And here we are four students of geological faculty and the expedition for the study of glaciers in the composition of the chief geologist of the expedition, hydrologists, surveyors and laboratory went off.
The brim clogged Gas 66 tents, equipment and food, we went to the students inside, and I and Lena in the cab itself, in a small recess between the cans and the cabin and the rest in the middle and at the entrance and went kuzova.Tak .A go to spurs needed six chasov.Menya seasick and by measuring the engine hum and chatter of Lena, I fell asleep under her bokom.Stranno but in such close quarters, and lying on the canvas of the tent I had a wet dream, as if I had come home after a lecture and is sitting on the couch, my classmate for Natasha which ran the entire faculty and speaks- Now I want you to unbutton his pants and do blowjob
I walk right up and look at her with surprise but I thought it ponravilas.Natasha slowly unbuttons a button of a button while stroking my penis, from which he gets up and rushes out, for the pulling my hard as a sapling trunk right hand left, she began stroking my balls .
-Yes, Natasha, yeah !!! - I whispered with pleasure pushing the legs, but for some reason they did not disperse to the sides. I looked down to see that one leg rested on a can with butter, and the other leg prevented rolled palatka.Ya wanted to wonder what the hell is in my apartment trash-as Natasha dragged my chupachups veins in your rotik.Kakoy she created there vacuum and was operating as a pink tongue, I never dreamed in their wildest dreams, it's been with me for the first raz.Ottogo I finished quickly, and all took a deep throat Natashi.Konchal I long dick erupted and spewed semen flows all that had accumulated in two months, which have been without women.
And suddenly I felt a jolt like an apartment by the earthquake and I woke up.
Looking up I see that we're going in the car, which hit a stone, my fly undone and in wet blowers member bent Lenka.Menya thrown into a fever, it turns while I was asleep, Lena gave me a blowjob and tried to shove my dick back in your pants and buttoned pants.
I stared at nee.Lenka seeing that I woke up with a sly smile wiped her mouth with a handkerchief and whispered, -I do not know what you had with Natasha, but I do it better than her, and indeed I think we're still poizuchat internal structures piece of land and the phenomenon of volcanic activity! The fact that her finger in her mouth no luggage, I realized at once, and the expedition soon began to look like seksprogulka.
I relaxed and pulled himself Lenku.Ya stared at her plump lips, and with his right hand reached under her triko.Paltsy like tentacles spider ran over the pubis and dived into the wet schelku.Lenka moaning and arching are populated on the fingers, I began to wield it so Lenka nearly bitten through my lip in potselue.Ona thrills breathed, orudoya his tongue in my mouth so much so that snikshy member stood up again to boyu.Nalivshis blood he was ready to break through odnokursnitsu.Pochuvstvovav underbelly my gun davivshee pubis, Lena village, After removing the tights with shorts and poelozit ass covered another member, while its head was seen sitting in the body.
-Lenka, woke up or something but whatever Nicky (Actually I Nikolai and so I'm on the course in the European manner), - a voice was heard Nadi
-Snoozing like a marmot, -as nivchem had happened cheerful voice said Lenka jumping on me
The car, meanwhile, went on the dirt road leading into the valley and began to shake and creak when turning, I did not have even podmahivat-bumps made for me this delo.Lenka holding lip to not impersonate anything nasazhivalas and sit down on my trunk, I long I finished and dick was hard as steel .I felt as the most powerful machine shakes I touched the bottom of the uterus and Lena clung to my shoulder almost to the blood. My pants were damp from the juices to escape with the jade cave Lena and then she became konchat.Zagnuv legs under me, she straightened up and plunged into my most yaytsa.Tut another car drove into the pothole and she is inhabited since at me that I felt like I dug in her pubic bone.
Involuntary moan Lena very organically merged with the cries seated us .Kto it hit the crossbar, who has filled knapsacks, and someone yelled for the company.
I was always lead to impotence or sexual postanyvanie cries during the act and here fuck with people who we do not see and I shot another dose of semen in the depths matki. lay exhausted and thought how cool expedition begins ...
We drove to the top of the gorge in the evening, as were the foothills near the border with China, but we were held up in the morning pogranichniki.Prishlos drive off to the side and in the nearest clearing threw spalniki.kak proved enough not at all, some of them turned out to be littered with equipment and so we decided to lay down on the two people in one spalnik.Shofer stayed the night in the cabin, Lenka with Natasha got into one and Nadia did not want to associate with other people and got into my spalnik.Nachalnik expedition, named Petr Perk Sanych or both of his eyes his name, ordered to spread sleeping bags circle and the center of a large lit koster.Tak we started spending the first night under the open sky in the foothills pogranpunkta.Ustaly and from the road and from the insatiable Lenka I turned back to Nadia and a crackling fire began to fall asleep.
And it was like to sleep in the ribs
-Why are you so snoring, sleep does not give, -zasheptala Nadia, poking me in the ribs, or something-not slept in the car ?. After all, his head did not look up all the way for a chat with us. Probably Lenka probe libertine.
- you fool, we just chatted for life, about this and that, I said -zasypaya
-and you talk to me, Nadia -There pressed against my back, and I stuck my chest.
What a pleasant pulled in pahu.Ya involuntarily he threw his arm back and touched the hot hip ee.Nadya pulled the jeans up to her knees, and I could get to the promised triangle palm.
-You people around, the light from the fire is too bright, -shepnul I casually turning around to face her and simultaneously pulling awakened his druzhka.Nadya grabbed him and began to fondle stroking from the head to the half-empty eggs.
I adapt himself with his left hand stroking her nipples and her cunt right dragon.
Lie down on her and she could not understand it and we brought each other to orgasm rukami.Ya fired into her palms as she poured the liquid my fingers so than flowed.
He wiped his hand on his pants, I fell asleep in exhaustion and drowsiness through all heard Nadia caressed me until morning, that whispering something pleasant and not letting go of my cock, which also slept like me.
Morning came, and pelted passing pograntsov sleeping bags and went to the border of the forest and alpine lugov- here we had to break up a base camp for the transportation of cargo to the main glacier c using horses. Started routine, putting up tents, kitchens, instructions on the product, in short mutoten.Ya I walked through the camp legs wide apart, so the girls rubbed me a member of the skin., And sleep would not hurt, and I tried as little as possible at the heads shine in eyes. And then there's the girls one by one began to snuggle up to me with all sorts of requests along the way do not forget to pinch podranennogo boyfriend.
