My dear tscha

Take off your pants, idiot "- my tscha with me as always ne the ceremony ...

Ever since I got married and came to the house of my wife and her mother, life for me has got a completely different style! I never thought that after marriage I will command, and I, under pain of severe punishment, will implicitly obey her orders, my "dear" tscha!

It is necessary to look at pay tribute tscha - a woman thing! In its 46 years, she looks much younger! Sportivnayafigura Magnificent, awesome beautiful, strong, long legs with the thighs of a powerful, high, magnificent breasts. In short, from her much younger men dragged her. Yes, and I myself, when I first saw it, was no longer sure who was more to the liking me - she or her daughter.

However, shortly after meeting with my future mother-in we were married, then my wife was funny honeymoon, well, then, as hobnob began adult family life ...

I moved to live in a house to my wife, and of course to the mother-in. And it seemed that life begins at the best possible way: at three spacious apartment is furnished with modern, beautiful wife, tscha, too, that it is necessary. It was obvious that she is a lady with connections, and is respected in the business community. This surely, I thought, and I was well on pristroet challenging work, and in which case the material will, in short, I was almost happy.

I could not assume that my happiness will not last long. One day, I came home quite late, so I met my high school friends, as well, and be driven, we are a little bit "sat" in the cafe ... I certainly remember the family and drank so symbolically, but in conversation, jokes - jokes, a couple of hours flown. So I crossed the threshold of his house. I immediately, and for the first time, I felt not good. My wife saw me, sharply changed: the face was stern and how - at once a stranger.

- Remarkably, he dares to come home for more than three hours later, but still it seems, "screwy" - sternly proclaimed my wife.

- No darling, so it will not work - she continued, - You'll have to get acquainted with my mom! -

And at that moment I entered the room my mother - my dear tscha ... Her appearance was even more rigorous and impressive. She came to me in a tight and looking in his eyes, spoke:

- I am very sorry for you, zyatek, but it's time to do your education! My method of training will be very simple for you, for any fault or omission of any of your shortcomings behavior, I will hurt you badly and flog. Today you are guilty, and today is your first good spanking! -

I was taken aback by such a declaration, but still thought it was a joke, joke or something - that Yeshe, and therefore began to try to laugh it off, but I was wrong ...

Tscha decisively took me by the ear and removing much of his, took me into the living room. I did not strongly resist because - as he thought that, the game continues. Going into the living room, she led me to the middle of the room and said to my wife:

- Daughter, turn please loud music and bring a rope from the hallway, and you zyatk, take off your pants and pulled out of his trouser belt! -

I was taken aback, she really does not know ... ???

I decided to like the end this protracted game and said:

- Well, I'm sorry, I'm no longer going to be late, let's drink tea with jam, as the last ... -

I was hoping that everything in this game is over, but it was not there:

- Oh, that's like, you do not understand Yeshe - with a wicked tone in his voice, said tscha. With that, she jumped up to me and suddenly hit me with his knee in the groin. I instinctively bent and felt explosive pain in the abdomen. The next moment tscha grabbed my hair and tugged strongly to the bottom, I flopped down on all fours. More in a moment my head was badly squeezed between the legs at Tiffany.

Lower abdominal pain paralyzed me, I could not resist at this point with Zadie already jumped my wife with a rope in his hands.

Then I do not remember the sequence of events, because the pain clouded his mind, and even tscha strongly squeezed my neck, his powerful thighs, and it looks like I have for a while just "tripped".

In this state bezpamyatstva I probably had a couple of minutes, then consciousness began to return, and to me it is clear, all reached the reality of my situation ... It looked the part of it this way: I'm standing in the middle of the room on his knees, lowered my pants to ladyzhek, and back completely Headers. My head is clamped between the legs at Tiffany, and in the hands she holds my wide leather belt with a buckle. My hands were tied behind his back with a rope, which brought the woman. Resist I can not, and humbly anticipate what will happen next. But the most annoying thing was that my wife was sitting in a chair in front of my bowed head high with his legs crossed, Headers with their thighs, too smart, and predatory smile. The room music blared. Such humiliation I myself could not imagine even in a nightmare!

But my thoughts snapped because tscha beginning to smack me !!! I even could not imagine imagine that this is such a terrible pain, because in my life I have never flogged. Tscha flogged me with a belt on the butt, and getting each time a metal buckle on the most sore spot !!! I started to scream, but the music drowned out my cries. I was ready to do anything to have it stopped. Tears flowed from my eyes, I roared like a child, and she's my flogged and flogged. I started it to belittle me, to spare.

As I did not call her softly: Mom and and lyubimenky and cute - all to no avail, I think that I shout over loud music. However tscha did not pay me any attention to what, and continued to flog unabated. still predatory wife smiled, lounging in a chair. I was humiliated and destroyed, I cried like a child. I made a desperate attempt to pull your head out of steel clip, but immediately felt tscha even more squeezed my head svimi thighs and eyes swam circles again ... I again disconnected. When I came to, my wife and mother-in-law sat across from me in a chair, his legs crossed and calmly smoked. Once again, I could not help looking at their beautiful legs, especially thighs Headers impressed my mother in law, which it is so cruelly just squeezed my neck !! Tscha saw that I came to:

- A zyatek, alive, get up a nice little back in position, I'm not finished with you yet, it's time to continue ... - With these words, she again came to me. She carefully helped me to get up on his knees, and then deftly slipped my head between her legs. Steel thighs fixed my neck. I cried, I begged mother in law not to do it, I begged my wife to affect both the mother. In response, the wife still above crossed her legs again and predatory grin ... At this point flogging continued ... Shouting I had no strength, I just howled and begged me to spare. But Mercy came just five minutes later, when I again came close to fainting ... Tscha opened her thighs, and I flopped down on the floor at her feet.

- Well Well, for the first time, perhaps with you enough - a business-like tone in her voice, she said ...

- Now a good language lick my shoes, then kiss his feet to his wife, and go to the corner to stand on peas three o'clock! -

I was ready to do anything to it more than me is not flogged, so I strongly began to lick her high-heeled shoes. My wife giggled mockingly, seeing this spectacle. A tscha approvingly spoke:

- That fellow, quickly mastered how to now always clean my shoes and shoes of his wife, and yet we will teach you to be our toilet, but it's a little later, you have a lot to learn ... Now -

I'm not aware of what she was saying, but he continued to instinctively lick for the second shoe.

