These are the pies. Part two. The storm and its aftermath

Olga, without delay, rushed to the balcony, as it is naked, and quickly gathered a T-shirt and a pair of my panties. (And when she managed to wash them?) Back in the room, she brushed a strand with a sweet face and stretched. Raindrops ran over the body and dripped onto the floor.
- Mermaid, as it is a mermaid, luring into his arms, from which not refuse - I told her and Fedor confirmed my mood.
- Similarly, sex maniac, - Olga giggled and tugged at Fedor.
Fedor immediately wanted to get to know, but at this moment a flash of lightning and a crash.
- Let's close the window, but it still flies, - Olga has proposed to close the window and ran to the kitchen.
- Who flies? - I asked, closing the large window in the room.
- Who is who - the lightning, I'm not the same - said, joke, Olga, and something fell in the kitchen. - The potato is almost ready. There will be?
- And, let's - I agreed. - There, I have a beer in the fridge, so we ...
Complete response did not give me a call at the door. We darted in finding decomposed in this case things - shorts and robe. Olga, as always, I quickly got dressed and, without waiting for I will wear shorts, ran to the door. Cursing, I ran into the bathroom and, to determine where to where the ass, put on shorts. These "bisexual" shorts Olga bought me and giggled when it turned out that I was again confused the side. But the shorts were cool, light, with mesh on the sides, not just for our hot tropical continental latitudes sharply.
The hall rustled, splashed her bare feet, and when I came out of the bathroom at once stumbled on the wet Svetka. She was not even wet, and the impression was that it plunged into the pool, and then put in the middle of our apartment. Short light skirt "Death to pensioners", a wide red belt, supertransparency T-shirt, all tightly clung to her figure and shows what kind of underwear dressed on it today. And today was dressed exactly underwear, which I like. Lacy, delicate, causing it to stay in touch, and that's so cute camouflaged them. Olga began to command.
- Light, let's get undressed and in the tub, and then prostynesh - is it. - Well, what are you doing up? - This is me. - Let's get on the table covering.
Olga, not paying attention to me, busily pulled with no resisting Svetka shirt, exposing her breasts in her bra, through the openwork fabric which is made by the two beads nipples. Pleasant sight.
- Come on, come on - it drove me to the kitchen, and she dragged Svetku in the bath.
There's a long time splashing water, the girls giggled, and I set the table. Herring, potatoes, plus fresh herbs on top and a little oil, then cut lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, set up the plates, put the glasses with beer. It seems everything is ready.
In the kitchen came Olga. Bathrobe it was wet on his chest and stomach and relief encircle it. Inspecting the readiness of the table, Olga kissed me on the cheek, and whispered:
- Now disguise - I ran into the room.
Meanwhile rain kept falling, lightning flashed, becoming darker. The bathroom door opened and there was Svetlana. Flushed with hot water, dressed in Holguin gown (oh, why she gave her exactly this very sexy and my favorite) Sveta plopped into a chair and leaned back, propping up the wall.
- How are you managed? - I asked, trying not to look at the charms shine through tissue.
- Do not believe it when got on the bus, it was the sun, and so reached the stop, so it began to rain. First stood under a canopy, but soaked, decided to come to you. Cold rain.
Behind the window at that moment much it crashed and hit a new wave of rain on the window.
- And whips? - She asked.
- Not just gushing, - said Olga, going into the kitchen - and even enhanced. So, I have to sit in the dark.
- Why is that? - I asked.
- Since the light was cut off, - Olga snapped.
I looked around and looked in the fridge. He greeted me with the silent darkness of the cameras. Indeed, there was no light.
- I go for candles - suggested I walked into the room.
In the twilight Olga stood in the kitchen aisle and stood out in this silhouette that it was hard to miss the.
- Come on, honey, let's see together - I suggested, grabbing her around the waist - and after your cleanups will not find anything.
- You see, - asked Olga to Svetka - that it is hard women share - to live with a tyrant.
- You said earlier with a sex maniac? - Making anxiously repeated Sveta.
He chuckled and shook his head, I went into the room. They laughed behind my back and Olga, his hands on my shoulders, and went after him. Leaving the room, I turned to her, pulled her to him and pressed softly asked:
- Why give her the nightgown?
- The first thing that came to hand, and only then to see realized. Do not disguise it well? What lures? I want to cuddle? A? I hope Fedor does not lash out at the table? - She felt through the fabric shorts my cock and gently pressed her hand.
Then I noticed that she wore a translucent nightgown. In that chest, lower abdomen, in short, all the right places are open, or rather, covered by a patterned transparent fabric.
- Absolutely, fool, I decided to bring to mind? - I whispered, pressing her to poluvstavshemu Fedor.
- Brakes, brake, sex maniac, - she whispered, getting rid of my hands. - Candles, in my opinion, in the bottom drawer of your desk.
Candles really are in the bottom drawer. There I found and matches. Olga also rattled the bar and pulled out glasses and a bottle of whiskey. Surprisingly Myk with my hand followed the simple and disarming answer:
- A warm up?
Well, where are warm when the heat on the street? But, just drink I did not mind, and even beyond. Meanwhile darkness prevailed. Although the rain and it was already so much, but dark clouds were moving back and forth with great speed. Even the thought that someone bothers them on a whim. It was getting dark.
Sitting in the kitchen, wrapped Svetlana lower edge in nightie and climbed on a chair with his feet. Her bare knees, neck and half-open chest gleamed in the coming tantalizingly polusumrake. She had called his parents to tell how she got wet, and it obviously will spend the night with us. Olga, continuing the conversation, confirmed this and giggle about something with her mother hung up. I put the candle on the table and began to throw out them candles. They stubbornly refused to become, and by joining forces, we Svetka finally set them in sconces. Touching hands Svetka, I felt their warmth and involuntarily squinting eye in the incision, or rather, in the crucified nightie in which the elastic fourth the size of the chest to the beat of repeating all the movements Svetka. Olga poshurshat something in the fridge, took out the ice, chopped it, making jokes about Chubais and his collusion with nature. Once again, he slammed the refrigerator door and pulled out ... mustard. These sounds create a pleasant fuss dinner by candlelight in the kitchen. When we sat down, a flash of lightning and a crash so that the alarm went off at once for all machines. That under such a racket we drank, ate. Then he drank and then ate again. outside machines to rend, and the hosts jumped peak alarms, trying to calm down the machine. Olga again, reached into a dark refrigerator, pulled out and began to cut smoked while talking to us standing in a half-turn. The topics were all sorts, we quickly jump from one to another, neighing. It was fun, and half a bottle of whiskey strange, but quickly ran out. Whether from drunk, whether from a flickering candle flame seemed to me that Olga is all naked and Svetkina nightie has become even more transparent and delicate, and her charm have become even clearer. I shook my head and put the empty bottle on the table.
- Something a little, - stated Olga, putting on the table a plate. - It is necessary to add.
- A? - I was surprised. - Add?
- Aha, - he has confirmed Olga and looked at Svetka. - How are you?
- Normally, still I want - confirmed Sveta and pulled a face, from which we went from laughter.
- Okay, I will go; I will - I agreed and went to the room.
Rustled in the room brought a candle, took a brandy. Returning along the way went to the bathroom to wash his hands, as the run into some sort of cream or whatever, I am looking for a bottle. Olga loved to throw open Kremnica, tubes and so on. Hobby is called. Bathroom in the light of the candle was mysterious. Polusumrak through which hung stood out male and female underwear, surrounded me, bewitching his darkened nerazgadannostyu. Attach the candle, I began to wash his hands. Turning his head in search of towels, he saw right in front of the bra, who suddenly smelled some fragrance from which I spun in my head. Looking closely, I realized that this part of the intimate toilet Svetka. Right there and hung her panties, the same tasty and tender. And then I so wanted to take it off with her, feel the trembling body under my hands, freed from the imaginary protection clothes. Taken aback, I sat on the edge of the tub and wiped sweat suddenly. Fedor knocked actively trying to escape, but I took a deep breath, calming him. BUT I sucked together with air and take in this fragrance that made me even more spun and Fyodor actively stirred.
"What the hell!" - I thought to myself and splashed in the face with cold water.
It has got also to Fedor, after which he began to subside and complacency. When I was in the kitchen, the refrigerator shuddered and rumbled. The bathroom light flashed, flashed zero hours.
- Light was given - happy girls - can and listen to music. But light is light is not necessary.
Olga ran into the room and dragged the radio. Putting it on the kitchen butcher's table, she turned on her favorite CD - Frank Sinatra. I knew that the sisters had a passion for the singer distant and unnecessary to me America, and so I bought a present and one or the other set of compacts with concert recordings of Frank. we uncork a bottle of the song "Stranger in the Night" and slapped for another. Nenazoylivo singer sang about their feelings and some kind of unexpressed grief, we are having fun talking and more slipping to a dangerous point, after which the topic of conversation became more and more the ambiguous, almost to the point. Passing through which events developed in two directions - either in bed or in philosophical discussions. And so it happened. Pouring another batch, I sat down and badly pinched myself poludremlyuschego Fedor cloth shorts. Squeak, I corrected shorts and sisters burst out laughing.
- What's so funny? - I asked. - What rzhem?
- Do not you know? - Making surprised Olga. - That's how you arranged.
- This is who you are? - I asked, already knowing the answer in advance.
- Men - Sveta said - in general, men are the creation of ...
- What are these? - I straightened her shoulders.
Such psevdospory occurred often, but as always, everything ended in rough sex, in which we, in turn, scored a complete victory. On the street gradually subsided. The temperature dropped and it was not that exhausting heat, drips from your sticky and tyanuchy sweat. The kitchen was also a nice cool, and I turned off the fan.
- Yes, that's such dangles something - handed Olga and drank a full glass - so long ... and that pinch.
- Aha, - he has supported her sister - and yet you are very proud of your ... - Then she hesitated.
Olga finished for her:
- ... Eggs.
- And, you are proud of her virginity and zip it ... - I said, and also "took on his chest."
- Yes, nosimsya, because it is important for us. Let anybody not in itself - suddenly angry voice said Sveta, and also "pulled".
- Yeah, right, - he confirmed Olga and poured more myself and Svetka - here a complex question, and men do not understand.
- Of course, the men - all thick-headed - I was offended - let alone us.
- No, really - hurried Sveta - you think you know how it is?
- What is it? - I did not understand.
And he received from Olga playful slap.
- With that, deflowering, - said Olga, with a laugh, and put her hand on her sister's shoulder. - That's the question, and it just can not be solved. Here she is a virgin, and to lose his virginity, anyhow, does not want to.
Even in the dim light of candles it could be seen that the face Svetka flooded paint. Olga, on the contrary, once razduharilsya and began almost a lecture on the loss of innocence. About how hard it is to go on the pitch, as it feels a sense of guilt, but to whom and for what is not clear and so on. Looks like brandy, mixed with whiskey, did the trick. In my attempts to get away from this conversation, Olga more dispersed and, pointing his finger at me and said bluntly:
- You yourself, then at least once a virgin? Or just the girl you already have?
Although we agree with her for once, we will not touch the old life issues, I took a deep breath, she said, looking into his eyes:
- No, it was not. women only. And I would like to try. But I'm married to you. And you do not intend to change.
Such a response can be seen arranged Olga. She leaned back and shook her finger.
- Look at me! Now, if that - she again put her hand on his shoulder Svetka - there is a good substitute. Umrah - marry her.
- You're something, drunk, in my opinion, come on, honey, do not drink more - I decided to roll a conversation that has already gone once and created an awkward sideways, one might even say dangerous situation.
Sveta sat and said nothing, but his eyes could see that she was uncomfortable and listen, and did not want to interrupt the conversation. Olga did not pay attention to my words, and continued to paint the charms of her sister. From culinary skills to the romantic nature. I belly growing cold bottom sat and wanted either to leave or to wrap Olga in the other direction. But I could not stand up, as Fedor has burst into the open, and every my movement in the vertical plane has detected ... it clearly and prominently on the horizontal plane. A wrap or stop Olga was impossible. It bore.