A week later, we two caravans of horses raised the news load to the first moraines and pitched camp there, the tongue of the glacier was only 100 meters away from the camp, it was only necessary to cross the not high moraine and before us stretched the length of the glacier with five kilometers. It then had us study, one meteobudka must be installed on the firn field with an hour removing dannyh.To have one point-to-farthest to be fixed, with a weekly smenoy.Nado will live within five kilometers of all together and follow the direction of the wind, its speed, shoot data from the thermometer out of the booth, to engage in short meteorological observations.
After I saw the chief meteorologist Basil measured the kettle annual rainfall, I realized that at the farthest point I podhalturivat and quietly, without all the girls otzagorat smenu.No just outside the icefall this year has decided to put in the middle of meteobudku and put between two points double tent, that is, there will be two meteorologist for what actually took nas.Da and security terms is supposed to be alone on the glacier (in the past year fell into a crevasse driller, carrying a gas cylinder to the meteorologist, barely found)
In general the great disgust of the girls upstairs and I was Natasha, Lenka attached to the surveyor to carry rail and Nadia povarihoy.Prichem every girl was replaced every week and I remained in charge at firne.Byla the middle of June and on the common people could even naked and Tricon ( shoes with spikes) and I'm so sunburned that the color of the back is not different from the color of the priests, I was cheren.No I froze, froze the constant fucked.
Natasha gave me the first night, from fear climbed into my sleeping bag on the screen of night avalanches she cherished and groped my nespyaschegovsietle start raping me all my change, and even a fool not want to give way to Bang Nadia's scandals fools because in fact for my eggs . Nadia also jumped on me and in the afternoon and at night, it is squeezed out of me all the sperm, and what came out after the next orgy, resembled a heavily diluted kefirchik.Ya began to doze off, remember to take time data, to freeze the sun gornom.Koroche when Perk Sanych pinned to check us, I am under the pretext that had long been washed, I asked down to the base, at least for a couple of dney.Poskolku The camp everything as usual head of the expedition he decided to replace me and I ran down in a separate tent lager.Tam It was created a mini bath, where I otshorkal themselves from gryazi.Mylsya fucked and I had a long, well your my Stakhanovite, and even felt the strength come back to me.
In the evening, sat down and began to wash Lenkina birthday, which coincided with my baney.Yury surveyor brought a flask of alcohol, we odnn it was diluted to three and began to drink, good chef stayed on verhu.Geodezista razvezlo after the third cup and I had to drag in palatku.Tam I threw it, buttoned all the input strings to avoid cold and went to the kitchen to help ubratsya.Lenka half drunk but I remember that tomorrow it is necessary to cook and staggered start cooking, I sat down for cleaning potatoes.
Clean bucket of potatoes, I suddenly heard behind him the snoring - lying on a bench and Lenka nozzles in both dyry.Po dnyuhu occasion she was wearing a dress and krassovki dress sectional came right up to the navel, and now do not cover the lower part of tela.Zachem in the mountains it He wore thong panties, which of course is not warmed the bottom but for now it was sexy.
I put it straight on the bench, so that each leg was on either side of the bench, took off her panties and began to look at her sweet spot, labia were wide open, was a vision of the clitoris.
-Yes, probably all of your nest geological faculty bombs -Think mne.Ya began slowly and gently stroking the clitoris, why he became flushed and tverdym.Lenka fidgeted on the bench, opened her eyes.
-What are you doing, -glupo she asked, casually lifting the legs.
-I want to congratulate you once again, staring at -pohotlivo begins to become damp cave, I said.
-Then fulfill the wishes imenninitsy, lick my pussy, Lena -zavorkovala hyperventilate.
I was just about sex, almost like shahter- pecked his Dubiley on black and I and her friends enough, and here those polizhi.Ya heard it aerobatics fucking but did not know how to do, and maybe I would not have dared sober but diluted alcohol gave me determination. I leaned briskly grabbed the tongue protruding clitoris and began his polizyvat .Lenka invitingly moaned and arched my tongue dove deep into how pescherki.Lena became furious twist her hips and I saw how she responds to my caresses, lips, stared into her cool potekshuyu pussy, fumes the smell knocked her selections that had to get used to and I have no aversion began to lick her labia, It was to.Lenka moaning, writhing, bent in ecstasy and then flowed so I wound up and pulled his hips dubinu.Podnyav for Lenka I threw it on the dining table and swung drove term in nee.Bozhe she cried and podmahnula me that I ozverel.Ya was ready to pierce through it, making such pumping amplitude, that seemed an echo in the mountains was given
Sound coming wet member and flip flops on my groin pubis Lenki.Poteryav all shame we fuck like animals, with animal roaring, sloshing and my pussy piston plunges into the vast depths of the sweet mesta.Cherez while Lenka lifting legs pressed their hands to the body and I I began to get to the bottom of the uterus.
I began to become so score on the eggs that he had become a member of the pinch from rubbing, Lenka has five times finished as usual strongly potekshi, and I could not finish, there was nothing to shoot, all the sperm squeezed in the firn suchki.Tak I pulled away from lay sedated Lenka not poured over her spermoy.No me on the type of meeting women's one hundred was easy on the soul.
Throwing it in the kitchen, I stumbled into the tent to sleep off our student.
There has come the end of July, it rained and then the small snezhok.Meteotochki turned and we began to prepare for the descent to the base camp .In moraine camp finally assembled the whole expedition in full sostave.Nam gave a couple of three days otdyh.Vse slept and gained strength, especially I.
And now came up to me and says Perk Sanych, Listen you, we, the students leave for a couple of days here to protect the base and do go down to the village, podkuem horses and go up to you and the machine is necessary to cause the city, so you're in charge and classmate in a reply
-No one here, China is just around the corner and pograntsy by tomorrow you will be up to the pass, so do not be afraid.
The same evening, the adult part of the expedition began to descend vniz.A we left, I looked at them devchonki.Ya them on me and I was just bored.
-Geolushki, -by faculty habit I said, I know where zatyril spirtikom surveyor let obmoem end of our epic mountain for a drink and you sfarganke that any of those tasty, and the stew with potatoes took longer, with these words, I went to the tent where kept theodolites and all equipment.
While I was rummaging in the bags I see the corner of his eye that the check point heated in the kitchen, but the floor of the tent closed.
- Strangely enough, if in fact that -dur suffocate from lack of air and a brew, and groped -Think I'm at the bottom of one bag of alcohol flask hurried to the kitchen.
I opened and almost falling from the spectacle: on the table are my classmates, completely naked with his legs and open slots aimed at me.
I dropped the flask.
-Well as you well, you are our tireless driller, -zarzhali girls, Come on drill until the parent rock !!!
I looked down at his gun and began to drink from the throat is not diluted spirt.Moemu end is the end ...