- All right, enough - said tscha,

- And now crawl to please his wife, and bear in mind it too can you thoroughly flogged, if you try to bad! -

I did not dare to disobey, and quickly crawled to the chair in which the still, his legs crossed, my wife was sitting. It is not without pleasure, lend me svuyu adorable shoe, and I began to lick her hard ... Since then, it took almost two years! I honestly say, during that time I become a real henpecked not only mother in law, but also his wife.

They make me at home to do it all: from cleaning floors and toilet, before cooking. They require me to better jobs, and I have to work at three jobs. For the slightest offense I was waiting for a good spanking! And now I'm like tscha can flog and my dear little wife. Often they do it together.

And if tscha prefer to smack me with a belt, the wife whips me with rods, which are now constantly get wet in a bucket of salt water, and always at the ready. My wife just as tschya, strip naked, my ass zzhimaet my head between my legs and whips me up the bloody scars.

In short - a rare day when I can now sit on my ass.

So today I seem angered his dear wife's mother, and so I sentenced!

I dutifully take off his pants and kneel. I can see how tscha, swinging her hips up to me. Another moment, and my head between her legs. I start to cry in advance ...


- Well, I'm sure they say, a neighbor fun ...
Sergei wince, though he did not show the form. It can not be called a puritan, but an open discussion of sexual qualities of classmates and friends in common, as well as his own exploits in this field, it was unpleasant. Being a fairly well-read, he, moreover, suspected that the vast majority of these feats was banal nonsense. Sergey half an ear listening to chatter classmates, thinking about just the last control. Like all true ...
- You did the third question?
He raised his head. Before him stood Julia Uranov, and looked at him questioningly dark gray eyes. Sergei blushed and looked away.
- Yes, why?
- You have some response is received?
- The root of five.
She frowned.
- And I have not.
He shrugged. Julia moved in thought.
- Cool chick ...
Vovk smacked his lips. Sergei chuckled and walked down the hall to the door of the school, passing thought that Vovk, of course, right. Well, why can not he look at her? Why just getting hot, and dry mouth? In addition, and this angered him most, her face and slim figure, surfacing in the imagination, caused the most unambiguous response, causing him to almost squirming with shame and self-hatred. One thing pornozhurnal and the other ... A what else? I do not know that, but more! Baran concerned!
At the stop I swirled the crowd, and get into the bus, when the fit, chances were few. After some thought, he decided to go to the house that was to take thirty minutes. March cold wind made him, shivering, pytatsya deeper to get into the coat, which led to an effect directly opposite to the desired. It was half dark, the sky lit up rare stars. Thinking about the house there is already a mother and whether fumbled on an Internet, Sergei went most of the way and is now moving through the vast wasteland, with limited ravine north and the east group of apartment buildings, one of which he directed.
A strange sound came from the pile of concrete slabs, long-adjusted citizens under a free toilet. He stopped and listened. It seemed? Sort of ... Or not? Sounds fuss, muffled cry, another, broken in the middle. He realized that runs to the plates when they are practically hanging over his head.
- Let ... let ...
- Do not rock the boat, slut!
There was the sound of impact and choking cry.
- Quiet fucking yank Ramsey.
Hoarse voice with intonations thieves, nasally spitting out the words.
- Otsosesh and free ...
- Let me go ...
Sergei flew into the gap between the plates and stopped panting. A tall young man menacingly looming over crouched in the corner of a figure by holding it with one hand on the lapels of coats. Under the fur could see the torn blouse, under which the man eagerly fumbled the second hand to obscure the tattoo on the hand. Hearing the noise, man, slowly turned around. For a while he looked at Sergei, then slowly I spit on a pile of leaves.
- Merged from here, Rooster.
Sergei stood motionless. According to the shin crawled sticky nasty fear.
- Che, fucking, not sucked, sucker? I count to two times it was.
Vnurennosti pulled together in a tight knot. Sergey frantically thought what would happen if he zaoret at full throat, but throat flew only wheeze. The man released the girl, who quietly wept in fear, and moved slowly toward Sergei. He himself did not understand what happened next. Own a wild cry struck on the ears, and he found that there is frozen into the ground, and flies to the guy swinging and aiming at the face. Flash under a skull for a moment blinded, his eyes darkened. Sergei felt on his knees and the ground beneath it quickly darkens. The man, slowly, like under water, came closer, taking his foot to strike. His lips were stretched in a grin, his eyes narrowed with pupils disclosed. Fear somehow disappeared. Sergei knew that you should immediately get up, but he did not have time before his eyes swam. Near at hand is something rang. Without looking, he grabbed a piece of rebar and leaning on him trying to remember. The legs are not kept ... Getting up on one knee, swung Sergey struggled waved his rod toward the man approaches, he easily dodged, bounced, and pulled something from his pocket a gleaming dully. New swing rod, the man ducked again, and carelessly threw out his hand with a knife. Fortunately legs buckled and bonder shot hit tangentially. Bock burned. New shout somewhere from ...
- Help-ee, fr ...
The man turned around, something evil snarled and spat in two steps has disappeared from sight. His eyes darkened again ...

- Seryozha, get up ...
The sound could be heard as if through a glass wool and echoed in the head with a heavy roar. He barely opened his eyes. Above him, he knelt Uranov, swollen left cheek, in the corner of his mouth parched little blood. He struggled to focus.
- Julia? .. How are you here? ..
Before the eyes swayed thick red algae
- Seryozhenka, cute, stand up, please, - she cried
- Yes ... I'm fine now ...
He tried to get up. It barely managed the third time. He swayed, dizzy and sick strongly. Julia kept him clasped around her waist.
- Now, now ... Let's go there. Now.
Girl frustrated with neck scarf and pressed his forehead to Sergei. It has become a little easier. At least, the blood ceased to fill his eyes and could see the road.
- Julia, where are you from here?
- I live out in the house, let's go quickly.
His head began to spin again. Vomiting more and Sergey restrained from last forces. Step, another step ... My God, if only to not throw up in front of her ... One more step. Her gray eyes tearful very close ... blood in the corner of the mouth swollen. Bock was burning like a blowtorch.
- Painfully? - He asked with difficulty, trying to point at her face
She sobbed
- Nonsense! You just do not lose, Seryozha, good, go, go alone ...
Step, Step, Step .... he was taken away, but the girl was able to keep him from falling. Scrape snow ahead. The frightened exclamation. Yulkin loud voice.
- I'm sorry you have a phone? We were attacked, he was wounded.
Bom um, bong-er ... head. Just do not throw up in front of her.
- Hello, Dad ?! I've been in a vacant lot. We were attacked! Sergei injured him badly ...
I'd like to go. He quietly goes down on the curb, then falls.
- Seryozha, do not die, dear, do not die, please.
Her hands stroked his face, she cries again. people running show on the road.
- Dad, we're here !! Jura
- Zela? !!
- I am ok! Sergei knife hit!
Bom um ... Above him, two inclined faces. He almost did not see them. Someone lifted him into the air like a doll.
- Dad, come home with Julia and soon, I am for you!
Bom-er ...........

