The girl has matured

Proper thought was - do not go to school. Wonderful idea. Relax, however, can not be - an exam tomorrow I need to prepare - but at least slept. Something I dreamed the whole morning today? .. What a recreation center, some students. How did it all sick of it! This idiotic age - 16 years ... It has been since the beginning of the spring, I feel this is a strange, I know that. Do you understand me? my cat understands. As I have never regretted it - fed "kontraseksom"? The next time you need to find her cat popushistee: And I find someone? Just a nightmare. For the past month and a half in my head spins only one desire - to want sex. Herself to admit it was terrible. But what can I do? I WANT.
No one at home. And there will be another 4 days. Parents left for Moscow, to some conference. I went over to the mirror. What are all the guys stupid! How could I not want to? I look at my body. I am beautifull. I even very beautiful. Straight posture, beautiful breasts. Waist so thin, tender belly: And the skin does not like her friends - soft, velvety. When no one is home, I almost always go "without anything". Who is my only thin dark blue unbuttoned shirt: And the little medallion of blue glass on the neck. Very romantic.
I smile at her reflection. I sigh. I sit down on the sofa. Grabber lays down the abdomen. I spend on the belly from the bottom up - up to the chest. How nice! As for the nipple itself midway palm - so little tickles. The second foot slides down, stroking his neatly trimmed (to anyone tried?) Pussy: penetrate into between the sponges - so moist that under my finger squelching: compressed and squeezed nipples: Finger gets deeper and deeper. Oh, if it was not my hand .. finger faster and faster slides on the clitoris, sometimes gently catching his claw: I cave in, sighing.
Doorbell. Heck! Only this was not enough. Who could it be? I was at this time I am never at home: Can not open? I turn the key. At the last moment, recollecting himself, I plowed shirt.
- Oh, Dennis! Hey.
He was embarrassed. I apologize that no call. How could I forget - he now works somewhere near my home: Of course, I invited him to "go when the time is." Still he was not invited! According to it, a mad half of the girls in our city.
- Maybe I did not at the time?
- Yes you! Come into the kitchen, the coffee you want? I am now. Lucky you. I usually at this time in the school: - I say, going into the room to put on something more or less decent. I feel his eyes on her ass, barely covered by a thin cloth. Drop-down door cabinet. I do not want to wear. But so too immodest. We were after all just friends, a couple of times go together kayaking on the Pre, often met at parties - and all. Well, I wear this skirt of crepe de chine. It seems long, but so transparent. Pants to wear? Yes, here's another.
I walk into the kitchen. Dennis standing at the window sill.
- Sorry, I long.
It starts normal polite conversation. I tell him something about the exams. He was not interested, but he politely listens and nods. I say that the parents went on a business trip for four days. It is somehow strange looked at me, confused, turned, said something about his work.
Aha! He thought about this, too. He wants too. What to do now? If now he is gone, I'll go crazy. Such a chance! As it was in the stories downloaded from internet? One has only to turn back to him, he should come back and give me a hug. Let's try. I turn to the cabinet, get up on his toes, open the door for a long time on purpose, "looking for" a jar of coffee: Nothing happens. Okay, so how in the stories I did not succeed. From the refrigerator carton of milk, I put on the table coffee cups. Brew coffee, I take a bag with milk. Hand shakes, milk is poured.
- What happened to you?
He looks at me with a smile. And what had happened to his embarrassment? He gets up, walks up to me. He looks down at me, as an adult on a child. Why is the "how", because he gave me 5 or 6 years of age or older. He puts his hands on my shoulders. I get up. I am confused and do not know what to do. He noticed it, he smiles. Sliding his hands from his shoulders to the wrists, I feel his fingers through the thin fabric. Take my hand, kissed her fingers. Surprised looks at me and smiles. Smell! He smelled my juice on his fingers. Again he smiles.
I lick his lips. He pulls me close and kisses. Caution. Too cautious. Afraid, perhaps to scare me. Oh, no, I waited too long for this to play now in the "seduction of pioneers." I kiss him hungrily, his tongue touch the sky, playing with his tongue. He did not expect this. He pressed me harder. Strokes hands my ass, thin cloth only exacerbates feelings. Another surprise for Denis - he notices that I no panties.
Somewhere behind the wall began to play the radio. Zemfira, "The girl is ripe." That is because the coincidence: We look at each other and laugh.
- Maschke, went into the room.
- Go
We go to my room. She bathed in sunshine. Bed no charge, on the floor - plush toys. Well, I love them, what to do? At 16, still can. Denis is in no hurry. Take me by the hand, he leads: to the bed? No, to the table. What for? Ah, well, nevermind. Let him do what he wants. Embracing the waist, easily puts on the table. Again, kisses, pats his hands chest. How it all slowly, fidgeting on the table. Sensing my impatience, Denis comes off my lips. Unbuttoning his shirt. Not unbuttoned the last button, of course, just tear it off me. That's because I like the most! He greedily clings to my chest, sucking her nipples bites: How wonderful. Narostaet tension in the abdomen. His hands stroked my hips, first through the skirt fabric. Then he lifts her up to the belly, I untie the string and shoot her. I want to kiss my belly. He himself wants to. Wrinkled hands my ass, kissing belly down lower and lower. I softly cry out when his tongue for my lips. He still restrains himself, cautious.
- Denis, stop feeling sorry for me.
Obscure phrase. But he understood. I dig into my pussy with such passion that I involuntarily twitch and flex. I was terribly excited, he - too. I want to make it enjoyable. but what? Can I ask? Again he understood me without words.
- Undress me.
I nervously undo the belt on jeans zipper. Shirt and shorts, he shoots himself. Again presses me, I feel his strength. A bit scary. He sits down on the sofa.
- Kiss him? Can you?
- I do not know.
Pulls my hands, I fall to my knees. He tilts my head to his penis. For the first time I see him so close. Gently touch the lips. Strange feeling. Now it is not my fevered Denis caution satisfied. He pushes me, I take his cock in my mouth. It is not know what to do. Tongue touches the head, suck. Somehow I feel that he likes. I take it a little deeper, suck, lick. I do not know who is more exciting - him or me. Carried away by their feelings, she did something wrong. Dan takes my hand and puts itself on the eggs. Okay, I get it. I cuddle them Tereblya. He likes. He pulls me closer, wants to go even further: With crazy? I can not swallow his dick? However, it is a little more advanced. Now he is happy, more breathing, caressing my breasts. I also quickens the movement of the lips and tongue. I do not want to have it in me finished. Still, somehow. I've wanted to make him understand that, but it is, of course, he guessed. Sharply rising, puts me on the floor, on a fluffy carpet. It rises above me on his knees, legs razdvgaet hand. Fingers clitoris pulls back, penetrated the vagina. Another wants to tease, but how much can you? !! He, it seems, and he did not suffer long. I took his hand, bent almost lay on me.
- Denis, I have not ...
- I understood. Do not be afraid.
He took a pillow from the couch, put it under my ass. What for? So it's probably more convenient. I feel his hot belly, something hard for my lips. It is really in control of himself. Carefully I introduced the head: How is it nice! I sag, throws back his head and zazhmurivayus. Taking advantage of the moment, Dan makes a breakthrough. Instant pain - I have it almost felt. He pauses for a moment, then he begins to move deeper and deeper into me. Gradually increases the amplitude and speed of movements. Scratching his shoulders nails (my God, did I?), Flexes, twists. I have in my life was not so good. Screwed up, finish. I came to myself in a minute or two. Denis is next, closing his eyes. He probably wants more, but I'm exhausted. I lifted up on one elbow, kiss him.
He told me again, smiled, stood up, took arms, carried her into the bathroom. I finally came to her senses under cool water. He stood and watched the streams snaked over my chest, running down on the stomach, on the feet, I suddenly realized that quite happy, hugged him and whispered in his ear, "Thank you." He laughed and said: "I'll come in the evening, after work hours to 10, it is possible?" I nodded.

