Walked ...

-I'm not against.
-My name is Ira, and you?
-I ... Michael ... (and tries again, I introduced this pseudonym?)
-Misha and lope old are you?
How I wanted to tell the truth but lied ..
- I'm 18.
-Oh, I thought you are older ...
-Is there a difference?
-well no.
We're talking about 5 minutes, then she said, saying that the house she is unoccupied, the whole course of her at work, and it has nothing to do. By stranger apartments I do not go hunting and I asked her to just walk in the park. she agreed. We went on a quiet alley. The people were a little overcast day. We walked down the alley. And it further into the forest. And Ira offered to turn left, and there is generally a wilderness ... I started to get up. we went about 50 meters, then she abruptly dropped her hand into my pants and said, "I see you already understand?"
Then she pushed me into the bushes and began tselovatsya, simultaneously trying to undo the buttons on his jeans and unbutton his pants. My hands were not inactive. I climbed into her panties, it was already very wet .... She finally removed her jeans off me, dropped and began to play with my member. I just caught the buzz. Then I grabbed her by the hair and lifted.
-Then I'll buy a lollipop, and now take off your pants.
-What for? DELAY my skirt! I looked down. The skirt was not very korotakya and I just took it off. She bent her cancer. She arched her back. Because it was a thong, I just pushed them and entered her. The next 10 minutes is probably around claps were heard only by the collision of our bodies. While this was happening, we went past the man 5. och well remember how people looked at us. Family couple passing by laughed softly, and a man, 40 years, nodded approvingly. Then I was tired of this position, and I decided to podgyat her up and be like that. For a long time I could not stand it and swung it. Then he asked, and let us in the ass? She nodded her head. Again, I put her cancer, saliva smeared her anus and slowly entered. She tensed a little, let. When I realized that I'm getting, I quickly got out of it, turned and put the device in her mouth. Grabbing her by the hair, I began to push through his cock down her throat, and finished where. Then we went to her home, but that's another story ...


Scandinavia - and only. Chinnye companies are unhurried conversation in small cafes. The aroma of coffee tickles the nostrils. My friends, even those who name was Petrov, talking without raising and lowering his voice, almost without changing the tempo and intonation. Our conversation flowed in some hypnotic rhythm, soothing and leading to a state of half asleep. Repose of the soul, so to speak. And the most meaningless words were filled with deep meaning, and the bartender, looking more like a millionaire in his trio and bow tie, looked like some famous Baltic artist.
And suddenly, in this peacefulness bursts girl says:

