My son Vlad (part 1)

    It so happened that my husband and I divorced a long time and living with his 18 year old son. It is clear that I was a woman, though lonely, but not deprived of sex. In previous stories can be understood that the sex I'm very versatile. I note that many of his adventures were captured in the photo, sometimes I like to view. Photo and some video scenes were hidden in specific folders on my computer.

    I worked as a manager in a private firm. In the morning I leave home in the evening. Son himself stands and to classes at the university, again comes the same before me. He manages to make the lessons go for a walk and eat. Most often, I just have not found him at home.

    And in a typical day, I felt that something is healthy, and I asked for leave home. Praed home quietly entered the apartment, took off his shoes, took off her robe and went to the kitchen. The thought did not even have that Vlad home, so call my son, though he quite summer, but a woman I had not seen him even once. North drink coffee, heard a noise coming from my room. I decided to see what was happening, and quietly walked to the open door. The picture opened my eyes I was simply stunned. The monitor went pornographic video with my participation. Vlad was sitting on a chair in my black stockings, my drives the vibrator itself in the ass, and a second hand jerked off his dick was not small.

    I was taken aback and just numb by what he saw. His head was clearly audible beats of my heart, like an echo of the drum. Panic seized me. What to do where to go, they do not fall through shame before her son. This was followed by panic yet somehow strange feeling. Oh my God, I realized that I was excited. Tolley from what I saw as my son Fingering, or omitted from the fact that he looks what his mother a whore. Underbelly treacherously whined and my pussy flowed like ice cream in the sun. The question was what to do next?

    After standing for a couple of minutes so I decided to still go in and talk with her son. I'm a decent knocked on the door and entered the room abruptly. Coincidentally Vlad at this moment as the time came. He was confused, his eyes widened, he blushed, jumped up from the chair, but it's nowhere to run.

- young man you please explain what is going on here?

    Silly question was of course, given the fact that the show monitor the vibrator is in his one hand, and the sperm dripping on his second hand.

- Mom I'm sorry, this will not happen again.

- of this? No more going to masturbate? You will not watch the video with my participation? Or budish take my stockings with a vibrator? What it does not happen again?

- Mom, I just could not resist. I happened to find these files. It all happened like something unexpected, I was bewitched by these scenes. You have a gorgeous body, and you are all so relaxed about sex.

    I did not expect that my son would say such words. Apparently quite a while with him did not communicate on the debt. This excited me even more. Approaching him, I took the vibrator out of his hand and told him that this is my thing, and for reasons of hygiene it is necessary to have their own, and do not use other people's. She took him by the other arm, which was sperm, held it to his nose and sniffed. The smell was like a young male. Woozy as a drug, I licked his hand and savoring evaluate its taste. The taste quite different than those of an adult male. Not as bitter and not so tart, probably because he did not smoke or drink.

    In my shorts I have been a flood. How to behave on and what to do not have a clue. I decided to ask or he already had sex with a girl or not. Lowering his head, he waved his head negatively. I felt anxious, but I still said it, well, so is sex with a man?

- Mom what are you really that I'm some kind of fagot?

- Well, how do you then explain the fact that my vibrator was with you in the ass?

- on your video it was like you had a guy in the ass and he trudged, here and decided to try it.

- judging by what I've seen you and it very much.

    He blushed as cancer and nodded. Naturally, I said, and as the ass does not hurt, does not itch, does not ache? He hesitated, but answered, said that the first itch, and since this is not the first, it is very nice.

- and you would like that you have someone else to have sex in the ass?

- Of course, it's nicer than to stretch.

    I pushed him back into the chair and took from a drawer in the desk anal lubricant with excitation effect. Lifting his feet for better access to his hole, caused the cream with a tube on the sphincter and gently smeared finger. Brought a vibrator, she made several circular massage movements, and pressed his Vlad drove in the ass to the ground. He groaned and sagged. I've never driven a vibrator in the ass forward, and in the final position just doing tremors. His cock began to fill and grow, despite the fact that he had recently finished. His appearance attracted me magnet, I bowed my head and grabbed it with his lips. Vlad already jerked in surprise, and I from myself did not expect. Sucking a deepthroat to please little boy and to show all the charm of a blowjob. This he could not endure, and his cock stiffened even more thickened and large flow of sperm broke into my tonsils. From this amount, I almost choked, and he laid hands on my head pressed it tightly to the eggs without letting me breathe. Cum spontaneously flow into the throat and I still had to swallow her whole.

    Pulled away from him, I took the vibrator and left him in a chair. Going from room to shower, he told him that the computer does not turn off when the forgotten see enough of these films, and take a shower, too, would not stop.

To be continued

Happy moments

Sasha said that we should pogovorit.Ya was so happy! First I went to the toilet and from thinking about it I'm all potekla.Ya wanted to masturbate, but still came out tualeta.Sanechka waited menya.My went for a walk with him outside the camp, They climbed over the fence, or rather he helped me, and I offered him a specially popku.My walked, talked, it was dark ... We sat down on some logs and began to talk about lyubvi.On said that he liked me, I, too, skazala.On thing he was delighted and soon asked me to close glaza.Ya did and felt his lips gently touched moim.On was about to tear my lips, but I did not let go ego.My sem.Ya minutes sucked it so wishes and has long been my pussy was mokroy.Vskore I told him that I wanted to ego.On joke pointed to his penis and told him-what? and I said, Perhaps da.On did not expect this, nd quickly undid his pants and I saw there was a dick 15-16 sm.On privlekatelnym.Ya hard and licked his head and drove a little tongue vremeni.A then completely took in rot.Mne ponravilos.Sasha is very quietly groaned then took me for my long hair and pressed to a member .I sucked for about five minutes, until suddenly sperm spray did not fill all my rotik.Ya proglotila.On received kayf.Zatem he brazenly began to feel my tits and nipples napryaglis.On took off my jacket, and then became the language of lifchik.Sasha licking my soski.Mne nravilos.Tem this time I nadrachivat his dick, so again vstal.Eto and proizoshlo.Potom it with one hand paw my pussy, which covered jeans and panties, and the other fingered my popku.On tried it more feasible to knead and paw. Popa I have the juicy, slim and kruglaya.Lyuboy would not mind, so that Sasha povezlo.Na log, we were not comfortable and Sasha put his clothes on zemlyu.On put to me and started shooting dzhinsy.Ya remained in shorts that were very mokrye.On pussy fingered through trusy.Ya realized that now he wants me to this was potrahat.Ya gotova.On took off my wet panties and ran a hand through my slender legs, then began to lick my pisyu.Mne was very good and then he had a bit of a member of my pussy and stuck it in my dyrku.On I immediately broke, it was a little hurt, but then I started getting udovolstvie.On quickly moved into my pussy a member, I even wider spread her legs, and hands touched him zad.No he would have to end, and then he stuck his penis and began to Suva in my anal.Ne vhodil.K Besides I do not ponravilos.Ya asked to continue to fuck me n pizdu.Ya village sverhu.On again stuffed pussy and fucked me quickly .Bylo so horosho.A moaned loudly and so felt the Erotichno.Ya that soon get orgazm.Mne was so good that I asked to finish it in a couple of menya.Vot movements and warm jet of sperm flowed vnutri.My I were tired, but very dovolnye.On still felt my body, and I am his paw chlen.My came into the body like nothing had me fucked byvalo.Posle this autumn again eight, but this orgasm I no longer poluchala.Tak I lost my virginity and advise girls not to be afraid of the first time ... Maybe I still will write something about my orgiyah.Poka!

Slut or a new life !!!