Seventh audience

- What are you doing here, - she said, as if there were not these two years, when they have not seen. She had a little bit of help himself, but he was still pretty darn attractive, the same broad shoulders, beautifully inflated biceps, flat and firm to the touch stomach, blue eyes.
- Well, actually, I'm here. And you? - He said, and smiled. And on the cheeks dimples played. She felt that now suffocate the desire to touch it. But how? From what she had taken that he is happy to see her? They're separated two years ago and at her initiative.
- I ... I ... I need your library, reader, I lost, we must now all go around ... you will not prompt, where is your ... - she was not smiling. I was afraid he was going to wave his hand at the entrance and say something from the category - the second floor on the right. But he did not say.
- I'll show you. Come on, - on either entered in the concrete, a little unreal faculty building (at this point you can tell fortunes of ... Tip: mosaic above the entrance).
They walked along the endless corridors and silent. She listened to his breathing and tried though as that to guess what he feels for her. He listened to her light steps and searched in vain for the cause of her touch.
- Cool then you. Not that we have. Everything is great. Empty.
- Well, it's because people do not have. Education does not start yet.
- Well, then show me something - suddenly she said, with her shy smile endlessly - there must be something interesting.
He was taken aback for a moment. What could be more interesting in the educational institution. But to deny it would be too stupid. Especially because the thought of touching her, he had long since moved on to fuck her dreams.
- Well, let's go.
He decided to show her audience. The one in which so often dreamed about it. When they entered the audience room 7, she was not surprised. As if it was the most logical and correct. With interest inspected stretching into the top ranks of the party, easily ran up to the top, looked on to a complex structure of the board. He remained at the bottom and admired both her breasts bouncing as she rides through the floor to the top rung. Through the thin fabric it was vibno stiffen small, sharp nipples.
- Come here, she called.
He stood up. She stood at the narrow, loophole-like windows, and looked at the vacant lot around.
- Cool, - she turned around and was very close to him.
He could not stand it. He reached out and stroked her cheek. She paused for a moment, afraid to move.
- I really missed.
- I, too, he took her hands behind her head, attracted to him and kissed her. At first cautiously, but on the lips, and then do not hesitate, passionately. So that language penetrated into the depths, She was limp, returned his kisses, clung to him all over. Through the thin fabric of summer clothes, he felt her breasts. Another minute, and his hand slid over the soft, smooth hemisphere. He kneaded, stroked, almost pinched the nipple. She moaned and arched, begged, mentally, it does not stop there.
His cock was torn out. It flowed like ice cream in hot weather. And I have not sustained the first.
- Come on, but right here? - In her eyes sparked a desire that could bring a corpse. She is the first start to pull his jeans. He watched as it slowly appears the edge of cowards. Too familiar black strngi. He had time to think whether her shaved pussy, even though it did not matter.
She stood in front of him covered with only a thin black stripe. He touched her hand slits. It was very warm and humid.
He felt her smell. The strong, pungent smell although women.
He pulled off his jeans and sat on krayushek desks. She sat down next to her knees and took his penis in her mouth. Such large, it does not fit, and she knew how bad sosoat. So she was just trying as much as possible and lick his tongue to caress.
Up and down the trunk, around the head, take a deep inside ...
- Stand up, and then I'll finish. She got up, he had passed his hand over her breasts, marvel at the intense, proud nipples - turn around - sounded a little hoarse, he could barely control myself. She turned obediently. He just bowed her panties pushed aside, shoved two fingers into her hot, current cave. She almost cried out and arched. He smiled all the same tight.
His cock easily found his way inside. She screamed again at the beginning. He felt like everything narrowly as hot, barely restrained so as not to shoot immediately. But still he restrained himself and began to fuck her size and calm, will power to restrain on the verge of orgasm. - Shit, I fuck her, the girl that I dreamed of for so long, in this room, where I had so often dreamed that's about it. Once again, good to her plant. His movements were not gentle. With one hand he held her by the waist, the other is strong enough crushed her chest. But she liked. She desperately oschuschula his every move, every millimeter of his cock. He began to accelerate, then slow down. He almost took out a member, to then abruptly planted it on the eggs, so that was a sound slap that was the sound of squelch in through her wet pussy.
It did not last long. Maybe 10 minutes he could not anymore. Clutching her breast with one hand, and the second pohvativ under his belly, he finished it. Conchal for a long time, she felt fine this flow almost scalding liquid, with which the pressure she fills it. She moaned and arched into his hands.
She dressed as quickly as he did. All flushed, her hair had escaped from the tail. This is why it was afraid to meet his eyes ... and then still could - you call me? Can meet? - He nodded, even though it could mean anything. She pohvatila bag and almost ran out of the audience, completely forgetting about the library card.

Preparation of the course project - Part II (or what was then)

Firstly, why such a little girl, Lena, being clearly without complexes and with strong abilities to seduction, I would even say, to the seduction, however, remained a virgin? Or maybe before, to me, it is still anybody so did not conduct himself? Little hard to believe ...
Secondly, my imagination stirred the fact that when we broke up on Saturday morning, she went to college in a candid outfit, which, changing clothes in front of me, she simply put directly to the skin as it should be. Was it for her in order norms, or if it was still connected, as I jokingly suggested then, with the forthcoming delivery of set-off?
One thing for sure: this girl hurt my heart, I was ready to declare her the cutest, most attractive, the most endearing of all the people I met kogda-libo, but I knew that I can not find no rest until I see her again. I have every now and then slipped it into his head phrase to throw a farewell at the bus stop:

Preparation of the course project

Then one day I, as usual, sitting in the lab after school, and took work at the Students with Disabilities. I left the room for a few minutes, and it turned out that at the door I was waiting for a freshman - my potential client. It turned out that she was just embarrassed to come to the lab to come to me with a problem.
- Sorry, you can for a couple of minutes?
- I listen to what the problem?
- Course in Electrical Engineering.
- You need to prepare the entire project? And a deadline?
- No no. I had already started to do myself, but I did not get payment. The data do not agree with the schedules, in general, anything goes. I heard you give advice.
I caught myself thinking that I have not seen before this student. Just do not pay attention. But I must say, it was more than nice, and I immediately said to myself. These girls in the institute is not so much. Beautiful, slightly tanned face, long dark brown hair slightly below the shoulders, charming smile, cool figure, slender tanned legs. She modestly stood before me in white short shorts and a tight yellow shirt. I noted with pleasure that I can not help but admire her.
- Yes, yes, of course, I give advice. If you want, let's agree. No problem - I added.
- And when you prefer?
- You can even tonight.
- No, today I did not succeed. And tomorrow?
- Well, come to me tomorrow after seven (I took out a pen to emphasize address).
- And how much will it cost?
- Let's first see what exactly the problem (I myself decided that any money I will not take this freshman), if not very difficult - that ... in general, see, do not know yet.
- Thank you so much. Then tomorrow I'll have you - it is unique smiled - if it is convenient for you.
- I said - no problems.
- Thanks again. Goodbye - was barely noticeable some confusion on her face.
- Till tomorrow!
She adjusted her bag on her shoulder and went down the hall toward the stairs. I could not help but look for a while after her like a little flutter of her long thick hair while walking, and most importantly, I found myself on the fact that I look like removed her great legs and a shrinking muscles in her buttocks, slightly peeking out from under her short shorts.
...The next day lasted an unusually long time. When I was about to go home, I was approached by a teacher, and asked me to come to him. I, of course, could not go, but I wanted it to be not for long. -Not Far from it! He decided to deal with how I interrogate freshmen, and it was evident that he was in a hurry. We sat and talked with him, and I was starting to get nervous more and more. Maybe, just tell him what I was doing? At this point, the phone rang, my boss picked up the phone, spoke a few minutes - I felt that the conversation drags on, and suddenly, without looking up from his phone, turned to me ...