Adventures in the dorm

In short converged couple. I never asked about his appearance at friends, I think most of the same. The best guide in this case is a mirror. ... It is just to say that I am beautiful, slender. Well, judge for yourself, my face just angelic, growing medium, cool the body without excessive bodybuilding of pump, a little on the nature of dark.
We walked the long winter evenings bored on the streets, sometimes went to a bar to drink a cup of coffee for more simply do not have the money. We were good in this strange city of love, mutual sympathy, but terribly ill from unsatisfied desires and simply elementary December cold of winter. All our friends were also obschazhnikami, and relatives or friends in the city, we did not. I lived with the children in a room for four, and Tatiana in their dorm with strict access control. Alien to him allowed, but only women. Even sleep could allow, but again only parney- not know.
Ha nose was New Year meeting. Most other cities are leaving their homes. I do, because of the waste, it could not afford, and parents wrote that slightly unwell and did not come. Tatiana is not going to go anywhere. We began to think, where to celebrate New Year. On holidays she remained alone in the room, but how to get it? The yield was only one, it is necessary for a few days to enter the image of the girl, and thus penetrate to Tatiana.
To this idea we have come quite seriously, but in general it can be interpreted as a search for a carnival costume for a meeting of the new year. The most serious problem was the fact that I was pretty krupnovat for women's dress, did not say that much, but Tatiana clothes did not fit me, and the other was not. Of course, new friends have already appeared, and could even invite himself to someone or to visit that day, but would like to test our privacy and reciprocity.
Preparing for the New Year is now occupied all of our time. It was a mystery, and the mystery of time. The idea to live a few days the girl turns me on much, and passed on, to some extent, Tatiana. A few days later we went to her on the markets and komissionke in search of things "for a masquerade." The fact that this hostel was very strict control, both at the entrance and on the floors, and walk to the communal kitchen and the toilet, which had broken the door had to be in the women's. The most difficult task was to buy a wig and coat, with boots was easier, we bought them directly from the hands of one woman, and that were not fashionable, but do not catch the eye. Products and champagne we bought in advance, and the day before the 31 th.
For a long time we thought, where can I change that would have no one knew, but did not come up. In the end, we got on the train and went with a big bag and take the skis hire, outside the city. The street light frost was about 5 degrees, and came down from the train, we went into the woods. We rode for long, and soon went to the beaten track in a thick forest. After a while found a small clearing, slightly covered with small spruce forest, and near a fallen old pine. I was with a small ax and a handsaw. No problem, we have collected the dry lower branches with fir trees, and the top branches of an old pine tree and lit a fire and made a kind of a winter picnic. The most important thing began after drinking a bottle of champagne and a fierce fire. I started to undress to their underwear. Despite the two-month introduction, I never had to undress in front of Tatiana, for this was not simple conditions. Left in his shorts in the winter woods to a friend, I was very excited that threw and them. Lady, I undressed, already exhausted from desire, and, occasionally tossing wood into the fire.
The forest was no wind, and the heat from the fire, well roasted sides, leaving other parts of the power of light frost. In both it was, together for the first time and romantic as a fairy tale. Of course, it was chilly, but for a young flesh in the spirit of further adventures. Freezing, we have quickly, and therefore dressed quickly, good, I kept repeating for Tatiana. Women's panties, warm tights, dress and long coat, and the head female wig. The girl did not have much transformed, she was wearing a ski Therefore, I have for the skier, well in any way, even my ski pants were out of place. When dressed, the cold and the satisfaction of desires, not even aware that on me now! I was a little embellishing, tweaked wig, offered to pull light gray woolen tights, packed up and moved back. Tanya went skiing, I "dragged" back, being careful not to fall in the December snow.
On the platform we come in half an hour, and only then I realized that the guy is not! We are two "defenseless girls." Not far away was a group of guys, obviously bored waiting for the train. One of them came up and began to stick, clearly alluding to the discrepancy between "ski" costumes. I'm sure the "silent" -all fell on Tatiana. The guy was nice and obviously sunk at her friend, and she did not much like his otshit. They talked until the arrival of the train, and I "quietly" psyched, well at least I have no glued, not converged in the growth of the others, then we used to walk in pairs! Train arrived and the guy obviously pleased, retired, probably appointed date.