Well withdrew something from the threads in my sexual fantasies were my mother, I always masturbate on her and on her clothes, but my mother is just super, there is everything and the figure and size of boobs 2 or 3, in short between them beautiful, yes and still young.
When there was no one at home, I jerked off, was my mother in various poses as fuck her dad smelled her clothes. Then I still did not really know about sex, just to fuck girls need about between his legs and all. In short time passed, I grew up and to 14 years, I have already looked pornuzhki, I had a couple of girls, but unfortunately everything is finished, the girls I have cast you as you know me then fuck hunting, and they gave me only 18 years, shorter than they went.
HERE! I am already 15 years old, my weight 68 kg, height 175. Since all the possible fantasies with my mother, I had too much already in my head there was nothing new. Only then I started pristavlyat himself in a female role. I took the dirty laundry and mother wore on, of course I did not look like a girl, I was a kid, but still not so skinny, I lay down on the bed, took a pillow and fucked her, imagining that this mother, it lasted about half a year
It's summer, and now I'm on my way to the village to her grandmother, and not only the floor of the village I have relatives there. I love the countryside, in short, I probably will not tell you how we are there on vacation with friends, I will say one thing was cool. One day in July I went to cousin Vovka, he is older than me for a year.
- cool says I'm going to the kitchen, he ate.
- cool, Hey, is anyone going to eat? - Said Vova
- her grandmother ate, why are you calling me? What we are going to do?
- my sister is leaving today with her in the city, I asked to sit with a little, so I called you, that was not boring.
- it is clear he is asleep constantly look for him?
-I had last time was seen porn, look !!! - Vova laughed
- Come on - I said, and we ran to his sister.
They quickly gathered and piled, Lyoshka little sleep, we have included porn. We started watching porn was the usual, there is a girl does blowjob guy.
- See how she sucks! Cool! - Vova says and pulls out his penis and began to masturbate.
- Cool, what do you drochesh? - I'm in a daze, we never masturbate each other
- Yes, but what's wrong with that, unless you are at home not drochesh?
- Why masturbate, but one
- Are you stishnyaeshsya me? - He asked.
- No - with these words, I pulled out his penis and begin to masturbate too.
- When will stop, take out the cup - and points to the mug sisters.
I looked between my legs Vova and saw his penis, he was somewhere 16 cm, beautiful, the head was bright burgundy color and then I presented for a second as I take in my mouth to its full length. Suddenly
- Petya, are you so long looking at my cock? - Shouted Vovk
- just as well that you can not see? - I was frightened he suddenly guess.
- Yes you can, give me a mug !!! - Shouted Vovk
- on
I watched how he finished, I wanted so much that my mouth was, instead of circles. Then he handed me a mug and I finished the same. We went for a smoke. And returning began to look further.
- Listen to me already tired to masturbate himself, can you? A ? - Pointing to the soi member
- Fuck you, you can - on your showing
- let `s together
- let's
I went up to him and we took about three members from each other. The first time I held a foreign member was disgusting, the more that I even don `t know, in short, we jerked off a minute or two, it was not convenient, hinder each other's hands.
- I come to you first, and then you tell me - said Vova
- let's
In short, we masturbate each other, we both enjoyed it. So we jerked off for two weeks, then my sister, in the bath, at home, even at night in the toilet (it is on the street). Not yet turned up the case, in short we both got drunk, came home, and his father sent to the bath to wash.
- Petka, I'm tired to masturbate, I want the girl or something new?
- what?
- Suck me, how in porn
- Come on dick, suck myself
-and come together?
- Come on, just do not you dare tell anyone else I say fucked polnyy.-
- of course
We lay on the shelves Volt. And like on the count of three, but he lied to me, and when I kissed his penis, and he did not.
-What are you, let's - I was afraid
- you are a fool I do not vafler and you yeah - and whinnied
- on a bitch - I substitute him
- oh well not ssy - and he did not just kiss, and fully took into his mouth.
He sucked a couple of minutes, I liked it, but I would so take him, I'm burning with desire. I stopped him and said that it's my turn, he said that I have not yet finished, but I said that I want to suck, I have long dreamed about it. He did not mind. Oooooh how I long dreamed about it, it was amazing, I sucked and sucked, it's amazing taste.
- baby, cool suck
- yeah - I mychu
- let the bitch suck - he took me with both hands behind his head and began to fuck - oooo-aah
I liked how he fucked me in the mouth, his cock was not as big, and he came to the end. Suddenly he stiffened and began to finish.
-swallow bitch glotay- he shouted
I swallowed, it has brought me so I licked his cock and smiling looking into his eyes.
- I see you like it?
- really, just lovely, tasty
- But I've not liked to suck you, and you, too, you do not want me to end up sucking? You suck cool, you're a born minetchitsa
- I know, but all between us. I masturbate is not finished?
- Fingering myself, I keep my word
While we were washing, I sucked at it three more times, and I madly loved, though the mouth was sick. After that I sucked at it where possible and at home, where the parents slept, and in the bath, and on the street and in the toilet, and in the woods. The only thing I made him shave off all pubic hair caught in my mouth and it was not pleasant. I was he called me huesoska not a good word, but I liked it, I plant, I went to a female, because I already felt a woman. I was ready to suck any, but that's not their impaired a little reputation

Chapter 2. Deprivation of virginity.

I sucked at it naprotjazhenii months, I do not like it, although they were thought to become a full-fledged woman, but thought very little. But one peasant blowjob little as not cool, it all happened in the same bath. After extraction, he asked me, the way he got me alone already called Natasha, I myself asked him about it:
- Natasha let's try your pussy deprive virginity? -he asked.
- Vova, I read a lot, it's very bolno- sweet voice I replied.
- Did not you read how nice it will be then? I call Natasha you, though you suck just great, it is necessary and screw around? All girls go through it.
- Come on darling, just gently
- of course bitch - he liked to call me that.
When I knelt down, and began the usual case, I love to swallow cock completely, I feel the power over them. After two minutes of sucking, I let go of a member who was already in full readiness. He took the shampoo and poured himself on the cock and my hole, I was cancer. Penetrate it for a long time even though his cock was not as big, had a terrible pain, I screamed, struggled, but all to no purpose, he fucked up and he was drummed say the pain goes away, pussy do not believe.
He fucked me for about ten minutes, violently ended, before he could take out the cock like my pussy splattered blood, semen, and a lot of shit. I was humiliated, not just at the bottom of everything ached and ached badly, buzz, I do not get even a gram. After we showered, he brought what that cream, I smeared my ass.
- Now fully a woman - he said with a smile. - Did you like it?
- Of course Vova - I lied
- So the evening repeat
- Nooo - I was in a daze
- Why? I poravilos
- I've got a terrible let heal hurts
- Okay - he agreed
For two days I could not walk at all, but then everything went. He fucked me for a month, every day, sometimes up to ten times a day. After a week I started to fuck like a little, I myself jumped on it, and two, I went into a taste that I have forced him to fuck me.
As the saying goes all good things end, that ended in the summer, I went to the city and we have to meet only on weekends and is not for everyone.

Chapter 3: A real woman !!!

