I love you, kitten!

She was sitting in the cabin expensive cars and could not believe that after some time will cuddle with a guy of her dreams Anton. He was several years older than her but she was not discouraged. She loved it!
They sat on the couch and the light was dimmed slightly. He took her head and kissed her passionately on the lips
- Anton .... I have something to tell you ... I ... I ... virgin ...
- Sweetheart there is nothing to worry about. I will help you!
He picked her up and carefully placed it on the ol standing bed. She began unbuttoning her blouse but he leaned over and whispered to Nate's ear:
- I will do everything myself. Just close your eyes, relax and get ready mentally. I know that morally it is very painful! But I love you kitten !!!
But Olga had long been ready and it znad that it happened today! But it zakryda eyes and tried to relax. She felt as Anton slowly unbuttons her blouse and slowly pulls more clearly the mini skirt, leaving her in her underwear.
Olga opened her eyes and saw Anton, unbuttoning her bra. Unleashing her breasts to freedom, he slowly pulled off her panties. Finished undressing Woman, Anton and Olga bytro undressed unwittingly surprised his huge unit. She knew that he had a large but that to the extent ...
- I love you, kitten, 'repeated he gave her a passionate kiss.
Bytstro pulling a condom onnachal slowly kissing her neck, chest, belly and finally dug his lips in her moss. He Smal finger with saliva and slowly introduced a finger into her "a clean" hole. A few moments later he put his finger on something hard.
- Kitten and now will be a little painful. Are you ready?
Olga nodded and closed her eyes.
- I will try to do everything as gently as possible.
Rising, he introduced his handsome in its hole, podnapryagsya ... and felt that the dividing wall is torn.
- Ouch! ... -Only And Olga managed to scream and she appeared on the big pike clean tear.
- Come on, baby, everything is already all. All over. Do not Cry! All is well, everything is fine! I love you!
He bent down to her, patted on the head and gently kissed.
- I love you too, Anton!
- I know, I know, baby! ...
A few hours later, Olga and Anton were engaged in sex Soul Plane, bringing each other pleasure rabid. And they were married even after 2 months ...

Inventory (Part 2). What's in a name?

"Mama said to me
About love fraud!
Yes wasting words!
I stopped their ears,
I have not listened.
Oh, Mom, Mom!
How you were right!"

I have developed a theory that the carriers of the same name - are also some similarities. At least once a bummer suffering, and starting to analyze it, I suddenly begin to remember something like that in bygone, and, as a rule, is the old with the new stories linked by a common name of my partner.
Remember I wrote you about the Muscovite, who raped me two beers?
So, his name was Yegor. Yes, the old Russian name of good, nothing against him have. But the third time, so try to circumvent Yegor side. So, just in case.
I responded to my declare someone with login house. He wrote that the middle (and then write what?), But would like to try blowjob from a solid men (merci to him, it's me something solid?).
Well, I do not mind, I propose to meet, that I - sorry sperm? Then he disappears from the correspondence, warning that pulls back for a while. Then again, it appears and takes an interest in - I did not forget it. I begin to delve into the archive, find his letters and their responses. So, nothing special. No heart-rending confessions, no revelations, though, I pestered him Hausiku, and finally got him to confess that his name is Egor.
I so cheerfully, says he does not forget, they say, I'm Egor that can meet after work. Again, I for a few letters from him sought his distinguishing features, and received a comprehensive description "182 cm in height and blond hair" - Specifically, huh?
And in the evening I am standing by the fountain, clutching the package with the beauty and waiting for the blonde with blonde hair.
Smoke, went to bull to throw in the trash. Brought up, huh? In the urn is a man, well, certainly not blonde, with a newspaper in his hands. Muzzle red, well, you know, like someone. Such a typical guy with a paunch - the father of a large family, a positive in all respects heterosexual. Near the mouth-watering plied several pieces, but none of them by a meager signs did not come to give me.
Giving briefly look at this guy, and he moves his lips, I focus, and it is my name appears, he calls. And then it comes to me with the inevitability express that this is the very Egor.
I would roll up his head and quietly go home, "cursing their fate". But no! I nod his head and stretched out his hand. Meet.
Come towards the pub. I missed it a little forward, and he admire his figure. Hmm!
However, he did not and Apollo, which show off.
We sit down at a table. We order a beer.
Hmm! A conversation is not glued! And talk about something right!
I began to question him about work matters. Laconic. Somewhere it works in printing business. Not much. Blurts out that only from Moscow, that's where he was leaving. It turns out, lives there for two years, and is trying to organize on behalf of the branch management.
So-so. I would turn on my hard drive and make a database search, he would have quickly issued - "mosey on fast!"
And I'm sitting, grinding out a topic of conversation. Egor - completely non-contact, some even haunted, as if he is not happy to what got involved. I was thinking over the slow version rollback!
Suddenly I hear a proposal to continue the evening in the hut at the friend, who must leave his keys.
And, you never know!
Remove the car and go. Again, we go to the area where the hotel love translated from Greek. And nothing wins back again at me. Although something is pushing - sit on the bus and Cheshi - as he goes for the keys.
- I took the vodka for courage?
- So what?
- You do not think! I'm not drunk!
- For God's sake! You will be justified in front of me?
We sat, drank vodka, drinking it is not recommended, physicians phantom. He spoke long and tedious as the leads in this apartment woman. I'm starting to slowly enter that Hata something specific and quite simply, gives up for those who had no place for the night.
He became interested in his success homosexual. The most striking - their three guys fuck a lady, while stroking and patting each other on the outstanding parts.
What I pinned here!
- Oh, I'm tortured by talking! We did not come here for this!
Realizing at last! For an hour we sit and I listen to him talk.
Okay, let's go one by one spoofing.
- Well, let's have a drink? Well, let's have a smoke?
Clearly, it started jitters! And this guy at forty! Gee? Why then all this rigmarole plant.
- Well, let's have a drink, smoke!
And he quietly began his oglazhivaet potselovyvat yes, until he expose the window and smoking. I stroked his ass, and he grabs my cock. So we stand, smoke.
All right! Already okurochka left. And he is, staring eyes on the road below the house, what he looks at?
I'm starting to drag it away from the window - there is, but reluctantly. He began to kiss on the lips, at first turned away, I was the one who warned - just do not kiss, can and Yegor this? But no! Lips I caught her lips and began to suck. More does not give himself to try to become the language of my mouth to shove.
It sits on the bed. Yes: Roth at the navel, sitting as a yardstick swallowed. I began to put pressure on the shoulders - not be. Then I rise on tiptoe and spend member of his lips.
Finally! Took! I begin to push in deeper and put pressure on the shoulders - not long pimples on the stand. Sucks diligently, but the back does not bend.
Heck! We have to bury him, put to one side, her head on the pillow, he on his knees, and I continue in his mouth fuck .. As if by chance, before I touch his pepper. Iron and hot! And oozing - yeah, so enjoy! I began to be more active. It seems overdone and too deeply driven. I pulled my Yegorushka Igrunov and asked for a little rest, just lie down.
Good! We went! He immediately on the other flank, and that way ass pressed against my body. Well, I'm going up to the pope, then between his legs, put his last - he removes his hand and asked again to make a break, unbearable, want to smoke.
Okay. Again smokes.
- Maybe a drink?
- No, tomorrow at work!
- Then I'm the one!
Again, the song gets its indecision, that he is not a fagot, he just sometimes you want. And I understand that he needed not a weakling like me, a guy ... who twist the ram's horn, and finally realizes all his fantasies.
Okay, we collect the spirit and get up potryasyvaya its charm. He sits in a chair and looks at the fascination member.
I'm getting my knees on the arms, the benefit they are quite soft and bows his head. He resists, but not very much. After a short fight, my friend has found a warm bed in his mouth, and I'm starting to move.
I bear his hands on your hips, removing them from the penis, throws back his head back and clutching the wall with both hands, starting to fuck him.
I'm starting to wind up, he also mumbles something, but since his mouth is busy, a very slurred. The end is coming! Where to end? And it was - was not. Seizing with one hand on his head - dramatically presses it against his groin. He twitched, arched and I felt moisture on his back. Wow! It also ends! Resistance to his weakened, but he regularly ingested. I regret parted, leaning his body forward, with my member.
I milked the remnants of sperm on his belly and lay on him, hugging and caressing.
And then I wake up! I lay on my stomach, and below me really spreading puddle of sperm. Wow! Nocturnal emissions fifty! Ohrenet!
Live, then, when I went up to him and shook tensing member - he flatly refused. And I did not insist. Yegor began to apologize, to say something about his unwillingness, to ask that I did not take offense.
I'm not hurt! Just quickly pulled on his pants and shirt and went home. And only coming out of the door, I realized, how do I know the name, weight matches, to the extent that this is also a Muscovite, and also from non-indigenous, and also came here to organize a branch. And then we fucked him in the next street, and I came back unsatisfied and angry at yourself with the same stop. Marvelous are thy works, O Lord!
Of course, for the purity of the experiment you want to check again. So, Yegor, intending to open branches at us, write! And suddenly it was just a coincidence?