The coat was long, and my kolgotochki seen were not that much I soothes and protects, at the same time I felt a short dress and covered legs that still fall on display, either now, so soon. We sat in the car against each other, and Tatiana, looking at me from time to time to sprinkle in the cam, it infuriates me, mixed with helplessness - now I was completely in her power, and could not get up no escape as the caught animal in the cage. To the hostel we came at dusk and without skis. Tatiana went to change clothes, came to stay for the New Year to meet then "friend from out of town." We have wandered through the streets, and went into heat. The examination, in which Tatiana risked the most. We had a passport of one of her familiar, a bit like me. In the passage on duty Zinaida Ivanovna, an elderly lady, and not harmful, but highly valued their place, because nothing is capable of making life but how to collect gossip about everyone and everything.
From humble guise of "I entered" into the long hall, and was (a) under the gaze of a professional, with a lifetime of experience. From fear of failure I am ready to (a) has been described, such a feeling of cowardice never experienced. I literally (morally) stripped to the goal, but for some reason have not found the man's beginning, probably at the moment it just dematerialize, and I had nothing to even describe, and I went through!
In spite of those who left in the dorm I had a lot of girls who are not going anywhere, and the life was in full swing. We went to our room, I took off my coat and found himself with his short little dress and woolen tights. Very uncomfortable, but in the warmth and comfort, and one in the huge world of opportunities available only to me. True strangeness crushed, and I was going to change a little, so as not to look defiantly, but then knocked on the door, and entered a neighbor and invited to a shared kitchen tea.
- Now we shall come.
I wanted to remove the tights, and generally look like the guy in the end, but the guys kept their word, and my word, it's a mystery, and had to go so in light gray, emphasizing the shapely long legs, fur slippers, backless, with neat heels feet . While there was a general review, I almost pulled the feeling of their own attire. Since the guys in the house was, all dressed were very at home and even more. I spoke a little whisper, so as not to give a natural voice, telling the legend, and hiding behind a jamb table their growing excitement from the "own way" of the company and frank conversations about women's dignity. Tea over, but I have not been able to get out of the jamb of the table, waiting for calm, his virtues.
All the rest of the evening we were engaged in, the sex, bringing me in order. I shaved my legs, to walk down the hall to the bathroom without tights, but as it was cold and dirty, it is best suited stockings. Robe for walking in the dormitory I liked, it was very short for my height and terribly excited in conjunction with the "home" cotton stockings, but it needed the tight swimming trunks when walking out of the room! For that, then I just dropped them in the room, so as not to distract from the "work". In the toilet I liked to walk, good for a long time the door was not only the side walls, sinks with mirrors, just in front of the booths. "Wash" I went almost every hour, especially when the corridor took another ass what it short.
The way I came quickly, and the next day, freely and naturally splashed in his robe, getting to know new friends. On the last day we were already invited to a general meeting of the new year, on our kitchen floor, where established tree. The tree was the highest, up to the ceiling, and dressed it with ladders. I started from the bottom to submit Inn toys, pretty tall girl in a half-woolen robe. Soon I realized that there is nothing else for it, and nearly lost his mind, but came Tatiana in her "bikini" and dragged me into a room where I immediately atoned for his "sin." The doors to the dormitory, as a rule, do not lock, if the owners are gone, and all the cases had to be solved quickly, without removing the dressing gown and stockings. So I plant, which, Tatiana tried not to let me out of the room, as it should not be satisfied. Naive soul worth it to go beyond the threshold, as another "robe" drove me crazy, and from the romantic young man turns into a dog, but it is mentally.
For the meeting of the new year took some bribe, and then Tatiana had to go shopping. We "agreed", "security", she locked me alone in the room. As soon as the girlfriend left, I had the distinct Innochkina Kisochka, under the robe, and I wanted to pull it out there and nowhere else. About half an hour I was on my knees, looked through the keyhole in the corridor, hoping to see a familiar profile, and waited. Inna has passed. On the thought remained for about three minutes, four. And suddenly she was "not so", and then I completely marred and expelled in disgrace. On the other hand gown without panties, the New Year for some reason without the guy, and here I am, with my fucking clothes! and with a sudden superstoyachkoy. From all this, the main argument was the last. When she went back, I quietly called her, saying that Tatiana accidentally locked the door, and me - the urgent need to get out. Inna reacted quickly and in five minutes the door opened ball spare key. Leggy The girl was apparently "a seasoned comrade" and "my hostel" unnecessary things are not dragged. The door is open, come what ah, I immediately Innochka currencies, exposing her dreamy Kisochka and showing "their" already very ready to talk. It turned out that I Dima, already know almost everything, from a narrow range of floor and Tatiana are very afraid that I will go "hand" - a kind of milazhka in mini, stockings and even with the device, only slightly reminiscent of a sweet attractive face damsel. My incognito revealed the first tea party, and the other adventure seems to come.

