Here I sit at work, podrachit dream like, looking like you promezhdu leg dripping juice, twisting their nipples As excited by joking.
My dream is to come, sweeping away all on the way, the slope and liznutStrastyu pyshaschuyu grud.U you them in the amount of two -Zakruzhilos head.
Lips reach for gubamLaskayu here, and here, and tam.Izvivaeshsya as uzh.POHOT - your beloved husband's fingers in the warm beauty, deep in your nakedness!.
It is time to remove his pants, and that's going to do ty.Remen, two buttons, the door remained teperPered thee, It is free to you to open, do not hurry the fuck!
On the fly you can not hurry, I'll tell you a secret, it's not druzya.Ved chop wood, the movement - and torn flesh not to make wild disgrace, Hold your your ladies!
Meanwhile, my little wild zverSam opened dver.Teplom breath showering, she swallowed a fly's back udav.I cowards Come, my beauty, not ssy!
But the girl is me uzhePeredo neglizhe.Vnutri I lit doubts:"Can it be true we are waiting for mating?"After all, I've heard a few have developed such cases failure.
But no, it's great! Okay And the phrase: "You put on a condom ..."And then there was the confusion, I've had the tenth pot soshel.Ved I with them did not take them! In the hands of cowards I crushed someone's ...
And the thought spinning in the ear:"It's a girl - not a whore and I'm not a walker like ...!"A heart beat molotok.No no! It is at a height, to match his own beauty: Condom upakovkaV her hands flicker. Devil !!!
Bed, mattress, dim light, next pled.Ona lies just in case, and my stoit.Nam hours of fun to be!
I went. Wet, warm, well-groomed priyatno.Lobok neat, I stroked his own hand, it was demolished in the "Oh!"I decided to pace slightly accelerate She shakes - I bet.
Changing posture - top dama.Tut broke just drama and sobs, groans and giggles can nakonchal bags Such murderous orgasms can see right the first time!.
She came to the finish line first, I pants splashed with sperm.
The moral of the story is:"RA-BO-TAY, durian head!"

Prison training

I was in the United States in summer exchange between our medical college and hospital in Florida. Upon arrival it turned out that this is a small town in N, particularly unremarkable.
Among the local attractions - only a huge shopping center and the county jail. After a couple of weeks, I got used to the local hospital and our manager-curator invited me to earn assisting twice a week to the prison doctor. Of course, I agreed. The doctor turned out to be a guy 35 years, his name was Zack, he was quite pin in communication, tall, with a leaner figure, and with a smooth tan. I assisted him in planning rounds for the cameras, as well as in charge of the instrument and the drugs in the hospital. The prison was a male, very clean. The prisoners were dressed in orange overalls, lived in zareshetchatyh boxes for two or four people. It attended the race - whites, blacks and Latinos. So how to do it was nothing special in my opinion they are all free time shaking their muscles - and were fmgury hoo. By the way the local guard was also as the selection, although some were happy owners of a beer belly.
Once Zach came to me in lechebku and asked to go to the extreme to give boxing a prisoner with a pill. Guard on duty with the significant name of blasphemy took me there - in the chambers there was no one - was hot and everyone was in the prison yard, and returned to his post. The patient was a white, ezhikostrizhenny medium height and age guy with a very relief muscles. He was lying at the bottom of a bunk bed. I asked how are you and what bothers -one said that the attack took place almost. I gave him a pill and told to undress - to inspect it. He sat down again and took off his orange jumpsuit - I was blown away: the laundry was not at the bottom, the boy had a relief press, was covered in small hairs - well, just a teddy bear! Member hung in poluvozbuzhdennom condition and was quite large. I sat down in front of him and began to push the belly from the top down, and then suddenly he took my hand and placed it on his dick reared. I could not resist and began frantically vzdrachivat this miracle of nature - he groaned, and proignul my head to him. Without thinking about anything, I took this to increase significantly (25 * 6) Uncut huische into his mouth and began to crawl on each of its vyemochke his tongue.
The guy started poebyvat me - at first slowly, and then trying to pull deeper into your piston. I tried as much as possible to relax the sky and in the end was able to almost completely take the dick. throat muscles closely rubbed his piston, I feel funky smell of grease, sweat and body - all this has brought me very much and I barely had time to contrive to throw off his pants with one hand to pull rushing out sperm. Reflex I am at this moment squeezed the boy's throat and wheezed, pulled my face in curly pubis and began jerking cum pouring my sperm directly into the esophagus. It was a lot, so I oshutil that it trickle around the edges of my lips stretched. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, bent down and took me in his arms put the bottom bunk bed. He completely undressed me, lifted my legs so I braced them to the top of the bed and began to caress the tongue my anus. I have repeatedly watched the process in porn, but I never thought how it fucking! I started postanovat, podmahnut try to meet his hot and wet tongue, which climbed deeper into me. Soon joined by one language, and then two or three fingers, which turned and stretched my anus in different directions.
Basically, I sometimes like to pomastrubirovat, thrusting with a small object in his hole - you get a very sharp and unusual sensations, but this time, once clearly in the hands of the pros, I quite simply floated. Feeling the light of pokalovaniya unshaven chin touch the most delicate parts of the skin around the hole and language gde-to scurrying inside me, is replaced by several fingers, I completely gave pleasant feelings by giving your partner the opportunity to play with the object of his desire. Stretching my anus, he thought, well enough, he took me by the ankles and lifting, bent my legs, spreading their part. My point was fully open. And it is at this point carefully examined my hole. Then, telling me that I gripped hands your legs in this position, he was still a little work it with his fingers. Kneeling, he lifted a little higher still my legs, "adjusted" the height of which must be my anus, so it was convenient vlupit your dick in it "recorded" this position a pillow and a blanket, tucked them under me. Then a juicy spat on his dick and slowly, podrachivaya him, I put my anus. His crimson healthy zalupen gradually began to sink in me, and I made an effort to relax. When his prick fully entered into me and my anus tightly closed behind these giant mushrooms, my stud stopped. Yes, I tell you, the feeling was just ofiget - I was shaking with excitement and a sense of the absolute fullness of my ass. I was planted to stop, feeling the coarse hair of his pubis on his anus.
My stud started to work its piston, pulling up to half back and pounding his dick from all accrual rate. After a few minutes of non-stop so fucked it with relish, sucking sound pulled his dick out of my ass and ordered me to stand up, legs apart and holding hands on the bars. . Going into me from behind with absolutely no problems, he firmly took up arms for my hips and then started a real fucking ... his movements became sharp and totally ruthless. He then planted me his dick on the eggs, then it completely took out my mangled anus and planted the new: Its a big sweaty balls on my beat I just whines in response to his most vicious tremors. My dick for a long time nalilsya and swayed to the beat of his movements. I felt a wild desire to be on top, slide on it of enormous penis. As if he heard my thoughts, my stud pulled out his dick and sat on the edge of the bed, told me to spread on his delicious cock. Taking me by the hips, he thrust a sharp half vlupil me your dick that I have already laid the ears. Letting go of my plump buttocks, which immediately closed around his powerful dick, he again firmly grabbed my hips and drove the remaining half of its sausage into my insatiable ass. His hips loudly slapped me on the ass, and healthy eggs swaying heavily hit the mine. "Come on, slide - up and down, up and down"- I heard a hot whisper. What I did, holding one rukoyza upper bed and the second podrachivaya his penis. I closed my eyes and bent back her ass began to sit down on the most beautiful piece of flesh that I have known in my life.
Muscles of the anus with power and curtailed my stud moaned loudly with pleasure. Suddenly, someone called me - opened my eyes I saw Dr. Zack who, with a smile jerked off his dick. Deep fitted on the dick, I naturally could not make an innocent look and therefore opened his mouth wide to which my colleague immediately put his impatient tool. Not having even how to suck a dick doctor Zack I've already got a strong portion of his juice into my parched throat. Later, he must say a horse serving. The sperm was thick and viscous. Swallowing everything I did not let go of his dick out of his mouth, and by continuing to gently suck, suddenly resumed its interrupted work his ass. At some point, all trembling, I discharged sperm fountain that devastated my balls. A few minutes later, having experienced harsh cuts my anus, my stud began profusely and for a long time to lower their juices into the bottomless depths of my ass saturate. Dr. Zack at that moment sealed my mouth with a kiss. Then with a smile he said, "Igor done, how you our Pierre?". I'm just exhausted ... I got off limp dick inside me and said - "just super!". Pierre muttered: " kid just a class for a long time I did not have such a muscular ass. Come back anytime!". Quickly dressed, the doctor and went to his office, passing by grinning guard Julio, who probably all seen by the cameras of internal monitoring. That's how I started my prison probation.


