This is our day, girls

Julia Alanine
From the cycle "Holiday stories"
This is our day, girls
* * *
It happened last summer. My friend Katka invited me to his dacha for the weekend. The ancestors left it somewhere to rest and return were only at the end of next week. And the husband all weekend getting ready to spend with spinning, vodka and friends. Without Katka, of course. It just so happened that my Serge is this weekend left for another trip on the company's affairs. When he heard that we are going to the cottage Katka, he laughed and said: "It is clear - sex, boys. Condoms do not forget!" This is because he was joking. Humor at it like that.
I quickly gathered - took her cool swimsuit from the cycle "and I'm a girl with a player", Thin towel, laying on the safe side and money five hundred rubles. Once we Katka together, so be sure to get drunk and all his adventures over the past fifteen years the new recall. But as women we are decent, too, have something to drink something decent.
They met near the railway ticket offices. Katya says:
- Hello! And I bought a pineapple. The drink will be?
- Good - govoryu.- wine, what else.
We took three bottles of wine. Red, by itself. Moldovan. And for all the little things: cheese, sausage, two packs of dumplings, candy box (this is Katka, sweet tooth), dried squid, pears with plums and grapes (which I wanted), honey (Katka bath smear) and a bottle of mineral water. The rest, according to Katka, all the country is. In the refrigerator, and the beds. In short, loaded with bags in the car and drove off.
Katya was sitting with his legs crossed, and nodding in time to knock wagon wheels red shoe. Skirt she wore that even - short and tight tight. I sat down opposite him and involuntarily, no, no yes and looked into her most intimate place. They could see the white lace panties, through which here and there made their way single black hairs. I must say that we were both in the figures do not complain. As, however, and everything else. Husbands appreciate our treasures inherited them, but together tightly and do not communicate. However, the occasional family gatherings with a hard-concealed delight looking at the acquisition of each other. My me even once admitted that with a girl Katka how he'd love to do something "more interesting". Not forgetting, of course, to add - if you would not know me. Because I - the best girl in the world. I know. And I believe, of course.
Later I noticed that the guy sitting next to me periodically "dives" Katya's skirt. Pupils are already on the ruble. I take from Katka handle (it solves crossword) and write in the newspaper: "My neighbor wants you". I am sitting laugh. Katka realized what was happening. Foot down, sat a little way, and then just sat back and knees to the side as if by accident spread. The spectacle was piquant yet! Hips Katka in juicy, flavorful, tight, as if suffused with juice. As my Serge says - "just want to one`s teeth". Between them - a white stripe with lace. The guy already "I traveled"! At first I did not know what to do with his eyes. Then I found. He took the paper and the type of reading. And the only Katka and admires.
In short, after a few minutes he "got up". It is this business newspaper covers, flushed. Whether from lack of air in the car, whether from excitement. But I somehow all the side clearly visible. Again, I am writing Katya: "It is now over, and the whole car splattered!" Katka read, sitting, barely restrained so as not to burst out laughing. And so it went. Next to his friend Katya sat, my shapely legs admired. Cute. But I will skirt Genuine Katkinoy. not to repeat the trick at all desire. But I'm in the top to the skin and the incision on the side of the hip. Here he is at odds glance, I utknetsya in the chest - from the whole picture, I, too, suddenly excited. Already it became wet. Probably also acted Katkina game.
Came the two of us on the same station. Before Katkinoy garden walk thirty or forty minutes. We bought tomato juice "lump", Otpili polpaketa, laughed and stomped. The kids with us on the way it turned out. Let them get acquainted. Cheerful were, jokers. Packages of food and shmutkami we gave them almost immediately, without breaking a long time. Heat this, the sun beats down - by carrying a little pleasant. Come on, talk. My neighbor to Katka and this way and that - climbs out of the skin to please. Katka laughs, flirts. In short, I went liking.
The second guy, Slavik, flirts with me. Cute, muscular, taut - pleyboychik shorter. Eyes are brown, languishing, black hair, short hair. In jeans, slinky, through the shirt body is very delicious, the entire relief in sight. Dream lovers of acute sexual feelings, in short. For some reason I immediately thought that it must be very pleasant in bed.
Gradually we came to our street. Guys say:
- Oh, no, now we have to carry out of the house. It is necessary to know where these beautiful girls live!
- And the girls live with their husbands, - Katya said - so Arivederchi, boys!
They first bit embarrassed, then Slavik asks:
- And what about the husband you have not met? Maybe there are no husbands?
- Maybe not - is responsible Katka - but that's where the children then?
- Whose children? - Slavik asks.
- Our Ksyushka with - says Katya.
- And many of them do you have? - Slavik asks.
- Enough - parries Katka.
- And they are all here, in the country? - Slavik smiling.
- And here, in the city and in the nearby village, - says Katya.
Then Dennis interjected:
- Okay, thank, go - you can not see, they have children already ...
- Okay, but in the evening we all still come to you. With husbands drink cognac - laughing Slavik. At the parted.
We reached the house, dressed, drank juice and the river. Sunbathe. The time was four hours, and summer residents on Friday before seven in the evening do not appear. So you can not hide from prying eyes. Spread a blanket on the sand, we removed the top and in some batches tumbled sunbathing. Katka Soon the sun softened, and even seems to have dozed off. I rubbed her back and squinting cream with pleasure. This is our vacation, girls!
...We scared mushroom, returning from the river. I gasped and covered herself with a towel. The bearded uncle sidled slipped past and vanished into coastal bushes. The sun was sinking, people came vacationers. When on the beach with a joyful bark jumped big shaggy black dog with a boy on a leash - we began to gather.
Katya went to flood the bath, I nastrogat salad. The sun had almost disappeared behind the tops of the pine trees, giving way to a pleasant cool of the evening. No breeze. Somewhere in the distance was music, some fried skewers. It smelled very appetizing. We Katka alternately licking, envying those who will soon be eating it and discussing their current boyfriends. Drunk on the wine glass and the two soon became intoxicated.
- Handsome - a dreamy, sighing for cine said Katka.- and sex as you want ...
I just laughed.
- You Ksyushka simply impossible to smell like sex - it cost us a little soak up the sun. And ... I just smell like sex. My Vadim constantly talking about it: "In summer, you smell like sex insane and ruthless".
I laughed again:
- And my talking about the same ...
- And these boys are funny, nothing we immediately rebuffed them ... we would take a steam bath, a massage done, laid to sleep ...
- Yeah, they tell a story, - I. And then she laughed and made another massage ...
- ...To non-stop until the morning - Katka closed her eyes in pleasure.
- Enough already, masseuse, the bath's time.
I must say that the window in Katkinoy bath - television. At this point, everything was drowned in the twilight. While I went to an old wooden toilet, Katya undressed and climbed on the shelves. On the way out of the closet, I involuntarily stopped in front of the bath window to admire Katka. Slim, sleek, large breasts, toned. Though already given birth, as I do. Hairs pubic curly hairstyle makes. Ass appetizing. Guys from Katkinoy ass just groan. She knows it and loves povertetsya once again.
Napar us in full. Honey smeared each other, Katka was like honey - naked in the house of the wine ran. We drank another glass. Very drunk. Lying on his back on the shelf, honey drips out, hard. Then Katya let him in here to get me to smear, massage. I already moaned with pleasure. Honey washed, let each other to lather. Katkino body feels even nicer than on the form. In short, the two lesbians. We laugh, Katka pleasure blinks, the breast of my ass rubbing. Palchikov stomach runs, squeezes the chest, nipples prihvatyvaet. I really suddenly very excited. Katka stroke back, and she fingers her no-no and I will spend between her legs. She shudders as much. Though all this as a joke, seemingly as an afterthought (really wash each other), but both excited in earnest. And the wine does the trick. We drank a bottle in the dressing room and suddenly the light went out. In the bath lights, and in the dressing room - not.
To be honest, fantasies about sex with a girl I had. But no more. And then suddenly gushed something dark, the excitement does not pass, Katka next breath, wet hair shoulder Shchekotov. I do not know what it was - whether head turned in the darkness at the same time, or something more. But his lips touched. Gently, so gently, gently. I Feel - Katkiny fingers gently touch my thigh on the inside, index finger stroking the hairs on the pubes. I opened my mouth, tongue Katkiny lips parted and his hand to touch the chest found. Katka already spasm pierced. Her lips are soft, plump, supple. A nimble tongue, sweet as. I do not know, I used to never kissed girl. And I could not even imagine that it could so excite. My head is spinning. Katka grew bolder, her fingers groped my clit, spread her lips around it and start to caress.
Then I remember the bad - with excitement almost lost consciousness. And maybe I lost, so I can not say for sure, so we're out of the changing room could not leave. I remember Katkinu head between her legs, her persistent, restless and so hot tongue, a wave of unearthly bliss, surge of boat bottom, so that lights up his face. And his occasional groans when to hold back had no strength. And orgasms, from which through the waiting room ceiling was visible stars ...
In the house came a little to himself. Whether the wine is again done its job (as logged in - opened another bottle), but there was no shame for what happened. Quite the contrary - I even somehow uncomfortable was because Katya was left without an orgasm. The lights went out, turned on the TV. Katya lay on the bed in a thin robe, legs slightly parted and closed her eyes. Below I have a fire broke out. His stomach suddenly became hot, as much as the audience. I knelt beside the bed, spread to the sides and floors Katkinogo dressing gown clung to the wet cunt lips framed even slightly wet hairs. Katya moaned. Slightly salty taste, delicate, smelling of sex trick leaned forward to my face. From every touch of the tongue she shuddered, opening wider and wider weight. I caressed her, biting her swollen lips, tongue penetrated deeper. And enjoy the amazing, subtle smell of hot Katkinoy flesh. Now I understand men. That love prodelyvat such tricks.