Once a week, this for me was very small. I decided to look for a way out of this situation. When there was no one at home, I changed clothes in the bitch, and fuck yourself bottle of deodorant, he was a member for more than Vova, so buzz delivered quite a bit less, this member is difficult to replace.
As the mother went to a friend for the night, and my dad just went on a business trip for a year, I dressed up, though not beautiful girl, I turned, masculine traits betrayed, by the way I was already 16 knocked. I decided to find some homeless person and give him at least suck, I wanted to try a new member, even though the hygiene, I'm just a whore last. Since in addition to the homeless, I could not think of anything, I resolved, drank a glass of vodka for courage and went on the road went into a stall and bought a bottle of vodka, for vagabond course. At night, I was walking about three hours, nothing could not find suitable. And finally, I saw a man standing near the store, asking for money to buy bread. In the view of 45 years, so I approached he spoke for the life of the state and offered a drink with him. He led me to some basement. When I went there it was asleep the homeless face to the wall, well, we had started drinking, I myself certainly drank a little, more and more it poured, then sat down closer and gently start to stroke about between the legs, of course it was disgusting, but the end justifies the facilities. Soon he wanted to use the toilet, I said do not be ashamed of it, that is not moving away, as soon as he celebrated his need, I immediately sat down on his knees and took the cock in her mouth and began to suck, dick was dirty and smelled disgusting, but it cleaned tongue I sucked for about 10 minutes, unfortunately, he did not even react to my actions, I thought that I was cool huesoska I even impotent will make your mouth to get up after 40 minutes of my actions he vsyotaki stood up, it was 13 - 14 cm, but much thicker than Vova. I immediately took off her panties and just wanted to insert it me you're that kid? And I told him what a difference who you fuck, I'll buy another bottle, come on, please, I really want !!! And he said, before he could enter as a second homeless man stood with glory, so really want, and in one motion driven dick in your mouth, it was a man of about 35 and a member of his was that it is necessary, but not less than 18 cm, then they changed, they both finished 20 minutes later and finished on my requezt in her mouth. I wanted to get up and run away, but the younger man stopped me, but for me the night he raped two more times, I really liked it, as promised to come again. I came home covered in semen zasohschey, open the door and there my mother and her friend drunk. In short I have recovered to wash and sleep, talk tomorrow. In the morning, she did not say how strange evening she told me to undress completely and sit next to her, so I did:
- Well, as you like sucking dick?
- Yes mom very much, I love them - I decided not to lie
- You are all in me, how many members held in the mouth?
- three
- little, I thought thirty-three, you're all in the semen was yesterday? Why did not swallow? I do not like something?
- like, even very much, I'm ready to just her and drinking, he just wanted to face
- What's your new name?
- Natasha
- Slut Natasha you, show me your hole
I did so, and the mother started licking me there tongue, I have no one there is not licked, and then finger fuck, then two, three, until I came. Then the first time I licked her pussy. After a 10 minute rest, she asked me:
- Come on tell me how this came to life?
I told everything to the smallest detail. She thought and said:
- I'll find this guy or even better than two, but you're going to do everything I say because
- Good mom and three possible?
- Oh, you're a whore, of course you can docha, at least five
- Cool, mom and tell me about yourself?
- Oh docha that tell you all I do in the conclusions
- And now you have somebody other than the Pope?
- Of course, on top of two neighbors, three taxi driver, cop, and my boss at work with his deputy
- cool, and you three fellows tried?
- Even with five, you also try tomorrow, go to the sauna we Svetka (mom friend who I saw) invited two men
- Just two and three of us?
- Yes you do not worry, the last time the two of them also invited, as were five of them, they realized that we love to fuck, so they will be even more.
- okay
- that okay, let ka work, but the mom was excited.
I lick her for two hours, finished it ten times. Of course, too, nothing a lick, but this is the best member that is !!!

Who wants to continue writing, there are a lot of things to tell, and maybe someone wants to share with me their stories [email protected]


... It was in the year, the 60th or the 61st, the last century. I do not remember, but it was the American Exhibition in Sokolniki, VDNH'a from the US. About now I will not, but the reason the story was just it.

My mother worked in the Ministry of Foreign Trade is not the last positions.
According to the list of the party committee and trade union committee issued two invitations in the form of tickets to a private visit to the exhibition in the suite of the official government delegation headed by Prime Minister Nikita Khrushchev.
As the reference year, when I was 12 years-Th -13 th. I grew up in the capital's nomenklatura family consisting of two members: mom and I ... to indulge my mother beyond measure, clothes bought from speculators on Kuznetsky Most, or Stoleshnikov, toys, I had those who were not at my age.
Small I was not cunning, fast friends with yard punks and, despite the fact that it does not encourage, support all the pranks and teenage pranks ... In any case, without malice, the same age I sometimes Tapping that was not asked, reketirovali, taking pocket money and other stuff, but I never ran to his mother to complain or seek protection. "Do not" knock ", not to create problems, and by creating, solve them myself!" - Mama often repeated. And the refrain that I remember with gratitude all my life.
... And pulled me in our company hvastanut, I've got two tickets to this show. We do not believe it. I ran home to his mother to twist a blind, pulled out of the cupboard, where they were biding their time cards, and shot out into the yard to his comrades.
Tickets were really good: printed on expensive paper quality, eye-catching, bright, color as the cover noneshnie mostly glossy magazines ...
The friends they twirled, twisted, sniffing, and one even tried on the tooth.
And as such tickets nobody has ever seen before, it was unanimously decided that they vzapravdashny, and this in itself raised me in their eyes - I'm not lying.
The girls also came to watch, but who will give them their hands. And they are silent, huddled in a flock, huddled in a corner, and compassionately shooting eyes in the direction of our company, whispered, craning their necks to look at them as something better ...
The rumor that I am the owner of such treasure, blew with the swiftness of the current E-mail all over the yard and even into neighboring, quiet streets, which lie round the synagogue. I more than once during the day, had to run after them home, and I solemnly took out them from jacket pocket and showed curious ...
Even our very yard glavshpan Damir, nicknamed Kosopuzy, cornstalk and ignorant of seventeen, the son janitress, lively Tatar of Ryazan province (as of Ryazan all kosopuzye) and former sailor, quiet drunk Abdullah, came to look at it is rumored to be a miracle.
For a long time, like all considered tickets, spit, clicked his tongue with a whistle: "Wow-ah .. fyut! Wow-ah! ! Fyut "- and casually with its hidden, envy shook my hand at all, he congratulated saying:" Oh, Roman, fyut! such tickets ... fyut! you do not propad-e-NIL! Fyut! "...
It was my finest hour. I stood like a ruffled sparrow, legs wide apart for some reason, hunching his shoulders, twisted his head in one direction and then the other, and only that is not skipped, zyrkaet on the sides catching admiring glances stood in the circle of my boys. Never in my life have I had such a success. The first time I was at the top of fame and greedily drank, drank, drank from her eyes zaviduschih boys ...

Kosopuzy (! On it - that is another story ...) dogulivat last days in freedom, and all were wondering in the district, whichever comes first: zabreyut the army or go to jail. He was, as they said, - "holding" of all youngsters in the surrounding our quiet lane streets; It was arbitration judge in boyish disputes; collected tribute for the Sunday matinee at the theater, where the twisted film about Chepaeve or Alexander Nevsky. Smoked expensive cigarettes of the brand "Friend" tobacco factory "Java" and accentuated with no dependence on parents drank in front of us the very excellent for those far away days of "Double Gold" beer.
It is much more that I could do away with us, childish, proud of his friendship, fear, love for his cheerful disposition, independence and street justice. He was our teacher guide and a benchmark in this alluring yet forbidden, unknown to the adult world, in which we had yet to start ...
He knew that a lot of this world. Somewhere by deceiving course, talked about his love affairs, with relish, "Peter", - in one breath without repeating - with a bend cursed, and we enthusiastically on the fingers of thought, but in this bend words. It turned out not less than ten and no again, and where the most decent was the word "whore."
He told dirty jokes, which are not always clear to us were, but we are making smart and intelligent look, spitting through his lip over them forced a bellow ...
Sometimes, for a fee of one ruble (myriad state at the time for us), he later allowed Moscow and boring evenings out of hiding, and we are sitting on a theatrical performance spying as he tears up a little park in the near moloduh. And lurking dreamed that in the distant future, someday, when we grow up, we prodelyvat the same ...
We then did not even know that there is a word sex, and about sex did not know anything. We did not know that there is a relationship of the sexes. What is love, desire, animalistic need, but there is - Love.
We did not know much. But the illusion, and with it the confidence that children bring storks, was already a crack. We are already dreaming of delicious dreams that do not have concrete images, but so pleasant, after which the pants in the morning was wet, nipples on the chest at the touch were painful and pussy at its insignificance in the amount of it is also a name was not on the more obscure reared reason, stuck. A peel sliding down to the bottom bared swollen red from head flushed ...
It has not been discussed between us, but nature is gaining strength, it was clear the desire and pleasure, and will not pass us by.

