Its the first time I remember very well. This happened at a party on campus, where I invited my friend. Almost everyone here was older than me. I sat on the couch away from drinking vodka and smoking marijuana. It was dark and smoky. Music blared in his ears.
Suddenly, blocking all sounds a loud argument broke out, then slammed the door at the other end of the room. Then someone sat on the other end of the sofa. I looked - it was a girl named Jeanne. Joan - one of those hard not to notice. It was large enough (but not colon) and weighed probably as much as I do, however, looked anything - quite pleasant in appearance girl.
She quietly darts and did everything possible to avoid being noticed. I knew her little brother Nicholas in my group of karate, so I thought that I have every reason to talk to her. In addition, Jeanne cried, and I would like to know why. So sitting down to a girl, I quietly asked what was wrong. She looked up, surprised by my attention to himself, and sobbed a couple more times, explained that a fight with her boyfriend, who was drunk, and now also more and ran away from her with a party. To get to the house of one now it was almost impossible. And if so, then it means that it will get cool, if it is late.
I gallantly offered to take her home. At the same time, of course, played a role and the fact that I was at this party, without much pleasure, because one came, and there is almost not a single girl without a guy. In addition, all around were making love like crazy. Andrew climbed both hands under her blouse Marine and Tamara launched her hand in jeans Sergei. In general, not the best place to sit alone.
I got up and took Joan's hand. She got up from the couch and walked beside me in this vicinity, I felt a warm body and a sweet breath at a time when she whispered: "Are you sure you want to do this for me? I, frankly, think that I could get on the taxi. " Jeanne huge breasts touched my chest. I'm still holding her hand, pulled the door.
When got to the car and I started to open the door for her, she suddenly launched me to him and kissed him, plunging his pink tongue in my mouth and simultaneously pressing me to the door. It seems that this kiss lasts for ages. I felt the soft breasts pressed against me. Jeanne put her thigh between my legs and started to rub against my hardening manhood. Finally, she stopped to explore my mouth and took a step back. I asked: "Why did you do it?" - "So you can be a gentleman, that's what !!!" Complete embarrassment, I helped her into the passenger compartment. I climbed into the car and asked how to get to her house. She once looked strangely and said, "Go, I'll show you the way." Her eyes reflected moonlight, and blouse, it seemed, was discovered more than before. The car moved off. Jeanne turned around so that her back was turned to the door and crossed his feet were on the seat. I did not present any difficulty to consider a black nylon strip material closely adjacent the crotch. Even in low light I could discern the groove that covered the entrance to the cave, which could guess a tight, few shine cloth. She sat quietly for a while, apparently waiting for, I think, do I have any movement in its direction or not. As for me, I can be, and have started to do something, but he was simply paralyzed happening.
Finally, Joan moved to me and she asked if anything had happened, with a hand pressed to my thigh a few inches from my excited friend. Stammering, I told him that everything is fine, and asked which way to go next. My right hand quite naturally fell on Jeanne's shoulder and began to play with the earlobe. She gestured in the direction you need to turn, and holding his hand over mine, pulled her to his chest and hardening nipples, which immediately came under my hand. I knew that something was going on, but was not yet sure what exactly! While riding, he continued to play with a curled small nipples while as Joan's hand entered between my legs and not have left any doubt as to what exactly is it intended to do next. She stroked and gripped member. I felt like my shorts wet spot was spreading.
Jeanne removed my hand from his chest and said, "Maybe there's something else, what would you like to touch? If you ask me, well, I will make it, but then you have to say what you want to do. I want you to describe what we do, and that at the same time feel. Agreed? "I gasped. Before that, I played the fool, and now, as it turns out, she would still talk about it. Then I asked: "Are you saying that if ask, you can play even with your hole?" Joan looked me in amazement and suddenly understood everything: "Are you a virgin? Yes? Oh-oh-oh-oh! In this case, I will do for you something special! "She took my hand and pulling her to her skirt, put back to where it was warm and humid.
"Look what you do to me", - said Jeanne and pulled my hand up, and then down to where was the heat and sticky humidity. I found the groove under the cloth and my fingers just would not have failed there. Then he stuck his finger under the gum and was in the bush of hair, right where the girls legs converge. She leaned back and spread her thighs even more, moaning slightly. I started rubbing elastic sexual sponges, and Jeanne, taking my hand, shoved it deeper. And then I found clitoris. I stroked it, and she moaned, and then even more sat back and was completely open to my view. My spear was already ready, and she, in turn, was opened fully to take it.
Taking off her panties, she asked me to pat "there, right there ... and do not stop ..." Jeanne rose and fell under my hand, while I caress clitoris. And soon she began to stop, compressing her thighs my hand, as if her every muscle was struck spasm. It seemed to me that the girl did hurt. "Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah ..." - leaning back, she curled into a ball, but this time I kept fingering her clit.
Finally we made it to her house. On the road, next to him was not a single car. She asked to stop, which I did, a parked car in the shadows near the house. Jeanne came, as far as possible, in itself, and thanking for the trip began buttoning her blouse. Suddenly she turned to me and asked if she could ask me a question.
"Sure, what?" - As if from far away I heard her voice. I was somewhat disappointed, and it was apparently seen by me. She was going to leave, and I was excited and satisfied. Well, it, as it turned out, wanted to know if she was pretty, in my opinion, or not. Stumbling and stammering, I still forced himself that it was good. Then Jeanne again start sniffling. And then I asked him what happened. In response, I heard: "Of course, you're the same as everyone else ... do you think that fat and ugly ... But this is not so, and I'll show you!"
Hands Jeanne began to unbutton her blouse again ... button for a button, exposing a white, almost glowing in the moonlight flesh. She took off her blouse, and a massive breasts jumped out. Hemisphere were magnificent, larger and more resilient than I thought, with huge dark spots in the middle and tiny, but hard nipples.
I was speechless. Jeanne pulled me to his chest and pushed straight to my mouth. I grabbed her and pressed his lips to the nipple. From it came an unusual smell, and I began to stroke and squeeze the other nipple. Meanwhile, the girl's hand again sought solidified lump between my legs and began stroking it up and down the entire length. I suddenly felt dizzy and I was back on the seat, and Jeanne hand is tracked and undid my zipper. Then crawled inside my pants and grabbed hard virgin cock. I immediately finished. Right on his hand and his pants. Just one movement - and the end. Jeanne smiled and asked why this happened, maybe because I liked it. At these words, the girl began to lick your fingers. It seemed to me that I was in a dream. Chest Jeanne in my hands and mouth. My best friend is rocking in the air and she is smiling ... Jeanne took two fingers relaxed my trunk and began to masturbate him, rubbing on it all spilled out of me. Leaning back, I enjoyed, feeling the gentle hand squeezes my process. Then the cock began to harden again. My eyes were closed, I was moaning and saw Jeanne took off her panties, but suddenly felt like she was on my knees and a pair of tender, moist lips furry animal clung to my flagpole. Then, as if he had a mind of its own, he found a hole in its hollow and dived into the warm flesh. Jeanne clung to me and began to move up and down in my trunk. I held his hands down in surprise and found the place where we were connected. In my hair was a lot of juice. Jeanne, too, held out her hand and began stroking cock. In fact, she caressed the clitoris, but I thought she was stroking my shaft, which grew with every second harder and harder. I felt that for the second time finish is not as fast, and immediately realized that he is no longer a virgin, and my sword is immersed to the hilt into the wet, squelching pussy.
Everything happened so naturally, spontaneously. Time spent with me Jeanne, to please her. And I was able to play with any part of this magnificent body, which I liked. The car rocked and creaked in time with our movements.
Suddenly Jeanne stopped and put his finger to his lips, let me know, so I hid. Her brother drove to the street behind us. He could not help but notice the frenzied activity in our car, and probably knew my car when I saw him in the headlights. What will happen now? I was making love with his older sister, and ... what could I say to him? !!
Jeanne saved me. When the brother went to the window, she said, "If you utter a single word, I will tell his father that all the time you dilute it with water whiskey. So a word, brother. " Saying this, she has not stopped rocking on my cock, which was like a steel bar in the molten furnace of her flesh. Huge hemisphere swayed and shook, and she continued to move up and down, up and down. Pressure inside me was growing rapidly, and Jeanne realized that I was close to getting to finish. She began to moan softly: "Come on !. Come with me-I-I ... I ... I want you to be entered deeper ... "I realized that she was about to finish, too.
Although the presence of Nicholas bothered me, I nevertheless four or five times abruptly entered her, then completely dead in the depths of caves. Jeanne cried out when she felt tears, and trembling all over, joining my joy.
Nicholas looked down into the darkness and said: "Well, you give a guy! Who would have thought! "This is the story of my first coming into close contact with the opposite sex ...