From my diary

Fragment of diary with the given explanations and clarifications.
... it happened seven years ago. I then studied in the seventh grade, I do not hang around on the streets with nothing to do, sitting at home, reading books and taught classes. Naturally, he studied well enough. About sex while not even dreamed of, and itself - was a virgin. I went to the swimming section. Together with us and the girls engaged. All in closed swimsuits, some have clearly manifested his chest. I always took with him into a pool of water goggles to dive under the water and watch them. Sometimes I notice that they are also looking at me, and sometimes even out of the water, for example, when I went from the dressing room to the stairs that go down into the water. I always immediately went home leaving the pool. . to go somewhere else and I was not thinking. But one day there was an exception.
On that day, I usually went home after swimming. All my friends from the pool lived in the other end of town, so I always came back alone. It was the middle of spring, but it was cloudy and drizzle went. I opened the umbrella and went to the bus stop. I'm so used to return via this route, that no matter what is not paying attention, standing under an umbrella and waiting for his bus. It is not immediately noticed a girl standing nearby. She bored reading a book, small droplets falling directly on the page, an umbrella she did not have to hide and she also could not stop the rain ... it was without a roof. In appearance she was about 17 - 18, but when you consider that I - just 13, the age difference is obvious. Blond hair and bangs on the forehead, behind the long, brown eyes, a thin, rather long nose, long cut lip. Rostom it was a little taller than me, about half - head. Her jacket has managed to get wet, but it seems that she did not pay any attention to it. I felt uncomfortable, I'm standing under an umbrella, and it gets wet, so I plucked up courage and went up to her. After greeting and paying attention to the weather, I asked her to take my umbrella, to be precise - simply stand together underneath. Laughed and called me a good boy, she agreed. Book it pulled back in her purse, and we stood facing each other. I had a bit of bully head to see her face. Otherwise, I would have only seen her neck. The conversation she began, but I did not effaced, and at ease, and quietly answered her questions ... what I do, where I study, where food and so on. I learned In the turn, that her name is Sveta, she is studying in the first year at college and is now going to lessons home. About age it is natural, I did not ask, well remembering the words of the parent that issues such female persons asking extremely indecent. I cautiously asked what she was waiting for the bus. It turned out the same as me. I did not want to let go of it, I was even afraid to sit with her in a bus, I thought that she might suppose I allegedly attached and do not want to let her go. But suddenly, the rain stopped and the sun came out. And then I found out. The bus still was not and we had to hurry with the decision. And I found it. I asked her to walk along the route of the bus, referring to the good weather. She agreed. And we went on a footpath. Girls I did not hesitate and did not hesitate. But it came to my contemporaries. Light was also older than me, so I felt a certain shyness. And if we take into account the fact that it is clearly in the conversation took a dominant role, it is possible to say that I clearly embarrassed. But we walked and talked about everything and I slowly came back to normal. But when I completely mastered, she suddenly stopped and said that we have already come, and this is her home. I'm disappointed because it was a pity to leave. But there was nothing. We said goodbye, she crossed the road and headed for home. When she came to the entrance, I walked on.
By the time I was already being interested in female gender and gender relations. On weekends, I always tried to look on television erotic transfer, but viewed without sound, not to the parents heard. I always got up a member of only one kind of naked female breasts, as if I could see on television that - anything else, then I literally felt the blood flow to my penis. As - that time I was resting with his parents at sea. We went to

Summer at the river

So summer. I, I'm thirteen years old. My mom, she was thirty-five, short, slightly overweight, always cheerful, but at the same intelegentnogo woman. My father, always serious, taciturn man. We decided to relax at my aunt, my mother's sister at it, she's older than my mother for two years, and her name is Luda. The location is not far from the Great Onion, something like a holiday village, mixed with the village, has become one of the most interesting places in my life.
Come and stay at home with Aunt Luda, I went visited the neighborhood, but found nothing interesting. Local boys are not particularly attracted me, as a kid I grew up an exemplary, mainly studied, and not engaged in any nonsense, which usually deals with young people my age. Generally the first day was boring. In the evening, everyone gathered around the table, in addition to our family, and Aunt Luda, attended by her husband, their daughter Nadya, (it is a year older than me) and some other people. The evening was fun, they were extremely sociable people and proceeded with vodka, snacks, music, pretty good. Then I let aside for a moment from his story. Recently, I was not missing something, I stare at devchenok at school, trying to corner of his eye to look at magazines that classmates bring to the classroom, in general, I began to dream about how to see a naked woman, at least to see, because . and thought not allowed any sex, although he had heard about it quite a lot. And here I am at a party in the street covered with a table, playing music, over the table lamp amuse, people start dancing, inviting me, and I'm not going to dance, because I can not, I decided to walk around the house.
When I almost walked home and came to the corner, I heard a voice, and to me again did not notice and not dragged into the circle, I jumped into the garden and sat down, the light from the corner fell so that squatting me in the dark was not it is seen. From around the corner there were two of them, I did not know this couple, but could see them, they were pretty signature, and came to the fence behind which I sat, I began to whisper: - Do you have a napkin? - She said - but how ..? ssy so - a man said starting to unbutton his pants and pulled out his penis, from which immediately rushed digested beer stream. The girl turned her back on me, abruptly lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties and bending over, let the urine stream with the noise falling on some mugs. I sat not alive not dead, I have not seen the details, which is why it was dark, but white with a dark bottom cut, light and darkness. When they finished, I jumped out of the shelter, he ran into the house, keeping in mind what he saw and sat for a long time, not realizing that the same happened in all the shaking, trembling hands, was a member.
The next morning, the whole day went with a strange sensation, recalling the incident, which did not let their heads. On this day, Nadia, my cousin invited me to the river, I somehow reluctantly agreed. Nadia I do not really like her, she was taller than me, such a big lass with konopushki on his face and thick long brown hair. Nevertheless, I agreed.
I refused to bathe and we just walked along the bank, saying it was absolutely nothing, and it somehow strained situation. - Do you want to smoke - suddenly blurted out, Nadia, I was taken aback. Actually, I tried a couple of times, but to be honest I did not like, so I said no. But Nadia insisted, saying that they often indulge in with a neighbor - I smoke, and you sit next to - saying that, she slipped under some cheese. Shed the bath appeared, standing on the eight-poster, with one and a half meters from the ground, it is obvious that not flooded when the water rises. Entrance to the bath was from the hill and it is, as it were hung above the ground, all this