You fall asleep ... ... immersed in the realm of Morpheus ... you almost fell asleep ... and suddenly you for a moment it seemed that the room has someone else besides you .... you are caught on some whose second -So easy breath ....
... you open your eyes, slightly raised on the couch, looking around .... you're trying to search out anything ... someone in the dark ... but nothing ... you get scared ... you're wrapped up in his blanket ....
... it seems that it is impossible to close my eyes ... but gradually the dream originates, your eyelids gradually closed ... you fall asleep suddenly ..... again you feel the breath ... you're afraid ... but his curiosity overcomes you do not open your eyes, afraid to scare him off ....
... breathing can be heard more clearly .... are heard light footsteps, it seems that moves, almost touching the floor ... closer ... closer .... all of a sudden you feel a light touch .... you through the blanket, whose concern -That gentle hands .... you open your eyes in front of you .... it costs ... you can not make out the features of his specific ... he is a nobody, and at the same time he .... his gentle hands continue caress you....
... you help him shake off the blanket ... his body is perfect ... he takes you in his arms .... your faces are now very close .... you do not stand up, hug him ... your lips merge in a passionate kiss ....
... This fiery kiss makes you forget about everything, it seems that time stands still, and nothing in the world no longer exists, except for the two of you .... you finally come off each other .... you look him in the eyes of your .... views intersect ...
... it puts you on your bed ... your lips are close again .... slowly, kissing every millimeter of your delicate skin down to your chest .... you close your eyes in pleasure .... it gradually descends lower and lower ... he caresses your tummy, legs ... gradually approaching the most precious thing a girl .... you are already languishing, with desire ... but he does not hurry up ....
... in the end you do not stand up ... you hold his head with his hands ... Spreading legs .... and pushes it to her mouth ...
... his tongue penetrates into you ... deeper and deeper ... you make a light moans of pleasure, thereby letting him know that he did not stop .... a few minutes bringing you to the point of exhaustion he stops your lips .... again merge long kiss ... not breaking the kiss, he slowly, so as not to hurt you, comes in you .... you tear off your lips from his mouth and issued a moan of pleasure .... it starts to move, gradually accelerating movement. .. you help him, lifting her perfect ass ... pulling her against his body .......
... he then slows down his movements, then accelerates them .... you already feel the approach of unearthly delights ....
... and here it comes out of your lungs breaks the deafening moan .... this you have not ever felt .... with pleasure ..... you close your eyes when you open them ... it has no all .... that's left is the ease that fills your body ..... you do not know, it was a reality or a dream .... but it does not matter ....

Do not shoot. Part 2. (20 of 21). Departure

We woke up around all three. Nakupalis. We had lunch. We began to gather, I did as she could not find her panties. They searched the entire Kompashki. I have spat and wearing a dress, so went into the bath to clean up the face. Anton came.
- Natulya, can I leave them as a souvenir?
- Here you are worried ..... - (it reminded me of Andrew, and then they all so like my panties?) ... - You that hid them ... And what is not said, when we were looking for them?
- I do not know, perhaps it was a shame to say ?!
- Take it! .... Have to go without panties.
He came close to me from behind, kissed her shoulders and neck.
- You're in my way!
I just eyeliner.
- I want to kiss you!
- You've already kissed!
- Not so! .... I want really!
I offered him turning jaws.
- So?
- Yes!
The kiss was long, his hand was quickly under my short little dress. Fingers touched sponges.
- So all Anton, enough! ... You're me now razvedeshsya phlegm, and I have no panties!
- Natul .... and I want you! .. You can quickly ... I ... the last time!
(Damn! And I know that all this will end!)
- No Anton! ... All that's enough ... to finish this!
I probably said so sharply and seriously that he even pulled away from me. When finished with the face, I got out of the bath. Saying goodbye, we exchanged phone numbers, mail. They called a taxi. Phoned with Andrew, as we assumed they were all on the beach outside the city. Learning that we're going to go home right now, they said, wait, come soon to say goodbye. That did not particularly like Natasha. To leave, of course, laziness. Activities completed. I still know what you need otpahat almost 800 km by car. Natasha collect all our belongings. I went to see what has changed in our absence of two nights. Ira and Sergei was as always the relative order. But Katya Andrei was a real mess. These scattered things add things their friends. Apparently there also did not lose time in vain. On the table, a bottle of wine, all the bed upside down. It is a pity that he was leaving, it was still possible pokuralesit. Houses will be boring. I come back to us.
- You'll dress that way?
- Shorts, T-shirt.
- So do I.
Change clothes. I admire my wife naked! What is it fresh, healthy, tanned seductive look. But still have memories that haunt me.
- Natulechka, maybe on the track you will give me your kisyulechku at the mercy!
- No bunny kisyulechka not want! ... I already covered in the road.
Arguing is not particularly want, and fuck too. Natasha Law, the thought of the road has already captured me. She could hear voices, the guys came.
- Hello gone!
With great joy we exchange greetings and kisses. Meet Tanya and Northwind. Very nice guys. All chatters incessantly, trying to persuade us not to go today and go tomorrow. No, tomorrow it is necessary to work. Tanya burned in the sun, red as a lobster. All her sympathy, her hard tomorrow. Natasha offers her Aloe Cream explains that it will not hurt, and the heat subsides. Everyone goes into the kitchen, except Tanya and Natasha, who is looking for in a bag decorated cream. In the kitchen, all regret that so quickly the time passed. Commonplace phrases such as:
- The next year all going here!
Though, probably, everyone is that it is unlikely to come true. We agree today to say goodbye to the nearest cafe. It is a pity that I can not drink. Also exchange phone numbers and stuff. I'm going to take us to his purse.
- Sorry to interrupt.
Natasha red smears best place to bare Tanya. It is very tempting, however, almost no breasts, but legs and buttocks, that is necessary. Tall and glamorous.
- Nothing, nothing Alex ...... Come on! - Tanya, seems even less shy.
- See Tanya burned!
And I viewed with interest the new young woman. In clipped pubic lot of sand. Yes! ... I do not mind to stay and help Tanya get rid of unpleasant feelings. Girls are smiling, it seems funny from my concentration. I explain that now all sent to the cafe. I picked up our things and am in the car. We have not come back. While I stack, leave Kate, Irina, Sergey and Boris. We sit in the car and drive up to the cafe. It is close to three hundred meters. We order khachapuri, shish kebab from sturgeon, fresh vegetables and wine. Ours is no longer thirty minutes, we start eating, drinking wine all except me.
- Leshechka probably our goodbye, do not you think?
(Though there with them, and Tanya, but ... it seems!)
- Katyusha Yes! ... I think!
- And I want the same to you to say goodbye!
- And me too! - Kate gets up taking me by the hand.
- We'll be right! - And pulls the exit.
We leave the lobby. There are two toilets "M" and "F".
It opens the last and pulls me back. Closes on the latch, quickly removes shorts and his hands on the sink.
- Come quickly cat ... fuck me!
I look at her ass and a lag in the thoughts regret that the last two nights spent at them. But on the fic! Quickly poddrachiv member tulyu it to her pussy. She looks at me nasovyvaetsya ass. I stuck in her tight pussy. What a thrill! Quickly dial a high rate. Her legs are leaving more and more widely, and I have to support her. Although it quickly and gone, but we like it! I try to finish quickly, certainly in it. But Katya ahead of me, as always. She moans covered her orgasm. I felt the reduction of vaginal muscles, without stopping, also finish it. Great, fast, but tasteful !. I turn it to yourself, and we merge in a long kiss. Just a little, little Kate waits from it all spilled onto the floor. Then he lifts his leg on the sink and washes her pussy. Wipes toilet paper. She was not some extremals for no nothing! Umnichka. We leave, as if nothing had happened. We did not have fifteen minutes. Suitable for cafes Andrei, Natasha and Tanya. We connect them together and go back to the table. The residue was passed in eternal compliments. To leave would not be desirable, but necessary. We were all escorted. We kiss, say goodbye. Everything finally went still. I will have all night to go to the road. Natulya umnichka, not sleeping, it helps me cope with the passes, supports. I remembered that he had forgotten his wheels. We'll have to listen to the radio. In the receiver there is one turn. Song Shevchuk DDT "Do not shoot!"
(Bill with a smile without aiming, vskidku and entry of, and around here talking lucky guy! .... NOT STRELYAYAYAYAYAAAAY! ................... Do not shoot ... ................... nOT STRELYAYAYAYAAAAAAYYYY! .. Do not shoot !. Kaif!)
Discussions focused exclusively on the road home. One time I asked her a question:
- And what they are with Andrew, so long ... Join us in the cafe before leaving? ... Maybe you are a sweet goodbye!
- All Alex calm down, we'll talk at home! ... We're on the road!
"Yes!"... I thought ...
To be continued ... Write [email protected]