Office exhibitionist or a Master Class under the table

In his thirty-nine ekonomistka Irina looked amazing! She always watched himself on appraising glance men. And on the street and in public transport and at work, where she spent most of the time. She liked to provoke his colleagues, coming to work without the bra, then in a short skirt. But this strict special Carta (seemingly) does not allow a woman, but in her mind it was these thoughts prevailed. From the above it is not difficult to conclude that Irina was unmarried. Sex in her life held a high position, but without being one minute forty aunt (on the form she had never so much not to), she tried it in almost everything. She wanted some highlights, but special thoughts on this matter is not observed ...

Here the case itself suggested what she should. On that day, Irina came to work in a dress with a plunging neckline at the front. When she walked down the hall of the business center where she worked, then I saw the crawl on his forehead eyes held by her men. They intently watched the graceful gait of Irina and of course the same for her for a moment, emerging through the slit dress full thigh. Woman diligently pretended not to notice all these views and was as if nothing is happening ...

She came to my office, sat down at his workplace and began to lay out the documents with which she had to work today. Across from her sat her colleague. Little sprouts balding muzhichek. His name was Dennis. Irina always got along with him. You could even say that she was friends with him. During the lunch break, they always went together in a cafe and talked about everything. She trusted him completely. Denis was also lonely. Then Irina felt that he could not concentrate on his work and asks the question: "I wonder if Dennis masturbating me masturbating After all, surely?". She remembered one occasion when she went to work without a bra, and Dennis stood by and watched the flushed her unbuttoned blouse. Surely he saw her springy brown nipple ...