With mature

It was summer. Masha and her friend went to a private suburban entertainment complex. It was a weekday and after people there was no rain at all. We were very pleased and we settled on the best places by the pool. An hour later came the men from the company of 5 people. They certainly took their places next to nami.Blizhe the evening we were sitting together and drinking brandy and it was very fun. Men have been older than 20 years on exactly, but they were called veselo.Mashe she quickly did not really explain anything she said urgently's time to do something with Mom and called a taxi and left. I also began to gather, but to me and no one has to leave. They offered us to continue the evening do not hide from me that they want sex. I'm afraid this panic start to collect things, but one of them came up and took them. Explained by the fact that if I do it well, they generously otblagodaryat.Menya I always wound up sex for money and men age, it was only a fantasy. I understand that it does not just go away, and I agreed. Next to the pool were covered pergola we moved there. There was a long bench with a round table. They all sat down and told me to undress showing all its charms. At first I was very embarrassed, but then I realized that I like it a lot. One of them could not stand up and asked me to stand up to his knees in front of him. I dutifully got up and he put me into his mouth quite flaccid penis and I started to suck it. The rest began to pull smelting and approach closer to us, and I started it podrachivat members in turn. They were juicy and elastic. I got up and lay down on the table, legs wide apart began to fondle himself. They began to caress me all in turn I did not understand where someone. Someone patted my pussy tongue, and someone sucked my nipples. One of them touched my anus. I do not wait to feel their members confidence. Here is one of the long-awaited members and so passionately fucks me in me. I feel myself a dirty whore and me as it gets. They all took turns fucking me from this excitement becomes stronger so that the older members and they told me mercilessly fuck me. I've lost my account how many times I get an orgasm. Every time when your partner has changed, he came after my pussy to my mouth and I licked all his grease. They launched me and began to slap on the pope and prepared my ass for entering member. I have never had anal sex in November was so excited that I even really like this. Fat cock rested against my anus and I for a moment it was so painful, but I did not have not heard. When a member is completely gone and made me a pair of solid progress, I started to have fun. Again, the members changed, but now every member of the ka I felt my anus with sperm flows. All five men had finished me in the ass. I was so good, and then even ashamed of it. I experienced so many orgasms when they do not. Later we went to the shower, they carefully wash all I like washing all the evidence called a taxi and gave the money sent home. I finally fulfilled my fantasy.