Summer camp. Day three

Denis was awakened by a knock on the door. For a while he was lying and did not understand what was happening to him, just in a dream he was lying on the beach and embrace the Light that whispered something in his ear and laughing. Dennis looked at his watch, it was 9 am, breakfast soon. Again there was a loud knock.
- Who! - Denis shouted.
- Arise, zasonya breakfast oversleep - he recognized the voice of Amy.
- Now - Denis shouted again.
He got up quickly and has already been rushed to the door, he noticed that his melting indecent bristle front. He quickly grabbed a chair shorts and pulled them on, then opened the door.
- How did you sleep? - Cheerfully asked which became Light.
- Normal - Dennis muttered and looked at her.
Light looked so happy ... Still, he would have been happy if yesterday did not love watching the scene, and he was in it! Today Light clothed in the same denim skirt and orange top with no bra. However, today her nipples were somehow much less than yesterday, when they were kissing Dima. Dennis sat up in bed and rubbed the sleep from his eyes, sat down in front of the Light.
- Denis, I have good news for you! - She said, smiling beautifully, looked at Dennis. - You like disco?
- Well, yes ... But not only in the morning - he quipped Dennis.
Light laughed.
- Why in the morning? Tonight will be a disco. At ten o'clock. Guys equipment repaired. So, if you want, come ...
- Well, of course I will come! - Denis delighted.
- Well, sleepyhead, get ready for breakfast, and I'll raise kids.
With that they got up and, swaying her hips seductively, went into the corridor. Dennis sighed. Disco - it's great! It may be Olga. Olya - blonde cutie. However, it is older than Denis (eleventh grade), and these girls do not like guys younger than himself. Although Dennis is not particularly worried about it, he was too tall, athletic boy folded. And, mostly, I liked girls. However, more kisses on the mouth thing never set ... The girls resisted and feared Dennis insisted. Only once his classmate ventured to show him his little bare breasts, but to kiss or touch yourself for this place is not given. Denis for life remembered her charms, though the memory was beginning to fade from the sensations received in the camp. He saw not only his bare chest, and everything else. But that was yesterday!
Denis as usual spent the day running around and playing, in anticipation of the promised evening. Today he did not even go to the beach. He washed after dinner and carefully combed, and then pulled out of the closet blue jeans and a white summer shirt. Try on clothes in front of a mirror, he decided to change his shirt to a red t-shirt, which he bought before leaving the camp. To twist the mirror, he was satisfied with his appearance. Then he took from his bag toilet water, given to him at the last birthday, and some splashed clothing.
Wow, how time flies! Disco has like 20 minutes talking! Denis once again looked down at himself, then closed the door and headed toward the dance floor. The people there were few. Dennis first sat down on one of the benches, arranged in a circle dance floor, and then, thinking that people would no longer went to the circle of boys his age. Guys were friendly and Denis after a while, bought a full five friends! He danced, glancing at the entrance to the site. Can Olya still come? After half an hour there was Olga with her friend Nastya. Denis stopped for a moment, looking at Olga. Today she wore a short skirt pleated light that extends to the bottom of the opening Denis all the charm of her long legs. On the chest he wore a white patterned topic. Nastya was dressed in jeans and a dark jacket. Suddenly, from the circle of boys, in which danced Denis, separated and Sasha went to the girls. He came over and shook hands with them, embraced Nastya waist. Then, the company sat on a bench in front of Denis. Denis even danced a few songs until you began to play a slow song. He stopped and went to Sasha, Olya and Nastya. Sasha (for which many thanks to him!) Immediately introduced Dennis girls. Only Denis sat down on the bench, Sasha and Nastya got up and went to the playground to dance. Olya watched them, then looked at Dennis and smiled his plump lips.
- Maybe ... Come dance too? - Dennis ventured, his heart almost jumped out of my chest.
- Let's go to! - Olga was delighted.
Denis took her hand and led her to the site. While they were dancing, chatting about any nonsense, Denis noticed that, like, like Ole. Surely, then in the dining room she smiled to him! Denis just yet blossomed from this unexpected thought! During the dance, Olga tightly clung to him his delightful breasts. Dennis knew that she was such, because he recently managed to look at the process of dressing the girl. It is a pity that he did not see her cunt! From these thoughts Denis excited and his cock began to rise, pulling the fabric of jeans. He was afraid that Olga will notice it, but then the song ended and Olga, a little away from him, softly whispered:
- Thank you.
Denis was in seventh heaven! In this he did not count! When the song ended, Olga remained close with Denis and started dancing. He was insanely happy about it. Then they were joined by Sasha and Nastya, and then the rest of the guys, which recently met Denis. During disco Denis has managed twice to dance with Olga, and all this time she also clung to him tightly, leading guy in wild delight. Dennis learned that Olga was leaving home tomorrow. "Family problems" - How it is expressed.
- Sorry ... - Denis breathed.
Olga smiled at that phrase. For the last song played, and DJ notified that disco will soon end. Dennis realized that now they have to part with Olga and it is likely it will never see again. The song ended, and Denis all stood and stared at Olga. Then it went to the Anastasia, and took her friend by the elbow, led her to a few meters, then whispered something in her ear. Olga smiled and nodded her head. Nastia kissed her on the cheek and grabbed approached Sasha, retired to the door. Denis stood and did not know what to do. How to invite Olga to take a walk with him a little longer? He would not for a moment leave this cutie. But then Olga herself came up to him and said:
- Denis, let's go for a walk a little ... Nastia Sasha want to be alone ...
- Of course! - Interrupted Denis. - I did ... I wanted to ask you about it ...
- You too busy bathroom? - She smiled.
- No. I live there alone. Just ... - Denis stopped.
- Well, let's go, - Olga took his hand.
Denis proudly walked to the door, feeling the envious glances of his new friends. Still, after all, he was such a beauty! They walked through the camp, until they met senior tutor - a strict man with glasses, who smiled and said Denis:
- It's too late. Guy, accompanied the girl home and sleep. Needless to wander at night!
- Well, - he uttered Denis, myself cursing ... this man.
Olya again took Dennis's hand and led him to his house. The rest of the way they walked in silence, just enjoying the warmth of Dennis Oli palm, and did not want to think about anything else.
- Everything came - said Olga, and gestured to the house standing nearby.
She gently freed his hand and looked at Dennis.
- Still sorry that you're leaving, - Denis uttered, surprised his courage.
Olga took Dennis's hand and pulling her to him, kissed him on the lips. They stood for a minute, huddled close to each other. Then Olga pulled back and kissed on the cheek by Denis. Then for some reason, she laughed. Denis saw the happiness in her eyes. Then he attracted Olya and began to kiss her, his hand moved to the waist girl on her ass and began to stroke her mate. Through the thin fabric of her panties felt tight fitting her body. Olya relaxed and even more pressed to Denis, stroking his back. Dennis did not try to do more, for example, to take a chance to push the bottom hand under her skirt, and so he was on top of the world! Olya still free from Denis and looked into his eyes. Denis also intently watching her Olina eyes are now gleaming and seems to look a little wet. Even in the dark, gleaming lipstick on her full lips.
- All I'm going. So far, Dennis. Maybe I'll see you, - she whispered.
Dennis realized that Olga does not want to leave, but she wake up early tomorrow. She again kissed him on the cheek goodbye and ran to the house. Denis stood for a moment, then turned around and went home quietly. In his heart was empty ... Why is she leaving? He had already decently away from Olga's house, when suddenly from behind him called out:
- Denis, wait!
It was Olga! He could not believe his luck! Then she changed her mind and still want to take a walk with him!
- He changed his mind to go home? - Denis asked hopefully.
- Changed his mind, - Olga smiled. - There is now Sasha and Nastya, and I am going to get in the way. Let's go for a walk yet?
- And if that guy again meet?
- Yes ... I forgot about him. Well, then let's go sit with you? You do not have anyone at home?
- Nope. Let's go to! - Denis delighted.
They quickly ran to the house of Denis and stopped in front of the window.
- Now, - he said, and quietly opened the shutters. Then he deftly jumped over the sill. - Climbs, - he whispered.
Olya sat backwards on the windowsill, and then, holding her skirt, lifted her feet and leaped into the room. Denis also quietly closed the window, curtains and blinds included a dim lamp hanging over his bed. He sat on his bed, not knowing what to say to him. He wanted only one thing - to kiss again with Olga. Olya sat down beside him and put her hand on Denis. He broke down and again reached for Ole. He began to kiss her again, though to stroke her ass was not possible now. Olga put her hand on his leg, and Dennis did the same with his hand.
"What is it smooth and warm skin, - Denis thought, running his hand from her knee to the hip, where began skirt".
Olga was breathing deeply, when Denis held his hand over her thigh. Then Olga went to bed, fully exposing his body caressing Denis. Denis then remembered Dima Sveta on the beach, and followed the example of Dima. He began to kiss her on the lips, nose, cheeks, neck and then began kissing her cloth topic.
- Wait - Olya sat down on the bed and took off her white topic.
Now it was a short little white skirt and a thin red bra, through which shone through her lovely breasts, nipples large mounds bristled out from under the cloth. Dennis sat beside him and just watched. Then Olga and undid her bra, and. moving his shoulders, he dropped it on the floor. On freedom escaped the two hemispheres with pale pink nipples pointed. Olga lay down again, and with renewed vigor Denis started kissing so unexplored and attractive places of her body. He saw that it was really like a girl, especially when he puts her right nipple into his mouth and sucking it there gently. Again he remembered Dima, and. followed suit, looked up from her breasts and kissed her neck. Olya moaned and opened her eyes.
- As well ...
Denis again kissed her breasts, alternately massaging second hand. Then he felt an unbearable desire (his penis has long burst jeans), it fell below the navel and kissed her, thrusting his tongue into it (as did Dima), then he started kissing her belly button from the track to skirt the edges. Olya sighed and spread her little hand in his legs. Dennis looked at her to see if you can continue, but that the eyes were closed. Dennis moved through her leg and, not daring to pull the skirt, knee started kissing Oli, gradually approaching the coveted place. But his lips had the courage to reach only up to the point where the skirt ended. Having passed his lips the way from the knee to the edge of the skirt for the second time, Denis discovered that Olga raised her hand higher up her skirt a couple of centimeters, he opened another piece of his body. Denis began to kiss this piece, then Olga lifted her skirt even higher, and Denis had already seen the edge of her red panties transparent. He continued on his way, and when he touched the tongue panties Oli, she lifted her ass off the bed, lifted her skirt up so that it is no longer hampered and quite spread her legs, bending at the knees. Denis began to caress her panties, which were quite wet - from the navel to the bottom - as did Dima. When he got to the place in which was to be cherished slot Dennis pressed the panties tongue and moved his hand to them. Olya shuddered and reached for the strap on the skirt, weakening it, she took off her skirt, lifting up the legs and bringing them together. Then he also got rid of wet panties. Dennis first saw the maiden gap in this perspective, is filmed Olga narrow pants, he saw a pink stripe extending from its priests to completely shaved pubis. Finally, Olga threw this, now unnecessary piece of cloth, and spread his legs. Denis saw its shiny, wet slit in all its glory. He just stared at her. Having pressed the language on the edge of the slits, he put it on and started to drive them along the seductive holes, resulting in this Olu crazy delight. A member of his long since wanted to dive into the hole of love, but Denis has decided to pursue the case, as did Dima. He took the language here and there, kissing her wet labia, then I noticed that Olya shudders when he touches the tubercle, located inside the slits. It is completely sucked the mound and began to pull at his lips. By Oli body trembling passed, she arched his body and cried, then, losing strength, relaxed and sprawled on the bed. Her silk was all wet from the juice and saliva Dennis Oli. Dennis reached into his swimming trunks and found that his penis is also all wet and already wrinkled. He was so excited that did not wait for the moment when he could cool his cock, thrusting it into the crack Oli. Now he did not know what to do. He wiped his wet face and collapsed on the bed next to Olga.
Olga, as if sensing his indecision rose from the bed and put his hands on his knees Denis. Then he dropped his feet to the floor, Dennis sat down, leaning back against the wall. Olga took a pillow and slid it between Dennis and back wall. Denis did not resist, he is now generally poorly pondered. Just sat there, panting, staring, making Olya. And it ... meanwhile, climbed down to the floor and perched on his knees between the legs of Denis. Then he pulled up his T-shirt. Dennis raised his hands, allowing Ole undress himself. She kissed his neck Denis, then his chest and stomach, as he did before. Then he undid the belt on his jeans and pulled them down. After took the edge of his swimming trunks, and Denis had to rise slightly to Olga was able to remove them. She put her hands on his feet and Dennis did such a thing, from which Denis simply stunned! Taking his flaccid penis with two fingers, she sent him to his seductive mouth! Dennis sat and watched her full lips wrapped around his cock. When she completely took it into his mouth, Denis felt that his penis is regaining strength. Yes, this did not even light Dime! Olga sucked and licked his cock, like ice cream. At first, she easily swallowing it to the base, touching his nose stomach Denis. He saw his already risen a member, enters the mouth Ole. Olga pulled hard wand out of his mouth and kissed the tip member. Denis was startled by the touch. Her bright lips parted again and passed to a member of the middle, Denis saw under her cheek formed hump. Then Olga member released to freedom, and, rising from his knees, he sat astride Denis. He immediately began to fondle her breasts, was suddenly in front of him. Olya sighed and hugged him back, burying his pubis in the protruding member Denis. Then Olga got up, shaking her breasts, and again taking member Denis with two fingers, pointed it in soy wet slit. The tip member parted pink lips and ducked inside. Denis barely restrained a cry of pleasure! Olga began to wiggle up and down, forcing a member Denis a little out of her, then again fully immersed in the slot. Dennis closed his eyes and relaxed. Olga became more and more to make the movement, and finally cried out and clung to her shoulders heavily Denis. He felt that, too, is about to finish, put his hip Oli and he made a couple of oncoming traffic. Member fell out of her slit and out spurted sticky liquid. Dennis leaned on the pillow and closed his eyes. Olga gave him a hug and too exhausted, hung on it. Denis put his hands on his hips and fingertips Oli spent on them, Olga even more pressed against him. After a while, Olga came to himself and said:
- Too late, Dennis. I need to be collected. Carry me?
- Of course. But I do not want you to leave.
She smiled happily and kissed on the lips by Denis. He pulled her to him.
- It does not, Denis.
- Good. I just want to again ...
- I also liked Denis ... - Olya embarrassed. - But I have to go.
- I spend, Ol ...
The girl stood up and picked up the bra and panties and sat on the bed. Denis got up, pulled on his trunks and jeans, and began to admire the naked Olga.
- You ... Beautiful ... - Denis had not dared to say such a thing, but now for some reason he did not hesitate.
- Thank you - Olya kissed him on the cheek.
Lowering the bed with his feet, Olga was wearing knee-length shorts, then I stood on the floor and pulled them to the hip, hiding from David his elastic ass. Then, with his back to Denis, she is wearing a bra. Turning to Denis, she noticed how swollen front of his jeans, and smiled. Denis, motionless, eyes devoured Oli figure, clad in underwear. Olga picked up her skirt, put it on, buttoned strap and smoothed on the thighs, then pulled on his topic.
- Let's go to?
- Aha - I woke Denis.
He stood up and walked to the window.
- You go shirtless? - Olga laughed. - Yes, and wipe your tummy.
Dennis picked up from the back of a chair and a towel wiped sticky stomach, then put on a t-shirt. Olga came over and kissed him again, Dennis.
- Well, let's go ...
The boy opened the window and slipped out into the street, then helped Ola to get out. They walked in silence to the house of Parliament, Denis tried to go as slowly as possible, he did not want to part with this girl. Olya again took Dennis's hand, and again he felt the warmth of her hand and squeezed her hand.
- They came, - Olga whispered.
- I know - the guy said, and pressed her whole body.
Olga Denis hugged and kissed him on the lips, the guy responded to her kiss and no longer hesitate to openly put his hand on her ass. As they kissed, Denis put his hand under her skirt and ran a hand through her panties. Then, quite emboldened, he puts his hand under the panties and stroked the smooth, elastic skin of the buttocks. Olya gently pulled away and whispered.
- It does not, Denis. I have to go now ...
Dennis looked up from her lips and said:
- You tomorrow how much you leaving?
- Ten bus ...
- Ol, I will come to hold you.
- Good. Then, tomorrow, - with these words, Olga turned and walked to his house.
Dennis watched her and went home.
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My grandfather