... To all his raspizdyaystvu it was in Kosopuzogo weakness. And her name was - Zoe.
Zoe, of medium height sprightly lass age 16 was an orphan. She lived in our house. He studied at remesluhe with a medical slant, something like this college, in a communal basement. It was independent, cutting movements, and on the tongue, heavy in the hand, easy to walk and had some inexplicable languishing look. To be confused with the men and was often drunk. Maybe in his youth years or otherwise, why, her whole appearance was holistic, and can safely be argued: Zoe was neither beautiful nor plain woman. And everyone knew that she was trouble-free davalka. And that's what a witch was said in a whisper. And this whisper I knew what wives and moloduhi secretive with each other, that after meeting with her love their husbands and boyfriend became very stubborn and capable to hunt their charms. As she poured in them such vitality that they were carrying her long spilling. And not particularly murmured ...
Busty for short-cropped, linen, always rampant hair on his head. Deeply pock on a rustic, prominent cheekbones. With fluffy like paws spruce, eyelashes, cover with a little blue in kosinkoy eyes over which intricately Spikes dense as tobacco tarred mustache, eyebrows. Upturned snub nose propped his upper lip, so much so, that could be seen seated in small row over the surprisingly white-white teeth, which skirted sensitive, invitingly fruity mouth, which, while still not clear what will certainly want to insert something ...
Zoe in their parking for our presentation Kosopuzy not attracted; for the rest of her unlucky ignored. It was a splinter of his soul!
Saturday night Kosopuzy, led Zoe to the movies. And on Sunday, the day - in the cafeteria. There he bought her with an enviable constancy ice cream "Eskimo", a ham sandwich, pastry "Eclair" and a glass of milkshake. In the same sequence Zoe ate it all, and it was evident he thrilled sitting next to her. I not watched with relish as she ate everything put up a feast of what is called in the mouth, but stared at the floor, on top of the boots, and seemed to be waiting only, as she says, everything. Then he got up, silently took her hand, which was probably a kind of signal for her - it's time. A little passed forward itself clumsily, deliberately lazy, turning his head, with a beaming smile in the gap-toothed mouth, humbly showing his whole appearance: it was not he, but his lead even drag.
Until now, I still can not understand that it was a ritual lovers or some known only to them secrecy of correspondence, but that if it was a game, a ghost in his fancied predictable inevitability of tragedy.

The rumor reached and tickets to Zoe ...
Zoe beckon me to her bosom through his "inseparable" girlfriend, Svetka bad in all respects, and asks to see her ticket. And I already rather tired of running into the house to them, and to loose them, and blurted out:
- Dai tyknite, show!
Laughing, Zoe asked:
- And poking increased nozzle !?
- Yeah! .. - I choked and for some reason, I thought weighty, added - I bast bath wash yourself! Now this is funny, and if such an addition, by all appearances, so I thought I was talking about my not only independence, but courage.
Zoe, almost Fold in half bursting into hysterical laughter, barely uttered:
- You'll give the tickets? .. Dame! ..
- Yeah ... - without thinking about the consequences, I squeezed suppressed.
- Well, tomorrow, at ten o'clock in the attic of our house - Zoe appointed me the first date of my life.
- As you can climb the fire escape, ebunok?
- Aha! But I do not ebunok and Roma! - I said. And why, on the stairs? A staircase can not be what? - With the immediacy I blurted.
- And not to zazhopili. Through the entrance, I myself will go up. Since Roman, from hand to hand? Snorting?
- Look, a kitten, he asked for! And the tickets, do not forget, bring it! ..
- Okay! - All that I could, I gasped.
Zoe jokingly singing a song, "If the guys all the earth" has made a characteristic gesture with his hands, as if pulling the hips imaginary guy to him showing what he would do with it separately, and now the other guys turned around and deliberately, wobbly gait, retired. She asks, laughing unnaturally, trotted after her.
I razzyaviv mouth, confused look followed them into the track.

... No matter how the day lasted, but it ended with the sunset.
It is time to hurry and I had to go home.

... Proshmygnuv in its komnatnku, undressed, put on his pajamas and got into bed. Of course, it can not sleep. I currently only imagine how I would climb the stairs to the attic, it is dangerous and how do I do it's not noticeable. As I see it, in the attic of Zoe. As she settles on the floor. As zadert dress. As I lie on it, lowered his pants, podrgayus and ... That's all. Then these actions I had not thought. I do not even know what to do next. I'm from Kosopuzogo stories theoretically knew what to do next, but here's how to do was incomprehensible. Having decided that the place will understand or will guess and cleave at random I zatihnuv, fell asleep.
Then, as lightning, a woodpecker hammered in the idea, and how the tickets !? If I give them to Zoe, I tell my mother? She will ask: where they are gone, where I their cases? What is naive! I immediately came up with a story, how to treat them near the open window, when suddenly the wind blew, I could not hold them in your hands, and a gust of wind, snatching them out of my hand and picked up by the flow, they flew away. As I was looking for them for a long time, but did not find. Mom certainly believe. And rather contrived, was quiet and sweet sleep.

The next day I ran out into the street looked around, noticing no one to stop me, seeing as I climb the stairs to the roof of the house. And he began his rise to the most important actions of his life. I'm after some time, grow up! I will HUSBAND-Chi-NOY!
I tell everyone, all my comrades I met with a woman and how otebal ITS pussy! I will not dissemble, then, for me, these components were not complete and there would be a separate and each lived their hidden, mysterious and this secret life. And the mystery of life, its top I am a 13-year-old boy, climbed up on the roof to solve ...

... Climbing without adventures on the already hot on a hot summer morning sun roof, climbed in the dormer window, he penetrated to the attic, lit only break through the thin slit like a searchlight in the night sky of the sun rays, no difference in the half-light, I heard a whisper:
- Do you think he will come?
- I do not know
- And if you will not come?
- I do not know
- And if you cheat?
- Do not cheat. Tickets take you.
I jumped from the window to attach to the ladder in the three steps on the boards that were placed in the gangway between the rafters holding up, like a small cloud of dust explosion and stepped on the ladder to a subtle whisper.
Somewhere in the middle of the attic floor, blocking the passage, on the basis of the rafters, his back to me, his legs dangling, sat Zoya.
Tiny Solar lonely bunny frolicked around her neck, then jumped on one, then on the other shoulder, went down on his back, and a bright flash reflected on her white sundress was noticeably faded in small black polka dots with a bead, blind eyes in the darkness.
Next, below, so that only his head was visible, just sitting on the ladder she asks. They both heard my shuffling, to not stumble steps and turned around.
I came closer, closer, so close that my knees almost touched her knees. Zoe, her head down, bottom-up, sideways, grinning, said:
- I Came, ebunok !? And the tickets as promised, brought?
She asks in a full chest, took a deep breath, so that the swollen cheeks, gathered in his eyes slits, leaning forward, his whole appearance and facial expressions on the face of inveterate ulcers was question brought-to-c .. And posleny?

Autumn day

I sat and spoon podzavyavshie picking lumps of bahchvogo plants. And then I thought: what if I invite my classmate Alina to her because I have one at home will not be until the evening! I finally ate the watermelon, washed it down with water from the tap and went to look for the phone. It is as always lying in my room and I began to remember to dial: 32 + 02 + 94 mine-so! (I rarely call her). Long beeps + and that's sweet voice responds, "Hello?". I shuddered as much of that voice! On the phone he sounded more beautiful than in real life! I hesitated said that invite her to him but she said that the rain and her reluctance to go anywhere. She was silent for a few seconds and said, I do not want any better I come to her? I certainly do not agree thinking! We had a nice goodbye and I hung up. And then I came up with an idea: "What is it After all, before it was so touchy that even in a movie with anybody did not want to go? !!!" Yeah shit on it !!! What I think ??? I gathered the girl in the apartment and I should be on such nonsense thinking !!!

I ran to the bathroom bullet has replaced "family" cowards that I sleep on sexy tight my boyfriend, "melting", I found the right jeans and T-shirt. Then no more slowly than in the bathroom ran into the hall and put on your favorite jacket company "Lonsdale" and bullying sneakers. Well, where am I without her plaid cap)). I'm ready! Here I am already on the street and go to the trolleybus stop! Plaque-fly !!! I stood in the rain and the IOC probably 15 minutes as well as luck would have "beef" all was not and was not! And finally, it has arrived, I jumped and stood behind the window. The ride had done. Somewhere half an hour probably.

This is not Moscow where all brand new vehicles and trolleybuses Stavropol where all the old and zasratye))). And, of course (as without it) in his roof was leaking in almost all places! Well nothing! Such fines could not spoil my mood !!! So I drove up to the coveted home where my girlfriend lives. I came out of trolleybasa and headed for the entrance. He was the closest to a halt. And coming to the door, I remembered that I wanted to buy wine! I headed to the nearest store. I was lucky, there was wine and vodka department.

I bought according saleswoman good wine at 200p. And now confident step toward the entrance. I rang the intercom and she opened the door. I wanted to climb the elevator but when he arrived there, I saw a large puddle there are fans piss in elevators. Then I went on foot to the 6th floor. Entrance was no better than the elevator And now - 17 flat! As it turned out she was waiting for me at the door. I got in and she kissed me on the go on the lips that I had not expected from her. She took my hand a bottle of wine, left her in the room while she went to the kitchen for a glass and a corkscrew. When she came in, I realized that I could not wait any longer! This chiseled figure! These legs! These breasts! This moderately large and elastic ass! Then I rushed to her and kissed her on the lips first and then in the neck. Wine glasses and corkscrew fell on a soft carpet and we are continuing to suck fell on the sofa.