Lustful headman

I at the time, after a student party in the dorm, muddied affair with a classmate Olya. Classroom lass - tall, with legs, as they say, from the ears. Chest, however, was a bit small, but fuck off (so it seemed to me, has not yet become acquainted with Natasha), and a screaming we had arranged, just a fairy tale. But the priest did not give, but I worked on it.

So, this Olka something to share with female nats in interpersonal relations. Tolley warden put her truancy, toli road somewhere passed, do not know the details. But they began to chase each other. I have not delved into it, laughing at their Babskii showdowns.
I do not remember how long they lasted and how far gone, but one day, sitting in a lecture (it was the end of April), I felt like in the back of me something soft slammed. Look, at his feet is a note. I bent down, picked it up and unfolded.

I do not forget her ever

And so it comes out of the winter, of course I knew her (or rather have seen more than once) .ee name is Lena, she was not tall, very slender and petite (I learned later that it was engaged in a long dance gymnastics), she long streaked hair and the bluest eyes kot.ya seen. When I saw her for the first time, immediately asked who she was, I was told that it is a wall, which even I do not get:) Pts impregnable and all takoe..No I still decided to get to know her, we introduced a friend, she was very cheerful and interesting girl. We started dating, I knew she was a virgin, it talked about this some innocent look, blush, and her laski..Ya chustvoval that she wants me, but when I tried to go on always getting otkaz.I here my patience was over, as usual we went for it, and I tell her firmly:

In the warm blue sea

Probably not the case, and the two charming ladies. We are fed at the same table. A couple of days later we looked at each other, and then started talking. It turned out that the girl friend with one university and entertain their parents released only two. Actually, to be honest, I was surprised at first, such as the young parents released one.

He was nineteen years old, although I would have given them a few more. Natasha: blue-eyed blonde with hair the color of straw. Small elastic bust with protruding mounds halos nipple. A narrow waist and broad hips, ending with slender, slightly tonkovat kicking. Anya contrary - burning brunette. Chest elastic, but poured juice and seeks to grow the size of the second to the third. Waist slightly expressive, but the thighs and butt like a mature woman. Chubby legs, but strong muscles are visible under the skin.
You may ask why I described them in detail. Yes, because in our motels were the most democratic manners and almost all the ladies come to feed in bathing suits, covering the lower part of transparent cloth.

The girls were talkative and flirtatious. They were asked to take patronage over them, because they do not allow the passage of the local boys. I naturally agreed and the whole day we spent together. This went on for several days. Close contact us closer together finally. They shared with me his concerns yet short life, and I would like them tried to solve. It would have probably lasted until the end of holiday, if not for one event.
The resort arranged a holiday and as a result, as usual, all drank local wines. My girlfriend hvatanuv little extra literally became the center of attraction of the male half of society. To not happened anything, I tried to lead them to him in the room. The girls giggled incessantly, choking with laughter from my hastily recalled anecdotes. I deliberately dragged them into the room.

Finally we are in their apartments. Naturally, they dragged me to her, sat on the bed and got another bottle of wine. As I protested, half a bottle was drinking when Natasha suddenly asked:
- And you had a lot of women?
- Well, maybe a dozen - I was not taken aback, - Generally speaking, I did not count them.
- And can you tell us about some?
- Well, I can, but why you?
- You tell me, and then we will explain - Anya giggled sitting down on the carpet.
We all moved to the floor and told me about one of my recent adventure. Girls first listened in silence, and then began to ask questions. Yes, what: in what positions we fucked many times as I caressed her friend as she caressed me. I honestly answered their questions, noting that the girls began to be excited by such talk. I began to describe the colors of each process, probably a bit embellished. Girls sitting in the uninhibited poses, each has not once showed me his underwear. It seems that the shorts they were already wet.
- So why do you need all this, I told? - With the cunning in his voice he asked me.
- Well, you know, - the beginning of Natasha - Age our already allows to have sex, but no experience. I would like to draw it from the more knowledgeable people.
- But do not come near the same to everyone - Anna continued, - And so you want everything to be great.
- And you guys something to eat?
- There is.
- And engaged in sex with them?
The girls hesitated a little, flushed.
- Well, I told you about myself, now it's your turn - I said, and poured the rest of the wine by the glass.
As I expected their story was short-lived. Both had little experience in dealing with the opposite sex. Each had a rich experience of crimping the corners, with close massage genitals, two or three quick sexual intercourse and all. True Natasha tried to do a blowjob, but it was not until the end and was like foreplay.
- Do not worry, you still have everything ahead. Believe me, after five years, you do not have enough fingers to count the number of members who visited you.
- So the point is not the number, - Natasha said, sitting down beside me in a tight - and quality. Well we do not know if all we do right.
- I want to gain experience - Anya whispered, sitting down on the other side.
- So, it looks like I got it. You have chosen me as a target for training. Actually, of course famously, but you then realize that I have to offer?
- We all know and we will try to be diligent pupils.
The girls clung to me on both sides, and looked questioningly at me. Well give up here! Two young simpleton trying to persuade you to fuck them, even promising to obey me in everything.
- Okay, I agree. But first I want to do an experiment. If he succeeds, then go ahead, if not, then ...
- We agree - unanimously cooed temptress.
- Excellent. Lock the door. Now stand in front of me and undress naked.

The girls were taken aback a little, but dutifully stood in a line and began to undress. Their clothing was a little, but they stumbled panties. Hesitantly they looked at each other, then at me. I calmly looked at them. Finally, the girls decided almost simultaneously pulled the pants down.
- Well, that's great. If a woman can not bare before the man, that she is not ready.
The girls shuffled from foot to foot, sometimes shyly covering his crotch with his hands. In their eyes, it was the confusion and desire.
- So, now my terms. They must be accepted unconditionally. Firstly strictly fulfill my instructions, and do not discuss them. Secondly, I do not take any responsibility for the opportunity of your pregnancy. And third, if something is not done, as I said, something wrong will get the punishment.
- We agree - the girls said in unison.
- Well, that's great. I went into the shower, and you remove the mattress is a bed on the floor Cover the them and wait for me, caressing my clitoris.
Without turning around, I went into the bath. I took a shower and returned to the room completely naked. The girls have done everything: mattresses lay on the floor, laid by the sheets, they were lying to them, and each finger caressed herself between the legs. I smiled and continued:
- And now listen to me. Now the shower is Anya, and then Natasha.
Anya stood, but I stopped her:
- You Annie: good clean up with gel and completely shaved pubic hair and perineum. By the way do not forget about the armpits.
Anya flashed like a tomato, but did not object and quickly slipped into the tub. I lay down next to Natasha and began to kiss her. Kissed it just fine. My hand slid down her body, clutching bulging fleshy nipple and crumpling his chest. Then I pulled his hand into her crotch and Natasha herself slightly spread her legs. Of course there was all slippery and wet. She moaned softly as I began to massage the clitoris. Then two fingers slid easily into the vagina. It was hot and slippery. Two fingers were clearly not enough, so I added a third. It is also easily slipped inside, only the fingers was finally close.