I want to tell you about my grandfather. My grandfather, a former sailor, sailed around the white light and has seen in his life a lot of interesting, after retirement he lived in is not a big village. His wife, his, my grandmother died long ago, and he is no longer, and never married. I was small and often spent his summers, where he taught me the tricks of our life is not easy. My grandfather was a strict, but fair. Years when he was 54, and I, respectively, 12. He had a beautiful house, with large, bright rooms, which was played in the morning sun, and the walls are covered with various strange things.
All the time he spent in caring for his farm and beautiful garden, which is laid by his grandfather. And I liked to help him, mimicking and copying everything he did and how. But once I was guilty, shooting a slingshot on the wheel, I broke the glass of the neighbors, and they complained to me. Santa promised them punish me, but he was too busy and punishment suffered on Saturday. And then came that Sabbath.
He called me in one of his huge rooms, where there was a wooden bench with a hole in the middle. He ordered me to take off my clothes. I knew what was coming, before me, have never flogged with rods, but I read about it in textbooks. I was terrified, but I knew that I deserve it. Pulling off his pants and shirt, I was completely naked and covered his hands testicles. Standing and shifting from foot to foot, looking at his grandfather, he can cancel his decision. But he, choosing a rod, he looked at me and ordered:
- Get down! And go to bed so that your pipiska hung in a hole in the shop!
I obediently lay down and fell into my pipiska hole swung freely under the bench. I stared at his grandfather, and he with me. In his hand he held the rod, then waved to her, and through the air rod struck the first blow.
- A! - I cried.
- You're lying, do not hurt, and so painful - and hit so swollen immediately suffused with blood first band.
- Look at me - his grandfather said. He rastyagnul pants and pulled out of there like a great thing for my pipisku only this size, I could not take my eyes off the subject.
- Take it into the hands of his penis and do like this - he ordered me. I watched as he squeezes her hand and caressed his subject. I could not take my eyes off of the subject, which was swelling and erectile poured force. I liked to look at him. I dutifully reached under the bench until his pipiski, and began looking at his grandfather to do the same movement. And he finally took off his pants in one motion pulled off his shirt and was like me completely naked. It was beautiful, my grandfather, his body hardened on seven winds in their years retained its strength. His black hair, touched with gray light sparkled in the light, and gray eyes sparkled. Lips, opening, pronouncing some words, but I have not heard them.
He was tall, dense, not much outstanding in front of belly, gave him the charm. Hairy his chest was broad and strong with sharp pink nipples. On the right breast near the nipple was not a large mole, another was at below the solar plexus. Exactly the same birthmarks were with me. And in the lower abdomen, he reared the huge size thing, twined with curly hairs, with a pink head, which glistened and so attracted the eye. I looked at my grandfather, and he allowed himself to consider, not at all embarrassed. He was standing next to me, waving his hand, causing me blows, and his cock tremble in front of my face. I masturbate with one hand the strained his already pisyun. And I cried with each stroke, but it has been more game than spanking. Whip beat me, but to me they have not brought more pain and pleasure. I closed my eyes. For the time has come that I have not never had, my cock stiffened to such a value that now seemed to burst, I became faster and faster to bother him at that moment, something exploded inside me and I felt such a pleasure which can be compared only with death. On my fingers I splashed some sticky liquid. I thought I spotted my grandfather to death, but next came the laughter, opened my eyes, I saw my grandfather. He stood beside me and stroked just whipped the ass and back. I suddenly wanted to touch the grandfathers of moles. I looked into his grandfather's eyes, and then rushed into his arms. I was crying, and he gently kissed me on the lips, dipping, kiss kiss for lower and lower. Just touching his lips to my nipples, and then greedily sucking them. Touching lips alternately to one or the other moles. Once again, I felt my cock stiffen. A grandfather caressed me with his rough hands, with blue anchor on his left hand.
Tears ended, I began to kiss, his grandfather, his strong arms, his hairy chest and the same mole as I have. He looked at me, and quietly repeated - Well, well, boy.
His cock stiffened again, and the head, again shone.
- Reach for it, do not be afraid.
I picked up his penis, and he gasped in bliss.
- Do as I tell you. He took my penis in his hand and began to masturbate while kissing me in one direction or the other breast, gently biting my nipples. Then he pulled away from me and given to do the same with him. I just went crazy with pleasure. I liked to keep his dick in his hand, feeling my every move brings him great pleasure. I kissed his nipples, which shrank from touching my lips, caressing them with his tongue, and he choked with tenderness. Then grandfather turned me over backwards, put on all fours and said:
- Do not be afraid. He kissed me back from what I relaxed, then I smeared saliva the anus, and two fingers of his. And then gently entered me fingers. I was hurt, but I fondled his penis, and suddenly the pain was replaced by a new pleasure. Grandfather slowly, and then all became faster and faster to move the fingers, my butt became one big paradise, and then my grandfather took his fingers and I felt like he drives in my ass with his cock. I wanted that to this whopper came into me now, and I caught his grandfather's penis and began to insert it into itself. Grandfather groaned. Millimeter by millimeter, he got into me, but I was already on top of the world and I wanted to absorb it all a whole. I'll sit down on his cock, trying to eat his entire booty. We are moving in the same frantic pace, which could not last for long. Santa is not moaning, just screaming, and getting stronger and stronger spitted me your hot cock. Then, abruptly entered into me all the way, and his cock had finished my flog back. Father rubbed his hands on me that spilled from it. And he said, so my back will heal faster. Then he turned me over looked in her eyes, and kissed her. More he did not when it is not punished, no matter what I was not doing. I visited him every summer and we had slept in the same bed clinging to each other, but that's another story.