Every day I wait for your call. When I'm angry at you, I disconnect the phone. My love is blind, why do I need it? The answer ... like air, like water, like a fire, to keep my life. You do not love me, I know it, I feel it. Why do you need me? Play, fun. And I want to be loved. But what my desires than with your capabilities? And again and again, I am waiting angry. At you? Out of themselves. I no longer can, and toss the phone in this flight, I can hear him straining the last time. And I as a victim nesus to the second phone. In vain! It's not you, and all conversation was short and useless. I go to the kitchen, drink valerian, for some reason, get drunk, laugh, after a couple of minutes, I already do not care whether or not you will call today. I go to the survivor phone call itself, I hear the voice of the other, the one you love, throw the phone. That failure broke the second phone. But I'm not angry, calmly get dressed and go to the store. Smiling salesman ... '' You already have a regular customer, the phone is already the fourth ASSUME that you do with them? '' The answer is languid and ingratiating ... '' I'm nervous work, I beat them, give just two, but that's these. '' In the wake hear the phrase ... '' What a woman! '' In my head flashed the thought 'it's a pity only that lesbian' 'I probably will never understand. Brad home, I do not have it, I was delirious, and I'm flying home to connect the new phones with answering machines. I am happy as a schoolgirl, valerian acts.
I'm home hungry and tired. Analyzing .... Day was held in the shuffle. Univer me in the liver, it is necessary to someone to smile, say hello, tell jokes and laugh at them, but at the very .... tears salty, lean, but still the tears flowing as the days without you. Pancake-ah-ah-ah again valerian, cat eyes I began to build, it is necessary to finish with this drug. Not too late? But oh well, who cares .... Twenty minutes later a call .... on the phone. Nah, I do not run, I'm so relaxed, in razvalochku go to the phone ... '' Alla! '' In the tube ... '' Hello, hello! Why the phone did not take so long? '' The answer is ... '' Busy-ah-ah-ah ... 'I should not have said that.
She apologizes and lays down the tube. I bet my head against the cupboard. Poor closet forever it gets. Reba, scream ... '' You fool! '' But later .... Yes, I hurried, because the call again. Grab the phone, and so quietly say ... '' You know, I really would be happy to talk with you, but I am now so bad, I apologize to you and forced by .... '' She ... ' 'Stop! Do not box up the phone and just say from what you so badly? '' I'm angry, but pleased with herself ... '' And who said that I feel bad? '' In the tube ... '' You! '' And her voice so kindly and gently. Oh, how I sorry, but I admit that I love and that beat her head on the cabinet. I'm not happy, or just a bad day. I know that she does not love me. Somebody help .... It is useless, my heart because no one can hear, but just not a good day. Life striped ...