I started to take off her shirt, she did not resist, I went on, I began to pull off her tight breeches. And when she was in his underwear, we got up and she began to undress with me already! We stayed in his shorts and then pulled them both with each other. She was beautiful! Pubic hair was the same color as the color! And then we fell back on the couch and lay down in a pose 69. When she began to suck my "friend" that he grew up just obscene proportions! I licked her pussy while massaging hands of her breasts. We finished at the same time and she swallowed all I nakonchal, I licked her little Concha that smelled good and was quite tasty.

Then she jumped up and ran to her room. I thought that she did not like something or someone rang the doorbell. But to my surprise, she brought a wild pack of condom !!! I asked - how? She said that this is the case, and bought! Dick I had at the moment is very big and it just did barely pulled this same condom on it! Once it is finished, I threw it and finally entered her schlku. But I prevented the hymen, and then I poked with a bang in there! She screamed. I continued planting her and she began to moan from the buzz! Several times we changed the position, I top! That is it! What do I put her cancer! And lope time we had finished, I do not know.)))) And here we are exhausted disengage and simply fall on opposite sides of a wide couch. Slightly rest, we picked up the glasses and corkscrew, I opened a bottle of wine and we are happy to drink it all. Saleswoman not lied - wine really turned out good. Even a little after sitting in it, I went home last kissed her on the lips and pomatsav tits. After that we Whew met almost every day!

In the country...

I have a cottage near Petrograd, and I in the summer after work on the machine usually go there tkv heat in the city nechego.Odnim do so in the evening I returned to the cottage, and washed, and sat down to watch televizor.Vdrug the yard I heard chey- a voice came out onto the porch to look and found a young girl at the gate (at the same time, I immediately noted tanned and slender legs and a fairly well-developed breasts without a bra), who asked me how to get to stantsiyu.Ya explained to her that the train is already at Peter will not (while it was already 10 pm), she was upset and was going to leave, and then I asked her to spend the night with me in the morning when I go domoy.Uzhe zametil.kak impressively she looked at me, but thanking agreed.

We went into the house, I made coffee and asked her, she raskazala that came to the country to her friend, and there were guys oersteds began to molest her and she barely escaped ottuda.Ya nodded and blushed slightly when he noticed that she was looking at televizora.Delo screen that I was watching porn and masturbate at the same time (when it came) .On the screen at this time 3 men flogged a woman in all dyrki.Ona sat in a chair and stared with interest at ekran.Tak as a second chair in the room there was, I sat down at her feet.

Then she stood up and offered me a seat and asked me to sit on koleni.Ya soglasilsya.Oschutiv her ass through the fabric shorts my cock instantly hardened and began whining from vozbuzhdeniya.Veroyatno she felt my hump under its popkoy.potomu that began to fidget and quietly asked put my hands on your nozhki.Ya complied with the request, and at that moment as if I came down with uma.kogda I touched the silky and soft skin of her legs, I faced a wave of such pleasure, I began slowly to stroke them and heard my guest start faster and louder dyshat.Togda I grew bolder, and his hands began to rise higher and higher until my hands were not under her yubkoy.Ona laid her head on my shoulder, closed her eyes and asked to pet her between the legs.

I was burning with excitement and ask me it was not necessary, and so I wanted to quickly touch this coveted triangle hidden subtle matter trusikov.ya her put on her bump her pisenki his hand and began to stroke e.Ona became louder moan and dyschshat me ear, then took my hand and she shoved my hand into his trusiki.Ya kkakaya felt hot and wet snapping at her and quietly asked if she likes what I delayu.Ona prostonala.chto would like me to kiss her between nog.ya stood up, put her in a chair, legs parted, pulled up her skirt, grabbed the edges of her panties began to remove them from her, she helped me by lifting his ass and now the panties flew off to the side and in front of my eyes appeared naked with gentle fuzz of blond hair it pisenka shiny with grease.

Without thinking, and not realizing what I was doing, I put his mouth to her schlke, stuck out his tongue and began to lick her schlku suck her clitoris, biting ego.Ona began to moan loudly, twisting her ass and rubbing pisenkoy on my face, and then finished with a groan. I pulled away from her, unbuttoned his pants, pulled out his excited dick and sent it to her litsu.Ona raised her eyes on my face she knew that I want to kiss my pulsiruschuyu head of the penis, licked her, I took her hands behind his head and pressed .

My cock just jumped into her mouth and she had no choice but to swallow it and start smacking sosat.Sosala it, then I myself took her head and began to literally fuck in her mouth, she began to choke, probably my dick was too big for her mouth I strongly vytaschilYuopustilsya his knees, read in her eyes the desire to surrender to the end, he took his hand and put his dick in her hole between her legs.

He began to push hard until it schlku rested in virgin plervu.Togda I pulled it a little bit, and then a sharp movement scored it between nog.Ona issued a scream, but my penis is fully slipped into it.

I gave her time to get used to his size without moving ney.Na chair emerged a little krovi.V that moment she lifted his shirt and bared her sisechki.Ya immediately fixed his lips to her nipples and licking their fats and now she is beginning podmahivat his ass, fuck offering e.Ya slowly and very carefully began Tarhan her vagina while caressing her grudki.Chuvstvuya that finish now, I have become sharper and stronger insert his penis into her, then abruptly pulled it and started showering her pussy cum . She smeared my cum yourself at pisenke and thanked me for defilement delicate ear. Then we had showered and went to bed, in the morning she went, but no data itself is not left, and I still remember it, enjoying the possession of the body of a young girl how I felt then, and I realized that I really love to fuck it is young girls for their spontaneity, tenderness and beauty ......

