All the free time she spends in discos and in the company match for her. And I ... Well, I do not say very much a botanist, however, tried to avoid companies like Irishkinoy. Most likely, the reason for this exclusion was my indecision, I was timid and lost attractive confident young women in society. However Irochka everything was different, she could treat me that I was comfortable with it.
Of course, I dreamed of her as a woman who dreamed boldly and openly as a dream that will forever remain a dream ... On the control and fasted, we always sat together, I'm happy to help her. The highest award was her gentle grateful look, so frank feed fantasies of another tenderness and affection ...
On the last exam this year, Ira came in an unusual even for her dress. She was wearing a short black dress with a deep cut on his chest, captivating eyes, legs she had boots with high heels and black tights. She perfectly composed, powerful, but at the same time very feminine legs. How many times I wanted to cuddle up to face them, to feel the smoothness of its synthetic tights, gliding over them with your hands up there where the nylon will give way to flesh, with its magical aroma of blossoming female body ... When I was leaving the audience with a forced, like Ira just answer the teacher, she was sitting sideways to me, and I was able to once again absorb her eyes ...
- Wait for me, - she whispered. Irishka came a minute later and, to my surprise, rushed up to me on the neck with the words of delight from the estimate. Hair whipped across the face, and I was instantly plunged into its most subtle flavors, I like all filled with these smells. I felt pressed against me frail body and tried to cling to it even more, I felt her small breasts, hips felt her thighs, felt her soft belly. All secret desires at once woke up and swept the body of a sweet spasm. It looks like Ira felt my tension, playfully smiled and kissed his cheek. Pulling away from me, she asked:
- Are you free now?
- What?
- I have something strange with the computer, do not look?
I knew that it was her neighbor from the hostel went home. So, I waited for the opportunity to be with her in her room alone ... No! Stop! She just broke down the computer, nothing could be between us. Of course, I agreed to help her, hoping for something impossible.
All the way from the body to the hostel we have done under the burning sun, the heat and outright fantasies I started to feel dizzy, and from somewhere in the bottom of the abdomen began to rise sticky chills, I took off my jacket. When in a crowded elevator she pressed her back to me, and I felt the underbelly of her buttocks, the barely restrained by the desire to clasp her smooth thighs ... When we got to her room, and she turned on the light, I guess I was pale, because, that Ira very carefully looked at me, ran her hand on my forehead and said:
- Do you feel good?
My God, her caring, gentle look, I thought, he enveloped me, and I'll drown, choke in it ... Irochkina room smelled like candy, on the wall above the bed hung a poster quite frank Sharon Stone and a few amusing pictures, window sill, covered air tulle, bristled cacti in miniature pots. The computer was in a cozy little corner on the desk.
- What about him? - Tremor, walking somewhere on the back and got up to vote. Irisha briefly explained what had happened, and I began to disassemble the cabinet. I did it almost to the touch, admiring Irishkinym reflection in the glass of the monitor. Little standing behind me, she turned on the tape recorder with a solemn gothic music ... I had almost regained consciousness and was able to concentrate at work, under the cool rain sounds. Irisha went to the closet and making sure that I am doing a computer, began to undress ... I almost cried when the dress fell to her feet. She gracefully stepped over him, bent down and picked up. I saw her back, shapely hips, covered with black kapron stockings, I felt very close to her captivating scent. She was wearing a black bra lace patterns, Ira gracefully arched, unbuttoning the golden buckle ... I guess I somehow gave his nablyudatelstvo because she suddenly looked frightened, looked at me and smiled mysteriously. Then she fastened her bra, threw on a robe and went to the kitchen. I sighed with some relief and focused on the computer disassembled.
By the time I finished with the repair, Irina has not returned, and I called her.
- Wait for me. Now I see what you did there.
A minute later she came back into the room, carrying two cups of coffee. I showed her the result of his work and once again awarded its tender a grateful glance.
- Let's see something. I have a collection of erotic films - her voice sounded kind of playful note.
- Are we going to watch it together? ..
- Are you that afraid of me, or just shy? !! - Irina grabbed my arm and pulled him to her, falling backward onto the bed.
I'm full of surprises and confusion lost his balance and fell on her top, exposing the tknuvshis face in his shoulder. She hugged me to his hands, not allowing to move away ... Her skin smelled of apricots ... I stared at her a passionate kiss ... Having lost all control over himself, I reveled in her sweet neck and bared a shoulder. She breathed more often ... It handles all the more fiddling with my hair and hips still clutching my knee stronger ... Suddenly she jerked tilted my head. In her eyes there was something akin to fury. She cleverly turned me on my back, and she sat astride and leaned on me quite to my face:
- Well! .. Do you want me? ..
I am very confused ...
- Have you ever fucked?
In fact, I read a lot about it and thought I knew how to caress a woman properly, but did not lie:
- No...
- Then I'll teach you ... - she fell on me chest and very gently began to kiss. At first I only felt her hot lips, then sweet tongue ... I'm the one hand stroking her back, the other dipped in fragrant silk hair. Ira kissed me all the more intense, then allowing me to bite her tongue movable juicy, something biting my lip. I pulled her back by the hair, by which she bent, his head thrown back, and gasped. Then she smiled and opened her robe ... gently took my hand with both hands and pressed it to her bra. The second my hand did not have long to persuade ... I enjoyed her elastic breasts, felt the nipples harden under my hands ... Ira took off her robe, and for some time sat motionless.
I undid her bra and without removing completely, penetrated by him ... The skin on her breasts was very smooth. She slowly took off her bra and threw me in the face ... The smell of her breasts ... In the next moment with a crash flew buttons on my shirt ... Irisha eagerly dug his lips in my neck, breast, biting my nipples ... I was very close to getting to explode orgasm ... I held her hands over her warm thighs and squeezed juicy buttocks, trying to press tightly against her ass bulging pants. She understood my condition and for a moment stood still, breathing hotly in my ear:
- Wait ... We're just getting started ... - She rolled onto her back again, - Take off my panties ...
I stood beside the bed, took off his shirt and just a few seconds admiring the young goddess. Then he ran his hands from her knees to the buttocks, enjoying the smooth hips ... She eagerly bent at the knees and slightly raised her ass to me it was easier to undress ... Lacy black obediently slid to her thighs, just for a moment, pausing in her wet bosom. Ira gracefully bent legs, finally disentangling of the panties, and then closed my them and turned to the side, leaving me to admire her ass ... Shorts smelled her juice ... This smell something reminding honey and cinnamon, it is absolutely stupefied me. ..
- Now undress himself.
I obeyed. When I took off my pants, Ira very carefully and looked admiringly at my organs ...
- Come to me...
I knelt down and pressed his face to one bent leg, the second fell on my shoulder ... sweet girl moaning when I was biting her fingers, lips explored her stocking feet up on his knees and above, where nylon replaced black lace, I then sweet skin ... I spent the language on the inside of her thigh stockings from the top almost to the crotch. Here Ira convulsively clasped my neck, hips and pressed my face to his sokotochaschey rose ... I loaded tongue between her fragrant lips, found and became passionately caress hot and firm pea her clitoris, reveling in her divine body honey ... Ira moaned louder and was ready to strangle me hips, it would be the sweetest death imaginable. I barely escaped from its shackles and continued his journey on her tummy ... lightly bit her around the navel, to which she replied moan ... Then again I got to her breasts ... As long as I sucked her nipples buds, gently girl fingers took my penis and began to masturbate. I quickly moved up, but her hand sent my gun right on target ...
I felt the heat of a member of its jaws and confidently moved forward, feeling the warm tenderness envelops my starving the beast ...
- Hush ... Do not rush ... - Irishkiny handle with sharp claws walked on my back and buttocks. I glared at her neck with his lips, biting his earlobe, tried to get into her ear language, while still working furiously pelvis. One Irochkin finger touched my anus ... Her claws dug into my back ... The girl is not moaning, I almost cried ... From the depths of the rising tide of sweet languor ... I'm almost finished, when Ira convulsively arched and screamed , then another moaned several times.
Uperevshis feet in the back of the bed, she suddenly slipped out from under me:
- Now we'll play one game. - She turned me on my back, and she got out of bed. Because not realize I was pounding excitement trembling, and strongly felt dizzy. Ira put on my stomach with one leg and slowly took off her stockings. Then he sat on top of me, so that my cock was trapped between my stomach and her crotch ... She kissed me on the mouth and tied my eyes with nylon stockings ...
- What are you doing?
- Soon know ... Raise your hands. - I obeyed, something soft, but durable pulled together my wrists together and lock them in lattice headboard ... Perhaps it was the second of its chulochek ... She got out of bed proshlёpala bare feet to the cabinet. Music paused for a while and began to play again, but in a completely different style, and now it was the aggressive Black.
Something rang and taps, then the room in the direction of the bed protsokali heels heels ... Ira sat down on the bed ... I heard her breathing ... Now, it came from the bitter smell of almonds ... Something metallic and sharp touched my stomach and moved up ... something warm touched the face, it was her breasts ... I grabbed her nipple with his lips, which immediately began to harden ... Ira lay on my breast, and whispered in his ear:
- There, in the laboratory, you are God ... But now you're my slave! .. - She took off my blindfold ... She sat on top of me, her lips were carefully dyed dark blue lipstick on her wrists had wristbands on thick curly waist chain on my chest lay whip ...
This I certainly did not expect. She looked at me and smiled ... Yet it was Ira, the same gentle look ... I wanted to hug her, but she felt helpless ... She laughed softly and lowered his lips to my neck ... Her sharp teeth several times to bite me, and then a hot tongue began to tickle me all lower until he reached the nipples ... then again, I felt her teeth ... I started to get excited again from these procedures. Ira felt a stirring in his belly and a pretty smile. Then she quickly moved down to my genitals ...
First she gently masturbated me to handle, and then, when I was again fully prepared, conducted the tongue from the scrotum to the head of my cock and had sent him to lick. Then she pulled my foreskin and began to touch the head of the hard tip of the tongue busy ... I became very hot. After a while, she lay down on my legs and grabbed a member of the dense ring of hot lips ... I felt her thighs tense nipples ... She sucked my cock deep absorbing it, almost taking out a mouth ... Every movement of her tongue echoed in my sweet languor. She, too, was excited ... Her movements became more violent and impetuous ...
I almost bent leg and accidentally touched the rise of her crotch. Ira moaned and squeezed my leg ... I'm stronger hips pressed leg of her lips ... I felt like they went ... I felt her clit ... Her mouth unclenched, letting the will of the sweet moan with him jumped out and my member. Ira grabbed his hand and began to masturbate furiously. The head was wet with saliva and touched hands felt very sweet ... I actively earned a leg ...
At the same moment, when Irina cried, his head thrown back, and painfully squeezed my testicles, I also finished ... Sweet explosion took away from my reality ... I closed my eyes, but in time to see the girl eagerly catches my mouth semen splashes ... I finished a long and sweet ... Ira rubbed his hand over his chest my sperm, and then lay down on me with his gentle body ... sweet and gentle ...
Gradually returned a sense of reality ... Ira untied my hands and clung to me ... Even while we gently kissed, unable to speak ...
- You're a goddess ... Tender my ... Sweet ...
- You, too, was at the height ... I'm serious - Ira giggled - you're a real macho ...
A minute later she was asleep, nose buried in my neck ...