Dennis sat opposite and apparently is now his head was not busy erotic fantasies. He was completely recessed in the work. The other day he had to take the report of the authorities. He wrinkled his forehead, tense thinking and counting some data. Then out of his hands slipped handle. Falling under the table, it rolled almost to the feet of Irina. The woman realized that it is time to act! ... Dennis cursed and crawled under the table groaning. Irina immediately swung his legs with the expectation that when Denis will look for my pen, it will spread back and legs through the slit he sees what probably dreaming in his secret thoughts ...

Dennis was already under the table and a woman could feel his eyes Denis eat her feet. Irina has done exactly what is intended. Even a little bit more. She spreads legs slowly to Denis was able to see not only her full thighs, and her narrow white panties tight-fitting her big crotch. Yes! Denis saw it all. He felt the fire of shame and at the same time wild excitement burns on his cheek. He got out from under the table. Work Dennis could not. Thoughts were just about what he had just seen his bare feet like a woman. And not only the legs and even her underwear, which is attached so tightly that precisely delineated labia women. Denis member stood like a stone. Sit no longer had the strength. Something burknuv Irene, he jumped out of the office. Denis spent no more than two minutes in the toilet. The strongest orgasm covered man masturbating on a good podglyad. Yes, Irina was not mistaken, wondering "Is masturbating on her by her fellow"! ...

Irina was a very intelligent and experienced woman. She had no doubt that Dennis jumped out of the office is to have an orgasm, remembering her bare feet. The woman is a terribly exciting. Arriving home, the first thing she masturbate in the shower. She loved to engage in self-satisfaction and doing it almost every day, but an orgasm today was special! Here it is, the same zest! As she prepared for Denis tomorrow? ...

The next morning, Irina wore all the same dress with a deep cut in the front. Shorts has been decided to remove already at work ... In the morning Denis somehow peculiar looked at his partner. "Probably all night remembering Well, I ask you now, a colleague." - Irina mentally smirked. Everything went like clockwork. At this time, Denis "dropped" under the table is not only a pen and a cup with all kinds of pencils, pens and other office stuff. Man allegedly reluctantly crawled under the table. Irina was already ready. Her legs were spread wide enough. But not so much so that it was immediately clear its main charm. She wanted a little tease Denis. He was a member before he crawled under the table, but now an orgasm can occur even with a light touch. Full attracted strong thighs look poor Denis. They came together somewhere far away. There was something that was always thinking, our dreamer. Irina made a movement as if she had to take something from another table and spread her legs wider. "Taking the" right thing off the table, it is not brought down. The cut of her dress parted to the side. Denis under the table lost the gift of speech, and even, as it seemed to have stopped breathing. In addition to the beautiful long legs and another co-worker, he now saw the vagina. It seemed to him that he feels and her scent. This fabulous and alluring. Labia Irene were generously covered with black curls coarse hair, which had been wetted with her juices (Irina and she was on the verge of orgasm). Through the hairy folds of the outer lip scallop getting out of its inner lips. They also shone from the secretions and fluttered from every movement of women. Here Denis noticed how Irina hips almost imperceptibly began to contract rhythmically. Denis could no longer tolerate. He stuck his hand his pants and began to masturbate furiously. Irina also accelerated tempo. She spreads her legs and immediately clutched tightly them. Divorce and squeezed. When the legs parted to the side, Denis saw the wide-open brown lip, the middle of which is a huge gaping hole. Dennis felt his mind and leaves his cock rhythmically shoots hot cum flow. But even in foggy condition he did not take his eyes off her crotch, which let out a loud squelch directly at the man's face a whole stream of hot female ejaculate ...

He was still for a minute could not come to his senses, and sitting under the table. But to get out was necessary. Moreover, that Irina was sitting in a decent position with tightly clenched legs. Dennis sat down at his place. He was afraid to raise his eyes. Irina knew it, so I started talking first:
- Denis, I do not need to say anything right now. Here's my address. Come tonight. Will you come?
With these words, she held out a piece of paper with the address of Denis. Without looking up, the man took the paper and nodded ...

First time with a guy

Hello to all readers, whom I myself was. Well it's time, and I decided to write a story, so I hope you appreciate it, because this is my first experience in writing stories.

And so this story took place in 2003. I then studied in 10 class A, but the story is not about me. I think we all know what class of 10, when no examinations, and you can score on all the lessons, as well as young people all thoughts are directed in one direction, especially in the spring. And since this story happened to a girl named Oksana.
Olga was very attractive 173 cm in height usual figure with the second breast size, long dark hair and a very pretty face. By nature she was not humble and know how to stand up for themselves, that's why she was the head of the class. But molesting boys, it is not particularly responsive. She herself was a virgin. And of course, she wanted to lose her virginity. Masturbation is not involved, and for this reason in her life there were days when she was engaged in all sorts of nonsense only in order to throw off the sexual tension.
One day, she and her friends decided to go to the disco. For that, she dressed up for 1 hour, choosing what she wear. As a result, she dressed in a tight, light blouse and white skinny jeans, because she did not wear skirts in principle. Because the underwear she wore a bright bra and thong. She did not use makeup, because she and without it was very attractive.
Having come to the disco, Oksana was just the beginning and communicate with friends on different topics
-And let's go buhnem - offered Il
-Girls, you go and I'll stay here - said Oksana
-Well, then, have fun, and we soon arrive, and do not be sad - said Ira wink
-Good deal - smiling, said Oksana
It took about five minutes, but no so Oksana skem and started dancing, and just looked for the dancing couples. And suddenly she saw the guy who approached her. She recognized him as the guy with Vadim 11 class, which she liked more than a year, but she did not dare speak to him
-Let's dance - she heard. Vadim was a tall 186 cm. Body is average. Broad shoulders, blonde, short hair, gray eyes, all that attracted her to him. This evening he was in the pants from a business suit, and shirt over his trousers.
At first, she thought to deny him, but when Oksana felt his touch, she said mechanically:
-Come on, I do not mind