It was not a dream

I woke up with an overwhelming desire to experience it again.
The thing is that a week ago, drinking with a new colleague at work, I found myself in the company where people were clearly netraditsionalnoy orientation. And since I was pretty drunk, I was just curious to see their party. Many of them seemed to be campy, effeminate, but there were obvious macho, which in appearance and it is impossible to name the blue. Usually people "straight"It gathered a lot less, and we got together in a corner of one of the rooms with our booze. Every now and then came up to us "Party People"But recognizing us sexy "minority" eliminated. Some of mannered mainly, on the contrary we have tried to hook up, which caused a storm of jokes on our side, and "poor" tenants quickly removed. We talked about that, about this, drinking beer. There was music, the house he lived his life - every room had fun on the. Formed couples, people coming and going here and there could be seen kissing and hugging just people. I did not see Frank debauchery, although I confess that represented the party on the other.
After drinking for another, we reached out to the dancing. Hamming under windup club music, drank again. Gradually, we all prefer traditional sex, somewhere from each other confused. I walked into one of the bedrooms, the edge of consciousness recognizing that kissing couples and even gruppochek became much more. Finding a free place, I fell, and immediately fell asleep. I can not say how long I was asleep, but woke up when the music is not rattled. Someone lying side by side, stroked under the shirt on my back (I slept in clothes). With a hangover I was too lazy to even move his hand, and to be honest, do not touch gave me unpleasant feelings, even though I clearly realized that this is one of "them". Hand operated more and more boldly, falling from the shoulders below. But brazenly under the shorts and pants did not come. Just back. I was starting to fall asleep when "masseur" I dared to lift my shirt with a plan to remove it. I pretended to be asleep, but made a few movements, allowing it to take off my shirt promptly. I guess he thought that I accept this game.
I did not know how far I'll let him go. He stroked my back with both hands, sometimes allowing one to creep into my shorts. He moved closer to me, I felt the smell, the smell of his perfume. My face he could not see, I was lying facing the wall. And then he began to kiss and nibble on my ear - my body was a powerful electric charge. I involuntarily twitched, he pulled away. But then he began stroking his back. My cock began to awaken. And at this time, my tormentor started to pull off my shorts and panties. To say that I did not want it at this point I can not. Although I did not know what role my tormentor wants to take me, and some fear is still present. He started kissing me again, and his hand began to turn my head to get to my lips. I opened my eyes. It was a strange man, a little younger than me, Mike did not hide his inflated body. A person is normal, no perceptible like. He started kissing my body to irrigate. Then again we were kissing passionately. Again I closed his eyes, as though it was strange to see the man's face in such an erotic moment and feel what I felt today. I was adamant that he did not give myself for anything, so that internal calm. Although he did not do is no indication that poimeet me from behind. How long?
Kissing me, he came down lower and lower. And then he got to my cock and took it into his mouth. Such a blow job, I did not know before. He licked my balls, taking them into his mouth. It was so strange and pleasant that I pulled everything into his mouth. He took it as it should be. However, I felt that before the decoupling is still far. This I have done, and he was still there. We again began to kiss passionately. I hugged him, he had a strong body, broad shoulders. It turns out a nice hug the body, there is a sense of security. I was pleased, moreover, he kissed so deftly and gently stroked, I wound up on the new one. Frankly, it has brought me more feeling that I embrace with the man kissing him. It's a kind of taboo and most inaccessible, and many do not ever learn. He made no sustained movement towards me. We just kissed. I did not know what to do next. I told him that I had no one fucked before. I did not mean to girls, just that they've had enough, and has been a constant at this point. Then he took my hand and sent by its melting, still driving it, he began to drive on its members. Then he removed his hand and gave it to me. I did it clumsily. And suddenly I have a bold idea was born in my head - to take his penis in her mouth. Although it is in a certain sense it is ridiculous, but I felt a certain duty at the time (so I wound up), and invited him to lie on his back. He took off his clothes and tried to do everything that is done to me. He kissed his body, stroking it. I loved it. And I see his penis. The first riser so close in front of me. I took him in hand and gently pulled her to his mouth. Licking the head, immediately I felt the taste of grease. Anything contrary to this finding no, I took it into his mouth. All I knew about the blowjob, this is what I saw when watching porn when did girls. How could I "parodied" them, as I have very little work. I kept biting his teeth, but too deep immersion member causing retching. In my mind I regretted these girls from the movies. As soon as I thought about it, my mentor's body shuddered and he pressed me to his groin. Inside I struggled fountain. He is dead and let me go. Unlike him, I did not swallow all, therefore appeared before his eyes with a smeared face. He gently began to lick me and my excitement reached its limit. I touched his penis, and once finished. We looked into each other's eyes for a while, I felt uncomfortable and began to collect his clothes. He understood and started to get dressed, too. Quickly throwing trunks and T-shirt, jeans picking up, he went to the window. Before my eyes appeared a powerful torso, but her eyes involuntarily fell on his ass. Swimwear, men who wear streptizery not hide neat elastic buttocks.
I recovered and began to dress. Alcohol weathered all in this crazy act. Also our room engaged in sex three couples. One of the assets of supportive smiled at me. I went out. In I struggled shame, fear and some sense of satisfaction as well as curiosity.
When I got home, I took a shower, and passed out. We can not say that I am constantly thinking about it, but now I'm looking at the new men. I appreciate their style of dress, figure and buttocks. One can not help notice the bumps under jeans or trousers, noting penis.
And then I woke up with an overwhelming desire to experience it again. How can I know Now I go further ...