Natasha Having laid on his back, I began to gently move the fingers in the vagina, while sucking her nipples protruding. She began to moan loudly and spread her legs even wider. Somehow I izvernuvshis I began to rub her clitoris with your thumb. Natasha immediately became podmahivat my hips, trying to deeply planted in the fingers. The girl was almost on the verge of orgasm, and he fell on it like an avalanche. Natasha twitched screamed and thrashed. I even had to hold her little body, that it is not skipped away from me.
Finally, her body calm and relaxed she collapsed on the bed. I'm still a little moved his fingers in the vagina, until she took them out of themselves. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman Concha. Natasha's body glistened in the light of the two lamp, hair spread, chest heaving, flushed face reddened, and on the lips lay a small smile. And at that time came from the bath Anna. She looked a little surprised at us, trying to understand what happened here. Assessing the situation, she smiled:
- I see you had fun here without me?
- Yes, now it's your turn, and Natasha is a wash.
While Natasha came to himself and tried to get up, I spent a cursory examination of Ani. It is exactly fulfilled my instructions, shining clean-shaven pubis.
- And I also shave, - said Natasha holding joint.
- No, you do pubic hair with a strip width of a finger. But in the crotch and armpits all shaved clean.
Natasha was gone from his eyes, and Anne settled next to me.
- Well, teacher. What do we do?
- First caressed herself, and I look at you.

Anya began to stir a finger hump clitoris and with the other hand to massage the nipples. I watched her until her fingers in her pussy moistened. Then she placed between her legs and pressed his lips to the perineum. Anya was less excitable than Natasha, but she soon began to moan softly. Her hands squeezed his chest and twirled buds, from which they stood upright. Her hands did not suffice to cover the breasts hills, so I added their own hands.
The elasticity of her breasts hit me. These resilient balls nice lay in his hands, nice hard nipples tickling his palm. Kish Ani finally humidified sweet juices, but now the outflow of them did not stop. Because it directly pouring grease. I removed the face from the opening of the vagina and inserted to two fingers. Yes, pussy Ani was clearly less than Natasha. Two fingers firmly but hardly entered into it. The walls immediately squeezed his fingers and the grease flowed down and crevices.
Finding a sensitive point in the vagina, I began to put pressure on her fingers. Hips Ani themselves began to bounce to the beat of my movements. This went on for quite a long time, it seemed like that all the orgasm is not far off, but no. Anya moaned loudly, sighing. Her head tossed on the bed, his hands frantically pulled the nipple discharge but not advancing. For Natasha came out of the shower and is located next to us watching closely. Need to do something.

I took fingers from the vagina Ani, turned her on her stomach. Natasha glance showed that it should push the buttocks of his girlfriend. It is widely spread her ass wide rolls, exposing the crotch. Bailiffs middle finger to the wings of the anus, I have one movement drove him inside. Anya screamed, jerked and tried to crawl away. The finger easily slid into the narrow hole, since the lubrication was more than enough.
Without warning, I added in the ass Anya's finger. Again the cry again, and again attempt to crawl your fingers glide easily. By choosing the direction, I became a strong and rapidly moving fingers, pressing on the wall of the vagina through a thin partition. Anne wailed, screamed, and suddenly began to finish. Strong anus strongly clenched fingers, but I kept his movements until she calmed down.
Natasha looked in astonishment at what I had done to her friend, but did not utter a word. His fingers slid easily into her ass Ani, without causing her any displeasure. Just removing the fingers, I carefully added to them the ring, and then carefully began to enter into them. Anya a little tense, but then relax the muscles. Now fingers easily penetrated inside to the second knuckle. As I expected, Ani with such large buttocks, should be very elastic anus.
To be honest, the more I could not stand, so I pulled her fingers from the anus of Ani and replaced them was already a member. Anna even once I realized that I got into her term. Natasha sat down beside him and began to take a closer look. Member slipped easily into her ass stretched and so I accelerated motion.
- God, you got me in the ass ... - suddenly I woke up Anne.
- Yes, my dear, and women can be there too.
I pulled her hips back and put it on my knees. Anya sat up in his arms, lifted her head and whined softly, like a dog. I do not pay attention to such trifles, and, holding her hips, buttocks to sit down on his cock. Anus there was so much that was not already a big difference in the holes. Member entered deeply, sliding in narrow walls. It seems that Anna began to wind up again.

Natasha, looking at us, slightly parted legs and put her palm between her legs. Her fingers quickly began to crawl along the fissure, and his eyes were covered with languishing. Annie exhausted dropped her head on the floor, his hands no longer held her. Since the entry angle has changed, she had even wider push knees and bend at the waist. As a result, the buttocks parted wider and a member began to enter more easily and deeply. Anya silently howled at the floor, and I was approaching orgasm.
Finally, I pressed against her buttocks and began to shoot Ani sperm. She let out a groan and fell silent. In the silence could be heard the heavy breathing of Natasha, who did not stop their studies. When the stream dried seed, I gingerly pulled a member of the long-suffering ass Ani. Holding hands buttocks, I showed Natasha wide open hole anus. She even got up to look inside. The hole was wide open, the edges were a bit red, but in the depths could be seen traces of white semen.