True love

I remember at that moment blushing smile and do not say a word having bought a bottle of Coke sat down at a free table, when he came up and ...
-You have not taken?
I replied with a smile
-No, it is not occupied
In truth, it is very nice (and I do not miss =)! And by the way his name is Sasha.
He sat down in front of me and we started chatting, the conversation flowed by itself. We talked about what we can, no brakes and no tupil even managed to quarrel, and will compete for some 15 minutes. We laughed, smiled and looked piercingly at each other. I do not know, it was love or not but I was at that moment was so good that I forgot about all the problems and worries at the moment. Indeed, it was a moment because it is 15 minutes passed like 2. It was time to go for a couple. Agreed to meet after class, we broke up.

On the way out I waited 15 minutes. He came and started to apologize and say that they detained the teacher. I reassured him and said that everything is normal. He asked...
-What do we do?
I immediately answered ...
-Let's go for a walk.
He agreed to unnecessarily go nowhere except back home today. We walked along the Nevsky pr., Jumped into the cinema to the film


We met on the second day of the joint visit to the alma mater, because the first day I do not remember because of the booze arranged about exploring the group and start a student's life. So, I sit on a pair and try to clarify the events of yesterday in the smallest details and at the same time considering whom I still have God sent a joint life the next five years as the brothers-in-arms, and feet, I see - her!
Short, black-haired, not thin, but not plump. In general, the average girl of average parameters. Someone reminded me of it, but who, for some reason I did not immediately recalled. Basically, I am also not Alain Delon, but it does not matter, the main thing to move quickly until all the gifts are not dismantled. At the first change, I approached her and asked:
- The girl, nobody will say that you are like Natasha Koroleva?
- No, no, - said She, flirtatiously smiling.
- You know, that if Natasha Koroleva slightly flatten the top concrete slab, similarity - amazing.
After this dialogue, and we began our relationship, almost costing me, ultimately, the coveted diploma of the Russian engineer.
Jeanne came to our city to study, from one of the regional centers in Kabardino-Balkaria. No offense will be told to representatives and representatives of the beautiful female, but the women do nothing Polytechnic Institute. The same, instead of happily married to some mountain village and safely give birth to pieces 15 small dzhigitikov, his carious teeth vtspilas in sopromat and nachertalku like going to all this talk all my life to her husband, shepherd and his flock of sharp-horned sheep. Well, in short, all 5 years of joint agony she went through shpargalgalkam, flirtatious smile teach poslebalzakovskogo age, and here and there I helped. Since our relationship, as mentioned above, it was too funny, I'll describe some more of their before the apogee of the plot.
Joan really was, to put it mildly, career-. Her most of all interested in the positive ratings on exams, and other elements labam prepodskoy Inquisition, and I called Rev.

