My name is Vladimir, I am 32 years. This happened recently when my neighbor Svetlana hurriedly went on a business trip and asked me to look after her daughter. Her name was Lena, she was 11 years old, she was skinny girl with awkward figure, hair the color of ripe wheat, and big brown eyes. In the evening I arrived at their home, said that his mother had gone on for two days and asked me to look after her. She met me in a tee shirt, shorts and socks up to the knees. I cooked her dinner, she was at this time made the lessons we ate, I went into the room and sat down to watch TV. Helen was doing something in your room, after a while I decided to see what she was doing there. Entering the room, I saw her sitting at the computer and stared at pornokartinki in which a man was fucking the girl on the desk. I stood in the doorway, she turned around and saw me.
She quickly closed the picture, I went to the desk and looking at her said:
- Helen, what are you considering?
- Oh, Uncle Vova is accidentally opened, do not know where - she blushed and lowered her head - You do not tell my mom?
I looked at her, in my mind there was the thought, "Is not it to attach to its sexual life? She is already 11 years, interest in sex can be seen, so why not indulge?" These thoughts swirl flashed through my mind, and I decided:
- No, darling, do not tell, but on one condition, you tell me where did you get these pictures?
- I Natasha from third entrance gave - she admitted, embarrassed - she them at his brother downloaded.
- And you wonder what's happening to them?
She blushed even more and nodded. I put an arm around her shoulders leaned closer to her and whisper asked:
- And you've seen of the pussy in boys?
- No.
- And I would like to see?
She blushed again and said quietly - yes. I felt that excited, and became a member of the stirred up.
- And let me show you my pussy, and you give me my, do you agree?
She thought for a while and said she is shy and afraid that my mother finds out and scold her. I tried to explain to her that all embarrassed, and my mother, we did not say it will be our secret, she agreed .: moved to the bed, I stood in front of her, and he took a little worrying tights, and then shorts. My pretty big already a member, 19 cm, already half rose and a girl, all eyes staring at him.
- Wow, what a great - she stared at him and giggled, he went up and in a few seconds appeared before her in all its glory.
- Like? - I turned sideways, then stood up again directly.
- Yeah, - she admitted shyly, intently watching him.
- If you want, you can touch it, I allow.
Again she was embarrassed and giggled shyly reached out and touched her fingers head member shuddered she jerked her hand startled.
- Oh, he is moving, and why?
- You just do it like you very much, neboysya take it in the palm, touch, as you wish.
Again she reached out and took hold of the trunk of her fingers, I moved closer to her, these touches, I was excited to such an extent that the blood pounded in his temples. She continued to touch and examine my cock, quite emboldened and took hold of it with both hands, drove his fingers on the trunk, compressing his palms.
- Well, darling, it's your turn, I showed you, now you show me - I said in a voice hoarse with excitement.
- Okay, once you turn away, and then I'm embarrassed - embarrassed and she blushed.
I turned away, he heard rustling behind filmed shorts.
- All I'm ready.
I turned around, she was sitting on the bed in a T-shirt and socks, her slender legs with sharp knees were clenched and I saw only lobochek, where more and hairs that plainly debts. The sight made my penis stiffen sharply. I stood beside her on his lap and stroked her thighs tried to push her legs apart. After overcoming a slight resistance of her legs parted and my eyes appeared puffy soft lips sex. It was such a beautiful sight that I have already caught his breath.
- If you want, I'll give you a very nice? Only for this purpose it is necessary to completely undress, let's take off everything. - I took off my shirt and pulled off his tee shirt off her, he surprisingly did not resist. Under the T-shirt was found only small breasts began to form sharp protruding nipples, I nudged her shoulders, and she lay down on the bed. She moved closer and leaned held his tongue over her soft lips. She shivered and tried to squeeze the legs, but I did not let her do it.
- Quiet, small, relax, do not worry, I will not hurt you.
- She lay there, frozen, I parted the labia majora and began carefully to drive his tongue over her pink virgin pussy.
After a few minutes, she moistened and Helen, closing his eyes began to breathe heavily. I continued to caress her clitoris and the small narrow hole, she suddenly gasped and a shiver passed over her thin body, I realized - she had finished. I got up, she was lying, spread legs, his eyes were wide open, they stood in the mist and lips parted, the spectacle drove me crazy and I decided.
Sitting down, I framed a member to her hot wet pussy and began to drive them on her, she shuddered and moaned.
- Do not worry, darling, everything will be fine - I said, and pushed a little member forward. The head parted her pink lips, she took a deep breath. I lowered my eyes, and the blood pounded in his head, I saw my big dick looked tense next to this naked girl - a teenager. Tolerate already nebylo forces, I almost lay on her and put his hands on her shoulders under her, cupped her hands over her shoulders. She opened her eyes and looked at me.
- You are my sweetheart, Now you need a little patience, all right? - I said, and pushed a member of the stronger. She uncomfortably under me.
- Ah, ah - she bit her lip - inappropriately, it hurts.
But I did not realize anything, I only felt a little hot schelochku and how my dick in it rests. I growled and pushed with force member forward. Head overcoming resistance came halfway. She screamed and twitched.
- Aaaayy: Release: mamochkaaaa ... bolnooo. . - She clutched her fingers into my side and tried to crawl out from under me.
I again strongly pushed member forward while pulling her under him by the shoulders.
- AAAAAAAAAAA .... - She cried, and her eyes rolled slzki.
My cock, barely parting her crack, torn thin hymen entered her half and rested in the dearest. Oh my God, what is this feeling: it is compressing it so tightly that it seemed just about will tear inside was hot and very crowded. I clamped her mouth with one hand and began to fuck her. She was sobbing and calling the kettle black, this is only further inflamed me, and I continued to go to her narrow tunnel with renewed vigor. A few more moves and I finished right in it. Very removing member, I watched from her vagina red from the friction follows my sperm mixed with a small amount of blood. She continued to cry and turned to the side pulled the legs to the chest. I lay down beside him and stroked his arm around her telling her gentle words and soothing.
Gradually she calmed down, I carried her into the bath, we showered, but more about an hour she did not speak to me. Then I was able to return to its location, and we went to bed together, talked a long time about the incident. We agreed that no one will know what happened and it will remain our secret. The next day her mother came back in the evening, I assured her that everything is in order, and everything went on as usual .: A week after school Helen looked to me for tea and .... But that is another story.

Best friends

Jack woke up and immediately vzglunul watch. It was eleven-thirty. "That's fucking!" - He swore to himself, - "Once again overslept!". His mobile had three missed calls from his friend Serega. Jack immediately dialed his number.

- Damn, where are you gone ?! Che did not take the phone? We have been waiting for you! Dryhnesh what? - Serge yelled into the phone.

- Yes, you do not shout. I overslept - with irritation and annoyance said Eugene.