Spring Fever

Despite the apparent warming of spring this year, and really it was not. Until mid-April was snow that suddenly melted in a mere 10 days, and there was in truth the summer heat. Needless to say that the study was the last of what we thought at the time. When Masha tried to Lenka still attend lectures and workshops, the rest gave up and hoped that the great Russian "maybe" somehow, and we will draw on the session. Most often, all our fun campaign could catch on the fountain in a state of ecstasy beer and sunshine, our faces back and tanned hands, and we stand out from the pale fellow students, do not allow yourself to take time off from school.
Actually that memorable May Thursday (or is it still was Friday?) Did not differ from the previous three weeks spent at the walls of his native faculty. We sat on the fountain, standing beside an opened box of beer, the sun beat down mercilessly on our Bent cards back.
Played in borax. Sergei, Dima, and I Tanyuha, Katka spied on all cards and pretended that no one tells, and we, in turn, pretended not to notice her desperate winks. I shamelessly won that infuriated our queen.
- Well, no, obviously cheating! I just still can not figure out what, but it's obvious! It can not do you so frankly Fort all the time! - Indignantly exclaimed Tanya.
- It's because no one gives Toshka, - said Dima, intently looking at his cards.
At this point I was indignant:
- Oh wow?! And then how do you know? Are you holding a candle to me?
- So for you to be seen. You have written on my forehead "no one gives me".
- If I have it written on my forehead, it is interesting what you have written? Give me someone I'm still a virgin?
- Nope - Dima smiled dreamily - I have written "Yesterday I spent an unforgettable night in the company of two sisters.
- What-oh-oh-oh? - We responded in unison.
- Come on let's Don Juan, tell me - Tanya demanded.
- Yes, what is there to talk. Well, yesterday I met at a club one, she says, come to my house I Rodak not. Well, I'm human, and I went. Rodak's home really was not, but it was her sister. In general, word for word, glass after glass and turned.
-Yeah ... - but I still could have the answer? I did not have sex for three weeks already, since I totally screwed it fell to obschazhnym girls.
For five minutes we paddled cards in silence. It was noticeable that all of us were impressed Dimkina confession. I do not know what to think our ladies, but personally I envied him.
The silence as always broke Tanya. Efficiently adjusting bra (and undress to the waist and a public sunbathing already included in our habit), it is peremptory voice demanded:
- So, everything is clear with Dima, now let you kolites when where with whom the last time you fucked!
Serge puzzled looked at her:
- Straight and to report what?
- Well, what we girls here or what? Come on tell me very interesting! - Yeah convince our star was able to.
- Well, let's say the day before yesterday, one girl from the hostel.
- I know her?
- Hardly. She Biology Department.
- Clearly, now you Tosh.
- Not well, but what I have at once? Let out Katya says, and you, too, do not be silent, - cleverly and naturally I got out.
- I do not remember when was the last time - at least what I deftly parried Katka.
- Yeah, so I believed.
- Fair! I do not know, or was not, and if it was, it certainly can not remember from whom. We were so drunk.
- Well, you give a mother. That there should be the same way.
- It happens. Hunger was not calculated the force. Well, you Tanyuha that silent?
- I had on Monday with one of my friend with an Internet subculture. All. Or do you want the details?
- No thank you my dear, we Dimkinyh details enough - well, I could not say that I dream to hear how it happened? Of course he could not. They in fact only show that you're interested - just sit down on the neck.
Tanya barely noticeably swelled, it was obvious that she was expecting a different reaction:
- Well, - she said - now you kolis.
- Nuuuu .. let's say it was a week ago.
- A week? Strangely, a week ago we were celebrating a birthday in a hostel and went to sleep all together in Lehi in the room, something I do not remember that someone "stir". - Tanya frowned and squinted mischievously.
- So the day before or the next day. Damn what do you care!
- Hehe Dimon, and you seem to was right - she smiled - well it does not matter, do not be offended Tosh, I'm not out of malice, so keep the conversation going.
- What do I find the topic - I muttered.
The topic has been closed, but the bad feeling remained. I could repeat a million times that they invented, and that nothing they did not have, but it's comforting weak. I - a handsome man, in the prime of precisely those same forces, the very charm and glamor and so on and so forth. And what? Nothing. I was so upset that completely ceased to follow the game and soon it was lost in the dust. Beer also come to an end and people began to gradually falls off. First was carried away on the wings do not know what Tanya as if casually mentioned that her Internet boyfriend already exhausted all without contemplating its ethereal beauty. Then he went with Sergey Dima, well that is not mocked simply said that it was time and that's it. As a result, we are left alone with Katya.
- You, too, somewhere in a hurry? - I asked a little edgy tone.
- By the way there, and there is nothing on me vent their dissatisfaction libido!
- Sorry, Th-I took too close to the heart of these our sexual revelations.
- Nothing wrong. Better to say, you have any money? And then I just poltash, and the beer is over, if we're going to sit here also it is necessary to go for more.
I rummaged in his pockets and pulled out a crumpled pack of a dozen:
- I think you and I have enough for a beer.
- Hey, well, it can beer? And that will not run from it. Come buy vodka.
I admit I was taken aback. Katka, of course, saw God forbid, but one thing in the noisy company, and another thing when it comes almost alone. I expressed the same negative attitude to its proposal:
- Come on!
Quickly run for vodka and a bell, we have set up our asses back to the fountain. Since not particularly want to talk, we do not come up with anything more interesting than to start playing the fool on the strip, but that the game is not over too quickly, we decided that the winning bidder has the right to put one thing back. So we stretched the game as much as two-thirds of the bottle ... and then somehow imperceptibly almost naked Katya found herself in my lap, and her lips were dangerously close to mine. I can not say that I remember all the details of future idyll, as well as the great Odyssey called "I loved returning home" I know only that he woke up with a rather sore head, but the happy realization that my abstinence ended.
After entering the classroom, the first thing I found his eyes Katya and her confused look realized that not only I can remember what happened yesterday. Unfortunately our exchange of glances was intercepted Mrs. omnipresent.
- Taaaak. That's what I'm thinking? - Tone offended her mother, she said.
- What did you swallow? - How can I casually asked.
- All clear. There were two loneliness. No, well, I understand, but wear a neon icons, on which is written in huge letters "Yesterday we slept" what for?
I involuntarily looked at his sweater. As you would expect any badge I have not noticed:
- Tanya, this is none of your business. Go forest!
- So I was right! - She smiled happily, and show everyone your view that sees us through departed on a smoke break.
I exhaled with relief. All the same, it can reach anyone and my happiness that I so lightly. Going to Kate and a little trample on the spot, I still asked:
- I hope you do not regret?
- No and you?
- Me neither. I like it.
- Me too.
- Then it may happen again? - And where I got the nerve to come from I do not know.
- I am for. But I think I'll have to tell Tanya, she does not peel me alive until he knew all the details.
- Oh, and figs with it, tell me, I do not care - that I am such a good-natured man.
- Oh well - Kate smiled and gently kissed me on the lips.
And we repeat, this time sober, and then repeated again and again. When the session, we moved in with Katie in the apartment, which is free from the older generation due to the start of the summer season.
I can not say that I had a crush, no, I was just very good. I was comfortable, and the comfort was very important to me. In such a gracious frame of mind thanks to the insistence of Katkinym I surprisingly well passed the session and with quiet showers plunged into joy permanent relationship. In this pleasant semi-oblivion, I spent the whole summer and only woke up on the eve of the new academic year.


have not drunk wine, even lull a snowstorm, and the window is still dark,
and we are still in a postelipodushku divide in half blanket divide too ...
-prosypayas and in the morning, I still sweet muzhelozhutebya a roundup,
and we both love breathe ...
but all the more clearly I see -in a series of happy days, how do you go away from me ...
I hold you dare:
in the absolute category polnotynet "fully".