He led her closer to the center, and they began to dance. Oksana was in the seventh heaven, and so keen on socializing with Vadim, she did not notice how was two hours. And included a slow dance, and they went to dance again. At this time their bodies touched much closer than in previous times, and Oksana felt his hand slowly down her buttocks and gently start stroking it. Her head began to confuse different thoughts, she did not know how to react to his actions. Allow whether to continue to fondle himself, but it is likely to entail the consequences, or slap and leave? While she was thinking, he plucked up the courage to become more active. Vadim put his hand just below and to become closer to her crotch. With the first touch of his hand to the crotch, Oksana felt familiar feeling- she began to be excited. And then they decided to surrender to the occasion and let it be like to be. After a couple of minutes caresses Oksana Vadim looked into his eyes and saw in them a desire, he said:

-Oksana can let's go?
Oksana immediately knew with what intention he wants to go to her and how it ended. And she decided that superintendents have to lose innocence and even in that case it would be the first guy he replied:
-I'm not against
And they came together, holding zaruchki. He walked slightly ahead as if asking direction, and she obediently followed him. Passing the office №18 they noticed that it was open, and as has already been about 00 then 23. Vadim thought that he simply forgot to close and he suggested:
-Let's go sit down

As soon as they entered, he turned to face her, and gently put his arm around her waist, pulled her to him and gently touched his lips to hers, feeling that her hand no resistance, he began to kiss her gently. Oksana was first stunned by the speed of his actions, because it is expected to start at least some conversation. But not much came a beginning to answer him at first afraid and uncertain, but gradually she began to more actively respond to it, and after a couple of minutes of their kiss she opened her mouth and let him into the language. His tongue began to explore her mouth and later began to play with her tongue, and she meanwhile sucking their language. While they performed these actions, Vadim hands stroking her body from the shoulders, back before reaching the ass and back. When they reached the bottom of her blouse, he pulled away from her and began to pull her blouse up. Realizing of intent she raised her hands up in thus helping him to take off a jacket, and a few seconds later, he threw his jacket on a nearby desk. Oksana, realizing that the door was still ajar, took the teacher's chair and offered it under the door handle so that she did not open in the most interesting moment.

They sat down with new lips to each other, while Oksana start button for a button to unbutton his shirt, and then threw it aside, and began to massage his torso, while continuing to kiss. After enjoying her lips Vadim tried to undo her bra, but he had a little experience in this, so she came to his aid, his hands behind his back she unfastened her bra that fell on the floor, and was thrown back foot. Vadim just walked away and began to admire her breasts, slightly strained nipples glancing at her flat tummy. Meanwhile, Oksana went to him and kissed on the lips and began to unbutton his pants, that could quite quickly, and pants flew towards her blouse. Here he stands in front of her in some boxers with already bulging member, but she decided to torture him a little more and not let his body out. Then he came up to her in a tight crushing to the desk, they again merged in a passionate kiss. Meanwhile, Vadim spent gently fingers through her navel and down to her pants, put his hand under his pants, he began to stroke her pubis, sinking closer to her pussy. And when the hand almost found the beginning of her cunt, he realized that his pants on will not be allowed.

So he took out his hand began to unzip. And then, finally, he unzipped his trousers and button began to pull them down, leaving her panties on the spot. Pulling them, Vadim gently pushed her so that she sat on the desk. And again he began to kiss her on the mouth, meanwhile caressing arms around her chest, then left, then right, slowly going down. When he reached the bottom of her stomach, Vadim decided not preuskoryat events and began touching lightly stroking her inner thighs. The closer he approached her panties, the wider it spreads his legs, surrendering his caresses. Then he continued to kiss her touched her panties and felt that they were wet. Then he pushed them aside and began to gently stroke her crotch without touching the sponge. Realizing that it was her Turns her more, Vadim reluctantly pulled away from her lips and began to kiss her neck down to her chest. Reaching the chest at first he just kissed her, and then his mouth fell to the right nipple and began to lick. And then she let out a moan of pleasure first. Cheered her moans became Vadim circular motions to massage the nipples, feeling he stiffens and hardens. Then, having achieved the desired effect, Vadim moved to her left nipple, repeating tezhe manipulation that with the right he began his bite that made her a new one to moan. When the location of the nipple were ready he was all down below, kissing every millimeter of her body, and which lured him and forced himself even more excited. So he went down to the bottom of her stomach. Oksana wanting to help Vadim, leaned back, leaning on his elbows, thereby providing access to its language to its holy of holies.