Katka Cum suddenly. Rapidly, in spasm, arching his body. I'll be honest - very nice. I am also under the finish earrings, sometimes just vylamyvaya his penis. Hold me in such a moment is impossible. We lay there a little bit around, then got up, drank wine brotherhood and lingeringly kissed again. And at that moment a knock on the window. I was without any personal and Katka - in an open robe over his naked body.
- Who's there? - Katya screamed in terror.
- Girls, open - we brought you the shish kebab. And pineapples in champagne!
I immediately recognized the voice Slavik.
- This still from! - Katya exclaimed, quickly as allowed hops, pulling heat.
The boys were already drunk. And indeed brought skewers. Aromatic, freshly prepared. With onion rings, baked in leaves of currants. I had to admit. I had to drink cold champagne. And even turn the tape recorder.
We talk about anything. Laughed without stopping. Then somehow spontaneously began dancing. Quick and easy. It turns out they have tracked down immediately. Nowhere did not go, and just went after him. And that there are no men - also understood immediately. First, on the beach, then - through the bath window. From such impudence even dumbfounded Katka and Denis twice (the joke - a real shot Katka much stronger) got in the face. But Slavik was impossibly gallant. And whip it to me, to be honest, did not want to.
With a new glass of champagne I suddenly keenly felt need in a man. That's at least what you do with me, but - I want sex and all. No, not with Slavik, of course. I do not change her. Maybe with Katka? But it does not have what brings a girl with a mind, penetrating deep between her legs. Again we danced. Slavik gently, barely touching kissing me on the neck. It was very nice. Even the fact that no one other than her husband before anything like it did with me. I could not have imagined in his place another man. Although when caressed herself - I fantasize a lot. But this is a fantasy.
Denis with Katka went outside and we were left alone with Slavik. He pulled my face and began to shower him with kisses. I literally melted from the gentle touch of the lips, smelling of wine and currants. Strange, but I did not resist. What is it with me ?! And whether it's me ?! Although, after what we did with Katya - why be surprised? Underbelly, I suddenly felt something hard, clung to me. I think it is clear what it is. I madly wanted sex! Unbearable to toothache and aches as menstruation. And that cute guy next - with strong hands, broad shoulders, big brown eyes sly and extended from my body close pupils, shining in the darkness. And with such a delicate, but always perceptible women men smell. Men who wants to. Who yearns to give pleasure and take him as much as he wishes.
The head of methane or may not be ?! How could I, a decent married woman, never cheated on her husband, and all of a sudden ... This is wrong, this can not be! But ... as you want! And why not change? There were also a fantasy, of which breathing becomes more frequent when the fingers dived into his own pants .... So now let these panties dive his fingers. Now let it concerns what lies beneath! From these thoughts swirl swirled in my head, all the bottom was wet. Me possessed such an unfamiliar, vsesokruschayuschee excitement that Hamlet's question was clearly resolved. In favor "be". Confusion and throwing somewhere disappeared again. "Be!" Flesh like flesh. Once. Only once, then to forget and never remember. Once, again, to feel like a second-year student of the faculty of law. One-time - to fantasy at least for a moment, became a reality. One time - because we live one time. And I at this moment as if born anew.
And I found my lips Slavik lips, parted them, penetrating tongue deeper and feeling the resistance of his tongue. He ran his hands under the T-shirt, hot hands caressing my back. Then he began pulling off the T-shirt. I began to miss his hands, trying to stop:
- Not here ... Stay away! On the second floor ... They're back!
Slavik took me in his arms and carried her upstairs. Put it gently, slowly he took off his T-shirt and pressed his lips to the nipple on her left breast. Then gently kissed the right, left again, parallel freeing my feet from sports tights. I helped him a little, allowed to drop leotards aside and gently lay himself on the fluffy carpet on the floor. Slavik began belly. Gently, but purposefully he showered him with kisses, rising higher and higher. Once again I took up my chest. Slavik I clutched his head in his arms, and he enjoyed my hardened nipples and kneaded with delight oglazhivaet chest, squeezing his hands hips, shoulders and waist. Showered kisses on her neck, her eyes, remembering ostanavlivatsya on the lips with a gentle persistence pushing them with his strong language.
Then I arched, as if trying to lift Slavik on themselves. Orgasm. Slavik appreciated the depth and most importantly - force me convulsing orgasm. He moved lower, spread my legs apart and began to kiss my crotch through the moist, whitening in the dark panties. The flow of his kisses were swollen and a sponge cloth, and barely noticeable bump clitoris, and hips. Slavik again brought my legs together, one smooth motion pulled her panties down, raised his foot and threw the last barrier to turn white in a dark corner. At some point I have been trying to stop it all. But strong hands Slavik again lit my legs apart, lifted slightly bent at the knees, and I felt a little damp from the excitement of his inner thighs hot dahynie. Already in the next second his lips with my tongue possessed a priceless treasure. My pussy. My Lye, who knows how to be obscene and depraved insatiable when I myself want it. Slavik did not know that was the first second. His lips biting my clit, sucking lips. It remained only to relax, to immediately start to rush on the carpet from such familiar, maddening pleasure.
Men never know and feel what it is - given. What is it, legs apart, take a hot, excited BODY Spreading inside you, you start at, pounded breathing during the forced pauses, strained before orgasm, and finally fires a jet of hot dense. But the jet - this is only for the man she loved. For other cases - no jets. But to say good about it when you're sober and calmly assess the situation.
Slavik licked everything that was possible. And yet, it is impossible - too. I mean the other hole. That backside. I'm not a prude, I even love anal sex (probably ... in any case, if done properly and, most importantly, slowly - very nice to me). Powerful and hard cock Slavik penetrated me in one motion. Inflamed affection and expectation of the vagina at first tried to keep the head, but then succumbed to immediately surrender under the pressure of a stranger. I have such a powerful member of the felt between her legs once. Although, frankly, I do no other members, except Seregina never felt. And I say that Seregin member - a dream housewives. But Slavik ...
It moved and moved. But I finished and ends. My moans and cries, probably had to wake up the whole neighborhood. So it seemed to me. I was biting his lips, his shoulders. I gritted his teeth. It even seems scratched his back and buttocks tight. I resisted and I wanted it. I wanted him to not stop that I had for a long time and ruthlessly. I whispered to him between moans and convulsions: "Fuck me, dear! .. More! Yet! More! .. I want you! Do not stop!" And he did not even think to stop. Slavik was on top. Slavik was on the side and rear. Slavik was underneath. I jumped on it (or rather, he held me by the waist and strung on his penis). I was on all fours and struggled rotated booty, wriggling, leaning forward and backward, up and down. I spun on a limb Slavik, licking his inflamed his insatiable hole, hugging her arms around his strong neck and throwing his legs hips. I was trying to make him cum in my request, but it was the other way around. He came when he wanted to, after having finished my orgasms before fainting. And what is most interesting - not finished there, which included like for this purpose.
At some point, I suddenly felt a wet finger Slavik confidently walked into my other hole invaluable. The one that really backside. But the pleasure of its member movements at that time was so great that the strength to resist or oppose such a solution was not simple. In parallel with the vagina, it is a time not less active kneaded my ass periodically lubricating finger in falling on my thighs juice. So when Slava suddenly came out and gently but firmly squeezed between my buttocks - I came almost instantly. And he started to leisurely move, accelerating the pace and driving me crazy. It was not hurt. It was terribly nice! Madly! I was afraid to lose consciousness from a hitherto unknown sensations. Afraid to burst, explode with pleasure! When he had finished a couple more times, I finally felt the mist as Slavik twitched a few times, and finally, the entire strained, exploded. His head seemed to fill everything inside me, then fired several times powerful jet. These shots I felt rather stomach - that's where it tight jet sperm met the resistance of my body ...
Slavik walked leisurely smooth movements caused by another storm of orgasm. He waited until I stop beating, approached and kissed me a long, gentle, soothing kiss. We lay side by side for a long time, he stroked my buttocks, back, hair. I Kissed, almost touching my shoulders. I started to shut down, falling to some otherness. Then he quietly got up, put on swimming trunks and went down. All. The screen went dark. Together with candles. And the stars.
...The morning began with the rumpled, pale, slightly gray face Katka. My head ached. Yesterday I remember with difficulty, as if through a smoke screen. But most interesting is that Katka at all did not remember the incident in the bath. Remembering the bath at all given to her with difficulty. About the fact that it was after a bath - do not say anything. Here at Katka has complete amnesia. She was sitting on the veranda with a bandaged around the head with a wet towel and small puffs of cigarette smoke. I'm not eager to delve into the memories now. Somehow later. After a couple of months. However Katkiny panties examined carefully. Two opinions in such cases do not happen: less abundant spontaneous nocturnal secretions do not just happen in girls. Soothes one - Katka long and firmly hooked on the spiral.
In the evening, all had to tell her. No, about the room, and our affection with Katka I maintained silence. Until then. You look, and she remembers. And if not - will not be big trouble. And that's about it ... the boys still were ... And about the fact that we do not simply handle Used with them ... probably Katka simply evil. Not that she had a condition to savor the details of what happened. Anyway, after a couple of months, at some bachelorette party, she said that anal sex - it's finish. But apart we have no secrets. And I know perfectly well that on this side of Vadim ingenuity never suffered. Not that he has the temperament.
In short, the tests on Monday handed over together. For the results went Katka (me on Tuesday with the work was not released). Everything was clean. Lucky shorter. In every way. You'll laugh, but since four years have passed, and in addition Serega I have no one. Apart from the condom in her purse.