Finally, I left Aniuta alone and gently laid her down on the flank. Anna mumbled something, but also forces her to talk was not. I went quickly into the shower and gave himself up. Natasha continued to caress herself, but now she lay down on her back and stuck two fingers to himself. She had to help a little tongue. When she was excited enough, I said to her:
- Enough to pay attention. You have already tried to suck, so I would demonstrate their skills.
- I'll try, - Natasha whispered, standing up.
I sat down in a chair, and Natasha settled between my legs. At first timid movements of the tongue and lips began to grow in confidence. The girl is clearly pleaded in their ability blowjob. Sucking it just perfectly: the swallowing almost entirely, then pointedly tongue licking the head and trunk, looking me in the eye. I told her also to fondle himself, so soon she began more and purr.
Tired member stood up again, and I took the process into their own hands. Putting his hands on his head Natasha, I took charge of the pace and depth of penetration. Natasha mumbling something, but meekly obeyed. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that Anna gently rose and dull eyes watching us.
- Climb on me - I ordered Natasha.
Carefully she climbed on a chair. The legs had to hang on the edges of the chair handles, so her thighs were spread wide. After a few times on the head with a wet sponge and smooth, I cautiously entered the girl. She gently fell on me.
- You do not protknesh? - Natasha asked timidly.
- No, a little. You have wide and long hole, easy to go down, and the second is the same.
Like I said, Natasha fell on me completely, tightly pressed against her pubis to me. Then she realized what she had to prodelyvat movement. At first cautiously, then more and more quickly, she began to rub on my pubis, making circular motions with his hips.
Anne crept up to us and began to look at the place of our connection. Natasha is sold on all cylinders. Her hips spun on me at a furious pace, and I began to twirl and suck her nipples. Breasts were small, but the tide of blood in them, looked like two elastic ball.
- I nibbled her nipples, imaginary stronger - cried Natasha.
I began to gently nibble on her nipples standing stake and strongly kneading the elastic Teles. Natasha literally growled at me, and I commanded Ana:
- Do not sit Sydney. Help your friend.
- And what do I do, - said Anna, looking out over the hips rider.
- Wet your two fingers in his grease and paste it in the ass.
Anya disappeared from sight, and soon I felt her fingers in the crotch of Natasha. Fingers gently hesitated at the door, and then began to slowly penetrate. Natasha made a rare movement of the hips and planted herself on his fingers. Gasp, she began to move more sharply, only longitudinal movements are now. It seems Anna also started the process of penetration in himself a girlfriend. Her fingers began to walk yourself in the ass Natasha, trying to penetrate more deeply and at the same time massaging my cock.
- I feel your cock - exclaimed Anne.
- If the fingers move very easily, add another one.
Natasha gasped and stopped, and I felt the pressure on the penis become stronger. Anya is not paying attention to us, became drastically move the fingers in the ass girlfriend, calling her a loud groan. Natasha fell on me, giving your body at our disposal. I am as I could, I tried to move, but the main Movement asked Anya. Her three fingers massaged my trunk along, Natasha softly moaning, Anya nozzles. Finally, the body of Natasha scored a slight tremor and vagina become jerky squeeze my cock. Anya's finger movement did not stop until it penetrates the body calms down.
- So, take out your fingers - I told Ana.
The pressure on the penis disappeared. I gently lifted the limp body of Natasha and came out of it. Then I laid her face down on the chair, and again got into her vagina expiring. She hlyupnula and swallowed a member as a whole. So, no pressure, the walls do not feel it's time to change the sheath. I pulled out a member of Natasha's pussy and gently entered into her anus. Anya is well spaced out and its member literally fell into a hot gut.
I immediately became much stick my ass on the dick lover. Natasha remained silent, not yet come to be seen themselves, and Anne almost fell on the floor, watching us.
- What do you watch your fingers into the vagina.
Adjacent pressure formed immediately. Anya with interest began to wiggle his fingers in the vagina girlfriend while tickling my scrotum.
- It is very wide - complained Anna - I have four fingers and probably will.
- So do it. Itself could guess.
The pressure on the penis has become stronger, and Natasha moaned. It seems she wakes up. I doubled the pace and in the neighborhood fingers moving in my rhythm. Natasha lowed in time with our movements. I had to work a long time with Natasha, until I happened ... I finished it in the ass and pussy Anya continued to massage the inside girlfriend. Spout remnants of the seed I have learned from a member of the ass and wearily sat down on the floor.

What I saw shocked me a bit. Right hand on the same wrist Anya was in Natasha's pussy. She continued to slowly move his hand, his fingers caressing the clitoris another girlfriend. Natasha softly moaning and seems about to cum again. I sat silently and waited for the denouement. It came just a minute later. Natasha twitched a little, sighed and went limp, and Anya became a little harder to move his arm. She did not move it back and forth, but rather spit it on the axis as whether something is screwed into the vagina girlfriend. Then she turned to me and said apologetically:
- She came back. There was so slippery and wide. Natasha just now finished. I think she liked it.
- It's okay. Once it is finished, it means much. Now carefully take out, until she came to her senses. I think it is shocking.
Anya carefully removed the hand that easily slipped. We presented itself in all its glory stretched and red hole Natasha. Swollen sponge and can not be closed yet, glistening red inside wall of the vagina and of the disclosed openings through the clitoris, grease dripping on the floor.
I stood up and have hands covered mouth of the vagina, and then lifted Natasha's shoulders, laid her on the bed and covered with a blanket. After that we went with Anna in the shower and put themselves in order. There's a shower she suddenly said:
- The first time I let the man in the ass, but I liked it and I finished. But when I was in the pussy, I never finished. Natasha had finished forever. I guess I have something wrong.
- Yes, you just have one sensitive spot deep in the vagina. Natasha vagina wide, so you can find the angle and pressure head on it. you have the same vagina more narrow, so the head of the penis passes by, and if you change the angle, then you gets hurt.
- Yes, I love it when along. A little to the side and I just hurt - confirmed Anya.
- And when you come in the ass, the head rests directly where necessary. So you and ends. Do not worry, give birth - and will increasingly do you pussy. But I also guarantee you that your husband will be very happy, if you give him in the ass, and still finish at the same time.
We got out of the shower and I put Anna to sleep next to Natasha, and he went to his room. The future of my holiday loomed quite rosy ...

Yes, holiday prospects looked through well-defined. Moreover, the objects of my sexual attention I've found themselves, so once they were in full subordination to me. The dream of every man, which is worth.
The next day we met up with the girls in the dining room. They looked happy, and just a great mood. From a conversation with them I realized that they were so happy we spent the evening that are looking forward to our next meeting. The day was just excellent. Nakupavshis and simulated on the beach under the distracting views of young boys, we paid tribute dinner and settled on the fiesta in the room the girls.
- Well, we will continue our training. You are ready?
- We are - in unison cried the girls, throwing off from itself a few duds.
- Thus, Natasha lies on a bed across and Anna kneels in front of her pussy. Let us learn to love a woman.
- I will not, - Anya pouted - I love men, but not women.
- You do not want to fulfill my requirements? - I smiled.
- No, - I flinched Annie - It's just not normal.
- You first try, and then speak.
Anne did not contradict on and meekly settled between Natasha's legs. Under my leadership, it became the first caress girlfriend fingers, the benefit of it is already done. Anne was fascinated by the process and soon was ready to move on to more intimate caresses. I put her on all fours and began to caress her cleft finger. Bah, she is all wet there. I began to pay more attention to her clitoris and Anya decided.

She pressed her mouth to the soft lips sex Natasha and merged them with a kiss. All the process has begun. Natasha immediately bent back and put her hands on the head of Ani. Annie passionately and tenderly licked girlfriend's lips, plucking at her clit and began to climb even the tongues into the vagina. However, she did not forget quietly wagging its luxurious buttocks, trying to rub the clitoris of my fingers.
New caress rather quickly led to a total of Natasha and the girls swapped. Natasha immediately fell down to the source of lust girlfriend and became actively licking her. Remembering yesterday's experience, Natasha after a while sent two of his fingers into the anus of Ani, causing her loud moans. Naturally, and Anya will soon be over and the girls stretched contentedly on the beds.
In the evening we walked along the promenade, sat in the cafe, and of course went to the room to my mistresses. At first I made them again caress each other only in a pose


The story is written by real events. All names, names of institutions changed.