Dropping to her already fully wet cowards Vadim, I pulled the nose of her scent that was so heady and enticing that he could not resist and touched his lips to the place where her excited clitoris. This touch made her cry and instinctively move his feet, clutching his head. Realizing that he was on the right track, but wanting to tease her, Vadim began to lick her pussy lips without touching the clitoris. He made the language of movement up and down. Her breathing became more frequent very quickly. Oksana began to catch for breath, as if she were suffocating, and no longer able to stay on his elbows just lay back on the desk, have fun, forgetting everything in the world, indulging only the feelings that came from the bottom of her stomach, slowly covering it with head. Having lost control of himself, Oksana began to beg Vadim enter into it because she wanted it with every cell of his body. But Vadim was in no hurry and began to suck her clit, taking it into his mouth, as though trying to suck it in. Oksana has already begun to feel like a huge wave beginning to accumulate in her vagina. Vadim realized that it may soon finish away from her and pulled the bottom of panties, tossed them aside.

-Damn, I did not take the condom - she heard
But she so wanted to feel his cock in itself, that said:
-Come on without him, but I can not stand more than
Then he pulled up for the convenience of another batch, thus making the likeness of the bed and climbed on top, sitting in the missionary position between her legs, and began to kiss her. Oksana felt his penis touching her thigh that has brought her even more, but in the meantime cause fear because she was afraid of the pain that occurs when the first penetration. Vadim saw that its holding something changed asked:
- What happened, you do not want?
- I want to, but I'm afraid because I have it in the first
Navolnuysya and relax, I will try to be careful: - Vadim said.
But not so easy to fulfill his request, but she tried to fulfill his request. Realizing this, Vadim began lying to her, kissing her neck, face, lips, helping her to relax. And when he found that it helps, he decided to act. Clung to her lips in a passionate kiss, he propped himself up on his hands and tried to enter it. But as he had a little experience, it is not the first time could not enter. After a couple of failed attempts Oksana took the initiative in their hands, by reaching his hand to his cock, it took it in his hand for the first time. She spent a couple of times awkwardly on his hand and felt how strong he is, he was about 16 cm. Long and quite thick. Then Oksana had an idea how he is in my will?

But the desire to exceed the fear and then she put her head on the entrance to the vagina. And when she felt the head touches her lips slightly parting them, she tried to push closer. Vadim realized that it was time, lightly pressed and fell slightly inward. Then Oksana felt like a member of her parted lips and got inside, dotorknuvshis to some obstacles. Vadim, realizing that this is the hymen for a moment lingered, began passionately kissing her on the lips, moved her hips forward. Oksana felt like broken her hymen, and a sharp but not severe pain, and that his penis penetrated ten centimeters inside it, as well as how, under pressure from members of her vaginal walls apart. The pain she tried to scream but he kissed her and took her to kak cry himself. After waiting a couple of seconds to past pain, Vadim began to move in it, and Oksana felt his cock start to come out and then again moved inside. About Mr. began to actively enter into it making the sharp smooth the bumps, feeling as it is a narrow, wet and very hot tube as if silk envelops his body, tearing groans.

Oksana felt like discomfort give way to pleasure, raised before facing divorced legs a little higher, and gave him a hug, and they began to move her hips to meet him. After 15 minutes, a jump Oksana has little if not screaming, so Vadim had to close her mouth, then kissing her hand then. And Vadim soon began to feel her body began to stiffen, and he realized that it might soon be over. Oksana noticed in her lower abdomen began to grow wave sensations hitherto unknown to her, as well as the fact that Vadim has accelerated the pace, and she felt like his cock was still hard. When Vadim realized that both of them will soon run out asked her if he could cum in her that she agreed without thinking about the consequences. A few minutes later reinforced racing Vadim felt as the body of Oksana shook, and how to start frantically to shrink her already narrow vagina. He froze for a second and of a member of his sperm began to erupt. Oksana understood that the finished felt her pussy lips tightened their throbbing cock. And suddenly she felt in her vagina fired the first jet of his sperm, they are bottled filling her narrow vagina. From such Oksana finished again. And Vadim all finished and finished looking into her eyes, and seeing in them the gratitude and satisfaction. Sperm were many. When Vadim began to take out his still standing member, he heard:
-Do not remove, let enjoy
So they lay a couple of minutes. Oksana felt like out of her pussy follows not put sperm. Oksanino caress the body a little more, he finally took out his already withered body.
After resting a lot, they are not dressed in agreeing together will call out from school. Kiss goodbye, they went home

Thank you all for your attention. If someone liked it, then I'll write a sequel. Given that this is my first story, I am interested in your opinion. Please send your comments and suggestions on the soap [email protected] I will be glad to your letters, especially letters from Kiev, Ukraine.

White moon

The camp is located at the beginning of the forest, near the lake. The sandy strip of beach shores well was visible from above. Nearby, two hundred meters, there was a large mushroom-shaped stone. Stone stuck out of the water, but it could easily go down the sandy spit. Why group located within walking distance of the stone, no one knew. Maybe a place just like it, and so decided to head. It was said that this is a holy stone, supposedly ancient shamans there brought a sacrifice to the gods. At the side, just to the left was a wooden room with no roof. Dining room - a large wooden covered pergola could simultaneously accommodate almost everyone. Along the walls of the dining room were equipped with benches.