No comments

I'm in the ninth grade, I'm Kostya. One happened to me an extraordinary event that changed my life. One day I decided to go with the lessons, I had a stomach ache and I would like to take a crap. Coming out of our class, I went to the toilet. Cabins with toilets have no doors, I chose the one that is farthest from the entrance. The bell rang, and I have decided that you are ready. After removing the pants and underpants, I got kicked in the jolt and began to write. Suddenly, in the hallway footsteps and I joined my classmates Yasha. At first he did not see me, but when he saw my knees sticking out, walked over and peered into my booth. I even flinched in surprise. "Yeah, hi, Kostin! Why are you like a woman UTB ssysh"- Yasha laughed. I wanted to protest, but from his comments I have started to rise unexpectedly member. "Even dick sticking out!"- He continued. I decided not to pay attention to him and began to defecate. "Well, come on!" Because I climbed a thick, long turd and noise flopped in tolchek. "I'll have the rest of it is all about to tell!"- Yasha chuckled."Piss off a pervert!"- I shouted. "Who's still a pervert!". Yasha suddenly grabbed my pants and panties and ran, pushing me. It all happened suddenly, and I almost burst into tears, realizing that, left to sit on the toilet without clothes. I sat there for half an hour with not daring to go out into the corridor. Soon the class had ended, and I was very afraid of being caught. Then went to the toilet some seventh graders. I glanced into the booth and pretended to be someone wrote. He poured and left. It seemed to me that he went out, he saw that I was naked, which made my dick immediately jumped. Before calling the toilet he ran Yasha and said that or I would not do as he says or he will not give up the clothes and talk about all classmates. I looked with suspicion on his bulging trousers, but there was nothing. With hatred, looking at him, I said I agree. He immediately took off his pants and told me to suck his dick. I clumsily grabbed his hard sausage and became sosat.Yashe it immediately did not like. "Ouch! Do not bite you! Do not twitch - it hurts!" I grinned vindictively. I, too, found the fagot-fluke! "Oh, you like that ?! Then I love you in the ass, as in the movie!" He turned and started to shove me in the ass. Suddenly, the head came easily, the pope was not wiped out a lot of feces and friction were not strong. Yasha zaohala satisfaction. I was not particularly painful, and I was resigned to his fate. Yasha fucked me in the ass, pulling member completely and then pasting. I calmly waited for the end. Yasha zaohala stronger and began to lower me in the ass. Satisfied, he decided to bring friends. A few minutes later he brought three children from a parallel class. "Here she is, the whore"- Yasha said, pointing at me. "A Th ass in shit?" I asked one. "From the joy of crap." others giggled. As if to confirm their words, I began to write on the floor, and from the priests climbed another turd and fell on my foot."This is a perversion! Let it obosrem". I lay down on me and started to shit, and then piss. One shit on my head, and I smeared shit on the hair and scalp. One piece of shit I swallowed as decided hungry. I began to drink their urine. Then he began to fuck me, and after an hour of continuous fucked left alone. Yash and his friends are gone, and not giving clothes. I decided to stay in the toilet and hid in a stall at. Because of the stench it had few visitors, but in the middle of the day came pokakat a boy from elementary school. He left a pile of delicious, fragrant shit. Sink did not work, and she was left lying in the toilet. I took it and began to eat. After eating, I decided to go to the ladies' room. Waiting the start of the lesson, I slipped into the next door. I had to wait. Twice I went to write, but I was hiding. Soon came a strange girl and became kakat.Ya popped out of hiding and rushed to her. She jerked in surprise and fell with a jolt. It seems that she lost consciousness. I took her kakashechku and began to shove it into her pussy. She rolled over, but not awake. I licked her pussy all in the feces and urine. Then, taking a handful of feces I smeared it on her. By inserting a member into her mouth, I peed, and to top it fuck her ass. First dick bad passed, but then she began to defecate and everything will work out. Having washed with water from the toilet, I began to dress in clothes of the girl. He pulled her pantyhose, blouse. The skirt was very short and thong panties from permanently jumped protruding member. In a pocket I found her ticket for the locker room. Now, being fully prepared, I went to the locker room for clothes. It was the end of the day, and in the corridors was pusto.Podslepovataya old cleaner-looking cloakroom not given me clothes and the girl began to grumble about the stench that is in the school after a sewer. Wearing a short fur jacket I got out of school to avoid prying eyes. Suddenly a gust of wind lifted her skirt and dick slipped out of pants. There was cheeks and under the porch sounded Yashino exclamation: "Cool shot!" I decided to take off her skirt and threw it in the Yasha. The house I ran into some pantyhose and panties. My dick dangled from side to side, and Yasha overtook me near the house began to take it on the photo. At the entrance Yasha decided to fuck me once and breaking the pope tights, I began to fuck, sperm I already had a complete ass. I also completed the damage obkonchlsya and tights. The whole area was in Koncha part of my ass, and part of our Yasha. It passed by a neighbor and juvenile ebuschihsya staring at us, but it drove Yasha. Finally she cried that all tell our parents. At home, I washed and went to eat feces.