Holidays in Spain

she was fifteen years old against my twenty-three, but due to the relatively early with well-formed figure she looked under twenty years.
During the trip, she was wearing shorts all the time I looked at her shapely legs and a magnificent bust. Alain had a good figure, I had the idea that it is engaged in sports. I decided to strike up a conversation with her: - Alain, and you do sports? A little thought and looked at me and said, Max Yes, I like cycling and swimming, and volleyball. And you also love sports? Oh hell, I thought to myself, what's the sport I except nightclubs and dirty sex in the toilet do not know anything. In the five years at university I slept with a good half of the students, so that experience to me in this case does not hold. But to maintain the conversation he said: Oh, what a coincidence Alain I also love swimming. Then we had a long talk about everything, it seems, we liked each other. So I passed the first day of the trip. The bus swayed and always want to sleep so everyone slept like a log at night, including Alain. At one of the stops I drank coffee with a vengeance so I do not like to sleep did not want to. At night, she leaned on me and buried his still baby-faced me in the shoulder. Again I looked at her beautiful legs were slightly apart.
Me possessed an irresistible urge to stroke me gently and leisurely reached out and touched her feet inside I swept a wave of pleasant excitement. Emotions were stronger than reason and my hand slowly began stroking her leg, Alain something moaned in his sleep, I stopped his manipulations, fearing that she will wake up. When she sniffed and even more buried in my shoulder, I was not able to control myself, my hand reached out to her vagina.
I immediately felt her gentle moss turns out she was all this time without panties. My fingers quickly found her virgin hole, moistened with saliva finger I introduced him to her bosom, is not very deep centimeters by three, as her vagina was tight and not developed, I began to introduce and remove it slowly and carefully so that it did not wake up, then Alain winced slightly, and that is not intelligible mumbled, but I'm not stopping continued to excite her pussy monotonically and withdraw his finger until he felt that it flowed. Then I moved to her clit pea surprisingly turned out to be quite large, wet her fingers and began to discharge slowly polishing her delicate pea, then Alain suddenly whispered: - faster, faster. I did not know whether she was in a dream saying or awake and wants pleasure. I did not care, and I moved to action. The index finger began to caress her tender hole, and began to fondle her large pea. Alena slightly start to sway to the beat of my movements hands. She's sweet and quiet mumbling popiskivala.Cherez few minutes of petting sharply arched her gorgeous bust forward, as if to show everyone see what my boobs squeezed with all his strength and his legs sprinkled with hot jet of my hand, and then her face shone a mysterious smile and still with his eyes closed again collapsed into a chair bus. In the morning she beamed and sang something. -How Did you sleep you Alain. -Great, Except that it seems that I'm in a dream poured water from a bottle, ha ha ha seems I forgot to close it. Finally we came to Spain, in the resort town of San Hasim.
We were placed in a fairly good hotel, it was not far from the sea. The room was not bad, a little studying apartment I decided to go to the sea. Coming out of the room I could not help to stop look at the slender legs, what was my surprise when I saw the front of Alain. Our rooms were adjacent. - Alenochka Hello, we are the neighbors you. - Yes, I am very pleased that we are with you neighbors. - And let's go Aliona buy. - But we just arrived, I was very tired and want to rest, you later. - Well, that's just the sea whirlpool, so to speak perfectly and relax. Okay meet the sea in fifteen minutes. She is a very leisurely walked into the room and closed the door gently. But the door is not closed until the end and did not lock clicked. After a few minutes of reflection, I decided to go to the room. I gently pushed the door and it opened.
Going into the room fast and feverish eyes, like a thief, I examined the room. It was heard only noise from the bathroom. I went to the door and pressed his ear could hear only the sound of water, Alain was tempted, I slowly pulled the door handle, slightly open it, I instantly fell to the eye resulting scheli.Ya looked at her with her curly light moss, in the form of neatly shaven triangle , flowing stream of water. Her boobs were so lush and tightened. She put one foot on the bathroom and began to wash his pisenku. I look at it more badly parted, pink lips and began to swell my peppers in a couple of minutes I could not stand it and opened the door. At this point, Allen was back to me when he heard the sound she turned and was stunned, threw a shower and covered his arms like a dumpling is not to reveal the shell and chest. - What are you doing here....!!!??? I also wash here! You what! Get out! She immediately blushed like a ripe tomato. I approached her pushed her hand from her pussy. - You have a great figure, do not be shy. - You want I'll wash you? - Well, it's not good. - Well, well, except that one time - a bit delaying said Alna.- Alyonchik Okay, spread your legs and let me soap. I lathered hands and began to polish her dumpling. Lips a few minutes began to swell, Alain greedily swallows the saliva, puts his right foot on the bathroom and bulges forward me your pussy. The clitoris starts well! to swell, and the head pops out of the crease. My peppers, too, flowed. Greedily swallowing saliva some time we looked at each other. -I Want you to fuck Alain, I blurted out. -This Is like to fuck? Whether she pretended to be a fool then there really had no idea what was going on. - I pulled his pants and showed his hardened pepper, and it was not small in size. Somewhere 25 cm .. -Oh, Mom what it is. Alena translated with a startled look on my face and back pepper. You want to touch? -No I do not want to. Give me your little hand shaking ruku.Ona reached. I took it and put it in the pepper, which he began actively to throb as if demanding to continue.
I started to drive her hand on his stallion. Alenochka so absorbed that I let go of her little hand, and she continued to increase the amplitude and the speed of his little hand maiden. Then I could not resist the wave of orgasm swept through my body, I grabbed her initiative and her little hand to compress his two struggles began to put pressure on his mount. More second and I shot plenty thick jelly on standing without realizing it zhivotik.Nekotoroe time it was going on and studied the white mucus in his tummy. -And I'm so, too, can? 'I asked Alenochka. -And What about the sun, it is not only possible, but necessary - I looked at her neatly shaved bush moss out of which it is already throbbing pink column thirsty pleasure and affection. Gentle movements of his two fingers I bow her pea and begin to encourage, stimulate, so that Alenochka grabbed me by the neck with both hands and bit her lower lip and teeth began to moan. As she pumped his thighs flowed in torrents, and my pepper came to life again, and was full of sil.Ya got her into the bathroom. - And now, Alena Turn back to me and bend over as if you want to pick something up, but the legs do not bend at the same time well - I'll try, but what we will do and why? -Now You see, Alenochka - once again I thought she really does not know what is my pepper, and her pulsating hole-like sumashedshaya. Okay Alenochka. I put a his penis to her virgin pussy. My head swelled with excitement, so that times five is greater than its opening. I slowly began to enter her in the trunk of her. She screamed, but I was not paying attention to thrust her sharp movement of most tomatoes she twitched in pain like a caterpillar planted by a stick. I methodically pumped her vagina to its trunk, it was very tight. At the same time I make a hand forward and polish her pea. She laughs with delight and cries of pain. At some point she shouts: - More stronger, harder, deeper. Well, let's deeper, more bystre, Oh-oh-oh yes yes how well she came and drooped on my cock like a used condom. I also almost almost finished Ah, Ah, Ah, I took a deep breath and thereby avert my offensive orgasm. Pulling his still being in tetanus tail of her vagina, he was liberally lubricated secretions her vagina during orgasm. Alenochka still stood bent forward and was recovering from the orgasm. -Now I printed your popochku.-M, M, M, M, What? - She did not understand what I said, she was in a semiconscious state so strong was her orgasm. Apparently the girl had never dabbled with her charms and her clitoris and vagina are very sensitive. Presses his trunk to her anus, I apply pressure, but the member does not want to go hard, her ass was so narrow uzzhe more than the vagina.
I do not give up, resolutely struggled I going into it with his whole body of his horse. Alain jerked and cried out loud: A, A, A, A, A Oh do not be so painful. Behind I look at her face, she bites his lower lip, his teeth so much that he already speaks a little blood. His eyelids narrowed greatly, so that the eye was almost not visible. But my trunk mechanically and persistently developed her ass. I hold her hips I perdolit as I can, I feel like she again finished; my foot sprouted hot jet. I was even more excited, and I began to increase the speed of its frictions. I feel the approach of orgasm and thrust her on the most tomatoes clinging to it with all my strength. I finished and took his horse, he was throbbing and slightly more sperm gushed. Alenochka deprived virginity of two holes in the bathroom has become a cancer, then I sat down and looked sleepy ustavshimy eyes up at me, then at my cock, yawned a couple of times and fell asleep. But I decided to become tired it to the end until my eggs do not sag like a dried-up tomatoes. I put her on the bed and perdolit 5 hours, my cock was already no longer like to pepper, and blood boiled vegetables. But I did not give her perdolit until his tenth orgasm. In the end, I fell asleep on it. We woke up in the mucus smeared, semen, secretions in her, from her ass leaking sperm. I clung to her ass, her tongue, I licked all that flowed from her anus, she again had finished and my face hit the hot jet. Then I put my tongue in her vagina, and it was developed by an experienced delicious pahla.Kak she pressed my face to her pussy, her frontal hair got in my mouth. Suddenly she said: - fuck me in all holes Max. As long as I did, for a start, pr ass.
The room went gornichnaya.O-oh-oh, sorry - she cried, and wanted to run away. I pulled her out of the piston ass Alenka - Now I Alenchik, I ran to the maid, grabbed her by the waist and pulled himself pressed, right hand tucked under her dress smartly, and then in the pants. Alain shamelessly lying with her legs spread and to initiate wanker, lubricating saliva her clit rubbing on it with two fingers and the vulva is also not zabyvala.Ya meanwhile began rubbing pussy maid held her against the wall, she became more excited and podatlevee. -Turn To the wall and bend over. - You like to fuck from behind - the maid replied curiously. Well let me fuck youngster, only cherry Stimulate me, and I do not konchu.Gornichnoy was thirty-five years and was an easy cellulite thighs, breasts sagging, but the ass is wide and lush. At first I thought, fuck her in the ass, but then changed his mind and decided to fuck her in a natural way into the vagina. Lubricate your clitoris with saliva and led him my hand. - Rotted honey, I vsazhu you in your pussy piston. -Wow Frightened maid cried, turning his head back and saw my cock. - You do not porvsh them dear, and at this moment I drove her to a sharp movement of his horse.
A-A-And-Oh - how good boy, fuck me, fuck the handsome, bring a woman pleasure. I pulled her vigorously on his mighty cock. Maid struggles put her hands on the wall and shkrebla Nail cool wallpaper like a cat. She began to move her hips to meet my powerful rhythmic movements. And Alain looking at all this mastrubirovala thrusting into her pussy at once for three and four fingers, I worked her pussy well your pump. All finished collapsed limp and joy fell asleep in a warm and friendly bunch. So I spent a vacation in Spain.


