of November, I went on vacation. And twelve days, full of endless incest. Mom went to the house, dressed in nothing but sandals, which she came to me in part. I fucked her in various poses in various places. I fucked my mother on the floor, on the couch, on the windowsill, on the dining table, in the bathroom, just standing near the wall and, of course, in the mother's marital bed, where once she had sex with my father. I wake up because mom sucked my cock and introduced it into itself. And if it is still asleep - I was part of it, sleeping. In the evening I went to bed with his mother and went to sleep without removing a member from her womb.

After the holiday was still a year of service. My mother came to me twice - and the day of open doors was repeated to me.

Now it's been two years since I was discharged and returned home. I am now twenty-two, and my mother - forty. I live with my mother as a wife. Our relations have become calmer, usually we have sex once a day. At the weekend - two or three times.

I found a girlfriend, largely at the urging of her mother. Mom seemed to not have a girlfriend - it's not normal for a guy my age. With girlfriend I meet for six months. She knows about my relationship with my mother - I'll tell her about it once when it start after a stormy night to say that he loved me and forgive me for anything. Sometimes I even sleep with them both in the same bed, fucking them in turn. But my mother is somehow not very much.

Probably, if our relationship will last several months, a girlfriend to be my wife. They are both trying to persuade my mother to marry me, I'm not in a hurry.

If I ever have a son, I not only will not mind that he had sex with his mother, to ask even the wife about it. And if it is a daughter, it is probably the first man she knows is her dad ...

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