Opening his eyes, Sergei looked ahead. He looked white streaked into the ceiling, which was shaking sunbeam. It was quiet and quite comfortable. First Sergey thought that slept in the school, but then suddenly remembered everything, and there also, as if on cue whined side. The head, however, swam significantly less. Forehead touched the warm hand. He turned his head.
- Ma?
- Lie, lie.
My mother's eyes were red and tired face is not sleeping person. The door opened and in walked someone in a white coat.
- Awoke? So that's great. How are you feeling?
- Fine.
- Perfectly. Well, let's look at the hero.
The doctor removed the bandage and examined the wound carefully. A satisfied grunt, he crumpled Sergey stomach, pulled the eyelids, neck and felt the back of his head.
- Well, those, young man ... will live.
- Well, how is he?
- Concussion have, on the side of a shallow penetrating wound, but the internal organs are not affected, we hem. On the forehead, too shovchik. The scar will be small, but if you want, then it is possible to make plastics. And the rest ... A couple of days we have a rest and go home. Oh, and your entire delegation is waiting there. Deign to take?
- Uh-uh ...
- I thought so.
The door includes two large unknown men, a woman and a father. Mother smiled logged as an old acquaintance. All four went to bed. Younger man held out his hand.
- Yura.
- Sergei.
The man gently shook his hand.
- Well, like you, hero?
- Yah...
The woman suddenly leaned over and obnyala Sergei. Ee's face was pale gray. The older man looked at him as a hermit on the icon.
- My daughter told me ... Well ... Well ... you - man!
- Okay, Bat, Mom. Let's go to. It is necessary to have a rest.
- Yes Yes. Get well. We still...
Father winked at him, and they all came out into the corridor and through the door came Julia. Sergei felt painfully blushing again. No, what a dirty trick! Why palms became wet again, as two pancakes ?! He silently wiped them on the blanket.
- Well, I'll talk with the doctor.
Mother got up and looked at him with a slight smile came out, closing the door behind him. Sergei could not look away from Yulia's face, which left almost no trace of yesterday's incident, and amazing gray eyes looked at him with a touch of embarrassment.
- Hey.
- Hey. How are you?
- Ok, and you?
- So do I.
There was an awkward pause.
- Thank you - suddenly quiet Julia said.
- Yah...
- I was scared really, - Julia continued in the same low voice, - I was, and he jumped out ... mouth pinched and dragged somewhere. Later...
- I also almost ran out of fear - suddenly admitted Sergei, - I did not recognize you at once, and he ... Hey, what happened yesterday? Well then? I do not remember anything.
- You dragged us to the brother, we called an ambulance and the police. Mom wiped your face, and you're all white ... Then we went to the hospital for emergency, police found your phone and your phone call. They also arrived. Well...
- And it did not find?
- I do not know ... I have questioned, identikit made. They also want to talk with you.
- Julia, you ... you still did not tell the school? ..
- No.
- And it is not necessary, - Sergey asked, looking down.
Julia tilted her head to one side and looked at him with a slight smile.
- Why? But what about the halo character?
Sergey did not look up.
- Do not, - he asked again - what the fuck ... hero bullied?
- Nope. But I will not tell if you do not want.
They were silent again. Suddenly Julia bent down and touched her lips to his forehead. Sergei felt his if proshiblo shock as he repaired magnetos with a neighbor to testify, and he did not notice that Sergei keeps contacts, twisted starter. The palms were sweating again, but that the worst thing was that usual. Sergei almost groaned aloud. What a beast! Well, not so ... Well at least dense blanket. Julia held his palm on his cheek, and stood on a chair.
The door creaked and my mother entered the room. Julia jumped up and put his hands behind his back.
- Well ... I'll go. Get well soon.
- Thank you ... Julia, - he again felt himself blush, and it irritated him more and more, Julia, - the voice of reason fell to a whisper - you come ... more ...
Julia looked at him with those incredible eyes. Sergei could not resist and looked away. She again smiled slightly and nodded quickly, retired.

Sergei looked thoughtfully out of the window in the corridor, and the tenth time thinking about his speech. Around rattled rushed mladsheklassniki.
- Well, what, like a pumpkin something ?, - Vova with slapped him on the back.
- Alive will not die.
Vovk whinnied happily.
- Hey, come on "The Matrix" in the evening. Hours of seven, if the tickets are. Just look at his feet, and then again naverneshsya and skull - hryas ...
- You will not get it...
- Sergei, how did you feel?
He turned. Julia was standing slightly behind his right leg and looked at him with a faint smile. Sergey again felt at ease. Elaborate phrases instantly disappeared in the throat was dry and disgusting sweaty palms again.
- Fine thanks.
She nodded and continued to look at him with the same expression. Then he smiled and waved his tail brown hair down the hall.
- Julia, wait ... (what do I do? !!)
She turned and stopped, looking questioningly at him, bowing his head slightly. His stomach was empty, as well as in the head. Step, more ... hands are wet again, damn!
- Julia ... (come on, telis, idiot!) You ... what are you doing tonight?
I really wanted to close his eyes and opened his eyes to be somewhere in the Australian desert ... And then everything hatched? Why again is hot ?!
She looked at him with the same easy half-smile.
If she rassmeetsya, I jump out the window. Right through the glass, so as not to suffer ...
- No plans. What?
Sergei swallowed.
- Let's go to the movies .... On the "reset." At seven. (Oh...)
A look from the land which is still in the mouth.
- Great! Will you come with me?
- Yeah. At six-thirty.
She smiled, nodded, and walked to the exit. Sergei looked after her, not quite understanding what had happened. Vovk came up and jabbed his fist in the small of the back.
- What lybu pulled up to his ears?
- Fie on you ...
- Well then, in the seventh floor at the "Beacon"?
- Not. I can not. Then ... I must ... Another time, in short.
- Well, look ...
Vovk whistled and valiant gykanem Rushed to the door.