Now, in front of her Siloam Malin - Miss Beauty San Bernartino, open a direct route to the contest of beauty of Miss California, and there, in case of success, and the country, but then ... I Siloam heart-stopping on the prospects opened today in front of her.
Earlier, before the day was simple Siloam whom are not known a girl who uchi-las in college and went to the dance courses. But from that moment she became the most famous of the residents of the larger cities such as San Bernartino. Tomorrow all city newspapers, magazines and on the front pages and the cover will put a picture of her - the most beautiful girl of the year of the city.
And now her happy face, with tears of joy in her brilliant blue-green eyes was broadcast live broadcast from the hall of the competition on urban channel. Almost a million citizens in this moment admiring the charming winner. Filled with happiness and pride, with exquisite silver crown on her head, smiling in Siloam carefully aimed-nye her camera lenses and a dozen cameras. Looking at it, smiling happily schiesya face was hard to imagine that Siloam ate on his feet from fatigue and nervous tension.
At home after a family holiday dinner, which her parents had set up in her honor in trouble, Siloam as soon reached his bed, instantly asleep with a happy smile on her children still very delicate lips.
When Siloam woke up, it was late morning. Sweetly stretching all the young ones-scrap in bed, he recalled yesterday Siloam triumph. Then he jumped out of bed and, throwing a light robe, ran to the mailbox. The press was already in place. Heart girl joyfully Zabi elk - all front pages and covers were filled with her photos. Shriek with emotion, Siloam rushed to the parents to share the joy. Her father and mother for a long time enjoyed the pho-phy their beautiful offspring. They were very proud of her daughter. First, they believed that participation in such contests Siloam fun but yesterday's victory proved the seriousness of the SW-treatment of their daughter. But along with the joy of success daughter joined her concern for the future. Spoiled attention, monetary independence, questionable surroundings could lead to more trouble. Especially in recent Siloam completely abandoned his studies in college, believing that its external data study is not required.
All day Siloam spun like a squirrel in a wheel. It is not for a moment left alone. Dream-come beginning of correspondents. Interviewed, photographed her at home, in the circle of her family. Then stretched string of friends who want to personally congratulate Siloam. Body background did not stop ringing. Only later, all was quiet in the evening. Siloam slightly tired from the crazy days, went to bed and began to watch a bunch of letters and telegrams received on that day. They were mostly enthusiastic admiration of her looks unfamiliar different men. Putting aside the letters, she turned off the light, anticipating the long-awaited night's rest. But suddenly rang again stood on the bedside table telephone.


Julia saw that Alex does not react to the words of Mike turned back to him.
- I can not - she murmured, - mother forbids me. She's strict and ...
- Lord, what a mom - interrupted Michael, - have you ever kissed?
- Yes, Alex, - Julia looked at him again, he sat still motionless.
- And kissing men somewhere else? - He was gazing fixedly at her, waiting for the reaction to his words.
Julia shook her head in dismay in different directions:
- The same can not be engaged in this only a prostitute!
- My God, you're still a child - his tone became tricky, eyes narrowed, smiling - it is a completely natural way to meet men. There is nothing wrong in the fact that one person wants to give pleasure to another.
- But I do not want - she tried to get up from his chair, but he held her by the shoulders.
- And if we really ask Alex?
- With Alex! - With horror I looked at him Julia. Is Alex with him at the same time? She could not believe it, but Alex did not move, it was the best proof of the fact that she was not mistaken. He could feel the blood clung to the face, he was afraid to look at her, he was ready with shame sink into the ground, but, unfortunately, the floor of the house was made of wood, and there was no hope.
Michael stood up and began to unbutton his pants:
- Cat, it's not scary, just five minutes - he said as gently as possible, but his tone betrayed a joke.
Julia tried to jump, but Michael thrust in the chest caused her to sit down.
- No, no, I will not - she said in a trembling voice.
- Will - in the voice of Michael appeared irritation. He unbuttoned his pants and pulled out a member. Julia closed her eyes in fear. She saw a man's penis for the first time, especially so close. It seemed to her such a terrible and overwhelming that she was afraid to open my eyes again and sat motionless. Suddenly she felt something warm touched her lips, she shivered, opened her eyes and saw before her smooth skin, covered with black hair. Feeling, as a member of the end rested her teeth, she clenched her jaw and jerked down, trying to slip out from between the legs of Michael. But he grabbed her by the hair and forcefully pulled up. Julie cried out in surprise and began to push his hands away.
- Alex, help, hold her hands! Well, kitty, I will teach you the treatment of gallant men. - Michael grabbed her wrists and pulled her hands to the arm of the chair.
Alex sat motionless for half a minute, it was an internal struggle, he was already a hundred times that night cursed himself for having agreed to the proposal of Michael, but to change anything it was too late, the car is running.
He got up, walked behind them, knelt down and grabbed Julia's hands, twisted them behind her chair. She cried out in pain and furiously began to shake his head from side to side, trying to dodge the member. Michael grabbed her behind the ear, with the power turned it so that the girl's head snapped up and began to shove a member of her mouth. Julia struggled gritted her teeth. The fight lasted for about two minutes, then Michael could not resist, and a resounding slap reached the end.
The blow stunned the girl again, her ears ringing, she raised her head and looked at Michael. In her eyes was fear.
- Open your mouth, bitch, - he hissed, his face contorted with anger, he drew his arm for a new kick - count to three.
Julia knew it all. Her only hope - Alex, which she seemed so noble, courteous, kind, reliable, is now an iron lock clutched her hands behind her chair. Alex, with whom they grew up together, played, went to college together, sat at the same desk, even kissing, Alex stood up for her, he had betrayed her. She could not believe it. Lord, how degrading it. She wanted to scream from the pain and resentment. To my throat, his eyes filled with tears.
- Once - rezanul hearing the voice of Michael, - two ...
- Come what may, - she thought, closed her eyes and opened her mouth. Member Michael slipped between the teeth and stared at the throat. She choked, but the eye is not opened.
- Well done, little, you begin to like me - Michael pulled out a member and began waxing the tip of her lips. She felt only a slight tickling, then a member of the dove in her mouth and stared into the language.
- Caress - I asked Michael. His soft tone took her tension, but she did not want to be deceived, knowing that if she started to argue with how his tone changed immediately, and in the temples still pounding heartbeat and cheek burned from the slaps.
She closed her lips and ran her tongue over the head of the penis. Oddly enough, she did not have the feeling of fear and aversion to all this, her thoughts moved on to other things. The language she felt the smooth, tender flesh of the head, which is at times strained and relaxed, seemed so alive and quivering. Michael quickened his breath, he began to pull her ear.
- Well done, pussy, - he said on the exhale - bite.
The girl began to gently nibble member just below the head. Michael excitement and was sent to her, she felt a certain weariness of the whole body.
Suddenly, a member of Michael leaned back, and Julia head involuntarily reached for him. She did not want him to really come out of her mouth. As if realizing her desire, having reached the middle, a member has stopped, and began to go back. Michael put his arms around her head, making a reciprocating motion. All this was accompanied by a ragged breath of Michael and Julia, who still occasionally smacked his lips, making sucking movements and swallowing saliva.
Alex unbearably wanted to see what was going on there, behind the chair, and he let go of the girl's hands, which hung limply. Alex stood up and saw Michael standing, his head thrown back, eyes closed and mouth open, hard dyyshal. Julia sat motionless in his chair, and only her head slightly fed forward movements towards Michael. Alex could feel the heat and excitement spreads throughout the body, a member of his pulsing slowly began to rise, tensed and braced in jeans, he appeared agonizing itching. He also longed to experience all that now had to experience Michael. He stood there, eyes wide open, with some lust looking for all event.
Suddenly the girl's hands and swayed began to rise up, to a member of Michael. She began to pull at her fingers gently and stroke his scrotum. Michael frequent movements, he was breathing faster and intermittently at Julia also found some lust, she wanted to feel the spring which rolls under the skin of a member of a deep, deep. Her hips pressed forward, legs tensed, she stretched out all over. Michael did translational movement faster and faster, his knees trembled from the strain, he broke down and began to help his hand. Suddenly, his body bent, muscles cramp gripped sweet, painfully overflowing all over the body, he gritted his teeth and slammed his head pulled the girl moaned. Julia felt as a member of a distinctly pulsating under the skin, powerful thrusts pushing the sperm, which is a warm, viscous mass spreading across the mouth. She began to lust for her to swallow. When the tremors stopped, Michael stood there, catching his breath, then pulled out a member and sat down heavily in a nearby chair.
Julie opened her eyes and saw Alex, who was standing near the chair and gazing fixedly at her. She realized that he had seen, and blood prihlynula to face. She felt terribly ashamed. Now she felt guilty about himself, instead of resist, biting, scratching, if need be, it so quickly resigned and gave way to his friend's request. Julie felt the last whore.
- Alex, do not stand there like a statue, it's your turn, - said Michael - if you manage to open her mouth, then your friend will take you a lot of fun.
Alex was suddenly somehow not on itself. His thoughts were focused on the word