In total, the team counted a little more than forty people. The camp was about equally and Russian-speaking foreigners. Basically, students and pupils from different schools, from different cities of Russia and foreign countries. Belgians, Dutch, Germans, French, Americans and others. Everyone called each other on you. Such was the demand for the older on the first day. Age differences do, it is as if it was a small democratic community. Groups were divided into two, twenty men. In each group, four senior, adult men and women. In such a multi-national team was supposed to be a translator. And he certainly was there. Korol'kov Igor, forty-two man, with strong muscles and athletic posture. Once in sports. The last seven years Igor lived in Germany. It is well mastered two languages, German and English, not counting the Russian course. Masha, immediately drew attention to it. It was the man of her secret fantasies. It was Paperback Hero.

Camp lived routine. At eight o'clock breakfast, and then the band went into the forest, collected garbage in white bags and put them beside the road. At two o'clock dinner, after dinner back cleaning, then dinner. Saturday, Sunday - closed. You can go to the bath or on the beach. Sometimes the head arranged excursions. After dinner, everyone gathered in the

Me and my little friend

In general, I was very excited, and it did not stop for a minute. I rang Anna and Jan wanted to come to one of them and have sex, but girls, like me, were the parents at home. Unable to carve out even a minute, so at least masturbate. Thus passed the whole day. In the morning I seemed to calm down, but came to the school and to sytenkuyu Having seen Jan and slender Anju again wanted sex. For some reason, I decided that the school is better not to try to dissolve the girls where they have here? Although much can go any teacher, and what will happen then it is better not to think. But a member itched and itched when someone from the girls (though Anne and Ian were the most beautiful in the classroom to see it was still on whom, alone is worth Dasha: tightened ass, pretty face, it is a pity small breasts, but for some reason I liked it very much such, they had some kind of innocence that excites me) inadvertently took some sexual pose, for example, bending the handle of the fallen, I wanted to spit on all to come up and plant it. Absolutely everything was fucked after the lesson nat-ry: on it, as always, the girls were in some kind of shorts and T-shirts. I had to correct the whole lesson sweatpants so that would not be seen standing dick. The lesson ended, all dumped out of the gym. I quickly changed as I could and not quite wondering what I'm doing, briskly walked into the women's locker room. There was laughter and conversation. I quietly opened the door and saw a girl dress up. Closest to the door was Dasha, she took fotbolku and stayed in one in one bra, began to take off his pants. My hand went to the groin area, where exhausted from desire standing member, and began to masturbate him. Dasha meanwhile pulled panties, showing me her wonderful ass tightened. At that moment I heard "Well, we'll meet in the classroom" and barely had time to hide behind a corner. A crowd of girls came out of the locker room and walked down the corridor. He waited until they were gone, I ran to the door. Dasha remained in the locker room, one (!). She wore a short skirt and reached for her jacket. I pulled the door and went into the locker room, closing it behind him. Dasha turned and cried, covering her breasts with both hands:
-You what! ... Get out of here!
I went to her and hugged clung to his lips. She began to struggle, and did not open his mouth, tightly clenched pretty full lips. But I stepped up the pressure and soon my tongue into her mouth. Resistance weakened. I kissed her, and at the same time trying to undo the clasp of her bra. Realizing what I'm doing, she again began to twitch and mumble angrily. I tack on her lips and heavily covering them with his hand, he said:
-Dash, do not twitch. I'll take his hand, you just do not scream, okay? - I removed and then she screamed. I had to hold her mouth again- well, bitch! You are the one to blame!
Jerk right hand I tore off her bra. Breasts seemed to light.
-I did not know that you have such great tits!
Without releasing his hand from her mouth, I squeezed Dasha into a corner and began kissing every millimeter of her body to sink to his chest. My tongue slid over her neck, shoulders of and, finally, reached his chest. I licked the nipple, sometimes biting them. It seemed to me or her resistance weakened? Papillae began to solidify, and a light moan showed me that Dasha likes it.
-You also pleased confess! Now I try again to remove his hand, behave yourself!
I removed his hand and instead cry from her lips cracked whisper:
-That's better! You will like it, enjoy! - I said.
I continued to play with her nipples, and Dasha's hand patted me on the head. Since the growth is small, I almost sat on my knees. I was uncomfortable, and I pulled Dasha to the bench. She obediently lay down on it, and I got on top. I kissed her, this time she answered me, and we long to break away from each other. I looked into her eyes and heard:
-What stopped? More ...
I walked up to her ear and licked his earlobe bitten. Dasha closed her eyes. Once again, dropping to her breasts, I'm now using the hands, playing with papillae: gently biting them, delayed, licking. Dasha moaned:
-Mmmm ... yeah ... .. oooo ....
I sank even lower, licking her flat tummy, and slowly unbuttoned her skirt. Finally I did it and now stood stockings and lace panties on my way. Pulling and tights, I licked through the thin fabric of Dasha's crack. Then I pulled them and pussy this little girl appeared in front of me. I licked her cunt, my tongue first slid over the surface, then began to penetrate inside. Dasha began to flow, trickle slid down to the bench. I gently parted lips sex classmates and began to play with her clit. Dasha moaned already loud enough for us to be able to hear, but I was not really care, my head spun thought only in one direction: "I lick pussy this little girl, she moans, she wants me." I thought that the prelude is over and it's time to go to the main action. Pulling out of his pants sticking a stake member, I brought it to Dasha's face:
-I lick you, and now you're all right to work!
She started to turn away, but I forced introduced dick in her mouth and made potrahivat movement. Dasha has ceased to turn, perhaps it came to taste my cock. She, too, had sucked him, defiantly staring up at me. I liked the look, and I'm even more excited. Dasha with one hand gently crumpling testicles and another wanker dick gently, gradually increasing the tempo. I closed my eyes and said:
-Yeah baby! Suck it!
Ponaslazhdavschis, I pulled the cock from her mouth and pulling Dasha to the edge of the bench, put it in her virginal vagina. The shop was very low and I had to lie down on the Dasha.
-Who will be slightly painful.
I jerked, tearing the hymen. Dasha briefly cried, and tears slid down her face. But I stepped up the pace and already at a crazy speed lane Dasha pussy. She moaned, eating sponges, embraced me with both hands behind his back, her sharp claws scratched me. Dasha threw her slender legs around my waist:
-More please! Daaaaa ... oh ... - her breathing became heavier, she grabbed the air mouth erotic sobbing. Dasha pushes her hips, trying to help me get into it as deeply as possible. Its narrow hole tightly stretched across my dick, and it gave me great pleasure. I still had time to whisper in her ear all sorts of vulgarity, licking and biting his earlobe. I whispered to her:
-Do you like it, huh? Do you like what I have you in the locker room? At any moment we can caught! You want me, huh?
-Yeah ... yeah ... oh yeah ... I want tebyayaaaaa ... 'replied she did.
Dasha began to moan particularly strong, she writhed beneath me, arched like cat, arc. Orgasm overtook her, and the first, I think, in her life, it is very much like her. She started screaming and twitching. I thought that she had to close her mouth, because we can hear, but his hand did not obey me, my whole being is now focused only on what I need to finish this lovely girl, so that meanders beneath me. I growled, feeling that now it is going to happen, and urging all his willpower, pulled out a member of the lukewarm Dasha pussy. I began to masturbate him, his other hand pulling Dasha's head to my dick. She understood me and began to suck him, one hand playing with the testicles. I groaned and poured semen on her pretty face, hitting her in the mouth. She still continued to lick my dick, and I with pleasure threw his head back, eyes closed.
-You do like it? - I asked.
-Yes, I never in my life was not so nice!
-Get dressed, now the lesson begin! We were lucky that it was a big change, and the other class would long ago have gone here.
Obediently, she began to dress, with a smile, looking at me. I noticed that her leg flowing drop of blood, it was still a bit on my cock. I asked Dasha any napkin, and, having received it, wiped his dick first, then Dasha's leg. After waiting for when she would dress together, we came out of the locker room.