He barely had time. For tickets had to stand for almost an hour, with the money he received for clearing the virus, and the configuration of the neighbor home computer is almost over, and had to shoot his father.
- We are in the movie. Vovka ...
- How much you get back?
- I do not know. Not very late.
- Do not call in ten - pate unscrewed.
- I'll call. Or already be home.
- Oh well...
The film almost did not remember. The seats were in the penultimate row, and Sergei looked at the chiseled profile on the left is much more than a screen. Together with the crowd, they took to the cool air.
- Well, as you?
- Nothing. The special effects are interesting, but the first movie was better. The idea is good, but not new.
- Hmm. I wonder if you can break through the matrix of the head?
- I do not think. From solipsism, in my opinion, it just can not escape, even though I did not in the philosophy of Copenhagen.
She smiled. Then he wondered.
- Do you remember how, I think, in the "Solaris" protagonist wanted to check if he was crazy?
- Ah, this is where he spent the same calculations with a computer, and then compare the results?
- Well yes. The main thing is not to spy. If you come together ...
They walked and talked solipsism and religion, modern fashion and the taste of Coca-Cola in comparison with Pepsi, biology teacher with his burr ... Sergei suddenly found that his hands were no longer wet, not dry mouth and do it ... OK. As well as, perhaps, still it was not. They ate ice cream in Robins, on what had gone all the money left over from the ticket and a small bouquet of flowers, which Sergey, turning cold, bought from the subway, and agreed that Petroholodskoe incomparably better. They stood on the half-frozen pond, watching the fat ducks wintering here fighting for bread Dropped grandmother. They went to bask in some bar, to their complete surprise, the bartender, shaking his head, poured them two espresso on the house. Sergei suddenly discovered that holding Julia's hand, and she does not take her ...
- Oh, and how much time?
- Pancake! Ten thirty! My home uroyut !!
- And I strangled. A trifle on the machine have?
Search for operating the machine took another ten minutes. Repent after hearing relevant tirade, both assured the parents that are literally on the doorstep. Before they Yulia's house, indeed, reached fairly quickly.
- Thank you - Julia again looked at him a little head bowed, standing one step higher.
Again it became hot.
- What ... What are you doing at the weekend?
Julia smiled.
- You'll laugh, but I have no plans.
Sergei took a deep breath, but then Julia suddenly leaned over and kissed him on the lips. The body again struck discharge wind rustled in the head.
- Call tomorrow, - he whispered the girl and ran upstairs.
Silly smiling, he heard the door slam, and walked slowly to the door.

- Well, like the movie?
- Liked ... smile did not want to get off your face.
- Hmm. What though, I remember? - Also smiling mother asked.
- Well...
- Vovka hi pass - winked at his father, - Very beautiful ... Vovk. Leggy such.
Blushing like cancer and something burknuv, Sergei slipped into the room.