- Well, you're a marmot! - Serge neigh - Come quickly, waiting for you on our site.

- Okay, I will soon.

Jack quickly washed and put on the first available jeans and hoodie, was about to run out of the home, but his grandmother came out of the kitchen stopped him:

- Genia, where are you going? And breakfast?

- Bah, I have no time, why do you not wake me? I asked you to wake up at ten o'clock! - Protaratoril Eugene, quickly tying shoelaces on sneakers.

- You are so fast asleep that I was sorry to wake you. Come on, breakfast, wait for your friends.

- Babul I do not want to, really. Well, all I ran. - Zhenya, smacking his grandmother, quickly ran out of the apartment. And he ran up the stairs, after hearing the grumblings grandmother.

Jack lived alone with his grandmother, his parents moved to the regional center of more than a year ago because of work, but despite the fact that they insisted that Jack went with them, he flatly refused, saying that he would remain here in this small Siberian town with his beloved grandma and will not part with their friends who are looking for an hour waiting for him. Their strong inseparable style company consisted of four people: Artem, Sergei, Eugene himself and the only girl - Olesya. Artem was a beautiful tall muscular man, brunette with brown eyes, looking for his manly looks a little older than his years. Serge - complete Artem contrast, low puny fair-haired boy, was known mainly humorist and soul of the company, and fought better than a stronger physically Artem, due to its speed, arrogance and aggressiveness, which was an absolute plus, when their "mafia" had to defend their interests with their fists. Eugene was a nice guy with luminous gray - blue eyes, framed by long black lashes. And finally, the only girl, Olesya - slim pretty girl with long dark hair, thick bangs below the eyebrows and plump lips on a pretty face. Despite the fact that her best friends were three guys, it was not a tomboy and everyone wondered how such a sweet gentle girl was in the company of boys, "her boyfriend". The whole company of three boys and a girl were inseparable even in kindergarten, where they all went together, they lived in the same yard and went to the same school. Now he was seventeen years old, was the month of July, they have just finished school and all the free time spent together.

While Jack ran to "their place" as Serge said in their telephone conversation, it's great breath. "Their place" was a small bench in a park near their yard. This shop has been fenced off from the outside world is densely overgrown with bushes and thus "outsiders" do not go there often wander.

- Zhenek! finally! - Olesya screamed, first saw the breathless Zhenya.

- Within a year, - Artem smiled.

- He appeared, not dusty, - yelled Sergei, making slicing down wife, from whom he successfully

I dodged.

- Well Th acidic bored here without me? - Eugene said with a smile.

- Well, yes, of course, do not flatter yourself, - Oles laughed, playfully hitting him a little

fist in the stomach.

- What are your plans for today? - Jack asked.

- We decided to go to me, - Artem said - Rodak to the country piled on the weekend.

- Cool, well then pivasom purchased and rushing to Temko - joyfully shouted Jack.

Everyone agreed, and went to the nearest supermarket. Having bought twelve half-liter bottles of beer on the basis of three each, crackers and chips, the boys went to Artem.

Located in the hall on the big soft chairs and sofas, a fun chatting, laughing and sipping the first bottle of beer, friends having fun. As usual they have happened, they started talking about sex, this theme have popped up most often and are more interested in other topics. Olesya talk does not bother about it with the guys, even when they were discussing the girls, calling them the delights of rude words, such as "boobs", "milking", "pussy"

"Asshole", etc. She, on the contrary, laughed and took an active part in such conversations. Olesya, despite the gossip that she slept with all of her three friends who liked to dismiss her former classmate, was a virgin, but has long wanted sex and year three passionately masturbating when left alone at home. Guys, already had time to lose their virginity and innocence are often teased Olesya, but joked good-naturedly. Serge was the most experienced in their company, thanks to its natural charm, the girls liked him and his seventeen, he easily learned to press the opposite sex what he wanted. Artem same two years seriously dated a girl that pretty much alienated from his inseparable friends, but love to friends outweighed, and now he has two months was free as a bird and joyfully accepted back into the company. Eugene - more frugal with the opposite sex, not counting Olesya, lost his virginity at the outlet with a drunken classmate, after which his friends laughed at him for a long time. Olesya, it was rather difficult to approach with some guy, as it is constantly surrounded by three brave fellows.

- I have a cool Gang bang, if you like, we can see - suggested Artem.

"Well, damn it, why are you silent! Come on! Bring faster!" - Vying shouted much gaiety friends.

Artem Content, including discs. Busty redhead appeared on the screen. She slowly undressed and sat in a white leather chair and legs wide apart, he began furiously rubbing her clit.

- Cool chick! Only the boobs she dumb, man, - with knowledge of the matter said Sergei, - Oles, and you're so playing with her pussy?

- Leave me alone, you fool! - He said with a smile flushed Olesya. She felt like her in the lower abdomen ached nice and panties were wet. She liked to watch porn and always very excited.

Meanwhile, the girl on the screen took a huge faloimmitator and with a passionate moan plunged it into her wet cunt. Sweetly moaning, she gradually moved it inside a thick cudgel, and then began to rapidly remove and sharply dipped a dildo, screaming at every dive.

- Well, the pussy she, like a black hole! - Eugene snickered.

- Oh, it's another thing! I saw the video, like a man in pussy babe just two hands stuffed! - Said Artyom - this is how to fuck? The feeling is probably like jab in the bucket.

- Oh, come on, among women in the pussy to dick muscles - with the air of an expert Artem said Sergei, - experienced a heifer can compress them so fuck what you think, that it is generally still a virgin as Oleska.

At this time in porn, the main character - a girl has done blowjob inflated guy with a big dick, who had already join. At the same time she did not forget to move the artificial penis, which is still sticking out of her vagina. The guy grabbed her head and he began to stick it to the member, so that his body is almost entirely placed in her mouth. She gasped, her vomit, but she raised a passionate look at the guy and did not stop moving dildo inside.

- Fucking teen sucks, life is not never seen one, and was able to - put Serge.

No one answered, all spellbound looking at the screen and all felt the excitement. Olesya flushed face, she felt how much her wet hole and whines her breasts. She quietly to no one noticed, was clutching the hips, that though it satisfy his desire,

- Olesya, you excited? - With a smile, Jack broke the silence, looking at the tense face Olesya.

- I can not you excited to think - wanted to laugh it off Olesya, but felt that her voice does not sound natural.

- Well, I do not deny it - good-naturedly replied Eugene.

- Oles, and Th are you will not find a boyfriend, if only for sex? - Artem asked.

- Yeah, you will find you, always around me cool, - Oles said honestly.

- Oles, because you would like to have sex? - Asked Serge. All felt that this issue Serge goes some facet, which used to have no one passed, although

Similar issues were discussed among them periodically.

Olesya did not know what to say, she was ashamed to admit that she is now more than anything else wants to fuck and flows like the last whore, but at the same time for some reason she did not want to lie.