A few minutes later the doorbell rang. On the threshold stood Sveta.
- You're not ready yet? - She asked in surprise.
- Come on. I am now - Olga cried and hid behind the door of a large closet.
Pulling off the shelf your favorite swimsuit, she quickly pulled off her T-shirt and shorts. Glancing in the mirror attached to the door Olga stopped for a few seconds. It has long been accustomed to the fact that her body is constantly changing. At first it was strange and unnatural, then wonder, as it has now become exciting and painfully. She felt some hidden forces that woke her. It seemed to her that she is on the verge of some kind of new life, and she could not wait to come to know what the threshold. Over the last six months of her breasts small sharp little cones turned into beautiful hemisphere with small pink bumps nipples. Pubic hair pogusteli and formed a dense dark triangle that barely hid the little panties. The angularity of the hips disappeared, giving way to a pleasant roundness of the eye.
So she stood there for a while, his hands behind his head, looking at the breasts, then on her flat stomach, then on the white triangle pants that covered her in a semicircle soft sponge. She perceives her body as something self-evident and has not yet felt the need for a deeper knowledge of it. Of course, she drew attention to the boys in the class, and felt that she attracted the eyes of stakeholders, but is worried about her sexuality is not very deep. From thought I brought her voice Svetka.
- Ol!
- What? - Olga, forgetting that not dressed, jumped out of the closet.
- You can ... ... include ... Muzychko - Sveta murmured, looking at her with wide eyes.
She had never seen her friend in this way and now she could not take her eyes off Olga's figure. Tracing Svetkin opinion, Olga blushed and covered her breasts with her hands. Sveta, never taking his eyes off her, made an uncertain gesture nudging aside and stepped to Olga. Olga, surprised by this reaction Svetka, thinking to hide it from a friend is nothing to slow down the hands. Now they stood facing each other and devour each other's eyes. Olga first thought about that Svetka, like all the same thing as her, but somehow different. It was the first time a friend interested in her body. And she surprised herself carefully considered Svetka. Her gaze slid over a white blouse, through which shone a swimsuit. She noticed protruding nipple through the bra and hesitantly reached out and touched his finger. Sveta started as electrocution, woke up and said quietly:
- What you're beautiful ... You want me ... - and reached for the button. Olga nodded.
She asks, her eyes fixed on Olga, slowly, to touch unbuttoned and removed her blouse, and then lifted his head and took off through a short skirt. Now it was only in a bathing suit. Looking down, she untied and removed her bra. At first glance, Olga noticed that Sveta is folded differently than she did. The first attracted her attention, of course, Svetka chest. More complete than Olga, they looked like two large drops. We Svetka traces of last year's Sun, and big dark nipples on the background of lighter skin looked very impressive. Coming close to each other, they first hesitantly, then more and more resolutely began to touch each other. Light gentle touch quickly aroused both, but to go further, they have not yet solved. Olga was surprised to feel that from Svetkin caresses her nipples harden and become more sensitive. She noticed that the same thing happens with Svetka.
Sveta was more educated in matters of sexuality than Olga. Books and the Internet for a long time have left gaps in this regard, but this experience both experienced the first time. After several minutes of mutual learning Sveta slightly pulled back and asked:
- You do not shave that bikini?
- Why I do not shave, - Olga did not understand.
- Bikini - said she asks, pointing to a dark hair out from under Olga's panties. - On the beach so you can not go. Ugly. - This argument was serious.
- Do you shave?
- Yeah. Do you wanna take a look? - Sveta slightly embarrassed.
- Yes.
Sveta lay back on the couch, lifted her legs and pulled her panties. While she was lying with raised legs Olga managed to mention a beautiful shape Svetkin hips, dark hole anus and fold plump lips in the hollow between her legs. Sveta lowered his feet and blushing, slowly spread them apart. Now her body appeared in all its glory. Pubic hair was neatly trimmed in the shape of a trapezoid. The wide part of it was directed to the abdomen, and a narrow ended on the clitoris. Everything else was clean-shaven. A few seconds Olga contemplated hitherto unprecedented spectacle catching myself thinking that it was seriously interested in the body of the girlfriend.
- Do you want it? - Olga thought. Then he said hesitantly:
- Yes.
- Then let's go see what you got, - Sveta jumped up from the couch and headed for the bathroom. Olga went after her. A few minutes later she asks find everything you need: a large towel, shaving foam brush, safety razor, scissors and a comb. After collecting all this, she sent Olga to the kitchen for a bowl of warm water.
Back in the room, a bed is a folded towel on the couch and commanded:
- Lie down.
- How?
- On the back, kicking me.
Olga obediently lay down. She was a little scared, but the unusual nature of the situation and the novelty of sensations made her move on. Sveta corrected towel under her buttocks and began to pull with Olga panties. Olga a little raised and panties were in the hands of Svetka. Sveta took over Olga's knees and began to breed in the side of her leg. After a short resistance Olga was lying with wide spread and knees bent legs. Sveta is located between them. Olga could not see what was going on she asks, and was determined to go through with it.
Looking at the body of Holguin, Sveta even whistled. His thick dark hair was covered with a large wide triangle crotch, down the lips and closed up around the crotch. From the half-open lips were large, two small pink petals. Just above the clitoris was seen.
- That is because the gift will get someone ... - she murmured. - Look, you got