Under balo nap time, the teacher with the nurse sat in the kitchen and chatted. All the children were asleep. Not only slept Valery.
Nearby stood Irki bed, judging by the breath she did not sleep. Valery drew me Irkin blanket.
- Give. Without much anger hissed Ira, the room was warm.
Valery released the blanket and turned his back to Irke. Under the blanket he lowered his shorts and put on display Irke ass. He turned and looked at Irkin reaction. Girl without much embarrassment looked at Valerkiny pale (in comparison with the rest of the tanned body) buttocks.
- Show your ass.
Ira turned to the side and put on the screening of his ass. Irkin ass was as tanned as the whole body.
- Are you on the beach was without panties?
- Yes.
- Is it possible?
- Mom says little as possible. Even Kolya, my brother was without panties, and he was in the second class of walks, in the south, all children
no panties tan.
- And no one is shy?
- Nope.
- A pussy you can show?
Ira lifted the blanket and saw Valery compressed between the legs girl narrow slit of her five-year recording.
- Let me touch it.
- And you let her.
Valery willingly lifted the blanket and pulled her panties almost to her knees. Ira reached out and touched his index finger to his five-year struchk. Valery, in turn, studied the finger pussy girls. At the touch Irkin pisya was warm and soft.
He tried to poke a finger in the hole. Ira little spread her legs, and the boy's finger found the tiny folds of labia minora and thick pea her clitoris children. Ira sharply squeezed legs and slightly twitched.
- That tickles.
Valery removed his finger from the hole and began to feel the soft labia majora. Touch Valerkinyh fingers awakened bottom Irkin tummy pleasant, kake often arise kagda mom to wash her.
Ira gently with two fingers took the head Valerkinogo member and lightly squeezed. In response to this Valerkin pisyun quickly began to harden. Ira looked down and saw that pisyun become longer and thicker.
- And what happened to your pussy?
- It always happens when touched. My mother says that I should not touch, so not nice and even pisyun may break off.
Ira in fright dismissed member.
- Do not be afraid, do not break off. I have many times touched nothing.
- Why are you touching?
- What do you mean why. From this tickles done and so horosh that appear on the skin pimples.
- And I, too, when no one sees sometimes pussy finger and rub too tickled done, and so horosh that even on the feet not resist.
- How do you do that?
Ira launched her finger in the pussy and fingering a treasured place, began to drive a finger up and down at the same time it is drawn into a tanned tummy and relaxed, Dahane was stray and participation.
- Let's touch it tidy. Ira whispered. Valery moved closer and Ira continuing with one hand to finger pussy took in the palm of his little scrotum. From this pisyun it became even harder.
- Show and you how you do it. Sparkling eyes Ira said.
Valery took two fingers pisyun the tip and slightly pulled back the skin, show the tip of a dark red head.
Gradually teaching the rhythm Valery started to drive on pisyun fingers back and forth. From this it became like a stone dart.
- Let's you and me I tell you. He suggested Valery.
- Come on.
Valery stuck his finger in Irkin crack and felt that there was slippery. Finger quickly found the seal in the top of the slits and the boy boldly pressed with a finger. Ira adapts to the penis a little longer, she could not so ably led by Valery like pisyun.
Finally she took pisbn in kulachk and become open and close it by calling in Valery's muraschki throughout the body. First he finished Ira. She twitched all over and squeezed his hand Valerkinu legs, as well as at least squeezed in a cam member of the boy, forced to finish his. Valery twitched and snorted, his penis several times greatly reduced, and even in the ass something sank.
After that, the children quickly fell asleep. Nanny had to wake them up separately, so soundly they slept.