- Of course wants - said Olesya for Zhenya, noticing her confusion.

There was a moment's silence. After which Serge said Oles:

- You probably tried to masturbate?

- Yes, - said Olesya and blushed, she would not would not admit it an hour ago, but very excited and drunk beer allowed her to tell the truth.

Noticing a strong embarrassment friend, Serge hastened to reassure her:

- There is nothing to be ashamed of, we all masturbate, right guys? - He turned to his friends (the guys nodded their heads). Olesya smiled.

- Olesechka, like, I'll give you a very nice? - Suddenly I asked Serge. All looked at him, Olesinov cheeks burned as ever, but Serge strongly moved close to her and put his arm around his hand over her thin shoulders. She looked at him and his thin voice, unexpectedly even for itself, said: "Yes, I do."

Porn was forgotten friends and off as shrill groans the actress that her partner had already pecked into the anus, to distract them.

Serge and Olesya got up from the couch. Serge took the edge of her T-shirt and ordered her: "Raise your hands", easily pulled a T-shirt with a girlfriend, then he unbuttoned her jeans shorts and pulled them. Olesya stayed in a bra and panties. The feeling of shame engulfed her, but she, for some reason did not want to resist the movement of certain Serega. Meanwhile, Serge sure hand undid her bra and easily threw him off her, exposing her tiny sisechki solid protruding nipples. Olesya anxiously looked at the reaction of the guys on her small breasts, but did not notice nor any ridicule, calmed down. She thought that small breasts - it's her fault, but when combined with her fragile figure all looked very nice and harmoniously. Then Serge with the same peculiar to him easily pulled off her panties. "! What I love when a girl wet wet, dry heifer by a pussy - a frigid chick" - happily said Serge. Guys with astonishment looked at her thin, tanned figure, the white triangles on the swimsuit on her protruding nipples, on his short black hair on her pubis and labia that industry for a week, she did not shave his pisenku (as Olesya called himself the vagina), to dark pink labia are looking out of the labia majora, even when she was standing.

Olesya sat on the sofa, Sergei dropped to her knees and took her by the ankles and lifted her legs on the couch, spread wide their side. Jack and Tom were sitting in chairs in front of, and in all details could see Olesinov crotch. Her labia were dark pink color, are well developed, very swollen, and between its petals slightly razomknuvshihsya "rosettes" glittering isolation. Serge fingers parted her pussy and looking into the hole, ran to his finger, noticing the worried look Olesya, he said with a smile: "Do not worry, finger I did not'll run," pulling a finger covered Olesinov juice, he began to smear her release on pussy, without forgetting the pubis and labia majora. Then dived into the vagina once more, he put a finger to her face and was taken up to his mouth said: "Open your mouth," Oles parted his lips and Serge thrusting her finger into his mouth began to move them in it mimicking the movement of a member with a blowjob. Then, smiling contentedly, he put his hand on her clitoris in a circular motion and fast became his massage. Oles threw her head back and moaned faintly. Sergei, release your finger, he cocked his head to her vagina lips and stared at her clitoris. He kissed her pussy, enjoying the pungent smell of its discharge, the smell of a real woman, hungry for sex, he thought to himself. Grabbing her by the hips, on the inside, he tried to push as hard as possible for them to pisya it was completely at his mercy. The language to explore every lepestochek her vagina, he pushed her legs and pressed them to her belly so that her anal hole was in front of him, stared at her lips, simultaneously thrusting into her tongue and trying to shove it as deep as possible.

- Olesechka I do now one thing, do not worry, okay? - Serge turned to the girl.

- Mmmm .. - Olesya mumbled something incoherent, thus expressing their agreement and making it clear that it is completely in her power.

Serge spitting on her chocolate hole, put her finger to her and began to push through slightly pressing it into Olesinov anus. Thrusting him completely, he began to make them the circular motion, moving up - down.

- It does not hurt the baby?

- Nea ..

Sticking his finger out of her ass, Sergei again shoved his Olesya in her mouth and slid them in it until the finger has not been thoroughly licked.

Again he parted Olesinov legs, stroking her pussy hand, turned to the guys who watched them spellbound:

- Well, who else wants to caress this baby?

- I want, - Artem said sharply rising.

He went to Olesya, stood between her legs spaced and hand massaging her crotch, her lips clung to her protruding nipples on small breasts, long time he sucked one and then the other, and sometimes biting. Then she dropped to her swollen vagina and clitoris touched only language as Olesya finished. Her body shook in convulsions, she squirmed and whined plaintively, before her eyes darkened. Artem, stared at her clit, trying as long as possible to prolong her orgasm.

- Ahhh, more ... more ... my pussy ... - mumbled incoherently Olesya. It is because of all the forces exhibited his pelvis forward, trying as much as possible to spread her legs, as if afraid that Artem is not enough access to her crotch, and it is because of this cease to caress her.

When Olesya ceased to moan and her body stopped convulsing orgasm, Artyom pushed his face from her crotch, licking his lips like a well-fed cat. His chin glistened with secretions girl, and he was happy that she came during his caresses.

- It's my turn, - said Eugene, rising from his seat and approached the Olesya which and reclined on the couch with legs spread wide and glistening from secretions and saliva, irritated by fondling pussy guys. Eugene fingers gently touched, caressed the vagina of his girlfriend, stroking every crease of her, penetrating her two centimeters fingers and bumping into an obstacle in the form of a hymen.

- Play the virgin, you're ours - he kept repeating. Boys and Olesya smiled at his words. He gently stroked, lightly pressing on the hymen, causing Olesya light and at the same time a pleasant pain.

- Boys, I want you to see me torn hymen, - Oles said.

- Are you sure? - Asked Serge.

- Yes, sure. I want to fuck I want to felt The inside male member.

- Right now?

- Yes...

- Well, who do you want to see defloratora? Who is going to tear the hymen? - Serge asked seriously.

Olesya thought for a moment.

- I want you to undress, I want to see on your dicks - finally she said.

The boys took off their pants. All three of them, without exception, were standing. Olesya looked in amazement at the three strong members at any moment ready to deprive her virginity.

- I want you all in turn entered into me, the first Jack, then Serge, and then Tom, his greatest general, it is necessary to prepare my hole for him - laughed Olesya.

- Well, - said Sergei, - only it does not stop, will not wear preziki.

Olesya lay on the sofa, legs apart, Jack got between her legs. He was worried, because nobody ever deprived of innocence. Directing his cock into her hole, while stroking her clitoris, he began to enter into it. Olesya moaned, her body all tensed and arched in pain.

- Painfully! How sick ... - I moaned the girl - now I die in pain ...