Saffron milk cap

This happened a few years ago, but I still remember like it was yesterday. And remember that there is. After all, the summer I lost my virginity, has become a man, it was with the girl had dreamed ten years of study at the school. But about all in order.
Otgremeli finals, the last bell has rung, fun graduation party passed and summer came. I was sitting at home and enjoying a long-awaited vacation. All my friends had left, there was nothing, and the rest did not seem quite so welcome. But everything changed when the phone rang on Saturday.
- Hello - I picked up the phone.
- Hi !, Kostya - heard a familiar voice - what to do?
It was Kate, my classmate.
- Oh, nothing special - I replied.
- Listen Bones, let's go on a picnic!
Then I hesitated, I had never been a particular determination.
- Well, you go?
- I go - I said - and who else will go?
- Olga, Sveta, I Marinka, so are you going?
- I go - I replied.
- Well, we meet at three o'clock in the afternoon near my house, buy that - something to eat, take a beer and do not be late! Till!
- For now, I am sure I will - I said and hung up.
Here we must digress a little and talk about Marina. Marina studied with me in the same class and damn I liked. I really do not know what I found in it, but that - that was. Short red hair, cheerful bold eyes, thin voice - all this is a volatile mix, which I always thought. For myself, I have called her "Little Red" .a if we take into account its battle, decisive, even more unfettered behavior - then everything is constantly occupied my thoughts. She was not wearing a skirt, and went in jeans and a T-shirt, and in cold weather - in a jacket. And I always found myself on the fact that my mind involuntarily falls on her crotch, as if trying to see her "pussy" under the fabric of her jeans. Then my eyes went up to her breasts, which is very strongly advocated through the jacket. In these moments I always advancing erection, and I was in a hurry to sit behind the desk in order to hide this fact, and if it did not happen in the classroom - I always shut your hand "manhood." I do not know if she noticed it, but I do know that I liked it, I like it - once learned from her friends. But let us all - the return to my narrative.
So I hung up and looked at the clock - it was five minutes of the second day. Parents from the night before had been in the country, so there is nothing to stop me from going on a picnic. Proslonyavshis the apartment more hour and a half, I took all my money and went out into the street. I went into the tent, bought a few bottles of beer, chips, what - the cookies and went to the home Ohlin. When I went to the meeting place, the clock was five minutes to three minutes. I sat on the bench and waited. As I said, I had never been a particular determination and hard enough worried ... because the first time I went with the girls for a picnic, one among the four girls. This is not a school where people and more, and friends closed down if that. So I sat and waited, that's really hand of my watch has topped the fourth floor. They did not come. I was about to get up and leave, when suddenly the door opened and the entrance they came. Olya - cute brunette in white sundress, Light - beautiful girl with a little plump forms, Katya - she was carrying a bag of groceries and Marina. Marina was dressed all the way - the ... jeans, T-shirt and sandals. The girls smiled in greeting and approached me. I will not describe our conversations, our seat in the woods and get right to the point.
It all started after the rain, the normal summer rain. It was immediately clear that this is our picnic was over, it was not even the rain, and a real downpour. We are in a hurry pohvatali their belongings and ran through the forest rushed to their homes. First in his home Kate disappeared, then Olga and Sveta. Marina lived on all, and my house was close.
- Run to me! - Through the thunder and the rain, I shouted to Marina.
- Good! - Over the noise, she said.
We ran in all haste to the entrance, with three of us in the pouring stream. Run rushed up the stairs and finally came to my apartment. Imagine ... two men jostle in the hallway, on the floor puddles from the cold teeth were chattering, but fun, I felt no embarrassment.
- So, even the clothes take off, it should be dry - I said.
Marina agreed. We took off his shoes and went to my room. I shamelessly took off shirt, so did she. T-shirts, I carried her to the kitchen and hung them out to dry. He returned to the room and discovered that Marina took off jeans and stayed in shorts and bra. When we were shooting t-shirts I like - and then I did not pay attention to her bra.
- Here, - she handed me my jeans - and hang them to dry, and its shoot, you have nothing in wet walk - she said with some concern, but I was embarrassed.
But there was nowhere to retreat. I took off my jeans and took them into the kitchen, then returned to the room. Marina was sitting at my desk and my books are considered. I looked at it from the back of the bra strap ... elegant and seductive hugged her shoulder blades, edging panties held just above the buttocks. Realizing this picture, my brain send the appropriate signal to my cock, and then he jerked again and stood up, not to mention sticking out of my pants, but even raised their gum on my stomach. I closed this habitual gesture with his hands and quickly sat down on the sofa.
And Marina was sitting at the table, I'm behind her on the couch. We talked for a while on various topics, and suddenly she stood up and walked towards me. As she walked, my mind rushed back to her crotch, covered the thin fabric pants, then moved up to her breasts. The bra seemed even more beautiful her breasts, almost bouncing with every step. She sat next to me, and I immediately blushed, I was confused. Hands I continued to cover his protruding member.
- Give me your hands - suddenly said Marina, stretching in front of the palm.
- What for? - I'm afraid to ask.
- Well let.
She took my hands and looked at them. My cock was left without protection, I was embarrassed even more. Yes, and she noticed it. Marina looked into my eyes and said ...
- Come on now, because it is not just the rain, and now we're here, eh?
I did not understand, and when I realized - my breath away.
- Come on - I said - but I do not have condoms.
- Oh well, you just do not end in me and everything will be fine.
What does "end" I understand. Almost - that every night when I went to bed, I imagined Marina, she represented her naked and masturbate. And always finished.
Remembering all this, I cried ...
- Come on!
And he surprised himself when he suddenly held out his hand and gently stroked her cheek. Marina did not pull away, and took my hands and dropped them on his chest. My hands were on her breasts, the breast skin seemed unusually smooth and soft ... I felt even through the fabric of her bra. Marina took her hand back and undid her bra strap and leaned back. Her bra was in my hands, and I myself was looking at her chest, looked and thought I was dreaming. Breast she had a really big, big round breasts ended with sharp nipples surrounded by dark rims. But it was not until her breasts. I'm more interested in what she had under her panties. I stood up, and she pulled off my pants. Strange to say, but there is no shame, I no longer felt, on the contrary, I was proud of my penis sticking out.
But Marina was more knowledgeable in these things, so she told me ...
- I will not touch your penis and then you cum. Let's try it right.
With that, she took off her panties and sat on the sofa the middle and widely spread her legs. Her crotch was framed not very thick black pubic hair. Large labia greeting opened, revealing small. I'm breathless, I never thought that there is still so difficult to find. I'm a little confused, because I do not know how and where.
- Come on, I'll help you - I said Marina and buttocks pulled me to him.
- You Put Your hands on the back of the sofa, so you were in front of me, and I'll do anything.
I did just as she said. I was in front of her, our faces were against each other, I brought his face closer to her face and kissed her on the lips. Kiss turned inept, but I do, and that was enough. I held my breath, and with pleasure, I closed my eyes. At the same time Marina very carefully took my penis in his hand and sent it to their vagina.
I arched look and saw that my penis slowly approaching her vagina. Marina was excited ... feet apart, labia climbed out, exposing the clitoris. And my dick head parted her labia, and ran on. I moved my hips forward, Marina screamed ... it's my penis ripped her hymen. She trembled all over, and I bowed my head and grabbed her nipple with his lips. In my mouth it hardened, my tongue jabs. I licked his tongue and started the second breast. I caressed her breasts, while continuing to drive his cock into her vagina. I looked up from her chest, and we once again merged in a kiss. Now, I did not close my eyes and looked into the eyes of Marina ... it seemed to me, her pupils sparkle like a rainbow. Marina was excited to the extreme, as a member, I felt moisture inside her vagina. Continuing to make frictional movement, I suddenly felt misunderstood feeling in my penis, some pleasant bliss and weakness, my cock twitched inside the Marina.
- All that's enough - she said sharply and pushed me away.
My quivering member, all red and wet, came out of it.
- If you cum on the sofa - relatives notice - she said, and turned me in the opposite direction.
Then hands took hold of the penis and took a few quick movements. I finished, and almost jet of sperm - that flew to the table. From my chest broke an involuntary moan, his legs gave way and I fell unconscious to the floor.
I woke up from some kind of pressure on the chest. I opened my eyes and saw that Marina is sitting on my chest. Her "pussy" was very close to my face, came from her tickling aroma. Her vagina was bleeding a bit ... the consequences of the broken hymen. Sexual lips were parted, and I saw near her clitoris ... small otrostochek looked straight at me.
I instinctively raised his hand and brought her finger to her clitoris.
- Go ahead - to cheer me up girl - Reach for it.
I finger just touched her clitoris, it was wet, but the nemenee, very tempting. From Marina lips broke moan light through which I heard the word "continue". I continued to caress her clitoris with your finger, moaning all increased. Marina closed her eyes and tilted her head back. Very carefully, I parted her labia even more, raised his head and gently touched her clitoris language. The moans became continuous. Unable to hold back surging to my feelings, I had a tongue on her labia, bottom-up and top-down, once again I felt all the flavor and smell of her crotch, ignoring the slight taste of blood. Marina is not moaning, just sighed wearily, feeling the moisture on your lips, I realized that she again finished. We hugged each other, and did not even take a shower, have moved to the sofa. We lay unconscious, arm in arm, in the streams of bliss. They do not say, do not move, just lay there, and then went to sleep.
We woke up the next morning. I woke up first, and felt that all of my cock covered with dried semen and more something. Somehow I got up and tried not to wake the Marina, I snuck into the bathroom and gave myself up. When I left the bathroom, I was faced with Marina, she was also naked and I took one look to realize that it is also necessary to take a shower. After greeting me, languorous kiss, she pushed me out the door and closed the bathroom door behind him. But what happened next - deserves a separate story ...