Deprivation of virginity with her mother

Hello! I want to tell you about how I lost my virginity at the age of 16! And I lost it because of his own mother !!! I am 16 years old, I live with my mother, father, I know only from a photograph, because he left us 17 years ago, that is, immediately after my mother became pregnant. He made me, when he was 18 and she was 16. He left without even knowing that her mother is pregnant. I was brought up and raised it only. What is my mother? The answer is: age 33, height 165cm, weight about 55kg, dark long hair, gray-blue eyes, perfect figure, lush, high breasts and curvy ass! About myself I can only say that I am 16 years old and until recently, I was a virgin!
When I was still small, I do not understand why every Sunday, late at night, my mother led the men, each time different, and something to do with them in your room, then they (the men) went, and I have them no longer seen never. As I grew older, I realized that she took them just for the fact that to have sex! Once, when I was 15, I decided to spy. I carefully opened the door, so I did not notice, but it seems that I, and so would not notice so much, they were passionate about their work! My mother was on all fours, clothing, and moaning, shouting occasionally, and a man of about 40-fucked her! I did not see where he fucked her - in the ass and pussy, because he was blocking. Then she rolled over, lay on her back and spread her legs very wide, he began to fuck her so quickly that if it was not theft, it would beat her head against the wall. She was screaming and writhing, he touched her breasts and kissed right through blouse and bra! I noticed that my cock stood up, and I very much wanted her. Finally the last movement, she yells, and ends up with him! I'm still 15 minutes of sitting in my room with a riser and remembered her face and screams! I never got to see her naked!
Since then, I began to look at his mother did not like the man who gave birth to me and raised as well as the one that I want to fuck! I watched the way she dresses. She loved, and now likes to wear tight leather pants and just loves mini skirts that barely cover her panties. She wears tops and blouses, too tight or transparent, but always in a bra, and I could not see her breasts, and so wanted! She wears pantyhose and stockings only black. She has all the shoes with heels, mostly she wears sandals in the summer and winter high boots. I wanted to dig in her underwear and learn at least what breast size my mother, I thought, which is about the size of 3! She liked me more and more! I did not dare to enter her room in her absence and to look at her bra, panties, pantyhose and stockings! And suddenly notice that something is not there! But two months ago, I decided. I went and opened her closet. There was her outerwear. And I found what I was looking in the chest! There in the first box were her pantyhose, stockings and belts with elastic bands of different colors to stockings from slipping off! In the second lay panties, a variety of different colors, 25 pieces! And in the third were bras of different colors, some are simple, others with foam rubber, which supported the shape of the breast! I finally read on the label of its size - 4 !!! That's cool! My mum 4 breast size !!! My cock was standing at attention! I considered all, I put everything as it lay, and went as if nothing had happened!
Eighteen months ago, and it is somewhere in the end of May 2004, it has ceased to drive men. I think, because she moved to another job, and she has no time to look for the men. Without men and sex, she became some not so, it is no longer fun. June 27 she had a day off, and she wanted to stay at home. I left early in the morning and returned at 8 pm, I found a note saying that she had gone to a birthday to his girlfriend aunt Lena, this Aunt Lena was also very personal, she 25, and my mother 33, but they still real friends, no matter what the age difference! Mum rang at 9 pm and said that an hour will come, and come back at 2 am! I did not sleep, watching TV in my room! The doorbell rings, I opened the door and saw her. She was in a white skin-tight tank top, a black leather mini skirt from under which peeped gum supporting the black fishnet stockings that she had bought five days ago, and black platform sandals and heels, these sandals are similar to those that are stripper! She was divinely beautiful! And she was drunk, not so that the language is not tossing and turning, and very fun, and that was something strange in her eyes! I went back into the room, lay down on the bed and felt that I should! At that time she entered the room, even the sandals are not removed! Mom, I asked:
-How are you?
-Good. As a birthday? - I asked and saw that she was looking at my riser.
-Excellent! - she said. - What are you watching a porno movie?
-No! And why are you thinking? - My cock got even bigger and harder!
-Because you excited !!! - She said, so soft and sexy!
-I have not watched pornography - I said, then thought about it and decided that nothing to lose - I'm excited for another reason!
-For what? - She murmured, staring at the riser, and added - Can you masturbate? - And I sat in the chair so that I almost saw her panties and took off sandals!
-No! I have never masturbated! - I said, and believe me, dear reader, this is true.
-And sex you already do? - She asked.
-No! Never! - I said, looking at her.
-So you my dear, yet a virgin !!! - She never called me "expensive"! - Is there an eye on the one that you want?
-There is! - I replied without hesitation. Previously, we did not talk about sex!
-Judging by the way you look at me, she looks like me. So? - A little thought, she asked. I do not know what to say.
Yet I said:
-How old is she?
-33 years! - I said a slowdown.
-And her name is? - She asked, realizing what was happening.
-Catherine! - I pronounced the name of his mother!
-Well, then everything is clear! - She said.
-Which is understandable?
-You want me, my dear! I'm right?
-Yes! - I said, not knowing what will happen next.
She stood up, her skirt rode up a little, she went to bed, crossed one leg over me and sat on my feet, facing me, so that my cock was pressed against her pubis!
-Then I deprive you of virginity! - She whispered, my cock stiffened! She bent down, so that my cock was sandwiched between us! I felt her size 4 on his chest! But I had never touched her breasts! She never let me hug!
Mom gave me a kiss on the cheek and said in his ear: "I have long wanted it!"! I realized that that's it, that's what I wanted for a year! She started kissing me on the lips, it was great! Then she took off her topic, and I saw a blue bra, which barely placed her breasts! She said:
-I will teach you!
-I want you mom! - I said.
-You want to lick between my breasts?
-So what are you waiting for? - She whispered.
She took her breasts and pushed them together, form a furrow of heavenly beauty! I licked from the bottom up directly between the breasts.
-They are so warm! - I said.
-You probably never unbutton her bra! Try to unbutton my! But first, take off your shirt!
I took off my T-shirt! I have to unbutton her bra, and fastened, on the day when he was in her room, but not a woman, and just like that! I reached her hands behind her back, fumbled three hook and with unexpected ease undid one by one!
-Well done! - she said. Bra barely stayed on her shoulders - You probably have never seen women's breasts alive !?
-No, I have not seen!
-What do you think, what my size? - She took hold of the chest and shoulder straps of her bra slipped off her shoulders.
Now, her breasts covered only a cup of her bra and her hands.
-I think 3! - I lied.
-No, you're wrong, sweetie, I have the size 4! - She said - Look! - And she took her hands, threw aside her bra and stood up! I have about 30 seconds saw her breasts, and she waited patiently. After all, I have seen the truth and in a woman's breast for the first time! She has light brown nipples and very beautiful breasts!
-Well ?!
-Stunned! They are so beautiful!
-So how are you I do not know anything, I'll explain to you all! Look - she ran her fingers over his chest - I "high" chest, that is not "hanging". See it upright!
-I can see!
-Therefore, I can not wear a bra! Other women who have breast "hang", Wear a bra that would lift the breast and give it a shape! But I do not need it! You see yourself!
-I can see! And why would you wear, Mom?
-To no one saw my breasts. And stop calling me "Mama"Now call me by name, simply Kate!
-Good Katyusha! - She laughed!
-Could be so! Now I'm not just your mother, but also the best friend! I agree?
-I've always wanted! - In fact, I have a best friend, but a friend has never been, and now there is.
-I love you! Okay, I digress, it's nipples! - She began to pinch them! - Try to lick them, suck as a lollipop! - I do not know what to do, she took my hands, leaned to his chest! I took her breasts, they are so warm! She pulled my head to myself, I first began to lick her left, away from me, nipple, I licked it, then started to suck and noticed that he was swollen, became more and harder! I went to another, and he was the same! It is often at this time to breathe!
-And why they have become so? - I asked.
-Because I'm excited! When a woman is excited, her nipples are hard and grow! - She bent down, and we began to suck her breasts was on me!
-Well, now let's go on, kid! - She stood up, took off her skirt and threw it to the side! I saw her below the belt! She was wearing blue shorts, belt with elastic bands of blue and, as I said, black fishnet stockings! My cock was going crazy! He stiffened by what he saw!
-I think I need to tell you about the lingerie. It's stockings, I bought them five days ago! - She ran her hand on the leg from hip to toes! - And this is a special belt with elastic bands to not slipped stockings! - She undid two rear gum and said - Undo the rest! - And she got up on the bed at full length on me.
-With pleasure! - I got up and undid them.
-Now, unbutton the belt itself! There are the same hooks as bra! - she said. I reached for her ass, groped 5 hooks and undid them.
-Well done! - She threw the belt aside. - Now, get up! I'll go! And you lie down between my legs! - We swapped.
-Now gently pull off my stockings. Start from the top and tightens down. - she said. That's exactly what I did! Now in front of me, a 16-year old man, lying 33-year-old woman in shorts! Her body is perfect!
-This thong panties! You see, behind one rim! - She turned to me his ass. She luxurious ass! Striped panties nothing to hide!
-You are so beautiful, my mother, that is, Kate!
-Of course!
-Lie down on your back! - she said. I lay down. She pulled off my panties and saw my cock.
-It's pretty big! I have met those who have a lot less! - she said!
-That's a compliment?!
-Yes! I'll show you how I learned how to make a blowjob for her life!
She took his right hand and started just licking the head, then began to slowly suck it and swallow. I do not know how, but she almost swallowing it! When they showed the head, there was a feeling that it is polished with something brilliant! Hands she touched my balls and her nipples! It was just super! She stopped and said:
-Now it's your turn!
She lay down on his back and took off her panties !!! Such beauty I have ever seen! Pubic hair she had shaved triangle! Her lips were just great!
-What should I do? - I asked.
-Happy with my lips all you want! The clitoris is located at the upper base of the labia minora! You will understand everything, sweetie! - She whispered.
I began to lick her lips and sucking on her clit! I tried to push deeper into the tongue! Her lips were becoming harder and stand out the juice! When it started, she said:
-That is how it should be! I was very excited!
She moaned and touched my head! Then she stopped me!
-Did you like it? - I asked.
-Highly! Lie down on your back!
I lay down! She got on all fours over me, kissed, took one hand my cock made so that it stood straight and sat her pussy on me!
-How do you feel !? Now you need me! - she said!
-My God, it's so warm! Kate, I want you! - And suddenly I remembered - A condom?
-After I gave birth to you, I became barren! So it is possible without a condom! Now lie still and leave everything to me!
She began to sway slowly, then faster and faster! It felt so good! I caressed her breasts until she had me! She moaned, then began to shout and scream! At this point, the movement slowed down!
-You finished?
-Daaaaaaaaaaa !!! Now come the other way around! Lie down on me!
She lay down. My mom spread her legs as wide as I thought not possible! At first I did not put there, but my mother helped!
-Now do as I have before!
... I began to introduce and withdraw his penis back and forth! I felt that she had everything inside gets hot! She writhed, moaned and uttered my name! I kissed her and sucked her nipples! Suddenly she grabbed my legs, arched her back and screamed! She cried for 15 seconds and told me to slow down!
-Are you finished again ?! - I asked in the process.
-Yes! With me it never was, baby! I used to get an orgasm more than once, but only half received two orgasms at a time! You are super! Now I will make you to have an orgasm with me! - It fell on me, and we suck mom started to have me! She rubbed the breasts of me when kissed, then tilts her head back, and I caressed her nipples! She was sweating, quickened breathing, moaning! And I felt that now I finish, a member stood up strongly stiffened! She began to scream, and accelerated the movement! I broke down and started to moan, too! The last movement, she throws back her head, I take her breasts and finish the first time in his life in his own mother !!! Jerks, and the sperm gradually splashes her vagina, she yells, and ends up with me already the 3rd time !!! Not sticking member, it falls on me and we sosmsya!
-You are the best! I've never done that! I finished 3 times, until you came one time! You're my best lover !!! - She whispered, and not sticking out member, and we lay still for about 10 minutes in this position!
-I love you, mom Kate!
-I love you too, son! I'm tired, and you seem too! Let's go to sleep. Goodnight!
-Goodnight! - I said. She went to sleep, I'm still 15 minutes still could not believe what fuck his own mother! And then, too, I fell asleep!
What happened in the morning, what else my mom taught history and with Aunt Lena and I'll tell you, if you write to me [email protected]! I promise to answer and tell you everything!
P.S. All the above written is absolutely true! Names and dates are not changed!