All characters are fictitious, any coincidence - random.
Today, I do not recall in the haze, the event lost their contrast - but remain as vivid and bright. I remember the smell of the sea tanned skin, remember breath mint Man breathe me that night in the back of the head. And the second I do not remember at all - even though they spent with me for about an hour, both:
Autumn was waiting for us in front, in Siberia, and while we were lying in the hot sun on the shore of the Black Sea. The car and the tent stood in the shade, a few hundred meters down the beach from us behind the fence stood Kazantip, quiet at this time of day. We lay naked, I, Vadim and Maxim. I always sunbathe naked in Siberia and in the Crimea - do not be "striped"My boy does not like it - and I have nothing to be ashamed of. Not very tall, but the proportions of the model is 100%. Hair long - just to take out the coccyx - the envy of many of my girlfriends!
When the sun had set, the three of us went on the dance floor - it was 7 sites with the most varied music this year. I drank "Pinakolada"Guys drinking tequila and absinthe Energy, came off until enough forces. It was still dark, but the forces have not been dancing, I called the boys to bed. Maxim said that he had delayed for an hour, and Vadim agreed to accompany me to the tent. I fell to sleep without feeling legs - although a number of rumbling sound kilowatts and flashes of light sweeping across the sky.
I woke up from that Vadim lying behind me, gently tugging at my nipples. His cock rested in my ass quite clearly: "Vadim!" sleepy I said - let's go to sleep! Maxim can go back, I would be embarrassed.
The palm covered my mouth and I could see the silhouette of a second person in the tent - it I did not know: Why Vadim plug my mouth? All of this flew in the head for a moment, the heart beat to catch the bird - who they are and what they want? The answer was there - he rested on my crotch very clearly.
One of the guys said: - We are still on the beach you have chosen - you really liked us! Guys your walk yet, but we'll have fun in moderation forces. And it forces us - nemeryannom! The last phrase they uttered somehow unison and laughed.
At this point, I decided to break out and cry - but my mouth and was caught, and attempts to escape resulted in the fact that the guy behind just lay on top of me and pressed his body against the mattress.
- Well, what do you sleep naked - do not have to spoil your clothes hurl! Cox, look around until the tent, and here for three closely - and how are you sleeping way, I'll never know! The second man crawled out of the tent, and I was left alone with "mint". A member of his throbbing between my buttocks tightly pressed me to the bedspread.
- Maybe you will not hang back, you still have to please us - why complicate your life? Come on good, eh? I immediately tried to wriggle out from under him, but nothing happened - only that my feet have grown further apart under his feet and cock began to balk exactly ring anus. "Mint" I threw on my head knocked down during this time the blanket so that I could not hear the outside - although the roar of the dance floor would still have drowned my cries. My hands he was holding my head with one hand, and the other guided his cock into my pussy from behind - my attempts to twist his booty apparently only whet.
Still, a member came easily enough - can the recent excitement of dancing and alcohol is not passed, can I fired this situation - his movements were not disgust me. He moved heavily, confident, will drive his cock into me until the end. His head was spinning from everything and I found myself on the fact that a hoarse moan, and he adjusts the rhythm of their movements under the groans. My hands suddenly freed, but the strength to fight was gone - just wanted to continue, I wanted to wish me this guy imposed resulted orgasm. Movement thighs Man hoists sharper too hot wave rolled on me, I arched back - my little ass lifted, at every jolt of his scrotum touched my clitoris, and every blow knocked out of me moan-polukrik animal! I wanted to open up as much as possible, to penetrate deeper into me, I wanted to dotrahali me until the very end! The rhythm of our movements reached the highest mark and the exchange faced a wave of orgasm. After half a minute he groaned and finished with me - a member throbbing inside me, filling me with warmth. The guy fell on me, and once again pinned to the mattress tent - but this time, I had no strength to resist. I lifted the blanket from his head and saw the dark silhouette "coke" - He looked at me with interest. In this moment "mint" I stood up, and I was lying on his stomach with divorced feet, panting heavily.
I rolled over and tried to escape. - Do not do it, baby !, - said "coke" pulling off his T-shirt and shorts - We're not done yet!
His hard dick fascinated by its thickness, I have not met such in my life - and to be honest - do not want to!
No need, guys! - I blurted out, and I looked pleadingly at "mint". His head exploded like a bomb, sparks swirled tent, and stung his left cheek. - Lie down, I said to someone! - said "coke" taking his hand for a second slap. I leaned back, his legs cramped knees in fear. "Coke" advanced on me, his knee spread my legs apart.
- So at once behaved - we would not be angry, she would have been more whole! With these words, he began to insert his penis into me. Although I was already covered in grease, the large size caused me big problems, I felt that I was pushed onto the handle of a shovel, a bottle of what you want - what you can not rape but sex! "Coke" meanwhile, I picked up my legs under the knees started to lift them up - pulling my knees up to my shoulders - so his cock even tighter wraps me and the pain of a dull start to become unbearable.
- Wait, wait! Come on, I'm on top, - I moaned. "Coke" He grinned and one jerk rolled onto his back so that I was on top. With a sigh, I began to move her hips up and down, trying to move so that somehow endure the torment, but "coke" He pulled me to him and I felt a breath behind "mint". Heart skipped a beat at the moment when the two wet fingers began to massage my anus. For the second time that night, I tried to escape from the hands of these guys, but mounted on the shaft member, I only longer inflame them. For the second finger followed by the third, they penetrated deeper into me, pushing frantically contracting ring my priests. Two fingers began to diverge, and I felt like a member of the "mint" a couple of centimeters entered into me, and then he removed his fingers and I instinctively pressed her ass.
"Coke" I kept hugging her, and the second took me by the hips pulled my ass on the dick. Thin howling, I again tried to turn backwards, but received a slap in the face just fell on his chest "coke". He took my hands and put them on my ass, pressed them, and said, - help, until broken in half! Helping them strength was gone, two members stretched me that there are forces in the pope was burning with fire. Going into me until the mid term (although it seemed to me that at least a meter) "mint" I began to remove the member. I managed to make a sigh of relief, but a member of a new force began to enter into me! Then again, and again and again! I writhed on both members how much my howling began to break up into some rhythm. "Coke" He lifted me up with his chest, "mint" let go of my hips, one hand clutched at his chest, his other hand began to pull at my clit. Pain from a member of the vagina seemed a shadow of pain in the anus. Teasing Hand ... my bud did not understand how I can overcome all these torments. Throwing her, I began to furiously rub and pull at her clitoris, he had not asked for affection, he demanded to his ill-treatment to numb the pain! Almost without giving me the move, two members of the auger me at the same pace, knocking me out of a desire to cry, shiver throughout the body passed a major orgasm shook me all by foot to the nipples! I huddled in the hands of guys like a wild and they left me one after the other! Members they spewed seed in me, and I reclined between guys with pounding heart and desire as much as possible to release the ass faster wear out and flushed.
When the hour and a half, Vadim came with Max, I have to swim in the sea, I lay under a blanket, and I think - and can not leave tomorrow at Yalta? It can stay here another night?