God of love

When I died, I met God. He gave me a wonderful power - the power of love and desire. I was saved and I started to move on, I became a god of love. Under my authority I had such feelings as love, excitement, desire for sex. The first time I experimented quite a lot, enjoying their power. I fall in love with different girls, and believe me I've had a lot of sex, but the most exciting I had two girls at once. But more about it ...
I saw them when I was walking through the park, they walked side by side discussing something. I immediately went over to him. Effort thought I made them believe that I am the most beautiful and intelligent people in the world. Then I made them excited, I now do not remember their names, I remember only that one of them had blond hair, and the other black. Well I chrnenka immediately suggested to me to her home. I said that without svetlenkie not go! And the three of us went home to tmnenkoy. These two girls were swearing all the way to each other, because each of them wanted to get me. When we arrived, I had a brilliant idea.
I forced them to each other to want. At first they were not decisive in its actions, only lightly stroking each other. I was scared of the plant and I decided to add fuel to the fire. They wanted each other even more, and me too. It all started with the fact that svetlenkie chrnenkoy touched his chest, and she just started with obvious pleasure. They looked at each other overcome with desire, their eyes burning with passion. I walked over to him and helped to finally kiss. What started here ...
They grabbed me and dragged him into the bedroom, on the road undressing me, and myself, too, by the way. I'll be honest, there is no better spectacle than the two girls caress each other. Suddenly, they grabbed me and began to remove his pants. Chrnenkaya pulled my penis (average size, not like at all), and took in his mouth. While chrnenkaya sucked furiously at me, licking the crotch svetlenkie chrnenkoy. This kind of fascinated ... svetlenkie see tired, and she took me from chrnenkoy and laid on the bed, she sat down on top of me. Offended chrnenkaya, slowly caressing his girlfriend, and me at the same time. I finished ... but my friends there, I had to appease their mouth, and then I fell asleep ...
All the above expressed invented my worried mind. Any resemblance is impossible. All and sundry write.