Praise flower

Yielding to the entreaties hot
Two machined columns
Sun in "bronze" obozhnny
The sky vskinesh "About MADONNA!"
They cry for Any

The form of the awesome
Dimples steep bend
What words because these legs
I came to destruction

And the teasing and luring
Tomio razvedsh tops
The nakedness of shame not knowing
Gaze exposing the hollow
cause of the Universe

There's a dazzling darkening
Altar of Love bogopristolnik
At the mouth of the gorge of the secret
Sacrifice a new nurturing
Silky triangle

Like a sacrificial trickle
Spread out on both sides
two curly fox
Laid on the shores

And fluffy wedding
Between bregov in anticipation of paradise
Younger bud fragrant
For the love smelling

The knees and bow myself before the gates of paradise
And loop through each petal lips
Divine flower can warm kiss
This will open the gates with a groan - Alleluia!

With delight broken
Colon weave
His face pressed to the altar
Tremble in istupleniya

There will come a rush of delight
You will hear the cry of redemption
And on the altar of the divine gift
Tread droplets of nectar

In the light of the sweet drink is not expensive
What is this gift from heaven, the holy spring
The nectar of oblivion we drink
What - will will forget

What oath in those moments
Ready to break away from his lips in a cry
After all, we in a frenzy of delight
God is a bright face!

Unsuccessful business

(Dunn story is based on real events Changed only the final ... And then -. Not much :)
I was hired as a programmer. As a result of the fact that I was not satisfied with the work in the home province of the low salary, I moved to the nearest big city - largely under the influence of his girlfriend, in many ways - on their own, but largely because one of the familiar start-up entrepreneurs I offered to work for him in the city in private. My girl - my baby was just going to go to college in the same policy.
it was very, very good with it at us all. On mutual recognition, we will meet each other much better than all the previous our partners in bed. Of course, we loved each other. And more forgiving, especially my little girl came into my life when I slowly chew his fifth depression - as always, associated with another painful gap love relationships, and was ready to despair and put bold cross on women in terms of positive attitudes to them. She literally revived in me a love for the world of women. She just came in and began to love me. Including - in bed. Simply, softly and gently.
Before me, she had problems with orgasm, but - cunnilingus, petting - and intoxicated by my approach was awakened in her sensuality. However, with me she could not come, I just fucked her in the vagina, ie, in conventional instrument. Ointments, clitoral stimulation - almost did not help. It helps only one thing: if I, by inserting the penis, began very active stimulation of her clitoris with your fingers, almost forgetting about yourself. But it was more like a very difficult trick than sex.
When there was this story, I was 27, and she - 21 ...
The baby did not like to give me in the ass. But - sometimes, very rarely - still I gave up and did it. There were two reasons - moral and unwillingness to endure the pain that occurred in the development of its rear holes. So they had to keep a very slow and laborious work, in order not to alienate your favorite. Although, the anus was her very erogenous zone. Just her retarded psychological taboos, de, it's disgusting, Missed - and still hurts. Lubricants help, but not enough. anusling "bear" she flatly refused: "it is generally not for me too! Yes, and very ticklish!"
But when hurt fucking in the ass it was only the beginning. Then she start. And she liked to shout out loud. It was a voluptuous scream "Aaaaaaaa!". Firstly, it is the remains of their deadened the pain by switching to the passionate enjoyment regime, and secondly, it was got from the crying, and she became pofigu antianalnye all her prejudices. One day, after a three-week absence, I put her to bed, and she was - so was got by that miss - and finally got me, she did not notice, I immediately got into her sweetie, filler, malorazrabotannuyu ass. I myself do not understand how I got there. But most surprising was the fact that after some time when the joint clitoral stimulation she huddled in orgasm. Probably, it was still the only case when she came for anal sex. But it has inspired me all my life. Moreover, she convinced me in the subsequent conversation that nothing is faked
Sometimes she was angry, and evinced the intention to do a hole in my back, but I did a strange appearance - not something I like that she wants, not what - I do not like, and she was left with nothing. In short, confused. Although a couple of Toyko-time, I agreed, and her playful fingers have been there. But all this was done with one purpose - to her chocolate hole often became mine. In general, I am a person without prejudice. And because such affection for me to wear and will wear a heterosexual character. Naturally, more than one individual of a male ass I said to her without a fight would not let, nor podpuschu. :)
...So, I worked for a private trader. Taras - my boss - was six years older than me, and took me to work on the condition that I will learn from him in the evening, then to take the exam for a certificate for its micro-firms invisible. I agreed - especially once the experience and knowledge will not interfere in my profession.
It was the summer ... After a morning of sex - including - at this time - and anal, Baby said that will never again give me in the ass. I shrugged, but not particularly worried. There was a day off. I got dressed and went to the home to Taras - for his computer, where he stood all the unique software to learn. Learn accounted for on the weekends, and my baby just went crazy from what time we could spend together, we takes a businessman-loser. I did have a fortnight when she began to appear in the evening, and not only at home Taras, and very aggressively to demand termination of employment. I reassured the girl, saying that she wants to see me a rich man, which was true in many respects. But since I did not mind to carry out at least in some ways her dream eiti her fantasies were my hand.
I must say, our class with Taras more like a cross between the preparation of some crazy computer special forces and punitive psychiatry. This crazy mercilessly fucked my brains, referring to himself as the greatest genius of computer science, and to me - as if I had not then that four years programmer on the financial part has not worked, and if and keyboard do not own, and vindozu bad I know, and knock on the keys correctly.
The only thing it somewhat justify the situation: he risked money. And to me, they were also needed. And as I have them all the same received in the amount of agreement, I suffered.
That evening Baby again broke into an apartment in a state of combat Taras, and began grumbling and yelling at us. I was very torment and caught in the middle. Suddenly the little girl became offended, teasing me, flirt with Taras. Or Taras, angry, decided to show their charms ... not so important ... When we left the apartment and went home, we had a very interesting conversation.
I must say, with its first-class appearance, Baby could easily tighten any man to his bed. But after she came to live with me, she left the sport. Although, three times she betrayed me. I laughed - in retaliation cheated on her twice. I have to say, I do not really even like it. One word - revenge. But after she pulled out - literally - a depression of me, and I almost broke up with drugs and began to control insomnia, I forgave her much. Perhaps nothing. BUT ... my heart suggests that this is how one should behave with this little girl still inexperienced in life. Overall, I was against the relationship on the side. If we change - that was the agreement to notify each other that was less problems. Desirable - up "treason"Because ... if I felt that I would not like it or if there is some sort of a bad situation, I was able to stop this thing. Once even I had a quarrel with a friend, when it really went wrong.
But this time it was like a puzzle. The baby became very aggressive in asking me:
- Do you think I can not sleep with him? Do you think I can not seduce him?
- I do not advise it, - I said. - what for?
- No! I can have sex with him! I bet that I sleep with him!
I could not understand, but it is about the conversation went halfway. I pochuvtvoval that it - really - want to sleep with Taras. In the end, I could not resist and said:
- ...Yes, you do what you want! Especially because tomorrow - Ivanova night. But only once! And, please, with PZ! (In our language, this meant "condoms" )
Ivanov night we met the three of us. Taras abundantly treated us, we went out of town, walked, drank a beer, take a taxi back to the center, played billiards. He clearly flirting with the baby, and I looked at it all through your fingers, being very cool. I knew that little girl will still be with me. They are each other today - a juicy game.
When we got home, and Taras offered to have sex threesome, Baby was initially agreed, but then changed her mind, and made me a sign to step back. I took the bottle "Martini"And looked a bit like Taras fucks her crustaceans, wincing slightly left to another room to watch TV ...
Autumn has come. I passed two exams, received two certificates for Tarasova company. After that night, I said with a laugh, baby: "It is now for me - none. Think about it, how can I apply to it is now? I will now be much easier psychologically to treat it properly. I do not think that at least one serious entrepreneur would have done so." It was a psychological puzzle. It could also bo I think everything that could allow it to him "psychologically lowers" fantasy. But I was somewhat amused, somewhat nauseated, but - by and large, I was impenetrable.
Gradually came October. Suddenly, I felt suspicious behavior Babes certain tension, the nature of which was not hard to imagine an intelligent man, is the essence. Using Mobil Dollar Baby and calls at certain times, I have found that it is oddly off regularly at certain hours in the evening. In the end, I asked about everything, calling her and felt that she was almost crying. I said: "Do not be afraid of anything! Tell me everything! Do not be afraid!". And she was almost in tears began to tell that two weeks ago she began an affair with Taras. They met by chance in a bar. And her passionately drawn to him. This type of course, passed different courses transcendental meditation, he studied NLP and hinting that studying Erickson hypnosis, but I did not pay too much attention to it. And this time I have decided to resolve the situation without taking into account the alleged mystical powers "Comrade Taras". Moreover, I myself thought of himself as a Jedi - no matter where. Especially with regard to information and forecast situations strokes cause-and-effect relationships. Situation as ck-Th. I would never have to use clumsy physical fight without the need for self-defense. Moreover, I could have two accounts on prinudlechenii.
Almost crying little girl told me that at first they were all good. It was a delightful sex. Winding it much better than me. But then ... Then my simple Emmanuel began to want more and more ... And this moron, like every busy man became to dismiss from her and laugh at her. A sensuality and power of attraction at my baby, I'd say - the envy of all. So, it was "to lasso passion". Practically already crying she said:
- Choose! Or you stay with me or you go away!
"Well, - I thought. - Care should be clear. Whether he achieves this, he has an affair with the baby, or not - does not matter. But I'll be gone. Especially because he prepared out of me pretty good spices, I put into my training a bunch of grandmothers. Copies of certificates, where just below the name of his company attended my name, I had. The work I'm now able to find the two accounts. As for the Babes - as it will, based on her psychological state (a student, I was fond of the theme of psychoanalysis), but I'll try her to stay with me, or - at least - did not get in the shit. Although she has already started to stumble."
I immediately called Taras and firmly explained to him that I know everything, and, of course, I'm going. He was in shock. He wanted my going or not, but I'm pripodns in the most painful form for him. Still would! He laughed at my baby! He brought her to tears! And I could not protect her from that bastard.
So I went on his way of the samurai without a computer of his former master. baby I was loyal and devoted to the same way as a samurai. I asked her to stay with Taras, go back to it. But she knew that nothing good is waiting for her there.
It went another six months or even more. Babes have come spring session. I worked at one of my former clients of the former geek boss. Overwork. And it happened when we were both tired and sleepy, that Baby confused days of her menstrual cycle, and flew, as we mistakenly not protected. It was necessary to have an abortion. We went for it. Give birth was impossible: she had to learn, and I just got into debt trying to not even meet its myth of a generous partner, but simply to ensure the normal course of life, dentist, changing shoes worn to holes, etc.
After an abortion, it is sad. Our relationship was on the verge of breaking. She often told me that it is still drawn to Taras, about the fact that having sex with him, she woke up so much that began to experience a normal orgasm through normal sex, that she was ready to give him in the ass, even now, but realizes that he can not psychologically return to him. At the same time she was very gentle with me, and I have no doubt I can say that she loved me.
We decided to leave before September to give each other a break. I realized that I might have to give it a go. The most stupid was that while we both loved each other.
After an abortion, it was impossible to have sex, and - as she lightly touched the narrow neck of the uterus, vaginal sex was contraindicated in two months. She was slightly hurt when she went to the toilet in the large.
She first suggested to leave by September. I agreed that it was the right thing. Especially since I changed jobs again, and was the first, on probation in one of the major programming companies, and secondly, until the fall had to get out of debt. She left for the summer to her grandmother in our home town.
I come September. I worked. With the main part of the debt, almost did it. At work they took me. Wages increased. In addition to the basic salary on which it was possible to live, I even went the extra money, the amount of which depended on the number of clients served. I yearned for a baby.
She called me herself. She asked:
- Guess who I'm sitting in a cafe?
- Taras?
- Guessed! And we are now in the same city as you, - she said very clever and playful voice. Depression, apparently, was held. And again she played. I play their unsurpassed psychological games. I play and it gave her happiness.
- Are you fine? You stay with him?
- I will not say! - She giggled.
- Yes? - I asked, frowning.
- Yes! But we both really want to meet you.
I went to a cafe in forty minutes.
They sat in a booth. I sat down, ordered a Coke.
Taras was sullen and unshaven. The little girl beamed.
- You do something wrong? - I asked.
- Yes, it happened! - Taras said. And, looking at the two of us went - almost begged:
- Lord! I beg you to leave me alone! ... I'm a very busy man! We can say - invalid intellectual work! I beg you: do you ebites saaaami! - Here he made a huge break. But with such a serious and dejected look that raid two months of sadness I began to take place. I began to entertain the situation.
- The more that you, sir, - he looked at me - it seems that the woman was very lucky in this life! You seem to have not guessed - like!
At this point, little girl sat next to me, hugged me, and shining innocent and missed the beginning of the eyes, cooing kiss. I thoughtfully and carefully replied, half remaining in a state of ongoing conversation with our business head man.
A conversation is was over! Taras asked account. Together we left the cafe. He got into a taxi. I'm a little stunned, walked beside the baby.
The first thing I asked was:
- You slept with him?
- Yes. - Very simply and innocently she said. And playfully laughed. And then he told me that two weeks ago she called him, and they once again got into a passionate sexual affair. She gave him everything. He cums in her mouth, she gave him in the ass. And she finished, finished, had finished ... She knew what anal orgasm. But two weeks later Taras suddenly changed and became indifferent to her. In addition, he reminded, she said, a squeezed lemon. And she began to mock him. She understood what he was miserable, worthless and closed type, which is simply very good artistically plays and feeds itself in business.
- I just ate it! - She laughed.
- Hmm? - Very carefully, I asked, thinking of the future ratio truthfulness of all that she said, and as someone who "He played" of ocharovashek-lovers in their next two weeks entertayment.
- When he was completely exhausted, we'll call you! - Baby happy, so that even in my heart grew lighter.
- So what's next?..
- Farther! - She giggled. - Guess what I have here! - The little girl waved her handbag. I'm wary stopped dead in his tracks.
She slowly opened her handbag. There lay a pack of dollars. I bury very strange thoughts in my head - crime, prostitution, fraud, theft.
-What is it??? - I just stood there, mouth open, looking at the playful idiot, and then she realized that achieved the desired effect, beaming, said:
- Fool! This is - a wedding gift Taras us with you! Here, eight thousand dollars. And I want a luxury wedding!
I slowly turned the breath, hugged baby. Very passionately he kissed her and asked:
- Idiot !!! Please ... more ... until we are together ... NEVER HEAR, NEVER cheated on me !!!