Student weekend

One day when I phoned all the friends and invited them to her, I called my friend and asked what I was doing. I am happy to tell her about the future of the event and asked about her plans for the evening. She timidly asked to speak to us, but asked to go for it. I agreed with pleasure and half an hour later she had a home. I have no idea how nice is this evening. Vick, namely the so-called the girl, asked me to wait until she dresses. I sat in the kitchen, sipping tea. She went out and I was stunned. She was wearing a short skirt, emphasizing her elastic ass, and tight blouse with zipper. By acting through her nipples, I realized that she was not dressed underwear. It excited me, but unfortunately, at her home, we were not alone. The road to my house to take a little time. Friends have not yet come, and we went home. For a while we shoved in a freezer beer and put water shrimp. Then moved to a room. She bent over my desk, looking at him lying on the photos. Her short skirt rose even higher, almost revealing rounded buttocks. I felt in my pants swollen member. To smooth over the situation, I got up and walked up behind her, talking about the photographs. Her ass irresistibly attracted me. I could not resist, and clung to her, she looked back and smiled at me. I felt more confident. I pressed harder, so she felt my swollen body and put his hands on her hips. She turned to me and sat down on the table, legs spread. I could no longer endure. Clinging to her lips, I threw her skirt with thigh and saw a small, almost imperceptible, white panties tango. She moaned with pleasure, and put her hands on my crotch. I eagerly pulled the zipper on her jacket down and saw two beautiful big breasts with nipples erect with excitement. I pressed it to his lips, licking, eating mouth. At this time, Vic freed my cock from the tight pants and took his hand. She drove up and down, as if to make it even harder. I grabbed her and carried on the sofa, she sat down opposite me supple and playfully smiled and grabbed my cock lips. I lost control of himself, taking her by the head, I brought him deep into her mouth. She dutifully accepted it, sucking and caressing hand. Attach back, I began to rhythmically to introduce his cock in her little mouth. I enjoyed to see how it disappears in her puffy lips as she carefully covers of my head. I moved faster and faster, she barely had time to suck, but I could not take it anymore. I grabbed her by the cheeks and enjoyed the feeling of cock in her little mouth. I felt the approach of the sperm and the forces of an impact. Taking her chest, I quickly moved his member to her lips, and she clasped my buttocks pushed himself to the meeting. Movement becomes more rapid, breathing quickens, and, behold, tight jet of sperm shot into her mouth. She hesitated for a moment, and then began to suck with a vengeance, as if making up for lost time. My penis shrinking, throwing powerful jets of her mouth. And so, the first drop of semen appear on the corners of her lips, she pulled away and took a few deep swallowed and then leaned and slowly began to lick my head. I ruffled her hair, stroked her cheeks, rubbing them sperm. Finally, she leaned back on the sofa and I collapsed beside her. We barely had time to freshen up, the doorbell rang friends.
Water for boiled shrimp, beer is already sufficiently cooled down, and we started our little party. After the first thirst was quenched, I regained the desire, and when you look at Vika and her lips in my pants started to throb, my irrepressible member. We sat some more, drank beer, ate shrimp. There was an awkward silence. The silence was defused Wick:
- Would you like me will dance? - She suggested.
We looked at each other and agreed with pleasure. We went into the room, sat down on the couch, I turned on the music. She turned back to us and sat down. The beat of the music beats, it began to rise, arching like a cat, and soon we were able for a moment to see her juicy ass. She turned to us and started dancing. Her breasts swayed to the beat of her movements, arousing our imagination. She herself liked to look at the effect that produced us her dance. Slow dancing, she pulled the zipper down and stopped her just below her breasts. In order not to give the excitement we frantically crossed legs. She bent down, showing us barely covered clothes suffused with juice breasts with large brown nipples. Then she took off her jacket and bared one shoulder and one breast. We were ecstatic. Her excited nipples staring right at us, teasing and enticing at the same time. Turning his back to us it is free from unnecessary longer jackets and arched sharply turned to us. There was no reason to hide our excitement. Now came the turn of skirts. It can be easily pulled off her panties and threw them behind his back. All our attention was concentrated on her feet, on the edge of the skirt that hides from us the sweet strip of hair on her pubis. She turned back to us and slowly began to bend, lifting his hands skirt. We held our breath. She hesitated, and threw it on the back, revealing a perfect ass and subtle sponge. I could not contain the excitement and pulled his penis out of his trousers. Looking at me, too, and made two of my mates. She slowly came up to us, sat down in front of my friend on his knees and pressed his penis against her cheek. He quickly took his hand and sent her straight in the mouth. She lowered her head with the force of his trunk and began to suck quickly, skillfully working his mouth over the entire length. She stood in front of him on his knees, and actively worked mouth. I took off his clothes and walked up behind her, sat down at her knees, and gently entered. She stopped for a moment and groaned, then again, even more hard work began to mouth. I slowly began to stick it on your hot cock. We had it on both sides, it is only a little moaning, continued its movement. The pace quickens all, I'm not holding back slapped her with all his strength. Then she took out a member of his mouth, caught his hand, and out of tight jet of sperm splattered, splashing her face. After seeing this picture, I felt the approach of a powerful flow, and making the last movement took out a member and began to cum on her back caved. We helped himself with his hands until the last drop fell on her hot body. My second friend, who had been sitting motionless, went up to her, took her, raised and put on the table. She willingly spread her legs, he grabbed their hands and began to fuck her almost rude. On each stroke her breasts jumped and fell into place seductively. He finished in a minute, showering her white jet of his sperm. I brought a towel and wiped her chest, back, and lips. We fell to the couch and lay for a long time, caressing her. Then, catching his breath, got dressed and went to the kitchen to continue our little feast. She did not zip up jacket to the end, and all night we could admire her rounded breasts peeking out from under the brim. At night I was awakened by a gentle lip prinikshih to my stomach, and it all started from the beginning :.