First experience

... And when sat in the elevator, hoping it will catch up and stop, and when she came out of the house - looking back ... Naive several times ...
I wandered through the streets, almost anything without thinking, I examined the house, the trees, admiring the sky ... Several times I asked myself ... what now? The end? Ahead of emptiness ... Where to go? What for? And it is impossible not to go, and nowhere to go ...
I went to the embankment. Why should I do these people? I hate them. I closed my eyes and imagine that the wind hugs me, caresses his face and ruffled hair, and the water is whispering something beautiful, wise and good name to me, but I did not know the language Well, so what? I still understand that it is something very beautiful. I sat near the water for a long time and watched the way the sky and the water change color. I sat up as long as in my heart there was nothing left but admiration for the beauty of the sunken sun, which for centuries sinks behind this horizon, but is reborn every day, never to be repeated in its beauty.
It was cool, the sun went down, the water became dark and I wandered along the promenade to the lights, the people s where I could get away from them? People would not let me live, but I could not survive without them.
I chose a table in a nearby cafe in the corner. It was disgusting that there are so many people -I sat with his back to the audience, facing the wall and ordered wine. I loved this city, it seemed to me that he would bring me happiness, my life will turn ... Yes, it capsized, but was roly-poly ... my life, getting up, could not stop, she still continues to roll on this day . As on a swing ... top -down, up -down, just breathtaking ...
To hell out of this town! Here I have nothing else holds! I reached for another cigarette, a glass of wine staggered uncertainly, stung hand plopped on the table. I stared at the slowly spreads over the white tablecloth spot. "Red blood -red", -proneslas In the head line of the song. More about anything I did not think -I stared at a spot that is born in my mind images of unknown monsters, bizarre human faces, sinister castles.
I was carried away in a world of images, I forgot about cigarettes, I forgot about everything. the waiter's voice made me wake up -cafe closed. I got up and walked past the empty tables away. I wandered where his feet were carrying, although they certainly carried me towards the station. But it was far from the station, but I ignored all traffic -I was, was, was ... I hesitated? I pulled the time? I do not know. It was just nice to go. No matter what, I continued to love this city. "I went to the square. I could be considered a little Each Secondary born and lived, not putting me in anything in his farewell value was rising", -stuchalo Temples.
I looked at the sky, at dark plate and sparingly lighted trees, the bright lights of houses and colorful storefronts -More and triumph, bitterness and malice, despair and hope, -I do not know what more to me was all mixed up in some crazy devil ringtone feelings that tore me apart. I wanted to get away-from yourself? But this is impossible ... In two steps ahead of me stopped the car. "Good car"- Automatically I thought.
- Do not be afraid to walk alone? - Of course ... Standard situation, lowered the window and shouts across the seat. "You could have come out" - With anger, I thought, but said nothing.
- This beautiful girl is dangerous to walk at night in the city. Sit down'll drive. "And how dangerous!" - Smiled to myself, and held on, warm and slightly damp from my fingers, stick in your pocket.
- Sit down, and how would such a treasure who does not hurt ...
Still ... In this mood I myself want to hurt anyone. Damn, that's stuck! And even though ... maybe it would distract me from my gloomy thoughts? I yanked the door and sat down in a leather chair.
- Where we go? - I asked my new friend, do not forget to show me his collection of rings, bracelets and elegant gold watch, carelessly waving his hands.
- The station.
- Do you work there?
- Yeah, I knock on wheels ... I'm leaving.
- Yes, Che you yelling for? I did not mean that. Why one and not things?
- Why not? - I was beginning to get irritated on him, and on that of the village to it - the machine has rolled on the pavement.
- Yes, Che you yelling again, you che, a business?
- I do not yell - slowly, separating every word I said - I just say. I'm sorry, I'd better go out - I have a bad mood.
- Come on, sit down already. Far from leaving?
- I do not know.
- Like this? You're human, not znaeshkuda going? - He looked looked at me a couple of seconds.
- So it's - I do not know.
- Well, you give ... Brave girl. And there is even who to go?
- No.
- Finally it can be interesting. Che had a fight with her parents?
- I do not have parents.
- With a guy, or what?
- I have no one! - I started to burn again, but she smiled to herself, breasts squeezed and bitterness, do not know why, I blurted out ...
"I am alone as the last eye from going to the blind man ..."
- What, what? - He looked at me almost with horror.
- It Mayakovsky. Therefore, this was, he continued to look confused - well, it's a line from his poem!
- And what have the .. Che there about the eyes?
- Which eye? - I have everything inside just sank, I was ashamed of what I quoted him the run-off, I wanted to it now, my eyes fell out of the car and I did not need to explain more what's the eye, which eye ... How I hated him!
- No. This is not about the eye, but about loneliness.
- Yes you are, damn it, you can speak normally! - He was furious, but somehow I was glad it - in short, you make me start shipping. Let's quickly look at what's what without them your stuff. How much money do you need?
- I do not need money.
- You Th, free of charge, if all you do?
- I do not want to do anything.
- And have - you make me angry, - it has already turned into a landing near the waterfront. I squeezed his hand in warm steel.
"Excellent - flashed through my head, -I have long wanted to try ... if only it worked ..." It was scary and, because of the uncertainty, weak hands. I looked at his face - he grinned arrogantly.
- Well, you're a good girl? - He ran a hand over my face and hair.
Strength and anger right back to me ... I'm slightly tilted her head and looked bottom-up playfully, languishing - this is my always well turned out and almost submissive voice asked ...
- Just do not hit me.
- Che, has teaching? Come on, do not wait - he rudely sent my head down and unzipped his fly.
I gasped in disgust when my lips touched his flesh, and his hand convulsively clutched the knife. I looked up ...- he was watching me. "It is too early"- I restrained myself. Each time you touch him, I poured anger ...
Carefully freeing his hand from his pocket and along the femur led her to the knee, which is stuck between his legs. Again I looked up - he leaned back, closed his eyes and repeated ...
- Come on, come on, well ...
I took a sharp, deep movement on a solid trunk, but then vaguely remember how it all happened. A moment - and I'm right, and a knife in his throat, shallow, even blood can not see. I felt cold all over with fear, that He's going to hit ... A moment ... And the knife already in the throat again, only in a different place, he croaks, from the first wound bloodshed. I see his hands, that terrible beating in the air - he grabbed me!
When I calmed down, his neck was like a continuous laceration, the whole shirt soaked with blood, and I was sitting almost in his arms and held both hands over the knife sticking out of his chest. He had not moved.
The first thing that flashed through my head ... "Happened!" But after a moment the feeling of triumph was replaced by fear. I for some reason, looked around, pulled the knife from him and wiped the blade on his trousers, but the blood has become numb in the gap between the handle and the blade, hands were covered in blood, for some reason, I brought them to face ... sniff. Yes, so I imagined the smell of blood, but entirely without this, quite unnecessary, stink ... I could never have thought that the blood whiff ... I held a knife to his nose, the smell of a mixture of steel with the smell of blood in my head spin and pleasant ache in the abdomen ... "Quite another matter"- With pleasure I thought, but I had to hurry. I got off my, um, the former, a new acquaintance, and sat down in her old place. Carefully inspect clothes, I with pleasure, I noticed a couple of spots on his leather windbreaker. I turned it around and found in the backseat of a half-bottle of mineral water.
- Thank God that is not Coke
It was enough to wash away the blood from his hands and stains with a jacket and a knife. Well, I'm smart enough to look at himself in the rearview mirror - the entire right cheek was covered with blood. The most interesting thing that I did so calmly, consistently and deliberately, it is now very surprised. I even took out his pocket handkerchief, men's handkerchief - I love wearing men's clothes and rubbed them all the places to which could leave their fingerprints. Once again, I looked around and took his hand already on the handle of the door, when suddenly I felt funny ...
- Honey, you forgot to rob him! - I said aloud, and methodically began to shoot with him all the gold - it is because I so diligently to advertise, even the top buttons of his shirt unbuttoned, so that I did not forget about the chain, which, however, had to wash off the blood.
When I reached into my pocket, I was surprised that there is so little money, but I was more fun when I opened my purse and found bardachek.
- Normally, you can live .. Only where it's hidden? The beautician, or what? In the end, the money stuffed in his pockets and put it in gold makeup, lipstick and a powder.
In the glove compartment I found another pistol, and even charged for a long time could not decide to take it or not. I really wanted to take.
- The hell with it! - I decided in the end - what can I lose? - And I picked up.
When I jumped out of the car, I was really scared, I did not know which way to rush, walk or run? And somewhere I ran through the trees until they ran out onto the road. I caught a private trader and arrived at the station, went to see the schedule and saw a policeman, pretending that everything is looked up, stormed out of there. A little calmer, calm, it seemed to me, gait walked to the taxi driver ...
- I Krivoy Rog ...
Of course, he looked at me and smiled and said how much it will cost. I was ready to kill him, too.
- Go. I'm in a hurry ... I see? - Quietly and I said, sitting on the front seat.
- As you say, but the money in advance, - he said, setting the stage for the motor. On the way, I bought a couple of bottles of beer to relax. I started to shake. It is good that the driver fell silent, and I was in such a platoon that ... In general, he was lucky.
I drank a beer, staring at the road and vzhavshis in the seat. I wanted to get into some nook under the seat in the end! Beer does not help. My concern grew ... and suddenly I burst! I started to laugh wildly, I was so ridiculous that once passed the fear, anxiety, anger. And I laughed because of one thought ... I did not even know the name of this, FROM "..."That there behind his car was, and OH MY, will never know! ...