The newcomer in the class

I just - just turned 14 years of age and hormones in my body were a complete mess, and here spring manifested itself all took off their heavy winter clothes and changed into legenky jacket, and the girls wore short skirts else and it turns me on even more.
Well, here in the morning, as usual I went to school with his friend Serega. Approaching the school, Serge said he was going to smoke for the school, and since at the time I did not smoke, I went to school. Going to school, I saw at the entrance of a beautiful girl, but she was not a student of our school.
When he came into the class that I was, struck first is that all our girls gossiped about that in our class come new. And I realized at once that that girl will learn in my class.
When klassuha came to us in the class, and with it has come, and that girl I saw at the entrance, everything fell into place. Her name was Vic. On that day I have not regretted that the optometrist allowed me to sit on the second batch and since it was put on her glasses first just ahead of me.
I sat at the number of antler (the school of the old buildings and all the rooms have been built, so that my number was furthest from the teacher's place). During the break we met. By the end of the day I realized that the crush on the ears, I have everything in it was maddening. Soon we made friends, went to school discos and participated in the concerts. And I dreamed at night, according to quickly start the next day, and I saw her at school.
Since I was sitting behind her that my eyes opened her white panties when she bent to write in a notebook and a bra when she came in his semi-transparent blouse. And in those moments my cock was getting tight as once.
But as the saying goes, everything has its beginning and end, and so came to an end and the school year. And we had arranged a disco in the classroom. There we kolbaselis as they could. I have several times asked her to dance with me ballad when I hugged her that my cock stood up as the count and even a couple of times I thought that she felt it. When we danced, I saw in her section of the breast but not too deep and black bra by the time she had big breasts (according to the 14 year old boy) Well, probably the size of a second or even a third well and so close to the end of the disco I tired but bold approached her and told her that I need to talk to her is not who did not pay attention, we often went to talk to the guys with the girls. Our class was located on the 3rd floor next to the stairs, but we went up to the 4th floor (on the fourth floor, we had a sports hall, and on the other side of the auditorium). There I stood in front of her told her that I want her (though to say that I love it) you know that after that my chances fell below zero. At least I saw from her eyes, but she did not say anything, but rather all stopped talking, I realized that this was my chance, I hand picked straps dress and removed her from the shoulder, then repeat the same with the other strap, but her dress not as I did not want to show her bra and I had to lower it dangling his stomach, I looked up and saw her black bra and my cock stood stake.
I gently kissed her neck and kissed her arm around his shoulder unbuttoned her bra and saw her breasts with rosy nipples which become elastic. He kissed her on the lips, took her breasts in his hands and began to knead, but very gently and then she first races in all that time groaned, but not loud. Then I began to kiss her breasts, gradually picking up closer to the nipple, kissed, I took it and sucked it, and she moaned again. Realizing that she likes it, I'm with the other hand began to pull at her other nipple. Fondle her breasts, I decided it was time I pulled off her dress and saw her panties, they look, so it seemed to me that this is not the panties and triangle sign indicating that I should immediately go there. I did, was to take them with her, but she grabbed their hands. Realizing that I will not be able to remove her panties, I took it, pressed her against the wall and began to slowly make their way into her panties hand then she whispered, barely audible voice does not have to, I do not want to, I'm afraid but I did not listen to her. Because by that time, I have a hand caressed her outer labia, they were so soft and slightly moist. Pulling out his hand, I one sudden and strong jerk took off her panties and found her pussy. Kneeling, I started with the beginning of the hand, and then the tongue to caress her and then her pussy opened, and I saw her rosy inner lips sex, and I'm so excited by this that so much sucked them, and from this she moaned and began to breathe very fast. I quickly took off his pants my cock got even harder and I, knocking her to the mat spread wider, her legs decided to slowly insert his cock in her pussy, but accidentally pushed so hard that she cried so hard that I thought it had heard, but the music is too heavily played in the classroom and everything turned, he pulled out his penis, I saw it in my blood, but I did not stop (it was, feeling that I was possessed by the devil) I lay down again at her and saw that her cheek is rolling tear I asked hurt she said yes, but I have inserted her his penis and she moaned I quickly began to move, and so she began to moan even more, but no longer in pain and excitement after she had finished, and this finished I was right in it. Then he sat down on the mat, she took my penis and began to masturbate, from this my cock stood up again. Vick, telling me that he wants even knelt down and leaned on his hands turned to me his elastic ass I thought she wanted me to her otimel in the ass, but once I started prestrivatsya she said, fuck me again in my torn hymen.
At this time my penis has become more gently to enter into it, and I began again stared her pussy accelerating movement. Slow down and removing his penis so as not to come, I sat down, she turned to me and said she wanted more. I got up and helped get her seated on the window sill, throwing her legs on his shoulders and I opened a beautiful picture of her pussy so abundantly stood out grease, I ohuel and began to fuck her right on the window sill, with pleasure that my cock yuzal so soft it I took her nipples and began to caress her fingers from this nipple further tense and we finished at the same time.
Tired but satisfied we got dressed and went back to class. True to this, we went to the bathroom to freshen up. Coming out of it, Vic asked me if she was pregnant, I told her that no, although he did not know, but I had to comfort her.
In a class that no one noticed. And after disco we dispersed to their homes.
All night I did not sleep, and recalled how I was good and it had to be repeated.
The next day I went to school there and saw Vic, she looked like a full-blown bud and beckoned me by an unknown force, I went over and said to me yesterday was very good, he said that he had long wanted to do it. After homeroom, we all moved from house to house, but this time I did not go with Sergey, and moved together with Vika in to the apartment of my friend. We came to him, I called him and said that I had the room to fuck he understood me immediately, as he was in his 15 years in such a connoisseur of this case, that all the girls yard fuck with him, but not only the same age but older than him for two years. At the door, he said to me, take the condoms they nightstand. As soon as the door slammed, I undressed and remained in his underwear walked into the room there was sitting on a chair Vic, I came up behind her grabbed her by the chair with his hands and took up her breasts and began to massage her nipples, then approached her, I pulled her so that her ass was on Vis and back lying on the chair undid her shirt, lifted her bra and panties began to caress her nipples tongue descending lower to her curls at the pussy and simultaneously massaged her clitoris. She moaned softly. Then I took off my pants and wearing a condom knelt down but it was too high, I got up, took a pillow planted under his knees and now I was just down the gentle logging in Vic, I began to slowly move but with every move I ever deeper and penetrate deeper into it. This position was comfortable and her and me she could kiss me while I massaged her nipples. Her labia so greedily devoured my cock, I soon she came screaming and moaning, and I came from the fact that her lips began to decline as a heartbeat.
Getting up, I went to the bathroom, only to shut the door, I heard footsteps and went to the bathroom Wick. I understand that she wants to take a bath with me, we took a shower around forty minutes all the while we were caressing each other. Coming out of the bathroom, we went to bed and fell asleep. We woke up, probably at five o'clock. Dressed, we went out into the street, where we have already been waiting for my friend.
I thanked him and we went for a walk. Then Wick said that she must go home, and that I should not accompany her went home but caught up with her, I told her that her only spend up to the court she agreed and we went at a slow pace on the waterfront since we did not have the strength. Going to court her, I kissed her and said that tomorrow will come to her to 10 am, and we'll go to the park.
Again, the whole night was for me the memory of what it was during the day and only in the morning, I fell asleep. I woke up and had breakfast, got dressed and went to Vick. At her house I was before the appointed time, but nobody came, the hour of N, but no one came, after waiting for it for an hour, I plucked up courage and went to her door was opened by her brother and said that she had left. And come only a week. I went home and killed the same I had all week, coming a week later, I again opened her brother and said that her parents sent for the summer as a punishment for something in the village. This news I was killed by the summer I spent in the dark.

As I typed essay

- Of course, come, 'she said - only half an hour, I'm gone, but the house will Lesch, he will help you.
Such an alignment suited me even more: Lesch, Yulin's older brother, long time I liked, with apparently not without reciprocity.
Knowing that, perhaps, stay alone with me popular with Lesha, I tried to dress better. That is, put the most beautiful underwear - perhaps to his demonstrations and will not come, but I have read that beautiful linen change self-awareness, and from there a special gleam in his eyes -, skinny jeans and a sweater that shows the figure to the best advantage light.
The door was opened by Julia, who was standing in the doorway in his jacket and tying shoelaces to go.
- Well, good luck in ohmureniya my brother, -ulybnulas it, closing the door behind him.
I'm here for half an hour sitting in the chair, and Lesch conjured over the computer: first my essay does not read from floppy disks, then the printer reported an error. In the end, the deal was done.
- Kiss - give, -zayavil Lesch, picking up the printed sheets over his head.
I got up from the chair and kissed him on the cheek.
- And I thought you liked me ...
- Like.
- Then we do not, - he said, kissing me on the lips.
I have not had much experience of kisses, but the difference between Lesha and his former inept gentlemen, I felt at once: in the past I have neither of whose kisses trembling knees and did not cause anyone's language, my contact with such a current surge. He firmly pressed me to her with both hands, and I stroked his hair, neck, neck.
- Wait -shepnul he was pulling away from me. I did not realize that the room door is not closed.
Lesch slammed the door, pinned her broomstick that could not be opened from the outside, turned off the lights and sat in a chair, motioned that I should sit on his lap:
- Well, we continue?
Leaflets with the abstract lay on the table ...
His tongue worked wonders: I was very excited.
While his lips explored my neck, I stroked his head, shoulders, back - so far as the unbuttoned shirt. When he reached some particularly erogenous point, I could not resist and dug his nails into his back. Impulsively he sighed.
- Are you hurt? I -zabespokoilas
- I feel good.
His hands have got under my sweater. God is good! I took off his shirt and stroked his chest, back and abdomen. He was breathing heavily and moaning. Fortunately, neither Julia nor his parents were not home.
He took off my sweater, took his hands and put them on the bed while he stood next to his knees and began to kiss me in the stomach. I just gasped with pleasure. My nipples stiffened bra and now only interfered. I stood up and unzipped it. Lesch pulled already unnecessary article of clothing on my chest and started it. When his tongue touched my left nipple, I experienced an orgasm, but such a violent, some never get turned on their own.
Suddenly his face contorted. I realized what was going on: he was a member, as the baton and zipper jeans hurt. I unzipped and pulled his jeans with shorts, free the captives. The first time I saw a man's penis, as they say, in reality, but instinct told what to do. I took him in hand and began podrachivat. He also undressed me until the end. His hand spread my labia, finger slipped into the wet cunt.
- I'll be the first?
I nodded silently.
- You're scared?
Lesch promised that he will do everything as carefully as possible, and buried his head in my legs. He kissed the inside of my thighs, licking vagina and clitoris ...
I'm looking forward to when he would take me all, but Lesch was in no hurry. When I was sick with desire, he climbed a little higher and then started kissing me in the stomach ... Another would be a little bit more and I would have lost my mind, but then he reached for hanging jeans on a chair and took out a condom, I put it on , lay on top and kissing me on the lips, he went into me. In the eyes darkened. It was a very strange feeling: a bit painful, but it is very nice.
- Are you hurt?
- I feel good.
He's not stopping to kiss me, and began to gently move. Now, was not hurt. It tolkoochen nice. I began to move her hips to meet him, he's a little more ... Then I accelerated accelerated ... He fucked me with full force, as the last bitch and I loved madly. I stroked his back, sometimes, in moments of particularly acute pleasure, lightly scratching it. The next orgasm was not long in coming. When he had finished, we were kissing for a long time, unable to break away from each other.
- I'm sorry, I'm too excited and could not hold out for longer, but if you want, we can continue, 'he whispered.
- Let's go on, but first change the sheets - I said, nodding to a small blood stain on the sheet.
- What for? So even more romantic ...