Intoxicating pleasure

I immediately recognized him as their classmate Sergey - a handsome dark-haired guy. On the first day of acquaintance with him, awakened in me some kind of strange feeling, not previously arise in me. I could not understand it, I just felt drawn to Sergei, but I could not show it, affected education of parents. Suddenly there was a situation, when he came up to me in the park, and we were alone. I did not know whether he is nice so far. But what he told me in an instant, turned my life. But I will not get ahead of ourselves and talk first about yourself and your family to all the events that take place after the meeting in the park are clear to you.
My name is Marina, I am 17 years old. I want to tell about what happened to me in the autumn day, but, for sure, will go down in my fate, because I do not feel it more without this intoxicating pleasure and the person who gives it to me.
My parents think I'm still a child, called snow-white angel sent to them as a gift from heaven. I myself will not hide that beautiful. No, this is not an exaggeration or conceit. Being high, this green-eyed blonde, have a fourth the size of the chest, waist and hips the ideal would like any girl. Nature has generously given me and everyone noticed it, so parents, watching the man's eyes, at times, ate my silhouette, strongly intends to protect me from the foreign relations. they succeeded until recently. I went to school, and even did not think that someone will tempt me turn the head, and even more so to be sex with me. Sex - what is it? My knowledge in this field were missing altogether. All told, everything they do. He brings joy, pleasure, violent admiration for some, but at the same time others identify it with violence, animal instinct and debauchery, defamatory younger generation. My parents belonged to the second category of people. In my family, I never heard about sex in the best sense of the word, no one explained to me about it, did not try to help understand the feelings experienced by a person engaged in it. The severity of my parents did not allow me to watch scenes of love, even on television, not to mention a personal experience. The only sources of information were friends, which seemed to me these professionalkami in this matter, even though most of them were the same virgins like me. However, their awareness surprised me, they spoke with some, little known to me terms: ecstasy, masturbation, penis. I did not know about it and almost never seen. Sometimes, at night, I heard my mother's moans behind the wall. These sounds, as if something turned over in me. I could not fall asleep for a long time, thought about it, I felt that my body responds to them, hands, not knowing that close to my pubis and want to get under her panties. Why I'm in shorts at night, you ask - so my mother taught me. She thought that, since I do not wear nightgowns or pajamas, it must necessarily sleep in shorts. But back to the moans, one day I broke down and decided to spy on their parents. Quietly getting out of bed, I went to my first sexual experience. Then I appreciated it that way. The door was slightly ajar, and it was evident that a faint light was burning, so I did not have to move the handle and much to look closely. At the moment when my eyes, rushed into the gap, groans reached its climax. I'm a little scared, but when they heard that they were going on rhythmically, immediately clung to the half-open door. The picture appears in front of me, hit me in the extreme. Parents who say that sex - it's evil, engaged them in the most blatant form. The first time I saw my mother in such a state, she literally writhing in convulsions, ёrzaya on the wide bed, clutching his magnificent chest and legs wide apart. The head and hands of the father in this case are exactly in between performing some incredible movement, forcing the mother ass rise high above the bed. So high, that could be seen of her pubis, a completely pure white, without a single hair. This surprised me, since I have at the same place was a lot of hair, and my mother, when she saw me naked, has always stressed that the hair in the crotch of the legs - this is the last woman to cover someone else's eyes. Meanwhile, the situation has started to change in the room. Father mother turned on his stomach, put a pillow so that her ass was the most widely extended. He patted her hand and ran his tongue between the buttocks. Finally, he got up on his knees, and I saw that the girlfriend called penis. He stuck out a number of red and thick. It's so much agitated me that I woke up for a moment and could not believe my eyes: my panties were very wet and slightly lowered and his hands massaged the vagina. On the right leg dripping droplets of strange liquid. My first thought - I started having periods, but this can not be, as they ran out three days ago. I'm a little scared, and quickly returned to the room. There I took off quite wet panties, wiped her feet, and vagina with a handkerchief and climbed into bed completely naked. To my own surprise, I quickly fell asleep and slept soundly until morning. I woke my mother. She always does this before school, so I do not go too late. Hearing his voice, I opened my eyes and was about to jump out of bed quickly, but there is nothing that parents tell me. Slightly Nervous, I looked around the room in search of his robe. Throwing it over his naked body and sticky, I went into the bathroom to take a shower and have all girlish procedure. Performing these steps, I returned to the bedroom, dressed fresh pink panties, her usual school uniforms and went to breakfast. At the table we were seated, my parents, and drinking coffee. Mom asked as I sleep and how I feel. I said that everything is fine, while strongly gripping legs, and I had a beautiful dream of a fairy-tale prince kidnapped me to his palace. When finished talking, I gathered the necessary things and went to school, listening to his father in front of this instruction with no one to linger. During lessons, I thought of only one thing - about what happened tonight. Bedding parents flashed scenes of one mind, of one, I would like to find himself there again, but not in place to spy, and the place of the mother, and to experience what she felt. These thoughts reawakened my cleavage between her legs, and she began to weep. Since I could no longer stay, I had to lift her skirt and sit on some panties that was not visible wet spots. Once again, I felt a sense of excitement, like tonight. The only desire for me at this point was to touch her vagina and rubbed his arm. However, to do this, I could not, sitting around classmates. They may have noticed my strange behavior and laugh. Lesson, meanwhile, was coming to an end, and I'm all flowed, I clenched and unclenched his feet, and could not stop. It cost me a tremendous effort to stop its movement. Few come to himself, I asked to use the toilet, to conceal his excitement. Rising from his chair, I saw it on a large wet spot on my discharge. Putting it your backpack, I walked out of class, and went to the toilet. Fortunately no one was there. I went into the booth, lifted her skirt and saw that my new pink panties dimmed. They were very wet, even the ass was covered with moisture and a little zudila. I quickly took them off, went to the sink and soaked with water. Then I went back into the cabin, is widely spread her legs and wiped her pussy. The same thing I had done with her ass, crouching, I spent wet panties between the buttocks, and removed all traces of the female secretions. After waiting a few minutes in the booth until dry crotch, I came out of the closet, and returned to the classroom. It was empty, because the lesson has ended. I walked over to his desk, took a backpack from his chair, rubbed them all the same pink panties, and, without waiting for the rest of the lessons, went home.
On the street it was a warm day in May, blowing breeze and slightly lifted my skirt. I felt very happy. For the first time in my life I walked down the street, not having underwear under clothes. I will not hide, I really enjoyed this feeling: the feeling of freedom, emancipation of natural and sexual intimacy with their start. I returned home, there is usually no one was there because their parents came about seven o'clock in the evening. Now there were twelve.