Careless dream

I loved him to distraction. He was a boy with a cover, a boy dreams. Stunning tanned body, long straight legs, hands like marble ancient god and a great member - straight, thick, long, smooth. The latter was so good that I wanted to eat it without reserve, to suck all that is in it.
I loved him. I loved the whole from the top and down to the toes. He was so great. The long neck protruding collarbone under the hollow at the base of the neck. The gentle curve of the back and wide sloping shoulders. Well-groomed, smooth, silk, as the hero of a commercial tanning. This gorgeous body there was no excess hair, no flaws. He had the body of 14-year-old boy. I do not know how someone could pass by this perfection !!!
I always knew that it lives gay. He liked to feel in my ass my fingers with long manicured nails. Often on my fingers I remained blood from his anus, but he never noticed, because he came loudly and violently beautiful. But gay lived deeply and woke up only when I turned to wake him: or just for fun. It happens to everyone. He believed that if they will have a homosexual experience, only in an active role. But I knew he was wrong. I saw how this perfect body writhing under the blows of a screaming orgasm when my fingers vigorously and lustfully worked in the wet heat of his anus. I always knew that sooner or later run out of jokes, and he wants to feel the power of the unknown and the warmth of the male body. Seeing it was my dream. See how your favorite lip lips merge with another man, the same stately and beautiful. See how smooth tanned hands pressed against his hips to his. How amazing it is bent back as Tilt head trembles helplessly in a fit of ecstasy approaching. What could be more beautiful !!!
But surely a wise said that dreaming is necessary to be careful, because dreams can come true. I know this phrase from his childhood and it had a habit of repeating itself. But during this time, something inside of me resisted this and overgrown bylem wise idea.
I saw it. This passionate kiss two temperamental men. I saw the joke ceased to be such, and how intertwined in the darkness of their hands, lusting body opposite. I saw two bodies supple obeyed each other and slowly dropped to the floor. I saw two pairs of greedy hands walking on the smooth skin, delivering both still is unknown pleasure. I never heard of such groans. Two men's voices sounded unusual, but they were like music. In the gray gloom sounded words that can not be repeated. I had never experienced such an incredible delight from the contemplation of something. At dusk, two sparkling tanned body silk, interwoven in the most unimaginable combinations, denying the laws of physiology. Many hours I was an observer of this stunning, unbelievable scene. That I will never forget!
Two voices blended into one deep groan, filled with passion, lust and tenderness. Two bodies frozen, and only a glistening in the dim moonlight issued tiny droplets of sweat in the crown of the two, so hard, satisfied breath.
He never recovered from this blow. It was traumatic for him. He said that he loves only me, but the fact that so suddenly and strangely happened was terrible mistake that cost him too much. I never saw him, my tanned boy, so like the boy on the cover, a dream boy. I still love him. Never forget that the dream should be more careful.

Do girlfriend

We sat on the couch. My Sweetheart gently stroked my face and did not promise anything. Although our door to the room was closed (but do not lock), the parents and do shastali the door back and forth. We are about something talking then our views perehlestnulis and I felt something spark of desire in her eyes. My hand slid easily under her platechko (it was only in silky panties bright red). At the same time, her hand slowly began to unbutton my pants, under which was already hard dick. Our lips clung in a long kiss. I pulled her panties to her ass, and she is already pulled my cock out he was papryazhen. Honey sat on my lap so that my cock she went straight to her pussy. We kissed and Cutie moved back and forth so that your hips with pleasure rolled her eyes and groaned quietly so as not to hear the parents.
Then she got her ass turned to me and asked me to fuck her in the ass very rude (she is very excited at this point) it was evident by the way flows a trickle of white liquid from her cunt. I licked her ass and put his reed in his right twirled them there on this Sweetheart just broke down and gasping with delight grabbed my finger and stuck it in his mouth so as not to scream. Then I stuck my dick in her ass and began her t Raha very rude holding it with one hand by the hair and making sharp movements up and down so that her hair almost never left it's very exciting after a few minutes I came to her divine ass my sperm struck her in the ass so she became wildly wheeze as her mouth was busy.
After nekotorgo rest she took my cock in her mouth and began to suck as it is necessary she knew how to do it when I was waiting for cum in her mouth as it kept asking me for 5 minutes. It was just super pleasure I asked for a little bit to slow her movements with his mouth because he wanted to prolong the pleasure she obediently did what I said. Then I got over it at full length in the middle of the room and stripped naked Lovely village beneath me on the ass and smiling waiting for when I finish it with your hand to get things done. She asked me to cum in her mouth and on the face as quickly as possible. And I felt like now I finish she smiled at that moment called her mother but she could not break away from the class favorite. And my mother broke down and opened the door and 10 minutes ago I began to finish my cutie my sperm fell into her mouth (she had kept wide open) and greedily swallowed my cum, I finished it there and on the lips sprema dripping from her lips on chest and belly. and at this moment it enters moms and sees this scene (she had no idea what does her innocent daughter, who one year ago has not even met with the guys). Mom just oboldeli by what he saw and was like zhavorozhennaya then without a word closed the door it was not 1 minute (her husband was in flight).
We were also taken aback we would sink into the ground both. A minute later we heard a knock at the door of the room her mother went with her sister 15 years and closed the door behind him and then my mother came to me and told me to undress her and her sister on I said no but she said that all will tell my father and we had to choose
We made a choice !!!!
I stood in front of them, they undressed and sat all three in front of me and began to suck my dick turns passing each other.
Then I finished them all one by one into his mouth. They were happy.
Then I fuck them in the ass mom.