She was nervous, hurried gait. Nice, pretty appearance, the owner of a superior type of face and a beautiful figure. A very tall, leggy brunette, fairly modest second-year student of the Faculty of History and Philosophy of the Moscow State University, Olesya Samohvalova.
Arriving a half years ago in Moscow from Murmansk, Olesya passed the entrance exams and was admitted to the first year at MSU. How many joys. Immediately congratulations from his parents, so bright celebration event in one of Moscow and given a promise nightclubs in what would -That was not a good student, and thus receive scholarships and enjoy life in Moscow.
Parents Olesya always serious and sensitive about how their daughter is studying. Mother Olesya, graduated from high school with a gold medal, a doctor by profession, a graduate of the Medical Institute in Murmansk and father PhD, recently defended desertatsiyu when they learned that their daughter had successfully passed the exams congratulated her and said that if it is bad student, the home can not vozvraschatsya. Joking aside, but these words are somehow firmly sunk into the memory of the girl.
At school, she studied Olesya very good, pleasing parents good feedback from teachers. However, the university is a different matter. Oles knew and understood.
The first year was very successful for Olesya. Two handed without even triples session gave her confidence in her future academic success, and in the second year. However, everything was not as it had planned. During the winter Olesya due to lack of time the session (practically the whole week before the exam in civil law she had spent with his girlfriend from MGIMO, with which she had met three months ago, in entertainment and partying) failed to properly prepare for the exam, and here's the result - two points.
She ran out of the audience frustrated and angry. Although, as is known in obizhatsya such cases, only to himself. None of what she said, repeating a teacher, sullen and surly older man could not speak. In zachetke in the column opposite the name of the subject "Civil Law" and sported such otvratitilnaya unusual inscription "Neudovl.".
Olesya threatened to depart from the institute. We had to urgently do something. And what she did not know.
Since it was the last of the five exams, the whole week Oles held in bitter meditations meditations how can it now be on. The head and then climbed the thoughts associated with the reaction of parents to her school. After one and a half weeks it should come to the winter holidays mother. And of course the mother wants to see her record book, and Olesya does nehotelos her to see her.
Lying in a dormitory on his bed, she was thinking how to find a way out of the situation, but nothing came to mind. Roommate Julia, cheerful and cheerful girl, which Olesinov parents would say, "with the wind in my head", she clutched at this session a couple of three ways, however, feel quite good after this, she knew what happened with Olesya but could not help her .
Julia saw how tormented her neighbor came over and plopped down on the bed Olesya at her feet and playfully hopnuv her buttocks, lightly he said:
- Yes, come on Oleska enough to suffer. You have a week did not go anywhere.
Olesya rolled from stomach to back.
- Parents do not understand, Julia. How do I tell them when I was thrown out.
- Well, you can not have you out of this, like a bear hibernating when not get out anywhere out of this room, as if out of the hole. You're hanging around here for a week.
Sadness just did ate Olesya from within.
- I have to come up with something, - she said sadly, - you do not know my parents.
- Nonsense! - With the usual lack of ceremony interrupted Julia. Parental not animals, they need to understand.
Here Julia suddenly stopped and moved closer to Olesya.
- Listen - almost zagovorscheski she said - but why do not you go to our dean? The man-a kind of normal to understand.
Olesya thought for a moment. It's in her head for some reason did not come. Dean she always get round. It's probably from school days left. She always somehow afraid of management. But now, having estimated that there is no other way, Olesya thought that Julia probably right. It is still all-asked roommate:
- Do you think it cost?
Julia podrygnula out of bed and immediately before ochuchilas Olesinov face, squatting and oblakachivayach elbows on the iron bed frame.
- I do not think, and sure. And again now. Come on get up.
With that, she grabbed Olesinov hand and began to pull her out of bed.
- Come on, get up, sluggard!
Olesya reluctantly got up and sat down bed.
- Fine, fine. But I can not go that way.
Julia blinked and looked at the girl.
- Yes, now we have a model of fuel you do! - Calls she left, then briskly asked: - What do you have of cosmetics?
Olesya withdrew from her purse hangers, began slowly removed from her toiletries.
Seeing these accessories, Julia just shook her head.
- Oo-oo-oo! - It held, but with even ashamed to ask for alms.
With these words, she got to her bag and dumped its contents on the bed Olesya.
There could be seen and a real French "of Lancome" and fragrant "Fiji" of those in Moscow perfume stores are sold at $ 80 for 50ml, and shadow, nail polish, and God knows what else.
- For the mirror - Julia commanded.
Oles went to the mirror and sat down on a chair, after which work started by its transformation into a "top model".
A little more than an hour before Julia was gorgeous glamorous brunette in high heels, with beautiful thick hair falling on her fragile shoulders.
As I wrote above Olesya was by nature a charming appearance. Slightly dark, although it could well get a tan and a sweet face, deep green eyes with long lashes, plump lips. Too many guys gazed at her figure. Enough big beautiful chest, wasp waist, blending smoothly into the hip, delicious plump ass, perfectly meets the proportions of the chest and waist, long legs.
Julia meticulously inspected Oles.
- Well, that already - it. And the final touch.
She sprayed perfume zhalyaya Woman doroguschy "Fiji".
- Now, even on the podium. - With these words she became Olesya push toward the door.
Already on the verge Julia said Olesya:
- Well, all along! Good luck!
"To hell" - sadly I thought, Olesya. But retreat now it was too late. She probably wanted to say something else to Julia, but she had already closed the door behind her.
And now she was walking down the corridor in the direction of the dean's office - attractive young girl Striking a delicate aroma of French perfume. At the heart Olesya was restless. Does it understand the dean? Can anyone help? These and other issues plagued girl until she was at the door with a sign. The label reads:
"Dean of the Faculty of History and Philosophy." Even lower on the other plate was written: "Dean: Gulyaev EP"
Dean Edward Petrovich was a man of short stature a little older than the average age of approximately forty-five to fifty. Already beginning to go bald, with small black eyes, darting from side to side, a small black beard and mustache as black. Perhaps a great love of beer and maybe for some other reason, Edward P. is the owner of the abdomen rather big enough that it would be better to call belly. His voice was quite rough and a little hoarse.
Olesya knocked softly.
- Yes Yes! Sign in! - Heard from behind the door.
She opened the door and peered inside timidly.
- A Samohvalova, well, come in, come in.
Olesya did not know how he knew her name and was a little surprised. After some hesitation she entered the dean of the Cabinet and closed the door.
- Dear Edward Petrovich. - Slightly worrying Oles said, fingering the handle handbag.
- Hello, my beauty, what brings you here? - Small eyes and ran over the girl.
She bowed her head slightly.
- Can I talk to you?
Dean gototnul a couple of times that drew slightly yellowed from constant smoking teeth.
- Why not? Here sit down on the sofa. Let's talk.
Olesya sat on the edge of the Black Leather couch that stood against the wall.
- You know what's the matter: - The girl hesitated for a second. : I have for this session deuce in civil law. I was expelled from the university.
- So so what? - Edward P. boomed. - What do you want to say?
In the words of the girl's face, one could say that she had regretted that the beginning of this conversation.
- If it is possible, - she said quietly, - as much as possible to improve my grades?
Olesya looked down at the floor and waited for his answer.
But instead of answering, dean somehow oddly laughed, because of what his belly shook.
- You know - he said Olesya, so in general it is impossible to do.
- Maybe there is some sort of a way? - To remind her tone became pleading.
Edward P., up to this time sitting on a chair, sat down on the sofa with Olesya.
- There is one way, he said, - but you Oles in this case should try.
Oles is still looking to the floor, with horror felt his hand on her left hip. She seems to have guessed that he meant Dean. She swept shock. Her first thought was to get away from the office soon. However, she remembered his problemmu. Hand the Dean increasingly caressed the left and then the right hip girl. She still did not say anything. Olesya tried were just move away from Dean on the couch, but it was not there. He leaned very close to her and now his right hand embraced the girl's neck.
- Edward Petrovich - started to Oles, but here it is a second hand ushipnul her thigh. She jumped in surprise and even cried a little.
- Quiet, quiet beauty! - Disgusting gasped Dean, - You do not want anyone to hear. Indeed, in this case, I can not you pomoch.- he whinnied again.
Girl Brain worked at full steam. "So much for a normal guy" - spun in my head. She frantically pondered what to do next. She wanted to get out and get away from this terrible place, but on the other hand, it is understood that only the ugly and nasty people now can help her.
Meanwhile, Dean has climbed hand under her blouse, and then stroking here now ready to jump out of her bra large breasts girl. Then he grabbed his big hands jacket by the edges and quick movement pulled her up with Olesya. On display appeared gorgeous, large captive a thin little white lace bra chest. He began to crush them with your hands, sometimes leaning against him and his mouth slightly biting.
"Oh my God!" - Olesya thought - "he's still going to do with me." She tried to pull away a bit from the dean but in vain. His face was painted animal passion. Passion predator, greedily to production. He has rastegnul pogovitsu and lightning to Olesya and pulling off her tight tight tight her hips and ass blue jeans.
"Back there is no way" - she thought sadly.
Pulling jeans with a girl, Edward Petrovich hurriedly began to undress himself and soon stood before the girl completely naked while she was sitting in front of him on the couch in her bra and narrow lace panties.
Olesya horror looking at to put it mildly is not small, is actually quite fat cock sticking up.
- Come on, You work pretty mouth! - Dean said roughly, and with that, grabbed the girl by the neck and abruptly pulled her to him so that her lips were almost close to almost burgundy head of his penis.
- Open your mouth, bitch! - Contrary to the Dean croaked.
Olesya nothing left to do but to obey, and as soon as she opened her mouth, he sudden movements just planted it on your piston.
She had never before engaged in oral sex, and now, with disgust licking a member of the Dean she thought that such a beginning is unlikely to leave a good impression about oral sex in the future.
But fortunately it did not last very long. Soon Dean pulled out of her mouth his cock and ordered:
- Stand up!
Olesya silently obeyed.
- Take off panties!
She stood motionless.
- I said take off your panties, bitch !!! - He growled.
She sighed sadly and pulled off his tight shorts. He looked at her neatly shaved pubis, beside himself with excitement and masturbation. Then he went to Olesya, one arm round her neck, and the other began to drive between her legs, massaging her crotch and pussy.
He ran both hands behind his back and the girls began to tinker with the clasp of her bra. Finally he succeeded, and, freed from the elastic tie down their subject ripe breasts were faced with the dean.
Suddenly Olesya felt excitement. All the same, it caressed the man. She tried not to let on but merely took a deep breath and threw back her head. Woman depriving last toilet articles, Eduard Petrovich began to lick her already swollen nipples, without ceasing to caress the other hand Olesya below. She suddenly was horrified to find that she got wet mezhlu feet, but I could not help myself. He continued to excite her, and then dipping the finger and then two into the vagina Olesya.
Then the man went to the couch and lay on his back. Olesya was a meter and a frightened looking at Dean.
- Come on! Jump on it, baby! - He smiled nasty smile, stroking his right hand member.
Seeing that Olesya hesitates, he shouted at her:
- Come on faster !!!
Oles went to the couch and prekinula one leg over both legs dean so that her pussy was just sticking up over his powerful trunk. Then she sat down a little and a member of the men by one-third the length entered the girl.
Meanwhile, he took her by the waist and began to slowly shake it on your instrument occupies, with her each time to sit down deeper and deeper and speeding up the pace.
Olesya moving it up and down on a member, began to moan slightly.