* * *
The wedding was gorgeous. Taras on it was not.
After the wedding, Babe became a very passionate lover in my bed. It turns me on her languid voice and unrivaled game, it pushes his buttocks and a little wheezing asked to fuck her in the ass ... We are still trying all the arsenal of sex without any taboos - the golden rain, CM, a massage and everything vzbredet our heads.
We live for five years. Our sex - diverse and refined. Money is in short supply. Taras disappeared from our lives. We're going to buy an apartment in a month. And then to have a baby. We are happy.
But most importantly - she has since never cheated on me! And, for some reason I pursued some stupid feeling that it is absolutely not necessary ...

Already nearing midnight

Almost certain that hardly any of the stronger sex will master (sorry for taftologiyu) this page. Well, okay. So, my opinion of those from Mars, but, alas, confirmed. But many ladies I certainly support. "Already nearing midnight, and Herman all there". However, no one else either. As there Natasha Rostova suffered: "For whom I have just fading"? Although there might disappear in less than 20 years, when neither the experience nor the sensuality of this, as well - one grind, perepihon. It's not sex, only to realize it is much later. Well, what we have at the moment? Temperametnuyu woman in the juice - and zero point zero guy on the horizon. Urgently need something to do. So, the first option - a letter to the newspaper. "Young, with a child (almost all of us, those with a child), height, hair color and a couple of romantic quirks". From the answers, though, not a lot - the peasants and their offspring some are not needed, and then there was a stranger. Although - it seems that something is. We will see: "How old is your daughter? And what her hairs? And she likes to wear a short dress?" For example, I ran into a pedophile. But still great - ran to being met, and it pleases.
And there seems to be all right. Invited to call, see. Well, no harm in trying. People we, of course, adults, and therefore it is possible to walk in the evening. Even there is something to talk about - just idle talk for life, but it's nice. On the third date to be invited to the country - and accepted. As it turns out, in vain. No, at first everything on the highest level - and nakupleno food at a company of soldiers, and cooked, and put her mouth, and jokes-pribautochki. And then - a quick sniff and stormy admiration "popochkoy"That it would be so nice: spank (oh, damn!). And the proposal to pee in his arms, and a hot whisper about how it would be great when I will have to fuck someone else, and he was at that moment will lick my little hole: Do unyielding view that I am not shocked, because otherwise I get home - come something in his car. Yes, I am not a conservative, just on such x-m-m, fantasies - yes after mating so lame, especially the first. However, the second, naturally, will not.
So, what do we have more in stock? Internet darling? It's even worse than a nightmare on Elm Street. It seems that man has degenerated as a class, and no longer able to have a woman just as nature intended, - himself. It turns out that to raise the morale of the male needed whip, choke, sharp heels, belts with studs. Someone likes to use it on "girlfriends"And someone - to feel in their own skin. Yes: Everyone, of course, going crazy in their own way, but it is - not my madhouse. However, it becomes (to paraphrase Alice) all "grustnshe and grustnshe". Sex with a woman I'm not attracted - just remember the phrase from Sebastian Zhaprizo: "One of us is not relevant accessories". And to use a rubber friend and I alone. Moreover, they have me just two in one - though depicting group sex. The only problem is that the women need a normal, not only a member, but also the lips, hands and the whole body, and whisper in your ear. In short, we need affection and attention that no dildo give not. I wonder how much you can actually sustain such a life - and not go mad? I suspect that a few years - this is already too much. What is there to do? Exit on the street and shout: "I want the guy!"? Well, I will provide Kashchenko, but a normal man - hardly. And thirty years still suffer - also quite cheerful prospect.