Volga Beach, sand, trees. The sun was already high enough, when I was going to get out of his house on the beach. After yesterday's disco at a nearby camp site, I returned to the house about six o'clock in the morning, after sleeping till noon, I got up, washed, and decided not to go into the dining room, honestly say that the food that we were given in the canteen, it was only possible to have a snack vodka and drink in this heat is not like I came out of the house.
From the terrace a wonderful view to the water was about twenty meters, each house half-beached, were rowing boats, but through a strait dragged countless islands and islets, which were covered with dense forest, some of them could find a decent place bathing, and only for these islands was fundamental Volga.
Taking from the table a bag with a camera, two spare thumb drives and a package with a cold beer, I went to the bank, stood for a moment near the water, wondering where I go, even though the question was more rhetorical, because in order to take pictures of nature, it was necessary to to sail to the islands. The whole coast as far as could be seen, was built up tourist centers.
Putting things into the boat, I pushed her into the water, jumped into it, and sent it to a small island, which was in the depths of this ridge. This island, I noticed a long time ago, when we were taken on a pleasure boat. I drew a small flat sandy slope and dense foliage, but what attracted me the most, is the complete lack of people there. The ability to be alone, outside his house, in our tourist centers practically absent as such.
It took about forty minutes, quite far away, you can see why this island does not swim vacationers, when the nose of the boat rested in a bank, I sighed with relief. Having tied the boat to a tree trunk, I walked toward the beach, I have a boat specifically tied around trees, there is less conspicuous than in the open sandy shore. Located under the little tree on the cool sand, I took a bottle of beer, opened it, and drank it with relish, almost in one gulp, then opened the second and began to slowly sip from it, prolonging the pleasure. When it was empty, and my hands a little away from the oars, and now I could go shooting. I got up and hid the packet with the remaining four bottles in Tenek under a tree, went to the interior of the island. The camera was hanging on my chest, and deserted bag dangling from the side. I am a long time choosing the right panorama, finally I found what I needed. After a few shots, I heard some voices, trees, sticks, had only to move away from the coast for a few meters, as there is someone managed to appear. Through the foliage I saw the two women tried to pull ashore the nose of the boat, but that they were able to work on the side of the boats adorned the name of their camp site.
They were quite nice, shapely long legs, neat ass, slim waist, in one short dark brown hair, and the other - blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. Sorry, I could not see their faces, but I thought these girls can not be beautiful. Judging by the fact that they were wearing tee shirt and panties from bathing suits, although they could hardly be called panties, they probably were going to swim and sunbathe naked. Instinctively raising his camera and caught the right moment, I pressed the button, and then, looking at the display this image, I was once again convinced that they are very attractive, especially when the Duck Down. Their tanned lithe bodies, smooth skin, caused me excitement, but to sit in the bushes and watch them secretly take pictures, I did not want.
- Hi, - I said, going to the beach - I'm not disturbing you?
- Oh! - Blurted blonde - How are you there?
- Sorry, of course, but I've been here a long time, - smiling, I replied - I photograph nature.
As I expected their faces were very pretty, blonde - big blue eyes, slightly upturned nose, plump lips that conceal the dazzling white teeth; the second girl was almost a copy of the first, the only difference was in the color of the hair. I wondered what they were twins.
- Where's your boat, or you arrived by plane Court? - I took the initiative, the girl with dark brown hair, - How did you get here?
- I won my boat - I said, and pointed to his boat.
They both turned their heads the team in points in the direction he saw a boat with the name written on the side of my camp site, they are noticeably relaxed, the first smile flitted across their beautiful faces.
- So you're a photographer? - Blonde's eyes flashed.
- Well, do not say that a photographer - I said - but it is very fond of photography.
- Yes? And this can not be said the camera down - the other girl continued to amaze me with his observation and judgment, - My friend professional photographer fotoapparatik something simpler your will.
It got to the point, the camera was very cool, my friend brought it from America and gave it to me for my birthday with a bunch of tools and a laptop, which is now lying in the safe of the chief tourist centers. In general, the camera he had brought his wife, who worked in one of the newspapers, but on arrival in the States, he found her in bed with two lovers at once. Being very proud, he immediately filed for divorce, and this technique first was in my apartment like a warehouse, and then moved into my property.
- Yes, the camera is very good, - I replied.
- Please show me the nature that you photographed here, - I asked the blonde.
I picked up the camera, quickly erased their photo and handed it to them. It was evident that the girl with dark brown hair is very well versed in such things as how to stop their attention on those shots that I liked the most.
- Not bad, but why so few on this island? - She asked, looking intently at me.
- I'm just here on the strength of a half hour, - I replied.
She sat on the side of the boat and began to view the footage again. I approached her and asked:
- What you are interested in?
- I can not understand why you took these shots here at such an angle? - She replied thoughtfully.
- And, is it? - Yes, the girl is familiar not only with a professional photographer, - I want to make a photo collage, if tonight I will not find another occupation.
- What you: Oh, sorry, you! And the computer itself? - Her eyes widened.
- Maybe, to meet and pass on you? - I said, - My name is Dima.
- Natasha, - quickly replied the blonde, and, with a nod toward the second girl said - and this boring name is Diana.
- I am very pleased - I replied.
- US too! - Quickly replied Natasha looked at Diana.
Diana showed her pink tongue, then turned toward me and smiled, looking into my eyes.
- Dima, you did not answer.
- Yes there is, if you do not believe me, I can show in the evening, - I replied. - As far as I understand ... you're relaxing on a nearby camp site?
- Okay, let's see - Diana did not want to believe it.
- Oh you - intervened in the conversation Natasha - found a pancake, two photographers. If you are fanatics of this case, I've always wanted me to be photographed - paused and added with a smile, - maybe even in different poses.
- Aha! Guba sunset, you know how much a photo shoot? - Diana replied Natasha, but very carefully looked at me.
- Or maybe I want to do, where will pay me for it, - said Natasha - Can I have this dream.
- It is clear - Diana smiled, - rabies uterus again?
- You fool! - Natasha offended.
- The girls - here I have already intervened in the conversation - let you not to quarrel, if you want, I can take pictures of you, that's just not mock. Good?
They stared at me, then looked at each other and began to take out of the boat packages with things. We spread a blanket on the sand lot, while I took a pack of beer and offered them beer. Oddly enough, they have not given up. We were sitting on a blanket, they are a little shy about my presence, jerseys and remained on them. I asked them to remove the T-shirts, a little broken, the process has started, first get rid of their shirts Natasha, her breast was delicious. It took shape, with little sticking out in different directions papillae, caught my eye, she held his hand on his tummy flat and raised her hand to her chest, touching the nipples with a finger, why they stiffened and stood up.
- Such beauty is necessary to perpetuate - Swallowing, I said, and reached for the camera - do you mind?
- Yes, it is just waiting for this - Diana spoke, and, after a pause, she added, - I wonder if you offer to star in porn, you immediately agree or somewhat broken for decency?
- Immediately! - Natasha said, and rolled her eyes, pretending to enjoy.
A little thought what angle to choose, I pressed the button, Diana curiously watching me. Then together we began to see what happened. The picture captures the elastic girl's chest and tender neck on the background of dazzling blue sky, sticking out in different directions nipples, gave this picture of indescribable eroticism.
- Not bad, without preparation, - escaped Diana.
- Cool! You do me this picture? - Natasha shone with his own eyes.
- Of course, I will do - I assured her.
- I still want to, do not you hard? - Natasha looked at me with pleading eyes.
- Maybe he already has the card full? - Diana intervened.
I silently got up, took his bag from the camera and pulled out two more cards. Natasha, obviously not knowing what was going on, looked at me with wondering eyes, and Diana smiled mysteriously and slamming Natasha on a hanger, said:
- It seems that today you try everything.
- Yes? This is the film? - Natasha did not know that the memory card used in digital cameras.
- Yes, the film - Diana smiled - Get ready, we're going to shoot you. you do not mind Dim,?
- Of course not - how can you not care, I said, though my soul there was something indescribable. Once I tried to shoot a naked girl, but she is so complexed, I have barely enough patience, it would not yell at her, so after that I do not adequately perceive such a possibility, but Natasha was clearly not the same her sexuality splashed from it with every movement. Well, what a few pinned my swimming trunks "groomsman"And then he would stick out like a lamppost.
Diana, of course, knew very well what to do and how it helped me so skillfully that adjusted the action and Natasha pose that this led me into raptures. When it was done half a dozen shots, and it's ready images, those that we did not like, I quickly erased, I noticed how much shining eyes of both girls.
- Well, Natasha, will shoot erotica? - Diana flirted looked at me.
- I will always agree, but you? - Natasha approached her from behind and her arms wrapped around the bottom of her shirt hidden chest.
Diana shuddered, her body was covered with goose bumps and her nipples instantly hardened, standing out through the thin fabric. When I started to pick up the camera to take pictures of all of this Diane slowly tilt your head back, obviously flattering to me. Natasha enthusiastically stroked her breasts and belly, her hands tucked under her T-shirt, long shirt was thrown to the side. Breast Diana was on the mind, to look at it was a bit smaller than that of Natasha, but her nipples were larger, in one word - How nice. Now Natasha kissed her shoulders and neck, eyes closed with pleasure Diana and her hands moved from her breasts and now stroked elastic thigh. I began to get their side and, once behind them, photographed them from below the frame turned out that it is necessary. Elastic Natasha's ass divided golubenky polosochkoj panties, pink petals of her slits, peeking from under both sides of the strip. It was noticeable that the fabric was wet, Natasha was already mokrenkaya. Her hands were stroking Dianin ass, she did it so erotic that I only had time to press the button. Soon she began to pull the handle with Diana panties, she obviously liked it, she threw her head back and her eyes were closed, lips were open and flew them occasionally with a light groan. Natasha's tongue already caressed her back, soon went to her panties lying on the sand t-shirt, dark hairs on her pubic hair was neatly trimmed and looked like a tick.
Diana turned to Natasha and their lips have merged in a kiss, this show was damn exciting, especially when Diana began to take off with Natasha's panties. When her panties were on the sand, Diana sank to her knees, and her tongue began to caress first Natasha's belly and then slid down her blond hair pubis to her pink crack, Natasha only spread her legs wider, opening her way to his treasure. Now I was behind Dianin ass, she looked very appetizing, a small dark spot anal passage, pink, shiny from her juices, sponge slits and rampant hump clitoris. It is clearly seen where I am, and, without looking up from Natashkiny slits, causing her this very loud moans, Diana began to push his hands buttocks, opening my eyes my vagina hole.
As you know, everyone's patience may come to an end, especially when you get up in front of that. Setting aside the camera, I put my hands on top of Dianin hands and pressed her tongue to crack, caressing her soft pink lips, excited clitoris hillock. At first she started, but not because she felt my touch, but because I began to suck her clit, and then, looking up from Natasha slits, became confused moan constantly jumping up to scream. Natasha looked at me, her eyes sparkling with excitement, went around and knelt beside me, I began to carefully observe how I lick hole of her sister. When I became immersed in the language of your vagina, I heard cries for Dianin, was added Natasha moan, only when I looked at her, I noticed that Natasha finger massaging her clit.
One ... a gentle hand caressing Natasha mokrenkuyu crack and tongue continued to lick Dianin hole, I could barely restrained so as not to jump, throw melting and insert his penis into one of these gentle holes. My chin was all in Dianin juice, and my fingers in the juice that oozed from Natasha. Diana jerked her scream broke off abruptly, her body finely trembled, and she had finished, her body went limp, but she remained standing in this position. I turned to Natasha, her eyes were closed, his breathing was jerky, her skin was covered with goose bumps, realizing that she too is in a state of predorgazmennogo I stepped motion with his fingers in her crack and lips caught her protruding nipples. A minute later she came, shouting and showering my fingers thick liquid.
When they groan was quiet, and in the eyes there was a thought, I carefully looked at them, began to take off his swimming trunks, my cock immediately took firing position. Natasha has responded to this with admirable enthusiasm, taking his hand from the base, closed its plump lips around the head. Her tongue got up miracles, bringing me indescribable pleasure. Diana silently stood up, took the camera and began to photograph us. Natasha enthusiastically sucked and licked my dick, it is almost all, found himself in her, she squeezed the sponge around the head, I still moaning so loudly that Diana, leaving the rest of the camera, came up to me and clung to my lips . Her nimble tongue penetrated my mouth and began to move so skillfully that I felt dizzy, and I almost lost my balance.
While we have enjoyed a kiss with Diana, Natasha looked up from my penis, and arched, has substituted his ass. Diane reluctant to unstick from my lips, and reached for a camera with a nod in the direction of flowing juices sister.
- Come, - she whispered, raising the camera.
Dropping to his knees in front of Natasha's ass, I spent a head member on its mokrenkaya invitingly open, pink crack, Natasha gasped loudly and arched even more. When I, without encountering any resistance, began to enter into it, Natasha leaned back, spitted her cunt on my cock up to the stop. Her ass was moving towards my cock, which is slow, completely out of her wet and hot holes, then abruptly flew back completely, resting on something inside her and hit the eggs, from which a specific sound was heard. Soon her moans turned into a continuous scream, shook her head fell into his arms, and I felt like it has rolled a wave of orgasm as zahlyupal it my penis. Now it's time to finish me, I pulled out her term, he was covered with a thick layer of grease it, and, resting his head in her ass, began to rub them on her anus, orgasm wave came at me, completely suppressing my will. Cum struggled out of my penis powerful jets, covering the back and buttocks Natashkiny large matte white drops. When my eruption was over, I fell helplessly on the sand.
Diana with a smile went around us, then when we are with Natasha, came to their senses and return to us the ability to think, fell about us to our knees and handed me the camera.
- Look at what happened - her voice was nervous and inconsistent, and his eyes sparkled.
Yes, shots were impressive, of course, we have removed some things, but mostly it was due to the fact that Diana will not reliably hold the camera due to the fact that she was in a state of wild excitement. Natasha fascinated looking at the footage, her cheeks flushed played thick.
- You're that embarrassed? - I spent on her shoulder, arm, she shrank from my touch and looked at me wide-eyed.
- I do not think so looks the part - hesitating, she said, - it's so cool.
Diana took the camera and quickly began to turn over footage clearly something trying to find, and then gave her the camera. On display was the frame where it was filmed her face in the moment of orgasm.
- This is the most erotic, that there can be removed, it is the strongest frame - Dianin sounded very convincing.
She gave camera Natasha, Natasha with a huge surprise examined his face in the display. I touched his hand Dianin ass, spending on her wet crack, she jerked like an electric shock, sharply turned to me, played little devils in her eyes.
- Well, I'm not as supple as it - with a smile, she said, quickly getting up from its knees - You'll have some work to do.
She headed toward the trees, adding a step, I also got up and followed her, turning, Diana smiled and ran, her tall, slim figure attracted me. I ran after her and caught up with her soon. When my hands touched her shoulders, she abruptly stopped and turned to me, I still continued to move, and therefore almost bumped into her. My erection rested against her groin, and my lips stuck into her lips. Now my tongue penetrated her, her hands gently hugged my neck and my hands stroked her elastic ass. I could not wait any longer, I wanted it, I like a madman, as the last animal, my cock stood like a telegraph pole. Having turned her back to him, I began to caress her breast with his hands and kissing her neck and shoulders, as did Natasha, her eyes closed and her lips fell off a light groan. Her breast was delicious, as well, and it's all, I'm a little bent at the knees, and my penis has penetrated between her slightly spaced apart, legs. Chink It was very wet and the inside of her thighs dripping its juice from touching the body of my Diana member shiver and her ass has become mobile. My penis he found his way to a long-awaited place, I just had to make a move. Diana put her hands on the tree and bent, letting me in itself, very carefully, inching its way inside her vagina. Taking a hands on her slender waist, I started the movement, gradually increasing force, soon she was crying, and I sit down with such force it on his penis, it seemed to me that I tear it, but nothing to do with him could not. On her rolls wave after wave of orgasms, her lips no longer flew screaming, her powers were on the wane, I, too, was on the way, and when the sperm began begging outside, I tried to pull out of its hole his dick, but she begged not to do this.
- Mommy! - Escaped her - No, me.
I was delighted with this proposal, and with joy filled her narrow hole with his hot cum, she came with me, our cries merged into one. When we came to, I heard that behind us moaning Natasha. Turning, we saw it, leaning back against the tree and down the left arm with a camera down the right hand caressing her clitoris, her eyes closed in pleasure. Diana quickly liberated from my member came up to her, leaving a trail of my sperm that flowed from her holes and trickled down her slender legs, and gently took her camera. Natasha's hand, freed from your camera, quickly found the nipple left breast and began to caress it, after a while her body jerked, and she came, screaming alerting all constituency. Diana filmed it all on camera.
- Well, now we went to drink your beer, - with a smile she said, lowering the camera - I'm thirsty, and you probably do not mind, after such exercise?
- Come, - I replied in the affirmative.
After this love, all the time we spent together, even taught Natasha to take pictures, so we can enjoy not only her photographs.
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The pleasure of the humiliation of a sexual object, more important than the sex