Evening rain, as often happens at the end of April, surged suddenly and with such force that a bucket compare it would be not only obvious, but also incorrect. They ran through the puddles under the fun uhayuschy thunder and flew in front Yulia's wet as if he had just got out of the pool.
- F Fu ... - Julia shook her head and her hair fly spray - during watering!
- Yeah, - Sergey rubbed his face.
- Come to me to dry.
- Yes, somehow ...
- Come on, go, - she tugged at his sleeve. I have ancestors in the country, home brother.
The door swung open.
- Oh ... do u Howe denki! As zhist? What are you, doing diving?
- Rain. And where are you going?
- Lenka called, something there for her in the bathroom broken. In the evening, I will. Or I will not ... Tea human watered.
The door slammed shut. Julia ran into the room and made a big calico gown.
- Go change your clothes and stuff on the heater to dry.
Sergey hesitated.
- Come on, and then prostynesh, then visit you, infectious - she smiled.
Sergei shrugged and took the coat.
- I'm in the shower, then you.
She hopped into the tub and closed the door. Sergei walked into the room and quickly threw off his wet clothes, put on a robe. In the bathroom, the water rustled. Looking around, Sergei thought it was Julia's room. He walked over to the shelves and looked at the book, whistled. Impressive as the selection and quantity.
bath door slammed.
- Hey, it's your turn, - a voice of Julia from the corridor - I still put the kettle.
Soaping under the hot jets, Sergei wondered whether it is possible to ask for something to read, and, if so, what. After this came the recollection of neutral thoughts about the disco, which they went a few days ago. During a slow dance Julia was so close that he felt the delicate scent of her perfume, and he had to make Herculean efforts to stop shaking hands, lying on her waist. The problem was also that damn body again reacted in the usual way ... He could hardly wait for the end of the dance, and then to the end of the disco had convinced himself that she had not noticed anything. I think about what could and noticed it was so painful that he broke off himself at the beginning, to not immediately plunge headlong into the hatch. Blushing, Sergey became violently become powdered sponge.
Throwing on a robe wet body, he went out into the corridor. Julia in blue overalls was hanging their wet clothes on the heater.
- There is coffee, some Butera and dry white wine. Would you?
- And you?
- I think I would drink wine.
- Okay, me too.
The wine was tart and, on an empty stomach, gently knocked into the whiskey. It became warmer, the awkwardness vanished. They chatted about something that is not important, but interesting, Sergei said something funny, and although they both laughed, he forgot what drove it even before finishing the next phrase. It was incredibly good to sit in the kitchen is filled with the smell of coffee, sip wine, listen to her voice and the look on her slender figure. Julia reached for the shelf behind him, Sergei moved so as not to interfere, she swayed, lost her balance ... The next moment he found himself holding a girl's waist and looking into her gray eyes. She was silent and did not move, then slowly put her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips. His head began to swim the treacherous, in the ears rumbled pulse. Sergei kissed her back, and then again and again ... Her lips parted, his hands feel her body through the robe, his head ringing ... rolls familiar wave. No! Just do it! Better to die ...
Dying did not happen.
He was so bad that he considered himself as if from the outside. Ironic pale teenager in a robe, looking at the floor and wants to be had. Next to it is an amazing woman. I hope that she did not notice anything, not the slightest. The girl smiles, pats his face and whispers something. We must try to understand that, but he's afraid that if he did them listen, then he just died. On the other hand, this is because he wanted ... God, how bad. Schmuck lustful! So what to do now? But why? And that's it!
- Are you alive? - Soft voice penetrated under the icy crust of shame and pain.
- I'm ... I'm sorry ... I've never ...
- Glu-y-py ... What a stupid.
Her lips smell like grapes, and warm hands. He is responsible for a kiss, and felt her quick tongue. All thoughts flew out, and he kisses her neck and face, it served to meet him ... When they had to be in the room on the couch? .. Hands stroked her body, she quietly shudders. What a beautiful ... Her robe wide open, and he closes his eyes in order not to go crazy, managing to be noted that the body reacts to it again, as always. His lips caress her breast, she arched, clutching his head. From somewhere on the part of it piling pieces read online manuals; they immediately forgotten, but in time to vylitsya idea for which he clings as the basis of life: "Do not hurry and do not push." Nothing more ... Not so fast ... and he stopped in a hurry.
His lips and tongue slowly slide down her body, and his hands caress her back and hips. He goes down below, she was trembling and breathing heavily, even lower ... It is compressed. He returns again above and kisses and caresses her breasts. Again, lower still ... Do not hurry. She moans, opening and arching to meet him. Not so fast ... He kisses the delicate skin, slowly licking up and down. Once again ... Stone transforms into a pillow muffled cry zakushennye lips, beating spasms in the body ... Do not hurry! Language down below, getting inside, caressing, again rises, falls again. Her hands clutched the pillow, the body shivers and bends. Not so fast ... God, it does not happen. Not so fast ... She screams again, fingers pressed to cushion poor whites. The legs bend at the knees. Lord, I can not! Not so fast ... Slowly, gently, he enters into the moist heat. On the way an obstacle is felt. Before he had time to be afraid to hurt her, she suddenly abruptly leans forward, and he almost turned off. She hugs him, her eyes closed ... I can not ... Do not hurry! I can not ... Do not hurry !! She moves to meet him, her movements become sharper, stronger. Obeying, he is stepping up the pace, knowing that no longer cmozhete restrained. The world blew up and threw them in the clouds at the time when her body was brought spasms, and he took it and felt a shiver.
They lay motionless, slowly back down. Julia fell asleep for a short while, but now looked at Sergei, smiling a little. Sergei gently stroked her hair and could not believe that he was not hallucinating.
- What are you beautiful girl ...
- Yes, well ... The most common, and, moreover, thanks to an acquaintance, not a girl.
Sergei felt red as a beet. She laughed softly.
- Of course, I was theoretically savvy, but did not think it would be so cool.
- And ... and you did not hurt?
- Nope. Almost.
She lowered her eyes.
- And you ... well ... you have a lot ...
- You're the first, - Sergey honestly.
She looked at him incredulously.
- You're lying. How did you ... all ...
- The same "theory". But the practice was ... I thought, there ... in the kitchen.
She snorted.
- Yes, the kind you had - beautiful in the coffin lay. Glu-y-py. I found because of what the upset. I read so often of overstimulation. The way is very flattering ...
Sergei was silent, quietly numb. Then suddenly he jumped.
- Julia! I'm an idiot! How now? ... I'm in love with you ?!
- Do not you worry - she smiled. Then he jumped up and ran into the bath. She returned, holding in his hand a little box.
- Latest French contraceptive candles. For half an hour before the event entered in the right place and order.
Sergei stared at her.
- In half an hour? A...
- What, you thought I was doing in the bath?
- Uh-uh ...
She looked at him with a sly smile.
- What are you, boys, stupid! And you especially!
- Mm-m ...
- So, you think the ancestors just in April at the cottage rested? I do what I told them not only wove ... About the early crops have that in "Our Garden" write that urgently need to fertilize ... The mother, however, in my opinion, it is still something prosekla. Painfully I looked pointedly. A Lenka, Yurkino girl in the bathroom, unscrew the nut. We barely turned away with her ... Candles, by the way, she told me prisovetovala. She said that such a brake as you are unlikely to understand or zaranee ... prepare. In general, in any case, sooner rather than later in the evening there Yurka not leave. She jumped on the bed and hugged Sergei, leaned her head against his chest, looking from the bottom up, eyes shining.
- So if it does not rain, I do not care for you, we would be dragged. And then you porridge will not weld. Little touches and rebounds like a scalded cat ... It is, forgot her maiden modesty, pretend to fall to the floor, so that you just picked up ...
Sergei felt face stretched into a happy smile.
- And I do not know how ... I'm just your throne, so just ...
She giggled again.
- Well, yes, yes ... That's you walked half-bent at the disco.
Sergei blushed again.
- I thought you did not notice ...
- Uh-huh. Do not notice here ...
Sergei hugged her and kissed her gently, feeling her lips toward disclosed.
- Julia ... You are the best in the world!
They kissed again, and yet again ... His hands slid down her body, caressing, stroking and squeezing.
- Wait...
She pulled away from his lips and slid down. Sergei knew what was coming, but did not have time to do anything. Her every movement was given some sweet, pulling pain, and he was surprised to note the strange distant thought ... For example he wanted to surround her with his body, so that she lived "inside" it and not release ever. Or if she asks, it is easy to jump from a plane ... From what he saw, drove breath, and his eyes rose veil. He exerted a great effort not to press her head, which it was his turn clutched the pillow. He had the three minutes. Cramps cramped body and, unable to hold back, he shouted in a voice almost lost consciousness.

- It turned out ... She was lying beside him and, smiling, stroking his cheek. - It's great as a ...
Sergei thought that if he was going to cry, then nothing good is not going to end, and, with great difficulty, swallowed.
- Do not be so ... Do not.
Her smile disappeared. Now she looked frightened and insecure.
- I ... Do not you like it?
Tears fell from the eyes themselves. He could not explain why the cries; happiness, tenderness, gratitude and shame gushed over the edge and did not find expression, threatening to tear it apart.
- I ... can not ... Julia, you ... you just might ... I'm sorry ...
She understood. How? Probably every woman, regardless of experience, there is an indicator of sincerity, a capture that is not expressed in words or gestures, or actions or even thoughts.
- Glu-y-py ... What a fool! -one kissed his face, draining tears, her hair tickled his neck - a silly ...
Sergey calmed down, clinging to her entire body, dissolving into her gray eyes.
- Why did I feel so good, and you're such a Glu-y-py? ..

They sat in the kitchen and ate the sandwiches when the phone rang.
- Julia? Look, I'm here Sergei's parents called on the pipe, looking for him. He's still there?
- Yeah. We're getting ready for physics. Oh, and how much time?
- Well, clear the stump, preparing, physics - is sacred ... And time ten. Tell him home zvyaknet.
- And when you're back?
- Tomorrow evening. With you, by the way, the bottle.
- Uh ... Bottle?
- Are you saying that you are not sucked my wine? Under the physicist, the most it ... Okay, shutyu. From our table - your table ...
- So far, - Julia with a flaming person hung up.
Sergei quickly dialed the number, absolutely no idea what to tell him.
- Hello, Dad? I'm here ... Uh-uh ... Well, I have everything in order.
- You could call, pig?
- Yes, I'm sorry, we're Zouch.
- Not otherwise. When yavishsya?
- Mm-m ... Soon.
- Come, do not wake anyone.
Sergey has decided that misheard.
- So I ...
- Well, if you still do not drive, you learn. Student ... Yulenka hi pass.