Reports began to do more interesting

I'm actually in a hurry.
- Well, you know ...
- No.
- Well, I do not have money now ...
- Look, I told you how much it costs. 200 p - are not that much money. Parents ask. Or borrow one.
- Oh please ... Andrew ... Parents just do not give me ... I will return ...
- Uh-huh. Come back. Was I once pious, everyone believed. Now, maybe it is, and I will take an advance.
- ...
Damn, already let a tear. She gave me that, for a fool keeps? As if I do not know how easily the girls succeed.
- No money - so work it off. I'm not against.
- But as?
- It is known as.
- Oh you! - You look, and the tears dried up. The seconds had passed.
- ...
Something silence began to tighten. But in any case, I have calmed down. And it looks like something hurt. I wonder what will happen? However, the idea that Oksana decides to pay off his own body, I was quite far. Now povozmuschalis a little, and give money. Probably because just trading. What would have girls like her, but could not find a couple of hundred? Ha!
- Okay.
- Come on, what you wait?
- Oh, no, here, I just will not!
- Um .... - I have delusions and went to the roof, and she meant to give me here and now? Um ... leading questions - at your house ..?
- ...today parents will not. And do not forget the abstract. After eight, okay?
- Ahem. Deal.
Well no shit myself! I do not believe my ears. So speak then about the gentle and romantic creations. Maybe I liked it? Or just a damn? It seems it does not. Neither one nor the other. However, who disassemble them. On Tverskaya had never gone, I have no idea what they look like.
However, eight. Something I'm staring at the wall. Although the wallpaper pattern is quite dull and gray. Mdja. So, it is necessary to gather. And somehow hide the riser. And then in front of passers uncomfortable.
- I have friends in the hostel. Birthday to celebrate. Probably tomorrow. - Sadly, I live still with their parents. While the relative freedom.
- Just before the crocodiles do not get drunk. - Yes, they are liberal with me. Sometimes even enough, then it turned so shy. And I never even fell in a salad.
Why is everything so strange looking at me? T-shirt on the issue did not seem to see ... Or is it just paranoia? Hmm ... If you think about it soberly and wear glasses - it seems that still seemed. But the stupid grin from the face to subside still not going to. Well, okay.
Glancing at the grandmothers at the door, hastily passed, I ran to the fifth floor. Oksanka in the home dressing-gown - my God, it exceeded all my expectations! Brown hair dismissed from the usual delightful bushy tail and mane falling on the shoulders, big eyes like green sparkle, slim handle gently pushes me out of the way and closes the door. This flexible movement

A hard place

So she immediately realized who she will be able to help. Helen wore brief denim skirt, little white thong and a tight T-shirt over bare boobs. Fortunately, the nature of her boobs are not cheated. She had magnificent breasts size 4 with hard nipples. Shirt so their skin-tight that it seemed nipples pierced tissue is now. Helen found Sergei in spotrzale. He pedaled a bicycle. Helen is not paying any attention to anybody, I went to his simulator and sat on the board to swing the press. She sat on the edge, but with such calculation that now Sergei could see her little white panties under the skirts toporshaschegosya edge. PHA noticed that the man does not take his eyes off her breasts from time to time his gaze slid between her legs. Helen felt a whore, but that just will not do, in order to punish the offenders. From his passionate Helen felt the gaze as her panties were wet. Trying to please Sergei she just spread her legs. Now he could see the wet spot on the white panties. Helen tutzhe noticed that Sergey shorts suspicious bristle ...

Helen smiled languidly Sergey and said plaintively to predyhaniem: Seryozhenka, I need your help. However, she parted escheishire nodki. Sergei swallowed vsilahotvesti not look away from her panties. Of course, my IFFN zriplo he said, stopping exercise. Helen looked around, at the same time making TA5 to her magnificent breasts stirred up. Sergei quickly found go to the locker room, there is now one, all in the classroom. Helen stood up slowly. Pervasive nature she got up, she spread her legs especially strongly to Sergei thought about this award. In the locker room Helen, as if by chance stayed in the doorway. It was enough to Sergey hit her in the back. Helen felt her ass his erection. She did not flinch at random. Unexpectedly, she wanted him to fuck her. And Serge unceremoniously forced her to kneel down and pulling the elastic band of shorts put it in her mouth his cock. Lena And that does not remain as dutifully take egohozyaystvo mouth and try to satisfy him. So Helen took in his mouth the entire Sergei member and covering glazai start to suck him, stimulating his balls by hand. Oh how I will pay for it, this

How I became a thing

-What are you doing? Most ohreneli what? 'I said to them.
They looked at each other, smiled slyly and began my izbivat.Ya childhood panic afraid of violence and dogs, so I got scared and zarevel.Parni stopped and shouted at me:
-On your knees fagot !!!
-Guys, what I did to you? I beg you not to hurt me, and release! -I Choking in tears begged them for mercy!
-Are you that bitch did not understand? On knees!!!