Torment fifteen minutes, they decided to change the position. Jack sat down and Olesya sat on top of him, her back to him and sending his cock in her slit, was the sit down on it. Jack took her by the waist and tried to help her planted on his dick. Olesya writhing in pain and could not be solved and down on his penis. Artem and Serge podrachivat its members, watching them. Eugene, in the end, decided to take matters into their own hands and hugging Olesinov thin waist as it should, it is strongly pulled down at the same time sharply raising the pelvis. Olesya screamed and Zhenya member fully into the girl. It is a pretty worm was strung on a hook.

- You broke my hymen, Genia - with relief and joy she said.

She gently a few times up and down on his cock.

- How is it that hurts - she moaned - Serge, come on now you.

Rising from Zhenya's phallus, she got cancer, substituting for earrings his hole. On his wife's penis was spread out quite a bit of blood, just a little blood seeping from the vagina Olesya. Sergei eagerly approached her and gently introduced the term in Olesia. The girl whimpered in pain.

- Inside, everything is illuminated, - she said.

- Do not worry, baby, everything will be the first time always hurt the girls, - soothed her Sergei, while slowly moving his hips, - patience, doll, you need to develop a hole.

After a while Olesya moaned:

- Enough, Serge, let Artem is now.

Serge dutifully took out Olesya member. She rolled onto her back, legs spread wide. Artem immediately came up and bit hasty, trembling with excitement stuck his big cock in Oles. She cried out in sharp pain.

- Sorry, Olesechka, patience my little ...- whispered Artyom.

- Nothing Temych, only more slowly, please - with a tired but satisfied smile she replied.

- I think I'll finish, - said Artem hurriedly removing a member from Olesinov holes.

- Thank you boys, my pussy, too, enough for today, - Olesya purred, gently feeling his fingers printed hole.

- Oles, if you do not want to learn to do blowjob? - Serge said, winking at her.

- I very much want, - said Olesya, eagerly leaving the couch.

Oles knelt down, and the guys came up to her, she rushed to his swollen member. Taking the mouth member Sergei, she cautiously began to make head movements back and forth, the movement she had seen a hundred times in movies and always wanted to try myself. Then, taking a member of the earrings, she took in her mouth a member of Eugene, and then a member of the Artem. Their members felt the taste of her blood and secretions, but she even liked it. It is adapt himself and swallowing one member, the other two just wanker hands, then she licked just two members, and the free wanker and so the circle. Guys from its manipulation very soon began to finish, almost at the same time, splashing her face, hair and chest cum, she opens her mouth and sperm, which fell into it, swallowed. She knew she was acting like a shameless whore, if she could imagine this morning that she was on her knees, will take in its mouth three best friends from childhood? Even in the most perverted sexual fantasies she could not imagine it. In the sense of shame still rises in her soul, she decided to ignore and just tried both their friends better than you can indulge ...

Satisfied guys collapsed on the sofa. Artem Olesya sat on his lap and hugged, he gently massaged her small breasts, pinching her nipples between his fingers. "Olesechka, you're super! You are our sweetie doll! Clever ours!" - Vying sentenced guys. Olesya schaslivym smeared with semen person looked at them and smiled sheepishly.

- If we knew that you suck so cool, it would long ago have you fucked! - Sergei laughed.

- Shut up, fool, - Olesya jokingly nudged it with his pen, - up to that red-haired girl from the porn I still very far away.

- Yes, that whore than one hundred members peresosala, and you're the first time, - said Eugene.

- That's it, - Artem confirmed - you just need practice.

- She made him a deep blowjob, it is not easy in fact - as always knowing Serge explained - she swallows so deeply that she and vomit and snot and drool gush, but this most buzz.

- I want to learn so - dreamily said Olesya - I want all of you to try. And anal sex and multiple penetrations immediately, fisting, and, and ... all that is possible! Only for this purpose it is necessary to properly prepare my holes.

- Oh, our little slut! - Lovingly said Artem, even more embracing, sitting on his lap girlfriend and holding her close to him.

- You'll learn and try what your age, you also have three such wonderful teacher and friend, ready to experiment - Jack laughed.

- And earlier build of a touchy person, I have always said that Impatiens - the most depraved chicks - put Serge.

- I just did not think that my favorite friends are so good to fuck me - smiled Olesya - Temych, let me, please, towel, I want to take a shower.

- I will bring it now.

Artem brought Olesya towel, clean robe and pads.

- Here, we found a Nurse, and then you're all here with their blood izmazhesh - laughed Artem

- Thank Temochka! You're very thoughtful, but his blood I had almost no - Olesya purred and ran to wash.

Take turns taking a shower, leading myself up, throwing the empty bottles of beer, carefully Otter somewhere inadvertently fallen a drop of sperm, secretions and blood, the guys went to the store bought cake and drank tea.

- Can I stay the night? - Asked Artem - parents still until tomorrow evening at the cottage.

- Yes, it would not have been bad. Especially our Olesechka wanted to learn a lot more, - said Sergei, slyly glancing at Olesya bed and hand on her knee.

- Yes, it hurts more today will - carefully looking at Jack Oles he said.

- Well, we touch her pussy and we will not. There is ass and mouth - Serge laughed - what do you think about that, baby?

- Well, I'm not against it, - said Olesya fun - just need to take time off and come home.

- Yes, all's go home, and eight o'clock to Temychu - Zhenya said.

- Well, that's decided, waiting for you to eight, - Artem happy - feel pull today to the full!

To be continued...

The most important decision

Then I masturbate his penis and licked it, and when my mouth hit the jet of sperm, I like it, too caught orgasm. When he fucked me in the ass, it was just terrible pain, and I'm cursing, pushed him and began to rub the ass. He, oddly enough, was excited and wanted to fuck me more, saying that by my screams and groans inside him all the lights. I thought, and allowed him, besides I had a slightly masochistic tendencies, which, however, ended only mild whipping itself or even fantasies. In short, after fucked in the ass about fifteen minutes, yet the pain is gone, and we both finished. It should be noted that he pulled me in the ass, and the feeling was cool.
The only place not visited his dick was banal: my pussy. He knew, and if you do not know what navernika guess I'm still a virgin and promised that everything will be