Winners and outsiders

But then I have no interest in intimate aspects of life, and the peers seemed to me a lack of independence of the boys, does not cause any feelings other than friendship.
Meanwhile, at the time of my admission to the 7th class "A" much in the life of the country, and in my own in particular, has changed: first, my mother died (it has long been seriously ill), and then the Soviet Union collapsed, and it's crazy time early 90s. Father received a pittance in school, and we have been a way of life, bordering on poverty. I asked him to change jobs more money, but he pleaded that in addition to the philosophy of nothing else does not know and does not know how, and so it will not take, to do the same business as his former fellow student at the Faculty of Philosophy George Akhmedovich (I called him Uncle Jora ), he basically did not want: began to philosophize, that is unworthy thing - chasing material wealth, and we must be satisfied with the existing, though, as I think it was just fear. I could not be satisfied with this position, and his father, whom I also implicitly blamed the fact that he could not save Mom, caused a growing disgust me. He was very important, as if he knew everything, everything in the world, but really could not admit to himself, even in his own fear. And as I became increasingly disappointed in his father, I am more and more impressed Uncle Jora. He was the antithesis of his father, despite the fact that at one time they studied philosophy together. And even the antithesis of foreign father, thin, short, bespectacled, contrasted sharply with the huge, a little bit fat uncle Zhora. When Uncle Zhora came to visit us, he immediately put down his father's overflowing energy. In his manners are constantly present something aggressive and brash, at first very annoyed me, but then, suddenly, I began to feel this immoral beast some completely new feeling for me.
Besides Uncle Jora, unlike his father, he was not afraid of anyone or anything, even during perestroika went into business (if that can be called a criminal in nature activities, which he earned money) and in the early 90's was a very wealthy man . He went to the posh foreign cars, lived in a country cottage, resting on the Mediterranean Sea. My father all this could only dream of, and I think that's why it is more and more hated uncle Zhora, foaming at the mouth to prove that George Akhmedovich - worthy of contempt immoral people. But the more he proved it to me, the more I despised him. Apparently, I experienced similar feelings to him and Uncle Jora on time ceased to come to visit us.
The turning point in my life was the evening of March 24, when I was still studying in 7th grade. Father, shortly before the addiction to alcohol, again came home "tipsy", and all would have been nice if suddenly a jeep pulled up not Uncle Jora. As he explained, he just wanted to see an old friend, but his father found him not friendly: blows to the head alcohol added courage and dad suddenly began to teach Uncle Zhora live. What country do not rob the good that money - is evil, and that corruption, which plunged Uncle Jora, no good will not. At first, his former comrade on it all just grinned and joked, but then the kitchen, where the whole thing, I went.
I was in my usual house clothes: pants and a light rosy white T-shirt on his bare chest. Uncle Zhora looked at me and stopped in mid-sentence. It was as if he did not recognize me. Quickly having taken me from head to toe, he repeated the movement eye again - but much more slowly. He seemed to undress me eyes and I looked down sheepishly, struggling to squeeze out:
- Hello, Uncle Jora.
In the kitchen hung a tense pause, which lasted a few seconds, and then Uncle Zhora said thoughtfully:
- A filly then this will pohlesche than was her mother.
Father broke out, jumped up from his chair, silently opening his mouth, and then furiously shouted:
- Won !!! Get out of my house, animal !!!
- Not only that, he has to look at my wife, God rest her soul, so he is now my daughter even I think to let drool !!! - Do not let the father have since gone Uncle Jora.
I was disgusted and I went to her room. I somehow was not offended that Jora uncle called me

Coffee with cream

Today I woke up with the first rays of the sun. As soon as a ray of sunlight touched my cheek, I opened my eyes, threw back the covers. Sweetly stretched, bent, pulling them out of the chest groan young, successful, beautiful women.

Easily got out of bed, like a swallow, he jumped to a large, full-length mirror. Throwing up his hands, throwing his shoulders thick blond hair, she looked at herself with delight all.

I'm thirty-five, and his chest like a young girl, elastic, slightly rounded, with dark Kripen'ka papillae, surrounded by pinkish rims. Flat, without a single zhirinki, abdomen, thighs strong. Gorny, clean shaven pisechka only a thin rim of hair on the pubic light path rises to the navel, ending exactly where the fabric ends panties. Now I was of course the same without them, I always sleep completely naked.

Continuing to contemplate myself, I turned back to the mirror, looking over his shoulder, put his hand on the taut buttocks. Slightly parted them, revealing the elastic ring anus.

Tearing himself away from admiring him, she slipped out the door of the room, cheerfully ran into the bathroom. He sat down on the toilet, legs apart slightly. She put a foot on the toes, burying his fingers into the thick pile carpet vannogo, waving head brushed the hair from his shoulders and relaxed. Hot stream of urine, yellowish morning fun run from the urethra, draining golden droplets on slightly diluted labia. Leaning back slightly drooping shoulders, I gently pulled the skin on the pubic hair, allowing the last drop off my gut, joining his tribeswoman, staining the water in a toilet bowl in a circle soft golden color.

Reaching out, I tore a small piece of toilet paper. Fold it in half, I gently touched them their mokrenkaya slits. I purposely did not wipe her crotch, but only slightly blotted. I am very excited easily, especially from touching my "girl", and thought about it did not give me rest. Here are just thinking about this young man, I felt hot languor in the abdomen, burning spasm, mixed with desire. Otdrnuv hand on the crotch, I threw the wet paper on the bottom of the toilet, she got to her feet and hurried out of the bathroom, on the go, without turning around, having to press the water drain button.

* * *

Silently stepping on the parquet floor in the morning silence, I got to the closed door to the room. Smiling to herself, still feeling as cramps in the abdomen, carefully opened the door and peered into the room. Bare walls, bright rolls of wallpaper, buckets of paint ... and he did. On the floor, on a mattress covered with a light blanket, lying on his back young man, with his hands behind his head. The young man was fast asleep.

Looking at his beautiful strong face, muscles in the hand, my hand reached out of itself to wet again pomokrevshey hole. Blanket near the young man's groin exciting bristled calling discard it and surrender to the power of their feelings and desires ...