And I humbly knelt before nimi.Bylo ashamed and disgusted, but do nechego.Oni told me that if I do not want to be humiliated and constantly beaten at the institute and a hostel, then I have to make it nice, and ie they suck. I stood still four minutes until I got two strikes in the leg sup and then I started to unbutton his pants in one shirinku.Ego slowly slid down, and my face turned poluvstavshy member of the adult male. I've never seen so close to your face chlen.Ot member of his very bad smell mochёy and then. I opened my tender lips, took a cock in her mouth and began to skillfully sosat.On not helped his hips to drive his penis deeper into my rot.V this time, the second took off his shorts and began nadrachivat his dick near my litsa.Moya jaw is tired, but after 5 minutes, a member of the mouth and tensed like a strange began to throb and I realized that now it will stop! His sperm flowed in torrents. My whole face was in the sperm as it flowed out of my mouth. Once freed my mouth, I was ordered to open it and wait until the end of vtoroy.Eto happened through 30. When seconds on my face flew last drop of sperm came fotoapparata.Ya Clicking on his knees and did not move. I was trembling voice said:

-Guys, I ask you to anyone do not show pictures, and do not tell anyone about it!
-You Look what we asked pidarok -That! Komntirovali oni.Nadeyus-mixture, we can use the services of your time?
-Yes, everything that you want guys!
-Okay, nit, you give us more useful! He's got a lelefon and call one of our odnogrupnitsa that was his girl Listen dear, remember we watched the tape and you also wanted to try? Remember you asked you to find and delete the guy to your perversions? Karoche I found you this, we just do it fagot! He will listen to you and obey you! Come to our clearing where we were yesterday to retire!

it appeared devushkav guys left after 10 minutes!
And then came the girl one of those guys that just made me

Confession time students

At this address we were met by a rather pretty woman, landlady and her son - Alec. She showed us to our apartments, to get acquainted with her son and left. We hurried to class, so went to the university in speed.
In the evening, we decided to drink beer for coming, the beginning of the session and familiarity with Alec. It soon became clear that the apartment with us in addition to his still lives and his sister - a young lady of twenty-four - twenty-five. Soon it came and not very shy to join us. She was already on the fun, so after meeting - and her name is Natasha, quickly mastered and actively participated in our chatter.
It took some time of our stay at their apartment. One evening, when we once again sat for a beer, noting that no set-off is not the exam, Natasha again came to the fun, said that there was an increase, and has a great desire again. Nobody especially against was not, however, a simple booze does not suit her, she would like to go to a nightclub or disco.
Except me no little enthusiasm to go for adventures experienced. After some charges we rushed by taxi to one of the clubs. Nothing remarkable happened there, except for the fact that I've tried a bunch of exotic cocktails.
Home we went back in the morning. Naturally, our brothers slept like Bobby. She dressed quickly and slipped into his bed. The doors to the room where he and his brother lived were broad and did not close, so somehow by itself it was that she was lying in bed and I was sitting in the hallway on the bedside table for a cigarette talking to bedtime.
Then she says that he wants to sleep in the arms of a man, and invites sleep by himself, with the proviso that I will not stick to it. I agreed without hesitation, not really imagining what I needed it. In short, we fell asleep.
I woke up shortly. One of my hand was on her breast, the other stroked his thigh. I'm a little embarrassed, as if I was not going to stick to it, how is it? Although these thoughts took me awhile and I crawled under her peignoir, panties on.
She lay with her eyes closed, and it seemed to me that pretended to sleep. Although intermittent dyhoniyu and easy postanyvaniya I realized that it pretends to be. I started caressing her clitoris, noting to herself that she was pretty excited, her pussy was wet and swollen. I really wanted to see it all. I threw back the covers, pulled off her panties, turned to face her charms. My God, what a spectacle opened my eyes. Her pussy was shaved, but not barbed, probably because of - the fact that her hair was not too heavy. Pink sponge slightly shameful covered vulva and converged skirting swollen and peeking out the clitoris. I desperately wanted to feel its aroma, the taste of her juices, caressing her tongue. It was like an obsession.
In general - that further its activities, I completely devoted the execution of their desires. I kissed her clit, licked lips, tongue penetrated inside her. I was surprised by two things ... first the smell was barely catches and pleasant cleanliness, although I do remember, it does not wash away at least since coming home from work (this is easily gauged by the fact that she did not go to the bath ), in the second skin of her pussy was surprisingly gentle, I would say even velvety.
Then I felt that she pulls my pants. I am opposed in principle was not, although I am embarrassed by the fact that I did not go to wash at least a morning shower, and for oral sex I was not too fresh. However, in your mouth and take it I did not hurry up, limited only by what took my testicles and caress your face my hero.
I introduced two fingers of one hand into it, while the other hand began to caress her anus. I have noticed that it is frankly like. Then, brushing a finger in her juices, I introduced him to her in the ass, feeling through the thin partition fingers of the other hand. She moaned and writhed. I thought that we should not bring it to the boiling point, at least, for this to happen is not so loud (on the bed next to her brother slept, occasionally muttering in his sleep and flipping). In short, I got into it in the classic pose.
Further it appeared to me as a complete surprise. I have not had a lot of women - except his wife - my first girl was another slut - and a pair of three of the girls, who are prone to overt sex and failed, despite the fact that there was no longer pristine me places on their body and that they were not virgins. But they all share the fact that when they were well, apparently they were made only nicer, beautiful, seductive, and so on, this applies especially to my wife, Natasha also became the face of the terrible nuclear war. I was in a panic, I do not have any desire to, except that it finished quickly.
Soon I ran out of strength to jump on it and I decided to change the position. I went behind her, entered her from behind, caressing her clitoris and breasts (by the way very nice). From time to time my cock slipped out of her pussy and excessive moisture in the furrow separating her buttocks came back. After a while she took my penis and sent his ass - I was in a panic, I had ideas about this, but to implement them, I did not dare, no experience, ambiguous talk about it a lot, etc.
I felt a barrier, as compared with the vagina, to get was not so simple in her ass. Although her experience in this regard was probably decently. She began to twist his ass, as if screwing itself on me. When I penetrated almost half, could no longer hold back, I rushed to meet her bottom, but the answer was muffled groan of pain, and she stopped me. I had to slowly, quietly, slowly. Oh, how nice. Thick ring sfinkera it covered my cock inside it was warm and cozy. I caressed her hands, she moaned and writhed. I have finished.
I was a little sorry that she is not finished with me, but I comforted myself with the thought that she had the chance, but she did not use it.
I was lying on my back, I have it on his chest. Less than five minutes later, it happened, she started kissing me down lower and lower. Throwing the blanket she took my penis in his mouth. I baldel. I liked it before, when I was not nervous, and take my cock in her mouth, and then ... after sex, anal the way she takes your cock in her mouth gently and deeply sucking, caressing the scrotum. No need to be a big clever to guess that I finished quickly. She took a. And I lay down next.
Then she said that sex must be dealt with sober, alluding to the fact that we still have a perspective that I must go, it's morning, and soon everyone will wake up. I began to argue and went to his ...