Routine inspection

If a visitor to provided the lady is not particularly pleasant age and build, I usually assume an icy calm, abruptly commanded to undress quickly examined, carefully concealed disgust, prescriptions and advice to dry, like a real expert, why the ladies, of course, melted and talked about I subsequently their girlfriends and daughters of their friends - and among them often come across those that are quite consistent with my requirements.
This time, type of stepping feet threshold in white court shoes on a low heel satisfied me, I let a frown specialist climb higher up round his knees, half-covered with a skirt - great - then even higher, up to the waist, intercepted a narrow white belt; a number of neatly buttoned pugovok blouse brought my mind to a gentle hillocks, the valley between that adorn the modest silver kulonchik, then it's time to last frankness - I saw the face, gentle, light, not mutilated cosmetics, blond hair gently fell on her shoulders, and all of it was such a delicious dairy, fresh, sweet and young, that I involuntarily sniffed, trying to catch the flavor of cream and honey, coming from her slender body flexible.
She smiled shyly - white teeth, tender pink lips.
-Hello, doctor.
-Good afternoon - I said hoarsely, clearing his throat and repeated: - Good day, Mademoiselle.
She lowered her lovely eyes, lashes pubescent colors dark golden wheat, and almost whispered, breathless with timidity:
-I'm on a scheduled scan: Master Doctor.
-Very good - I swallowed and stood up, once again glad that I robe conceals the fact that ahead of time to see my dear client did not stuck. - I beg you, come back to - I pointed to the door to the observation - undress and put on the shirt, which is found on the couch. I still fill your card. What is your name?
-Anna Borje, - she said of observation, I quickly wrote down the name and strained his ears, trying to catch the rustle of their clothing; my patience was rewarded with a slight rustle of skirts descend from the hips and tapping the floor with shoes removed. After stammering voice I inquired of a charming shepherdess Annette date of her birth and complaints (not!), And my dick was carefully draped robe floors, I crossed the threshold of observation.
The girl was sitting on a couch in a short green robe with strings on the back, tucked milk-white legs, and his head down (I bet she blushed up to his ears). I walked closer - it really smelled of something very fresh, sweet, brings to mind the summer months, carried me in a small village at Nice, gentle aroma has just brought from the courtyard of milk and wild flowers, standing in a glass jar by the bed. Unsteady foot I pressed the pedal - the back of the couch sat up, and Annette was a shepherdess in a semi-sitting position; thick hair almost hid her face from me, I saw only the lips, their maddening pink pearl bend.
-Mademoiselle, please drop that shirt, I have to start viewing, - almost whispered to me, panting from the incredible mad longing, and sat down on the couch, touching strained thigh of her creamy white thighs, shrouded barely noticeable golden fuzz - twenty years, twenty-gentle piercing years , pure as the very first morning dew. Yes, Doctor Gilbert - the poet:
She shyly looked up at me with eyes full of milky blue, has got his hands behind his head (flashed a charming reddish fuzz in the marble sink armpits), rasplela naughty timid fingers tie and allowed the shirt to slide with white shoulders, but then bashful gesture of covering the chest and back She turned her face away, blushing.
-Mademoiselle - reproachful smile, I said, trying to simultaneously restore the breathing rhythm - no need to be afraid and ashamed, I'm a doctor, I will not hurt you.
Doctor, yes, but - man. I wonder if my beautiful lady a virgin? This is what we find out later, but I bet that it still has not seriously touched.
Taking her gently but firmly for hands, I threw them into the hand and arms helplessly fell on either side of her prostrate on the body of the couch like two white flexible vines and glow blush stood out even on top of her gorgeous, round, firm breasts crowned as write romantically-minded poets, bud small pink nipples with neat gentle halos - apparently from the cold and fear reared hard tubercles, which should be so pleasant to the touch. For a moment I silently admired this beautiful strong white chest, mentally pressed to her lips and tongue, anticipating the joy of touching the delicate skin of the palms of my impatient, and hesitated, hesitated, exhausted from the painful feeling in the groin and sweet moaning grave pit of the stomach.
-Do not be afraid - I whispered again, she threw back her head and closed her eyes, bursting into a blush; I took the fallen on the chest blond curls, and put his hands on both sides of the gentle hemispheres slightly squeezed them - kulonchik hid in a hollow - then began to gently probe the fingers, without touching the nipple, exhausted from desire, but struggling with him for the future, even more delicious enjoyment.
-It does not hurt, mademoiselle?
-No - she murmured, without opening lashes.
I began to squeeze her breasts - warm and fragrant - tight, massaging them, lifting the bottom up, brought them together and squeezed in his hands, making gentle and strong pea nipples look up, then he loosened his grip and slid up, covering sweet nipples with your fingers, squeezed them to languid aching pain, from which Annette uttered a gasp, but the eye is still not opened, which gave me the opportunity to freely enjoy her face while my hands were studied her breasts with passion, not characteristic of a real specialist. Along the way, of course, I found out that there were no seals no, that's the part of my klientochka healthy, but in no hurry to let go these white warm hemisphere, stroking them, clutching in his hands, bending so low that it must be Annette sensed my hot breath on her skin. Light, almost imperceptible touch alternated more confident, tight, not cause, however, no pain - everything here has been calibrated to the smallest detail. I asked her in a whisper inconsistent to throw his hands behind his head, she dutifully obeyed hypnotized, chest lifted, and nipples, which I did not give relax, defiantly staring at the ceiling; I covered them with his hands and began to stroke in a circular motion, feeling the hardness pink peas, abutting against the connection of mind lines and life in my hands, massaging, then bringing together those juicy white elastic bumps, then allowing them to disintegrate and fall into my cupped palms, filling their delicious weight. All this time, Annette was lying motionless, her lips parted, breathing more and more thrills - I was sure that she was not fully aware that I had simply looking for some. You could now bow down to her face and glare at the pink soft mouth to get there tongue, lick the sky and teeth, then, showering kisses on her neck and shoulders, hidden frosted hair of gold, down to the breasts and to kiss them until the purple marks on white skin, bury his face in the hollow between them: But I hesitated.
Reluctantly let loose breast Annette, I licked his lips, stood up and gruffly told her to move to a chair, not adjusting her shirt. She briefly and uneasily looked at me, but obediently stood up and walked over to the chair, which I equipped, no matter how funny it may sound, with maximum convenience for yourself: pristupochka allowing my groin to be on the vagina level, prostrate on the client's chair, put forward silently and imperceptibly. The upper part of the chair has been slightly angled, but so that the client could not see my manipulation.
For a moment I turned, enabling Annette climb up on a chair and stared at the ceiling is pointless. Then he turned slowly and stood with delight, filled with my body like a sweet spasm.
The girl was lying, spreading legs, drooping at the stand, the shirt got off at the waist, his chest heaving with excitement and shyness, his eyes, as always, are closed, cheeks covered with a blush. Bosom it was covered with soft, curly golden hair, pink silk slightly moistened (not whether my efforts?), Crimson pea clitoris poured delightful sweetness. On shaky legs, I approached (to hell with gloves), silently telling the girl to lie still and breathe evenly, and touched the middle finger to the moist exuding fragrance of purity, virgin (I hope) the vagina. Gently began to stroke pink petals enjoying their tenderness, then gently touched the clitoris, Annette started and barely audible gasp, and I gently pushed him and began to hold massage, greedily devouring the eyes of the prostrate body in front of me. My efforts were crowned with success - the girl was breathing intermittently and excitement, but the eye is not opened, it chink humidified so that my fingers slid easily penetrate inside, to where were bright transparent drops of fragrant juice. Yes, she was a virgin, but I was a professional, and could help her get rid of this nuisance quietly to herself without difficulty.
Around vital scent of wet lilies, I was choking, I could not stand it any longer. Unnoticed popped pristupochka, I stood on it with one hand while continuing to stroke the shiny moisture pink flesh, getting his finger deeper and deeper, until the thin barrier, and the other hand spread his robe and freed from his pants member, which, on reflection, did not apply lubricant. At that moment, when I bent down to face Annette, she finally decided to open his eyes, but did not utter anything in time, as I groaned and clung to her lips.
My tongue slipped into her mouth, interwoven with its cool sweet tongue, I swallowed her saliva, I was in a frenzy. Her hands still helplessly lying on both sides of her body, fluttered up and dug into my shoulders - she was trying to push me away, but reluctantly. I moved closer and covered her breasts with his hands and, while continuing to kiss stubborn soft mouth and began to squeeze and massage them with furious pressure, nipples rested my palm, I brought them together, blindly ran her lips on his neck, and Annette, muttering:


Arina blushed and evaluation are:
- Arina!
- Rink will call! - The lady said. - Good. We reduce it to the kitchen, Makar, give Nastya a science. In the evening, let the lead. As assistant.
Arina brought into the kitchen and cook a young pyshnotelaya Nastya until the evening explained ARINC predstoschie all its obligations. Responsibilities came out not too much, but most of the day had to be made up with the mistress, dress, undress and help the rest as needed.
- And at night the lady likes to read her book or to heel stroked her sleep. I used to have it in the assistant was, but I'm reading from the fifth to the tenth, and the lady said iron rude. Here you have got and. So you'd better try it - admonished Arina Nastya when night sent to the mistress's bedroom.
- Came, Rink? - Arina met a lady in the bedroom. - Well, that's good. Help the-ka let undress.
Arina helped her take off all her mistress and put on an easy night shirt. The naked lady was quite strong, and be her master - probably would not have a good laugh.
- And she undressed! - I told the lady. - Read tomorrow will be. Patted me today.
The room was hot, the windows was a warm summer night and ARINC happily took off his underwear in a sundress and that its decree to the ladies of the rite. But she noticed was left naked on himself appraising gaze, blushing lady and tried to quickly find himself in her legs on the bed.
- Well, well, not Zhurys girl! - Said the lady with interest. - Come on, come here.
And disengaging from Arina sheets, putting in front of him.
- Pours berry! - Said the lady, feeling strong arms firm buttocks and hips girl. - Did you know the girl that you will soon be to fuck?
From this question Arina popuntsovela to limit the possibilities and stood head bowed and looking up.
- Look - blushed! - The lady was clearly set playfully. - Come Let him that's me here! Look, I do hair punched out on the slot. Soon you go and reversal birthmark nest:
In this case the palm of the ladies that turned narrow and nimble nimbly between vdvinulas schchek soft on the feet and pressed her plump hand warmly to the coveted wet place.
This manner of the ladies was not painful, but left behind some hot wave throughout the body. And then, when the ARINC already ironed legs ladies and pochsyvala her pink heels - she could not get rid of the hot feeling in the whole body emerged with such outstanding freestyle lady with her virgin body.
The lady was lying on his back, spread wide apart knees. ARINC stroked the ankle and foot claws pochsyvala, all the while trying not to raise my eyes to wet pussy gaping scarlet lady.
-Let them cool down! - He explained to the lady, and then noticed that the girl looks away ordered: - thighs And I, Rink, smooth surface, so take it higher.
ARINC began stroking white voluminous thighs lady, pussy greedy mouth was right in front of her face. She smelled expensive perfumed soap and wet zv her shamelessly open if something tightened look. ARINC never seen so close and frankly always so concealed the body and therefore, when it seemed that the lady fell asleep quite, she decided, and touched her fingers very middle of a wet place ladies. The skin and gently leaned fingers Arina almost fell into the alluring depths.
- Oh, and hot today. - Not yet awakened fast asleep lady. - Go to the kitchen to tell Nastya - let Makar poklichet. Do not wear see. I like you So much.
Makar came somehow in some pants and underwear, Arina zaboyalis as if the lady is not scolded him for such a liberty. But the lady did not become foul-mouthed, and only said:
-A Nuka Makarushka, vduy stronger, something I can not sleep!
And sitting on the edge of the high bed lifted the hem of his shirt the night and spread to the side of the leg. ARINC has not had time to really figure out anything, and bed sheet was covering the chest and abdomen of the man in the foot of the bed, when Makar took out his underpants impressive size cock and planted on his mistress. Once planted, hard and to complete the stop. The lady just gasped and sighed a long, hot from big dick rapidly has appeared in her pussy.
-Come on, makarushka, a fireman! - She moaned and leaned back exhausted on his back on the bed. - And I lie down. Knock!
And Makar taking mistress of sweaty thick thighs, began to push hard into it further and further vzyarivshiysya your dick. ARINC have already taken away from the air such unconstrained with her. Slightly sweating, with a slightly open mouth in surprise, she stood, clutching a bed sheet and watched for the first time in their lives for the frank sexual intercourse. Her PEYRELEAU itself as a young goat in the abdomen became incredibly hot, but that she would not admit even to herself. Meanwhile Makar took a mistress heels, raskoryachishsya as he could and drove a piston back and forth at full length. Candle was even seen as a torn out after his long thick by a dick-sucking sweet scarlet lips raspalnnoy pussy.
- A girl something - admires! - Said the mistress Makar. - Maybe it: Bend.
- No, like small - lady paused doubtfully looking at the ARINC and suddenly shouted: - Well let's check it on the hymen! Become cancer beautiful!
ARINC leaned slightly forward.
- Modest girl. - The lady said. - It is necessary to inflame it. Makar drove a minute for our theater.
Makar left and returned a short time later from his master and shepherd with a large hunting dog named Bear. Arina on the orders of all the ladies and was leaning his hands on the back of the bed and gently priottopyriv your ass.
- Vanya, here it is for you - asked the lady to the shepherdess. - Look what we found you a princess. Cancer devonka be can not. You really helped her.
- It is possible - Vanya laughed and ducked her head under the curly pink buttocks. ARINC gasped, shuddered and closed her eyes, shepherd kissed her deeper and deeper, and sharply fell mouth to her vagina.
- Drenched girl. Flows - identified Makar. - Sweet girl, Wang?
- More salty! - He said the shepherd looking up and again fell to the language of post already meet him pussy.
Arina weakened, hot wave in the body passed, instead it has now been like a swing. Bend it this is not big deal and Arishka suddenly found herself standing quite bent, and even diligently spreading his hands apart the two halves of the slot, and it does not lick, no one, and all with an interest in considering her position.
- Well, play the virgin, and now the see - said the lady, and she approached the mink got excited.
- Oh, you do not even masturbation. - Determined lady. - Come on, Vanya, correct this fault it. And you, Makar zarsya not hurt the girls in the narrow point. Do not soak your stallion.
Vanya Arina put on the bed, caressed and spread his legs apart.
- Keep so - Arishki said, and he began to tip swollen, but his moderate process yarit maiden flesh. her lips visibly swollen and had already requested on dick, drenched slit and impossibly deep abdominal wound up like a hot itch. ARINC began to howl softly caresses of protracted and then Vanya once it vpr.
For a moment, as if the volcano exploded and then lightning followed one after another, and only slightly recovering himself Arina found that it was not lightning, and tremors Vanin robust fellow in her pussy. From the surging emotions she lost consciousness.
When awake ARINC saw lying on the fresh sheet and heard laughing at themselves.
- Naeblas girl! - Makar laughed. - Collapsed, very clean lady.
- Yes please the very young - supported lady. - Now let's turn it all to please. Makar, now at night I give it to you. Just look - do not fuck. Porvsh crumb!
Makar took Arina bed and carried her into the closet to him.
- The lady gave to play. At night. - Makar explained already slept before his wife and dragged Arishki to him on the bed.
Arishka clung to hot to sleep the body of his wife and thought it was sleep, because she heard the lady Makar forbidden to molest her.
- Uh no, beauty, come a little indulged, - disagreed Makar and climbing up the bed sat on a large pillow. In the light of the candles could be seen how swollen his baton. Makar stuck his dick head between women's faces and said Arishki:
- Come on honey, if you can not et cha - as well chewed a minute that candy!
Arinc did not understand that he wants to groom, but he quickly taught her and she quickly pushes his head up and down the trunk nearly to the breaking stretched cola mouth. In the midst of inflamed and I could not stand his wife Makara. She was not taking off his shirt the night climbed to her husband sitting on his stomach and settled on the whole a cock. ARINC and remained lying between their legs and have openly and curiously watched by lifting his shirt a little breeches, like a mighty dick in front of her nose fidgets on the current pussy. From the surging emotions she could not stand it and passionately vlizalas in pink ass hole razbannoy Makarova wife. Wife zaohala broaching.
- My you're a girl! - I felt it Arishkin tongue in his ass. -Let's Turn around. So it will be more convenient.
And she turned her back to Makar, and face-to-Arishki. Makar continued to emphasize accustomed to such a dick pussy Zhinkin and Arishka now with pleasure licked once and solid trunk and delicate razverzshuyusya on him a scarlet slit