Vengeance for Anju

It was three weeks after the events described in the "poor Ana".
I'm with my closest associate was sitting in a small coffee shop in the center of Moscow. The street went drizzle, the coffee was warm, we do not want anything.
Silence is the first to break my colleague ...
-Well, Oberst? How's Anna?
-Everything is fine. She got cool, but it lucky. Not a single fracture.
-Not bad, Oberst.
-Honestly, Manyachny, I'm a coward?
-Oberst! Where such thoughts?
-You see, here many enemies say that I did not take any attempt to help her ...
-Well yes! She was there a dozen armed thugs kept, you zapinali to death and dumped. Well at least we managed to tinkle. Do not mind it! Society will never support the Nazis, if it lives on false ideals. For them, the better to endure the humiliation of illegal guest workers and allow their daughters to be whores from Arab sheikhs than to support us. And we want our fellow citizens to be happy! And they understand that stubbornly refuse!
-Yes, Manyachny, a monument in his lifetime we will not see, - I smiled.
Here in my pocket when the phone rang.
-Listen, Oberst - rasped voice on the phone, - then we caught a slut from the leadership of hostile groups that you Anya then attacked. Come on, heap up, we are waiting for you at the 50th kilometer of the Yaroslavl highway.
-Come on, Manyachny, - I said. - The thing is.
We sat in the shabby "Nissan" and went in that direction.
-Oberst, you are no longer soared about human ingratitude? - I asked Manyachny when we went on Prospect Mira.
-No. It is our belief - I said, cutting some "kopeck". - Understand Manyachny, we have the top there is a very influential patrons. They constantly overlap oxygen, but they still get out. They can not yet come to power, but be sure ... that Judgment Day will come someday.
-I do not know. The majority of people have not much-and supports. But in the future ...
-It's a shame, Oberst, we just sixes ...
-Do not mind it. We are just students! We even university is not yet finished! We still all ahead! Nor are we sixes ... We are not ordinary bulls ... Do not worry! .. Come on, cheer up better. Now we even win. Somewhere in an hour, we turned onto a country road and drove up to a group of young men standing by the four machines.
-Hello, Oberst!
-Firework! Where slut? The lodge?
-Yes. Come on. What to do with it? Iznasiluem and finish?
-We'll see.
The lodge lay on the floor bound girl in a white bathing suit. In appearance she was the same age as me, I was ready to argue that it is not a second has exchanged a dozen.
-Start! - I ordered.
One of the guys took a pinky girl and stuffed in a vise, then twisted tightly. There was a nasty crunch and wild howl through the gag.
I walked over to her and sat down on his haunches.
-What wonderful hair, - I thought. Unable to control myself, I touched his hand to her sweaty forehead and threw back a strand of her luxurious hair. My heart was dirty. About two years ago I had a friend with the same wonderful hair. I truly loved her, showered with expensive gifts and literally wore on his hands. But she left me. To exchange for some idiot from supernumerary Institute. He was not mad, nor powers, nor the love of it. And I loved her. Anya now I love is not so. But she left me and the start of frame that guy. He was at her zero attention. And I went from despair to the Nazis, where Favor for two years ... Hands stained with blood, the contempt and hatred of others and little or no chance of winning. Okay. I tried to rid himself of these thoughts.
-What caught? - I asked the girl. - I should kill you, but I can give you a chance to survive. Would you? Captive nodded.
-Good. You have to move all that we do to you, and then get out of Russia forever. Clear? Repeated nod.
-Wear it.
The girl was taken out of the lodge.
To begin with it was tied to a thick oak.
-So. Torture to Ani with water designed you. This I know. Let's see how you own it endures. I'm not an idiot like you. 10 l do not overpower. Hold a 3 only.
In the hands of my subordinates were six bottles of water at 0.5 liters.
The girl was scared to death. Obediently, she drank all the liquid, not a grimace. We stood and waited.
It took about 15 minutes Captive showed clear signs of anxiety.
She tried to fidget, but the rope tight enough hold it. However, the claw back into the blood, it still managed. Fingers her legs convulsively clenched and unclenched, sweat on his forehead. She moaned slightly. The gag in her mouth no re not stuck ... even begin to shout it, no one will hear.
-Listen, Oberst - she pleaded. - How much I still endure?
-As you ordered Ana. Hour. Not a minute more.
She paused.
-However, you do not deserve the right to stand still, - I said. - Auburn, it's yours for five minutes.
One of the bulls with a stripe on his sleeve approached the victim.
Silently he pulled off her panties, and without further ado entered her his body.
She twitched and moaned.
-Remember, a single drop of urine, - I said. - Otherwise kill in place.
Auburn, meanwhile, finished and moved away from the victim.
-Doctor, it's your turn - I said briefly.
Medical student named Doctor took a set of pins and approached the girl.
Three pins stuck in it labia captive. She screamed wildly, and made an attempt to squeeze the legs. But Dr. calmly threw them back in different directions. Hips girl trembled, she desperately struggled with the pressure in the bladder, but the pain prevented her restrained.
Dr. pierced with pins her tender nipples, stuck four more to her forehead and fell to his knees.
-Such an orgasm you have not experienced, bitch, - he said quietly and without rancor. After he stuck a pin in her clitoris. Such inhuman scream some of us may not have heard. However, I have heard, and not so. Then for each finger of her legs The doctor also driven by a needle.
-Listen, Oberst - Red told me, - and yet not pissing bitch. He wants to live.
-Nothing, - I replied. - Not yet evening.
-Well, yes, - he grinned Auburn. - Only six o'clock.
I ... missed taunt on deaf ears.
Here Dr. stuck another pin girl's clitoris.
She jerked all his beautiful body, her fingers clenched convulsively legs, causing the needle to drive even deeper under her fingernails. And then out of it flowed a little stream of urine, which immediately became a powerful stream that blew two pins sticking out of the clitoris. Captive gasped and fainted.
A minute later it revived.
-You're pissed. And to die, - I said. - But you have one more chance. Vospolzueshsya? The girl nodded.
-Good. Lie down Single 25 minutes on an anthill.
Girl putting on an anthill, pre stir it.
After she pushed the legs and crotch smeared with honey.
This cry, this forest, in my opinion, has not yet heard.
Our victim is tossed on the ground, hysterically screaming, but could not cope with the insects.
However, 25 minutes later, she stood. After her doused with boiling water to destroy the ants. The delicate skin blistered captive.
-Everything, now everyone can fuck her, - I said. - Just put a condom, and then we will calculate more.
The next 20 minutes was an orgy. The poor girl fucked in all cracks and holes.
After it had been dipped in the river to wash away the sperm and destroy evidence.
-Kill her? - Asked Red.
-No, let them live, - I replied.
-What are you, Oberst! She will hand over us!
-Never. She was this lesson enough. You go away from the country? - I asked her.
Captive very quickly nodded.
-Good girl. You do not hand over us? Bear in mind, hand over, we'll get you out of the earth shall get. Victim negative whirled his beautiful head with luxurious curls.
-Okay, let's go.
In Yaroslavl highway drove five cars. From one of them threw barely alive pretty girl in a torn swimsuit. She fell to the side and stopped. But she was still alive, I knew for sure. Four cars have gone in order to conspiracy to Sergiev Posad and we Manyachnym went straight to Moscow.
-Listen, Oberst - turned to me colleague - you would not kill because it is similar to the one your unrequited love? In this ...
-Stop - I interrupted. - Do not call her name. To me it hurt.
-Are you all still love her?
I just nodded weakly.
-And what about Anna?
-What Anya? You reproach me?
-Never in my life, Oberst. You're my teacher. Tell me, why you would not kill? Only because of the similarity with this ... th-th-th ... girl?
-No, not only. It is we still will not give up. And I want to give her something that would never have with you, that a society we will never allow.
-What exactly?
-Second chance...