We celebrate his birthday

My name is Olga, I'm 21 and I want to tell you about one of our party in the hostel building Institute. Just I want to warn everyone that I and my friends do not hesitate strong language, so that all those jars, please do not read.
Prior to the party I've been having sex with two men, she was a lesbian experience, but I have not participated in such a cool group sex.
It all started with the fact that my best friend Natasha, who lives in a hostel, decided to celebrate his 21st birthday. Collection of the guests was appointed to 7 pm. By half past seven all the guests were in place. Also Natasha and I were still with her husband Ira Volodya, who studied with us, Marina and Andrew (brother and sister), Tanya, Sasha, Pasha and Serge.
At 10 pm all alcoholic drinks are over, and we sent Sasha Pasha to buy more. I must say that everyone was very "good"Especially the birthday girl who sang obscene limericks and laughed at the slightest pretext. Soon these two inseparable friends are back, but not in a hurry to get the vodka. Apparently they are about something agree on the road and now mysteriously smiled (I must say that threesome I was just with these two guys).
"Well, let's rather"- Nataha impatiently shouted, but the guys do not hurry.
"Natusik, let's agree, - said Sasha - you shows us one of his bare tits, and we'll pour a glass for it".
"Yes you ohueli - Natasha cried, - which I have a stripper or something? Let us not then all something to show, to be honest".
Apparently the guys were waiting for it and because immediately agreed. The others were already overheated and gladly accepted these rules: who wants to enjoy the rest of the show an intimate part of the body. Drink like everyone, and only look at the nudity and even more so. The first example shows all the same with Sasha Pasha, who as a team lowered his pants and turned to all backwards, baring their asses. All neighing, and the guys got the vodka and poured a drink for himself, drank with relish.
"Well, who's next?" - Said Paschke.
Apparently Natasha really wanted to drink and she quickly unbuttoned her blouse and lifted her bra and threw out for everyone to see her right boob. I must say that her breasts are not small.
"Well deserved"- Pasha laughed and poured her a glass. Nataha drank, but remove your boobs in no hurry. Instead she completely undid her bra, and all the congregation opened her big breasts with small dark nipples. Immediately it was poured a second glass.
Whether Natasha much to drink and did not think, that makes, whether in her heart she wanted all contrary to start, but either way, she did not dress well, including music, he jumped up and began to dance. Her huge tits dangling from side to side, and Sasha, unable to bear the sight, Natasha fell in behind and grabbed his arms around her chest and began to dance with her.
about "vodka" usually forgotten and become just pour. By burning eyes the audience could see that things are not off to make love, but as is often the case, each afraid to make the first move. I, too, have been wound up to the limit, I feel that the pants I had become wet and decided to take matters into their own hands. "Come what may"- I thought. First, I put a hand on Pashkin cock, which is already in full bulged out of his pants, and strongly pressed on him. Pasha startled, but quickly bearings, hugged me, threw on the bed and put his hand under my mini-skirt.
"Oh, Olga, you're already all wet"- He said, running his fingers through my panties strip. I undid his fly of his trousers and tucked under his arm cowards. It turned out to be a huge hot cock. No, not even a member, namely dick, huische that I knew so well, and I wanted to right now more than anything else. Alcohol has done his job. Spitting at all, and all I got from him his fly this huge instrument, and with great pleasure began to suck him. Pasha leaned back and closed his eyes in ecstasy.
There has not passed all. Tanya, Natasha neighbor in the dorm, which often took part in our games with nats lesbian, took off her shorts and tank top, left in the lace panties and bra. She stood in front of me on all fours, and lifted up my skirt, began to lick my pussy right through the pants. I twitched with pleasure, without ceasing to suck dick Pashkin and Tanya pulled striped pants and slipped his tongue right in my vagina, bringing me just to ecstasy. I felt that I will soon be over, and I always finish violently, spewing out a whole streams itself of its juices. At this time in my mouth spurted jet Pashka sperm and surprise, I nearly choked. But quickly to cope with it, I swallowed it all. I must say that I love the taste of male sperm. When we fucked threesome with Sasha and Pasha, sometimes I specifically asked them to masturbate and cum pour into a glass. Then, I, much to their delight drank every last drop. Paschke fell off to the side and in front of my eyes has stuck another dick. I looked at his master, and was surprised to see Volodya. I looked at Irku, but that is already being fucked Sergei, putting cancer in a corner and did not even took off her panties, he just pulled to the side. "Normal family"- I thought, as in a fog, and began to gently kiss Vovkinu red prick. At this time I had finished pouring out of himself on his attractive face UMF Hardy juices.
"I also want to"- Cried Andrei, and Tanya pushed, pressed his lips to my pussy, licking it all to the last drop.
At this time, in another corner of the room sounded frantic cries Natasha, which turns out to be full already had Sasha. Nataha lay on the table, arched at the back and sticking out her pussy, and Sashka's dick plunged rhythmically in and out rhythmically as well.
"Stronger, stronger, faster - screamed a distraught Nataha - Fuck me like a whore, as the last bitch! Fuck, fuck! Corral your huische deeper into my Mandu! Yes, yes, even more!"
Not only remained busy Marina, which is probably a little shy of his brother- twin. But under the influence of alcohol and the environment, it also finally decided to participate in the general games. At first timidly, then more and more boldly she began massaging fallen Pashkin body which gradually began to take an upright position. Finally, she clung to his lips.
At this time, Volodya jerked and began to finish, but apparently he was jerking very strongly, because his sperm hit me in the mouth, and poured on the face. I began to lick her tongue, but he galloped Ira has no panties and shouting: "Still, this is my husband" Vovkinu began to lick cum off my face. Instead, when it was lapped, she sat on my face by a pussy and offered her lick Seregin sperm, which was plentifully watered it manda. I gladly accepted to do it. Then I suddenly felt in someone's dick. It was Andrew who licked me all over, I have now decided to fuck me. On what were huge devices have Sasha with Pasha, I sometimes both all-still managed to cram into his little mouth, but such a cock, like Andrei, I have not seen. Not long, however, and perhaps more than 20 cm and a diameter of not less than 7 cm. I did not even think that it happens. When he entered me, I was even afraid that he told me something out there will break, despite the fact that I thought my pussy enough ... razebannoy. But Andryukha acted cautiously, and soon I felt fucking pleasure. However, I continued to lick the sperm from Seregin Irkin pussy.
"Do you want me Posse on you?" - Suddenly I asked Ira. I have never tried this, but always secretly wanted to try. Sasha Paschke and I had not dared to offer it, but they also did not show initiative. I was already all on a fig, even what Natashkiny bed gets wet.
"Go ahead"- I agreed. Immediately from Irkin pussy in my face splashed elastic yellowish jet. I blinked and tried to close his mouth, but did not have time, because Ira stuck my finger in there.
"Swallow, swallow, bitch, - she said, laughing - it's delicious". I swallowed a bit of her urine, and indeed it was not disgusting. Andreev dick continued to move in me, and I felt that I'll finish for the second time.
"Shit, conductive finish!"- I screamed, and Andryukha quickly pulling me into his eldu again fell to the language of my pussy. I twitched and began to pour out his tongue at her juices. There and then, unexpectedly, I started to piss, but Andryuha not only drew back from me your face, but on the contrary buried in my pussy and began to greedily devour my selection. It was an indescribable pleasure. Haggard, I lay back, and Andrei, who has not yet finished, lay down beside him and offered to try to fuck me in the ass. I was scared of his huge dick, but Andrew assured me that he has experience and he will act very carefully. After some hesitation, I agreed. All around, except Sasha and Natasha, who continued as violently fucked on the table, we are interested in the process, broke away from his comfort and surrounded us with Andryukha.
"There can not do without vaseline"- Said Tanya, after examining my anus and Andryukhin dick. She pulled out of cabinets and Vaseline liberally smeared my ass. Then he sat down in front of Andrew and sucked his little dick. Then, it is just as profusely smeared with petroleum jelly and.
Apparently Tanya decided to lead the process. She put me on the bed on all fours, Andrew took over the penis and held it to my ass. I froze in fear. Andryukha using Tanya began cautiously to press their by a dick, and gradually he began to penetrate into my hole. Suddenly he pushed me sharply, and at the same time a terrible pain shot through my ass. I screamed in pain, shouting Natasha, who continued to shout still on the table. Apparently Andrew was afraid and pulled his dick out of me. My ass just burned with fire, tears rolling down his face.
"No, Andrey, I'm sorry, but I can not - I said - it is very painful".
"Let me - suddenly offered Tanya Andrew - I normally point razebano".
Andryukha a long time did not have to persuade and, crooking Tanya on the bed, he quietly introduced her his eldischu. Tanya did not even make a sound, perhaps she really was a rich experience of fucked in the ass. Later she told me that often, even when I was in school, tuck yourself in the ass different subjects (ranging from candles and finishing a bottle), which gave her an indescribable pleasure. Andrew became uniformly led back and forth by a dick in his ass UMF Hardy, but as before he fucked me and did not finish, then soon he came into her point. When he took out his dick, I immediately began to lick off his sperm leftovers, and even the fact that he's a little smacks UMF Hardy by shit, I did not stop.
At this time, there was a loud knock on the door. Apparently we with Natasha screams attracted someone's attention. Everyone froze. Even Nataha which had finished probably already five times, paused. Sasha, who has also finished, now with lust licking her shaved pussy. Now he pulled away from her and looked with dismay at the door. Tanya quietly walked to the door and put her ear.
"Open now!"- I heard a stern voice behind the door komendantshi hostel Margarita Anatolevna. All in a panic began to hide behind than anyone.
"It is necessary to open, and then it will be worse"- Tanya whispered and, having covered with a towel, opened the door. Marguerite entered the room, looked around at all those present and understood.
"Well, you guys have got, - she said - for an orgy you face a minimum deduction. But you can avoid this, if you help a hostel small amount, say, two thousand dollars. Otherwise, I'll have to report all your deanery".
"Margarita A. Well, we do not have the same kind of money - Tanya wailed, well, pretty, well, excuse us, we will no longer, we just celebrated a birthday Volkova, well, drank too much".
Margarita always well treated by Natasha and slightly softened.
"I, of course, you all my heart I congratulate Natasha, but what to do now I'll never know, you woke hostel. All have heard the rumor, it still comes to the dean's office".
"Yes, to hell with the hearing it, the main thing that you were not informed, - said Sasha - Margaret A., drink with us for health Natashkiny".
"Well, I do not know"- Gradually began to give Margarita. Apparently the form of ten half-naked bodies of heated slightly aroused her. I must say that Margaret A. sorokapyatiletney was a prominent woman, with high elastic breasts and a round ass. In appearance she could give no more than thirty-five, but she always dressed strictly to match his age. Her husband left her for a young couple of years ago, and my daughter she was married and lived separately. Most likely, she was nobody with since her husband left.
"Well, let's wretch"- Finally she agreed, and Sasha immediately poured her a glass.
"Natasha, I congratulate you and wish you happiness, health and love"- On the last word Margarita A. broke off, but all laughed at ease and decided to drink one more to fix to improve the mood of Margarita. It seems that the two glasses was enough to Margaret A. completely relaxed.
"Well, what are you doing here, pranksters"- She asked playfully.
"Do you want to show, Margaret A."- All of a sudden said Tanya (she never distinguished modesty), and without waiting for an answer, tore a sheet from Serega standing next to her, which he hid behind, and kneeling took in his mouth already fallen a little dick. Margarita certainly felt that now, sooner or later it will have to witness anything like that, but such a hurried from the guys she had not expected. In the second time that night, I spat at all and decided to go for broke. I sat down next to Margot and began to gently stroke her knees, slowly thrusting her hand under her skirt. It seems that her excitement from all seen approaching the highest point, because she did not resist, and began quietly and timidly stroking the ass Sasha, who was lying on the bed with his back to her. Feeling a touch Sasha looked back, he saw Marguerite, and his eyes lit up. Even when I had sex with Pasha and Sasha, Sasha has repeatedly said that he dreams to try to fuck a mature woman. He moved to Margarita and slowly began to unbutton her jacket, under which all those present opened a beautiful view of its high chest in an expensive bra. I had already got his hand up her pussy. As I expected, everything was already wet. I began to knead and rub through the pants of her vagina, and she rolled her eyes and began to softly moan. I gently unzipped and pulled ... her skirt. View of a mature adult woman in beautiful lace lingerie, filed similar not only boys, but also girls.
"What you are beautiful, Margaret A."- Marinka whispered. Margaret smiled weakly in response and widely spread apart their slender legs. Sasha, meanwhile, was attached to her front, pulled a strip of her panties and entered his swollen member again in the magnificent hairy pussy women. Margot began to moan loudly, and after a few minutes she was moaning loudly, saying: "As well, dear boy, come quickly, more, more, pounding his instrument into me deeper. Yes, yes, just like that, even more, more, more-ee !, - her moan moved to cry, apparently, Sasha gave her an indescribable pleasure - fuck, fuck, fuck, get her by a dick to my uterus!"
Margarita had already lost all control over himself, no one expected that it is such a temperamental woman. There could not resist Volodya, and shoved his dick down her throat. Margarita furiously began to suck, continuing to hum.
"Sanya, lie down below, I will try to plant it in the ass"- Asked Pasha. Sasha lay on his back, pulled the Margot panties and put her over and began vigorously to fuck her in the pussy. Pasha fell in behind and gently put his dick in the ass komendantshi. Margaret screamed with pleasure, but then again Volodya raised his eldu to her lips, and she continued to suck greedily. The three young men had grown woman in all holes. Orgy has reached its highest point, no one was thinking nothing, all captured only lust.
"Marin - Andrew asked his sister, - you remember as a child we touch each other pipiski, you want to touch it right now?"
Oppression Marinka has long gone, and she, without hesitation, picked up a huge dick Andriukha and began to masturbate.
"A weak suck?"- Andryukha said.
"A not weak"- Marina laughed and began to greedily suck his brother.
Serge at this time fucked Tanya and I went to Ira in the position 69 and started to lick each other's vagina. Drunk in the ass Natasha stood over us and nadrachivaya her clitoris, began to piss Irke back.
Our orgy lasted until five o'clock in the morning until all fucking fuck up, do not sleep tumbled who where. Day all costs and agreed to meet again after a couple of weeks, including Margarita Anatolevna.