A park

Output as usual cases there were not any, girlfriend went far beyond the city, the prospect of being one whole day I did not prilschala.Vypiv coffee and breakfast, as usual, I was smoking in bed, and I visited a good idea to do something which in fact never did. For three months I have not had sex, so the only successful idea was to look outside what I do not dostaet.Vecherom dressed like a whore, floor despite the fact that in the life of man that I am quite serious, came out of the house.
Not half an hour passed, and as I was approached by some kind of freak or 15 minutes passed, and we with him have sex tselovalis.Zanyatsya I offered him herself, with those of course keep to yourself or go to him I did not want. Secluded in the park of the park, after much deliberation, finally he started. At first I did not feel like he came in, his penis was so small, but when switched to anal sex, I realized how amazing it is, I liked the fact that I previously could not stand around and it was similar to spit on Yield and children and freaks with their members too small for what is needed.

Diana and orangutan

Everything happened in one of the United States reserves ... Diana, green-eyed brown-haired woman with long legs, firm ass and a strong third dimension breasts worked vet.lechebnitse for orangutans ... Once it was brought to an orangutan, a wounded in the stomach. Diana sat with him at night, changed the bandages, nursed. She called him "Jay"Because he had a scar on his forehead shaped DJ. When the animal recovered, it flatly refused to leave the house, and she had to keep him.
Jay was a very clever monkey has learned to brush your teeth, wash and dress. If he could speak, he could freely accept him as a man. The problem was that he did not want to admit to myself a female. Well, since the nature of their demanded, the animal began to go mad. Most were desperate Diana decided to take rash action - to put Jay into his bed.
And at night she called to her monkey.
- Jay, come here. Come, my good.
The animal on guard, but obediently approached Diana.
- Poor boy, I know how you want to fuck, but you do not let anyone. Well, maybe you want me?
With these words, Diana lay on the bed and took off her robe. The monkey looked at her and lay down beside him. A few minutes orangutan lying quietly, but then plunging an air smelled. Scent of a Woman, female. Jay approached Diane and licked it. One, then another and another ... Suddenly Diana was surprised to feel that there was something familiar feeling of heat and moisture between the legs. Breathing quickened her, but she continued to lie still, waiting for what will happen next. Jay continued to lick her. Neck, chest, abdomen, and when he smelled coming from the vagina of a girl he closed his eyes, his mouth began to drip saliva and his penis grew to very large sizes. The monkey began to lick the vagina of Diana, and she moaned, and after a while huddled in the throes of orgasm. Then she got on all fours and beckoned to Jay.
- Come here, I shall set as follows, because you want it. Do not torture yourself and me.
Jay dutifully approached her and just put it in his penis. It was something huge, but Diana was so good that she did not notice that the club almost tearing it apart. She lost control of himself, her trembling excitement, his eyes rolled back and she began to howl. Now it was just a female and surrendered their feelings. Movement it was primitive, like in the Stone Age. And Jay was fucking her faster and faster. How long it lasted, Diana could not remember. After some time on the girl's body took a shiver in my head like a lot of fireworks exploded somewhere in the uterus and everything pulsed she came, moaning like an animal. Jay also twitching, he issued a roar of the winner and fell prostrate on the girl ...
For a few seconds they lay motionless. Then the beast looked at Diana and gratefully licked her cheek.
- Thank you, Jay. If you knew me ... It was the best sex of my life.
When it came time to produce Jay in reserve, it is still a lot of time to come to Diana. Why did he come, you can guess for yourself ...