Yesterday I decided to become a thing of his Lord. I have to obey him in everything. And in the morning he would come. I could not sleep all night. Hand always found the clitoris and fingering it. At the head were the words Gospodina.- Remember good thing you bitch for pleasure, which may, to thank and perform prikazy.Ot his intonation, ran shivers, and cold reflected in the head. I'm waiting zavtra..Nastupilo morning, before the meeting was less than an hour, I made all that were ordered, and it laid on the table the whole small collection of attributes and artificial members. I took a shower and did the enema as ordered Mr. I put on stockings, sandals, a collar with a small chain. That's all that needs to be mne.Zvonok. I open the door, he enters. This was our second meeting, the first in a cafe, I could not remember it well. It turned out that I was on his heels taller. His gaze was powerful, it was not cruelty rather firm in intent. I have studied him, she felt that he pulls the chain, forcing me to go down on his knees. Fractions of a second and I kolenyah.- I do not care how you will move, but you should not be taller than me, you understand stupid bitch? Having said this from the doorway, he went into the kitchen. I had no choice but to crawl over nim.- Let's first have breakfast, I brought something - he put a bag on the table. - Understand and make me a coffee, I'm going to suggest to you what to do, - commanded on.Ya stood in confusion, on my knees I was inconvenient to reach for the plate, and not to the plastic bag dotyanutsya.- Now I will go out, and you arise, Spread your legs wider than shoulder-width apart, and sit down, the growth will be less able to move around. Yes, and I'll see what you look like, with legs apart, - he said this, he vyshel.Ya did as he ordered, the spectacle was funny, but I was able to make coffee, pour into cups. The chain when moving, beating his thighs, jingling that reminded of the newness of everything that happens. I put the coffee cup on the table, entered Mr. He sat down on a chair, I had to sit down even lower, which would again be higher than it was not so convenient, legs zatekali.- Come to me - ordered on.Ya obediently went, Mr. took the chain that hung from the collar and hanging between the thighs, slightly beaten by soskam.- Turn around, bend over and spread your buttocks - he commanded on.Ya do as he ordered Mr. pulled the chain, so that it had passed between his lips, pulled up to the buttocks, and unceremoniously stuck the end of her anus .- On Cullen! he commanded, and came to the table, where there was a package that brought them. He took out a carton of milk, a bowl for feeding animals large enema with a thick tip, a little anal probku.- the bath. - Followed by a new order. - Now check out how my bitch, have washed your ass. Take off your socks, get in the bath, become rakom.Ya all dutifully complied. Shame buzzing in the ears, but I was very excited by unknown. And his helplessness. Mr. pulled the chain, it is difficult to. Its end, now he has secured the crane. I stood and waited for what would happen on the sounds, I realized that he is gaining a pear moloko.- I see you are ready, put your zhopu.Ya molcha.- What stood silent, bitch. Say that I am ready to fulfill all that you order, Gospodin.- I am ready to fulfill all that you order, Mr. - I said, its unrecognized golosa.ON came back, slapped on the buttocks, then repeated it again, saying - Ass is necessary, look what she sposobna.ON Framed tip to the anus and unceremoniously entered it. It was the size of a thumb, and without grease came at once, it was a little painful, but when I poured cold liquid, the pain became invisible. He abruptly pulled pear, typing again, abruptly introduced. He repeated it again. Then plugged my ass anal plug. I could not understand my feelings, I do feel the cold eeriness and at the same time there was a small state burning, I felt a slight intoxication, the liquid inside me was filled with millet naruzhu.- in milk a little brandy. Relax. It may be absorbed into the bloodstream. And that you were not bored, show me how you sosesh.S these words he put in front of me artificial chlen.- Suck bitch !!! I was a cancer in the bath. And I could not see him but I heard he unzipped his pants. I began to lick the head of the proposed members of me. I really wanted to get rid of the fluid in me, I could hardly contain, but not let the liquid tube. Alcohol clouded head. I began to suck cock, imagining that it is a member of the host, I spent the language around the ground, took his lips into his mouth, swallowed deep in ourselves to the throat. It simply held his tongue over the head. And completely swallowing ego.- again I'll pull the plug, but you hold your liquor. And sit down on his haunches, - he said, untying tsepochku.Eto was not easy, as all my insides resisted, and I could not hold the liquid. He has called me a bowl for feeding zhivotnyh.- Fill it, but not a drop more! I relaxed, and milk is poured into a bowl. I'm really well washed ass, because it was white. I filled it, and hardly interrupted the flow. He took the bowl from under me, master hand touched the pubis, stuck two fingers into vlagalische.- You're all techesh, do you like ... what are you lustful trash. Vymoysya emptied himself, dress socks, I forbid you two things piss and masturbate. This you will do when I'll have to do everything quickly - creep, I'm waiting on kuhne.Kogda having washed, I crawled, I saw that the middle of the kitchen was a bowl of milk and a saucer of biscuits, was near Spread towel. It looked like a place for a pet. Mr. came, picked up the chain and brought me podstilki.- This is your place temporarily. - He said. - A couple of snacks. Cookies mochish in her wet pussy and eat. Lie on your side Arrange wide-leg, that I've seen. And nachinay.Ya lay on his side lifted her leg, took the first cookie and held it to his lips. Despite the fact that I was well washed up and dried off I was again wet. I wet the crackers in the vagina, mouth open with one hand, Mr. watched, sipping brandy. So I ate about five shtuk.- Zapey !! - I commanded Gospodin.Ya become on all fours in front of a bowl, bent, and began to wet tongue to try to do it as animal desire. It turned out bad, but the drops that hit me, I realized that a lot of milk added brandy. So I stood there for about five minutes, when the Lord finished his brandy, he took the leash and led me back to vannu.- you already knew ... that you're an animal? - He asked. - And all the animals lead out to the street. That they did not gadili doma.S these words he threw a towel on the floor having fun on veshalke.- Now you have to imagine that we are in the yard, and you have to piss, to make their case, as they say breeders. Well, let's start! - He took me to the towel. - Why do not you do it as a cable quickly and not anger the owner !!!! I was embarrassed. And do not know what to do I was terribly ashamed, I wanted to drop everything and leave and never see him again, and not to return to this subject. From reflections brought me a push. Mr. pulled the chain-povodok.- nigh dumb bitch. I do not clearly explained. Leg raises, now ssy !!!!!!!!!!!!!! he loudly slapped me on the buttocks. I obediently lifted her leg. Despite the fact that I really wanted to use the toilet, I could not sobratsya.- I'm tired of waiting !!!!!!!!!! I focused, tense, and the first trickle ran down his leg. The pressure grew stronger, I stood in the middle of the bath, with a bent raised leg and peed on the towel. I was ready to burn with shame. I could not keep any urine or tears that come from nowhere. I graduated, he dropped nogu.- Lie down on your back on it pissed towel. - I heard the new order. - Bend your knees and legs spread them shiroko.Ya Obediently took ordered posture. The tears did not stop pouring. Lord came and stood and began drochit.- You are now felt between my legs, what you jerk, you're lying pissed, drunk milk from their ass, I do not want to touch you, I'll just finish this bitch. Shire legs, spreading his hands pussy I want to see her. She was wet, it shines from your juice, fucking shit, like the clitoris grew. I'll finish on this lustful body. Look into my eyes, prevented suchka.Sleza see, he jerked off steadily and slowly, repeating what I damn. Here he comes to orgasm, hand starts to drive faster, even faster. The first portion of sperm flew on my chest, following the face, belly, pussy. He finished, stood there looking at me, and said: - Now you have only obossat.Ya did not have time to recover, as the first drops fell on the open pussy, then spray more, I walked around the clitoris, up the stomach, chest. Spray flew in the face. I felt like my hand caresses clitoris, I like it, I cry with shame, and excited all that happens !! - You deserved it. I let you finish. But first, I have something that will leave you a souvenir. Stand on koleni.Ya obediently stood up. In his hand I saw a lipstick, it was manifested. Colors it was green, but when manifested, became bright red. He walked around the front and painted my nipples, then wrote something on the belly and pubic hair, forced to turn back and become cancerous. Parted buttocks, anus painted mugs, and wrote something on popke.- to masturbate - he ordered. - And I'll help you. This member you are, in my opinion, sucked today - he asked, showing me konstruktsiyu.Na handle rolling pin was fasten a dildo. He ordered to lie down on her back and masturbate himself, he was holding a rolling pin in hand and fucked me tied to it as the last member of a bitch, dick fully entered into me, sometimes causing pain, my excitement was great, I'm all tekla.- preload legs, and I pamper your ass, - he said ON.Vsunul wet lubrication member of the anus, pain changed torque orgasm, I could no longer endure. A spasm shot through the whole body, I calmed down. When I woke up he was gone. The door was slammed. I went to the mirror, on the abdomen was written "Twigs hole" and an arrow pointing to my pussy, the same thing was written on the buttocks. I removed everything I could recall this meeting, first bath, and then in the kitchen, sobbing crawled under a hot shower to wash all traces of hope and wash away the memories as I do not try to follow from the lipstick left. I went out and decided to forget everything and never ... NEVER .. no longer vstrechatsya.Na shoe shelf I found a piece of paper. It says: - You're a good bitch. I will make of thee a thing to his satisfaction. If you decide that it is ready for the second meeting call and say, "My master, your bitch to ask you for vstrechi.NET NO NO I never will not allow anyone to humiliate me. Pozvonyu.Nikogda NEVER say never ...