Deadlock sexual wonderland

His head in his hands, she kept her eyes on a thick book and rocking slightly, spreading and re-connecting the legs - as is common in intensive cramming. Sometimes she throws open the hips so broad that it could be seen from the panties white translucent fabric. And my imagination ran riot gradually so that the eggs were ready about to explode, "Eh, - could not help wondering - would it caught me in some other place, but not in the reading room of the library zanyuhanny ..."
Immediately behind this seductive idea, unbutton his pants ... The girl reads ... I coughed once, twice, three times. Is reading! I pull out of jeans stiff cock and again cough. Finally, she opens her eyes and looks up from the book under my desk ... I pretend busy synopsis, but I feel that my sexual vozmutitelnitsa tranquility fidgeted like a bum she suddenly appeared button. Slowly hide its "ventilate" cudgel and catch spacy eyes red as a lobster, a neighbor. Revolve finger to his temple (the gesture was addressed, of course, me), she gets up and removed to the lobby, with a cheeky grin and shaking his hips so that my osatanevshih from desire pod lost (along with me, of course) the last drops of reason . "The toilet went - guess and rush her -. In which case I would say that was wrong!" I dive into an institution with "F" letter. Cabs, cabins ... The door to one covered, but not locked ... Pushed. She is! Familiar lonely panties hanging from the paper drawer. She withdraws her hand, but is concealed, than she immediately engaged ?! Silently I lock the stall and descend Jeans:
- Masturbation is harmful to health, take-km better than this ...
She surrendered without resistance and took my quivering dick hot and clumsy hand.
- Kiss him...
Pink lips touched the girl's head, and I'm pulling slightly disheveled head, loaded the trunk into his mouth.
- Get your teeth and suck - command and undo girl dress to remove the bra.
- Legs tired, - she whispered - and dress interferes.
Applicant (I immediately figured out) got off the toilet, took off her dress and hung it neatly. I hugged the stranger from behind, grabbing hold of the breasts, and a member pressed against the buttocks.
- Bend!
She bent over and put her hands on the wall.
- You virgin?
- No...
My sincerely distressed member entered yet for the most eggs. She quietly and excitedly podmahivala drawbar. Then he put his hands behind his head and began to stroke my hair.
- Ending what? - I ask. - Here or in your mouth?
- Better in the mouth.
I had to pull the penis from the vagina and turn the damsel to face him. Mouth she acted more skillfully, and I spread the wave of approaching orgasm.
And soon my Dubinushka violently gushed. Now young minetchitsa sucking, smacking, and semen running down her chin.
- Fu as unsightly!
The girl has got from a pocket mirror dress, scarf, quickly wiped her face, and then, of course, asked, getting up from the toilet:
- You okay with me?
- Yes ... - I answered vaguely - but like me now get out of here?
- Not so fast ... Let's smoke?
She took out a cigarette and handed me one. Smoked, embracing, and I felt like me again awakens a desire - for right hand she held a cigarette and left caressed my cock and balls.
- Come in the ass ... - suddenly she whispered Applicant and threw a smoking cigarette butt in the toilet. - However, this is somewhat beyond my usual repertoire ... Well, okay ... It is said that it is necessary to experience all ...
She helped hand and my cock burst into the rear opening. "Zubr" groaned in pain, but immediately became podmahivat, all accelerating movements. And then he grabbed my hand:
- Rub, rub the clitoris ...
My fingers sank into wet cunt and clung to sticking out otrostochek.
- So ... well ... - he whispered the girl, jerking over the toilet. - My dear, good girl ... Oh .. .. What a thrill!
This orgasm was stronger than ever.
- Let's go one by one, - she said. - At first I, then - you.
- Okay explored there. If everything is clean - quietly svistnesh.
- Whistle not know how, better coughing. Here's how: kha-kha!
She opened the cabin, intending to leave, but turned around and said, smiling at the door:
- And you liked me, maybe even meet? Of course, not in the library. What is your name?
- Coley my name, Coley - I hissed in fury - let's briefly, otherwise they shall spread!
- And me - Olya. Well, come to the twelve to the buffet - she smiled coyly. - Agreed?
- Yes Yes! - I howled. - Death of my want, or what?
- Bye then! - Olga flew out of the cab, and I trembling hands closed valve.
I could hear as she walked to the mirror and sink, there is a long time washing her hands, and then as long (or it seemed to me?) They driers. Finally, the howling of the dryer was quiet, slammed the front door to the toilet. I waited with bated breath. So ... Again there was a creaking door, and then someone coughed: kha-kha-kha! I rushed to the door of the cabin, but the loud clatter of studs on the tiled floor stopped me. "Do not remember me! Or rather, someone else ..."
After locking the cab, I perched on the toilet with his legs, and sat like a cock on a perch. Clatter sounds closer, then he slammed the door and neighbor through the thin partition came a rustle, "alien" lifted up her skirt and panties pulls together. Again there was a cough, then - the characteristic murmur ... I was in turmoil: the melodious sound of me so aroused that the center of gravity has moved sharply up, and I lost my balance and almost fell off the toilet. Fortunately, at the last moment he managed to cling to a box with paper. His fingers felt something hard and round. Mirror! Obviously, the Applicant has forgotten.
Thoughtfully turned the discovery in the hands of the "Light of my mirror, tell me ..." Yeah, cabin wall does not reach the main wall of five centimeters. Just lye for my mirror!
It trembled in my arms, when it flashed oval legs apart, lowered to the knee panties, lifted her skirt, stick fingers with manicured nails. She sat down several times - short and fast to shake off the last drops from the hair. Not changing his position, he pulled out a piece of paper from the box, wiped.
As soon as she had just pulled the panties, I decided to remove the watch, but the damn mirror caught on the corner of the riser toilet tank and slipped from his trembling fingers! The rustling of clothes in a nearby booth stopped and "alien", deep voice coughed, said:
- Sveta - it's you, is it?
Only one thing I wanted at that moment - become (at least momentarily) woman! Then it would be possible to answer the one side of the wall:
- "No, citizen, you are mistaken, I am not of the Light." - Or something of that sort, and "alien" would immediately behind. But, alas, there are no miracles, and a small voice say do not know - the actor from me useless. So, I think, it is better to remain silent. Maybe she will leave in good time. But I did not realize that silence can be interpreted as a sign of consent.
- Sveta! - The neighbor was particularly insistent to disgust. - Deaf, or what? I figured you! I Nadya said that you went to piss.
I remained silent.
- Light ... so do not worry, please. And I'm sorry ... I did not know that Serge walks with you ... Well, I'm a fool ... I do not know how blurted out that fucked with him ... If only I knew ... no life ... Light! A Light? .. You're crying, huh?
Cried not Sveta ... I think I was crying. Silently, hopelessly, cramp-prestrashnye scary faces ...
- Light, do not cry, please. And do not be silent, otherwise bad thought ... Oh, she asks you what's up to? Do not you dare, she asks, do you hear!
And this is where it happened. Familiar fingers invaded my territory, and behind them on the wall of the booth and took off auburn curls were wide open brown eyes. "Wow muzzle" - fix automatically, but then there was a scream and a "muzzle" disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared.
- Ah-ah-ah! - Heart-rending yelled "stranger".
"This cow can not produce!" - Lightning flashed through my mind, but at this very moment a hellish burst open door neighbor. There was only one: sealing palm screaming mouth to drag the rest of me in the cab. Sharp teeth immediately dug into his hand ...
- Oh, mom, rape! A-ah ... GMU, GMU, blank, villain! .. Bastard! .. A GMU-th-th ...
But my hands are firmly kept this crazy girl: one - in the chest, the other - under the chin. Breast, by the way, it was good. Large, plump and very pleasant to the touch!
- Quiet! Why are you yelling? - I croaked her ear. - You cut, or what? I'm not going to rape you ...
- And ... sh-sh-sh-the same are you doing here, with-a-Skoti-on .. - hissed "stranger" through gritted teeth.
- Newbie I wrong toilet ... What's wrong with that? Can you understand it or not ?! Now calm down, and I'll let you go. Fuck I need you ...
The last phrase is clearly hurt "someone else" and she again made an attempt to break out and say something, but then again slammed the front door! And in my captive I had the grace (I'm not afraid of the word: who is in fact the hunt to become the laughing stock of the entire library?) Quiet down.
Two ladies, talking, took a booth. They were cast together without interrupting the conversation lively. Fallo! They can not keep their mouths shut, even where the silence befitting - each individual. Thinking about it, I pressed closer against my chest captive, making it downright stuck back to my chest and pressed her ass to immediately stirred a member, I had to warn "someone else":
- Piknesh - toilet and drown!
She was not offended, but rather as a limp. The ladies, meanwhile, came out of the booths and went to the sink.
- You say wrong toilet - suddenly asked, "alien" quietly. - Then why I am spying on me?
- I - I am spying ?! - Genuinely offended - Yes, where did you get ...
- Vaughn just broken mirror is ... Oh, you.
Exposing only increased my excitement. Captive guessed that no maniac, but quite safe asshole-reader in front of her ... and radically changed the attitude toward me, becoming a little more "in my own way."