With Bob in the car

This is something that I nafantaziroval about you, 35-year old mother of 3 children, skinny, slim, sexy lady and thine admirer massage therapist Bob, 50-year-old bachelor, has long drying you.

You graduated class pilatis. She came out with her friends. You can not help feeling that after you someone is watching. You have been a little bit together, we said goodbye, you go on one. Suddenly you hear the sound of braking tires. The car stops abruptly beside you. You shudder and turn around. Behind the wheel sits shyly smiling Bob. He runs out, hurriedly opened the door, looking through the eyes of dog lovers, offers a ride. Awkwardly smacking kiss on the cheek. You sit in the car and ask:
-Are you watching me?
He nods in response. You eat and you know what he carries you in a dark dead end near your home. You ask:
-Where do we eat?
-We need to talk, 'replied he, stopping the car in a dark impasse. -Come Sit in the back seat, we'll talk.
You agree. You're an adventurer, the more you are assured that you can stop at any time. You sit down in the back seat, he was trembling all over, and you're funny. He starts talking incoherently about his love. You listen and do! maeshsya what to cook for dinner tomorrow. Suddenly his hand fall on your knee, he begins to knead, nervously assuring continuing his love. You get hot, you know that all this will go on for a long time yet, if you will not take the initiative in their hands. And you're a little leans toward him. He awkwardly tries to kiss you lips on the cheek. You get a little uncomfortable, this slobbery, but you feel the riser in his pants. You have a factory, you are strongly lozhish hand on his pants, his cock begin to knead. He groans. He kisses you, finds his lips, trying to kiss her. You want to finish. Pulls out his penis, take off his shorts back down the panties to the side and osedlyvaesh his cock, close your eyes and begin to move, he moans, unable to believe his luck, moving member pushes into you, you accelerate the pace, growl, looking for his orgasm, he is already close .
Bob squeezes your breasts, groans, screams, bends, ends up with a groan. You compress the teeth, trshsya of wet weakest member, you hear his moans and she ends helplessly sinking in! on his lap. Breath, climbs down, dress. Hoarsely say:
-Take me Home.
He dressed, sits behind the wheel, afraid to look at you. Dovozit home. Are you coming out. He grabs the hand.
-When I see you - he asks.
You pull out a hand. You walk toward the house.
-So far, you -brosaesh him.