Akseleratka. Continued.


- Well, you bastard ... and birch bark - she walked slowly into the room and approached the bed, Timothy. Knees it touched the edge of the bed, the body hung over the face Berestova, swinging smoothly in disarray, like a tree on the edge of the cliff, the hot wind is blown. She was in a desperate determination teenager, ready to escape the madness and knowledge. Bringing yourself to scream, she remained silent, ready to listen and to accept any verdict of Destiny from the hands of the man who dared - how could he ?! - To deprive her of the most passionate of unknown feelings, many times experienced in dreams and dreaming. Belly her trembling eaten spasm of fear and the unknown desires.
- "I myself have come to you!" - Cried her eyes - "I brought the fire of your will a young soul! Surely now you reject me? .. "
His cheeks and chest Thani flooded desperate blush with embarrassment. It was clear that she decided to take this action, passing through the painful agony unknown, but clearly tangible senses. Unknown lured and frightened her, pulling and bewitching, preventing breathing.
Timothy silently looked strange quivering creature, more like a small tiger, which appeared on his first hunt, and in a gloomy doubt ready to rush to his first victim, than the girl tending the first time to know the purpose of the woman. In his mind a whirlwind swept thoughts and scenes, one Whimsical other. For the first time in his life he did not know how to behave and what to do. The young woman with the child soul is poured out upon him the power of his youthful beauty, producing in his mind the destruction and causing pain.
It fought two people - two starters, in a deadly battle that the whole world could die Berestova - a world in which man lived, the breadwinner and protector, father and husband, friend and brother, the world created by the natural course of time.