- It seems, gone ... - muttered, "someone else", not hurrying to escape from my embrace.
Fortunately, someone entered the toilet again. We froze, huddled close to each other.
- Damn ... - little girl protested. - So they never run out of ...
And then, that not expecting, the whole girl on the cheek. She jerked, thin eyebrows were up, but then he fell. Every second victim of my prisoner turned into an accomplice, and it brought us together ... So much so that I have shamelessly kissed those sweet lips. And then my tongue wandered (by accident, of course) in a pink ear, she began to melt like a candle ...
"Alien" I tremble when I lifted her skirt and reached under her panties. Her tummy was so cool, and between the legs, on the contrary, it was an unusually hot and wet. I wonder if it has long sailed? Our kiss terribly long, and then she pulled out of my mouth my tongue and asked:
- Kiss ... there ...
From the kiss "there," she squealed, slightly scratching nogotochkami cabin wall and the back of my head. Of course, the chestnut hole was not a lesbian, but some experience of such relations with her, as is evident, yet formed. She leans back further and further, until, having thrown his hands behind his head, not rested in the wall. The result was a sort of polumostik or graceful arch.
The thighs were spread wide, and I had no trouble, almost without aiming, drove a member where necessary. She rubbed her slit up and down, and I was pushing the barrel back and forth. Everything was quite in sync. Lasky my tongue, apparently, had not yet been extinguished in the vagina, because "alien" soon soon began to finish. She came, and still could not finish, wailing like a wound:
- Oh, Mommy! .. Oh, how wonderful! .. Ah! .. Lovely! .. As vice-me-chat-flax-oh! .. Oh, my God! I want you and the on-the-c ... chi-yl ... Oh! Come on, darling ... choir ... my ...
I also came, but she did not get off to a member until he himself has not dropped out. And then she wanted to pee.
- Turn away ...
But I did not obey, admiring how bright trickle fired from pubescent hair soft lips.
"Alien" did not close probably so as not to spoil my fun. Pussy soaked piece of paper, she stood up and pulled her panties.
- And you, in fact, a perversion, - she stated without a shadow of conviction in his voice.
- Probably everyone at some degree pervert - I retorted.
After some thought, she suddenly laughed, holding her mouth:
- Indeed, if a half-hour ago, someone told me that a man give myself in the toilet ...
- And you yourself are not idle talk, and because your tongue has failed you. Svetku some reason offended.
- Oh, and do not say! What I still talker. I blurted out without thinking. Where's she is now run hither? .. She keeps to himself. Although it is possible to understand: Sveta plain, that is afraid, as if not recaptured, and Serge this came to our hostel. Svetka was not. Why, to whom came - he says. And immediately reached for me to kiss.
- Impudent like me.
- But you are a skilled, - I appreciated it - but he did not work ... I could not. Full disharmony. Yes, and I did not want to ... Oh, okay. By the way, let's at least get acquainted.
- What for? So even more interesting. Abstract man meets by chance with an abstract woman ...
- ...And makes abstract sexual intercourse, - she said. - I see. That is to say, sex in its pure form, but in a dirty place ...
She held out her hand and introduced herself:
- Luba.
- Vitaly, - say, shrugging his narrow hand and ceremoniously bowed his head, as if the library were in the toilet, and a reception at the Palace of Versailles.
- 3naesh, Acne, you liked me. If you want to meet, call again. Here are the phone. - "Strange" took a piece of paper from the box and scribbled pen number.
I put a piece of paper and made it clear that it was time to flee.
- To leave we alone, - she said to me the familiar phrase. - First - I, then - you.
- Aha, - nodded understandingly me. - If everything is ok, you cough.
- No, cough - it is unreliable. Better I whistle softly, like this ...
And she polushipya, polusvistya quietly withdrew the first bars of "Arise, ye prisoners of starvation ..."
- Agreed - I nodded, and she left.
Here "alien" and tied.
- Yeah, debauchery, then engaged - said someone feminine, but very stern voice. - Where? Stop! Speak the name, course, Adre-ec!
And immediately my booth shook powerful fist:
- Get out, bastard, right now, I call the police!
The situation before me in all terrifying clarity. Some large library "bump" went into the toilet, of course, interested in the fuss of my cabin, and naturally began to eavesdrop, and, perhaps, to spy. At such a special passion for espionage over time becomes obvious signs of sexual deviations - the so-called voyeurism.
He pushed open the stall door and playing nodules on the cheeks, I stood up to his full height. It was what I imagined this "range", dyed blonde of about thirty-five, with a small and evil eyes in a pale face.
Luba put her face in her hands.
- Do you face something of themselves do not hide, do not hide, - said the aunt, eating vain to look behind me. - You are able to sin, learn and repent.
- How, now, - she said through tears Luba - fled!
- Boorish, ah you! .. - The blonde blushed to the roots of his hair dyed - Look, how sunk! For you it is necessary to ...
- Come on, drop it, - I said, and took possession of arms matron.
Luba took the liberty and jumping out of the booth, disappeared with the speed of sound.
- So, - he said the woman angrily, turning pale with anger, - an attack on a senior official in the performance ... in a public place ... Come on, let go of my hands, quickly!
She rubbed his numb from my grip wrist, straightened the lapels of his jacket poluzhenskogo-polumuzhskogo, solidly moved her elbows. "Who will call the police," - involuntarily I thought, then rushed to the toilet the whole company of young "sikushek". "Nomenclature" on guard: administrative fine instinct told that such a long stay in a cabin with a young rascal might be "misinterpreted the public" - though not very broad. From all this smacks strongly "amoralkoy". That's the joy will have colleagues. Especially rejoice get pissed off. This bastard has long been under it saps.
And here's the miracle happened! Triggering of the most powerful of human instincts - the instinct of self-preservation. Nomenclature blonde single bound (just like a kangaroo) overcame the distance between us and broke into my cabin. The door slammed shut with a melancholy, heartrending creak. No, all the same rights of national sign - broke the mirror, expect trouble.
The rest was like a scene theater mime and gesture: the lady silently opening and shutting his mouth, mad puchila eye, jabbing a finger in the door: heck, they say, is not closed! Slowly, I clicked the shutter, took out a cigarette. The plump fist once loomed near my nose.
- Sit quietly - read my lips "nomenclature" - otherwise kill.
3a wall rollicking girls urinated in the toilet, wash their hands, smoked, laughed, grass obscene jokes. Grabbing crime, "nomenclature" reflexively stretched out in a hunting stand - erect ears, tail gun. In the end, my patience is exhausted:
- It does not hurt, then there is, my dear! The girls relaxed, resting. Sami is locked away in a closet with a young stallion.
- Oh you! .. Cc-jerk - and only she hissed, since, apparently, guess what nonsense breccia.
With exaggerated arrogance in his eyes, I began to scrutinize up and down this dyed idiot. And then my thoughts suddenly took a very, very different direction. Before me stood a very, very tasty Babets. Big bust, hips developed, the retired invitingly bulging ass.
- What are you so look around me? - Grumpy she rasped, suddenly switching to "you."
- How come"?
- Well defiantly immodest ... ... you need to remember that you, in fact, still a boy, and I ... um ... adult woman. I have ... um ... - She straightened her hair flirty movement. - Never mind, I'm old enough to between us ...
I drill "nomenclature" look bluish-gray eyes (according to my firm conviction, absolutely compelling), and under the influence of magnetic my "counterpart" language was somehow totter, flounder.
All my subsequent actions look probably very brazen. First of all, as he could with his hands clasped vast chest. She lunged, but to no avail. I was able to press the "range" to the wall, and in a moment my hand was fumbled under her skirt.
- Are you crazy ?! - Softly puffed it, fighting with his hands and exposing forward quite appetizing round knees.
- Not at all - I groaned in her ear - why do you not call for help? See, and then fuck directly on the toilet.
- Me! Here?! In this dirty toilet! - Her sibilant whisper rose to tragic heights. - Do you know who I am ?! I - deputy director of quartermaster. Dare only!
- Dare, dare, do not worry.
- I - the mother of the family!
Agree, it was a very weak argument for such a situation, and I jerk pulled off her panties.
- You young people are ruthless ... - she sighed - in you there is nothing sacred.
- Let's get up itself. Otherwise, take the power!
- How to "get up"?
- Known as - cancer!
- Never! - I rapped she whispered. - I am a decent woman and ... and to fuck me after some girls ?! They are there in the dorm, getting fucked like a monkey. Today one, tomorrow - another.
- You yourself have taught us collectivism - like vengeance.
- But ... not to the same degree!
- Okay, enough talk. Become a pose.
"Nomenclature" bent, revealing a rather attractive vagina, framed by reddish curls.
- No - suddenly she rested - without a condom will not give ...
- I do not have...
- But I have. Give'll get!
She has learned from an inside pocket a small colorful packaging of imported condoms, opened the bag and pulled out a product. Condom was a pale pink color, with two small spurs of soft rubber on the end.
At this point, painted lady saw my fire-breathing member. Her mouth immediately fell open, his lips, as if on command, formed the letter "o", and his hands stretched me gum:
- Put it on!
- It is the duty of women - brazen grin.
Two fingers holding a condom (the others were gracefully brushed), "nomenclature" well established gesture brought a condom to my sortirny madman and covered it with a pink rubber hat, and then unrolled the gum to the root.
- Take off your jacket, pomnetsya.
Oddly enough, but "the deputy director of the" do not contradict. Pro even resemble a skirt did not have to. Blouse she just unzipped.
- Do you all back in moles. So, happy ...
- How can happiness pours straight through the edge, - she said, deftly he unfastened the clasp of black lace bra.
Now it remained black narrow belt with long rubber bands, supporting nylon stockings, and black trunks, translucent and poluspuschennye me during capture "exclusion zone". Pull them up to me at the time could not end because it interfered with the belt gum. She poddernula smelting took sides for short cords, pulled them and panties revealed themselves and took the body. All simple and easy when you know where and what to draw, Yes, this harness women - first class!
From this leisurely and extremely erotic striptease I ache in the testicles. Naked "nomenclature" turned his back on me, started back hands to recharge energy from my ready to storm the jackhammer. Then she got cancer, grasping the riser toilet tank.
I put forward his horse, and she began to move backwards, slowly at first, that was inside she dealt gum, then faster.
- You feel good? - Do not forget to ask it at intervals of three to four times.
- Yes and you?
- Oh! And me too ... just great ... never before ... this was ... wonderful ... Ah! You're all like a spring ... ... Oh! Ah! That's what ... young man ...
Praise what is called, "went to the bone." Now buttocks "nomenclature" bumped into my stomach, and I, not to stretch an asshole at the door, I had to make as vigorous counter-push. It turned out, as in the good sawyers logs, but she inflates and inflates the pace, and I grasped violently shaking boobs kerf fourth speed. And now it began to shake not only the chest, but the buttocks, abdomen and even the powerful thighs. Everything was shaking shiver - so I pecked her. She lifted up her head, opened his mouth in a silent voluptuous groan.
- That's so ... so ... my dear ... good - it rained down in short staccato sentences. -! Oh, my God .. As well .. .. And how long I'm going to die of happiness ... .. Oh ..!
"It may die - I thought -. Restrain this temperament - not an easy task."
- Oh ... how I like ... so young ... ma-boys ... and you ... You ... he ... so much ... good! Oh! Already ... ... to the diaphragm is sufficient-is ... Ah! .. Oh, how sweet! .. Now ... know ... what ... young man ... Oh! ..
Concha is a series of orgasms, which obviously helped spur a condom. Then for a long time I hung on my neck, resting and whispering all sorts of platitudes. And fondled, caressed without interruption.
- It is a pity that not fuck in my office safe ... ... There is another way out. A sofa which, come, if you want ... With the comfort will do. Will you come?
I nodded.
- Just do not tell anyone, okay?
- Of course, what a question! By the way, you do not really get carried away spurs, female hysteria get ...
- Do not tell mother fuck. - She giggled again, getting to my lips. - I am very grateful to you, my dear ... I'm sorry, I do not know your name. By the way what is your name?
- Nicodemus.
- I'm seriously asking - she was offended.
- And I say - Nicodemus. My father and mother so named.
- Hmm ... strange name, that is, I would say, a very rare and beautiful, - recovered "nomenclature". - And I - M. Valeria. You can call a Leroy ... I let you, Nick, I let it all!
She drowned in the toilet for a long time used a condom - to hide the evidence. Descends and descends the water, but he did not want to drown. Finally, tired of messing around with Leray unsinkable rubber. She buttoned and again took the official view.
- Frankly, Nicodemus, you liked me. Very, - she said at the same time friendly and quite businesslike. - I would like to meet regularly. I think that I could be grateful ...
"As the cards at the meeting - I was surprised - now hand over the medal."
- You're a student? I tied some connections. You are, I think, would be useful ...
"Do not trust your spell. He wants to buy, well, well ..."
- Personal contacts will agree later time. This is my telephone number. - Valeria M. with a gracious smile gave me a business card and, lowering his voice, added:
- To leave will one by one. At first I, then - you.
- That's as usual - I nodded.
- If all is quiet, I knock on the door.
And she flew off. Long-lasting fragrance of expensive perfume stretched her long train. A minute passed, another ... fifth ... the promised signal was not ... I sat there and thought that, perhaps, there is no more boring than to sit around in the toilet.
Behind the scenes it was somehow gloomy. cabin door was open, and to me, rattling buckets, cleaning lady entered Baba Galya. In fact, it is the only way to know - Galya, in fact her name was Galia Mahmudovna. She stood on its crooked legs, holding a mop in sinewy hand, and looked at me sternly and yet compassionately.
- They'll wear out completely, the girls something. Vaughn, already the face of the awake.
Scratching his dirty fingernail large wart under oblique and mustache, Baba Galya reached into the pocket of dirty, ragged robe, pulled out a bundle of oiled and handed it to me.
- In a minute now, you girls peredachku sent. Eat a little, but then, I suppose, in the morning not zhramshi, sidyuchi zdesya.
After completing the assignment with faith, Galia Mahmudovna intercepted mop in the working position, dipped in a bucket of dirty water and began to scrub the tile floor dented.
- Ponasrali something ponasrali - she repeated her quavering voice, wielding a duster. - Intellectuals bad, God damn them ... Come on, pick up your feet, mulberries ish Russell ...
I ate a dry sandwich and thought that I sit here, as you can see, right up to his death. Agree, not very much is pleasant - to spend my life in the toilet! And the women here are some strange. As if he did not come different, but one and the same - only each time becomes older. Strange, I thought, the years go by, it is getting older, and for some reason I'm staying is still young.
Cleaner finished washing and wearily rested her hand on the handle of a mop.
- Well, you can teperecha and relax. Well, you are our fancy man, little by little refreshment?
- Yeah, thanks a lot, a woman Gal.
- Duc, thank you not get off, - said Baba Galya angry voice. - Teperecha let me ... I also want to ... Long time did not try zhivehonkogo Mop ... something I have become boring ...
She unbuttoned his bedraggled gown and started down the huge, pink, stained by chlorine cowards ... Seeing chlorinated cowards, I shouted wildly, rushed about on the toilet ... and woke up!
Near washbasins and buckets rattled some voice Gaul Mahmudovna shouted: "Here, zdesya flowing ... I do zamayalas wipe ..." - "Yes, - answered a man's voice - then we must cook without welding can not do, is not it. Fyodor? " - "That's right - confirmed another voice -. Pour Baba Galya, glasses washed?" - "? Maybe you still do not get glasses gentleman, maybe not kill you." - "The same is true from that no bacteria will not survive okromya us ...."
After some time, the unknown slave Valeria Mikhailovna began banging on pipes with something metallic. "Today we do not cook, a short day today and tomorrow - the weekend so that on Monday and we will begin.". - "Duck flood until Monday because something". - "Do not Wait, we will flood the riser will block, let us shut the toilet, and on Monday utrechka make a fresh mind ...."
I darted into the cabin like a ferret, locked in a chicken coop.
No, by Monday I will not survive. There was only one - to get out and surrender! Let the parents reported, the institute - do not die, in the end, in the toilet! However ... The output seems to have. You just need to gather and how to say the actors get into character. And I went ... pulled out his notebook, pulled the handle, give the face expression of the corresponding state-owned. And busily repeating: "Well, well, that's mean, like ...", he moved toward the door.
- It's all right - it was my first word in the wild. - Heating pipes do not leak, do not smoke ...
Glasses were frozen in the hands of the astonished mechanics, mustache under his nose Gaul Mahmudovna rose upright. It was necessary to build on the success. And I have developed:
- And on the other floors, heating is normal?
- Uh-uh, - said Baba Galya - seem in order ... And you who will?
- I'm from the boiler inspection, the inspector, so to speak ... Check readiness of systems for winter conditions.
- Yes, summer paddy ...
- Prepare sleighs in summer - I joked, smiling sourly. - The boiler is something you where? In the basement?
- We have central heating, - said Baba Galya, picking a wart near the nose. - Nope no boiler at all ...
- No, no way. Our easier - I said, writing something. - Then tell me, friend, I found the deputy director for the quartermaster? It is necessary to draw up documents ...
- So you to our Horse Mihajlovne? .. She's at home AHoChu.
- Wait I saw it, - said Fedor locksmith. - I galloped down the hall as if she who screwed to the backside.
- Eyny office on the first floor. Wait ... show - Cleaner dragged me to the stairs, where he took our farewell.
Briefly thanking Baba Galya for cooperation, glancing at the mop, which is gripped in her hands, I trotted sedately down the corridor.
- What do you know, the inspector ... and himself a young, - flew me back babygaliny farewell. - And where did just come from? Ai climbed through the window?
- They now nimble - Fyodor laughed. - Pour ...
Instead of an epilogue. I walked through the streets, drenched summer sun. Smell the rain-washed trees, flower beds and happy, happy newfound freedom!
Yes, dear friends, life, ultimately unprecedentedly beautiful thing!