Drunk wife - 4

Everything described up to this was really happening, and then - a fiction.
On that memorable day, when I had no choice but to have sex with his own mother-in a year has passed. During this time, she found all my sexual preferences. Especially for me, she started wearing tights and stockings with girdles, shave your vagina and anus area. From time to time we chose the time and had sex. Once at the front of the May holidays, my tscha called and said that my wife would go to the village for two days. And I should have any excuse to stay home and not where not to go, she said that I was waiting for something special.
I woke up in the morning, washed, shaved, and only had breakfast, I start reading the book, the phone rang. I opened the door and stood in mute amazement, stood on the threshold tscha and her younger sister Tatiana. Tanya younger Tiffany was two years she was in '41. She was never married, and she did not have children, that I was very impressed, Tatiana was a very beautiful woman, long legs, like his sister, the same figure, a great fourth the size of the breast. I stood and stared as the boy, to the sisters. But they and worth seeing, both were not buttoned long coats and high-heeled shoes, but I was struck by the length of skirts, who were dressed in these two women, skirts were thirty centimeters above the knee. Mother-in-law I certainly looks young, and her sister is very similar, but still it was a bust.
- What was the post, 'said Raisa Dementevna, passed quickly, until the neighbors did not see us in these skirts. They undressed went into the hall, I could not take my eyes off the legs tightened in black nylon, I wondered to myself why, mother-in-law dragged my sister, we might well have sex this weekend, and now we had to entertain her sister. But it cleared up after a few minutes when my tscha called to another room.
- I told her everything, and she wants you to be served by it, like me. She really did not have enough sex in the village is only to give a reason and will such a glory that is not otmoeshsya so that its slot for twenty years, in addition to their own fingers or a candle did not see anything, I think so, she added.
- I'll go into the kitchen and shut the door, so you do not get in the way.
Mother-in-law has gone to prepare a gala dinner for the evening, I was standing in the hallway and thought how can I communicate with Tatiana is now. I entered the room and saw that Tatiana is considering bookshelves - well, that's a reason to have something to talk about, I'm happy mentally. I got accustomed to it more closely, and from what he saw my cock began to harden in his pants. She had: high cheekbones, green eyes, full lips. She was wearing a short skirt and a white almost transparent blouse, perfectly encircle her slender figure. Short red hair beautiful were laid. One should not forget about a pair of her luxury legs tightened in black nylon. When she bent down to look at the bottom shelves, and otklyachila ass, I almost pulled the pants are not. Then, the woman crouched down and I was able to peek under her skirt and see the edge of the stockings and garters.
- Hello, rodstvennichek, how are you? - She asked to see me in the mirror.
- Yes ok - I said the first thing that came to mind because - this woman fascinated me. Staring at her breasts, I broke down and whispered rather loudly: "that's chest". Obviously, Tanya heard it because immediately glanced at my reflection in the mirror and gave me a knowing smile. I felt that I was falling into some deep pit. Tanya leaned over and kissed me on the lips. Then she took off her blouse and, putting on display their luxury breasts with large nipples, which were ready to pierce the bra in the end she had removed.
- Well, as - it sounded strange, husky voice - do you like them? I could not even answer her because I was struck by what he saw. She came closer and pressed her breasts against my face. I licked her nipples strained and began to lick. Suddenly, Tanya slipped out of my arms and said: "Wait, let me get rid of the skirt". She unzipped, and the detail of her toilet fell on the floor. On it were only stockings, tight her slender legs, garter belt and black panties. Turning back to me, Tanya pushed her panties to the side and then bent at the waist, and held up my greedy lips a luxurious ass. I licked and kissed her ass. She bent even more, and I saw her Gorny pink ring anus. I immediately reached out to the language of this hole. I slowly describing circles tongue near the cherished goal. Then I began to fuck tongue pink eye, Tanya became podmahivat to the beat of tongue movements. Finally, she stood up with a groan. By this time my cock was ready to break the pants with pants. Tanya turned to face me, and her hands covering themselves abdomen, said:
- Remember what you promised me to meet my sister. And with that, she took off her panties. The aunt of my wife was standing in front of me completely naked except for shoes at the hairpin and belt with stockings, and she stuck a member between his legs. "Wow - I thought. - A woman with a gorgeous body and a good size member".
She licked her lips and smiled.
- Well, that saw how I have it, and now I want to see yours.
Not enough does not hesitate to get rid of clothes.
- Suck me, - he told Tatiana. I always wanted to try it, but I could not imagine being with a man, and then a beautiful woman invites me to give my cock mouth. I Trembling began to gently knead her cock and balls. Then I knelt down and kissed the tip member. Tanya moaned with pleasure. At first, I swallowed the head, and then gradually all her powerful tool to the ground. "And now begins to suck"- Tanya said. I lay on the bed and she climbed on me and began to move his hips fucking my mouth. I, myself surprisingly, worked mouth better than my wife or mother in law, and the groans of Tatiana was my reward for their labors. After a while we settled in position 69 and Tanya took my cock. She was so skilful that I barely restrained so as not to pull. However, Tanya, left my penis alone and began to lick my balls, and then the point. I raised his legs to facilitate its work.
- You're a virgin on that side, is not it? - She asked. I nodded. Tanya began to masturbate my cock, from that, he further strengthened. She crumpling it a few minutes. Then Tanya started to move my ass finger. Then she took from somewhere a jar of ointment and began to spread my ass, I mentally said goodbye to their virginity to this side. Tanya, a little sucking my nipples, slowly began to insert his stick at me. The head is surprisingly easily slipped in the ass. Some time passed, and Tatiana came into my ass at the most "do not play".
- You have such a tight ass, my dick like a squeezed - she whispered. Throughout the body I was so warm, and I barely restrained so as not to pull. When Tania pushes her hips back and forth, I became her podmahivat; our room was filled with moans. Fucking me, Tatiana to the beat of his movements wanker I cock. First, it was on me, and then we swapped and I got over it, legs wide apart, and slowly sat down on her dick. I slowly began to move. I tried to pull my orgasm, but then jerked her dick and powerful portion of sperm filled my anus.
- Oh-oh-oh-oh, I go down, I go down to your ass! - I whispered Tatiana. Force left me, I pressed my face to her tits ... and how crazy was the licking, biting, sucking. Cum fountain gushed out of me, splashing both of us. I slowly slid off the still hard cock and stretched out beside her. Tanya, panting, rested her head on my chest. We lay there for five minutes.
- I can not believe it - I said, fuck me in the ass.
- Too good to be true? - She chuckled.
- It was just great, not in the thought that I would have liked!
- How do you think you can get used to it? Well, if it is a female member, on the other I do not agree - I replied. A few minutes we just looked at each other's eyes, for those she kissed me again. Tatiana slowly began podrachivat me. And I went into her boobs, soft and elastic. A few minutes later, I also put my hand on her cock, hot and hard. We spent almost an hour in mutual caresses. I kissed her breasts, then down below, licked his belly and then licked her swollen stick. Mouth wide open, I began cautiously to swallow hot tool. Tanya became podmahivat me, and here it was breathing, body tensed. Suddenly she pulled out a member of my mouth, and a strong jet of sperm splashed her entire chest, I began to masturbate her, milking all the new portions. I then strung her mouth on his penis and remnants of cream she poured into my mouth. I swallowed everything without reserve, to the taste of its semen was gorgeous.
- You just superb - Tanya whispered in my ear.
- A sister knows? I asked, No, not one living soul. But today, with your help, I want to open Raya.
Exhausted, but fine to have sex, we fell asleep. I woke up half an hour later, Tanya was asleep, and went into the kitchen. My mother-in-law has been prepared and read a newspaper, -sudya by your cries, you are granted the poor woman?
To be continued...

I would never take a crap!