We have described this event together with Natasha at my house, because my parents went to the cottage. Our work was interrupted from time to time by mutual caresses. During the writing of the story we finished five times!


Yeah, hot all the same now dawned summer ... But the day passed, the sun is about to drop over the horizon ... and the view itself rushes into tinted crimson sunset water surface. Oh this kind seems a beauty capable to touch even the most callous heart, to make even a lonely betrayed and desperate to find your other half soul again and again inflamed with love - all the same what - to daisy lonely languishing among the mugs to making a graceful turn of the river, and which takes away its water in an unknown distance, to the sunset, so grand and majestic zakanchivaeschemu nice summer day .... no, perhaps in Pskov will not find a place closer to the city, where every day in clear weather you can see that ...
...But the strange thing - on meadow Stepanovski no soul ... Even though it's about to be sunset ... Usually at this time is not something that is to sit - no where to stand, the entire coast is dotted with flowers like a motley young couples. Here their favorite place ... yes, no ... I am today ... one with myself and my loneliness ...
- Hello...
After retiring from his head in thought, I did not realize that someone greets ....
- Hello, do you mind if I join you ...
Turning around, I understand that greeted me. My gaze rests on the tanned girl's legs, then sliding up I have time to mention to myself that their owner
In addition lucky with everything else. Chic hip, turning into a narrow waist ... unbuttoned, apparently after the heat of the day buttons of shimmering white blouse opens a view of the part is not big, but bursting with youth, rhythmically heaving chest. On top of all this magnificence young pretty face, with regular features, framed by a cascade of shimmering in the sunset light golden hair, such as playing the white glare possible silver barrette butterfly.
-W-zdravtsvuyte ..- little taken aback, I say ... - yes yes of course sit down ... please ...
She sat on the grass nearby, but so close to me that the breeze from the river at the place smells brings to my nostrils with the smell of feet knock off the body of a young ...
- Beer want ... I humbly offer.
- Thank you not to give up, now is not the day of the cool - so tortured with thirst that now I am afraid a long time will not be able to satisfy its ...
The conversation flowed smoothly on a variety of everyday topics, about the hot summer ... Warm evening ... that soon all this will end, however as August in the yard ...
- Watch the sun had almost set ...- she said softly pulling new friend in the long fingers of grass - and the warm breeze just drives me crazy ..- she continued blissfully closing his eyes and putting warm air streams beautiful face ...
A slight smile itself touched my lips, the man sitting next to that quite sincerely happy delight of nature, I would be so, oh how I want to forget all about what happened today, stifle the pain and sorrow, tearing the soul to pieces, forget it .. .
Suddenly, my mind itself falls on the knee of my companion ... This is the wind, which she enjoys a little raised and easily threw weightless fabric dark skirts, revealing my view maiden leg in all its glory, the eyes, as if a ray of sunlight slashed a small piece of white lace cover up a little chubby triangle ...
I squandered ran his eyes, but it seemed pretty even noticed what had happened, continuing to enjoy the light impulses, it still did not open his eyes, and a blade of grass, as if caught in the currently my bewildered eyes slowly, as if on purpose wagging from side to side headed towards to chest ... the girl's breathing became deeper, and it seemed to me a little ragged. Second pugovichkami blouses, struggling to hold on to at least a corner of the loop could not stand the pressure is getting stronger heaving chest and fell, revealing look, velvet nearly intact skin tan and the same intricate pattern in the light of the outgoing porozovevshih retired lace sun. Blade without stopping for a moment not still slowly, as if mocking her frozen gaze, walked along the line of lace set off on a long journey through the magnificent flinches slightly tummy ... O my God, and that there are no more pugovichek blouse ... simply sold on two halves gently rolled on the sides and spread out on the grass ... Blade, continues to move suddenly stopped ... Oh, no, no, go on, I beg you do not stop, groaned a voice inside me ... My heart pounding, I felt that my pal was very closely in the pants ...
Blade slid to the right, then suddenly darted in the opposite direction along the belt, back to the beginning and seemed taken aback froze ... Poyasok !!! Travinochke do not want to part with soft velvet skin, she just can not cross the border ... I completely lost my mind without hesitation, reached out and unbuttoned buttons of .... She was the only padlock, shackles around his waist skirt smell .. As if in a dream skirt she slid down and took her place on the grass near the ... blouses. Eyes are just stuck in the lace panties. Very narrow ... Tiny triangle barely covered the fact that is designed to protect from prying eyes ... To the sides sought to narrow tesemochka narrowing with every inch and threatening to come to naught. I never understood especially in the lingerie, but what I have seen before is completely clouded my already little tronuvshis from your mind space.
Fingers fluttered and dropped the blade of grass ... But it did not seem taken aback, he immediately took its place and slid down the path of liberation. Rounding on the edge of the lace look enticing headed for the hip, but not having to do part of the way and went back to the tummy ... .. and a little circled on the ground once again embarked on the bottom ... but under the fabric .... Lace reared denoting movement hands ... I saw that the male was too much patience - there, in the depths clearly marked more and more increasing in size moisture stain ...
- Aaaaahh - slashed ears girlish sigh ... All !!! Hold me - I thought, and my lips fell just below the neck ... Inhaling the fragrance of the young and strong female body language and feeling soft and velvety skin, I realized that the fingers come off as sweet and classes nails dug into my short-cropped head. Only touching the tongue diaper I discovered that she broke up like the rest of the toilet, probably front closure, flashed through my head woozy but I was not thinking ... until I felt his lips hard, warm, quivering with impatience nipple hugging his tongue I glared at him harder ... Already trembling fingers turned their cherished me in a triangle patterns, panties were without buckles but enough moments that used to relieve disturbing my tongue and lips flap .... no trace of vegetation .... pristine, soft and warm skin ... and deeper ... deeper ... wet and warm ... The sweetness of honey on his lips and twitching flesh ... Between the lips and hollow finger slipped and disappeared into the depths .... This is a blow below the belt - this will not stand against more than one man. Deliberately slowly returning to his lips and getting rid of the shirt and jeans, I finally met her eyes burning excitement .... Her whole body was shaking as if the current ...
- Come on !! Come on !! I beg you not Tom !!! -Chut If not tears, she whispered ... clung to my shoulders nails ... could not stand the pain of cutting nails I went ... It seemed all the warmth of the universe in an instant enveloped me ... drove off her fingers ... collecting from my shoulders are small patches of skin ...
- AAAAAAA !!!! Beat in the membrane ... unknown to me effort, she squeezed everything inside forcing exhale in response ...
- AAAAAA !!!
That slow sharply, deeply, it is not a lot going into it, I made her moan incessantly ..... Her body was pierced sharp and trembling ... "However, only together !!!" could only whisper it even more plunging nails into me, at that very moment. when I last time with all available force me into her and exploded, almost growling from bursting me apart bliss ......