Good intentions

We have selected a group of friendly, one could even say very! Yes, just a little bit spoiled now this crazy, well over two years it is all used to, simply did not communicate all. And, God created a miracle: tiny, no more than 160, with some dumb haircut types under the pot, but what about her style of dress is not even worth talking about. In short some strange, it really no one and did not communicate. And who else on this look?
Then one day, on a monthly gathering of our group (going so each month from someone in the hut, and boozed full: oh, that just was not in our meetings), I noticed our nuts. At first thought imagined, because it was never invited to our gatherings, but still it was she: is anyone not mix. I asked the owner of the apartment, on what is the occasion or the great holiday, but she replied that she did not know just the guys were asked to invite. It was felt that some afoot concert, and I no it does not want to miss it. Oh, and I'm a fool, I had to run with the party, who knew well: I watched from our little fool addicted 3 guys and started a conversation with her smart, at the same time not forgetting to pour her wine. One could draw the conclusion that it wants to make a drunkard. Well this process a lot of time and effort is needed, and soon, under the able leadership of the hostess, our miracle was transported to the bathroom and then the bedroom. Yes, the show nor what came of it. Usually the girls in a drunken state up all sorts of things there, and it just passed out, a complete zero. I did not at first noticed when, after half an hour our glorious trinity, already warmed vodka, single file reached the bedroom. Probably, and I was already in good condition, if I have awakened curiosity dikoyu than usually do not suffer, and recovered after them. The bedroom was dark, and only heard the soft whisper from the corner near the bed.
- Hey, if she wakes up?
- Do not wake up. Rather when he wakes up too late will
- And suddenly zaoret?
- Come on! Che her scream? Yet even say thank you. How can roam on the shelf?
Bah! Yes fuck her together (the group crawled rumors that she had never). Personally for me, so fuck the drunken woman no less fun. Usually women drunkards, when sober, they do not give a drunk woman is known to his n *** not the mistress. But the bed is nothing on earth already is suitable. One time he tried, more than for anything!
- And they say that it is virgin. Sveta will scream if she krovischi soil all over the entire bed.
- One hundred percent virgin! Otherwise, to be hell to me it should have been? And Svetka I agreed on everything.
Trinity rustling clothes, it is not paying any attention to what I have. And then I asked a very famous movie:
- A Th are you doing here, huh?
Oh, and I pulled the same features of the language! Well there to turn around and go, or stay to see continue. I like the last donkey intervened.
- And, Sergei, and then! Join us! Only mind you, I am the first. - For Valerka firmly entrenched glory Defiler innocent, oh, how many girls he had spoiled, but that would be this way! To me it rebelled, although most likely rebelled considerable amount of vodka, because the defense of virtue nor when it was not. Or my personal role played

The keys to the apartment

I looked at her. She was wildly sexy in a short skirt and tight dresses. She had laid eyes on me, even when I was in seventh grade. I sat on a stool, and she came to me very close. I do not know that it led to this, but she started to cuddle me. During my passions began, I could feel the heat fills me. I started to pull up her skirt, she did not resist. I started to pull off her panties and pulled her roughly into the room.
I laid her on the bed, and promised to give her a passionate night. I spread her legs and bared her wet pussy. It was large, bright red lips. She asked her to make blowjob. I have no wrangling parted her lips and began to suck her clitoris erotic. I felt like her ass tensed, I grabbed it. She quickly pulled her clothes and panting, lay down on the bed, legs apart and asking to give her. I quickly took off his sweat pants, and she began to suck my dick flushed. I began to be excited, but she did not let me finish. Sucking it to squelch. In the end - the end I decided to fuck her. I spread her lips and started his penis into her vagina. I could hear her sucking juices. I took her by the hips and began to introduce his phallus deeper and deeper. I like the way she moaned. I strongly rubbed her clitoris, she literally screamed. I rolled with her, and took her to his chest, began to introduce its members to savagery.
She clung to me, screaming, her pussy squelched and expanded. Oh, for a long time at thinking there was no such perevertotsa! Her swollen nipples, ass strengthened. She literally breathless orgasm! I slapped her on the ass, and pulled roughly on a chair. Taking her by the hips, I put it on the new one.
I licked her navel, and strongly pounded her. Again, dragging her on the bed, I tried it valetikom. Her vaginal walls clenched, I heard her screaming! At the end I was even more accelerated, and the hot jet of sperm spurted in Olu. At night, she woke up and went to the kitchen. it was not Aunt. Her mouth of woke me up, and I went to visit her. She was completely naked, and her big vagina me again opened. She saw the person that I want, and lay down on the kitchen table, legs spread. I'm the champ went into her pussy, she moaned! Sex on the kitchen table - super! Plugs rattled! Her genitals were wet, it just flowed!
Her silk easily surrendered to me, my cock was part of it but the most eggs. He started to harden. Her pussy was burning, my dick too. What I have always liked women, is their heat! I could not stand, and again finished it. We went, we sleep, and she went home the next morning. Twenty-four hours were not in vain ...

Student Life

After studying for a month, I noticed that one girl shows me too much attention. Often called, he starts a conversation in the institute, etc. But honestly, I do not really like it, no, I will not say that she was ugly, she was quite attractive: short stature, thin, shoulder-length hair, blue eyes, breasts of medium size, beautiful ass, shapely legs.
So once I came up to me and said her friend:
- Sasha, you really like Ana - so her name.
- Oh, and I can not live without it! - With yazvinkoy I replied. I'm more interested in what it all might end, I just wanted to have fun. And just like in the life of some variety.
In general, it is thought that my feelings for her are the same as her. But me it was not very interesting, and I gave her to understand, but it still ran after me. At the disco, when we went with classmates, I specifically find another girl and her eyes with her hanging out, I liked to bring her, I had fun. I thought she would ever realize that it was just a joke, but Anya seemed specifically refused to understand it. And I decided that it was time to end it all, I decided to talk to her seriously.
Once after school went to hold her up to the house, and began to tell her about the fact that like me bad, that such as I just spoil it, it will only suffer, etc. But she told me crying saying that he loved me, to live without me can not do anything about it ... but I could not.
After that, a few days she did not greet me, her friend looked at me like I was an enemy of the people, the boys pinned, such as:
- Well, you're damn brought the girl!
But then everything went on as usual week after week, everything was forgotten, here we are, and passed the winter session. There were winter vacation, I was sitting at home, after a quarrel with his girlfriend. I was bored and it was necessary to someone to spend time. All friends and still take exams or dispersed. Again, I wanted something new and diverse. And flipping through his notebook, bumped into Ani phone, smiling, I decided to call her!
By calling, we got to talking, not just about what, on the course, on who has passed a session. I invited her to meet in a cafe, just to talk, she readily agreed.
We sat and drank coffee, she told me some crap, I almost thought it was not listening was born in my head that I want it! We went for a walk, I knew in my pocket keys to the apartment free, where no one lived, but which had a large sofa bed, and I took her there. At first she did not want to go, but I persuaded her.
Sitting on the sofa, we continued to talk, but I did not listen to her, and just sat there, smiling and casts her eyes, she wore a skirt around knee-high slit that revealed her beautiful hip, slim blouse, tight-fitting chest ... I continued to look at her and began to sit down to it getting closer and closer, nearer, I began to kiss her on the lips, she replied in kind, we kissed a long passionate kiss. When I tried to stick their hands under the blouse, she pushed me, not letting me do anything. She pushed away and began to tell me that she was still a virgin, she does not want to do it with someone who does not like her, who needs just sex. But I did not listen to her, continued to kiss on the lips, neck, I felt that it begins to be excited. I began to knead her breasts through her blouse, slowly unbuttoning the other hand it, so I have removed it. She sat in front of me in a white bra from under which could be seen quite hard nipples, I moved away from her and smiled she shy and light crimson ran through his body.
I took off my sweater and T-shirt, she approached me first and started to touch my powerful torso, his back. She tried to undo her bra, but I stopped her, saying that I will do everything myself. I started stroking her body, kissing him, reached his hands under her skirt and unbuttoned it and took off, and with it more and tights. I kissed her on the lips, and in the meantime, one hand kneading her breast, the other drove between her legs, which were already quite wet. Anja was moaning and writhing in my arms. So I undid her bra, which literally jumped with her for a long time excited breasts. Her nipples were right on the touch as the pebbles, her chest was very beautiful, although not very large. I kissed her nipples, biting them.
I sank lower and lower, so I kiss her belly, closer to her panties and take them off. Before me stick more perfect nor anyone else touched the vagina, with neat delicate petals, from which a thin stream oozed moisture, I kissed this beautiful flower and felt that he was alive. I opened my fingers the petals of her beautiful vagina and saw a small maroon berry, which clung to his lips and began to suck, nibble it. Anna tilted her head to the back of the couch, arched in front of me, I pressed my head to his crotch, fingernails gripping the skin on my head and moaned quietly. I could not stand my dick was too excited and very much bulged out of his pants. I stood up and asked Anya:
- Do you really want it? - I found when ask overexcited girls. She said nothing to me, just something moaned in response, but I knew she was ready.
I took off his pants and underwear, and for those, who got out of my cock, which stood as a hero and was ready to fight. Anya sat and looked at me with big eyes, for it was evident that she had seen a man's penis for the first time in my life.
I walked over to her, kissed her on the lips, pushed to the edge of the sofa and his legs wide apart. Anna lay on her back, closed her eyes and waited to become a woman. I approached her, took his penis in his hand and led him to the head of the girl's bosom and began to drive it on the petals of the vagina, and then began to slowly immerse it inside, where it was warm and humid, but I'm in no hurry. I then introduced, then he pulled her head out of the vagina, as if teasing the girl, she groaned, and said through a moan:
-Well, davaaay, give-ah-ah!
I entered a little deeper and a member pochuvtvoal, he ran into a wall of the virgin film, and led him to the door, and abruptly put him back at full length, and began rhythmically to drive inside, each time increasing the pace. Anya moaned not in pain, not pleasure, his hands erratically leading to your body. I grabbed her hand pulling is not a member, lay on his back and put it on top of me, holding the bowl would raise her up and down. She got into the taste and started jumping on my penis, both in the saddle on a horse that rushes at full gallop. I felt that I was ready and again turned her back, pulled his penis out of her and violently ended on her body ...
She lay motionless, her legs were wide apart, red vaginal juices flowing, the entire abdomen and chest were splattered with my sperm, her face was rotated to the side, and from the tears flowed down her cheeks eyes.
I got up and went into the kitchen and smoked a cigarette, drank a mug of coffee. Glancing at the clock, I thought that it was time to go home, went to the room. Anya was lying still and not mobile, I picked her up and carried her into the bathroom. I put it under the shower, the water running down her beautiful body, a body that was an hour ago, the body of a real woman. I took a washcloth and began to wash it by washing the chest, abdomen feet from our juices, then I started to wash between her legs, immediately noticed some activity Ani, her nipples again tightened, she handed me her hand, and I climbed into her bath, we started kissing passionately. My cock stood up again and stared into her stomach, she took it in her hand, knelt down and started to consider it. Opened head Ovelia Accommodations her gaze on it was clear that she was interested.
- Kiss him - I told her. She timidly kissed him, then another and another, and then took it into his mouth and began to drive slowly on his lips, began awkwardly to suck, I told her how to do it, saying that it's just candy. She sucked it so that I quickly finished right in her mouth, it was obvious that she liked the taste of male sperm and it swallowing it with great gusto. She stood up again, and we are again merged into a single kiss. I shoved his hand between her legs and began to massage her vagina fingered her clitoris, then began to wind her fingers inward, pinching its walls, it is roughly finished. We finished the wash and went home without talking along the way.
After a couple weeks of classes began, all this time we Anya had never met and did not speak, the first weeks of study took place in his frantic pace, but after a few days we will fit into a rhythm. When I talked with Anna, only on classes of not more than. But for some reason, to me every time I saw her, I wanted to meet her stronger and stronger.
The cocoa that day I wrote her a note as follows:

The winter vacation

It was in January during the winter session. Me and my brother-bleznets Artem 20-year-old boys from Moscow. A few days ago, we failed all the exams. The mood was such that even under the train rushes. In order to somehow brighten up their position, we decided to get some rest and forget in the suburbs.
Our friend had a dacha near Moscow. There we decided to spend their winter holidays.

After collecting the money accumulated odd jobs, we went to rest.
They bought all the booze and grub for two whole backpack.
Stand on the platform, merznu one cigarette after another sip. We were approached a pretty girl, she is also expected to train.
-Treat cigarette - she said, looking at me cheerfully.
-Thank you.
In her short fur jacket red color she was wearing. Elastic stockings adorned her legs and boots to the knee gave her an elegant and sexy look.
EMU was not very long, so we had time to talk with our new acquaintance. Her name was Natasha. She was also a student and went to his home. Since we were on the way we got together. The train was half empty and we were comfortable.
-Do you have a card, - she said.
-We have everything, what we play?
-I do not care.
Time passed quickly for the game and we did not notice how arrived at our station.
-It's time - sadly I said Natasha.
-Guys! It can be with you.
We were stunned at first, but then he caught himself agreed to take her with him to the country.
In four of us will be fun. I, Tom, the owner Igor- cottages and Natasha.
Igor, as it turned out was not in the country. Instead, he left a note with a wish to have a good time, and most importantly does not break.
From the road we all namayalis, chilled, so you need to be well warmed.
Stole wood from the neighbors, we flooded the stove.
Artem preparing food with Natasha, and I threw the wood into the fire. After a while it became a bit warmer, but still it was not that.
When everything was ready, we drank all the way, three times damned professors spoil our record book and raised a toast to the beautiful ladies.
-I'm so glad I met such a good, understanding children - Natasha mumbled half-drunk.
-We are also excited.
-Let us anything just now. For example, play spin the bottle. On whom it will, he will kiss me.
We agreed alive. Especially fire water did its dirty work in our heads.
Having experienced the sweetness of Natasha's lips pulled us to the exploits. Artem turned off the light, and in the meantime I paw Natasha. A blouse I felt its elasticity is not the children's breasts.
-I want you suddenly said our friend.
My hand meanwhile climbed under her skirt. He felt the panties, I began gently stroking the intimate place. Natasha moaned.
-Go on, my boy, - whispered Natasha undressing me.
Here Artem turned on the light and the color of acquired sexual feelings.
I stood in front of the girl in shorts, and she was a little drunk, so seductive, like me right now. It had to be recorded on video.
-Relax! You're a busy then, - said Natasha, pushed me on the bed.
-Show me what you have there.
I pulled the briefs and appeared before her in all its glory. My cock was so hard that I was ready to finish now. I was exhausted from the desire to possess it.
Natasha leaned over to me and started stroking my hero. Artyom, meanwhile, approached her from behind and began to undress her.
When she was only in her stocking feet, he barely unbuttoned his pants, he immediately drove back to Natasha for the most eggs. She moaned and began to massage the tongue member, and then completely immerse yourself in your mouth all my dignity.
I was in heaven, the smell of sex began to soar at the cottage. Excitation grew and it was necessary to do something. I lay on the bed and gently pulled the excited Natasha.
-Sit on me, baby! - I said, adjusting his cock right in the wet hole. Artem, a little thought, perched on top fucking girlfriend in elastic ass.
We have formed a super trio. Everyone groaned with pleasure and did his job.
-Yes! Deeper! Deeper! - Natasha cried sweating.
We had it in all holes at the same time. This she had never experienced, although it was not longer a virgin.
The orgasm was approaching. Artem finished first. He cried at first, then growled and began literally to pump his semen in Natasha's gut.
I flipped her onto her back, and she spread her legs for comfort.
I fucked her for another five minutes, and then Natasha began beating convulsively, her muscles were reduced wherever possible. She screamed loudly and in a squeaky little tugging and began to slow down the pace. Seeing this, I stepped up the rhythm and finished it abundant and strong jet of sperm.
All three of us lay on the big bed. This I have not experienced. It was an unforgettable evening.
So we spent the first day in the country. The following days were better than the other one.
We tried three of the most improbable and twisted postures, which were able to come up with. Natasha also acquired the necessary sexual experience.
Day followed day, week after week, and our vacation came to an end.
And Natalie had to prepare for the new semester. Of course we spend capitally, but what memories.
Our friend has promised for the summer holidays to come back to us to the cottage, but not another, and with a friend. So we wait until the summer, and before you know our history and continue to be.


Before the second course I came to Moscow in 20 days of August and began to settle in the empty apartment. What a miserable situation there had dishes left from previous guests, even rattling refrigerator something there cold. But if you think about it, what else is needed for students to two bachelors after years of torment in a hostel?
Was I then cool shy, especially with women. And it suffered from it. Fuck like constantly, and I come to you like a girl and say something at a loss trial. And so it was that for a whole summer has not happened I have no sexual encounter. Cum seemed flowing from his eyes, was a member of both the included eternity, circle looking surprised heels girls not covered by me in Moscow, and I just look at it and lick, and toss and turn at night alone in an empty apartment, his teeth skriplyu. Masturbate disdained.
One evening one sat with Moscow classmate. They drank, of course, shared his impressions during vacations. At about 11 I went home on the subway. On

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