Blog Betty

However, I was not alone here. My friend, Martha, 17, also paid much attention to this literature. We saw increased interest in books and magazines, where you can see all forms of sexual intercourse in a well-illustrated with photographs and pictures.
In the evening in honor of my birthday guests gathered. Among them was a friend of the family, Fred, one of the father's companions about the company. He was a tall, handsome man 45-48 years. When dad was on the road, Fred often visited our home, and we all loved him. Together with him the first time we were visited by his son Ram, a university student, where he studied at the Faculty of Law. It was a nice guy age 22. He came from England on vacation. We have introduced and we, along with Martha and the other girls made fun company. The guests left late, and I invited Rem visit me in the country, to which he agreed.
Two days later, the pope went to Oslo, and in the evening Fred arrived. He was, as always in a good mood, and brought with him several boxes of film. He was a big fan of movies and uzkolentochnye were his hobby.
Previously, we viewed together his films, but today for some reason, my mother told me to go on a visit to Martha and pictures they see for yourself. Previously, when my mother sent me to walk, I did not have any suspicions, and today some distrust has crept into my soul and I decided to cheat. Pretending that I was going for a walk, I purposely slammed the door and quietly slipped into his room. After a while I heard zastrekotal unit and heard the sounds of soulful music. I quietly opened the door and looked into the living room. There was no one. The sounds came from my mother's bedroom. I looked in a loosely closed door and saw a small screen that hung in front of my mother's bed.
What I saw made me into a state of astonishment on the screen. It is a naked man with a high protruding member hugging a naked woman. Then he laid it across the bed, raised his legs, which were on his shoulders and began to push his huge cock between her legs.
Then he had something to do with it. I stood like petrified, unable to tear his eyes away from the screen. Suddenly, the tape ended and the machine will automatically stop. I shifted my eyes and saw my mother with Fred.
My mom, cute, beautiful, wonderful mother, to whom I worshiped, sat on the bed completely naked in the arms of a naked Uncle Fred. With one hand he held my mother's chest, and his other hand was somewhere between my mother's legs. When pinkish light lamp I clearly saw their naked bodies. Fred hugged her mother, their lips have merged in a long kiss and my mother sat down on the bed, legs spread wide bent.
Fred lay on top mother, and both of them breathing heavily. I almost cried and I do not remember how ended up in his room. What I saw shocked me, buzzing in my head, my heart was pounding so hard that it seemed jump out of my chest.
However, these pictures I saw Martha in magazines, but in fact they were painting, and it is a reality ... and my mom.
I inadvertently touched the hand of their genitals and immediately withdrew her hand, it was damp and hot.
At night I dreamed of naked men and women. I woke up in a state of anxiety incomprehensible to me, and fell asleep again anxiously.
In the morning my mother called me to lunch. I looked at her, but did not notice any changes. She was always fresh, and today is a special beautiful and was in a good mood. I even started to think if all this I did not dream. All day I was walking alone in the woods, and in the evening went to Martha. She was glad when I get home and pulled out a whole bunch of new magazines, we eagerly began to consider. Now I looked at the various special interest in the items of pornographic photos, comparing them with the recently seen house.
I was very excited and told Martha about the motion picture that accidentally peeked yesterday. About Fred mom and I, of course, I did not say anything. March listened to me breathlessly. Then Martha and I had not seen for several days, as she and her mother moved to Copenhagen. I went for a walk with her friends, fearing to share with them their experiences. In the evening, Uncle Fred came in his car and brought a letter from the Pope. Now that we know about the relationship with the mother's Fred, I was on guard, and knew that it would be in the evening. After dinner, my mother casually asked what I was going to do. I said that I would go with the girls to the park and come late. Just not very good, my mother said, and I went to get dressed. As at that time I decided to cheat them. Stepping into the corridor, I slammed the front door and tried to hide in his room, but some devil spurred me and thought, I slipped into my mother's bedroom, hidden behind a heavy curtain. Fear and excitement I was pounding in his temples, but had to wait for long. Soon Mom and Uncle Fred went into the bedroom and began to undress quickly. Fred wanted to put out the light, but the mother said:

The story of how I was deprived of innocence

- Hello! It's me. What are you doing? - Simple and carefree asked my first love on the other end.
From this sound painfully familiar voice I almost dropped the spatula to remove the pancake from the frying pan, which, incidentally, is now burnt.
- Miss you ... - I said, how can more erotic voice.
- Really? Then, maybe, we'll meet, and you can tell how much missed?
At this point I introduced a contented smile of a man who always feels like a winner.
- Agree. When?
- An hour later, I'll come after you. Ride.
- Waiting.
I hung up the phone. Today or never!
At nine o'clock in the evening, as promised, at the door of my porch was gorgeous black


We often hung out with friends in expensive clubs, hookah, girls. It was everything. And perhaps from this permissiveness and raspizdyayskoy life I completely lost interest in something serious. In order to properly get a job, I needed a graduate degree. This alone made me go to school.
Function, I chose was basically patsanyachey. In time students were not a group of girls. Yes, and it was still me.
I worked in the office of a friend's. The pay is not very good, but it was Freestuff Inet. And I could secretly from his superiors to burn traffic.
One was particularly boring, and I decided to go to the city chat. I was never involved in the internet stupid love, so go there with the idea postebatsya. Pin up girls quickly bored silly, and they were strashnenkimi.
One day I was attracted by a photo hanging in the visitor's yuzerinfo. The girl was on her very pleasant. Mirror-large turquoise eyes, brown hair, smooth strands falling on bare tanned shoulders, plump and flavorful sponge, a little spoiled restrained smile, look angry cat - not a girl, and expensive porcelain doll. I could not resist:
- Hey, doll, - I wrote in private.
- What do you want? - She asked.
- Looking for a beautiful, - I wrote stereotyped as nothing else came to mind.
- I have enough Me without you, - she said sternly.
Dolly was harmful. I had never received a rejection. And this of course made me angry and insulted.

Forbidden love

He had long wanted it, comforted myself with the hope that it was with her, such as innocent as he, himself, he finally it will be able to lose her virginity. He quickened his pace, caught up with her and wrapped his arms around her waist.
His mind was boiling, conflicting feelings struggled in nem.On understood that on the one hand what he is doing is wrong, because the relationship between teachers and students should not cross border business. But the feelings still prevailed. He suggested that she did not go to school, to which she replied to him only a smile and a nod. Vpredverii coming his blood boil, he has not pondered what to do. From an overabundance of feelings in the unfortunate historian, shaking hands. And then the unexpected happened. For Gromov it seemed terribly awkward. The hands began to shake even more, and the ice cream fell on the asphalt, smeared with Olin's hand. Gromov was confused - she is suddenly seem ridiculous, then he can not because of this, to take advantage of a real chance of losing innocence. He timidly looked into her eyes, trying to find even a shadow of a smile. But they emit only heat and were filled with desire.
She slowly began to lick an ice cream with his graceful hands, uttering a soft moan. We have already started to rise Gromov member. He realized that the retreat has no meaning, no power. He could not wait any longer and offered to go to his house right now.
Walking past the shop on the corner, Olga Gromov asked to buy a pack of condoms at a time until he would come home and cook all. He told her to go back no more than ten minutes. She let his words deaf ears (very vain! Note. Author) and come with a delay of five minutes. He was waiting for her in the hallway. She entered the apartment, eagerly looked at him, he threw the textbooks aside (it is still and held them in his hands, Gromov - goat - do not even bother to help the girl Note the author!). And passionately on the neck rushed Gromov. He gently pushed her away, saying:

Let's get acquainted!

She has medium length bright red hair, a growth of about 175, only clothes as something not very common too, as it turned out it was not going to the club and it is sblatovala older girlfriend. They finished their Absenter, and went into the hall. The club life I'm 16 years old, and when a year ago we were able to organize their own disco in a huge metropolis, I was not going to give up work for decks, but the position of the founder obliged to more serious thoughts, and I allowed myself to reduce the music only during the day when it was a minimum of personnel.
I sat down at her place behind the counter where you can see the whole club, opened the brandy and saw the most beautiful woman, she was dancing near the bar in front of me almost five meters. She transparent blouse, no bra and very well could see her dark nipples, she was a virgin so sexy that my dick is already unable to cope with the tight swimming trunks. I decided to act! I said that I am a creative person, and as no one able to work with a microphone, and as it was necessary to me today, not tomorrow or when - else, the plan worked out immediately. That night I had a free apartment, my girlfriend went on holiday to the mother and the house was very clean! I went into the dressing room, where the exit to the stage already prepared to lead and said that the program was held today I paid him his money and after a few minutes under the stunned fanfare and squeaks youngsters took to the stage. That night I spent neskoko competitions in which participated and my red-haired, and so it looks like it sunk, when I said goodbye to the audience, she clung to me with both hands and never let go of that night. Wherever I went everywhere she ran after me, and how to explain what it's all just for her. Now I know for sure - it's mine !!! I called a taxi and offered dokinut her home with a friend. Along the way, some of the houses came out of her friend, and I'm almost disappointed that my will with her, but she confidently said.
- I'm going to see you !!!
On the way, we are already in full kiss, when we arrived, we took the supermarket more wine, champagne, candles and continued a romantic night! The apartment I have is small. But very stylishly decorated. For a long time we did not talk. I nicely her profile. Slowly, kissing every centimeter bares part of her still perfect body, baby skin, my favorite small size of her breasts, nice ass elastic, slightly hairy crotch. I've never seen a girl so wanted !!!!!!! ! Grease literally flowed down her legs is not even a brook, came a terrific smell, and I could not resist, and began to passionately lick all yummy! She has already finished second through 20. The girl already did not realize anything. Writhing in convulsions, and, of course, from a picture I had finished. We were hugging each other five minutes. I wanted it again, but now on a normal, kissing her all over her body slid down and down and now wanted to insert his cock as I suddenly turned on her back and she started to make me a blowjob. Somewhere, of course I'm a weirdo, and in the fantasies I like to imagine sex with a youngster, but this girl was so beautiful to huesoska that did not finish in her mouth, removing her head, turned back, crossed her arms over her head and abruptly put : OH MY GOD!!! She's a virgin !!! No cries of pain really nebylo, but for a moment so she squeezed my hands, after that long remained a trace of her French manicure. I fucked her for a long time, during which time she had finished five times. When orgasm She covered her face with sheets, but every half hour all repeated again.
Amazing !!! We did this insatiable ex-virgin sex before dinner. I finished it and then licked his own cum from her pussy during her orgasm. During the day I bought a meal, a couple of disks with movies and only now, after nine hours, I realized that he did not ask the name of his companion, it is also not particularly interested in my name, it turned out that in fact it does not matter, everyone of us had their own goals, which are successfully implemented! How do we communicate? Very simple! Back in the bar. When it met in one sentence!
- You look like a little red-haired kitten !!!
- Are you a tiger!
All night I had a tiger - it is a kitten!
I sat down beside her, bent down, kissed her ear, she opened her eyes:
- Well, kitten, let's get acquainted!
Light shock in her eyes. Silence. Awareness of reality:
- Come on! Me

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