A young man named Eugene, he introduced himself to me. For the third day, he made repairs to my new apartment. Eugene was much younger than me, in appearance, he was no more than twenty, robust, inflated body, with manly and calm face. Yesterday, he did not finish wallpapering in the big room, and I decided to invite him to spend the night with me, the benefit was almost dark.

I do not know what came over me that night, but I wore my most short shorts and an hour dressing in front of him, and then tried to bend down, and when he went into the shower, could not resist and do what was not engaged in for several months .

Pulling out of the chest dildo, sitting in a chair in his room, listening to the noise of water from the bathroom, I could not stand it. Sharply rising from his seat, I quickly pulled off her shorts and completely unnecessary at this time, black panties. Again, sitting in a chair and his feet up on the arms, I gently touched two fingers to his crotch buzzing. As one would assume, between my legs, I had already long been wet. Stroked his wet fingers the hair, striped, staring down and even wider legs apart, I spread her labia with your fingers, gently touching the exposed pinkish flesh.

The noise of the water changed the tune. Representing a young handsome lathers his superb body, I was slightly drowned finger in my vagina calling, istorgnuv quiet, sweet moan. Immersing yourself into the already two fingers and biting her lip, I closed my eyes, surrendering to the feelings surging at me. Under his fingers a little squished heard, my lips frustrated quiet postanyvaniya teeth bit into her lip, and her head went from side to side, rastrpyvaya hair. Changed his mind, not wanting to be left without the most delicious, I held out his free hand, taking with tables artificial phallus.

Put his head silicone member to his wet hole, I just rotating dildo, carefully dip it inward. Artificial each easily passed the wet pussy lips and pushing the vaginal folds, boldly rushed inside. Groaning loudly, I firmly grabbed his fingers, vigorously pushing the dildo inside. Trembling thighs, I'm already hard fucked himself to them, representing in place with silicone stick living member of a young handsome man, take a shower in my bathroom.

Sitting comfortably, without interrupting his occupation, I slipped his other hand under the raised thigh, touching the back of the finger holes. Once I also wanted to lick me handsome Eugene there. Introducing the young man's tongue in place fingers, I let go of the rubber phallus and touched two fingers excited clitoris.

Gently stroking swollen berry, I imagined how Eugene lips passionately grasping it lightly sucking. Heavily sighing, I grabbed with both hands for my rubber toy and intensely pushes his hands ...

It all happened by itself. Trying to stop shaking in my whole body, I'm abundantly erupted sweet moisture. With a guttural cry of removing himself an instrument of my orgasm, I watched with amazement as the cut wall of my vagina, squeezing on the fabric chair whitish drops of my desire. Trying to calm the breath, I pushed the dildo to the side, listening to the sounds from the bathroom.

Do not hear the sound of water, I jumped up from his chair, threw his toy on the bed and covered her with a pillow. Pulling pants with shorts, she hurried to the kitchen.

- Enjoy Your Bath! - I yelled from the kitchen, pretending to do their own thing, furtively glancing at Eugene.

The young man came out of the bathroom, dressed in a bathrobe on the go smoothing black hair.

- Thank you - he said, look down into the kitchen and smiling shyly.

- I will lay you in the room ... on the floor - I shamelessly stared at the young handsome, happy that on my black shorts will not be noticeable spots possible.

- Thank you - grateful he smiled and disappeared into the room, closing the door behind him.

After standing for about three minutes, I turned on the dishwasher and headed to the bathroom. In the bathroom, flushed more vital spirit and the smell of my handsome ...

Fifteen minutes later, ulgshis in bed, I knew that my guest is sure to be mine.

* * *

And now, looking at the sleeping young man through the open door of the room, I decided. Coming on tiptoe, completely naked, I carefully stood over his wife's face, with his legs apart. Widely spreading his knees, he sat down slowly, looking over his shoulder. He spreads his hands the buttocks, as if the person wanted to touch the anus of his guest.

Eugene muttered something in his sleep, his eyelids twitched. Trying not to breath in anticipation, I dropped a little more below, almost touching his anus male lip. Feeling the breath of a sleeping young man, I froze, his head down, looking between her legs. Eugene began to stir, stir blanket, strong arms wrapped around my buttocks.

- I waited for you last night - I felt the touch of something rough and wet to the ringlet sphincter.

More instant - and Zhenya language began skrebsti the strained my anus, gently trying to get inside.

- I ... I ... I did not dare ... Oh ...! - I closed my eyes, threw back his head.

- What are you ... Delicious ... - Eugenia hand supporting under my ass, increasingly divorced apart my buttocks.

Wandering tongue in my anus, young man sucked his lips to my rear hole, slightly raising his head, pressing his nose to the coccyx. My sphincter involuntarily began to shrink, trying not to let the language of my lover inside. Trying to relax the muscles of the anus, I felt the tip of the tongue of a young man squeezes the sphincter between the edges, trying to get inside the rectum.

- Just me ... lick my asshole ... - trying not to moan too loudly, I whispered, feeling between the legs of my newly born wet storm.

Eugene Lang covered him all the anus thoroughly and gently licking it all. Looking between her divorced feet, I saw drgayuschiysya covered with bristles, my handsome chin. Referring to the clitoris with two fingers, I vigorously pushes his hand, then rising a little, then again squatting.

I can not express the feelings that filled me when Eugene passionately licking my most forbidden hole. Break away from the clitoris your wet fingers, with a strangled groan, more like a growl, I leaned forward, ulgshis on the young man. Clutching to face Eugene buttocks, feeling his tongue and lips on his anus, I tore off the blanket Eugene. Member, does no longer constricted, appeared in front of my face, powerfully rising to his full height considerable. Clasping his same-handed, which I have just massaging the clitoris, I put her face close to the object of his desire.

I have never seen such a beautiful penis. Strong, covered with swollen veins show through, with a massive crimson head, cock, nestled in my hand. Just moving the skin on the penis of a young man, his other hand stroking natyanuvshuyusya scrotum covered with sparse long hairs, I closed my lips on the tip of it, gently kissing and gently touching the tongue head.

Blissfully I moan, Eugene looked up from my ass, spreading her legs wider. Enjoying the game with a head member, throwing hand to her hair, I felt as Zhenya language for my sexual sponges.

- Lick and there ... - I said in a whisper, again grasping the head with his lips, pushing deeper dick in your mouth.

Language of a young man ran around the clitoris, ran through sexual flaps, absorbing my passionate moisture timidly she slipped deeper. Gently scraping fingernails scrotum of a young man, I was intensely absorb his cock, feeling the head rests on my palate. Spreading my buttocks with both thumbs, Eugene lips covered my whole schelochku passionately penetrating tongue in the vagina itself.

And I do not keep up with him, trying to give my lover a truly unforgettable experience. Grasping head lips a member, helping himself with the language, I quickly but gently pushes his hand, ready to take an all I was capable of this beautiful cock. Eugene, munching loudly, licking and sucking a everything what was able flushed my insides. Trembling all over, I plucked in Zhenya's mouth drops his passion. At the same moment, and my mouth filled with streams of thick, warm sperm.

Trying not to lose any of the droplets, I looked up from Zhenya's penis and, without opening his mouth, swallowed everything without reserve. Young man with lips stained my copious passion continued gently touching my tongue wet labia.

Once again, with pleasure smacking head of the penis and conducting tongue member, I reluctantly pushed his hands off the floor.

- Wait ... - whispered the night visitor, holding the hands of my bare thighs.

- We still have time, dear - I cooed with a smile, turning around, his tongue licking lips with sperm.

Spreading feet, turned and stood over the young man, looking at it from top to bottom. He ran his fingers through parted, wet lips sex.

- You'll be coffee black or with cream? - I asked wearily, wiping his fingers from his lips, and the remnants of sperm with relish sending them into his mouth.

- With cream - I decided, not waiting for an answer.

Turned and playfully wagging buttocks, she walked to the door of the room.

< >