Freshman Day

I'll start from the beginning. My name is Julia, I am 32 years old, brown-haired woman of average height, with green eyes and a good breast 4 - th size, and shape after the birth of her daughter was saved. True birth to a daughter early, at 21, and married to the child's father did not come out.
He just vanished after learning about my "Vagrants"Even though we had lived for 1, 5 years in "unmarried". He married, when my daughter was 7 years old. My husband loves me, and by and large I could not work only at home, too, do not want to turn sour. Just I want to tell you about my adventures when, living in a hostel while studying at the institute, and had to work in parallel, since my daughter was my mother, and money for training had to get the most. But on the other hand I was a student complete freedom and I'm actively used.
The institute has been a tradition to celebrate "time freshmen" disco and other attributes of the holiday. Even at the entrance exams for female, which quickly found a common language. We were the same age and lived in the same room, so we were lucky. Her name was Lisa. Besides us, there were three chetverokursnitsy Light, Angela and Kate with them, we first very big quarrel, they gave us a small room where the two were placed with difficulty 1, 5 beds. Hostel we had a flat type, and we lived in a 2 - eyelet. But after relations were adjusted, and even had something - something like a friendship.
In the morning, after washing, Liza went to the store she was on duty and preparing for the two of us. And I have been cleaning, to its arrival it was all over. From the shop Lisa brought a bottle of red fortified wine, go on holiday without preheating was like - it is not comfortable. Having persuaded the bottle, we started to get dressed and painted in general to direct beauty. And as luck would have I made puff on his ceremonial black tights and wore them when others I did not.
- Take mine, they are new, I still have. - Lisa said.
- It's stockings.
- So what?
- Eraser will be seen.
- Come on, just cant smaller, and so can not be seen!
Wearing a skirt and stockings, she looked at herself in the mirror if you do not bend it and do not see. Just had to change panties with beige lace on black. Bras Lizka we decided not to wear both were standing firm breasts only Lizka just did not reach the 2nd and I have to size 3. And so it is not too conspicuous, I had well-dressed white blouse from the dense material and the top wearing leather zhiletochku which was set with a skirt. Wearing shoes with a low heel, I was ready. Liza still digging choosing a sweater to wear in the end decided that the light - blue, fitting with the cut is more suitable to a short denim skirt.
- Come on, I'm ready, and even so the freight.
Going down to the first floor we have come to the assembly hall, out of it brought out all the chairs and turned the dance floor, we found her almost immediately. In one of the corners to form a circle.
- Why you were not on the official part? - He attacked us headman Nastya.
- Late. - I said.
She wanted something else - something to say but our guys came up and she moved on to trying to chastise them for their neprisutstvii and thereby strengthen its credibility freshly elected mayor.
- The girls go to us! - We hail the guys from our stream.
The three we know, and the rest only on the face, did not have time to get acquainted. Vadim guy who called us, introduced us to the boys and to girls themselves, we got acquainted.
- Nate glotnite. - He said, holding out a bottle of "estragon".
Having good mouthful I realized that it was not "estragon" My eyes began to see big, people laughed.
- This alcohol lemonade, that would not be conspicuous. - Vadim said.
Lizka easier had she was already prepared and only winced when swallowed this "estragon". In my head buzzing briefly then I felt some ease and pulled Lisa dance. Later others were tightened.
Disco has only just begun and dance is not very long, I decided to have a rest. Out on the fire escape stairs, I met Vadim there and two more guys Kostya and Igor. They smoked and drank "estragon". After giving me a light, Vadim handed me the bottle.
- Would you?
- Come on.
Here enters flushed Lizka. Taking a sip, and a couple of puffs cigarette she dashed off with the words:
- Send Julia, there is now competition begin!
- Be right back.
And finished his finishing his "estragon" I went with the guys in the room. The competition we were late but began a slow dance.
- Shall we dance? - Vadim said.
Having started dancing, we snuggled closer. I was already in the stage of intoxication, when any woman wakes up slut. And Vadim stroking my ass trying to take for granted. After dancing a couple slow dancing with Vadim, we went to smoke. The people in the smoking room was much the same was and Liza have also quite drunk with some guy.
- Come on, go down a little lower. - Vadim whispered.
After another floor - the floor and came up to the fire shield at the entrance to the basement, I took out of it a little flat bottle of vodka.
- So just in case it is hidden. - He explained.
Taking a sip, and took my bottle. He was pulling me to him without warning stared at my lips. With one hand he held me by the waist and the other crushed my chest right through the blouse. I'm a little oshalev and did not think to resist. Yes, and I did not want to. After his kiss I wanted, what he would fuck me, right here. He unbuttoned his shirt tugged my nipples which were hard and so.
- And we at the bottom? - He put his hand under my skirt and between her legs.
- I love when the stockings. Messing less! - Vadim exhaled.
My panties were wet with excitement. Pushing them aside, he stuck his finger in my hot hole and got wet and began to move it. I'm so excited that she unzipped his fly on his trousers and pulled out his erection. And the beat of his movements start his podrachivat. A few minutes later, he pulled from his finger from my current full-holes, and just clicking on my shoulders forced to sit down in front of him. He did not take up his cock to put in my mouth as I progressed he grabbed his head and began to lick without ceasing to masturbate him. I sat in front of him on his haunches legs wide apart so that could be seen half-shifted my panties wet and swollen lips sex. He leaned his hand on the wall the other took my head and began planting deeper down my throat his cock. I was beginning not much to choke when he fired a jet of sperm directly into my throat. And I had no choice but to swallow it. Pulling out of my mouth a semi-soft member Vadim began to drive head on my lips as I tried to catch it and lick. Taking out a bottle and took a sip, Vadim residue was poured into my mouth. Here on the stairs I heard footsteps.
- Here it is ... where already some - that bitch fucked! - It was the Kostya and Igor.
- I think not share? Sucks cool! - Vadim said.
- So check!
I was a little scared is one thing, when one and three at a time, I still have debts. Coming up to me and rose from the squatting Kostya began to touch my breasts and Igor crawled under her skirt.
- So you did not fuck her Th? - Igor asked.
- Not only in the mouth piled.
All this talk I perceived as if from outside, and it seemed to me that all this is not happening to me - acted drunk alcohol. Igor turned me over backwards for farming took off my panties and unbuttoned his pants began aggressively peck my burning hole. Now I had to rest on his hands against the wall. My breasts fell out of his unbuttoned blouses, they immediately took possession of Kostya and Vadim. With one hand, they squeezed my tits and another wanker its members. Head Igor was so powerful and exciting that I came, and before the eyes floated iridescent circles. Now I like a doll legs I did not hold, and if not for the guys who kept me, I would have fallen. Follow me and Igor had finished, I felt his semen fills me. Pulling out his penis, he wiped it off my panties.
- Yes - well - well, a cool bitch. - Igor said.
- Now it's my turn. - Kostya began to attach his penis in my vagina current.
Member Kostik was thicker and longer than I even had to spread her legs wider so that it will fit there. Beginning with unhurried movements, it is increasingly accelerates its pace. As long as he accelerated again I could finish but not as rapidly as the Igor. In the end he took me by the hips with the frantic pace skewer me on his dick, and finished it long and hard. Pulling his Kostya turned me around with his dick and my mouth so I licked it. Then I stood up and we all four smoked. Igor pulled out his flat, gave a bottle to do a sip each and the remainder given to me and followed me to drink.
- Well, okay, we went. - Kostya said.
- See you. - Vadim and Igor.
Patted me on the bare chest, the guys are gone. I found her panties hanging on a nail with a fire bucket to put them out of my vagina is not gouging flowed sperm two guys who fucked me as the latest slut. Citing as possible myself up, I went to my room. Entering the room on the bed, I saw a drunk sleeping Lizka naked to the waist sweater lying around, skirt was Zadran and it was evident that over its hole, too, worked it was broken-down, as well as mine, if not stronger. And because it is still oozing sperm. The holiday was a success, I thought, and collapsed, fully dressed in his bed.

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