Hung up, Sergei looked at the girl and both snorted in embarrassment.
- It is believed that the conspirators of us do not particularly ...
- Hmm ... Chekists, damn it! Cool head, warm liver ...
Julia came to him and slyly looked downward.
- But you are not in a hurry? We have a lot of unsolved physics ...
Sergei hugged her, feeling that his head begins to swim again, and kissed her on the flung-open robe.
- Nah! Without physics, now, life is not a reality.
- I think so too, - she whispered, closing her eyes.


We went to it. Her rodoki went to the cottage and we were alone. She asked him to help with a computer.
-I Inet che lag, really do not know what to do ...
YES !! The first time I stayed with a girl one-on-one. He started playing Che was. Continuing pop-up window with links to porn. Masha sat on my lap and kissed me. I dared to climb into her pants, there was already wet ... I picked her up and moved to the sofa. She ottalknula me on my back and pulled my pants, then underwear. My cock was already up, and I threw back his head. She licked it, then it is completely absorbed. Greedily sucked it. I finished it in her mouth, then stood up, his legs were shaking, my head was spinning. She hugged me, I began to kiss her neck, along her undressing. I knocked her on the couch, spread her legs and began to lick her clit, she moaned. then I threw her legs over his shoulders with entered her. then I was tired of this position, and I went to the bottom. She sat on me and started jumping on my cock. 15-20 minutes later she climbed down and stood mneya cancer. I pyalil her, and then I got it into her head to fuck her in the ass. I insolently entered her in the ass, she liked it. I finished it in the ass. We lay and smoked. Then we kissed for almost an hour, and sleep vobnimku. In the morning I went home. I got on the brain of the mother and father praised. So that's a


Aroma kidney tar dripped to the ground together with fresh streams of the approaching night. And this strange couple walked round and round the park, rustling leaves underfoot last year. They talked about everything: about what they see in the pictures, about poetry, about the uninhabited islands of human stupidity. But they do not listen to the words they are, and to what to talk about his hand, put his arm around her fingers and to the fact that they meet her, soaking and shivering in this embrace.
Tangle question has not been dissolved, the words ran away, but their hands are said to each other - YES. His warm hand gently took her with him. Thin maiden surrendering fingers, squeezed his hand. They fell silent. What words, what they can add to that, as evidenced by their hands and eyes.
He drew the girl with currently. Now he did not see it, could not even see her face. Only his eyes, manivshie its depth. But she turned her head, cilia closed, and the man felt his his his irresistibly attracted to her half-open lips. A hand rested on her waist and drew the girl. Pulled her to him, he would touch them. Once again: No, enough. Her legs are weak. It is necessary to make it a sigh. She opened her eyes. He kissed her on the nose:

Between heaven and earth

- Papules, teach me to fly!
- My daughter, you're that, quite wisely moved off, I never will let you to learn this.
As the months passed, and the days of the week, came the day visitors and holiday .. celebrated sixteenth Jeanne.
Noise music smiling guests, dad with all the parade .. daughter shine with happiness .. evening approached the end ...
Machine .. the road, and finally at home .. Jeanne in a beautiful green dress plopped down on the couch, arms ... then, sad, tired look on his father.
- Dad, I want to learn how to manage the aircraft, please papules, you do everything you can, oh please, let, because you would not be able to deny me my birthday
- My God, (my father closed his hand over his eyes), well, why do you, dochun, well, I'd better let you buy a new car, even if you want sports, it will bud like an airplane.
- Well, papules, well, please, well, my dear!
- What are you doing to me, hooligan.
- Thank papulik (throws her arms around him and kisses on the cheek)
- Where you wish Viktor Yushchenko?
- First we'll pick a thought, and then to the airport.
- Oh, hello, Victor Andreyevich, for what reason we have welcomed to?
- Hello Pavel, but the matter I have for you is not an official, got a minute brandy, a talk.
- Here Yushchenko, help yourself.
- Thank you, very grateful, and so Paul, the purpose of my visit is to you, Jeanne wanted to fly.
- Oh, yes always, please, because it's all in your hands, not mine, any plane will be provided, in addition to the most experienced pilot, so that you are not afraid for the safety of her daughter.
- No, Paul, you did not understand me, she wants to fly, is such a whim found, so I ask for temporary use of experienced instructors.
- Ah, here's the thing, what is this I also can not refuse you, although it's a stupid decision.
- Well, not up to you, stupid or not.
- So who would you like to see in the role of teacher for your daughter.
- Yes, at least Swifts.
- Yes, a good choice.
- Well, here they decided, well, in general, talk with the guys, I'll pick one of these days, one more time to discuss everything.
- Agreed!
That night at the airport.
- Hello, Igor?
- Hello Pavel, what is required?
- So Igor, ring up boys and two hours at the airport, I have.
- What's the urgency?
- Igor! Orders are not discussed!
- Well, we all, in two hours.
- Waiting.
Two hours later.
- Hustler you guys, well, come in, come in, sit and talk. I've got to charge you commission given over from the chief.
- We are all attention.
- But the specific nature of the mission, well move on to the main, Yushchenko wants you to have trained his daughter to fly the plane.
- But this is not our competence, we have no instructors.
- Orders are not discussed!
- Excuse me.
- So, tomorrow Yushchenko at five o'clock to come here, to all as the bayonets were here. All clear?
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Yes..
- Well, that's wonderful. Igor stay, all others are free!
All are gone, leaving only two.
- Igor, you are the most experienced of all, so that the responsibility for the forthcoming case is yours, I understand that for you it can be said even humiliating to teach the girl to fly, but we are all dependent people, and must comply with the whims of individuals standing above ..
- Yes, all I knew, orders are orders, learn how to fly it.
- Oh yeah, I forgot, Yushchenko promised in case of success all the increase in rank and give the award with five zeros in the green equivalent.
- Well, there are pluses in this adventure.))
- Sure.)
- Igor, and look, do not let me down all the time keep the situation under strict control, and remember this is the only daughter in-Chief!
- Got it. Allow me to go?
- Go, and tomorrow as a bayonet at the appointed time.
The next day began.
- Daddy, what should I wear, what to choose?
- O Lord, my daughter you're going to the airport, rather than a secular party, all in the mother dress that be plain.
- Well, papa, and thanks again))
- Well, come on, come faster.
Black Mercedes with tinted windows stopped at the hangar at the airport.
- Jeanne, yet sit in the car, I'll go talk to the people who will teach you, I'll call you later.
- Good Pope.
- Hello, fellow pilots.
- Good morning, Comrade Chief of the Russian armed forces.
- I think you asked about the purpose of my visit.
- That's right, Comrade Commander.
- Perfectly. I offer to temporarily switch to an informal tone, as we will focus on your job.
- Neither of which we have not opposed.
- Yards, you agree to teach my daughter driving the plane?
- I agree, do not worry.
- Mitrofanov, do you agree?
- I agree.
- The rest of you agree?
- Yes sir.
- Well, I'm glad. But remember, if my daughter's head will fall even one hair, then you all not to demolish the head! All clear?
- Yes, we understand everything.
(Yushchenko whispered something in a mobile phone, and a minute later his daughter entered the hangar)
- Please acquaint my daughter Jeanne.
After the words of his father to his daughter in turn approached all pilots and introduced themselves.
- Igor.
- Pleased to meet you.
- Artyom.
- Very nice.
- Andrei.
- Hello.
- Eugene, you can just Jack.
- Nice to meet you.
- Alexander, you can just Sasha.
Igor: - Viktor Yushchenko, when you wish that we started training?
Viktor Yushchenko: - I think with the upcoming weekend.
Early Saturday morning, Jeanne is lying in bed and talking on the phone with his girlfriend.
- Oles, do you imagine I'm going to fly!
- Cool, and in what plane?
- Perhaps, at first, on any sports.
- Cool. Pilots beautiful?
- Oles Well, what difference does it beautiful or not, even though Kvozimody, the main thing that would be taught.
- Oh, Zhanka, you do not correctable, you can not be so much a realist.
- Oh, come on, well, everything I went to gather soon for me the car will arrive, go to the airport.
- Come on, run, be sure to call in the evening and tell me how everything goes!
- Ok, everyone ran.
- Well, Joan went to the airfield.
- Yes Misha went.
Small sub-tell about Joan: Joan, the sixteen year old girl, not tall and long, dark, curly hair with brown like cherry eyes, and not bad figure for his young age.
The car stopped near the same hangar.
- All Misha, I ran. I'll call you and tell you what time to come to me.
- Good.
The car quickly drove away from the hangar, and Jeanne took a deep breath, walked to the hangar, the door creaked she entered. The hangar was silent, but somewhere in the back of the piece of iron which clinked and heard muffled voices. She walked down the hangar, and her heels tapping in time with her steps and echoed for the hangar .. around her were big beautiful planes, dazzling her eyes she went and touched the hand to one, then to another. And then suddenly all the magic of the moment flew down in a moment, with her someone behind him I said hello.
- Hi Joan.
Startled, she almost jumped up on the spot.
- Oh, hello, Igor, you scared me.
- Sorry, probably should not sneak up on you.
They both laughed.
- Well we are, let's go in the pilot, we'll talk.
- Good.
Rapid steps they headed there.
When they entered the pilot's, there was already sitting copilot Tom, with whom Jeanne greeted immediately. All were seated on chairs facing the table, and began to say, is not an official communication.
- Jeanne's tell us what you spodviglo learn how to fly a plane?
Jeanne broke into a satisfied smile and said.
- Many times I was flying from country to country on airplanes, many times I was on the air show, and a virtuoso of the machine in the air, I always heart-stopping, I feel that it is my airplane, I really want to learn how to manage a fighter.
After these words, Igor laughed.
- Well, I think your desire can be realized, but what about the fighter I think it is unlikely we will teach you to fly in the sports plane.
- Well, that's great, but still then be able to teach a fighter, such as this, on which you fly.
The conversation takes Artyom.
- It is seen to be, but we will try to teach you as much, I'm here brought something, let's begin to explore the aircraft.
Artem turned the books and papers on the table and began to explain what was happening, explaining, showing, she grasped everything on the fly and on the expiration of four hours, gradually began to understand how things work ..
- How interesting, I always wonder how these machines work!
- We talked to Igor before you came and decided before we sit down with you on the plane, we will be hard and to study the theory of victory, then you pass us the theory exam, and then we'll have to start practical training ...
- I understood everything and agree with everything.
- What a clever lady! Igor joked.
To which Jeanne replied immediately.
- What are the teachers and students)
At half past seven in the evening session ended, and Jeanne came Michael (her personal driver). Two days later, Jeanne again flock to the hangar door, again the same occupation Inspired by the upcoming and bought a new dress for the occasion. Again the sound of heels on the pavement and echoes that carry the hangar.
- Hello, Igor.
- Hi.
- Igor, that's what I wanted to suggest, of course, I understand that due to the large difference in age, I must you look solely at you, but can still pass on you, so be it easier to communicate, you do not mind this about?
- Of course, let's move on to you.) - Igor said with a smile.
- And why is not present today Artem?
- He flew to the teachings, I will return in a week, and yet, do not discuss the technical side of the aircraft, and the aircraft behavior in the air, its maneuverability and air flow.
- How tricky was told.
- Do not worry, I'll draw all right now, and you will not it seem so complicated.
- Good.
She listened to him attentively, asked heaps of questions to which he answered meekly, they even sometimes laughed. So I passed one more day

Female story about losing virginity

I had a luxurious braid and already quite girlish figure with advanced breast. His love for Volodya, I hid, disbosom only one neighbor, Aunt Natasha. She was an adult, 35 years old, very beautiful and spiritual woman.
Meet Volodka we started in September, and by January mired in problems. Actually, the problem was one - Volodya wanted us to have sex. Most of our classmates fucking vengeance, Volodya himself lost innocence in the summer in the village, so the thought of himself as an experienced man, who had to face with a girl just walking. Until now, we only kissed Volodya, and I liked it, but I was afraid of sex crazy. I thought that would be very painful, very ashamed, besides, I was afraid that my friend will tell everyone how I behaved in bed, and the place where to retire, there was sex ... what then? But I was very afraid of losing Volodya, just to horror. We had to go to some concessions.
One of these concessions had permission to touch my breasts. Now our visits took place in a certain way: first we kissed, then he unbuttoned my jacket on and started! I do not find that word