...I opened my eyes ... The sun had set, leaving the couple quietly Berezhok high, almost dark, and only the reflected waves gleamed in the dome of churches from across the city of light. Where people ... In fact there was no one but me and the girls ... Girls .. !!! I looked around, but my dream girl disappeared ... Strange ... All clothes on me ..... Next two empty bottles of good old "Miller" ... Had a dream ... Yes ... all the same dream ... I got brushed the grass from his trousers ... He turned to the city .... Something flashed in his eyes. What a slob - I thought - well, you drink here, but why beat containers themselves cut yourself .... I bent down, I picked up a small fragment, and was about to throw it was a break ..... but stopped in his tracks without believing my eyes ...
With palms, shimmering in the light of the lanterns from the road, silver butterfly looked at me .............

A meeting

Our remarkable meeting took place after a long break. We both already exhausted in lust with each other. We sought each other, holding the last effort. They fantasize how it should happen. In a mail, smskami by telephone. And today we met. I negotiated the apartment. We're going to get in the car. Hurry up in thoughts. We run ahead of the radiator. I feel his tension. Just the thought that now at last it has to happen.
It turns me on your excitement I feel in your palm, gently compressing and stroking my arm. It turns me on your sexy look. A brief blouse that opens your tummy and navel, which I love to lick. Turn me on, you're now in a skirt. I wonder whether there is under her panties. These thoughts excited me terribly. I put my palm on your kolenochki and old accidentally hold palm up on thigh. Catch her fingers through her skirt answer to this question. Of course you can ask. But it's not interesting. Interestingly discreetly verify this yourself. In the end, I can not stand. And I take the palm under her skirt. Your feet apart. You lured me up. I look at you in the eyes and see that you, too, already barely can restrain. My hand was raised above. A little disappointing. Pants on the ground. And a strong wave of excitation from the fact that they have little mokrenkie. My affection and the game in search of pants you already have got much.
We arrived. Rise in the apartment. Very cozy. With a wonderful king-size bed and mirrors on the wall and mirror. I am trembling with impatience. Your very serious look says you can also no longer be tolerated. You stop in front of the bed. And all kind giving to understand that waiting for me. Now the main thing is not to lose balance and does not pounce on you with a snarl, tearing clothes and without controlling yourself. This attack is not the best option when there is time. Time to make you and yourself, and fuck until exhaustion.
I went to see you back. I embrace and pressed his whole body. I hug your waist. I run my tummy. I climbed up under the palms blouse: What a miracle! For you not wearing a bra! Your sisechki fall into my palms. I stroked them, my favorite, my sweet, my lovely breasts. Protruding nipples beg for my fingers. I gently squeeze them. You lean back. You put your head on my shoulder. Hands attracts me to him. Exposing meet the ass. Clinging to him. And he is grateful rests between your yagodichek. I begin to involuntarily move and rub against a member of your ass. You move rhythmically in response. We are starting to moan. Oh no. I have another plan. I unbutton her blouse and rented. As if unbuttoning pants, I take out the strap and bind your hands. I push you and you sit on the bed. I pick up a silk scarf tied to the handle of your bag, and your eyes are fastened. I put you on the back and secured with your hands bound to the headboard. Now you're in my power. I can do with you whatever I want.
Shaking with anticipation, I drop her clothes. You do not see and poetmou shudder when my dick As for your lips. You immediately recognize it and greedily trying to grab his lips. But it was not there. I spend my head around the mouth. You catch her tongue and lips. But I do not give you to do it. I whisper in your ear that if you catch him and polizhesh well, I'll give him to suck and then fuck your pussy as you want. You diligently catch. Finally, you do it. You lick the head, sucking her lips. And then I'm taking. You pull him. Do you want more and more. Finally, I give you it all. I pop in deeply, holding your hair and putting on a member until the end. You're so amazing suck. I do not hold back, fuck you in the mouth and a voice asking to suck more and more. And you try. You do as I ask. Now you deserve to be fucked. My hands climb under your skirt. And a miracle !! On you is no panties! When did you take them? My desire flies to the sky! I clench my palm your pussy. She was all wet. My fingers can easily slip inside. One, two, three. I introduce them deeply. You start to moan loudly. You're asking me to release your hands. But I do not do this. Instead, I get between your legs at the knees and fuck you hand. With the other hand I caress member. You do not see it, concentrating on my fingers in your pussy. Your moans are getting louder. I cleaned the fingers of your pussy. You do not see what I do and freezes. Compresses and ask me kolenochki continue. But I'm just stroking your tummy and palm Kiskin sponge outside. You move forward, trying to catch my fingers to himself. This game does not last long. Because you can not see that I bent down and suddenly you feel my lips and tongue on her pussy. You scream. I climb tongue deep inside. I caress the lips and clitoris. Suck it, enjoying your pussy. She opened towards me from all expire wonderful nectar. How I love to lick and suck it !! I caress clitoris fingers. Massaging it all the harder and faster :. And then I stop again. Do not you see that I do try to cuddle me pussy. But I keep my palm on your tummy, not allowing you to move. And suddenly you feel my cock lightly touch your pussy. You shudder and fed forward. But it disappears, instead, again palm. And once again a member, it pushes your lips slightly. Top down. And disappears again. I keep this game again and again. You do not see when I approach, and every time he touches you you shudder and moan. Do you want. You expect that now he will go with you. But he goes again. You already can not tolerate and ask me to put it in you. So I fuck you. So I had him completely in love with you. And you feel that once again he slowly enters deeper, deeper. I enter it into you completely. You're a long, moaning, feeling it all in himself. I continue to play. And I bring him back. You scream loudly. I again now with the power insert it into your pussy. Again until the end. And you scream again. Again I repeat. And you do not leave them. I already can not keep this up. I want to fuck your pussy. Fuck you, and I want it. How you want it.
I take off your blindfold. Unleash your hands. You eagerly embrace me. Cuddle with me for a moment his whole body. I turn and you go into you from behind. In the mirror you see the side as my cock enters you deeply. As he moves into your pussy. As pussy hugging his swollen lips. How's your ass moving forward. All quickly. How do you pull on the penis. You caress fingers clit. Have you scream out loud. And I'm not holding back your gentle growl feeling hot pussy on my cock.
You picks orgasm. And then I feel it coming. I take out a member and shoots you in the ass and back filling their strong hot jet. You scream and arch like a cat. I join you in his loud cry like a growl. We then calms down close to each other. We try to extend the feeling of bliss. which is called "ottrahivanie as you want".

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