As I fucked two-drunken classmates tselochek

Once we came to sit at one of our classmates, a common thing, going to only a select few, including the two knots. Although beer was enough for them but have never managed to podpoit, do not drink it! But this time, each of them a couple of times to the bottles properly venerated. How much do the two have to play the virgin? Of course not! Soon they suffered and I enjoyed watching how with each sip by Janina neck glided drop of beer, getting it right in the top, which was on it. He showed the power of prekrastno nedetskiy her chest. There was a keen desire to lick the droplets.
-He can smoke - asked Tosh, my friend.
-Not in the apartment - frightened Katia, which cottage we once again boomed.
-Well leave, Th problem - and all smokers flocked to the hall, throw a jacket (winter, after all).
-Damn, and I ended ...- disappointed handed Tosh.
-Go to the store, buy, I'm in the money! - Received a proposal from Vova. No he did not resist and the crowd fell out of the apartment.
I myself do not smoke, so alone in the hallway looked around for classmates. From the kitchen came the laughter. Going there, I found sitting on the windowsill Anya, who poured from a bottle Beer Bug rasplostavshuyusya fun on the floor to Jan. She laughed in response and podstovlyala under the first jet head, and then the chest. This picture is clearly the case, I was excited. I just do something is always excited at the sight of this couple, and who does not excite my age, looking at the two sexual 14letnih girls ?!
-Well, you are creating a che? Beer because it is a pity, and Katya, too, because her clean!
-Oh - they were surprised, You Che did not go?
-I do not smoke, and you know it prekrastno!
-A drink - followed by the question.
-I Pyu.- Tip.
-Well, let's go, have a drink, I'll shall water - called Anya.
I walked over to the window sill, and sat down on his knees opened his mouth. Anya start pouring beer, without forgetting about Ian. At that already thoroughly imbued with the topic and could be seen in the details of her white bra. Feeling cheerful twitch in his pants, jeans, I corrected that was less obvious that I have got. Meanwhile, the beer in the bottle over and Anya threw it.
-Oh, I'm all wet - with a laugh Ian looked down at herself and staggered went to the bathroom, on the move taking a topic. Oherevaya I looked at her flat tummy, which was wet from the beer bath. Anne noticed my look.
-Ooh, yes you, Jack, eyes never leaving her! Do you want it?
-As such not want ...- smiling, I said.
-Well, take it - with these words of Jan disappeared. I got up and went after her, Anya, too. In the bathroom, Yana was not and we went into the hall, and from there into the bedroom. On ogramnoy bed, still posmeevayas, but with an impudent smile, lying Ian.
-Come on! - I pushed her friend on the bed.
I crawled over to Jan and whispered:
-Where do we start?
-Kiss Me!
I pressed his lips to her neck, and then to the very lips. Slipping between their language, I found them Yana language. He quickly replied. We have merged in a kiss. I do not think ochem could only heart pounding in my chest. Ian broke the kiss and smiled at me.
-Take it from me - she said, referring to the bra.
I hugged her to reach fasteners. Fingers rebelled and danced on the clasp lizginku, but by taking small, I undid her bra effort and recoiled from Yana to inspect the result of my work.
-Janka, you're super! - I croaked, admiring the cool breasts with nipples already hardened.
Jan laughed and his hands began stroking his chest.
-Lick me all!
I leaned over and timidly at first, but then more and more boldly, and began licking nipples simply licking them, biting lightly.
-Mmmm ...- moaned my classmate. She closed her eyes and leaned her head on the pillow.
Then Anya, about which I had almost forgotten, put his hand on my shoulder. I looked around. She had removed her kovtochku and stayed in the black bra. Looking into her eyes, I realized that she too wants me to play with her breasts. Anya kissed passionately again I looked at it as a whole, standing as I am, on my knees, and one sharp movement tore off her bra. It had just opened the chest I immediately clung and earned a language could more aggressively, more and more biting her nipples. Anna responded a languid moan, which immediately wanted to come. With one hand I began to knead Yankina chest, and the other to ultimately offer Anya's ass. Then I flunked Anya entirely on the bed and began diligently working language descend over her stomach. Reaching jeans and frantically began to unbutton them. Below them are shown in black thong. Fully tore her jeans, I looked at Anna before me lay in shorts, my classmate that I wanted from the fifth class, once started to pay attention to girls. Hands I spent on her hips, walked, sinking lower and lower, to the heels and prisosalssya to her toes. Then again he climbed up her legs to the thong. Jan meanwhile crawled and then start kissing Anna, then lick her breasts, and sometimes podstovlyala her own. I'm trying to remember this moment for life, ripped off her panties with my first girlfriend. Seeing her cunt in all its glory, my breathing finally hitched. Anne, feeling that it is no longer her last garment, raised her head and whispered clearly:
-Lick it! Lick my pussy!
Well, think of yourself, how could I refuse her! I approached his lips to her charming crack and started licking her, gradually increasing the tempo. Anya replied moan porn star:
-Daaaaa ... Oh my God ... mmmm ... mmmdaaa ...
I licked her pussy hand lapaya her buttocks. Then, remembering porn, I decided to try to stick her finger in the ass. At first I licked it himself, and then tripped Jan. She start sucking it. After waiting a couple of seconds, I continued to please Anya's pussy and began to drive blurred finger around the anus. Then I started to get into it a charming hole, I did it slowly and very carefully. Anya responded to my actions moans. That finger went in half, and that's entirely!
-LTD! Ahh ... ddaaa - she began to squirm, at this time Ian kissed her breasts. One hundred pounds, this buzz Anya has not yet experienced!
Her moans began to move in shrill cries, it is clearly approaching orgasm.
-Yes! Lick! Do not stop! Yeah! O yes! Ooooh!
Suddenly she arched and cried at first, and then just started to grab for breath. After about half a minute, she collapsed exhausted on the bed. I licked the juice that oozed out of her pussy. Typing it in RTO more, I moved up to Jan, and kissed her, releasing juices. Ian swallowed, licked her lips and purred:
-What you delicious, Anya - she smiled in response to a job you taste?
Ian turned me on my back and, with his T-shirt, began to lick her stomach. Then she climbed on me:
-Now look at Che's in your pants! Why, Anka - and fell to the lightning. I joined her and Anya.
The two of them quickly took off my pants, which I estevstvenno not prepyadstvoval. Then they carefully removed the pants and released long-standing dick. I felt the touch of cold hands and heard the cries of admiration. From the anticipation of what was about to happen, I closed my eyes. At first she podrachivat dick, he passed from hand to hand, and then someone from devchenok licked the head.
-Try it - I heard he Yanin golos- even tasty!
The girls began to lick and suck my dick, they made an excellent duo! Ponaslazhdatsya these new, but very pleasant sensations, got up and beckoned Iancu. She crawled to me, cunningly smiling and utterly without fear of what would normally play the virgin fear. We again kissed her, I felt the salty taste of my penis, and I gave the order:
-Take off your jeans!
Ian obeyed. And jeans flew off to the side of the hall, and I bent down to her white panties. Zubymi tearing them, I spent along the edge of his hand between her legs. Ian groaned, but remained its juice on hand. Licking his hand, I tripped her Anya. That immediately lapped up all of Ioannina release from my hand. I pushed Ian, she rolls onto her back. Jerk spread her legs, I enjoyed the view opened and moved towards her.
-But now, Yanochka, I will you to fuck! Having as the last bitch! You do not mind?
Its full of lust and desire to think I was the answer. I took the term in his hand, the reason they near her pussy and abruptly, once breaking her interjected. Ian cried, whined, but my immediate commencement of the movement made her forget about the second pain and moan with pleasure that she never experienced. I closed my eyes. Always waiting for this moment, I imagine how it will be, but did not think that so fucking nice! Pleasure dostovlyaet me moaning and Jan, who began to move her hips to meet me, trying to help me get into it as deeply as possible.
-Aah! Yeah! COR LTD !!! Fuck me !!! Do not stop!!! Deeper, please !!! Yeah! Silneee! Ohhh !!! Yeah!
Anya also began to play with my nipples, freeing me from the t-shirts. She licked it, played her fingers and looked at me, she liked to watch me fuck her girlfriend! It excited me to the limit, and I boosted the already crazy pace.
-Ooooh! ... I think ... yes !!!
Jan huddled in a powerful orgasm that made her arch like a cat arc and scream throughout the apartment.
I also felt that the approaching orgasm, but pulled out a dick from Yana to rest. Very much I wanted to fuck and Anna, too! I hugged Anna, looked into her eyes from which the stream beat the desire to be vyebanoy. She turned back to me and bent down. Picking up the sobering member I gently introduced into the vagina, much neater than Jan, and having rested in the wall jerked forward. Holler, Anne even jerked, but I began to fuck her, not so fast like Ian, but trying to reach the uterus. Every time I succeeded, Anya cried lasciviously. screams grew louder and more juicy:
-Ohhh yes !! Fuck me !!! Fuck !!! Deeper, bitch !!! Stronger!!!! Ahhh .... come on .... Damn, how horoshooooo !!!! I konchaaayuyu !!! Yeah !! Fuck !!!!
Anya huddled in orgasm, she frantically clutched the sheet and gasped for air. But I still fuck her, but I felt that I, too, finish and pulled out a member of the flushed Anya's pussy. Continuing to masturbate, I brought a barrel at Anya's mouth immediately crawled Jan and licked in anticipation of a sponge. I shouted, and a powerful jet of sperm splashed on her friends. They catch every drop, and I finished and finished. I was exhausted when my classmates were completely drenched with sperm. They lick each other and peredovat sperm from mouth to mouth.
-Cool ... Damn, now come! - Anne rushed into the bathroom, Yang her. I collapsed on the bed, then gathered his strength and smiling blissfully wiped a member of the sheet and began to dress. From the bath I could hear the splash of water and voices of the girls.