A start

I blossomed. The time has come when a few fans became, somehow at the same time hinting at a more intimate relationship.
We had to be addressed. I opted for Michael. A young man with a good figure and attractive face perfectly played guitar and sang. At his court admired many girls, but he persistently courted only for me. Yes, an excellent candidate! It sluchilos13 April at his apartment. Passionate kisses inflamed me, and I let down lower than the previously surveyed his lips places. Feelings were unusual. Fear, curiosity, shame, all mixed up. But I decided to go further. Here is his skillful hands, disposing of the clothes, slowly remove my girl's panties. At the same time he manages to caress my lips swollen breasts, whispering some sweet words and take off her clothes. Fear gripped me when I saw his cock! Huge, with blue veins, he looked up at the ceiling. The skin taut so that it seemed the slightest touch, and it will snap.
Michael was ready for my reaction. He offered to meet with her

The first games

My imagination, summer, girl on the beach, and my father's PENTHOUSE Kem Residence, helped me to represent the girls in my class naked. But I never saw a real naked girl and I was very depressed. Long nights lying in bed and onaniruya I imagined them one by one and all together, I fuck them, they caress my dick tabs, look at me with passion and lust.
I even remembered how once, a little boy was playing doctor with the neighbor's little girl, touched her small pisyulke. Oh, if I knew then as much as I know now, to fuck her or shove her small neat process in her mouth ... dream, dream. I finished, but it did not bring me relief ...
That summer day, I was, as usual lately, was sitting in the shade of a tree in our yard, dreaming of the impossible and once again excites your imagination.

Baker's Dozen calving. Episode 12

Baker's Dozen OBLOMOV (Curiosities)

Section III. Endgame, or as victims. (Cont'd)

And then, perhaps, an exhaustive list. Apart from the girl claim 10, and another guest, it turned out, by the way, friend of my friends (and, hence, could not be impudent and force the issue, but should wait for a sign with her hand, but it was not followed), which directly and clearly stated that will go only for a cup of coffee, and that no harassment, no one else came to visit me in rented apartments, in hotel rooms and bath saunas otherwise than for the purpose of sex in one form or another. Notwithstanding that the goal was clear and the three ladies as described below: they allowed themselves some physical contact of an erotic nature. However, to write in a notebook they can not - nevmestno.

12) "Registrar-masturbator".

    Getting on the Mamba, the conversation, as usual. Sexual preference does not detail, to direct questions giggles (puts smiles) and said on the site's see, we'll see, all different, and so on. When he learned that I'm a programmer, and such a day will be in the Ems immediately accept my invitation to come and visit with the aim to deepen the pleasant acquaintance in a private setting. It declares that will be sure to capture and a laptop because she needed my professional advice on two issues.

    And indeed come. Herself. That is, we never met in the city, I have not brought, but only called the address where it is virtually no delay was about six o'clock in the evening. In many ways, it was the complete opposite of the previous one. Russian, divorced, short hair, light yellow hair, aged about 45, more complete physique than thin, and if you exaggerate the same standard, the figure was 90-80-120, that is the size of the bottom of the significantly higher than the upper. It was, by the way, in something like a sweater and skirt around knee-length or slightly above.

    Tea, coffee, roll, sweets ... We move from the kitchen into the room ... I began to slowly groping ... I remember his laptop, opens and sets his two questions. The answer to the first one and not know me, but asked for confirmation that the steps she is correct. Well, actually, yes, the 'Net has connected, so all right. And the essence of the second was that at a certain site for registration (not our topic, some women forum dedicated to cutting and sewing) was required to enter the e-mail address (it is clear that the full, with a dog and the provider), whereas in mail service is used to enter it in shortened form.

    In general, it is well recorded and with his head immersed in reading news, viewing pictures, and local gossip. And who is going to fuck ???

    And it turns out that one. Because my proclivities she rejects his chest does not even hold out and kiss on the cheek permits only when trying to get to his lips with displeasure turns away. Bummer? Going the other way? Let's try.

    And yet, yes, it turns out that under the skirt she can climb without problems. She even for a moment ceases to clatter on the keys, waiting for me to comfortably wrapped skirt, the most Headers thighs. And do not mind when my fingers sliding edge pant penetrate the pussy, just wet first and have to squish and expiring in a few minutes. The clitoris is too easily excited and swells, but my guest here already demonstrates no difference and similarity to its predecessor, while remaining outwardly the same deadpan, despite that I had already hard fucking fingers. Borders are also clearly outlined. Do not give nor take off his skirt, no panties, thwarted my attempt to undress or at least get a member, does not allow a second touch my hand to his chest, not tipped deeper to allow the fingers of the first to penetrate into the anus. Sit yourself, and as if nothing had happened, browse forum topics, clicks on the drawings and then they close, sometimes writing something. And the funny thing is, when something strange appears on the screen, a window somewhere flies, or banner pops up quite adequately respond or asked me (not so much the words, however, as the individual sounds, interjections and facial expressions), what to do and where to click . Funky excerpt!

    I can not say that she had finished, as well as the reverse. At some point, I stopped watching TV and her face, put his arm around the waist with his right hand, his face buried in his neck, continuing to masturbate her left. There was no scream, no sharp breath as soon as she stood up on a chair, move your feet, pelvis shifted, the word body numb from sitting so long in the same position. Carefully removed my hand from his mezhnozhya, pants and straightened, standing for a moment, I roll back skirt.

- Where do you take? - I asked when it became clear that will not continue.
- I'll make it myself, do not worry, not far from here I live, - named street, really close, within 1-2 stops. - Thank you! I'm sorry if something's wrong.
- Do not worry, all is fine! - I said, without thinking about whom I will spend the night today. Because it was decided and negotiated in advance and calving was never.

My sexual maturation

Looking at your body in the mirror, I found myself quite a beautiful girl with black long hair and a thin waist. A year ago, I started menstruating. By that time, of course, I already knew everything about the relationship between man and woman, where are the kids about sex and stuff, and, like any girl who dreamed of a charming prince who would be my husband, to whom I give birth a child, and we It is a wonderful family friendly.
But while it all seemed so far away. Then I was more interested in school, books and television than boys, and, moreover, I do not think about sex. I've heard that it is a great pleasure for both, but she did not represent men and women, as it can be. Moreover, I was disgusted with the idea that I will have to touch any man, but one day everything changed.
It was Tuesday, the parents are always at work. I came home from school, she decided to read something. Despite the fact that I have at home was quite an extensive library, I read almost everything that I was interested, but still decided to look for something more. When I looked through rows of books, I was struck by the number of books that stood on the top shelf. There have always been some technical reference of my father, and I did not go there ever, but I love throughout the procedure, and these volumes are too few stood out. I tried to push them back, but something prevented. Pulling out of the book, I saw that behind them was another, apparently not science. I disassembled curiosity, I pulled it and read the title. It was called

< >