Loneliness - it is rotten feeling when you know that there is the right one for whom you live and struggle with difficulties and challenges. Yes, of course, life is full of surprises, there are always ups and downs combined with this drop is not so bad if you have a reliable rear. Life is like a military operation, and that the important thing in the war - it is a good friend, who can substitute you my shoulder, when you have no strength to go on, which will give advice when it would seem from you all turned away, with whom you can share joy at the water cups on a halt by tightening with it, fraternally, the only remaining jammed cigarette ... In the search for such a friend take years of peace and war only when time flies inexorably fast when on who depends on a number of thin thread and your life, there is friendship for a few seconds when you feel that you are someone pulls his collar, pulling out from under fire, and risking his life for the sake of what you would zhil.Tolko there to the back move away such things as prejudice, religion, external beauty ... Only there will you bite the ground in impotent rage by the fact that you have run out of ammo and your best "friend" AKM useless piece of hardware that you will not spaset.Tolko there to see it, someone lomanetsya to you through "sector"That would pull out, while the rest will be opened a furious fire, zhgya last cartridges (your chance to stay alive) for what would that someone ran up to you alive ... Only there, after all that has happened, you will hugging dirty figure in the army pea jacket, look at this not shaved face filled with happiness and understand that we must live! But we are not at war, we are now, where people prefer not to notice each other, but when the moment comes, just take advantage of the for the weakest. Now we are there, where jungle (yes, forgive me the wolves - the most friendly people in the world who live in flocks and helping each other) laws, where survival of the fittest. Now we are where we are few, past the war and who were able to endure in his heart, not blind bestial rage, and the best quality, tied to the warm human relationships: respect, loyalty and love ...
* * *
It all started with a phone call, or rather it started even earlier with SMS - message on my mobile phone. However, I soon forgot about the SMS-ke, but the phone call made me think about the many, and not only to review the principles of life, but the very zhizn.Eto happened on Monday evening when all my family already had dinner, and everyone involved in its business. I worked that night rang his old friends as in their "nasty" nature, I try to poke their noses everywhere, even where it is not necessary. Less than two minutes from the time I put down the phone, like the sound of a phone call alerted me that someone eager to communicate. In Caller ID numbers to highlight the phone, but even they were not able to clarify to me the one who zvonit.Na mine: "Alo?"He replied a pleasant velvety female voice: - Hello, can Anton - Yes, I have slushayu.- Hey, did you know my head spun one question:? "WHO ???????? !!!!, but he remained without otveta.Ya started playing "guessing Game"But the positive result was never achieved! After all, I called the one I had never seen before, and that of course, could not know her voice. (Now that I think I would have recognized her voice from the other hundreds of thousands of votes.) Her voice seemed captivated me; mild chest - he made me tremble, my mood subordinating its playful tone of voice. This voice was not only excited at the same time, but also reassured me. I thought that if I meditate somewhere in a quiet, God-forsaken corner of the forest, so much he gave me to relax, though under my fifth point is not fragrant forest "carpet" of flowers and forest herbs, and just plain linoleum of my kitchen ... The more I talked to her, the more and more I liked it: intelligent, independent woman, what else can dream of a lonely young man who threw all turned out? that girl named Galya and she is very lonely (so, at least, it seemed to me), but it has a lot of friends of young people. The more I learned, the more and more I wanted to hold her close and protect them from the dangers of life, the burden of worries and fears. Why this happened, probably because my soul was looking for the soul, which, as my izgladalas for affection, attention and warmth of relations. To be honest, and in conversation with itself always need honesty, I really liked the Galia, but I'm not the person who took out a gold nugget, throw it over your shoulder and go looking for the next ... So I decided to meet her, or rather , she decided, but the goals have been different: I wanted warmth and love it - that it would be fucked (at least here says it all honestly and nothing covered up by false words).
* * *
Yes, as they say - life is hard thing, so hard that it causes. But it is always necessary to be optimistic and look to the future I am the manager - the manager now, this is my profession, which I like, its meaning is that if you are managing the firm, you have to look at a lot of points ahead, get opponents to maneuver in the turns, otherwise you will not survive - you will eat together with the other kostyami.V life - I Sergeichev lieutenant, commander of a repair platoon Shepitovskogo regiment Guards Kantemir division in / h 43162. in this life, all determined by the charter and the orders of the commanders, but this life is far complicated due to the fact that there are at stake of life, many lives, and not just your own ...
With Galina we talked on the phone for a week. During this time, our conversations became longer and longer, and the themes more openly and frankly. I was just struck by the energy that came from this girl. Sometimes it seemed to me that I am inside a giant microwave, and some include it in the network, and in that moment every cell of my body is boiling and just about ready to break into its constituent atomy.V those moments, I felt like a man! I'm a man but, first of all, I'm a young man! So - that our conversations with her are always folded on gender relations.
Everything happened quite as I imagined, I have mastered the thrill, the feeling that now can happen that make completely erase this magical moment. A shudder pierced my whole body! Lump in your throat - something I had to do, but that's what ??? I looked at her and could not take his eyes, in the dim light of the street lamps that came through the window and illuminated her, she was simply divine! Venus, Aphrodite, born of the sea foam, was sitting a meter away from me. Her lips, hair, eyes - attracted me, attracted like a giant magnet; I like Odysseus heard the Sirens singing sea ... and was this divine music. My gaze slid down her body observing her every move, every breath, every beat of her heart, which swayed her beautiful breasts ...


The day was unsuccessful. Like every winter, an appointment with a therapist was a lot of people. When the time came to an end, there was only one door for the girl Sign, invited ya.Ona came in and sat down obediently on kushetku.- What's bothering you? - I asked I. Sometimes queasy and a little sore zhivot.- It is likely gastritis, but we need to check. Undress first that I have poslushala.Devushka took off her blouse and red. Through a transparent bra could see her pink nipples. I zavelas.- Bra tozhe.Ona became clear back to me, took off her bra and was afraid even poshevelitsya.- Lie down on the couch - I said, and helped her lech.Legonko relegating her hands, I took the stethoscope and began to drive them on her breasts. At first she was shy, and then just closed her eyes and rasslabilas.- How often do you have sex - A long time ago it delala.- not surprising that hurts you hurts zhivot.- you have breasts during menstruation - Yes, but not very silno.Ya down her stethoscope and slowly began to drive his hand over grudi.Ona again closed glaza.- and now we look at your zhivot.Ne waiting for her to reflect on what I said, I took off her skirt and lowered her panties so that her pubis was visible. She opened her eyes, looked at me trustingly, closed again and took off ... trusiki.Ona lay defenseless in front of me and so beautiful. She breathed deeply, with her chest rising and nipples become tverdymi.Ya pulled from her purse a vibrator, pulled a condom on it. Slightly parted her legs, I began to slowly introduce it his "magic wand". She began to move her hips and I start the second hand to press her clitoris. Quietly moaning, she began to knead her nipples. Stone narostaet. And crying out, I relax and let it down ruki.Cherez a while she got up, dressed, and said: - I'm so relieved: pain and headache was gone and his stomach stopped hurting. Can I come to you again?

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