To summarize: drinking is harmful to health, but if you want someone to fuck ...

Access sex

-Good! - I humbly Tip - sit on my knees ... and then bench cool ... maybe ...
Nastya clearly caught my shy tone mixed with ambiguous sentence, and it seemed that it has brought her. She sat on my lap and so erotically rubbed his ass on my red fellow ... and he liked it! He was so pleased with this pressure that slowly but surely go up under the weight of Nastya's ass! I am so excited that he was ready to tear off her clothes and fuck for the full program right here on the bench - a summer night under a yellow moon. I slowly began to stroke his back Nastya. She was in a white tank top. Her nipples swelled and cockily brazenly sticking. After examining the back I switched to the chest. My hand slid over the first Nastya's stamp, and then zanyrnul inside. I began to open and close her breasts, fingering her nipples. My lips stuck into it. We kissed passionately, my hands kneaded her breasts. My cock reared up so that I almost tore my pants. Nastya certainly felt that way. My hand slipped under her skirt. Quickly swept over her leg, I started stroking her pussy on top of thong panties. Nastia moaned softly, began to curve and stronger cling to moeim fingers, which nesschadno fingered her perspiring pizdenku. And then she soskachila with me, took my hand and said:
-Come on!
And dragged me into the entrance. I did not know that it was there waiting for me, but whatever it was, I obviously wanted to. Going into the entrance Anastasia pushed me against the wall. I was stunned by this turn of events. With lustful gleam in her eyes, she reached down and pulled off my pants, my cock jumped with joy at the Rouge. Red shiny he stuck a peak, ready to be obloskali. Nastya held: "Mmmmm" took him in hand and began to stroke. her mouth opened and I felt her lips wrapped around my Swain. ABOUT! she sucked him furiously hungry Amazon. her tongue fumbled head, licked the barrel sponges. His handle it gently squeezed my balls. She smacked his lips and moaning. Suddenly, looking up from his work Nastya told me: "Tell me what I BITCH !!!"
-Yes, bitch, do not stop, suck, you're such a sweet mouth! 'I said, and grabbed her head in her hands planted on his dick. She sucked and sucked. I began to finish, my sperm rushed into her mouth. it was so much that Nastya pulled my cock out of his mouth, and I nakonchal on her face and on topic. wearing trousers and a pretty smile, I picked it up from his knees. She wiped off the face of sperm and said:
-Well, how's my mouth? Your friend happy?
-My friend at the same time would like to get to know your pussy, I smiled slyly.
-I'm a virgin and I think it is too early for such a love-me- it is a bummer but your reed would please her.
I spun Nastia to the wall, pressed his lips to her neck and slowly began to climb down, savoring her breasts, belly ... So I pulled up her skirt, pushed aside her black thong and bit his tongue in her wet pizdenku covered with light fuzz. Nastia moaned, grabbed my head in his hands and began to rub that clearly hurt the process. I squeezed her hips and hissed: "Stay still, damn!"
"Yes, more, more!" - Came the top.
My reed caressed her klitr slightly enters the vagina, my teeth biting her, my lips sucked her juices. She was a virgin, I reveled in this style! Her thighs trembled, and a groan of pleasure pierced the silence of the sleeping porch! She had finished and finished, without ceasing to press my head to her pisechke.
My penis gain strength, languishing in anticipation of the continuation! At the same time rising from the crouch position, one jerk I took off my pants. I moved in front of my cock and stared at Nastya. She once looked at me helplessly. My greedy lust, excited eyes made it clear that no quarter will be! I abruptly pulled up Nastya's skirt and grabbed her by the hips, lifted. Member rested in her wet and slippery vagina.
-There is no need to-pleadingly told Nastya, I'm devtsvennitsa - all her wildness and riot somewhere vanished, or rather passed me.
-We all once were they! I answered and a jerk he planted it on his count. Anastasia screamed, and began to struggle, but I can no longer be stopped. My cock entered with force into it. I felt something warm dripping and dripping from my cock. It was blood. Neperestovaya I fucked her virgin pussy. After a while Nastia ceased to flutter helplessly into my open arms. It can be seen and felt the charm of pleasure. She wrapped her arms around my neck and legs around the waist, and began to caress my ear. Her thong started to rub my cock, I yanked them aside privately. Nastya said in my ear: "Do I have cancer!" As a small toy, I took her with his penis and unrolled. She put her hands on the wall. She pulled up her skirt I said: "rastavit wider feet!" She performed my order. Though in the stairwell was dim, but my eyes opened seductive picture: standing virgin cancer with battened down the skirt at the waist, on the fucking legs wide apart, shifted to the right buttock black thong and dripping blood in the thighs peremezhku with the juices of the young twigs.
My dick in her hurried pizdenku. Nastia moaned slightly. I planted deeper and deeper, the most eggs, which was probably superfluous to its recently virgin pussy. Through tears tread Nastya whispered: "Once, yes, come on A sick No, no, do not stop!!!" And I do this nedumal member tore it. I increased the pace faster and faster! Hands I took up her breasts whenever they sotryasali my push. She started shaking orgasm. I felt her vagina stronger squeezes my cock, her legs began to shake, she wildly moaned and went limp. I picked her up and began dotrahivat. And I approached my orgasm, semen jet streamed on her ass, thong, dress ...
I turned her towards him and kissed her. In parting, yes Nastya said: "I'll never see, but never forget," she winked at me smiling, and stepped into the elevator. I did not say anything, just nodded. Lift I left, and I went home otstirovat his pants from the blood of a virgin.

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