- I love you so fuck that for a lifetime to remember, bitch! - Dean roared mercilessly spitted girl the entire length of the penis.

"He will break me" - thought with horror Oles, without stopping to jump on a thick cock. This idea why - that excited her, and she began to ride more fiercely feeling deep within yourself this huge, intense, ready to explode sperm flow bore. Stone Olesya already moved on to yelp and the man pulled out a member, releasing a huge flow of sperm on her young, beautiful pubis.
Then Edward P. panting lay on the sofa, moving away from proishedshem.
Taking advantage of this moment Olesya something like lodonyu wiped the sperm with the pubis, hastily pulled tight pants, jeans and a blouse. Bra to wear the girl did not have time. Grabbing her purse she rushed out of the office:

The next day, a familiar teacher gave the watchman at the hostel Olesen zachetku that girl obranila in the Dean's office. In zachetke on the former site of "unsatisfactory" sported a proud inscription "Excellent."


I stayed to watch the football match, which was broadcast in the local bar and to drink his beer. When I was going to go home it was nearly morning. I went down the stairs and went to the wardrobe, when my attention was drawn to a young girl. In appearance she was 19-20 years old, she was wearing a mini skirt and a black top, which were clearly her nipples as she wore no bra. Before she fell wardrobe numbered, and she bent down to pick it up, and opened my eyes what was under her skirt ... she was wearing stockings and red panties. She took his coat and went out into the street, I did the same. Out on the street, I saw that she was still standing next to the entrance, smoking. Honestly, I could not talk to her, but she did it myself ...

Porn weekend

When the parents left, we walked a bit on the outside, then came home, had dinner, and went upstairs to my room. We usually slept there when Anna came.
Upstairs, we sat down on my bed (it was much more Anya), I noticed that Anna brought with its tightly packed bag. Usually, she did not bring about any of their belongings. I asked in surprise, that in it. Anya smiled, looked me in the eye, and opened the briefcase. She pulled out a rather large cardboard box and opened it. saw a lot of things - large rubber members in different colors and lengths, similar to them objects of elongated oval shape, some tubes and boxes ... I blushed. And then she asked:
-Are you a virgin?
-Yes - I said, blushing even more. I've never had sex with boys, and all of it had a rather vague idea ...
-And I'm not - smilingly said Anka. - And you are now an adult do it!
-Are we going .. .. .. do this to you? - Haltingly, I asked.
-Well .. downcast eyes she said. I also had sex with anyone not involved .. but I'm not a virgin - she raised her eyes again and looked at me proudly.
Suppressing bewilderment and glancing at the box

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