Timothy abruptly pulled back the covers and sat up, touched her hand. Tanya threw herself into his arms and her face, sobbing. Constraining feeling streams of tears escaped and wound neck Timothy, slowly blossoming savory patterns on a white meadow cushion. Tanya leaned over the body to Berestove seeking salvation from shame and hidden gratitude hands stronger wrapped around his shoulders.
She felt that the birth of women, began long before she was here, in the arms of Timothy. Tanya surrendered to Timothy there in paradise silence their casual acquaintance, when the first time was left alone with a man at the very moment when he touched her soul simple, meaningless words. It was there, in a transparent blue, Timothy planted in her soul the first seeds of love and passion, deprived of her virginity, make women even unaware of the great achievements in the life of the young creation.
Naplakal Tanya calmed down and lay clinging to Vladimir, hugging his neck and shoulders. Berastau careful not to scare the girl hid their blanket.
- Why are you doing it? - With difficulty he managed from himself and looked into the tear-stained face Thani. She suddenly smiled and gently pulled away and looked at Vladimir as a mother looks at baby's silly little chap.
- In our class all the girls have ... - she closed her eyes.
- To do this, there are boys.
- They all came loose ...
- And why did you choose me? - Berastau gently touched her fingers to her ear, and gently squeezed. - But I thought ...
- What do you think? - She turned her face Berestova to him and pressed his lips into a tube - Confess! Timothy closed his eyes and whispered.
- ... That you're in love with me - he blushed and turned pale at once, afraid of their own thoughts, which are against his will become words.
Tanya sat up on his elbows, and brought his face. Her eyes radiated tenderness and joy, Vladimir question amused it. Tears froze on his cheeks, curiously watching the conversation and not knowing what to do next.
- At the beginning and it was ... - Tanya slowly rubbed her nose against his neck.
Berastau froze, waiting for the children's taunts. I felt as she pulled away from him and ran the cool space between their bodies. Easy severity Tanya's breasts slipped Berestova chest and plunged into the armpit.
- ... And then ... - she paused and, leaning back, whispered - I'm in love with you ... - Tanya suddenly clearly felt the reality of the situation, froze and tensed. She Nude - Naked! - Lay next to a man, touched to his body, he wanted to open reciprocal feelings. Resolve to commit an act melted and decreased, as the spring snow in the sun. She felt that if that right now she did not do so, she did not have the strength to overcome yourself again.
- Then ... I fell in love with ... - Tanya left the last spark of determination, she suddenly went limp, snikla, condemning and cursing himself last words. Hands slid limply along her body and froze in a daze. She no longer understand themselves, where she is and what her why she was naked in bed with a stranger, a man almost naked ... Her crushed prohibitive severity of lack of will, depriving last hope for the implementation of the innermost feelings, searing immediate availability. She was lying in a pool of vague ideas, electrified and helpless, and could not move, feeling the cold jet doubt erode her soul.


Berastau felt the change in the girl's mind. She was breathing heavily, his chin pressed to his chest. Her cheeks were pale, the tears dried up, leaving a small speck of resentment and despair.
He touched her shoulder.
- What happened to you?
Tanya winced and squeezed and stretched his hand to his arm.
- Oh, please ... - ate heard she said.
Berastau turned to her and put his arm around her neck.
- I did not even kiss ever - his touch gave her strength. She turned to face Timothy and in disbelief, put her hand on his desire excited. The next moment, hugged and pressed to his lips.
- Kiss me - Berastau leaned his lips to her cheek and began to stroke her hair like a hurt child, trying to calm and reconcile with reality. The girl took his affection as response, clumsily caught his lips and clung to it with his lips. - Kiss an adult ...
Berastau choked with surging waves of pent-up feelings, and began to kiss Tanya. Initially cautious, the corner of his lips dry from excitement, as if unable to believe what had happened, on the lips, neck, eyes, lips again. He felt an intoxicating sense of freedom with which he was unable to fight. It suddenly suffered him like a chip on the rapids, it struck the sharp stones and boulders, then, lifting up into the sky, squeezing the soul from the frantic high places and the vicinity.
Tanya luxuriated in his caresses and kisses, gasping numb lips, sobbing and gasping from the previously unknown feelings, he took his shoulders and arched her back. It makes movements that did not know, breathing is not breathing never in his short life, looking at the world, which suddenly changed, opening up in front of her huge country called Love and the joy of giving possession of a loved one. And everything that was out of their love - was small and gray, and a magical moment in the arms of a loved one, to accommodate almost all her life. He grew in my eyes, turning into the ocean, capturing thoughts and feelings, giving the world a new beauty of women, repeating the eternal great sense of her destiny ...
Tanya know itself in caresses and love men. Open to a depth of the sea and sky high, heat of the sun and nights wisdom, flight enjoyment and passion fall. Her young soul suddenly woke up and looked around, revealing the unique beauty of women and getting to know the best kept secret and the meaning of life!


Timothy has covered her with his body and kissing, crawled down the mountain as the glacier, melting of the proper motion of the sun and of passion. Tanya is widely spread her legs waiting for a miracle, watching his lips floating on the gentle hills and hollows, for a moment, slowing their way to the fragrance of the blossoming youth. Hands Timothy traveled the beautiful country of love, with every touch opening unexplored path leading to the top of the Knowledge.
His lips reached wonderful ravine with a blooming garden and paused at the entrance to an unknown cave, exudes a mysterious and unique flavor, from which dizzy. At the entrance to the cave opened flower of great beauty, on the petals trembled dew drops, in which he played and the sun blinded his eyes.
Timothy stood at the entrance to the cave, an enchanted unique beauty and caressing eyes rainbow flowing out of the cave. He could not dare to disturb the harmony of stop motion.


Tanya put her hand on the head of Timothy, giving consent and forgiveness.
His lips felt soft clear dew and the sweetness of the petals. He kissed her full-blown flower intently kiss, and released his desire.
Tanya trembled. Now the mysterious moment, given by the Creator to man, whose riddle failed to disclose any living sage. She deeply and quietly took a deep breath and paused full breasts. Heart pounding in my throat, raising a hymn of passion rapid boiling blood.
Timothy suddenly lay down on her whole body and pressed his lips to the nipples. She arched her back and felt his elastic force at the entrance to the cave!
- "Finally, it happened!" - Tanya broke from his throat a strange moan and her flaming mind clouded, pulling in a scarlet veil of forgetfulness. All body she felt his breath and movement, aimed at the depth of her heart.

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