Wonderful holiday

He still managed to the station on time, but to go to his hometown, located a hundred kilometers from here, he was not to be. Railroad snowed and Cleaning equipment could not cope with the exuberance of nature. Frankly, Andrew secretly hoping for something like that, so he'll have an excuse to return. An old friend of his mother, to whom he brought the documents and what was very attractive gifts for the new year. Of medium height, with short dark hair, a French-haired, with big amazing emerald green eyes, full lips and a small neat nose. While they were drinking tea and he shared the news, it was very difficult to conceal their views. He literally devoured her eyes round the chest, fitted by a thin T-shirt, beautiful legs, and kept looking out of a dressing gown and a great ass.
Plucking up courage, he rang the doorbell. Leah opened the door with a smile and listened muddled explanation about what happened. Without letting him finish, she let him into the house.
- Of course you can stay with me - she smiled.
A few minutes later they were settled in a cozy kitchen full of warm and delicious smells of food being prepared. Andrey readily responded to a request for help in preparing the festive meal. Still would! Yes, he would have done anything just to be able to stealthily observe this beautiful girl.
- Well, the most important thing we have done, so go to the bathroom a refreshing dip, do not meet the new year with a dirty body, fun Leia said. - Towel hanging right there, she called after him.
When before the new year was another 2 hours they gathered in front of the TV in the living room with a glass of wine and a box of chocolates. Drink at eighteen Andrew acted quickly, especially since he did not drink at all. Blushing, but visibly relaxed, he threw on Leia already unconcealed views. She could not help noticing him mysteriously smiling. Although it seemed to him mysterious, in fact, she was smiling so that any experienced man would have understood what to do. Leia same guy inexperience, coupled with good looks and a great body developed very excited. She realized that it was time to take the initiative in their hands. Andrew reached out to put his glass and they have faced embarrassing. Their faces were dangerously close to each other, and Leia, deftly encircling his neck, closed mouth kiss. The heart leapt, hit somewhere under the chin, back into place and began to beat like a bird in a cage too small. They kissed long and leisurely. Surprisingly, it was not difficult. Andrew, quickly learn, already being sucked sweet tongue Lei, biting her lips, tirelessly explored the mouth. They licked their mouths wet, more and more incensed. Leia's hands eagerly and skillfully rescued it from T-shirts and pants. Still not fully believe that everything that happens is not a dream and not delirium, Andrew passively watched the thin girl beautiful hands stroked his bulging member of cowards. It should be noted that the size of it had already been far from children and much more than most adult men. Panties slid down, exposing flatten sharply, hard cock with a shiny head is no longer hidden foreskin. Leia snorted in surprise and delight, considering the size and sealed a long kiss on the quivering head. Andrew almost fainted from surging wave excitation. Wet and skillful lips Lea continued to steadily slip down the barrel up and down. Her tongue scurried back and forth, stroking the head, elastic balls up the trunk and disappeared in the mouth allowing a member to plunge into hot heat until the pharynx. She enthusiastically sucking young strong cock pressed against his cheek, grasping his hand, like a baton patted his face and was taken again to suck and lick. Andrew groaned and realized that he could no longer hold back. Tight hot jet struck the girl's mouth, then another and another. Sweet languor ran all over his body, lifting him off the ground and washing away the remnants of the mind. Leia did not let him rest. shall expire sperm continued to fade in the mouth, sperm flowed well, floor, legs and chin girl. She was in ecstasy, licking the end of it, and not allowing him to lose firmness.
Quickly thrown off their clothes remnants, she knelt in front of the wide sofa and leaned, arched like a cat. Andrew was in the seventh heaven. He sent his lusting count on his full lips and easily entered into the wet hot body of Leah. The girl often breathed, leaning back. Andrew clung to her entire body, clasping her hands and stumbled on standing erect nipples, he began caressing them and stroking. Leia covered his hands and began to squeeze them, showing how to do it. He gently squeezed her breast while continuing to knead them.
- Stronger - she moaned. He pressed harder, goading her breasts. - Yet! She demanded, and he, that there are forces squeezed her magnificent breasts. She arched a pretty, smiling over his shoulder. Goading her chest, pressing his body against her back, buttocks, and he is deeply penetrated overworked term in a close hot girl's bosom. Breathing became intermittent, jerky pushing air out of the lungs with each thump of the heart. After a delicious blowjob, it is not so much worried to finish ahead of time, and relax completely surrender to the power of motion. - Fuck me, moaning Leia. Fuck me! Yes! Yes! Yet! Soooo! My dear, my dear, fuck me. Andrew could not refuse. It is harder and harder fucked her. Emboldened, he weighed a resounding slap her buttocks. Leah screamed.
- Yet! He gets jammed inside member and painful beating on his hands flushed ass girlfriend. She moaned in response, mumbling, cursing, cheered him and begged not to stop.
Orgasm came suddenly. She screamed, Andrew Lei discharged inside.
- Please do not stop - she whispered. - Fuck me again. Ironically, Andrew felt that the member does not shed and is still ready to fight. He had long ago forgotten all his doubts and complexes. He enjoyed and mind worked only over how to meet the body. Leia put his hand between her legs began to caress her smooth, without a single hair pussy, all wet and red with dripping from her sperm. Andrew approached, took her hand and sticky dick poked head in a star attraction of the anus. Leia let out a cheer and eagerly raised her seductive ass. Member was too big, but Andrew knew that Lee likes a little pain during sex, and without much remorse pressed on a member of the anus. Flexible barrier trembled and sold, clasping the head. Cum served as a good lubricant, and Andrei easily immersed in the ass to the ground. Inside it was crowded and hot. He moved slowly, as if eating something tasty, trying to prolong the pleasure. He fucked in the ass beautiful girl eager to give him! Very few people his age could boast of such a sex! His balls touched excited labia, brushing, there wielding fingers Leah and Andrew briefly froze inside, trying to squeeze deeper. After a while, Leia began to aggressively move backwards and louder moan. Andrew quickened his movements, watching as his wet end flits between the elastic buttocks, anus goading.
- Otymey me in the ass! - Leia demanded. - Ambush Me! So! Yes! Yes! Yeah! And Andrew dutifully fulfilled her request. Her ass has been so designed that it is easy to take out a member of her and thrust back neatly, as if had her vagina. Through her like a stone stake, weighing the loud slaps on the buttocks, with the force compressing the breast and nipple, Andrew brought the girl to ecstasy and forced to cum. Continuing the flogging, he would not let her. Leia huddled in orgasm, convulsively twitching and screaming for his untiring pressure. Finally, with the power to drive up to the stop member, he filled a work-worn ass sperm flow. Not removing a member, he fell at her, pinning her to the sofa seat. Wincing and groaning, they were so long, coming to himself.
The doorbell rang unexpectedly and very out of place in this fabulous little world that Andrew and Leah have created yourself. She opened her eyes, smiled, and Andrew looked at his watch. It was twenty minutes to twelve.
- Oh, this is Natasha, she said. I'm with you all forgotten. Lie down, I meet her, she purred and donning a thin silk robe barely concealed crotch and ass, disappeared into the hallway. Andrew had to choose, either immediately rush to dress up, or leave it as it is because he has forgotten how to be embarrassed. After collecting clothes from the floor and placing it on the edge of a picturesque pile of couch he turned on the television.
Natasha and Lea went into the room. Andrew realized that for the muffled cry of a guest. He turned and looked began to examine her friend Leah. Natasha was at least effeknta. Blue eyes, brown hair lush, gorgeous figure model and decent sized breasts under the thin blouse. It was just above Leia. Natasha also openly stared at Andrew, long lingering look at his impressive cock.
- Undress girlfriend cooed playfully Leia, throwing off the robe and going into the kitchen. I'll bring some more wine. Natasha was apparently without complexes. Deft movement throwing off her skirt and threw it in the direction of a magnificent leg in thin black stockings, she went to Andrew and sat on his knees and clasping his hips pressed to the pubis vacationer member. But he was already on vacation and do not

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