"Never. Never again. Never again I will not take a crap" . Thoughts were confused, shrank, giving more and more space in the whole body pain. The pain would like to stand still and not move it fills the whole body - and yet it seemed that the whole body is decreased, disappeared - leaving only a small portion of the rectum, tearing pain from passing through a huge piece of feces.
"Never in the world I can not bear this. It is better not to defecate. What is tolerated. I can not tolerate. I'll die now".
It seemed that the whole external world ceased to exist, nothing has been heard, nothing seen - so Sasha listened to what was happening in his body, staring - it seemed to him that he sees himself inside - in what is now going on down there. Time stopped, or rather, it seemed endless. From the moment when he felt something stir, zakoposhilos him, urging him to go to the toilet, it took only about half an hour, but it seemed to him - an eternity. After all, he still did not realize what he is trying to tell this clear disadvantage organizm- his habitual constipation and laxative, Sasha has not long ago went to the toilet itself and not remembered feeling the urge. Today, however, something happened - and although it is only four days ago, took a laxative and cocoa - albeit not as much as we would like, but still a certain amount of dense small lumps he was able then to squeeze out of himself - even though it took only (for Sasha - all!) for four days, Sasha did not expect having to go to the toilet today.
Perhaps tomorrow or even the day after he would drink a laxative and calmly went to the toilet. But something happened to his body, and now he suddenly felt the urge. On the first point, he even tried to hold back, but the desire grew stronger, and he went to the toilet. There he sat down - and I realized that there is a desire to not exercise, that's what this desire is, it is still very deep in his guts. Therefore, he had for a long time to massage the abdomen, to strain and push, gradually pushing the feces lower and lower. However, the closer to the anus, he moved, the harder it became inside. And now, when the lump of feces, the feelings which had ten centimeters in diameter, was already close to Sasha's anus - but not yet reached it - the pain was already unbearable. Finally cal he stepped to the anus, and Sasha began to push hard, forcing him out of himself. It seemed he tore a piece of feces. Force ended, and Sasha relaxed, leaning back on the toilet. A trickle of sweat, speaking on voltage window on the temple. Sasha decided that more of this torture, he did not make, and it is time to stop this futile exercise - but when you try to get up and he felt close his anus, it is impossible - it seems a huge ball stuck in the anus, preventing it from closing. But that's not all - to his great surprise, Alex felt his cock begins to tighten as if attempts pushed not only the calories in his gut, but also the blood rising in his quivering rod.
Rested and realizing that there is no alternative, Sasha rallied and again began to push. Each long-term effort, accompanied by a grunt and groan, propelled him wearing only a millimeter. It took perhaps half an hour, until he managed to squeeze out at least something - now he could touch it something with your fingers and make sure that the lump of feces sticking out of his priests, really huge size, firm and dry. Sasha tried to grab with your fingers and remove him. He succeeded in part, but it turned out that if this method does not require emptying and straining strong, then the anus it is even harder. Yet he managed to pull out a piece of feces a little more, and then - with peredyhu and the last effort - sensing that the end is near - it tighter, long and hard, even four or five times. During the last effort, he felt something inside him tightened already without his will, and a reflex contraction pushed finally a horrible piece of the toilet. Looking down, he saw a black top hat, reminding somehow doctoral sausage loaf - just short. The end of a long and painful process filled his whole body bliss erection by this time was already so strong that a few hand movements suffice Sasha to rapidly poured out on her stomach.

In case it is necessary to repeat

Just want to mention that it's still not a story, and the story - ie, what actually happened.
First 2 words about me. I - a very jealous man, when suddenly someone of something and somehow my girlfriend - can give a turnip without hesitation. That is, the consequences - all this then ... But at the same time I have (both general and probably any normal man) has a mistress. And not even one, but two constants, and even so .... sometimes something somewhere somehow with someone.
It all started about a year ago - the first time I climbed up on some site dedicated to swing. I read the description, climb in the guestbook .... Well, in general, as usual. I was still amazed at how someone can be dragged from the fact that someone fucks him (!) Wife!?! But ... it took a while, and I suddenly became interested in the topic. Or rather not the case - not the topic in particular, and the general theme of the swing. To begin with I really liked the theme - I am one, my wife and even some woman. Naturally began when he started his wife once this decline - not all so simple, it took several months to ensure that in the moments of sex to tell her some stories about IT - that is, about what kind of contact at this moment another woman. Well, as it happens, as a result of this long dripping on the brain, it is still (of course about our final having sex) said she still wants it. What, in fact, I was of her need - the word says, so I do not unscrew here. After some time, I drank a beer, and so is not bad, and clearly told her that this is it - it's time! The second woman. And where can I get it? Naturally, this was a prostitute - try to find normal. Generally I take a taxi - and forward to the victory of communism! Naturally, that is ridden sought candidacy, stopped at the tents, took another beer, in short, when he came home with booty, then he was almost "body". Of course we drank more of an acquaintance for something else, for the ... more ... more ... In the end I just did not. Next it is only from the words of his wife. When I "down"Ie just stopped to think anything (and you thought - brandy after the beer), they decided to take matters into their own hands. They tried to make me a blowjob alone, but neither he nor I it did not react in any way. Then the girl (her name was Nina) has proposed to his wife somehow themselves to do something - after all it is for this, and it took. In general, they have tried, and they did it .... My wife generally konchalka - at a time with me can end times 2-3-4-5 .... And then they just started, and - once already! In this Nina turned out completely different reed than me, and that was enough! Then he caressed his wife Nina, Nina also came, and so on until-oh-oh-LHA, dliiiinno ... From such a wife too had finished with her.
The second trial was a few months later - again had to spin his wife sing to her all sorts of songs. Well, in the end finally agreed. Here already I was a little smarter - did not drink, girlfriend was looking on the Internet. Sam took the wheel and drove to the office, where offered "girls for couples". Julia - was the name of this fairy - was quite pretty, tall and slender girl of 25 years, not vulgar, and stupid enough. I explained to her that his wife is almost the first time - about Nina, and even did not want to remember - this is considered that it was not for me. She understood me perfectly, the only thing she said, it's who pay more attention to - me or my wife what I said of course, that the wife. We came, drank again, and here too I was on top - did not drink nearly all - so purely for the company. Then I held Julia in the shower, and we moved to the bed. Julia - well, did everything just fine - divorced wife in full - first we had caressed his wife - breasts, thighs ... Then Julia told me that I do not interfere, and dropped below - reached Zhenya's most intimate places. I caressed a while breast wife realized that in general, here I once, so jumped on Julia. His wife lay on her back, Julia - over her cancer, so I had to just settle back to Julia that I was not slow to make. Fuck it so minute or two, I realized that my wife is my ends - it has been seen and the movements of her body - she just became bend up towards Yulin language, and of course for those moans that she made. In general, when a wife comes, she is so all there begins to decline, that if I am at this moment in it, just the feeling that you compress your hands (this with other women I have not experienced!). Julia probably felt it, too, and not only felt, but also gave his feelings - at this point it is also finished, certainly not as significantly, as a wife, but also quite sensitive. I still did not want to finish - it was interesting what will happen next. And then his wife just asked me, so I lay down on my back, and Julia would have climbed on top of me, and my wife would be watching how we fuck. No sooner said than done! Julia on me, I'm from the bottom, and his wife simply caresses us and herself - she said to me then, her sight is very excited that her husband fucks extraneous Devchenka from which language though she also finished! Of course such a long time and I could not stand it, finished! But the wife is fucked remained only the language, and not even my - this situation it was necessary to urgently correct! Julia probably also realized it (after all sensible Devchenka!) And started to caress my wife again, only this time his hands. The language of roofing felt she caressed her breasts, nipples wife bristled as pencils - yet it is very much excited. Prior to that, she was just moaning - perhaps still a little embarrassed by Julia, and now his wife began to moan, but in such a way as to me it probably never moaned. And flowed from it ...... Actually my way out again - now I'm on top, to his wife. I fuck my wife, and Julia at this time perched behind the language of my anus. Kaif !! Neither incomparable. Five minutes of such feelings and all, I was once again on the peak - only now lyus pushes his wife into the vagina. With this we have finished - his wife asked me to spend Julia. After that we do not once remembered it while having sex, and from these conversations wife began to flow, it could not even touch it - it flowed from alone talk.
This was the first experience of what I call the swing.
But the woman was sampled, and ... I wanted something new, and what is most amazing to me is the fact that ME (!!!) wanted it to be a man !!!
But how all this had happened, I will write the next time!

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